Auction by chenmeixiu


									                                    Auction Item Suggestions

                          Laughter Is the Best Medicine – October 22, 2011
                         (Deadline for donations Friday, September 30, 2011)

Items in high demand:
       Air miles
       Sporting Event Tickets (for dates after special event auction)
       Timeshare or Weekend Use of Second Home
       Event Tickets (plays, concerts, art events, etc.)
       Services (your special talent or service – faux finishing, woodworking, dance lessons, etc.)

New things you have around the house that we can use:
      Gift Certificates (restaurant, salon & spa, grocery, etc.)
      Wine/Drinking Glasses
      Gourmet Food Items
      Decorative Items and Accessories
      Sports Equipment
      Golf Balls
      Bath and Body

Materials needed to package auction items for presentation:
      Baskets, Decorative Boxes, Trays, Chargers, etc.
      Tissue Paper, Wired Ribbon, etc.

Re-gifting is acceptable and appreciated! If you received (or bought at an auction!) something
that you know you won’t use – we will repackage and reuse!
                                    Basket Idea Suggestions
                         Laughter Is the Best Medicine – October 22, 2011
                        (Deadline for donations Friday, September 30, 2011)

Themed Basket Ideas:
Items for Moms: Jewelry, Flowers, Chocolate, Perfume, Handbag, Scarf, Spa Package, Slippers,
Robe, etc.

Home Improvement Gift Certificates: Home Repair, Landscape, Closet Design, Carpet Cleaning,
Flooring, Painting, etc.

Fitness Package: Gym Membership, Gym Bag, Fitness Ball, Water Bottle, Weights, Towel, Mat, etc.

Electronics: iPod, Laptop, Computer Repair Gift Certificate, etc.

Kids Night Out: Any kind of Fast Food or Theme Restaurant Certificates that Kids Love, Movie
Tickets, Ice Skating, Bowling, Laser Tag, Paint Ball, etc.

Kids: Toys, wii, Nintendo DS, Board Games, Books, Stuffed Animals, Overnight Camping Party, etc.

University: Team shirts, hats, mugs, notebooks, stuffed animals, etc. from ASU, NAU, UA.

Thanksgiving: Decorative Serving Platters, Table Decorations (runners, accessories, etc.), Candles,
Gift Certificate for a Turkey or Gift Certificate for Thanksgiving Dinner at a Restaurant, etc.

Christmas: Wreaths & Trees (decorated or ready to be decorated!), Ornaments, Accessories, Glass
Containers for Ornaments, Candles, Candle Holders, etc.

Dine Around Town: Gift cards from area restaurants…

If you know of a business owner who you believe would be willing to donate, we would be happy
to contact them. Please let us know if you are contacting businesses personally, so we do not
contact the same establishment twice. Thank you!

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