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                                                  VolUme 9, NUmBer 5, sept/oct 2009

The Voice of Nc employmeNT professioNals

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¾   Virtual Training Conference, Oct 14, pp 3&4
¾   Union Free Choice Act Update, p 7                             Wednesday
¾   NCASP Training, p 12                                           Oct 14.
¾   Certification Immersion, Sept 18, p 13                          FREE
                                                                 see page 3 & 4

1 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                 
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2 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                                                    
                                    DOn’T lET ThE ECOnOmy hOlD hOSTAGE
Premium Online            9am -     yOuR COmPAny’S GROWTh. lEARn
                          9:45am    TO lEvERAGE CuRREnT STAFFinG
Training - FREE                     OPPORTuniTiES.
                          10am -    An OunCE OF PREvEnTiOn - WhAT An
1 Day Only - October 14   10:45am   EmPlOymEnT AuDiT CAn DO FOR yOu
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Go to our web portal to             inSuRAnCE PROviDER.
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view topics, meet the     2pm -
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speakers.                           BuSinESS.
                          3pm -
                                    COmPliAnT PAyCARDS GO GREEn
                                    ThE nExT GEnERATiOn – TAkinG
                          4pm -
                                    STAFFinG & RECRuiTinG TEChnOlOGy TO
                                    ThE nExT lEvEl.

                                                                          Free webinars all day

                                                                          Go to our web portal to
                                                                          view topics, meet the
                                                                          speakers, and network
                                                                          with other attendees.

                  Carol Carroll & Shelly Wilkinson – 9 Am
                  Carol is founder and CEO of Grafton Staffing
                                                                          John Walters – 1 Pm – John is Director of Business
                  in Kansas City and of TSC3, LLC, staffing software
                                                                          Development for Essential StaffCARE, specialty
                  development. Shelly is Director of Sales and
                                                                          provider of benefits to the staffing industry.
                  Marketing at Tricom Funding, provider of
                  payroll funding and processing & back office support.

                  Jeff Patton – 10 Am
                  Jeff is in charge of Spilman, Thomas, &                 Chris lavoie – 2 Pm – Chris is Executive Producer
                  Battle’s Winston-Salem office. His specialties          at RecruiterEarth, a website focused on
                  are employment and labor law, employee benefits,        networking and online marketing and video for our
                  class actions, and health care law, and complex         industry.
                  commercial litigation.

                  linda Zumstein - 11 Am –
                  Linda leads Sales Success Strategies, a sales
                  and sales management training and consulting            Brian Slowik – 3 Pm – Brian is President of rapid!
                  firm that changes how people learn to sell in the       PayCard, which provides prepaid debit card
                  employment industry                                     services to employers for payroll and expenses.

                  Jen lambert - noon
                  Jen owns Terra Staffing Group and Elevate               Andrea Schleicher – 4 Pm - Andrea manages East
                  Performance Systems . In addition to recruiting         Coast sales for Bond International’s recruiting
                  sales talent, she advises hiring organizations about    and staffing software, Bond Adapt. She previously
                  building and retaining high performance sales           owned River City Recruiting in Richmond VA.

4 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                                                     
 “Essential StaffCARE understands the challenges of the staffing industry. It provides
 our associates the health insurance needed in today’s work environment.”
 Adam Mainzer, State President, Florida Staffing Association | Cindy Hochwalt, Chapter President, Ohio Staffing
 and Search Association | Threase Baker, Chapter President, Capital Area Staffing Association

 Essential StaffCARE makes it easier than ever to offer a full                                                   PLAN PROVIDES              BENEFITS FOR
 package of affordable benefits including health insurance,                                                      FOR EMPLOYEES:             EMPLOYERS:
 prescription drugs, dental, short-term disability and term                                                      • Low Copayments for       • Improve Employee
 life coverage to your temporary employees.                                                                        Doctors’ Office Visits     Retention

                                                                                                                 • Prescription Drug        • Recruit Better
                                                                                                                   Coverage                   Employees
 To learn more about how Essential StaffCARE
 can help your business, call today!                                                                             • Hospital Coverage        • Easy to Implement
                                                                                                                                              and Administer
                                                                                                                 • 24-Hour Nurse
                                                                                                                   Advisor                  • No Cost to
                                                                                                                 • Portability
                                                                                                                   for different            • Flexibility in
                                                                                                                   assignments                Plan Design
 John Walters | 864.527.0474 |
 Health insurance and benefits for the temporary employment industry. Essential StaffCARE is a limited benefit
 health insurance plan underwritten by BCS Insurance Company Oakbrook Terrace, Il and BCS Life Insurance
 Company, Oakbrook Terrace, Il. Administered by Planned Administrators Inc. (PAI), Columbia, S.C.

5 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                                                                                               

Statewide Conference:           Thanks for tuning in to my September Presidential address. There are lots of
    Save the Dates              exciting things going on with NCASP.

 2010 Spring Conference         First, our Fall Virtual Conference is approaching, with a day full of good online
     May 20-22, 2010            recruiting and staffing content right at your desk and for FrEE. We’ve invited all
    SunSpree Resort             staffing and recruiting professionals around the country to participate. I’d like to
  Wrightsville Beach, NC        thank our loyal sponsors for helping make high quality training available to our
                                members again.

                                Second, check out your new NCASP members site,
TABlE oF CoNTENTS               Even in these tough times, I hope you can take a moment to take advantage
                                of the networking opportunities and free training at your new website, NCASP
page 2   Tricom Gold Sponsor
Page 3   Virtual Conference     Third, if you’re not an NCASP member, I encourage you to enjoy a huge
         Agenda                 member discount we’re offering for the remainder of 2009: $50
                                and only $25 if you’re unemployed. Contact me, membership Director Marc
Page 4   Virtual Conference
                                Cochran, or any of your NCASP directors if you have questions.
Page 6   President’s Message    Finally, your Board of Directors will be meeting in November to discuss the
Page 7   legal Matters: EFCA    2010 plans, including the Spring Conference in Wrightsville Beach NC. I look
                                forward to seeing you real soon to share NCASP plans for next year!
Page 8   leadership Spotlight
Page 9   New Sponsors           Jonathan A. Weiner, CPC, CSP, 2009-2010 NCASP President,
Page 10 online Marketing
Page 11 Membership
Page 12 NCASP Training
Page 13 Certification
Page 14 Tech Hiring Trends
Page 15 Proper lifting
Page 16 Mobile Marketing
Page 17 3rd Qtr Hiring
Page 18 Managing overload
Page 19 Caution: Fee
Page 20 Board of directors

6 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                                              

                                                     lABoR lAW AlERT –
                                                     EMPloYEE FREE CHoICE
                                                     ACT CoMPRoMISE
                                                     ARE You REAdY FoR A “QuICkIE” uNIoN
                                                     ElECTIoN? IF NoT, YouR CoMPANY MuST
                                                     GET REAdY.
                                                     Provided by Jeff Patton, Esq., NCASP Director of Legislation
                                 Quickie Elections
                                 Senate Democrats may have reached a deal that could soon result in a Senate
                                 vote on the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). The controversial card check
                                 provision would be removed from the bill and replaced with a “quickie election”
                                 that would require the NLrB to conduct an election within 5 to 10 days from
                                 the date a petition is filed. Normally, elections are held approximately 45 days
                                 from the filing of a petition.

                                 Consequently, under the compromise EFCA, employers will have precious little
                                 time to put together an effective counter-campaign if it waits until receiving
                                 notice of the petition to take action.

                                 EFCA’s Radical Changes to Bargaining Remain in the Compromise Bill
                                 What is, in our opinion, the most troubling provision of the EFCA for employers
                                 – the mandatory arbitration provision – remains in the compromise legislation.
                                 This provision states that when an employer and the union can’t agree on a
                                 contract within 90 days, either party can ask for federal mediation. If after
                                 30 days of mediation the parties still have not agreed on a contract, then the
                                 matter is submitted to binding arbitration and an arbitrator will decide all of the
                                 terms of the contract (e.g., wages, benefits, leave policies, etc.)!

                                 Finally, the compromise EFCA proposes severe monetary penalties – up to
                                 $20,000.00 per occurrence and treble back-pay damages – against employers
                                 who commit unfair labor practices (but not unions).

                                 What Can You do Now?
                                 You have two options: 1) do nothing; or 2) be proactive and become an
                                 “employer of choice.” Only the latter will help your company position itself to
                                 effectively deal with the new reality under the EFCA.

                                 Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Employers need to be aware of current issues
                                 within the workplace. One way to accomplish this is through an employee
                                 opinion survey or employee attitude survey. A well-crafted survey can allow
                                 you to determine what some of the problems/issues are within the workplace.
                                 Once the survey reveals to you what the concerns are, you have the chance to
                                 address them and make positive changes. You need to work hard to become an
                                 employer whose employees do not need a union. Do the right thing and become
                                 an “employer of choice.” however, this should be done well in advance of any
                                 union organizing and legal counsel should be involved. The time is now.

                                 Benchmark Pay & Benefits: how does your company compare to other like
                                 companies in the area in terms of pay and benefits? review your compensation
              Mary Storms, CPC
                                 practices against local pay surveys. Are you underpaying your employees?
                                 review your benefits package against local surveys, too.

704-607-9118 Mobile              To read the entire EFCA article, click here. Jeff Patton is a labor and employment        law attorney at Spilman Thomas & Battle llC and NCASP’s legislative director.             You can contact him at, 336.725.4491.

7 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                                              
                                            NATASHA kREuTzER
                                            Co-dIRECToR FoR THE SouTHERN REGIoN

                                            Natasha Kreutzer joined the NCASP Board or Directors
                                            this year as Co-Director for the Southern region.
                                            Contact her if you have ideas for regional events,
                                            want to help her grow our membership in and around
                                            Charlotte, or discuss staffing and recruiting financial

                  What’s your company and job title?
                  In June I joined BlueSky Capital Corporation as VP of Sales.

                  In which industries and functions do you specialize?
                  We specialize in payroll funding services for the Staffing and recruiting
                  industries, as well as credit and collection assistance, and vendor

                  Which aspects of your job get you revved up?
                  Providing a real solution for my clients. The relief in their voices when I show
                  them how we can help is priceless.

                  What’s one of your favorite recruiting/staffing stories?
                  A small start-up company owner called and asked how we could help. I directed
                  him through our process and within a month he was ready to go. Not even 3
                  months in and he was calling me about adding on new customers. he said he
                  could hardly keep up with the orders, and that he couldn’t have done this with-
                  out our services. It was very rewarding to see his business start from nothing
                  and then flourish.

                  Which aspects of your job would you outsource if you could?
                  Does anybody really like cold-calling? If so, let me know, I might hire you.

                  Has your NCASP membership benefited you thus far? If so, how?
                  Definitely. NCASP welcomed me with open arms and has given me all kinds
                  of opportunities to increase my knowledge in the staffing industry and
                  beyond. I can keep up with prospects and clients, as well as fellow vendors that
                  I refer my clients to. Access to webinars, luncheons, and conferences makes it
                  easy to keep active in the organization.

                  Why did you join the NCASP Bod?
                  At my first conference, I was overwhelmed by how well NCASP led their group.
                  Their enthusiasm for this industry was overwhelming, and I just knew I wanted
                  to be a part of it.

                  What lessons of motherhood translate into your job?
                  I’ve learned that change isn’t easy but it is inevitable. As soon as you are used
                  to one thing, it changes. You learn to roll with the tides and realize that each
                  challenge is an opportunity.

8 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                               
      2009-2010                          VENDOr.RElATIoNS
         Jonathan Katz (page 17)
                                                            VoNEI & VANTAGE PoINT

        John Walters (page 5)
                                                            JoIN NCASP
           864-527-0474                                     BY MARY MAllETT, CPC, CSP,                             NCASP DIrECTOr OF VENDOr SErVICES
       Eric Randolph (page 10)
            817-719-3109                 NCASP welcomes two companies to our Preferred Vendor group:
                                         Vonei llC and Vantage Point Services.
       Natasha Kreutzer (page 8)
            888-332-0343        Alan Fitzpatrick co-founded Vonei llC in 2008 as a Charlotte-based company
                                         offering online multi-party video conferencing. The service is a great tool for live
        Kelly Campbell (page 13)
          919-876-1566 x113              video candidate interviews and sharing resumes or other documentation.

       Spruill Alexander (page 11)       Alan, Vonei’s CEO, has over 20 years of experience in the Internet,
          252-756-8300 x204              Telecommunications and Data Networking industry, including executive
                                         positions at ACN and US LEC Corp. To use Vonei’s video conferencing, all
        Alan Fitzaptrick (page 9)        you need is high-speed Internet access from a standard computer with a
                                         webcam. No software downloads. For more, contact Alan at 704-887-5290 or
                               , or go to
          Sarah Price (page 9)
                                         Sarah Price represents Vantage Point Services, protecting your business,
                                         using reliable pre-employment screening. VPS requires no long-term contracts,
      Jeffrey Patton, Esq. (page 7)      has no software or usage fees, and can match or beat competitors’ prices. VPS
             336-725-4491             prides itself on excellent turnaround times and customer service.
        Tom Musante (page 16)
           704-338-4176                  “We’re so happy to have recently joined NCASP and would love a chance        to show all members why our customers love using” For
        Julie Ann Blazei (page 2)        more, contact Sarah at 800-792-4339 or, or go to

         Brian Slowik (page 6)           And one last point, space is still available for your company to get excellent
            727-828-3333         exposure with our first Fall Virtual Conference on October 14. Contact mary
                                         mallett at 704-849-9092 or for details.
          Paul Dent (page 16)

        Doug Corriher (page 11)
       Dusty McGinty (page 15)

      Andrea Schleicher (page 12)
         804--266-3300 x 668

          Scott Love (page 18)

       Marjorie Mancini (page 18)
        404-815-0030 ext. 29

         Chris LaVoie (page 14)

          Frank Bealer (page 16)

       Maureen Horn (page 14)

        Conrad Taylor (page 19)

 9 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                                                      

                                     dIllINGER & koVACH
                                    NCASP ExCluSIVE oFFER

                   MARkETING SoluTIoNS PACkAGE
                         ExCluSIVElY FoR NCASP MEMBERS

                   For a limited time only, Dillinger & Kovach is offering 8 NCASP
                   members a powerful marketing solutions package chock full of
                   hard-hitting marketing tools guaranteed to give your company
                   the boost it needs in order to grow.

                   Right now, for only $6999.00, you will receive the following:

                   ➚ A full website design up to 10 pages, complete with
                     images, graphics, flash and embedded blog.

                   ➚ You will also receive a 4-page, full color, high-end brochure

                   ➚ Next, you’ll receive a branded HTML newsletter template
                     that can be used to attractively broadcast your message

                   ➚ Dillinger & Kovach will include in this powerful offer a
                     mobile website design to match the website built in this

                   ➚ Next we will design your twitter page to make it match
                     your new and exciting look.

                   ➚ And finally, you’ll receive a 60 second web video
                     commercial that can be used on your new website,
                     Youtube,, vimeo and facebook.

                   This offer is only available to the first 8 NCASP members
                   so call us fast. An offer like this will be gone in no time. So
                   pick up the phone and call 888-420-5115 now and order this
                   tremendous marketing package. You’ll be glad you did!

10 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                

                                              SuRVIVE & THRIVE
                                              NCASP 2009 MEMBERSHIP dISCouNT
                                              By marc Cochran, CSP, NCASP membership Director

                   recently, NCASP created some great membership offers for the remainder of
                   the year. We realize times are tough, but that shouldn’t make you stop trying to
                   meet new people and improve yourself.

                   We very excited to be able to offer the following 2009 membership rates:

                          •	 Individual: only $50

                          •	 office: only $100
                            No limit on the number of people per office that can join!& EMPLOYEE BENEFITS

                          •	 unemployed Staffing Professionals for only $25
                                                                               STAFFING INSURANCE
                                                                               ■   Workers Compensation
                   We all know other staffing professionals, third-party recruiters, and corporate
                   recruiters who have lost their jobs due to theGeneral Liability
                                                                      economy. Because we believe
                                                                  ■ Professional Liability for Staffi ng or
                   that staffing needs to keep its star talent within the industry, for the remainder
                                                                     Placement Firms
                                                                      near and dear to
                   of 2009, we are offering a special rate to thoseErrors and Omissions our heart. This

                   gives you full access to our quarterly meetings, free member webinars, and other
                                                                  ■ Property Coverage

                   fun networking events.                         ■                Employee Dishonesty
                                                                               ■   Third Party Fidelity Coverage
                   Who knows, you might even find your next job.
                                                                               ■   Third Party Fidelity Coverage for a Specific Client

                   For more information or if you just want to try it out before you commit, contact
                   marc Cochran at 704-897-1233 or Also, please send this
                   out to any staffing professional or recruiter you know. Thanks in advance!
                                                                   ■ Major Medical for your Core Employees

                                                                               ■   Life, Dental and Disability
                   We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting! Plans
                                                               ■ 401K

                                                                               ■   Key Man Life Insurance Plans
                                                                               ■   Estate Planning
                                                                               ■   Mini Med Plans for your Temporary Employees
                                                                               ■   Benefit Websites for your Company Included
                                                                                   at no Charge

                                     INSURANCE & EMPLOYEE BENEFITS
                                                                                       “  Specializing in staffing &
                                                                                          benefit insurance solutions.
                                                                               HR that Works
                                                                                   Premier Lega Services for Less Than $1 a Day ”
                      STAFFING INSURANCE
                      ■   Workers Compensation
                      ■   General Liability
                      ■   Professional Liability for Staffing or
                          Placement Firms
                      ■   Errors and Omissions
                      ■   Property Coverage
                      ■   Employee Dishonesty
                                                                                              Spruill                          Scott
                      ■   Third Party Fidelity Coverage                                    Alexander                          Cooper
                      ■   Third Party Fidelity Coverage for a Specific Client
                                                          The Clement Companies
                                              106-C East Arlington Blvd. // Greenville, NC 27858
                      BENEFITS                    phone: 252.756.8300 // fax: 252.756.9092 The Clement Companies have
                                                                                 For over 10 years
                                               a leader in providing insurance programs
                          Major Medical for your Core Employees          been
                                                                                      for employment staffing and permanent
                      ■   Life, Dental and Disability                                 placement firms. Whether large or small we have
11 SEPT/OCT 2009      ■   401K Plans                                                                    
                                                                                      the tools to protect your valuable business.

                      ■   Key Man Life Insurance Plans


                                Sept 18, Greensboro                      oct 14, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                                one-day Certification Immersion          Virtual Training Conference – Free
                                Class and Exam,                          Sign up at
                                get details from Jillian Dodson,
                                919.606.2256                             May 20-22, 2010
                                    NCASP Spring Conference
                                                                         Sunspree resort, Wrightsville Beach,
                                Sept 22, 11:30 AM – 1 PM                 NC
                                Triangle Region luncheon
                                kevin Brimhall
                                Leveraging a Positive Attitude to
                                Improve Customer Loyalty

Global provider of specialist
   staffing software and

                                doN’T lET PEoPlE dRIVE You
                                By Denise Altman, Altman Initiative group

                                having a tough time controlling colleagues, clients, or candidates? Then
                                stop trying to control them and learn to control yourself, said Denise Altman,
Email:                          owner of Altman Initiative Group, coach, and CPA. here were a few of her         July NCASP webinar suggestions about how to remain sane among others’
Web:               •	 Identify your own triggers that set you off, then monitor and control your own
                                  responses to these triggers rather than letting them control you.
Mobile:                         •	 Assume a positive intent when someone says or does something
804-332-2794                      questionable. Their negative intent may be only in your mind.
                                •	 Be curious and ask questions to find out what the person’s true intent was.
Phone:                            respond to that, not to your assumptions.
804.266.3300 x 668
                                Altman Initiative’s mission is to help managers discover tools to better
Address:                        hire, integrate, and care for employees. You can reach denise Altman at
8720 Stony Point Parkway, 704-315-9090.
Suite 100
Richmond, VA 23235

12 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                                            

                                          IMMERSIoN dAY
                                          SEPTEMBER 18
                                          By Jillian Dodson, CPC, CTS, Director of Certification

                        NCASP is excited to host a Certification Immersion day September 18 in high
                        Point. NAPS will administer both the CPC and the CTS certifications. Now is
                        the perfect time to increase your knowledge and ability in our industry with an
                        investment in yourself and your future.

                        The event will include a half day of training in the morning, followed by both
                        exams in the afternoon. The pass rate is very high for those that participate in
                        the Immersion Day. A description of each exam is listed below.

                        Please take the time to review and/or sign up for one or both of these
                        certifications by visiting the NAPS website,

                        Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC)
                        The CPC examination will test candidates on employment law and regulations,
                        business situations, standards of business practice and certification program

                        Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist (CTS)
                        The CTS examination will test candidates on discrimination law, family leave,
                        ADA, drug testing, joint employee, contract issues, standards of business
                        practices and certification program rules.

                        I look forward to seeing you in high Point! Please do not hesitate to contact me
                        directly, (919) 862-8602, or

     Corey Wilson
    Kelly Campbell

  1.800.224.4965 x115

                                                                                        May 20-22, 2010
                                                                                        SunSpree Resort , NC
                                                                                     Wrightsville Bea

13 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                                   

                   2009 HR TECH TRENdS:
                   BudGETS doWN. ouTSouRCING ANd TECH INTEGRATIoN uP.

                   In February and march 2009, Watson Wyatt asked employers about their hr
                   sourcing strategies, satisfaction levels and future plans in the areas of talent
                   management, social media, benefit administration and payroll, especially in light
                   of the economic crisis. A total of 181 companies participated, with an average
                   of nearly 14,000 U.S. employees covering more than a dozen industries.
                   Watson Wyatt is a global consultant for hr and financial issues.

                   key Findings:

                   •	 The economy has taken a toll on hr budgets. more than 70 percent of
                       participants reported a budget decrease, with an average decrease of 11

                   •	 most companies stayed true to their sourcing strategy in the past 24
                       months. The majority of companies that did make a move opted for more

                   •	 Companies have increased their use of the intranet, e-mail and Webcasts
                       for communications during the economic crisis.

                   •	 Satisfaction is high for those that have deployed or are piloting Web 2.0
                       technologies, but planning for future deployments is surprisingly low. Social
                       networking, while extremely new, is already being used more than most
                       other Web 2.0 tools.

                   •	 Talent management has become a higher priority for one-third of companies
                       due to the economic crisis.

                   •	 more than half of companies are planning more talent management
                       technology in the next 24 months, with an emphasis on integration.
                       Forty-six percent will integrate their existing applications or leverage
                       their enterprise resource planning (ErP), and 27 percent will move to an
                       integrated suite.

14 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                             
                                  ElIMINATE BACk PAIN
                                  uSE PRoPER lIFTING TECHNIQuES
                                  By Spruill Alexander, CSP, The Clement Companies, NCASP Director at Large

                                  Lifting is such a common activity that we often forget that there is a right way
                                  and a wrong way to do it. In fact, lower back injuries are the most common
                                  work-related injury, and can cause a lifetime of pain.

                                  Following these simple guidelines, learning to lift properly today will help you to
                                  avoid back pain tomorrow.

                                  Proper lifting techniques
                                   •	 Wear gloves if you are lifting rough equipment.
                                   •	 get a good grip and good footing: use your hands, not your fingers, to grip
                                      the load, and position your feet so that one foot is next to the load and one
                                      is behind it.
                                   •	 get under the load by bending your knees, not your back. This is the most
                                      important lifting technique to remember.
                                   •	 Keep the load close to your body.
                                   •	 Never twist your body when you are lifting. Turn your entire body by using
                                      your feet.

                                  When lifting, do not:
                                   •	 Twist your body when you are lifting. Turn your entire body by using your
                                      legs instead.
                                   •	 Lift above shoulders or below waist.

                                  Size up the load
                                  Before lifting an object, check its weight. As a general rule, most men should
                                  not lift more than 37 pounds, and most women should not lift more than 28

                                  If a particular load is heavier than you can handle:
                                    •	 get someone to help;
                                    •	 Break it down into smaller loads if possible;
                                    •	 Use dollies or lifts as aids.
See Your Ad HERE!
                                  Get fit!
 Business Card: $50, Annually     People who are in poor physical condition are at greater risk for back problems.
 (6 Issues)                       A conditioning program that includes aerobics, weight training, and stretching
                                  exercises will help you prepare your body for the rigors of heavy lifting. If lifting
 Quarter Page: $40 per Issue/     is a regular part of your job, you may also want to consider wearing a back belt
 $200 Annually (6 Issues)         for added support.

 Half Page: $100 per Issue/$400   Spruill Alexander is owner of Clement Companies, an insurance and employee benefits company with a long-time
 Annually (6 Issues)              specialty in the staffing industry. You can contact Spruill at 252-756-8300 x204 or salexander@clementins.

 Full Page: $200 per Issue /                                                 dEAlING WITH BACk PAIN…
 $800 Annually (6 Issues and 1
 Conference Booklet)

 Logo on
 $300 for 6 months
                                                                             1    Pay attention to any back pain you
                                                                                 experience. You can recover from simple
                                                                             sprains and strains with adequate rest.
 $500 for 12 months

 Contact Mary Mallett, CPC,CSP
                                                                             2   Stay away from further heavy lifting until a
                                                                                 back injury heals. Lifting with an injured
                                                                             back can lead to severe back problems.

 15 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                                                                  

                                      MoBIlE MARkETING
                                      PuTS WEBSITE IN
                                      PRoSPECTS’ HANdS
                                      By Eric A. Randolph
                                      COO, Dillinger & Kovach

                                      As a staffing and recruiting company, it
                                      can be a challenge to delineate your
                                      company from the competition. One of
                                      the easiest ways to separate your firm
                                      from others is by developing a mobile
                                      website. Although not imperative in
                                      today’s market, mobile websites are
                                      making large contributions to the way
                                      potential candidates and clients view your

                                      With an extraordinary number of smart phones and PDAs being sold, mobile
                                      sites aren’t just “cool”, they are providing a real rOI for companies. The best
                                      part is that, thanks to .mobi technology, the development cost is well below
                                      that of a traditional website. Your firm’s mobile site should have all of the same
                                      features and functionality of your traditional site. Features such as candidate
                                      job search, resume upload, links to social networks, and easy access to contact
                                      information are a must.

                                      To succeed in any market takes commitment. Be first to market. Be an
                                      innovator in the staffing arena. give your team every advantage possible to
                                      maximize your market share.

                                      dillinger & kovach is an advertising agency that caters exclusively to the
                                      human Capital Industry. For more information about mobile marketing, contact
                                      Eric at, 888-420-5115.

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 16 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                                                

Most employers expect their staff levels to remain the same as
recruiting patterns hold steady and job losses trend downward,
according to CareerBuilder and USA TODAY’s third-quarter 2009
Job Forecast. CareerBuilder and USA TODAY gathered the data
from more than 2,600 hiring managers and human resource
professionals nationwide.

Employers are closely monitoring the progress of recovery for
the U.S. economy and have implemented measures to improve
their financial health while preserving their competitive standing.
Keeping their current talent mix is a key focus.

 “The latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that
job loss is moderating, a trend that will hopefully continue in the
second half of the year as the financial system and economy move
toward recovery,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder.

“Though we’re headed in the right direction, we’re not likely
to experience significant movement in job creation in 2009,”
Ferguson continued. “Jobs will be added, but overall, businesses
will continue to be conservative in their hiring and maintain focus
on existing human capital. Sixty-eight percent of employers said
they don’t anticipate any change in their full-time, permanent
headcount in the third quarter.”

To download the full Q3 Hiring Forecast, click here. For more
information, contact Kristin Martino,, kristin., 312.698.0850.

17 SEPT/OCT 2009                                            

                                             INFoRMATIoN oVERloAd
    Scott Love, CPC                          FoR RECRuITERS
                                             By Scott Love, great recruiter Training, NCASP Western
   Recruiting Mastery                        region Co-Director

                         The information landscape has changed in the past twelve months in the
   Phone: 828.225.7700   recruiting and staffing industry. There are so many choices of information,      infinite choices. And recruiters and sales people are bombarded day after day,
                         hour after hour, with messages that are competing for their attention, and more
                         importantly, their time. I’ll be honest, even my own messages are vying for your

                         Your time is finite. The choices to fill it are infinite. That results in a necessity
                         for recruiters to only fill those finite slots of time from a perspective based
                         on wisdom and discernment. The problem with this is that most of us make
                         decisions based on emotion. We’ll drop everything to learn about the latest
                         development with Britney or Brangelina because the excitement of celebrity
                         gossip, as a rule, always overshadows anything related to business.

                         Be wise in how you spend your time. When you get that email message or
                         when someone says they want to become your friend on facebook, you need
                         to process that request for your attention based on a criteria that will help you
                         achieve your daily mission. And in the competitive world of recruiting, especially
                         right now, a tight and focused commitment to mission accomplishment is
                         critical to achievement.

                         Follow these five steps to keep from wasting your time when it comes to
                         managing information:

                         1    Set aside blocks of time to process your email. That means that when
                              you block out prime calling time, you don’t check email. Or if you do, you
                         don’t even read emails unless they are specifically from a candidate trying to
                         send you resume or a client indicating interest in a candidate that you submit-
                         ted. The internet pressures you into giving it attention, and your email is a big
                         part of that. I just recently heard that by next year employees will be spending
                         forty percent of their time reading and processing email.

                         2   When you see an email that is unrelated to closing a specific deal or
                             making a sale, ask yourself this question: Will reading this email bring
                         me closer to or further away from accomplishing my daily goals and
                         tasks? If it doesn’t then read it later. Put a star next to it or tag it and read it at
                         the end of the day or during your lunch break.

                         3    What sites are you visiting during working hours? They might be fun
                              and interesting, but are they contributing to your mission? I can’t believe
                         how much information is out there that is related to our industry but has noth-
                         ing to do with helping me or you reach our goals. It’s fun. It’s interesting. It’s en-
                         gaging and social. But does it help you grow? Does it help you close another

                         To read Scott’s entire article, click here. Scott love is a recruiting and
                         sales trainer who runs Recruiting Mastery from Asheville NC. He is also
                         NCASP’s Co-director for Western, NC. You can get his free articles, videos,
                         and podcasts at his website, or contact him
                         directly at, 828-225-7700.

18 SEPT/OCT 2009                                                                          

                                 Las Vegas, NV
                               Red Rock Resort
                                                                                                                              WATCH THoSE
30 TH
            M      BE
                           R                                   F E
                                                             WO    AT

                       - 3 RD
                                  OC                                  UR
                                        R REN                   RL
                                                          SPE OWN D
                                                                         I N
                                                                                                                              By mike gionta,
                                                             AK ED
                                  DA NER &
                                  Y RE MAN
                                   AND    TR AGE
                               SEOP PRO EA R
                                  RVI DUC      T                                 When is a 5% Fee Cut Much More Than 5%? Do the math.
                                     CES TS &                                    my observation of most negotiated fees in our industry is that they are 25%,
LAS                                                                              30%, 20%, and I even see some dropping to 15%. What happened to 28?
    D     VEG                                                                    24%, 27.5%?
                                                                                 When we drop by 5 percentage points we are discounting our fees from
                                                                                 17% to 25% depending on where we are starting from. here is a typical
                                                                                 conversation... recruiter: “Our fee represents an investment of 30% of first
                                                                                 year’s base salary.” Prospect: “We only pay 20%.” recruiter: “Can we meet in
                                                                                 the middle at 25%?”

                                                                                 Notice that the prospect requested a 33% cut, NOT 10%, the recruiter then
                                                                                 capitulated by offering a 17% discount, NOT 5%.

                                                                                 Here’s a strategy we use that has helped us tremendously, even in the
                                                                                 current economic environment: We quote 28.75% at the opening, not
                                                                                 30%. Why? It completely catches your prospect off guard. They are silently
                                                                                 perplexed and wondering how in heck we came up with that number. most
                                                                                 don’t ask. For those who do we respond, “We have studied how much our
                                                                                 search firm needs to invest to do this successfully and how much time and
                                                                                 effort along with the degree of difficulty. We combine this with a fair profit
          Thank you to
                                                                                 margin and came to this fee.”
   Ruth’s Chris Steak House
   for the generous gift card                                                    Do we have to negotiate that number? Yes, we often do. however we usually
            drawing.                                                             end up in the 26 to 27.5% range, NOT the 20 to 25% range. You see when you
                                                                                 price your fees like 80,000 other recruiters, you get treated like 80,000 other
                                                                                 recruiters. When you negotiate with some logic and have your fees based on
                                                                                 your recruiting firms investment combined with profit, you are better received
                                                                                 by the marketplace.

                                                                                 Try it! You have nothing to lose. getting just 1 or 2 percentage points more
                                                                                 on a recruiting fee with a salary of $100,000 means you received $1,000 to
                                                                                 $2,000 more in a fee for a conversation that may have lasted 10 minutes longer.

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