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									Tablet Maintenance & Care

       Mrs. Huddleston
         General Guidelines
• Extended contact with your body while
  your tablet is running or charging, even
  through clothing, can cause discomfort or
  even a skin burn.
• Keep food and liquids away from your
  computer to avoid spills, and keep your
  computer away from water (pools, baths).
   – to avoid the danger of electrical shock
               Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   2
 What to do if something spills?
1.   Turn machine off.
2.   Wipe off liquid from outside.
3.   Position it so liquid can run out.
4.   Let it dry for 24 hours or longer if needed.
5.   If it will not then reboot, contact the FRA
     Help Desk.

                 Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   3
    General Guidelines-Cont.
• Keep your tablet away from magnets,
  activated cellular phones, electrical
  appliances, or speakers (within 5 in).
   – Doesn’t affect flash memory or solid-state
• Avoid subjecting your computer to extreme
• Never attempt to service the computer
   – Unauthorized service voids the warranty.
   – You could make the problem worse.
               Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   4
    General Guidelines-Cont.
• Use only approved adapters and batteries.
• Avoid exposure to sand, dust, or other
  environmental hazards.
• Do not put heavy objects on top of tablet.
• Never touch the screen with any object
  except the pen or cleaning cloth.

               Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   5
          Proper Transport
• Before moving your computer,
  – remove any media
  – turn off attached devices
  – disconnect cords and cables
  – make sure computer is in standby,
    hibernation mode, or turned off (This
    will help prevent damage to the hard
    disk drive and data loss.)
               Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   6
      Proper Transport-Cont.
• Do not pick up or hold your computer by
  the display. Always hold it by the bottom.
• Use a quality carrying case that provides
  adequate cushion and protection.
• Do not pack your computer in a tightly
  packed suitcase or bag.
• Make sure there are no objects pressing
  on the lid.
               Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   7
      Proper Transport-Cont.
• Never check your Tablet PC as luggage.
  Carry it with you.
• Never put a hard drive through a metal
• Hard drives can be put through a properly
  tuned X-ray machine.
• Beware of airport theft!

              Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   8
       Cleaning Your Tablet
• Turn off and disconnect the AC adapter
  from the wall.
• Use a soft cloth moistened with non-
  alkaline detergent to wipe the exterior of
  the computer.
• Avoid spraying cleaner directly on the
  display or the keyboard. Spray instead on
  the cloth.
               Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   9
          Screen Cleaning
• One of the most expensive components of
  a tablet is the LCD monitor or screen
  which are easily scratched and damaged.
• Incorrect cleaning can lead to:
   – Yellowing of the surface
   – Making the screen brittle
   – Cracking on the screen surface.

              Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   10
         Cleaning Solutions
Acceptable:                     Never use:
• Water                         • Traditional glass
• Vinegar (mixed                  cleaners (Windex)
  with water)                   • Acetone
• Isopropyl Alcohol             • Ethyl alcohol
                                • Ammonia

               Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance        11
          Digital Pen Care
• Always use a screen protector when using
  the pen.
• Don’t tap pen on any surface expect the
• Never store the pen with other

              Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   12
              Battery Care
• Avoid exposing your Tablet PC to extreme
   – Reduces charging efficiency
   – Causes deterioration
• Replace faulty batteries immediately.
   – Damages other components of Tablet PC
• Dispose of old batteries properly.
   – It’s illegal, in many areas, to dispose of
     them in the trash
               Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   13
      Increasing Battery Life
• Dim your screen.
• Defrag regularly.
• Add RAM.
• Cut down on external devices.
• Cut down on running programs. (Don’t
• Limit DVD/CD-RW use
• Use hibernate, not standby.
              Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   14
       Hibernate vs. Standby
Hibernate                       Standby
• Data stored on hard           • Data stored in RAM
  drive                         • Power cut to
• Draws no power                  peripherals (monitor,
• Slower option for               hard drive) but still
  shut down and                   on
  resume                        • Resumes display
• Safer mode                      quicker
                                • Not as safe
               Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance       15
         Increasing Battery Life
•   Always use fully charged batteries.
•   Keep the temperature down.
•   Turn off the “auto-save” function.
•   Lower the screen resolution.
•   Don’t run your battery (lithium ion) to zero.
     – Batteries can lose maximum charge and
       shorten its lifespan. Only run it to zero if
       your battery life ratings are completely
       haywire. Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   16
 Storing your Tablet PC-<1 month
• Turn off
• Fully charge battery
• Remove and store Lithium ion batteries
   – If battery is not removed, it will continue
     to discharge (slowly) and the battery life
     will be reduced or it could be damaged.
• Store in a dry, cool location.
                Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   17
    Internal Maintenance Tips
To free up disk space:
• Check your hard disk drive capacity from
   time to time. Windows will slow down
   and might produce errors if the hard disk
   drive gets too full.
• Empty your recycle bin on a regular
• Run disk cleanup.
• Uninstall unused programs and files.
               Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   18
    Internal Maintenance Tips
Run Disk Defragment periodically
• (book analogy)
• Improves system start up times
• Hard drive will run more efficiently

               Huddleston - Tablet Maintenance   19

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