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									               Volume 3 • July 2010

 Introducing holiday 2.0
           social media

     Smooth operator:
 SunSwop goes on a roll

Holiday-guilt syndrome:
      Beating the blues
                                         IT’S TIME FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY TO                                  Weekend entertainment for all, access
                                                                                                             to Mineral baths, Twinkles Crèche,
                                                                                                             Wonderland Games Arcade, Movie
                                                                                                             Room and so much more...

                                the CITY                                                                     Visit to plan
                                                                                                             your escape to pure entertainment.

                                               Midweek Bed & Breakfast                                           Weekend Bed & Breakfast

                                                                                         Per Night                                                      Per Night
                                               PRICE CHARGED FOR A DOUBLE ROOM PER NIGHT (SUN - THURS).         PRICE CHARGED FOR A DOUBLE ROOM PER NIGHT (FRI & SAT).

                                               *Offer Valid from June – September 2010

                                                                                                                            028 214 5100 |

                                                                                                                                  *Terms & Conditions apply

      Warm Up       THIS WINTER
                                                                                       WINTER WELLNESS PACKAGE
                                                                                       @ R 1,495.00 per room per night for two adults sharing.

                                                                                       INCLUDED : !       ACCOMMODATION FOR TWO ADULTS,
                                                                                       !     !            FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST FOR TWO ADULTS,
                                                                                       !     !            HEALTH AND SKINCARE TREATMENT VOUCHER FOR TWO
                                                                                       !     !            ADULTS (SELECTIVE TREATMENTS AVAILABLE),
                                                                                       !     !            PAMPER PACK,
@ R 1,350.00 per room per night for two adults sharing.                                "     "            KIDS ZONE WITH DVD’S AND GAMES,
                                                                                         !     !          SEPARATE KIDDIES CHECK IN,
                                                                                         !     !          PLAYGROUND AND JUMPING CASTLE FOR THE CHILDREN.
!     !        HOUSE WINE,
!     !        YOUR NEXT VISIT,                                                        FOR MORE INFORMATION, KINDLY CONTACT :
                                                                                       (016) 982-7300 OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE

@ R 1,350.00 per room per night for two adults sharing.
                                                                                                                                    * TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY
!     !        CHOCOLATE TURNDOWN,
               (UPON REQUEST),
               LATE DEPARTURE (UPON REQUEST).                                      RIVERSIDE HOTEL
                                                                                   &C O N F E R E N C E                           C E N T R E
                                                                                                                             July 2010 • SunRise                     1

    You own it. You deserve it. Use it.
                Welcome to holiday 2.0                            2
                         Smooth operator
                Savvy SunSwop goes on a roll                      4
                 Holiday-guilt syndrome
              Why you should beat the blues                      14           8                                          9

10                                      11                                    12                                         13
EDItoR’S notE                                   then sit back and imagine all the ways
                                                you’re going to enjoy its superb new en-
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Welcome to our third issue of SunRise,          hancements. And if you have wondered
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information from your holiday partner,          high, read about the sussed and inspiring        news stories we could cover in future issues, please drop
Southern Sun Lifestyle Resorts.                 human-resources management that moti-            Shirley a line at
                                                vates it all.
In our resort update you’ll read about                                                           Credits
top-league awards and top-to-bottom             Our big theme is Holiday 2.0. We are             editor: Shirley Earle
refurbishments, and service so good it          rebooting and upgrading your holiday             E-mail:
                                                                                                 Tel: 031 561-2204
comes as a shock to the system. You’ll          experience to make it more user-friendly,
                                                                                                 Writer: André Wiesner – Firebreak Studios
hear of late-night surprises from World         interactive and involving than ever. In
Cup soccer teams and encounter long-haul        particular, we’re embracing online social        designer: Joanne Brook – Isikhova Publishing
motorbiking grannies, not to mention de         media and inviting everyone to contribute        Advertising: Shirley Earle
luxe restaurants for vultures or biological     to our exciting storytelling initiative. We’re   E-mail:
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contraptions for keeping the grass green        creating memories for a lifetime at Southern
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about baby owls as well as big, bold plans,                                            
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Find out the terrific news SunSwop discov-
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ered when it read the numbers for 2009,         The SunRise editorial team.
  2     July 2010 • SunRise

                      You own it. You deserve it. Use it.
WELcoME to HoLIDAY 2.0
Message from deon Viljoen,                           We’re taking that wonderful conversation             Making the holiday experience a part of your
                                                     forward, and with SunSwop expected soon to           life is of vital importance. So often we fall into
director of Operations: southern
                                                     have online transactional capability, we have        the trap of regarding holidays in a completely
sun Lifestyle resorts                                been working hard at optimising our website          opposite way. As something outside, apart
Welcome to SunRise – and the start of a fresh ap-    offerings and making our Facebook pages warm         and separate from the normal run of our lives;
proach to holiday ownership in southern Africa.      and inviting places for you to visit. There you      as interruptions, even disruptions, or as frills
                                                     will be able to access information, raise queries,   and extras.
As your manager, I am delighted to unveil the lat-   share advice, and rediscover old friendships or
est issue of our magazine published exclusively      begin new ones.                                      We all know how it goes. We know we deserve
for Southern Sun timeshare owners. It’s bustling                                                          a holiday, but at the last minute we don’t
with news and interviews, with colour, informa-                                                           book, or we cancel, or something comes up
tion and service offerings, and I hope you find it                                                        … In recessionary times the tendency is even
an enjoyable read. But above all I hope you take                                                          stronger. In the case of timeshare owners, they
it as a personal invitation from me to you: an                                                            might think: Well, I’ve paid my levies, but is
invitation to take our partnership forward.                                                               going on holiday this year the right thing to do?
                                                                                                          The holiday gets de-prioritised, until, the last on
Because we don’t want you only to read about                                                              the list, it’s the first to go.
Southern Sun Lifestyle Resorts. We want you
yourselves to write and speak too. We want to                                                             But the reality is that timeshare ownership
hear how we can better help you, and we want                                                              makes that holiday a firm priority for you. You’re
you to bring your voice to our lively Southern                                                            booked and pre-paid. You have your resort, you
Sun community. It’s a community made up                                                                   have your date, and if you don’t arrive, then
of people who share ownership of the finest                                                               you’ve lost out. Even if you postpone matters
resort destinations in the country. More so,                                                              by depositing your week, those points will
it’s a community based on shared experience                                                               ultimately expire if you don’t do an exchange.
– the experience of holidaying and having the
time of your life.                                           Making the                                   Owning timeshare is a commitment to your
                                                                                                          holiday, a commitment to yourself and to
We would like you to join us in celebrating that        holiday experience a                              those you prize the most. Consider the value
experience, and the name of the celebration                                                               of that holiday. Consider how it invigorates
is Holiday 2.0, an initiative of ours that aims         part of your life is of                           your health, your creativity and productivity.
to make holiday ownership as user-friendly,                                                               Consider the powerful, life-affirming energy it
interactive and full of spirited conversation as        vital importance.                                 gives to your relationships with your partner
the new age of the Internet known as Web 2.0.                                                             and your children. You’ll realise that your
                                                                                                          holiday is not something peripheral to your life.
In the past months my colleagues and I have          In particular, we would love to hear your stories.   It’s a central driver, and centrally important.
been amazed by the large numbers of online           For many of our owners, their association with       It’s what makes you go. It’s part of who you
visitors who are streaming to our various            Southern Sun has been a lifelong affair going        are, part of what you do, and, best of all, it’s a
websites, particularly the Facebook pages            back to the most special seasons of their youth      memory for life.
of our resorts and our exchange-provider,            or early adulthood. Many of them first came to
SunSwop. Visitors have been signing up as            know us as children in the care of mom and dad,      You own that holiday. You own at the best
fans, leaving comments and getting into              then over time became timeshare owners – and         resorts. You own the best timeshare-exchange
discussions with each other, and it has been         parents – themselves, holidaying with children       organisation, with the best destinations and the
just as heartening to witness the numerous           of their own. Today, indeed, many of those same      most alternatives. And you deserve it: you owe
independent websites and blogs our owners            people arrive at our resorts not just with their     it to yourself and your family.
have started up, spaces that are dedicated to        children but their children’s children!
sharing their holiday experiences at Southern                                                             You own it. You deserve it. Use it.
Sun and staying connected year-round with            The relationship has been lifelong and life-
fellow owners.                                       enhancing. Southern Sun is a part of their lives.    Welcome to Holiday 2.0.
                                                                                                                            July 2010 • SunRise           3

                                                      Siyakhanya –
                                      WE SHInE
Not long ago Southern Sun Lifestyle Resorts                                                               She describes Siyakhanya as an “umbrella con-
embarked on an ambitious, multi-million-rand                                                              cept” involving an array of integrated practices
campaign of self-renewal to make sure your va-                                                            which serve to motivate staff to perform at
cation ownership is exactly what we promise:                                                              their optimum.
a lifetime experience. The campaign involved
revamps and renovations, overhauls and face-                                                              They range from exciting incentive programmes,
lifts, to buildings and facilities. The result? Our                                                       such as the “Smile” campaign that was rolled
resorts shine.                                                                                            out at Beacon Island Lifestyle Resort, to the Si-
                                                                                                          yakhanya Ambassador of the Month award, an
Now another campaign is on the move, just as                                                              award system culminating in the annual selec-
large-scale and in-depth, and just as dedicated                                                           tion of an overall Southern Sun Ambassador.
to delivering on our promise. But this project
of renewal doesn’t involve hundreds of paint-                                                             Among other things, Southern Sun is re-em-
brushes and heavy, grinding machinery, and it                                                             phasising its commitment to personalised staff
doesn’t tackle bricks-and-mortar. It focuses on                                                           development plans, in addition to applying in-
something else – on people-and-spirit. The re-                                                            novative coaching philosophies at management
sult? Our staff will shine, too.                                                                          level. As part of this approach, certain manag-
                                                                                                          ers are trained as coaches and entrusted with
“We refurbished our hotels,” Deshnee Naidu                                                                mentoring key staff in areas of both their work-
says. “Now we need to focus on our staff – we                                                             ing and personal lives.
need to re-energise and re-invigorate them.”
As Southern Sun Lifestyle Resorts’ Human Re-                                                              “Seeing is believing. You walk into any of our
sources and Training Manager, Deshnee Naidu                                                               resorts and get a big, beaming smile meeting
                                                        Deshnee Naidu
is the person responsible for implementing this                                                           you at reception. People want to come to work,
company-wide initiative within the Lifestyle          ensuring that staff live up to our brand promise,   because their needs are being met, their devel-
Resorts brand and ensuring its longevity.             Southern Sun can maintain and extend its pow-       opment is supported, and they are going to be
                                                      erful competitive advantage.                        the best they can.”
The campaign is called Siyakhanya (“we shine”),
a massive, multifaceted and long-term initia-         “Through huge workshops we engaged 7,000            Determined and enthusiastic, Deshnee is impas-
tive that consolidates Southern Sun’s corporate       of our staff across the company about Siyakh-       sioned by the spirit of Siyakhanya as well as the
culture around six central values – values which      anya,” Deshnee says, “from cleaners, scullery       nitty-gritty work of making it a reality. She says
will be the well-spring of staff growth as our        workers, chefs and assistant chefs, all the way     her function is “making sure we have a healthy,
company moves into the future.                        to the Managing Director, General Managers          happy and invigorated work-force … and I’m
                                                      and everybody in between – so much so that          loving it, absolutely loving it. If I had to craft my
Siyakhanya aims to optimise the potential and         Siyakhanya, the name, came from the staff           perfect position, I’m in it now. Siyakhanya is not
capacity of staff to deliver distinctive, consis-     themselves, as well as the pictures we use to       a project, it’s not a training course – we want it
tent and compelling customer experiences. By          encapsulate the six values.”                        to become a way of life.”

      RELIABILITY                  RESPECT                TEAMWORK                  INNOVATION                 INTEGRITY               PEOPLE CENTRED
  4     July 2010 • SunRise

                      Smooth operator                                                                     SunSwop is now also offering bonus weeks to
                                                                                                          its members. When you book a bonus week –

                                                                                                          be it a full week, midweek or weekend in length
                                                                                                          – you don’t use up the points you earned when
                                                                                                          you deposited your timeshare with SunSwop:
                                                                                                          you simply pay a fee, and that’s that. Bonus

 GoES on A RoLL
                                                                                                          weeks become available when accommodation
                                                                                                          has not been reserved for exchanges, and, as
                                                                                                          Peter explained, they make for excellent quick
                                                                                                          break-aways as well as full-scale holidays in
When Southern Sun regained full control of        home resort. In the case of Beacon Island Life-         their own right. If stock is on hand, you can even
SunSwop and entered into its alliance with        style Resort, for instance, nearly 70% of reser-        use this facility to add extra time away to an
Interval International, the company knew the      vations were internal swaps.                            existing vacation.
decision would suit its timeshare owners –
but it couldn’t have foreseen just how well it    “Almost half of the potential transactions that         Unlike the situation with competitor offerings,
would prove to work in practice. Now, armed       Southern Sun owners do on annual basis were             however, you don’t have to deposit your current
with the results of its first year of business,   done with SunSwop in our first year of opera-           year’s timeshare in order to use SunSwop bonus
the new-look SunSwop is rolling out a suite       tion,” Peter said. “Already in the first months of      weeks. “With us it makes no difference whether
of enhancements to its services, and it has       2010, transaction volumes were far higher than          you’ve banked your week or not. If you want to
a straightforward message for its members:        in the same period last year, and we have every         book a bonus week, or as many of them as you
Speak to us – we’re listening.                    reason to believe the annual results for 2010           like, you don’t first have to give up your time-
                                                  will significantly outstrip those of 2009.”             share to be able do it.”
“It’s wonderful to see the cumulative numbers
for 2009 because they are proof positive we       He emphasised that the increased ease of                Smart, smooth and reliable, SunSwop is on a
took the right course,” said SunSwop general      access into Southern Sun does not come at               roll, bringing fresh dynamism to the timeshare
manager Peter Pienaar after the organisation      an increased price. Anything but: Southern              community, and, along with the service-en-
recently celebrated its first birthday.           Sun vacation owners auto-                                                 hancements it has introduced,
                                                  matically receive member-                                                 it will be making customer-
“The statistics that have emerged come as         ship of both SunSwop and                                                  satisfaction surveys a regular
really welcome news. When we started, we          Interval International, and do-                                           occurrence to ensure that its
couldn’t have envisaged that a year down the      mestic exchange fees remain                                               operation is always top-notch.
line we would see as many exchanges as we         as they were in 2009 – an
did, particularly the high number of exchanges    affordable R395. Nonetheless,                                               Nevertheless, said Peter, there
between Southern Sun resorts themselves.          SunSwop members do still                                                    are certain arrangements that
They are confirmation that even during a          have the right to transact with                                             members would have to take in
sometimes tough start-up year we understood       RCI if they so wish. “With RCI                                              good stride so that the system
our members’ needs and delivered on our           having granted our owners an-                                               works for everyone. For example,
promise to them.”                                 other year of free membership,                                              it’s strictly taboo to exchange
                                                  owners effectively have the                                                 into a unit, only then to rent it
Peter said that a recent customer-satisfaction    best of both worlds.”                                                       to somebody else. SunSwop also
survey of SunSwop members had yielded a                                                                                       takes a firm stand in implement-
                                                                                          Peter Pienaar (General Manager)
total satisfaction score of 78.5%, with 76.5%     But SunSwop has no intention                                                ing the equitable-exchange rule,
of respondents agreeing that the move to re-      of resting on its laurels, and is pressing on with          a measure that is essential for keeping exchanges
establish SunSwop under Southern Sun control      enhancements to its portfolio over and above                fair. He added that difficulties sometimes arose
was a good decision. A further 78.9% said it is   its SunSwop Choices package, a multifaceted                 when members queried the differences between
now easier than before to exchange back into      offering which allows, among other things, for              SunSwop’s rules and procedures and those of
Southern Sun – and SunSwop’s transaction          exchanges into Southern Sun hotels. Members                 other exchange providers.
counts for 2009 certainly demonstrate a           will soon be able to do their transactions
widespread demand for doing precisely this.       online, in addition to which there is the launch            “We are constantly striving to improve our
                                                  of Premium Holiday Cover (see advert) and                   systems, to improve our rules. We listen to
Of the several thousand exchanges transacted      SunSwop Travel.                                             our members and work at delivering them
that year, 91.2% were from one Southern Sun                                                                   personalised attention. Our aim is to create an
resort to another. Owners don’t only have a       SunSwop Travel makes holiday practicalities                 incomparable vacation experience, so we want
strong preference for exchanging within South-    super-simple. “If you’re looking for a flight, a car        them to give us feedback and also just laugh
ern Sun. Often they have an even stronger         to hire, a cruise, an island package and the like,          and share with us. We want our members to
preference for exchanging directly inside their   just call SunSwop Travel on 021 410 5778 .                  interact with us. We want their involvement.”
Get the cover that
your holiday

Unique cover against unforeseen incidents
Southern Sun is proud to present Premium Holiday Cover
(PHC) which is designed to provide you with comprehensive         Peace of mind
                                                                        for only
holiday cover at only R135 per year. From its inception PHC
has been well received, which is a testimony to the fact that
members agree that a few Rand a month to safeguard your
hard earned holiday is money well spent!

                                                                         R135 pa*
We constantly examine where the majority of the claims are
focused and in doing so can ensure that this cover meets the
current needs of the market. PHC offers a comprehensive,
balanced product with a wide scope for holiday cover, which
includes unforeseen and uncontrollable events such as
natural disasters affecting your holiday.

Don’t delay - call us now on 0861 842 747 or email to to make the necessary
arrangements and let Premium Holiday Cover give you and
your family total peace of mind should unforeseen events
jeopardise your holiday pleasure.                                 Activate your cover now !!
Annual Fee Cover – in the event of the death of the
principal member, a once off amount of R4500 will be
credited to your annual levy account.

                                                                  Call 0861 842 747
Replacement Holiday – should you be required to
cancel your holiday within one month from occupation due to
the death, serious illness or injury to yourself or any in your
travelling party, you will be able to claim for a replacement

Natural Disaster Cover – in the unfortunate event of a
natural disaster preventing you or your travelling party from
occupying the accommodation booked, you will be able
to claim for a replacement holiday. Without this cover, the
accommodation is booked at your risk.
*Full details of the comprehensive Terms & Conditions is
available on request and at
  6     July 2010 • SunRise

ASK MARInA ….                                                                                             resOrt COntACt detAiLs:
                                                                                                                BeACOn isLAnd LifestyLe
                                                                                                                     resOrt COntACt:
                                                   therefore making higher impact: that’s why
                                                   there is a 20% difference between peak- and
                                                                                                                    Preshanee Ramchander
                                                   ordinary-week levies.
                                                                                                                       Letaria Ouderajh
                                                   Why can’t i simply pay my levy when i                              Fax: 0866 314 598
                                                   arrive at the resort to use my timeshare?
                                                   Three reasons. First, the levy must be paid                   CABAnA BeACh LifestyLe
                                                   90 days before occupation – and check-in is                       resOrt COntACt:
                                                   Day Zero, not Day 90. Second, and because of             Levies:
                                                   that, we budget on receiving payment at 90                         Kogie Narrainsamy
                                                   days. If everyone simply paid on arrival, those         Admin:
                                                                                                                       Claudine Dhawraj
                                                   budgets would be completely thrown. And,
                                                                                                                      Fax : 0866 314 597
                                                   third, do you really want to begin your holiday
                                                   with all this hassle, especially seeing as you
                                                                                                               drAkensBerg sun LifestyLe
Marina De Paiva, Levy and Administration           might be standing in a queue with dozens of                        resOrt COntACt:
Manager, answers frequently-asked questions.       other guests? A smooth, efficient check-in             Levies:
                                                   works for everyone.                                                  Elaine Bedessey
Why is my levy invoice not sent to me at                                                                 Admin:
the beginning of the year?                         i want to deposit my timeshare for next                              Zanele Sobetwa
We know that many clubs and resorts out            year right now. i know i first have to pay                          Fax: 0866 314 629
there issue their levy invoices in January, but    my levies, but the levies for 2011 haven’t
we do not. Our main concern is to avoid postal     been raised yet. so what is the amount i                         Pine LAke LifestyLe
                                                                                                                     resOrt COntACt:
delays and make sure the invoice gets to you       should pay?
in good time. So it’s sent to you five months      The amount of the levy for the current year.
                                                                                                                        Melissa Pillay
before you occupy your timeshare, and you          When you send us proof of payment, just let us
are given two months to pay the amount – in        know it’s for next year in case we think it’s an                    Zanele Sobetwa
other words, you have to settle your levies 90     overpayment for the current year. Obviously                        Fax: 0866 314 628
days before occupation. If you want to put the     your levy for next year will be higher, and the
timeshare into a rental pool, you also have to     difference needs to be paid when you get your                 sABi riVer sun LifestyLe
pay – and give us notice of your intentions –      next levy invoice.                                                 resOrt COntACt:
at 90 days.                                                                                                  Levies:
                                                   if i buy an additional week, how long will                            Melissa Pillay
Paying in time is important, too, if you wish to   it take before it’s registered in my name?               Admin:
                                                                                                                        Zanele Sobetwa
deposit your week with SunSwop. Before you         Approximately six weeks. That said, the admin
                                                                                                                      Fax : 0866 314 599
can make a deposit, you have to pay your lev-      required from you is quick and easy, and the
ies … and the latest at which you can make         best bet is to contact our share registry office
                                                                                                              uMhLAngA sAnds LifestyLe
the deposit is 60 days before occupation. If       for a list of the items you need to get together.                 resOrt COntACt:
you do it any later than that, you’ll unfortu-     But even if you haven’t bought anything new,             Levies:
nately lose points and the exchange power of       it’s a good idea to look at your share certificates                   Cathy Pillay
your timeshare will be weakened.                   and check that the owner details are correct            Admin:
                                                   and current. For instance, if name-changes                          Lisha Govender
Why are levies for peak weeks higher               have not been officially updated, they can                         Fax: 0866 314 584
than those for ordinary weeks?                     cause problems when it comes to your receipt
Peak weeks are high-demand periods when            of rental payments; also, SunSwop will deal                        rentAL POOL:
the level of activity on offer at resorts is       only with the registered owner of whichever
                                                                                                                      Denisha Vinden
invariably higher than at other times. Peak        week is under transaction.
                                                                                                                     Fax: 0865 821 793
periods also make a bigger impact on resort
resources, simply because there are usually        For queries about these points as well as                           reCePtiOn:
so many people using the resort. Out of            the different costs involved, please contact                Reception1TimeshareCentral@
season you might see two people using a            us at 031-561 2204. Alternatively, e-mail               
six-sleeper unit, while during peak season or florenceb@                              Dineshree Nagan
that same unit may well have six people in it,
  Presents the only Southern Sun Accredited Sales and Rental Agents
             For any queries regarding Purchasing, Selling and Renting of units, contact the
       relevant Resort Agent who will ensure that you receive the best and most reliable service.
        Southern Sun invites and encourages you to make use of our Resale and Rental Agents.

       Specialising in Resales and Rentals, contact                Having achieved 800% growth in numbers of Sales and
 Penny Mande to ensure top service and assistance, as             Rentals after the first year, Agent of the year in 2007 and
experience is the key, holding over 28 years of excellent         Top 10 Sales Professional from 2006-2009, we are more
      and professional service with Southern Sun.                 than equipped to offer the best advise whether you are
                                                                looking to Buy, Sell or Rent at Beacon Island Lifestyle Resort.

                            PENNY MANDE                                                        BRIDGET WICKS

 Tel: +27 (0)21 439 9880 | Fax: +27 (0)21 439 8389                   Tel: +27 (0)44 533 2064 | Fax: +27 (0)86 631 6472
 Mobile: +27 83 776 6223 |                  Mobile: +27 84 496 3689 |

 The dynamic Sales Team of Umhlanga Sands Lifestyle                Sales Agent of the year for 2010 for highest growth
Resort (Winner of 2009) congratulates Cabana Beach                achieved. Contact Sue or her capable staff for all your
 Lifestyle Resort for achieving Sales Office of the Year                         Rental or Sales queries.
  2010. My skilled and specialised personnel is always
ready to assist you with all your vacation requirements.

                            GAI GORDON                                                         SUE THOMPSON

  Tel: +27 (0)31 561 2201 | Fax: +27 (0)86 631 6520                Tel: +27 (0)31 561 2291 | Fax: +27 (0)86 698 8148
         Call Gai, Bianca, Elaine, Annalize or Kerri    | |     (Pine Lake Lifestyle Resort)
  8      July 2010 • SunRise

Ron Klämbt is always a suave and gracious                                                                  along with Umhlanga Sands Lifestyle Resort,
man, but on the day SunRise called him he was                                                              has a management team devoted to “keeping
positively beaming. Ron is general manager of                                                              our public spaces in fantastic shape”.

Cabana Beach Lifestyle Resort, and just the
previous night the resort had won a Welcome                                                                “With municipalities everywhere cutting
Award for best self-catering accommodation                                                                 back on services,” he said, “it’s important that

in the country. According to its organisers,                                                               business takes the lead in looking after the local
South African Tourism, the awards honour                                                                   environment and ensuring that people continue
“the very cream of the crop, the brightest                                                                 to enjoy coming here.”

stars in South Africa’s firmament of hospitality
service providers and businesses who take                                                                  Cabana Beach Lifestyle Resort enjoyed excellent
conviviality and warmth far beyond the                                                                     Christmas and Easter seasons; at the time of the
professional to the personal”.                                                                             interview, it was preparing for the festivity of

“Oh, the staff are elated,” Ron said, “because,
                                                      The timeless classic                                 the World Cup. Further into the year lay the
                                                                                                           annual matriculant rave, a time when “3,000
really, the award is for them.” He chuckled. “I                                                            teenagers descend on us, wanting to party”.
mean, I myself don’t do any work – I simply                                                                Yes, a different clientele to the norm, Ron said,
sit back and direct the orchestra. And what                                                                chuckling again. “But we also have to look after
a fantastic orchestra it is! Each member                                                                   them. They are potentially our future clientele.
complements the team with a special strength,
and they combine into a great unit.                                                                        “You know, it’s all about creating memories.
                                                                                                           Think back to your childhood. The times you
“What’s more, our team has been together for                                                               went away with your parents – those are the
a long while, and this continuity adds to our                                                              memories that really stick. Many of our guests
closeness to guests. Staff see them year upon                                                              are the second or third generation of people
year, they know their names, they know their                                                               who’ve been coming here. It began with mother
aunty, their grandmother, their children. You                                                              and father, it carried on when they themselves
know who’s passed away, and who has a had a                                                                grew up, and now guests are returning with their
new baby. We share a family connection with                                                                grandchildren. We have thirty years of people
our guests.”                                                                                               coming back to Cabana Beach Lifestyle Resort
                                                                                                           and saying how great it was. They’ll tell you
Ron said Cabana Beach Lifestyle Resort puts                                                                how they loved it as children, and how they’re
strong emphasis on staff morale. The result is                                                             still loving it today with their grandkids.
that owners at the resort can take pride not          Cabana Beach Lifestyle Resort distributed
only in its superb location and facilities but in     Easter eggs to youngsters at the Mahatma             “And that’s something you want to create. You
its standards and friendly, welcoming staff.          Gandhi Memorial Hospital; it is also putting its     can provide a nice room, a nice swimming pool,
                                                      weight behind the development of a home for          but that’s not really what people remember. It’s
“I think the award confirms once again that our       disadvantaged children. “Staff can see that we,      the memories of the staff, the entertainment,
quality standards are right up there, which is also   as a corporate organisation, are living the values   the events … that’s what sinks into their lower
something we know through our participation           we promote through Siyakhanya.” (See article         consciousness and sustains them and keeps
in the eGuestSurv online customer satisfaction        on page 3.)                                          them happy for years to come.”
surveys, where our percentage-scores are
in the high 80s. But we don’t just survey the         The significance of these and other initiatives
guests. We also survey our staff about their          is far-reaching. “It involves more than being
satisfaction. Staff constantly need to feel that      charitable,” Ron said. “It involves economic
they are part of the enterprise and engaged in        responsibility, and it involves stepping up and
keeping standards high.”                              taking a responsibility for the country’s long-
                                                      term sustainability.”
He believes the resort’s social responsibility
initiatives play an important hand in keeping         In the same spirit, Ron is chairman of the
staff proud and invested. Recently, for example,      Umhlanga Urban Improvement Precinct and,

resOrt teL: +27 31 561 2371                           BeCOMe A fAn Of Our fACeBOOk PAge
                                                                                                                              July 2010 • SunRise           9

                         Where the kid is king
Speaking at whirlwind speed, Derek McKillop             and expertise by painting several underprivi-
races through a dizzying list of achievements,          leged schools and helping staff and learners to
statistics, innovations, events and top-to-             grow vegetable gardens. In addition to support-
bottom, wall-to-wall refurbishments. It’s not           ing the SPCA, the resort gives practical aid to
that he is rushed for time. He has a lot to say,        orphanages in the area by donating used appli-
and he can’t wait to get it out. And underlying         ances such as TV sets, fridges and microwave
it all is something quite unmistakeable: his            ovens when these items are replaced – and by        just come and plug it in – that, or your laptop,
singular pride in Umhlanga Sands Lifestyle              the sounds of it, the orphanages will soon be       or your Playstation – and enjoy a hub station
Resort, the resort where he is general manager.         coming into a windfall of note.                     with your flat screen. As I say, Umhlanga Sands
“This is an absolutely fantastic resort,” he says,                                                          Lifestyle Resort is where the Kid is King.
“one of the best in southern Africa. Whatever           Much to the delight of its guests, Umhlanga
we do, we still stick to main themes – the Kid is       Sands Lifestyle Resort recently upgraded its        “This is part of the soft refurbishment that we’ll
King and creating memories. I believe that our          swimming pools with heat pumps, but these           be undertaking in 2011. A big job. It involves
results stand out.”                                     improvements are just the first wave of a           skimming the walls and putting new ceilings in
                                                        more extensive plan. “In terms of upcoming          the rooms; it involves refurbishing the furniture
The first item on his results-list is the fact that     developments, we are embarking on changing          and changing the sliding doors, which will be
the resort has been going green, and doing so           all our TV sets to flat screens. One of the nice    upgraded with tinted windows. It’s redoing the
with triumphant gusto. Like all Southern Sun            things we’ll be doing is putting hub stations in    corridors, the lift landings … new pictures, new
Lifestyle Resorts, Umhlanga Sands has associ-           all the rooms as well. If you drive down here and   curtains, new frills on the beds …”
ated itself with The Heritage Environmental             have your own DVD player in your car, you can
Management Company in a drive to limit its                                                                  A big job, indeed, and an important one. But
environmental impact and build its operation                                                                Derek goes on to add, “What we are really after
on sustainable and responsible solutions. Not                                                               is that we want to create great memories, for
only has it reduced its water consumption, but                                                              life. If you look at our foyer, you’ll see we have a
thanks to a battery of measures that include in-                                                            TV set there where we upload photos taken of
stalling energy-saving motors in lifts and using                                                            the kids during their stay with us. If you visit our
energy-saving light bulbs throughout the resort,                                                            Facebook Page, you’ll see that we post pictures
Umhlanga Sands Lifestyle Resort has dropped                                                                 taken at our events – at the braais, the volleyball
its electrical consumption by a hefty 22%.                                                                  games, you name it. And you’ll also see that we
                                                                                                            invite guests to send us their pictures.
“Our energy-savings are among the best known
in the industry,” Derek says, “so much so that                                                              “I’ll tell you something amazing. There are
the local municipality has written a case study                                                             a lot of owners who have been with us for a
on us so as to show other businesses what can                                                               long, long time, and when they meet me or my
be achieved. We’ve followed this path for a long                                                            management team, the very first thing they’ll
time; now the rewards and results are coming                                                                tell you is just how long that has been. I mean, I
through. It’s been a huge, huge thing for us.”                                                              must have met a thousand people who say they
                                                                                                            were all the first people to buy timeshare in
According to Derek, environmentally respon-                                                                 this resort! But I love it. I love it that people are
sible management extends to corporate social                                                                proud of how long they’ve owned here, I love it
responsibility. Here, Umhlanga Sands Lifestyle                                                              that they’re proud of the history they have with
Resort has been generous with its resources                                                                 us. It epitomises what this resort is about.”

resOrt teL: +27 31 561 2323                           BeCOMe A fAn Of Our fACeBOOk PAge
 10      July 2010 • SunRise

                                                 The heart of the lowveld
It puts spring in a chap’s step if you know that       that was undertaken over many months and             the resort: its wormery. Fruit and vegetable
your resort is locally and internationally re-         that involved a myriad deft fine-tunings and         peels are deposited into a container the size
nowned as a destination of choice. You can             adroit touch-ups. New curtains, new carpets.         of a bathtub, and as the worms feed on these
sleep soundly at night if you have a strong,           Double basins in the master bathrooms.               materials, so the digestive runoff is drained
loyal base of guests who have been returning           Improvements to the outside patio. Additional        into buckets and this nutrient-rich juice used
to you year upon year for the past two to three        standing lamps to enhance lighting, which “was       to fertilise the grounds.
decades. But it’s music to the soul if weary and       a trifle dark”. The provision of a choice between
irritable first-time visitors fetch up at your gates   fans and air-conditioning … and, ah, a nice little   Roger plans to give the wormery greater
in search of refuge after a holiday somewhere          user-friendly tweak here: three-prong plugs in       visibility, but not just as something to thrill the
else has run awry – and describe your resort as        the balconies, so that guests don’t have to ask      kids or give gran the heebie-jeebies. More than
a catastrophic blow to the system. Then you            after extension cords when using their laptops.      a curiosity, it links up with other features of the
can be sure you have matters in hand.                                                                       resort such as its extensive nature walks and
                                                       Gone down well with the owners, has it, Roger?       forms part of an effort to educate the public on
“Wow! What a shock we got,” said their later           “Very much so. A number in fact said, well, it’s     ecologically sustainable ways of living.
e-mail. “We experienced the highest stand-             lovely that you’ve done this … but was it really
ard of hospitality at Sabi River Sun Lifestyle Re-     necessary? Clearly they were comfortable with        In a similar fashion, staff not long ago rescued
sort and enjoyed the most wonderful weekend            what we had, but maintaining standards all the       two owl chicks that had fallen from their nest
you can imagine. Everyone from the entertain-          time is just the Southern Sun way. Owners can        and entrusted them to the care of a local owl
ment staff to the cleaners was outstanding …           be proud of our golf-course standards as well        sanctuary. Once they were old enough, the
We have never experienced such efficiency and          as the chalet improvements we make year after        birds were returned to the resort and kept in an
customer-focused service in all our 15 years of        year. We are always assessing where we are and       enclosure until their eventual release into the
visiting numerous destinations in South Africa.”       looking for ways to raise the bar.”                  wilds. It was a small incident, but the growing
                                                                                                            association that emerged between resort and
So, here’s the question. What exactly do you           He points out yet another source of pride. “Re-      sanctuary produced further opportunities for
do for an encore if you’re the general manager         sort guests can be particularly proud of our         raising public eco-awareness. An owl enclosure,
at this resort, a place its Facebook fans have         alignment with the Heritage programme and            complete with educational information, is be-
called “truly beautiful” and “the best timeshare       growing commitment both to social responsi-          ing built on the Sabie River for the benefit of
resort I have been to”? If you’re affable and          bility and to environmental practices.”              injured birds.
unflappable Roger Petyt, you’ll climb onto a
golf cart and make your rounds among the new           Along with its fund-raising market-days and          All is well and quiet, then, on the Sabi front –
arrivals. You’ll chat and check up; you’ll look        the numerous golf days it holds in support of        a quiet picture thriving with detail and hidden
and listen. And then you’ll work the details –         benevolent causes, the resort is also involved       life. “This resort is remarkable for its tran-
over and over, with a vengeance.                       in the Roots & Shoots programme run by the           quility,” Roger says. “It isn’t a place where it
                                                       Jane Goodall Institute. And as a case in point       takes you ten days to realise you’re on holi-
At the time of writing, the resort had completed       specifically of environmental practices, he          day. Here, you know it the moment you drive
refurbishments to 74 of its 104 chalets, a process     singles out a fascinating contraption found on       through our gates.”

resOrt teL: +27 13 737 7311                            BeCOMe A fAn Of Our fACeBOOk PAge
                                                                                                                      July 2010 • SunRise         11

                                                                                                     consumption. All of its water is drawn from the
                                                                                                     dam on its property, then returned to source,
                                                                                                     the Nkwankwi River: this is a place where used

     LIFEStYLE RESoRt                                                                                water goes back in a better quality than it was
                                                                                                     when it came out.

               The pearl of the mountains                                                            The infrastructural work doesn’t stop
                                                                                                     there. New generators have been installed,
                                                                                                     allowing both chalets and apartments to
There is a burst of long, loud laughter from                                                         enjoy uninterrupted power and the use of all
SunRise. At the other end of the phone, Herman                                                       appliances; previously, chalets had no back-
Muller chuckles and waits for it to end. His                                                         up generator, and apartments could use only
voice gravelly with dry humour, he has just                                                          television and lights. What’s more, new high-
described himself as “a three-sentence kind of                                                       tension switchgear will eliminate power dips.
guy” – this after speaking for nearly an hour                                                        A road has been constructed between the two
about his favourite subject, Drakensberg Sun                                                         lines of chalets, and because it has been built
Lifestyle Resort, Southern Sun’s Resort of the                                                       with lay byes, it provides for ease of loading and
Year in 2009 and the mountain haven where he                                                         off-loading. With the exception of the security
is general manager.                                                                                  perimeter, all wire fencing is being replaced by
                                                                                                     blue-gum poles. Balconies on top-line chalets
Well, he concedes, maybe it was a small                                                              were extended by 2,5 metres, apartment
understatement. On the other hand, when                                                              units received new outside braai tables, and IT
it comes to this place, where do you stop                                                            connectivity updated.
talking? In the course of the past 20 years
the resort has built a solid reputation for its                                                      Then there are the hugely successful canopy
exceptional standards and reliability, and in                                                        tours across the forest tree-tops … the dassie
more recent times committed itself to raising                                                        rehabilitation programme … the Vulture
its game even higher in four areas: financial                                                        Restaurant, which specialises in mouthwatering
strength, staff engagement, guest interaction                                                        raw animal carcasses (for the vultures, naturally).
and socio-environmental responsibility. The                                                          There’s the new signage placed all over the
result has been a blaze of innovations large                                                         resort, the new buffet layout, the new wine list,
and small, and for these accomplishments the        Environmental Programme, Drakensberg Sun         plus an array of other developments.
resort has received tribute alike from guests       Lifestyle Resort can justifiably call itself a
and industry bodies.                                leader in environmentally responsible tourism.   You get the idea: new, new, new. Also: big,
                                                    As its information booklet EARTH puts it, “Not   bold, detailed and forward-looking. As Herman
At the time of the interview, Herman had            everybody can change the world but everybody     says, guests typically tell him, “Wow, this is
narrowly lucked out in walking off with a           can contribute to change.”                       wonderful, you guys are doing so much more
Welcome Award for Best Hotel in South Africa.                                                        than being a hotel.” The resort is two things
Then again, he’d been shortlisted to go out         “Our environmental policies aren’t just          simultaneously: a charmed space for leisure
to bat against the Cape Grace and Sheraton          documents in a file but are in our hearts, in    and recreation, and a dynamic, exciting project.
Pretoria, a league of competition that speaks       the way we do business,” says Herman, who        Listening to Herman, you feel that you want
volumes about the resort’s status within the        compares managing the resort to running a        to be involved in it somehow, to participate
hospitality sector.                                 small municipality – a luxurious and model       in its energy and leave your own mark – and,
                                                    municipality, you could add, that comes          thankfully, the resort provides a range of ways
In addition to a plethora of other accolades,       complete with its own newspaper, SiyaKhula       in which guests can do just that, most notably in
the resort was recently winner of the Imvelo        (Zulu for “we are growing”). Aside from its      the form of its guest-tree-planting programme
Responsible Tourism Award for energy                massive tree-planting programme and the day-     and Legacy Journal.
management as well as best overall management       to-day labour of keeping the grounds in nick,
system. Given, moreover, that it is one of only     the resort takes full control of managing its    “We aren’t just selling buildings,” Herman says.
three properties in southern Africa to have         waste, 70% of which is recycled, and has not     “We’re creating a lifestyle experience. We’re
received Platinum Rating from the Heritage          so much shaved as hacked down its electricity    creating memories for a lifetime.”

resOrt teL: +27 36 468 1000                       BeCOMe A fAn Of Our fACeBOOk PAge
 12     July 2010 • SunRise

                                          The gateway to the country
Legend has it that shortly after World War II       pool. Since then we’ve put in a gym, a games       When SunRise called Sonja and hankered af-
a pair of little old English ladies strapped on     room, a tennis court and so on, and we have        ter tales of high drama and hurly-burly at the
helmets, goggles and stiff upper lips, hopped       offices here that we never used to have – all at   resort, she just laughed. “We don’t have ‘note-
onto Harley-Davidsons, and zoomed off from          minimal extra cost to owners.                      worthy events’ going on here. That’s what
London across Europe and all the way down                                                              makes us noteworthy.”
into Africa to take occupation of a farm located    “But they can be especially proud that they
in what was then the eastern Transvaal. Today       belong to a resort that’s really responsible       The emphasis is precisely on stillness and se-
that farmland is the site of the mesmerizingly      when it comes to looking after owners. When        renity, on the gentle and quietly joyous pro-
beautiful Pine Lake Lifestyle Resort, a retreat     I look at our staff records, I see that no one’s   cess of restoring bonds with family and loved
famous for its water-sports facilities and          had a sick day, no one’s been absent. We have a    ones. It’s not so much that time stops here.
soothing country pastimes, and if – in the          longstanding, exceptionally loyal team here.”      Rather, it ebbs and flows, and as a guest you
way of legends – the story has its shaggy-dog                                                          find yourself slowly surrendering to the rise
elements, it does nevertheless highlight two        What’s more, she says, the resort is active in     and fall of this easy pace. The resort is situ-
important truisms.                                  giving practical uplift to the local community.    ated on the banks of misty Lake Longmere, and
                                                    Every year, for instance, it supports the          there’s a bit of a hub-bub come the canoeing
The first is that, well, clearly, this is a place   disabled by buying materials for them to use in    season in January and February when people
where women run the show. Companionable             fashioning arts and crafts, products from which    flock to practise along the lake’s seven-kilome-
and straight-shooting, Sonja Mathews-Pheiffer       the resort makes it own purchases for re-sale      tre length – people such as the national ca-
might not tear about on a Harley-Davidson,          or presentation as gifts. The resort also makes    noeing team of the Netherlands, which stayed
but as the resort’s general manager, her            donations to an orphanage in the area. On          for six weeks. Things pick up again later in the
achievements demonstrate the same get-              the strength of the charitable contributions it    year during golf tournaments and the region’s
down-to-it zip and pluck of those English lady-     receives, the orphanage has been able to buy       popular cycling competitions. Other than that,
farmers of yesteryear.                              a small piece of land and extend the number        it’s a case of lazing at the pool or watching
                                                    of classrooms it has. Similarly, a local school    ducks on the lake get shoo’d away with kites
“I think our timeshare owners can be proud          was given assistance in the improvement of its     and helium balloons.
of a number of things,” Sonja said. “Presently      sporting facilities.
our guest-satisfaction scores are number one                                                           “We are really a break away from city life,” Sonja
among Southern Sun Lifestyle Resorts, but at        The second point illustrated by the legend of      remarked. “Four hours from Johannesburg,
the same time we have the lowest levies. And,       the road-tripping English aunties is that if you   three-and-half from Pretoria, and we’re in close
with minimal extra levies, this is also a resort    need to escape pressures such as the storm         reach of all the area’s attractions. Bring a good
that has grown in terms of facilities. When I       and stress of a world war, then you would be       book and look out over the water. It’s about
started here in 1998 all we had was a swimming      wise to make a beeline for this neck of woods.     relaxing, and it’s about recharging.”

resOrt teL: +27 13 750 0709                             BeCOMe A fAn Of Our fACeBOOk PAge
                                                                                                                          July 2010 • SunRise          13

It’s trendy and tastefully stylish. It’s contem-                                                         The resort has aligned itself with the Heritage
porary and cosmopolitan, and glows with rich                                                             Environmental Programme, and in April this
colours. Above all, he adds, it’s comfortable and                                                        year received Gold status for its success in
inviting, and guests who have seen it have wid-                                                          implementing the programme’s rigorous, wide-
ened their eyes, dropped their mouths and ut-                                                            ranging and auditable policies. Ask Jacques
tered that magical word: Wow! You might think                                                            what they involve in practice and he laughs:
that Jacques Moolman, general manager and a                                                              “Hard, hard work!”
raconteur extraordinaire, is describing Beacon
Island Lifestyle Resort as a whole. He is, in fact,                                                      Energy savings have been significant, while
referring to a single apartment, but one that is                                                         water usage has dropped from a daily average
pivotally important.                                                                                     of 55 litres per guest to 31. All refuse is
                                                                                                         sorted before disposal, with food items being
It is the resort’s “example room” – a showroom                                                           removed by a pig farmer, and paper and glass
modelling the design features and tip-top                                                                taken for recycling. The result is astonishing:
production standards that in time will be rolled                                                         where the resort used to produce an average
out to every unit in the place. Getting it just                                                          of 60 wheelie bins of refuse per day, it’s now
right has been an exacting affair that involved                                                          down to eight or ten.
plenty of to and fro’ between designers,
management and the resort board. From a                                                                  In the case of social responsibility, the focus is

practical perspective, Jacques says, “the biggest                                                        likewise on long-term sustainability and the ad-
plus is that while we currently have showers                                                             age about teaching a man to fish rather than
over baths, in future every bathroom will have                                                           simply giving him a fish. For example, when a lo-

a separate shower.” Seen in a larger perspective,                                                        cal soccer team asked for money to buy kit, the
the showroom is a palpable sign of growth and                                                            resort assisted them in the how-to’s of raffling
innovation: of a new chapter.                                                                            an accommodation prize and managing the pro-
                                                                                                         ceeds to best benefit. Similarly, waste paper is
Beacon Island Lifestyle Resort is a world-
famous landmark on the Garden Route, and as
the staff jokingly put it during the Eskom power
                                                      LIFEStYLE                                          supplied to a community soup kitchen, the paper
                                                                                                         turned into charcoal, and the charcoal sold by
                                                                                                         the kitchen to produce a revenue-source.

outages, thanks to having its own generators it
can also double as the area lighthouse. Multi-                                                           All of these and other initiatives involve team-
storeyed and multifaceted, it is the grande                                                              work, Jacques says; what’s more, they intensify
dame of Southern Sun’s family of resorts, and                                                            the pride of association felt by staff members.
a succession of makeovers have ensured that it
not only moves with the times but continues
                                                            The place to                                 “You can see that pride coming through in the
                                                                                                         face of someone at reception. You can hear it
to be a vibrant pace-setter attracting the
fashionable and well-to-do.
                                                           be and be seen                                when they greet you and say hello.” And with
                                                                                                         its eGuestSurv customer-satisfaction scores
                                                      “It’s a new chapter in our process of refurbish-   well in the 90% range, the resort offers “a fan-
Those makeovers began about four years ago            ment,” Jacques says. “I’m proud to say that by     tastic vibe”.
with the refurbishment of all public areas on         the end of 2012, this building would have gone
the ground-floor level. A second phase of re-         through an entire refurbishment within a five-     “This is one of very few international timeshare
furbishments saw a small army of workers and          year period.”                                      resorts where there is no self-catering, and it
tractor-sized jackhammers being deployed to                                                              encourages mixing among guests. They eat in
overhaul the Cascades Entertainment Centre;           The makeovers are not only structural in           public areas, which makes the dynamic of this
in addition, the resort’s forty-year-old win-         nature. “Our main focus will always be our         resort different to any other. People know each
dows were replaced and upgraded, as were              guests, but I’m delighted to report that we’re     other. There are guests who have been coming
numerous other small items. Now, with this            working hard at going green. As one of the         here for 25 years; they sit next to each other in
phase completed, the resort is planning its           largest resorts on the Garden Route, we take       the restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or
next round of development – renovating the            very seriously our responsibility to the en-       even join one another for meals, or sit together in
apartments themselves in line with the mod-           vironment, the community and the regional          the lounge holding tea parties all day. It’s amazing
el showroom.                                          tourism industry.”                                 to see: they are one great big family.”

resOrt teL: +27 44 533 1120                           BeCOMe A fAn Of Our fACeBOOk PAge
 14      July 2010 • SunRise

                 Holiday-guilt syndrome
Is the recession coming to an end or still in                            ron klämbt,
force? Are we in upturn, downturn, tail-spin or                          Cabana Beach Lifestyle resort:
tail-end? Although most indications are that                             “Leaving a room standing va-
recovery is on the way, there are as many opin-                          cant? When you’ve already paid
ions as there are opinion-makers. At Southern                            the levy? It seems sacrilegious.
Sun Lifestyle Resorts we’ve weathered it well,                           Most of our people come from
and the vast majority of owners have been as            Johannesburg or the Free State, so it’s not much
reliable as ever in the way they manage their           extra cost to get here. And with modern commu-
timeshare matters.                                      nications, you can remain in touch with business
                                                        while on holiday. Today you carry your Black-
But we have noticed signs of a new trend.               berry on the golf course: if there’s an emergency,
                                                        people can easily get hold of you, and knowing
Some owners will conscientiously pay their              that helps to give you a guilt-free holiday.”
levies. They will tell the resort they intend to
use their timeshare. Yet, come the day, they’ll                         sonja Mathews-Pheiffer,
simply fail to pitch. We call it the owner no-                          Pine Lake Lifestyle resort:
show, and there is a term that describes what                           “We are a self-catering resort,
underlies it. It’s not flat broke. It’s holiday-guilt                   so when you come here you
syndrome – a nagging sense that going on holi-                          won’t be spending more money
day is just not the right thing to do. “I should                        than you would have done at          ership when they return. You can say, “Thanks,
rather keep working … What about the extra              home anyway. And I certainly believe people          guys, I really needed that – and here’s the plan
travel costs? … What will the neighbours – or           need to have a break, even if it’s only for five     going forward.’”
my staff – think?”                                      working days – that’s not a huge amount of
                                                        time. What we offer is very much a family-time                       Jacques Moolman,
SunRise asked our resort GM’s what message              holiday. Family time: very, very important.”                         Beacon island Lifestyle resort:
they had to help sufferers beat the blues.                                                                                   “Like all our lifestyle resorts,
                                                                         herman Muller, drakensberg                          we’re about relaxation and
               derek Mckillop,                                           sun Lifestyle resort:                               freedom from pressure, and
               umhlanga sands                                            “To be an effective leader you                      that’s essential for well-being.
               Lifestyle resort:                                         sometimes need to be able to        Once you arrive, you don’t need to get back
               “Our motto is the Kid is King.                            distance yourself from the im-      in your car again. Everything you want is here.
               Shouldn’t it be yours, too? Our                           mediate environment. Going on       You are safe, you are taken care of. You can
               guests base their holiday deci-          leave lets you re-energise yourself and refocus      refresh yourself physically and spiritually, and
sion-making on the idea that this is a place –          on your objectives; you see things more clearly.     go back to work and home with a stronger
and a time – for the child. They never regret it        It’s an exercise managers and executives must        sense of purpose.”
and the memories last a lifetime.”                      perform because it’s conducive to better lead-
                                                                                                                             roger Petyt,
                                                                                                                             sabi river sun Lifestyle resort:
                                                                                                                             “One of the nice things about
                                                                                                                             our resort is its exclusivity.
                                                                                                                             You’re getting away to re-gath-
                                                                                                                             er yourself; if you’re in Gauteng,
                                                                                                             you’re not going very far; and you’re going to a
                                                                                                             value-for-money destination. You’re also going
                                                                                                             to a resort that’s committed to nature and en-
                                                                                                             vironmental best practices.”
                                                                                                                           July 2010 • SunRise             15

conFEREncE cEntRE
A magnificent property berthed on the shores        team on the property who are really passionate
of the Vaal River, the Riverside Hotel and          about moving in this direction.”
Conference Centre has traditionally catered
to the corporate sector, and it was recently        Aside from its close proximity to Johannesburg,
winner of the Sedibeng Tourism Awards for Best      its world-class restaurant, and tasteful and
Conferencing Hotel, in addition to being Best       immaculately equipped rooms, Riverside’s key
Food and Beverage Hotel.                            drawcard for leisure-seekers is the river onto
                                                    which it fronts – that and the rolling, landscaped
But, just as significantly, Riverside was a         gardens which have made the hotel so popular
nominee in a further category – and given           as a setting for wedding photographs.                 Darron said he was delighted by the new
all the planning and elbow grease it has been                                                             direction the hotel is taking, and described
putting into developing its lifestyle offerings,    The river serves as a portal to an array of family-   himself as “a person who takes the bull by
it’s simply a matter of time before the hotel       oriented water activities, and these range from       the horns and runs with it”. And you had
scoops first place in that one as well.             the adrenalising to the deeply relaxing, from         better believe it. When SunRise called on him,
                                                    parasailing, tubing, waterskiing and jet-skiing,      virtually at sunrise itself, Darron was alert, in
The name of the category? Best Leisure Hotel.       to taking a boat cruise and drifting about            his office, and the soul of suave amiability,
                                                    unhurriedly on the glittering waters.                 despite having only four hours’ sleep under
“This has been very much a corporate hotel,” said                                                         the belt and having been run ragged the night
the general manager, Darron Moore. “It involves     A particularly successful attraction is the River     before by his World Cup guests, the Ivory Coast
conferencing up to a thousand people, and hous-     Rascals Kids’ Club, which invites children 4 to       football team. They had shown up late at night
ing and feeding them; it involves hosting train-    14-years-old to join in a host of fun stuff such      and requested dinner – at around midnight.
ing events, team-building, gala banquets, award     as nature activities, creative work and hours
dinners, weddings and cocktail functions.           of supervised pleasure on the water. The club         Darron was on hand to ensure everything
                                                    runs at weekends and over school holidays, and        worked to a tee, and though it was all a mad
“However, having moved into the Southern Sun        while the kiddies are out playing, mom and dad        rush, the Ivoirians had in fact paid Darron and
Lifestyle Resort brand, an exciting and major       can unwind by enjoying the hotel’s splendid           his own team an extremely high compliment.
additional new focus of ours will be on the         facilities or taking an outing to explore the         Having made the Riverside Hotel their base,
leisure-lifestyle sector, and we have a dynamic     many recreations available in the area.               they had flown off for a match elsewhere in
                                                                                                          the country, only to find that the post-match
                                                                                                          accommodation there was … well, it just
                                                                                                          wasn’t the Riverside Hotel. They picked up
                                                                                                          bags without delay, boarded a plane and re-
                                                                                                          turned to their real home from home.

                                                                                                          All they wanted was to come back to the
                                                                                                          Riverside Hotel.

                                                                                                           And who could blame them?

                                                      kids’ Winter Warmer Package @ r 1,250.00            • a maximum of two adults over the 18 may
                                                      per room, per night for two kids sharing –            share kids’ room (incl. breakfast & dinner).
                                                      two adults are welcome to join at no extra
                                                      charge for this package only.                       The kids’ entertainment programme includes
                                                                                                          loads of fun in the River Rascals’ Den.
                                                      • accommodation for two children under              * Terms & Conditions apply.
                                                        18 (two adults may share kids’ room)              For more information, kindly contact
                                                      • full English breakfast & dinner for all           us on (016) 982 7300 or e-mail us at
                                                      • two children’s gift packs upon arrival  
16   July 2010 • SunRise

                    Creating memories, telling stories
                                        What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened     It’s about sharing your stories. And it’s about
                                        to you at one of our resorts? The craziest or      your pride of ownership at Southern Sun.
                                        bravest deed you’ve done? Your most embar-
                                        rassing moment? How old were you when you          We’re zooting up our websites, our Twitter feed
                                        first holidayed there – and do you remember        and our presence on Facebook because we’d
                                        the names of any of the staff? When was your       love to hear from you. Not just your words. Your
                                        most recent visit? Do you have tips for fellow     photos, your video clips. Your drawings, sketch-
                                        guests, or facilities to recommend? What’s         es, paintings and poems. Express yourself!
                                        your warmest memory, the one you want to
                                        hold onto for a lifetime?                          How has your resort changed over the years?
                                                                                           What can you share with us about its history?
                                        Southern Sun Lifestyle Resorts is embracing        Tell us the past, the present, and even the future.
                                        social media, and we hope you will too. It’s all   Give us the funny or the profound, the large
                                        about online interaction, participation and in-    or the small, the absorbing epic or the single-
                                        volvement. It’s about giving feedback, finding     sentence factoid. Whether you’re an owner or
                                        out need-to-know info, sharing suggestions         employee, a longstanding visitor or a once-off
                                        and laughter, and keeping up to speed with the     guest, we’re all part of a living story, and in the
                                        who-when-what of our vibrant community.            future the pick of the crop will be published in
                                        It’s about rediscovering old friendships, start-   tribute to this magnificent time of our lives.
                                        ing up new ones, forming fresh connections
                                        and following possibilities that will lead you     At Southern Sun Lifestyle Resorts we’re creating
                                        who knows where.                                   great memories, for a life. Let’s celebrate them.

                       BECOME A FAN                                              Go to our SunSwop Facebook Page, and become
                                                                                 a fan before 30 September and stand a chance

 AnD WIn!
                                                                                 to win a camera to the value of r5,000.00!


                                                                                 It is that easy!

                           Winners will be announced on the Facebook Page on 1 October 2010.

                                                                                                 ... a lifetime experience
       DID YoU KnoW?
             You need to use your 2009 deposited weeks for exchange                          You can now use SunSwop Travel for all your
             before the end of 2010. Call 0800 983 067 to arrange your                       flight, cruise and car hire requirements. Simply
             exchange so that you do not lose your points.                                   call 021 410 5778 to get cracking … and packing!

SunSwop’s exchange fees for 2010 remain the                 SunSwop can only                    Exchanges into Easter and December peak peri-
same as the fees in 2009. They are R395 for                 accept a week for de-               ods are generally more difficult to secure than
an exchange to another Southern Sun Lifestyle               posit if it is from one             other periods. Owners make high use of these
Resort, R699 for an external exchange, and                  of our Southern Sun                 weeks, with the result that very few weeks are
R1,460 for international exchanges.                         Lifestyle Resorts.                  deposited with SunSwop.

You can use up to 30% less points by doing an exchange within                              You are not allowed to rent out, for commercial gain,
30 days of the start date of your requested accommodation.                                 any reservation done through SunSwop.

91% of exchanges done by                             Did you know that SunSwop received in                   You can make use of SunSwop
SunSwop are into Southern                            excess of 23,000 calls during its first year            Bonus Weeks without having to
Sun Lifestyle Resorts.                               of operation.                                           deposit your week to do so.

SunSwop is now on Facebook and Twitter.                                                    In addition to the 6 Southern Sun Lifestyle Resorts,
Become a fan and receive regular updates.                                                  there are another 49 resorts in southern Africa into and                                      which you are able to exchange through SunSwop.

You can also visit the SunSwop Team at              If you are not going to occupy the exchange booked through SunSwop, that you need
their office located at Umhlanga Sands              to request a guest certificate in the name of the person who will be occupying. Call
Lifestyle Resort.                                   SunSwop on 0800 983 067 for further enquiries.

                                                                                                       You can deposit a 2011 week for ex-

SUnSWoP DEtAILS                                                                                        change use in 2010.

sunsWOP CALL Centre nuMBers                                                                            SunSwop completed in excess of 10,000
• South African residents: 0800 983 067       • USA / Canadian residents: 800 723 9904                 transactions (deposits and exchanges)
• Australian residents: 001 1800 4683 7825    • All other residents: +44 (0)844 701 7156               in its first year of operation.

Lines are open Monday – Friday (09h00 – 17h00) and Saturday (10h00 – 18h00)
* Please note that the toll free numbers are only applicable when phoning from a landline.             There are 43,374 weeks of timeshare within
                                                                                                       Southern Sun Lifestyle Resorts, owned by
sunsWOP CALL Centre eMAiL Address                                                                      around 26,000 people:                                                                           Umhlanga Sands Lifestyle Resort – 12,087
                                                                                                       Cabana Beach Lifestyle Resort – 11,067
                                                                                                       Beacon Island Lifestyle Resort – 10,020
sunsWOP heAd OffiCe
                                                                                                       Sabi River Sun Lifestyle Resort – 5,304
Tel: 031 561 2204 • Fax: 031 561 7334 • Email:
                                                                                                       Drakensberg Sun Lifestyle Resort – 3,162
                                                                                                       Pine Lake Lifestyle Resort – 1,734
            Interval International Airport
Destination                                             Gate                           Status

E   X   C   HAN    G   E                                B   L   I   S   S               B   O   A   R   D   I   N   G
G   E   T   AWA    Y   S                                E   X   C   I   T EMENT         B   O   A   R   D   I   N   G
G   O   L   F R    E   SORT P       R O G R A MM E      P   L   A   Y                   B   O   A   R   D   I   N   G
G   U   E   S T    C   ERT I F I    CAT E S             S   H   A   R   I   N   G       B   O   A   R   D   I   N   G
I   N   T   ERV    A   L GOLD                           U   P   G   R   A   D   E       B   O   A   R   D   I   N   G
I   N   T   E RV   A   L WO R L     D                   E   X   P   L   O   R   E       B   O   A   R   D   I   N   G
R   E   S   ORT        D I RE C T   ORY                 C   H   O   I   C   E   S       B   O   A   R   D   I   N   G

Membership                          that really soars!
As an Interval International member, you have so many great benefits at
your fingertips. You can exchange your SunSwop points for an entirely
different holiday experience, and travel more thanks to super-affordable
Getaways. When you factor in all of the other benefits of membership,
it’s clear to see: Interval is the best travel companion you could ask for.

Talk to a holiday counsellor today on 0800 983 067.

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