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									                                              Newsletter                                    JULY 2011         | ISSUE SEVENTEEN

Taste of Mission Sunday                                              by LFA Local Missions Team

Can you imagine the excited crowds of         will reveal the love of Jesus through
people moving out the glass doors at          some creative opportunities! Yes, there
Wallace as they are flung open? Feel the       will be something for everyone, and
rush of anticipation in the air— your         children’s ministry for little ones 4 and
spirit alive and alert for all that God is    under.
about to do? Can you sense the joy
rising as teams pray and organize to          What’s next? How can YOU participate?
serve?                                        We’re glad you asked!
                                              ‣ First, begin to pray that the Holy Spirit
It’s TASTE OF MISSION SUNDAY and                will guide you (and your family) as
God’s people are on the move! To                you prepare to reveal Jesus.                        Sundays of sign-ups in the foyer: July
neighborhoods and nursing homes,                                                                    17th, 24th, and 31st… with LOTS of
onto sidewalks and city streets.              ‣ Be in church July 17th as Pastor Nate               options!
                                                shares a special message from God’s
God has given each of us an ability, skill,     Word to equip us for our Taste of                 ‣ Be ready with a pen because some
                                                Mission.                                            projects will fill up quickly!
talent or gift to share for His glory, and
on August 7th, during our Sunday
                                              ‣ Sign up for a specific mission                     More details will follow. We are excited
Celebration, our whole church family            opportunity! There will be three                  to advance the Kingdom of a Great King!

                                              Summer Ministry                                            by Pastor Nate

                                               There are two movements of the                     Those two movements of the Kingdom
                                               Kingdom of God: Mission and                        can’t be separated. Without discipleship,
                                               Discipleship. Discipleship is the                  your mission is just plain fake. Without
                                               movement of following Jesus in the                 mission, your discipleship is a dead end.
                                               transformation of our character.  Mission

   Got Produce?
                                               is the movement of following Jesus in              This Summer, like many Living Faith
                                               the transformation of our community.               summers, we are upping our energy
                                               Those two movements are central to the             toward  mission and discipleship.  I hope
Impact Harvest is now bringing in              Kingdom of God AND Living Faith                    you can be part.  As you read this
several of their crops. If you could use       Alliance Church.                                   newsletter, ask Jesus to
some free produce or have neighbors                                                               point you to your place
and friends who would like some,               Mission thrusts us outward, toward                 of personal connection
please contact Harry Behrens at                people Jesus loves who don’t yet love              for mission and
609-680-1203. Be sure to call soon as          Jesus                                              discipleship. 
the harvest period is short and the
produce goes fast! Check out                   Discipleship thrusts us inward, toward
ImpactHarvest.org for more                     the transformation of our personal
information.                                   character in ever deeper ways.

  Living Faith Alliance Church                                       SUNDAY SERVICES: 8:30 /10:30 am
                                                                     Wallace Middle School 688 N. Mill Rd. Vineland, NJ 08360
       1987 South Lincoln Avenue • Vineland, NJ 08361
                                                                     WEDNESDAY CLASSES: 6:30 pm
            856-696-3444 • www.LFAChurch.org                         Cumberland Christian School 1100 W. Sherman Ave. Vineland, NJ 08360
KEEP GROWING!                                                          ank You!
                                                                  Please join me in giving a big thank you to our Sunday and
For Men only: “Tender Warrior”                                    Wednesday setup/teardown crews. They’ve been amazing over
Get a chance to learn with other men (of all ages) about          the last year since we’ve become more “mobile” in our
aspects of what Biblical manhood is to look like. Bring a         facilities. On a consistent basis, over 100 workers have caught
friend! Join us Thursday nights July 7, July 21 and August 11     the vision throughout the year. Some workers are so
from 6:30-8:00 pm (LFA Lincoln).                                  committed that they don’t pause for a monthly rotation and
                                                                  show up week after week. Renting isn’t easy, but as people of
For Women Only: “Out of the Pit”                                  God we work to help others worship and get equipped. That is
                                                                  exactly the vision our setup/teardown crews have. Be sure to
A team of women are preparing three special sessions for
                                                                  hug a crew member today.
women who want to connect around the theme of God’s
power to deliver us from hard places. Bring a friend! Join us     Thanks for blessing our entire body!!!
Thursday nights on July 14, August 4 and August 18 from                                                              Matthew Rudd
6:30-8:00 pm (LFA Lincoln).                                                                                          Administrator

Formed by His Word
Formed by His Word is an interactive learning environment to
establish daily rhythms of seeking God on your own.  FBHW
meets weekly and you can join at any time. Call the church            July 25 - 29 | 6 - 8pm
office for directions.
    Tuesday s, 6:30-7:30 am at Larry’s II Café . All are              Living Faith Lincoln
    welcome! Currently discussing the Sermon on the
    Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30 pm at Larry Baruffi’s . This group is
    for men only. Currently studying the Book of Genesis.
                                                                        Camp Grace:
    Tuesday Women’s Bible Study is on summer break.
    Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00 pm at Haymen’s. All are
                                                                          You Are
    welcome! Currently studying the Book of James.
Why get baptized? First, Jesus instructs us to (Matthew
28:19). Second, there is great benefit in public declaration of                      Grades K - 6
our faith in Jesus. It is good for our soul, our family and our         based on 2010-2011 school year
community for followers of Jesus to publicly proclaim that
His death matters to our lives. Please consider this step of
                                                                    Sign up at Children’s Ministry Table
obedience. We will meet on Sunday nights July 24, July 31,
August 7 and August 14 from 6:00-8:00 pm (LFA Lincoln).
The baptisms will be August 21!

Freed-Up Financial Living                                                    Financial Update
The apostle Paul reminded a bunch of Christians stuck,                       Year-on-Year Comparison: January through June
trapped in bondage, that it is for freedom that Christ has set
us free. This course helps us seek God’s freedom from our
                                                                       GENERAL                                   $371,529
financial bondage by looking at God’s design for our money                                  $-67,322

and creating a spending plan for our future. Our desire is to
be free to use all we are and all we have and                         MISSIONS
                                                                        (GOAL: $60,000)          $61,590
all we can do for the Kingdom of God. We                                                                                 2011 YTD

will meet Thursdays this summer, July 7, July                                                                            2010 YTD
14, July 21, August 4, August 11 and                                                             $59,840                 Annual Projection

August 18 from 6:30-8:00                                                  -$100,000       $0    $100,000    $200,000    $300,000    $400,000
pm (LFA Lincoln).                                                      Note: our annual General Fund Budget is $760,000.
                                                                       MONTHLY AVG GF GIVERS                             190

                                                                  MONTHLY AVG MISSIONS GIVERS          44
  Sta Bio of                                 e Mon
                                          Name: Matthew Scott “do not try to stop” Rudd
                                          Job Title: Administrator/Missions Projects
                                           What’s playing on your iPod right now?
                                           Jesus Culture & Switchfoot
                                            Do you have a hobby? I love anything to do
                                            with bicycling, and recently I’ve been getting
                                             into golf. Also, I love winning… can winning        Summer camps are back! Summer
                                              be a hobby? I think yes. I win.                    ministry has tremendous impact on
                                                                                                 teens’ relationships with God. We
                                           What books are you currently reading or
                                                                                                 encourage you to involve your kids in
                                           recommend? “Generous Justice” by
                                                                                                 at least one of the weeks this year.
                                           Timothy Keller; “Discerning the Spirits” by
                         Gallager; I’m almost finished reading all the way through The            Summer ministry exists to see and
   Message; and I practically devour anything put out by Relevant magazine.                      carry out the work of God in the hearts
  What are you passionate about? My wife.                                                        of Junior and Senior High students as
                                                                                                 we prepare them for a life-long
  Where were you born? Watertown, New York                                                       relationship with God and His Son,
  Name a pet peeve: I don’t sleep well unless I’m covered, so I                                  Jesus. The students will also be leading
  hate it when the sheets come untucked in the middle of the                                     the camps, and together we will build
  night, last night I actually had to get up and remake the                                      an environment where the love of the
  bed… Lisa and I are both spirited sleepers.                                                    Father is extended to all.

  Favorite local restaurant? The Cosmopolitan, although                                          We will have three days of prep work
  Olympia is a close runner up and Lisa’s favorite.                                              (it’s vital for the students to complete
  Describe a surprising eccentric quirk: From growing                                            this training for the weeks ahead) and
  up on a dairy farm in northern New York I have a                                               then three consecutive weeks of camp.
  massive milking muscle on my right hand even though                                            Prep Week: July 20-22 (Wed-Fri)
  I haven’t milked a cow in five years; come see me I’ll show you.                                1:00pm-6:00pm at LFAC Lincoln.

                                                                                                 Lincoln Ave Camp: July 25-29 (Mon-Fri)

Families Living on Mission                                                 by Sharon Howard
                                                                                                 1:00-9:00 at LFAC Lincoln. This is the
                                                                                                 first week of camp, and all of it will
                                                                                                 take place at the Lincoln Ave building.
Little things are big in God’s Kingdom!           your life who need to know Jesus. Please
                                                  start doing that if you have not already. As   Millville Camp: August 1-5 (Mon-Fri)
I sat admiring a big tree this morning. I         you pray for them, slow down and notice        1:00-9:00 Drop off and pick up at LFAC
imagined that the person who planted the          them and what they are going through.          Lincoln. This week of camp will be in
little seed for that tree years ago would         Look for small ways you can show God’s         Millville at In His Presence. Drop off
love to see it now… towering high in the          love to them: smile and greet them, do a       and pick up your students at LFA
sky, full of hundreds of branches and             kind deed for them, call or visit them,        Lincoln Ave. We will do the
thousands of beautiful leaves! I felt God         invite them over for coffee or a game           transporting of your students to and
speaking to me to have faith that the little      night, ask how you can pray for them.          from camp. A permission slip is
things he asks me to do have great                Maybe you can even gather others               required. Please complete and return it
significance long-term, even if I can’t see it     together to do some jobs for them on our       to the church office before the camp
in the moment.                                    Taste of Mission Sunday, August 7th.           starts, or send it on your student’s first
                                                                                                 day. PLEASE MAKE SURE WE GET IT; if
I would like to speak to each family/             As we pray and plant seeds this summer,        we don’t have the permission slip we
                  household at LFAC. We           God will spread His Beautiful Kingdom in       CANNOT transport your child.
                           have been              ways that will matter for generations to
                            calling you to        come in our community! (Parents, we            Vineland Camp: August 8-12 (Mon-Fri)
                                take time         especially want to encourage you not to        1:00pm-9:00pm. Drop off and pick up
                                once a            miss the chance to use the extra time you      at LFAC Lincoln Ave. This week will be
                                 week to          have with your kids this summer to help        at the Carl Author Center at Third and
                                 pray for         them learn the joy of sharing Jesus’ love      Plum Street in Vineland. The same
                             people in            with others.)                                  conditions apply for this week of camp
                                                                                                 as the week in Millville.
Vision and Values of Pastorates
Stephen R. Covey wrote a global
bestseller years ago: The Seven Habits of
                                                with an ever-growing commitment to
                                                pushing back the darkness in areas where
                                                                                               Save            e Date!
Highly Effective People. One of the habits       people don’t know Jesus.                          All-Pastorate Picnic
Covey identified was beginning with the
                                                That’s the vision, and it’s breathtaking!
                                                                                                Saturday, September 17
end in mind; a vision, if you will. Bill
Hybels defines vision as “a picture of the       While it’s really important to have a vision          5:00-9:00pm
                                                (the end in mind), without a vehicle — a
future that produces passion.”
                                                strategy, a way to get us there — our
                                                                                                  1987 S. Lincoln Ave
So the question we always need to keep          vision remains just a dream. In other
before us is: What’s the vision? Where are      words, pastorates are a strategy: they’re
we going? What do we want to be? Two            simply a means to an end. Pastorates are a
key passages from scripture shape the           vehicle for mobilizing people to embody
vision of pastorates:                           the vision, to live it out. But, in order to
    Colossians 1:28 - We proclaim him,          fully embrace the vehicle/strategy we
    admonishing and teaching everyone           need to have a degree of confidence in it.
    with all wisdom, so that we may             And to have that confidence, we need to
    present everyone fully mature in Christ.    understand it and agree with the values
                                                supporting it. This takes time.
    Ephesians 3:10 - His intent was that
    now, through the church, the manifold       So, over the next few issues of this
    wisdom of God should be made known          newsletter (as space permits) we will                   Frank & Kim Medio
    to the rulers and authorities in the        unpack the supporting core values of                     Sundays 4:30 pm
    heavenly realms                             pastorates: community, discipleship,                      609.567.1324
                                                mission, growth and leadership. I hope
Therefore, the picture of a healthy,                                                                    Mike & Kim Jelinek
                                                you find the vision inspiring enough to
growing, dynamic, mature pastorate                                                                       Sundays 1:00 pm
                                                want to know more.
would be one that is developing devoted                                                                    856.697.4712
followers of Christ who are increasingly                                                               jels11@comcast.net
                                                If you can’t wait until the next issue or
learning to love God, love and serve one        want to discuss anything regarding                  Steve & Sharon Schalick
another, and loving the broken world            pastorates, e-mail pastorates@lfac.org or               Sundays 1:00 pm
around us by moving toward lost people                                                                    856.457.2192
                                                                                                      Harry & Val Behrens

   Gratitude to Chris Laury
                                                                                                       Sundays 5:00 pm
                                                                                                      Dave & Jayme Carter
     God has blessed our church family over the last 10 years as Chris Laury                            Sundays 4:30 pm
     has volunteered her time and energy as Children’s Ministry Coordinator.                              856.692.6747
     She has put feet to her passion to see parents and volunteers raised up to                    carterpastorate@gmail.com
     teach children to love God with all their hearts. She has: loved children,                     Joel Howard (young adults)
                                     workers and parents; worked to keep up                             Sundays 7:00 pm
                                     detailed class lists; organized and                                 570.757.4851
                                      decorated rooms; attended conferences;                        joelhoward5@gmail.com
                                      planned training sessions, picnics and                             Hap & Sue Hyson
                                      appreciation banquets; RECRUITED                                Wednesdays 6:30 pm
                                      WORKERS; prayed… the list could go on                               856.691.5903
                                       and on and on. We thank God for all the
                                       grace He gave her to love so deeply, to                         Larry & Leslie Baruffi
                                       work so diligently, to invest so faithfully.                    Wednesdays 7:00 pm
                                        Our LFA Family will be forever changed                       larrybaruffi@yahoo.com
                                        because of all the seeds that she
                                        planted!                                                     Janice Aseltine (singles)
                                                                                                        Thursdays 5:30 pm
                                        (Please continue to thank Chris
                                        personally for the impact she has had
                                         on your family. Pray for her as she                          Bill & Patrice Fennen
                                                                                                       Saturdays 5:30 pm
                                         seeks God for where He would want
                                         her to serve next!)                                         wdfennen@comcast.net

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