A New Conceptual Approach to the Measurement of Capital Gains

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qY$R }s}‚„ ‚RsAj$RY‚R Y‚ Y‚B„‚${sjjk s}}„B}„$s‚ I‚ht$$Bt stI „‚s8‚t BP {s}$sj
s$tR stI I‚}j‚$Bt 3s$jZ„‚ B I$R$tZ$RY {s}$sj s$tR Bt tsZ„sj sRR‚R P„B8 I‚}j‚T
$Bt {sZR‚R WW_ B A‚ 8$R8‚sRZ„‚I 3B„ „‚RBZ„{‚ „${Y {BZt„$‚R Y$R {st j‚sI B js„‚
R}Z„$BZR 4Z{Zs$BtR $t WW_ yt {Bt„sR bY‚t I‚}j‚$Bt $R 8‚sRZ„‚I {B„„‚{jk WW_ $R
tB 8B„‚ %Bjs$j‚ Yst pW_ stI }„B%$I‚R s A‚‚„ $tI${sB„ BP ABY RYB„ ‚„8 ‚{BtB8${
}‚„PB„8st{‚ stI jBt ‚„8 RZRs$tsA$j$k !$j Iss PB„ p„‚s „$s$t stI ytIBt‚R$s s„‚
ZR‚I B $jjZR„s‚ Y‚ %‚„k R$t$h{st $8}s{ Ys Y‚ „‚s8‚t BP {s}$sj s$tR stI
I‚}j‚$Bt {st Ys%‚ Bt WW_ wFeN !; _;; +n1D

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_„BIZ{ et%$„Bt8‚tsj V{{BZt$t 7ZRs$tsA$j$k

*$R{ZRR$Bt _s}‚„ \ 7{YBBj BP e{BtB8${R =t$%‚„R$k BP W‚b 7BZY Gsj‚R
                                   d yt„BIZ{$Bt

    qY‚ }Z„}BR‚ BP Y$R }s}‚„ $R B ‚RsAj$RY Y‚ Y‚B„‚${sjjk s}}„B}„$s‚ „‚s8‚t BP
{s}$sj s$tR stI jBRR‚R $t Y‚ 8‚sRZ„‚8‚t BP }„BIZ{$Bt stI $t{B8‚ ]Yst‚R $t Y‚
%sjZ‚R BP Y‚ }„BIZ{‚I B„ tsZ„sj {s}$sj sRR‚R ZR‚I $t }„BIZ{$Bt 8sk B{{Z„ ‚$Y‚„ sR
s „‚RZj BP Y‚$„ ZR‚ $t }„BIZ{$Bt B„ A‚{sZR‚ BP ‚-‚„tsj Ps{B„R Zt{Btt‚{‚I b$Y Y‚
}„BIZ{$Bt }„B{‚RR !tjk Y‚ PB„8‚„ $‚ I‚}„‚{$s$Bt B„ I‚}j‚$Bt {BtR$Z‚ {BRR
BP }„BIZ{$Bt ]s}$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R IZ‚ B ‚-‚„tsj Ps{B„R 8ZR A‚ R‚}s„s‚I P„B8
Y‚8 $t B„I‚„ B 8‚sRZ„‚ Y‚ %sjZ‚ sII‚I stI $t{B8‚R {„‚s‚I Ak }„BIZ{$Bt VjYBZY
s}}s„‚tjk R„s$YPB„bs„I Y‚ „‚s8‚t BP {s}$sj s$tR {Bt$tZ‚R B A‚ s RBZ„{‚ BP
{Bt„B%‚„Rk stI {BtPZR$Bt qY‚„‚ $R s I$R}Z‚ sR B bY‚Y‚„ Y‚ I‚}j‚$Bt BP tsZ„sj
sRR‚R RYBZjI $t{jZI‚ B„ ‚-{jZI‚ {s}$sj s$tR stI 8B„‚ ‚t‚„sjjk sR B bY‚Y‚„ B„ tB
s$tR RYBZjI A‚ $t{jZI‚I $t $t{B8‚ e%‚t Y‚ {Bt{‚} BP s {s}$sj s$t $R tB {j‚s„
    qY‚ }s}‚„ sII„‚RR‚R sjj Y‚R‚ $RRZ‚R y PB{ZR‚R Bt tsZ„sj sRR‚R RZ{Y sR 8$t‚„sj
I‚}BR$R B„ B$j h‚jIR A‚{sZR‚ js„‚ 4Z{Zs$BtR $t {B88BI$k }„${‚R stI I$R{B%‚„$‚R
BP t‚b I‚}BR$R {st ‚t‚„s‚ ‚-„‚8‚jk js„‚ {s}$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R 3B„ „‚RBZ„{‚ „${Y
{BZt„$‚R Y‚ „‚s8‚t BP {s}$sj s$tR {st Ys%‚ s %‚„k R$t$h{st $8}s{ Bt ‚R$8s‚R
BP I‚}j‚$Bt stI Y‚ 8‚sRZ„‚I j‚%‚j stI „s‚ BP „BbY BP WW_ stI $R RZRs$tsA$j$k
<Bb‚%‚„ Y‚ {Bt{jZR$BtR „‚s{Y‚I s}}jk ‚JZsjjk B {s}$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R Bt sRR‚R BP
sjj ,$tIR $t{jZI$t htst{$sj sRR‚R qY‚k s&‚{ Y‚ 8‚sRZ„‚8‚t BP $t{B8‚ s ABY s
8${„B stI 8s{„B j‚%‚j
    qY‚ %sjZ‚ BP stk sRR‚ I‚}‚tIR Bt Y‚ ‚{BtB8${ A‚t‚hR B A‚ I‚„$%‚I P„B8 $
RZ{Y sR Y‚ 4Bb BP R‚„%${‚R {Bt„$AZ‚I B }„BIZ{$Bt Ak s 8s{Y$t‚ B„ Y‚ „‚{‚$}R
P„B8 s htst{$sj sRR‚ yR }„‚R‚t %sjZ‚ $R Y‚ {s}$sj$9‚I %sjZ‚ BP Y‚R‚ PZZ„‚ A‚t‚hR
V {s}$sj s$t B„ jBRR $R st $tRstst‚BZR {Yst‚ $t Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP st sRR‚ {sZR‚I Ak
Ps{B„R BZR$I‚ Y‚ {Bt„Bj BP $R Bbt‚„ bY${Y {Yst‚ Y‚ %sjZ‚R BP YBR‚ A‚t‚hR PB„
‚-s8}j‚ s {Yst‚ $t Y‚ 8s„,‚ }„${‚ BP Y‚ R‚„%${‚R }„B%$I‚I Ak s 8s{Y$t‚ B„ Y‚$„
{Z„s$j8‚t sR s „‚RZj BP $R s{{$I‚tsj I‚R„Z{$Bt Ak s tsZ„sj I$RsR‚„ !t Y‚ BY‚„
YstI I‚}„‚{$s$Bt B„ I‚}j‚$Bt {BtR$Z‚ „sIZsj stI I‚j$A‚„s‚ ‚„BR$Bt BP Y‚ %sjZ‚
BP Y‚ RB{, BP st sRR‚ s„$AZsAj‚ B Y‚ ‚{BtB8${ s{$%$k BP }„BIZ{$Bt ‚ts‚I $t
Ak $R Bbt‚„

    VR Y‚ %sjZs$Bt BP sRR‚R $t%Bj%‚R ‚-}‚{s$BtR sABZ PZZ„‚ A‚t‚hR Y‚ 8‚sRZ„‚T
8‚t BP {Yst‚R $t Y‚$„ %sjZ‚R bYs‚%‚„ Y‚ „‚sRBt $R I$^{Zj yt B„I‚„ B I$R‚tstj‚
{Bt{‚}Zsj $RRZ‚R P„B8 }„s{${sj I$^{Zj$‚R {sZR‚I Ak js{, BP $tPB„8s$Bt stI Zt{‚„T
s$t$‚R Bt‚ s}}„Bs{Y $R B sRRZ8‚ sbsk Zt{‚„s$tk <Bb‚%‚„ b$Y }‚„P‚{ PB„‚R$Y
YBb {st s {s}$sj s$t B„ jBRR Bt s }YkR${sj sRR‚ A‚ I$R$tZ$RY‚I P„B8 I‚}„‚{$s$Bt
B„ I‚}j‚$Bt2 qY$R $R st $t‚„‚R$t JZ‚R$Bt A‚{sZR‚ $ ‚8‚„‚R Ys {s}$sj s$tR B„
jBRR‚R {sttB B{{Z„ $t Y‚R‚ {$„{Z8Rst{‚R
    G‚ I‚ht‚ s {s}$sj s$t sR o0Ld ~0  o0 ~0  bY‚„‚ o0Ld ~0 I‚tB‚R Y‚ ‚-}‚{s$Bt s
$8‚ 0 L d BP Y‚ t‚ }„‚R‚t %sjZ‚ BP st sRR‚ s $8‚ 0 bY$j‚ o0 ~0 $R Y‚ ‚-}‚{s$Bt s
$8‚ 0 BP Y‚ t‚ }„‚R‚t %sjZ‚ s $8‚ 0 wR‚‚ R‚{$Bt nw$%DD G‚ ZR‚ I$R{„‚‚ $8‚ R$t{‚
b‚ s„‚ {Bt{‚„t‚I b$Y Y‚ s{Zsj 8‚sRZ„‚8‚t BP {s}$sj s$tR I‚}j‚$Bt stI $t{B8‚
stI „‚sj bB„jI Iss s„‚ sjbskR I$R{„‚‚ Vt $8}B„st $8}j${s$Bt BP BZ„ I‚ht$$Bt $R
Ys sjj {s}$sj s$tR 8ZR A‚ Zt‚-}‚{‚I R$t{‚ s {Yst‚ $t Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ PZZ„‚
A‚t‚hR Ys $R ‚-}‚{‚I s $8‚ 0 b$jj Ys%‚ sj„‚sIk A‚‚t $t{B„}B„s‚I $tB o0~0  3B„
‚-s8}j‚ RZ}}BR‚ Ys !_e] 8s,‚R st sttBZt{‚8‚t s $8‚ 0 Ys {sZR‚R Y‚ 8s„,‚
B „‚%$R‚ Z}bs„IR $R ‚-}‚{s$Bt BP Y‚ }„${‚ BP B$j s $8‚ 0 L d qY‚ 8s„,‚ %sjZ‚ BP
st B$j h‚jI „$R‚R stI Y‚t{‚ Y‚ {s}$sj s$t B{{Z„R s Y‚ 8B8‚t BP Y‚ sttBZt{‚8‚t
s $8‚ 0 tB bY‚t Y‚ }„${‚ „$R‚ s{Zsjjk B{{Z„R s $8‚ 0 L d
    qY‚ „‚s8‚t BP {s}$sj s$tR YsR tB „‚{‚$%‚I 8Z{Y s‚t$Bt $t Y‚ ‚t%$„Bt8‚tsj
s{{BZt$t j$‚„sZ„‚ sjYBZY $ $R I$R{ZRR‚I $t s Y‚B„‚${sj {Bt‚- Ak [j‚„ wddD
VRY‚$8 wdED stI z$t{‚t _stskBBZ stI <s„b${, wdD <Bb‚%‚„ Y‚R‚ sZYB„R
I‚ht‚ s {s}$sj s$t $t {Bt$tZBZR $8‚ sR Rw0D N Q€w0DbQ0 bY‚„‚ Rw0D stI €w0D I‚tB‚
Y‚ JZst$k stI }„${‚ BP {s}$sj s $8‚ 0 *‚ht‚I Y$R bsk {s}$sj s$tR {st A‚
‚$Y‚„ st${$}s‚I B„ Ztst${$}s‚I yt Ps{ [j‚„ wddD stI z$t{‚t _stskBBZ
stI <s„b${, wdD I$Rs„‚‚ B%‚„ bY‚Y‚„ st${$}s‚I stI Ztst${$}s‚I {s}$sj s$tR
RYBZjI A‚ „‚s‚I I$&‚„‚tjk $t Y‚ 8‚sRZ„‚8‚t BP WW_
    yt {Bt„sR b‚ s„Z‚ Ys st st${$}s‚I {s}$sj s$t {sttB B{{Z„ yP Y‚„‚ $R
}‚„P‚{ PB„‚R$Y stk PZZ„‚ {Yst‚R $t Y‚ }„${‚R B„ JZst$$‚R BP Y‚ A‚t‚hR B„ R‚„%${‚R
}„B%$I‚I Ak st sRR‚ s„‚ $t{B„}B„s‚I $t $R }„‚R‚t %sjZ‚ bY‚Y‚„ Y‚k s„‚ IZ‚ B
s{$%$$‚R BP Y‚ Bbt‚„ B„ B ‚-‚„tsj ‚%‚tR _„B%$I‚I Y‚k s„‚ PB„‚R‚‚t stI st${$}s‚I

‚-‚„tsj ‚%‚tR IB tB {sZR‚ st $tRstst‚BZR {Yst‚ $t Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚ bY‚t
Y‚k B{{Z„ 3B„ ‚-s8}j‚ $P $ $R ,tBbt Ys s YBZR‚ t‚s„ Y‚ ‚I‚ BP s {j$& RZA`‚{
B ‚„BR$Bt b$jj {Bjjs}R‚ $t Y„‚‚ k‚s„R: $8‚ Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ YBZR‚ b$jj A‚ ‚JZsj B Y‚
RZ8 BP Btjk Y„‚‚ k‚s„R: I$R{BZt‚I „‚tsjR p$%‚t Y‚ {Bjjs}R‚ $R ,tBbt PB„ {‚„s$t
$t sI%st{‚ Y‚ YBZR‚ b$jj Ys%‚ tB %sjZ‚ `ZR A‚PB„‚ $ {Bjjs}R‚R stI tB {s}$sj jBRR
b$jj B{{Z„ !t Y‚ BY‚„ YstI b$YBZ }‚„P‚{ PB„‚R$Y {s}$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R B{{Z„
bY‚t‚%‚„ st Zt‚-}‚{‚I {Yst‚ B{{Z„R $t Y‚ 4Bb BP A‚t‚hR }„B%$I‚I Ak st sRR‚ qY‚
{Bjjs}R‚ BP s YBZR‚ IZ‚ B st Zt‚-}‚{‚I ‚s„YJZs,‚ {sZR‚R st Zt‚-}‚{‚I {Z„s$j8‚t
BP $R R‚„%${‚R stI $tRstst‚BZR Psjj $t $R %sjZ‚ Y‚„‚Ak {„‚s$t s {s}$sj jBRR
    qY‚ }„BAj‚8 b$Y I‚ht$t s {s}$sj s$t sR Rw0D N Q€w0DbQ0 $R Ys $ „‚sR {s}$sj
sRR‚R j$,‚ $t%‚tB„$‚R y $8}j${$jk sRRZ8‚R Ys Y‚ 8s„$tsj {BR BP ‚-„s{$Bt $R
{BtRst yt ‚t‚„sj Y$R $R tB Y‚ {sR‚ isY‚„ Y‚ 8s„$tsj {BR BP ‚-„s{$Bt k}$T
{sjjk I‚}‚tIR Bt Y‚ s8BZt ‚-„s{‚I $t Ys }‚„$BI stI Y‚ „‚8s$t$t RB{, $t Y‚
„BZtI =RZsjjk $ $R tB }YkR${sjjk }BRR$Aj‚ tB„ ‚{BtB8${sjjk I‚R$„sAj‚ IZ‚ B „$R$t
8s„$tsj {BR B ‚-„s{ Y‚ bYBj‚ RB{, $t s R$tj‚ $8‚ }‚„$BI <‚t{‚ Y‚ R„‚s8
BP A‚t‚hR P„B8 s tsZ„sj {s}$sj sRR‚ 8ZR A‚ R}„‚sI B%‚„ s tZ8A‚„ BP $8‚ }‚„$BIR
7$8$js„jk s }„BIZ{‚I {s}$sj sRR‚ RZ{Y sR s 8s{Y$t‚ sjRB }„B%$I‚R s R„‚s8 BP PZZ„‚
A‚t‚hR Ys {sttB sjj A‚ ‚-„s{‚I $tRstst‚BZRjk !t{‚ b‚ sAstIBt Y‚ Zt„‚sj$R${
sRRZ8}$Bt BP {BtRst 8s„$tsj {BR {s}$sj s$tR 8ZR A‚ I‚ht‚I $t ‚„8R BP Y‚
{Yst‚ $t Y‚ t‚ }„‚R‚t %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ ‚-}‚{‚I R„‚s8 BP PZZ„‚ A‚t‚hR „sY‚„ Yst
$t ‚„8R BP }„${‚ {Yst‚R stI Y‚ „‚8s$t$t RB{, $t Y‚ „BZtId !Z„ I‚ht$$Bt YsR
Y‚ sII$$Btsj sI%sts‚ BP sjjBb$t PB„ {s}$sj s$tR Ys s„$R‚ P„B8 Y‚ I$R{B%‚„k BP
   d <Bb‚%‚„   sR RYBbt A‚jBb $t Y‚ R}‚{$sj {sR‚ Ys sjj }„${‚ {Yst‚R s„‚ Ztst${$}s‚I stI Y‚
8s„$tsj {BR BP ‚-„s{$Bt $R {BtRst Y$R I‚ht$$Bt $R {B„„‚{ G$Y {BtRst 8s„$tsj {BR BP
                    o0Ld ~0  o0 ~0 ) R0 w€0  -gD  R0 wo0 €0  - gD ) R0 w€0  o0 €0 D3

]Bt%‚„$t Rw0D N Q€w0DbQ0 B I$R{„‚‚ $8‚ $ A‚{B8‚R R0 w€0  €0d D WBb $P sjj }„${‚ {Yst‚R s„‚
Ztst${$}s‚I $ PBjjBbR Ys o0 €0 ) €0d 

                            p R0 w€0  €0d D ) R0 w€0  o0 €0 D ) o0Ld ~0  o0 ~0

t‚b I‚}BR$R BP s „‚RBZ„{‚ sR b‚jj sR P„B8 }„${‚ {Yst‚R

                            1 Vt et%$„Bt8‚tsj _‚„R}‚{$%‚

    yt‚„‚R $t Y‚ 8‚sRZ„‚8‚t BP I‚}j‚$Bt {s}$sj s$tR stI Y‚ RZRs$tsA$j$k BP
„BbY YsR A‚‚t R$8Zjs‚I Ak Y‚ d1 =t$‚I Ws$BtR ]BtP‚„‚t{‚ Bt et%$„Bt8‚t
stI *‚%‚jB}8‚t $t i$B I‚ Fst‚$„B stI Y‚ }ZAj${s$Bt $t dn BP Y‚ t‚b $t‚„ts$BtT
sjjk s„‚‚I 7kR‚8 BP Ws$Btsj V{{BZtR w7WVD1 qY‚ dn 7WV YsR A‚‚t {„$${$9‚I
YBb‚%‚„ Ak ‚t%$„Bt8‚tsj „BZ}R PB„ $R Ps$jZ„‚ B „‚{B„I Y‚ I‚}j‚$Bt BP tsZ„sj sRT
R‚R RZ{Y sR 8$t‚„sj I‚}BR$R B„ B$j h‚jIR $t Y‚ }„BIZ{$Bt s{{BZt stI „‚{Bt$9‚
$ sR s {BR BP }„BIZ{$Btn qY‚ %sjZ‚R BP Y‚ tsZ„sj sRR‚R ‚-„s{‚I PB„8 }s„ BP
Y‚ %sjZ‚R BP Y‚ BZ}ZR BP 8$t$t B„ B$j {B8}st$‚R stI Y‚t{‚ s„‚ $t{jZI‚I $t PZjj $t
p„BRR *B8‚R${ _„BIZ{ B„ p*_ AZ tB {Ys„‚ $R 8sI‚ PB„ Y‚ ZR$t Z} BP Y‚ sRR‚R
bY${Y s„‚ tB „‚}„BIZ{$Aj‚ stI tB $t‚-YsZR$Aj‚ et%$„Bt8‚tsj$RR RZ{Y sR i‚}‚B
wd1D s„Z‚ Ys Y‚ =W GB„jI          st, stI y3 s„‚ Y‚„‚PB„‚ $tI$„‚{jk ‚t{BZ„s$t
{BZt„$‚R B PBjjBb ZtRZRs$tsAj‚ }sYR BP I‚%‚jB}8‚t A‚{sZR‚ P„‚JZ‚tjk Y‚ PsR‚R
bsk B $t{„‚sR‚ p*_ B„ pW_ $t Y‚ RYB„T„Zt $R B I‚}j‚‚ Y‚$„ tsZ„sj {s}$sj RB{,
yt Ps{ 8stk I‚%‚jB}$t {BZt„$‚R R‚‚8 B Ys%‚ PBjjBb‚I RZ{Y ‚{BtB8${ }Bj${$‚R ‚%‚t
YBZY Y‚ „BbY „s‚ BP pW_ 8sk A‚ ZtRZRs$tsAj‚ $t Y‚ jBt‚„ „Zt stI }„B%$I‚ s
}B‚t$sjjk Y$Yjk 8$Rj‚sI$t $tI${sB„ BP ‚{BtB8${ }‚„PB„8st{‚
    W‚ Ws$Btsj _„BIZ{ B„ WW_ $R I‚ht‚I $t Y‚ 7WV sR pW_ j‚RR Y‚ I‚}„‚{$s$Bt
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   1 qY‚   dn 7WV bsR }ZAj$RY‚I `B$tjk Ak Y‚ =t$‚I Ws$BtR GB„jI     st, y3 !e]* stI Y‚
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}s}‚„ b‚ sIB} Y$R ‚-‚tI‚I I‚ht$$Bt BP WW_ VR ‚t%$„Bt8‚tsj$RR s„Z‚ $ }„B%$I‚R
s A‚‚„ $tI${sB„ BP ‚{BtB8${ }‚„PB„8st{‚ stI $R sIB}$Bt bBZjI ‚t{BZ„s‚ {BZt„$‚R
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{BtRZ8}$Bt Ys bBZjI }‚„8$ Y‚ B%‚„sjj {s}$sj RB{, w$‚ ABY }„BIZ{‚I stI tsZ„sj
{s}$sjD B A‚ 8s$ts$t‚I $ts{         s„„$t Zt‚-}‚{‚I {s}$sj jBRR‚R RZ{Y sR YBR‚ IZ‚ B
tsZ„sj I$RsR‚„R s j‚%‚j BP {BtRZ8}$Bt ‚JZsj B WW_ {BZjI A‚ 8s$ts$t‚I $tI‚ht$‚jk
<‚t{‚ WW_ $R 8Z{Y 8B„‚ {jBR‚jk j$t,‚I Yst pW_ B Y‚ {Bt{‚} BP RZRs$tsA$j$k V
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‚-}js$tR Y‚ b$I‚R}„‚sI ZR‚ BP pW_ sR st $tI${sB„ BP ‚{BtB8${ }‚„PB„8st{‚ I‚R}$‚
$R {Bt{‚}Zsj $tsI‚JZs{$‚R 3„‚JZ‚tjk $tRZ^{$‚t Iss s„‚ s%s$jsAj‚ B ‚R$8s‚ I‚T
}„‚{$s$Bt stI I‚}j‚$Bt e%‚t bY‚t Iss s„‚ s%s$jsAj‚ ‚R$8s‚R BP Y‚ I‚}j‚$Bt BP
tsZ„sj sRR‚R s„‚ j$sAj‚ B A‚ I$RB„‚I Ak 4Z{Zs$BtR $t {B88BI$k }„${‚R stI t‚b
I$R{B%‚„$‚R bY${Y {st {sZR‚ I„s8s${ {Yst‚R $t Y‚ %sjZ‚R BP RB{,R BP tsZ„sj sRR‚R
=tj‚RR Y‚ ‚&‚{R BP Y‚R‚ 4Z{Zs$BtR stI I$R{B%‚„$‚R s„‚ {B„„‚{jk s{{BZt‚I PB„ I‚T
}j‚$Bt stI WW_ sR 8‚sRZ„‚I $t ts$Btsj s{{BZtR {st A‚{B8‚ Y$Yjk ‚„„s${x !t‚
‚-„‚8‚ {sR‚ $R WB„bsk yt RB8‚ k‚s„R {Yst‚R $t Y‚ Bsj %sjZ‚ BP WB„bsk:R RB{,
   ;V   ZR‚PZj RZ„%‚k BP Y‚ j$‚„sZ„‚ bY${Y $t{jZI‚R I$R{ZRR$BtR BP %s„$BZR s}}„Bs{Y‚R PB„ 8‚sRZ„$t
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   x _s„jk PB„ Y‚R‚ „‚sRBtR I‚}j‚$Bt bsR ‚-{jZI‚I P„B8 Y‚ }„BIZ{$Bt s{{BZt BP Y‚ 7WV qY‚„‚

bsR {Bt{‚„t Ys $R $t{jZR$Bt 8$Y ZtI‚„8$t‚ Y‚ $t‚„$k BP Y‚ „‚R BP Y‚ RkR‚8 wR‚‚ PB„ ‚-s8}j‚
qYs‚ ddD ytR‚sI R‚}s„s‚ XRs‚jj$‚" ‚t%$„Bt8‚tsj s{{BZtR Ys%‚ A‚‚t }„B}BR‚I

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„‚s8‚t BP }„${‚ {Yst‚R stI t‚b I$R{B%‚„$‚R {st Ys%‚ s YZ‚ $8}s{ Bt 8‚sRZ„‚I
WW_ 3s$jZ„‚ B R‚}s„s‚ {s}$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R P„B8 I‚}j‚$Bt $R j$,‚jk B $t„BIZ{‚
R}Z„$BZR %Bjs$j$k $tB 8‚sRZ„‚I WW_ Y‚„‚Ak ZtI‚„8$t$t $R {„‚I$A$j$k sR st $tT
I${sB„ BP ‚{BtB8${ }‚„PB„8st{‚ B„‚B%‚„ A‚{sZR‚ 8BR {BZt„$‚R s„‚ }„${‚ s,‚„R
$t $t‚„ts$Btsj {B88BI$k 8s„,‚R B%‚„t8‚tR Ys%‚ tB {Bt„Bj B%‚„ RZ{Y %Bjs$j$k
{sZR‚I Ak 4Z{Zs$BtR $t {B88BI$k }„${‚R yt{B„„‚{jk 8‚sRZ„‚I WW_ $R BP j$j‚ ZR‚
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   qY‚ }„BAj‚8R s„‚ tB `ZR sABZ Iss *‚}j‚$Bt 8ZR A‚ {B„„‚{jk I‚ht‚I A‚PB„‚ $
{st A‚ 8‚sRZ„‚I }„B}‚„jk <B‚jj$t wd1xD I‚%‚jB}‚I Y‚ ‚{BtB8${ Y‚B„k ZtI‚„jk$t
Y‚ {Bt{‚}R BP I‚}„‚{$s$Bt stI I‚}j‚$Bt qY‚ {Bt{‚} BP $t{B8‚ sR }„B}BR‚I Ak
<${,R wd;1 d;ED $R {jBR‚jk „‚js‚I *Z‚ B s }‚„R$R‚t 8$R$t‚„}„‚s$Bt BP ABY
{Bt{‚}R 8BR ‚8}$„${sj RZI$‚R Ps$j B R‚}s„s‚ {s}$sj s$tR P„B8 I‚}j‚$Bt RB Ys
8‚sRZ„‚I I‚}j‚$Bt $R BP‚t s {BtPZR‚I 8$-Z„‚ BP Y‚ bB eR$8s‚R BP WW_ I‚„$%‚I
P„B8 RZ{Y PsZjk 8‚sRZ„‚R BP I‚}j‚$Bt RZ{Y sR YBR‚ BAs$t‚I Ak i‚}‚B ‚ sj wdMD
PB„ ytIBt‚R$s wR‚‚ 3$Z„‚ nD stI Ak OBZt wdnD PB„ VZR„sj$s A‚{B8‚ %‚„k R‚tR$$%‚
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   GY‚t Y‚ <B‚jj$t {Bt{‚} BP I‚}j‚$Bt $R {B„„‚{jk $8}j‚8‚t‚I stI {s}$sj s$tR
s„‚ ‚-{jZI‚I $ $R RYBbt $t Y$R }s}‚„ Ys „sY‚„ Yst A‚{B8$t %Bjs$j‚ WW_ $R
j$,‚jk B A‚ 8B„‚ RsAj‚ Yst pW_ qY$R {Bt{jZR$Bt $R $t Rs„, {Bt„sR B Y‚ „‚RZjR
BAs$t‚I $t 8stk RZI$‚R $t Y‚ j$‚„sZ„‚ Bt ‚t%$„Bt8‚tsj s{{BZt$t bY‚„‚ {s}$sj
s$tR s„‚ $t{jZI‚I $t I‚}j‚$Bt stI YZR s&‚{ WW_ WW_ $R Y‚t j$sAj‚ B 4Z{Zs‚
b$jIjk stI B „Bb $t s 8stt‚„ Ys 8sk }„B%$I‚ tB {jZ‚ sR B $R RZRs$tsA$j$k qY$R
$R }s„${Zjs„jk Y‚ {sR‚ PB„ {BZt„$‚R Ys s„‚ Y‚s%$jk I‚}‚tI‚t Bt ‚-}B„R BP tsZ„sj
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   yjjZR„s$%‚ s}}j${s$BtR BP Y‚ Y‚B„‚${sj 8BI‚j I‚%‚jB}‚I $t Y$R }s}‚„ s„‚ $%‚t
$t Y‚ jsR bB R‚{$BtR ZR$t   „$$RY stI ytIBt‚R$st B$j Iss qY‚ R‚{$Bt Bt   „$s$t
PB{ZR‚R Bt Y‚ $8}s{ BP WB„Y 7‚s !$j Bt pW_ stI WW_ A‚b‚‚t dE stI dx
bY$j‚ Y‚ R‚{$Bt Bt ytIBt‚R$s „‚}j${s‚R i‚}‚B ‚ sj:R wdMD RZIk yt ABY {sR‚R
$ $R RYBbt Ys Y‚ %Bjs$j$k BP WW_ $R I„s8s${sjjk „‚IZ{‚I bY‚t {s}$sj s$tR s„‚

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               n *‚ht$t yt{B8‚ *‚}j‚$Bt stI ]s}$sj ps$tR

    qY‚ ,‚k {Ys„s{‚„$R${ BP s {s}$sj s$t $R Ys $ 8ZR A‚ Zt‚-}‚{‚I stI Y‚„‚PB„‚
Ztst${$}s‚I RB Ys $ j‚sIR B s „‚%$R$Bt BP ‚-}‚{s$BtR sABZ b‚sjY G$Y }‚„P‚{
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Y‚8 $t 8BI‚jR Ys sRRZ8‚ }‚„P‚{ PB„‚R$Y yt Y‚ Zt{‚„s$t bB„jI s{Zsjjk Ps{$t
AZR$t‚RR‚R stI YBZR‚YBjIR I‚{$R$Bt stI s{{BZt$t „Zj‚R Ys%‚ A‚‚t }„B}BR‚I bY${Y
$t%Bj%‚ Y‚ tB$Bt BP 8s$ts$t$t b‚sjY B„ {s}$sj $ts{ yt }„s{${‚ RZ{Y R„s‚$‚R
{st Btjk 8‚st }„‚R‚„%$t $ts{ ‚-}‚{‚I b‚sjY B„ {s}$sj $%‚t Ys Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP st
sRR‚ s stk 8B8‚t BP $8‚ $t‚%$sAjk I‚}‚tIR Bt Zt{‚„s$t ‚-}‚{s$BtR sABZ PZZ„‚
A‚t‚hR GY‚t ‚-}‚{s$BtR s„‚ „‚%$R‚I }jstt‚I I‚{$R$BtR PB„ ‚-s8}j‚ b$Y „‚s„I B
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    y YsR sjbskR A‚‚t „‚{Bt$9‚I $t ‚{BtB8${R Ys $t{B8‚ stI b‚sjY s„‚ $t‚„I‚T
}‚tI‚t {Bt{‚}R yt Y‚ }„‚R‚t {Bt‚- {BtRZ8}$Bt I‚}„‚{$s$Bt stI I‚}j‚$Bt
{st A‚ %$‚b‚I sR }jstt‚I „‚IZ{$BtR $t b‚sjY Ak YBZR‚YBjIR stI AZR$t‚RR‚R „‚R}‚{T
$%‚jk bY‚„‚sR {s}$sj s$tR s„‚ Zt‚-}‚{‚I {Yst‚R $t b‚sjY qY‚ %s„$BZR {Bt{‚}R
s„‚ {j‚s„jk sjj {jBR‚jk „‚js‚I stI $t‚„I‚}‚tI‚t

w$D yt{B8‚ e- Vt‚ stI e- _BR

    N‚ o> ~0 I‚tB‚ Y‚ %sjZ‚ }js{‚I Bt st sRR‚ B„ R‚ BP sRR‚R s $8‚ 0 AsR‚I Bt
$tPB„8s$Bt ,tBbt stI ‚-}‚{s$BtR Y‚jI s $8‚ > ~0 ‚JZsjR Y‚ }„‚R‚t %sjZ‚ s $8‚
0 BP Y‚ PZZ„‚ R„‚s8 BP A‚t‚hR B„ „‚{‚$}R I‚„$%‚I P„B8 Y‚ sRR‚ B„ sRR‚R _‚„$BI 0
$R I‚ht‚I B A‚ Y‚ }‚„$BI Rs„$t s $8‚ 0 stI ‚tI$t s $8‚ 0 L d
    VR s }B$t BP I‚}s„Z„‚ {BtR$I‚„ Y‚ b$I‚jk JZB‚I I‚ht$$Bt BP $t{B8‚ $%‚t $t
<${,R:R zsjZ‚ stI ]s}$sjU

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     s b‚‚, stI R$jj ‚-}‚{ B A‚ sR b‚jj B& s Y‚ ‚tI BP Y‚ b‚‚, sR Y‚ bsR

       s Y‚ A‚$tt$t w<${,R d;E 7‚{BtI eI$$Bt }d1D

V{Zsjjk Y‚ I‚ht$$Bt $R tB }„‚{$R‚ sR $ RstIR A‚{sZR‚ $ IB‚R tB R}‚{$Pk bY‚t
Y‚ {B8}s„$RBt BP ‚-}‚{‚I b‚sjY $R B A‚ 8sI‚ sjYBZY $t I‚R{„$A$t $ sR st ‚-
st‚ I‚ht$$Bt <${,R $8}j$‚R Ys Y‚ $8‚ $R Y‚ Rs„ BP Y‚ }‚„$BI y 8sk Y‚„‚PB„‚
A‚ $t‚„}„‚‚I sR Y‚ 8s-$8Z8 %sjZ‚ BP {BtRZ8}$Bt $t }‚„$BI 0 g0  RZA`‚{ B Y‚
{BtR„s$t Ys o0 ~0Ld ) o0 ~0 <${,R ‚8}YsR$9‚I Ys $ $R $t‚tI‚I B }„B%$I‚ s
Z$I‚ B X}„ZI‚t" {BtRZ8}$Bt A‚Ys%$BZ„ „‚8s„,$t Ys XWBY$t $R Rs$I sABZ Y‚
„‚sj$9s$Bt BP Y$R ‚-}‚{s$Bt"
    yt }„s{${‚ $t{B8‚ $R ZRZsjjk 8‚sRZ„‚I sP‚„ Y‚ ‚tI BP Y‚ }‚„$BI $t JZ‚R$Bt
<Bb‚%‚„ Y‚„‚ s„‚ bB ‚- }BR {Bt{‚}R BP $t{B8‚ BP bY${Y Btjk Y‚ Y‚B„‚${sjjk
$ts}}„B}„$s‚ Bt‚ R‚‚8R B A‚ b$I‚jk ,tBbt y $R Ys $%‚t $t zsjZ‚ stI ]s}$sj
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       Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ $tI$%$IZsj:R {BtRZ8}$Bt }jZR Y‚ $t{„‚8‚t $t Y‚ 8Bt‚k
       %sjZ‚ BP Y$R }„BR}‚{ bY${Y YsR s{{„Z‚I IZ„$t Y‚ b‚‚, $ ‚JZsjR {BtRZ8}T
       $Bt }jZR {s}$sj s{{Z8Zjs$Bt w<${,R d;E 7‚{BtI eI$$Bt }dMD

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sRR‚R s Y‚ Rs„ stI ‚tI BP Y‚ }‚„$BI s„‚ 8‚sRZ„‚I s Y‚$„ s{Zsj 8s„,‚ %sjZ‚R
bY${Y „‚4‚{ $tPB„8s$Bt stI ‚-}‚{s$BtR s YBR‚ $8‚R *‚tB‚ Y$R $t{B8‚ Ak V0d 
                               V0d ) g0 L o0Ld~0Ld  o0 ~0 3                          wdD

VjYBZY <${,R tB‚I Ys V0d YsR Y‚ %$„Z‚ BP A‚$t 8‚sRZ„sAj‚ stI Xsj8BR {B8T
}j‚‚jk BA`‚{$%‚" Y‚ b‚t Bt B I‚„$I‚ $ sR A‚jBt$t X$t ‚{BtB8${ stI Rs$R${sj
Y$RB„k" stI sR A‚$t BP XtB ZR‚ B Y‚B„‚${sj ‚{BtB8$RR" A‚{sZR‚ $ $t{jZI‚R stk
Zt‚-}‚{‚I Xb$tIPsjj" s$tR B„ jBRR‚R s{{„Z$t IZ„$t Y‚ }‚„$BI <${,R s„Z‚IU

       qY‚ $t{B8‚ bY${Y $R „‚j‚%st B {BtIZ{ 8ZR sjbskR ‚-{jZI‚ b$tIPsjj s$tR
       $P Y‚k B{{Z„ Y‚k Ys%‚ B A‚ YBZY BP sR „s$R$t $t{B8‚ PB„ PZZ„‚ b‚‚,R
       wAk Y‚ $t‚„‚R Bt Y‚8D „sY‚„ Yst ‚t‚„$t $tB stk ‚&‚{$%‚ RB„ BP
       $t{B8‚ PB„ Y‚ {Z„„‚t b‚‚, qY‚B„‚${sj {BtPZR$Bt A‚b‚‚t $t{B8‚ ‚- }BR

     stI ‚- st‚ {B„„‚R}BtIR B }„s{${sj {BtPZR$Bt A‚b‚‚t $t{B8‚ stI {s}$sj
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<${,R:R s„Z8‚t {st A‚ „‚Rs‚I sR PBjjBbR G$tIPsjjR $‚ {s}$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R
{Yst‚ ‚-}‚{‚I b‚sjY stI Btjk s&‚{ $t{B8‚ B Y‚ ‚-‚t Ys Y‚k {Yst‚ Y‚ $tT
{B8‚ I‚„$%‚I P„B8 Ys b‚sjY V j‚%‚j BP {BtRZ8}$Bt ‚JZsj B Y‚ „‚%$R‚I $t{B8‚
RYBZjI A‚ }‚„8st‚tjk RZRs$tsAj‚ <${,R {j‚s„jk $t‚tI‚I Ys Y‚ ‚- }BR $t{B8‚ „‚jT
‚%st B {BtIZ{ u Ys $R Y‚ Y‚B„‚${sjjk $t‚„‚R$t stI „‚j‚%st ‚- }BR 8‚sRZ„‚
u RYBZjI ‚-{jZI‚ {s}$sj s$tR s{{„Z$t IZ„$t Y‚ }‚„$BI stI Y‚ ‚t{BZ„s‚I Rs$RT
${$stR B IB `ZR Ys =tPB„Zts‚jk <${,R $R R$jj BP‚t JZB‚I sR „‚{B88‚tI$t
Y‚XBA`‚{$%‚" ‚- }BR 8‚sRZ„‚ BP $t{B8‚ $t{jZI$t {s}$sj s$tR
    yt d;1 <${,R PZ„Y‚„ {js„$h‚I Y$R }BR$$Bt bY‚t $t‚„%‚t$t $t s I‚As‚ A‚b‚‚t
<sk‚, stI _$BZ $t s }s}‚„ $t e{BtB8${s u Xs$ts$t$t ]s}$sj yts{U V 3Z„Y‚„
7Z‚R$Bt" yt Y$R }s}‚„ $t{B8‚ ‚- }BR $R ‚&‚{$%‚jk I‚ht‚I sR s{Zsj {BtRZ8}$Bt
$t }‚„$BI 0 }jZR Y‚ {Yst‚ $t b‚sjY A‚b‚‚t Y‚ Rs„ stI Y‚ ‚tI BP Y‚ }‚„$BI b‚sjY
A‚$t ‚R$8s‚I s ABY $8‚R Bt Y‚ AsR$R BP $tPB„8s$Bt stI ‚-}‚{s$BtR s Y‚ ‚tI
BP Y‚ }‚„$BI *‚tB‚ Y$R $t{B8‚ Ak V01U

                             V01 ) g0 L o0Ld~0Ld  o0Ld ~0 3                             w1D

V01 s,‚R s{{BZt BP sjj $tPB„8s$Bt ,tBbt s $8‚ 0 L d Y‚ $8‚ s bY${Y $t{B8‚ $t
}‚„$BI 0 $R A‚$t 8‚sRZ„‚I G‚sjY $R %sjZ‚I s Y‚ Rs„ BP }‚„$BI 0 sR $ bBZjI Ys%‚
A‚‚t b$Y }‚„P‚{ PB„‚R$Y BP sjj Y‚ „‚{‚$}R B„ jBRR‚R B{{Z„„$t b$Y$t Y‚ }‚„$BI
    V01 $R YZR Y‚ 8s-$8Z8 j‚%‚j BP {BtRZ8}$Bt bY${Y bBZjI }‚„8$ ‚-}‚{‚I b‚sjY
sR ‚R$8s‚I s Y‚ ‚tI BP Y‚ }‚„$BI B A‚ 8s$ts$t‚I $ts{ B%‚„ Y‚ {BZ„R‚ BP Y‚
}‚„$BI qY$R I‚ht$$Bt BP ‚- }BR $t{B8‚ V01 $R R$8$js„ B 3„$‚I8st:R wdxD tB$Bt BP
}‚„8st‚t $t{B8‚ yt {Bt„sR V0d $R X$t‚„tsjjk $t{BtR$R‚t" s{{B„I$t B <${,R sR
{BtRZ8}$Bt stI b‚sjY s Y‚ ‚tI BP Y‚ }‚„$BI s„‚ AsR‚I Bt XY‚ s{Zsj Y$RB„${sj
‚%‚tR BP Y‚ k‚s„" bY‚„‚sR b‚sjY s Y‚ A‚$tt$t BP Y‚ k‚s„ bsR ‚R$8s‚I bY‚t
YBR‚ ‚%‚tR Xb‚„‚ R$jj $t Y‚ PZZ„‚"
    qY‚ I$&‚„‚t{‚ A‚b‚‚t V0d stI V01 {st A‚ R‚‚t B A‚ s{{BZt‚I PB„ Ak b$tIPsjjR B„

{s}$sj s$tR
                               V01  V0d ) o0Ld ~0  o0 ~0 ) o0Ld t0                              wnD

o0Ldt0 8‚sRZ„‚R Y‚ s8BZt Ak bY${Y Y‚ ‚R$8s‚I %sjZ‚ BP {s}$sj s $8‚ 0 t‚‚IR B
A‚ „‚%$R‚I B s,‚ s{{BZt BP Zt‚-}‚{‚I ‚%‚tR B„ t‚b $tPB„8s$Bt A‚{B8$t s%s$jsAj‚
IZ„$t }‚„$BI 0 qYZR $ 8‚sRZ„‚R Y‚ Bsj {s}$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R s{{„Z$t IZ„$t Y‚
}‚„$BI 3B„ ‚-s8}j‚ b$Y Y‚ A‚t‚h BP Y$tIR$Y Y‚ {s}$sj s$tR „‚RZj$t P„B8 s
js„‚ Zt‚-}‚{‚I $t{„‚sR‚ $t Y‚ }„${‚ BP B$j bBZjI A‚ $t{jZI‚I $t o0Ld~0 PB„ Y‚ Bbt‚„R
BP B$j h‚jIR 7$8$js„jk o0Ld~0 PB„ Y‚ b$tt‚„ BP s jB‚„k bBZjI $t{jZI‚ Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚
    GY‚t $t{B8‚ $R 8‚sRZ„‚I Ak V01  s b$tIPsjj {Yst‚R $t{B8‚ $t Y‚ }‚„$BI $t bY${Y
$ B{{Z„R Btjk Ak Y‚ s8BZt $ {Yst‚R Y‚ ‚-}‚{‚I }‚„8st‚tjk RZRs$tsAj‚ j‚%‚j BP
{BtRZ8}$Bt !t Y‚ BY‚„ YstI V0d $t{jZI‚R b$tIPsjjR $t Y‚$„ ‚t$„‚k $t Y‚ $t{B8‚
BP Y‚ R$tj‚ }‚„$BI $t bY${Y Y‚k B{{Z„ st $I‚s Ys %$Bjs‚R Y‚ 8‚st$t BP $t{B8‚
$t B„I$ts„k ZRs‚ sR b‚jj sR ‚{BtB8${ Y‚B„k
    <${,R $t„BIZ{‚I V01 $t Y‚ {Bt‚- BP s I‚As‚ Bt 8s$ts$t$t }„BIZ{‚I {s}$sj
GY$j‚ Y‚ %sjZ‚R BP h-‚I sRR‚R RZ{Y sR 8s{Y$t‚„k B„ AZ$jI$tR s„‚ RZA`‚{ B b$tIPsjj
s$tR stI jBRR‚R IZ‚ PB„ ‚-s8}j‚ B Zt‚-}‚{‚I BARBj‚R{‚t{‚ B„ tsZ„sj I$RsR‚„R Y‚k
s„‚ j$,‚jk B A‚ t‚j$$Aj‚ {B8}s„‚I b$Y Y‚ }B‚t$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R Bt RB{,R BP tsT
Z„sj sRR‚R $t Y‚ PB„8 BP 8$t‚„sj B„ PZ‚j I‚}BR$R IZ‚ B js„‚ }„${‚ {Yst‚R B„ t‚b
I$R{B%‚„$‚R VR sj„‚sIk tB‚I Y‚ %sjZ‚R BP Y‚ {s}$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R $t s R$tj‚ k‚s„
Bt s {BZt„k:R tsZ„sj sRR‚R 8sk ‚-{‚‚I $R ‚t$„‚ ts$Btsj $t{B8‚ qYZR bY$j‚ RY$PT
$t P„B8 V0d B V01 8sk A‚ „‚s„I‚I 8‚„‚jk sR s ‚{Yt${sj $8}„B%‚8‚t bY‚t I‚sj$t
b$Y }„BIZ{‚I {s}$sjE $ $R s t‚{‚RR$k bY‚t js„‚ RB{,R BP tsZ„sj sRR‚R s„‚ $t%Bj%‚I

w$$D V{{BZt$t ‚sRZ„‚R BP yt{B8‚

   E _‚„Ys}R   PB„ Y$R „‚sRBt <${,R I$I tB ABY‚„ B „‚P‚„ B V10 $t Y‚ R‚{BtI ‚I$$Bt BP zsjZ‚ stI
]s}$sj wd;ED yt {BtR‚JZ‚t{‚ Y‚ ‚- }BR {Bt{‚} BP $t{B8‚ Ys <${,R „‚s„I‚I sR ‚{BtB8${sjjk
s}}„B}„$s‚ $R tB b$I‚jk ,tBbt stI Y‚„‚ $R RB8‚ {BtPZR$Bt sR B bYs ‚-s{jk $R Y‚ <${,R$st {Bt{‚}
BP $t{B8‚ W‚%‚„Y‚j‚RR RB8‚ ‚{BtB8$RR PB„ ‚-s8}j‚ €sjIB„ wdxxD Ys%‚ 8sI‚ ZR‚ BP $

    WW_ $R BP‚t $t‚„}„‚‚I sR s 8‚sRZ„‚ BP $t{B8‚ I‚ht‚I sR Y‚ 8s-$8Z8 }‚„8sT
t‚tjk RZRs$tsAj‚ j‚%‚j BP {BtRZ8}$Bt G‚$98st wdED YBb‚%‚„ RYBb‚I Ys Y$R
$R „Z‚ $t s R$8}j‚ 8BI‚j BP s„‚s‚ {BtRZ8}$Bt stI $t%‚R8‚t Btjk $P Y‚ „‚js$%‚
}„${‚ BP {BtRZ8}$Bt stI $t%‚R8‚t BBIR $R ‚-B‚tBZR B„ $P {BtRZ8}$Bt Ys}}‚tR B
‚JZsj WW_ ‚-s{jk !Y‚„b$R‚ WW_ ‚-{‚‚IR $t{B8‚ ytR‚sI G‚$98st I‚8BtR„s‚R
Ys WW_ $R Y‚ RBjZ$Bt B Y‚ <s8$jBt$st PB„ B}$8$9$t Y‚ }„‚R‚t I$R{BZt‚I %sjZ‚
BP PZZ„‚ {BtRZ8}$Bt stI Y‚t{‚ $R s 8‚sRZ„‚ BP b‚jPs„‚ „sY‚„ Yst $t{B8‚ qY$R
„‚RZj YBb‚%‚„ „‚j$‚R Bt Y‚ „‚js$%‚ }„${‚ BP {BtRZ8}$Bt stI $t%‚R8‚t BBIR ‚%Bj%T
$t ‚tIB‚tBZRjk sR Y‚ {BRs‚ %s„$sAj‚ $t Y‚ <s8$jBt$st qY‚„‚PB„‚ $t s Y‚B„‚${sj
8BI‚j bY‚Y‚„ b‚ %$‚b WW_ sR s 8‚sRZ„‚ BP $t{B8‚ B„ b‚jPs„‚ I‚}‚tIR {„$${sjjk Bt
YBb b‚ Y$t, }„${‚R s„‚ I‚‚„8$t‚I 7$t{‚ $t Y$R }s}‚„ b‚ PB{ZR Bt Y‚ $8}s{ BP
‚-B‚tBZR }„${‚ {Yst‚R w‚R}‚{$sjjk {Yst‚R $t Y‚ }„${‚ BP tsZ„sj „‚RBZ„{‚ sRR‚RD Bt
R8sjj B}‚t ‚{BtB8$‚R $ $R „‚sRBtsAj‚ B $t‚„}„‚ WW_ Y‚„‚ sR s 8‚sRZ„‚ BP $t{B8‚
„sY‚„ Yst b‚jPs„‚
    yt }„s{${‚ s{{BZt$t 8‚sRZ„‚R BP $t{B8‚ s„‚ tB ZRZsjjk {B8}$j‚I Zt$j sP‚„ Y‚
‚tI BP Y‚ }‚„$BI stI s„‚ $tY‚„‚tjk ‚- }BR V Y‚B„‚${sjjk s}}„B}„$s‚ {Bt{‚} BP ‚-
}BR $t{B8‚ Ys ‚-{jZI‚R b$tIPsjjR $R Y‚„‚PB„‚ ‚RR‚t$sj $P ‚{BtB8${ stsjkRR I‚{$R$Bt
s,‚„R stI }Bj${k 8s,‚„R s„‚ B A‚ }„B%$I‚I b$Y ‚{BtB8${sjjk „‚j‚%st $tPB„8s$Bt
yt{B8‚ I$RB„‚I Ak js„‚ {s}$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R {st j‚sI B PsZjk stsjkR$R stI }B‚tT
$sjjk I$RsR„BZR }Bj${k I‚{$R$BtR ABY $t Y‚ RYB„ stI Y‚ jBt ‚„8 yt „‚{Bt$$Bt BP
Y$R V01 $R Y‚ Y‚B„‚${sj $t{B8‚ {Bt{‚} s{Zsjjk Z$j$9‚I $t Y‚ 7WV sjYBZY Y$R $R
tB Rs‚I ‚-}j${$jk $t Y‚R‚ ‚„8R qY‚ 8s$t s„‚s‚R BP Y‚ s{{BZtR RZ{Y sR p*_
pW_ stI WW_ s„‚ sjj AsR‚I Bt Y$R {Bt{‚}
    ]BtPZR$Bt {st s„$R‚ YBb‚%‚„ A‚{sZR‚ ts$Btsj s{{BZtR sjbskR %sjZ‚ sRR‚R $t Y‚
Asjst{‚ RY‚‚ s Y‚ Rs„ BP ‚s{Y }‚„$BI s Y‚$„ s{Zsj 8s„,‚ %sjZ‚R s Ys $8‚ yt
{BtR‚JZ‚t{‚ Y‚„‚ $R s }„‚I$R}BR$$Bt Bbs„IR 8‚sRZ„$t V0d Ak I‚ht$t $t{B8‚ sR Y‚
   G‚$98st:R   {Bt{‚} BP b‚jPs„‚ $R %‚„k ts„„Bb 3B„ ‚-s8}j‚ $ 8s,‚R tB sI`ZR8‚t PB„ $t{B8‚
I$R„$AZ$Bt stI BY‚„ Ps{B„R Ys s&‚{ b‚jPs„‚ RZ{Y sR Zt‚8}jBk8‚t R„‚RR Y‚sjY stI {„$8‚
 „BsI‚„ 8‚sRZ„‚R BP b‚jPs„‚ ‚-$R Ys „k B $t{B„}B„s‚ Y‚R‚ Ps{B„R !t‚ ‚-s8}j‚ $R Y‚ p‚tZ$t‚
_„B„‚RR ytI${sB„ }„B}BR‚I Ak ]BAA <sjR‚sI stI iBb‚ wdxD

8s-$8Z8 %sjZ‚ BP {BtRZ8}$Bt bY${Y }„‚R‚„%‚R $ts{ Y‚ s{Zsj %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚R sR
‚R$8s‚I s Y‚ Rs„ BP Y‚ }‚„$BI qY$R $R Y‚ „s} $tB bY${Y 8stk ‚{BtB8$RR stI
ts$Btsj s{{BZtstR Ys%‚ Psjj‚tM
      qY‚ s{Zsj ‚R$8s$Bt }„B{‚IZ„‚R tBb PBjjBb‚I $t ts$Btsj s{{BZtR wbY${Y <${,R
‚tIB„R‚ID s„‚ B 8s,‚ I$„‚{ ‚R$8s‚R BP Y‚ {s}$sj s$tR o0Ldt0 sR ZtI‚„RBBI Y‚„‚
stI B RZA„s{ Y‚R‚ P„B8 Y‚ I$&‚„‚t{‚ A‚b‚‚t Y‚ %sjZ‚R BP Y‚ sRRB{$s‚I sRR‚R sR
‚R$8s‚I $t Y‚ B}‚t$t stI {jBR$t RY‚‚R yt ‚&‚{ WW_ $R {sj{Zjs‚I $t Y‚ 7WV

      o0Ld] ]h0 ) g0 L o0Ld~0Ld  o0 ~0  o0Ldt0 ) g0 L o0Ld~0Ld  o0Ld ~0 ) V013                     w;D

<‚t{‚ WW_ $R ‚JZ$%sj‚t B V01 sR I‚ht‚I $t w1D ]s}$sj s$tR s„‚ RZAI$%$I‚I $t Y‚
dn 7WV $tB XYBjI$t s$tR" IZ‚ B }„${‚ {Yst‚R stI XBY‚„ {Yst‚R $t Y‚ %BjZ8‚
BP sRR‚R" IZ‚ B JZst$k {Yst‚R

w$$$D *‚}j‚$Bt

      qY‚ ‚{BtB8${ I‚ht$$Bt BP I‚}„‚{$s$Bt B„ I‚}j‚$Bt $R IZ‚ B <B‚jj$t wd1xD y
$R I‚ht‚I sR Y‚ I‚{j$t‚ $t Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP st sRR‚ IZ‚ B $R ZR‚ $t }„BIZ{$Bt yt Y‚
{sR‚ BP h-‚I sRR‚RU $‚ }„BIZ{‚I sRR‚R RZ{Y sR 8s{Y$t‚„k ‚JZ$}8‚t AZ$jI$tR B„
BY‚„ R„Z{Z„‚R $ $R ZRZsjjk I‚R{„$A‚I sR I‚}„‚{$s$Bt bY$j‚ $t Y‚ {sR‚ BP tBtT}„BIZ{‚I
tsZ„sj sRR‚R $ $R I‚R{„$A‚I sR I‚}j‚$Bt qY$R }s}‚„ $R }„$8s„$jk {Bt{‚„t‚I b$Y Y‚
I‚}j‚$Bt BP tBtT„‚t‚bsAj‚ sRR‚R RZ{Y sR B$j B„ sR h‚jIR B„ 8$t‚„sj I‚}BR$R
      =R$t {Bt$tZBZR PZt{$BtR <B‚jj$t wd1xD I‚ht‚I I‚}„‚{$s$Bt B„ I‚}j‚$Bt sR
  M 3B„   ‚-s8}j‚ $t Y‚$„ R‚8$tsj d;d s„${j‚ Bt ts$Btsj $t{B8‚ wA‚PB„‚ <${,R:R d;1 e{BtB8${s
}s}‚„D ‚sI‚ stI 7Bt‚ b„B‚U

        V 8st:R 8Bt‚k >„‚sjH $t{B8‚ $t stk }‚„$BI $R ‚JZsj B Y‚ 8Bt‚k %sjZ‚ BP Y$R {BtRZ8}$Bt
        }jZR Y‚ $t{„‚sR‚ $t Y‚ 8Bt‚k >„‚sjH %sjZ‚ BP Y$R {s}$sj sRR‚R 3B„ Y‚ RZ8 BP Y‚R‚ bB
        $R Y‚ s8BZt Y‚ {BZjI Ys%‚ R}‚t Bt {BtRZ8}$Bt bY$j‚ 8s$ts$t$t Y‚ 8Bt‚k >„‚sjH
        %sjZ‚ BP Y$R {s}$sj RB{, $ts{ w‚sI‚ stI 7Bt‚ d;d }1d $sj${R $t Y‚ B„$$tsjD

Y‚ „s‚ BP I‚{„‚sR‚ BP Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚U

                                          ;w0D ) Q~ w0DbQ03                                      wxD

qY‚ 8$tZR R$t ‚tRZ„‚R Ys s }BR$$%‚ hZ„‚ $R BAs$t‚I sRRZ8$t Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚
ZRZsjjk I‚{j$t‚R B%‚„ $8‚ =R$t I$R{„‚‚ $8‚ }‚„$BIR ;0 $R I‚ht‚I sR

                                            ;0 ) ~0  ~0Ld 3                                      wED

yt Y‚ {sR‚ BP s I‚}BR$ BP RB8‚ tsZ„sj sRR‚ ~0 $R ‚JZsj B Y‚ }„‚R‚t %sjZ‚ s $8‚ 0
BP Y‚ „‚8s$t$t R„‚s8 BP „‚sj t‚ „‚{‚$}R B A‚ I‚„$%‚I Ak ‚-„s{$t $U Ys $R
                                                 lw         W+ 0Ld     M
                                          3            d
                                   ~0 )                               p+ ,                        wD
                                          + )0        dL„

bY‚„‚ p+ I‚tB‚R Y‚ „‚sj „‚{‚$} ‚s„t‚I $t }‚„$BI +  stI „ $R Y‚ „‚sj $t‚„‚R „s‚ qY‚
t‚ „‚{‚$}R I‚}‚tI Bt ABY JZst$$‚R B A‚ ‚-„s{‚I $t I$&‚„‚t }‚„$BIR ZtI‚„ Y‚
}jstt‚I }„BIZ{$Bt R{Y‚IZj‚ stI Y‚$„ „‚sj }„${‚R bY${Y 8sk %s„k B%‚„ $8‚ GY‚t Y‚„‚
$R tB Zt{‚„s$tk stI }„BIZ{$Bt }„B{‚‚IR s{{B„I$t B R{Y‚IZj‚ I‚}j‚$Bt $R {B„„‚{jk
8‚sRZ„‚I Ak wED ]s}$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R IB tB B{{Z„ bY‚t }„${‚R B„ JZst$$‚R {Yst‚
$t Y‚ PZZ„‚ sR RZ{Y {Yst‚R s„‚ sj„‚sIk PZjjk st${$}s‚I stI Ps{B„‚I $tB Y‚ }„‚R‚t
%sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚ s $8‚ 0 3B„ ‚-s8}j‚ PsjjR $t Y‚ „‚js$%‚ }„${‚ BP {„ZI‚ B$j IZ„$t
Y‚ „‚8s$t$t j$P‚ BP st B$j h‚jI bY${Y s„‚ {B„„‚{jk PB„‚R‚‚t bBZjI tB ‚t‚„s‚ {s}$sj
jBRR‚R A‚{sZR‚ Y‚ }„‚R‚t %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ h‚jI s $8‚ 0 bBZjI sj„‚sIk A‚ s}}„B}„$s‚jk
jBb‚„ Yst $P Y‚ }„${‚ „‚8s$t‚I {BtRst
    yt Y‚ „‚sj bB„jI bY‚„‚ PZZ„‚ „‚{‚$}R s„‚ Zt{‚„s$t YBb‚%‚„ Y‚ 8‚sRZ„‚8‚t BP
I‚}j‚$Bt $R 8B„‚ {B8}j${s‚I VR A‚PB„‚ j‚ o> ~0 I‚tB‚ Y‚ ‚-}‚{s$Bt s $8‚ > BP
Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚ s $8‚ 0 o0 ~0 $R {sj{Zjs‚I sR PBjjBbRU
                                                 lw         W+ 0Ld         M
                                          3            d
                                o0 ~0 )                               o0p+ ,                      wMD
                                          + )0        dL„
   yt   Y$R }s}‚„ b‚ IB tB I$R{ZRR Y‚ I‚„$%s$Bt BP Y‚ B}$8sj „s‚ BP ‚-„s{$Bt BP tBt„‚t‚bsAj‚
tsZ„sj „‚RBZ„{‚R 7B8‚ ZR‚PZj „‚P‚„‚t{‚R Bt Y$R RZA`‚{ s„‚ <B‚jj$t wdndD *sRZ}s stI <‚sj
wd;D <s„b${, wdMD stI €s8$‚t stI 7{Ybs„9 wdMD

bY‚„‚ o0 p+ I‚tB‚R Y‚ ‚-}‚{s$Bt s Y‚ A‚$tt$t BP }‚„$BI 0 BP Y‚ „‚{‚$} ‚s„t‚I
$t }‚„$BI +  B„‚ ‚t‚„sjjk o> ~0 $R {sj{Zjs‚I sR PBjjBbRU

                            > d Fw
                                           W+    k     3 Fw    d
                                                                    W+       k
                  o> ~0 )                       p+ L                     o> p+ 3      wD
                            + )0     dL„               + )>

yP >  0 Y‚t Y‚ h„R ‚„8 Bt Y‚ „$Y YstI R$I‚ BP wD I$Rs}}‚s„R
    ]BtR$I‚„ Y‚ I$&‚„‚t{‚ oI ;0 A‚b‚‚t Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚ s $8‚R 0 stI 0 L d
sR s{Zsjjk %sjZ‚I s YBR‚ $8‚R $t Y‚ }„‚R‚t{‚ BP Zt{‚„s$tk ts8‚jkU

                                    oI ;0 ) o0 ~0  o0Ld ~0Ld 3                      wd(D

qY$R I$&‚„‚t{‚ {BZjI A‚ $t‚„}„‚‚I sR s {„ZI‚ ‚- }BR 8‚sRZ„‚ BP I‚}j‚$Bt sR I‚ht‚I
Ak <B‚jj$t u Y‚t{‚ Y‚ RZAR{„$} I $t oI ;0  <Bb‚%‚„ $ RZ&‚„R P„B8 ‚-s{jk Y‚
Rs8‚ I‚h{$‚t{$‚R sR V0d sR s 8‚sRZ„‚ BP ‚- }BR $t{B8‚ y 8$-‚R ‚-}‚{s$BtR s bB
I$&‚„‚t }B$tR BP $8‚ AsR‚I Bt I$&‚„‚t $tPB„8s$Bt yt {BtR‚JZ‚t{‚ $ 8ZR $t{jZI‚
tB Btjk I‚}j‚$Bt AZ sjRB {s}$sj s$tR B„ jBRR‚R Bt Y‚ sRR‚ A‚b‚‚t $8‚R 0 stI 0 L d
sR ‚-}‚{s$BtR s„‚ „‚%$R‚I bY‚t Zt‚-}‚{‚I ‚%‚tR B{{Z„
    Vt $t‚„tsjjk {BtR$R‚t 8‚sRZ„‚ BP I‚}j‚$Bt 8ZR %sjZ‚ Y‚ sRR‚ s $8‚R 0 stI 0Ld
ZR$t %‚{B„R BP ‚-}‚{‚I JZst$$‚R stI }„${‚R AsR‚I Bt $tPB„8s$Bt stI ‚-}‚{s$BtR
s s R$tj‚ }B$t BP $8‚ Vtk }B$t BP $8‚ {BZjI A‚ ZR‚I u A‚PB„‚ IZ„$t B„ sP‚„
Y‚ }‚„$BI $t JZ‚R$Bt yt Y‚ }„‚R‚t{‚ BP Zt{‚„s$tk I‚}j‚$Bt IZ„$t }‚„$BI 0 sR
8‚sRZ„‚I s $8‚ > $R I‚ht‚I sRU

                                     o> ;0 ) o> ~0  o> ~0Ld3                        wddD

    3$„R $ 8sk A‚ tB‚I Ys $P > ) 0 Y‚ Rs„ BP Y‚ }‚„$BI st ‚- st‚ 8‚sRZ„‚
BP I‚}j‚$Bt $R BAs$t‚I ‚-s{jk ‚JZ$%sj‚t B <${,R:R ‚- st‚ I‚ht$$Bt BP $t{B8‚ yP
I‚}j‚$Bt $R B A‚ 8‚sRZ„‚I s Y‚ ‚tI BP Y‚ }‚„$BI $t JZ‚R$Bt YBb‚%‚„ RB Ys
> ) 0 L d b‚ Ys%‚U
                                   o0Ld;0 ) o0Ld ~0  o0Ld~0Ld 3                     wd1D

qY$R $R $t Ps{ Y‚ ‚-s{ ‚- }BR I‚ht$$Bt BP I‚}„‚{$s$Bt B„ I‚}j‚$Bt }„B}BR‚I Ak
<${,R wd;1D

      N‚ ZR Y‚t I‚ht‚ Y‚ I‚}„‚{$s$Bt BP Y‚ B„$$tsj RB{, BP {s}$sj sR Y‚
      I$&‚„‚t{‚ A‚b‚‚t Y‚ Bsj %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ BBIR {B8}„$R$t Ys RB{, sR $
      $R s Y‚ ‚tI BP Y‚ k‚s„ stI Y‚ %sjZ‚ bY${Y bBZjI Ys%‚ A‚‚t }Z Z}Bt Y‚
      $t$$sj RB{, s Y‚ A‚$tt$t BP Y‚ k‚s„ $P Y‚ ‚%‚tR BP Y‚ k‚s„ YsI A‚‚t
      {B„„‚{jk PB„‚R‚‚t $t{jZI$t s8Bt YBR‚ ‚%‚tR Y‚ {s}$sj %sjZ‚ s Y‚ ‚tI
      BP Y‚ k‚s„ w<${,R d;1 }d $sj${R $t Y‚ B„$$tsjD

    *‚}j‚$Bt 8sk sjRB A‚ 8‚sRZ„‚I RB8‚ $8‚ sP‚„ Y‚ ‚tI BP Y‚ }‚„$BI $t JZ‚R$Bt
stI $R Y‚„‚PB„‚ j$sAj‚ B A‚ „‚%$R‚I qY‚ „Z‚ ‚- }BR 8‚sRZ„‚ BP I‚}j‚$Bt $R BAs$t‚I
$t Y‚ j$8$ sR > ‚tIR B $tht$k y $R tB„8sj }„s{${‚ B 8s,‚ „‚}‚s‚I „‚%$R$BtR B
ts$Btsj s{{BZtR Iss $t{jZI$t WW_ stI BY‚„ ‚{BtB8${ Rs$R${R sR 8B„‚ $tPB„8sT
$Bt A‚{B8‚R s%s$jsAj‚ b$Y Y‚ }sRRs‚ BP $8‚ stI I‚}j‚$Bt $R tB ‚-{‚}$Bt

w$%D ]s}$sj ps$tR

    V {s}$sj s$t B„ jBRR Bt st sRR‚ $R st $tRstst‚BZR {Yst‚ $t Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚
IZ‚ B RB8‚ Ps{B„ BZR$I‚ Y‚ {Bt„Bj BP Y‚ Bbt‚„ bY${Y bsR tB PB„‚R‚‚t $t sI%st{‚
RZ{Y sR Zt‚-}‚{‚I {Yst‚R $t {B88BI$k }„${‚R t‚b I$R{B%‚„$‚R B„ t‚b $tPB„8s$Bt
‚t‚„sjjk e%‚tR Ys s„‚ PB„‚R‚‚t {sttB {sZR‚ Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚ B {Yst‚ sR
Y‚k 8ZR A‚ Ps{B„‚I $tB Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚ $t sI%st{‚ qY‚ Bsj {s}$sj s$t
B„ jBRR Bt st sRR‚ s{{„Z$t B%‚„ stk }‚„$BI BP $8‚ Rsk A‚b‚‚t $8‚R 0 stI > 8sk
A‚ 8‚sRZ„‚I Ak Y‚ I$&‚„‚t{‚ A‚b‚‚t Y‚ $t$$sj %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚ s $8‚ 0 stI $R
„‚%$R‚I %sjZ‚ s $8‚ 0 sR %$‚b‚I „‚„BR}‚{$%‚jk s $8‚ > *‚tB‚ Y$R Bsj s$t B„
jBRR Ak o> t0U
                                  o> t0 ) o> ~0  o0 ~0 3                              wdnD

VII$t Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ I‚}j‚$Bt $t }‚„$BI 0 sR $%‚t Ak wddD B Y‚ s{Zsj {Yst‚ $t
Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚ A‚b‚‚t Y‚ A‚$tt$t stI ‚tI BP }‚„$BI 0 b‚ Ys%‚U

  wo0Ld ~0Ld  o0~0 D L wo> ~0  o> ~0LdD ) wo> ~0  o0~0 D  wo> ~0Ld  o0Ld~0Ld D3   wd;D

qY‚ ‚-}„‚RR$Bt Bt Y‚ „$Y YstI R$I‚ $R Y‚ {s}$sj s$t $t }‚„$BI 0 sR %$‚b‚I P„B8 >U
$‚ Y‚ Bsj s$t A‚b‚‚t 0 stI > j‚RR Y‚ Bsj s$t A‚b‚‚t 0 L d stI > eJZs$Bt

wd;D {st A‚ „‚b„$‚t sR PBjjBbRU

                  wo0Ld~0Ld  o0~0 D ) oI ;0 ) wo> t0  o> t0Ld D  o> ;0 3                         wdxD

eJZs$Bt wdxD RYBbR Ys Y‚ s{Zsj {Yst‚ $t %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ sRR‚ ‚JZsjR Y‚ I$&‚„‚t{‚
A‚b‚‚t {s}$sj s$tR stI I‚}j‚$Btd(

        ; qY‚ y8}s{ BP ]s}$sj ps$tR Bt *‚}j‚$Bt WW_ stI pW_

    qY‚ bB 8s$t RBZ„{‚R BP {s}$sj s$tR PB„ tBt„‚t‚bsAj‚ tsZ„sj „‚RBZ„{‚ sRR‚R s„‚
{Yst‚R $t }„${‚ stI t‚b I$R{B%‚„$‚Rdd 3B„ ‚-s8}j‚ Y‚ }„${‚ BP B$j $R tBB„$BZRjk
%Bjs$j‚ stI B$j „‚R‚„%‚R s„‚ {Bt$tZsjjk A‚$t „‚%$R‚I sR t‚b h‚jIR s„‚ I$R{B%‚„‚I
    ]BtR$I‚„ Y‚ $8}s{ BP st Zt‚-}‚{‚I RYB{, B Y‚ }„${‚ BP B$j B„ Y‚ I$R{B%‚„k BP
s t‚b B$j h‚jI Bt Y‚ pW_ stI WW_ BP st B$j ‚-}B„$t {BZt„k y PBjjBbR P„B8 wMD
stI wD Ys o0Ld~0 stI o0Ld~0Ld s„‚ „‚js‚I sR PBjjBbRU

                                  o0Ld ~0Ld ) wd L „Do0Ld~0  p03

qY‚„‚PB„‚ I‚}j‚$Bt $t }‚„$BI 0 ‚%sjZs‚I s Y‚ A‚$tt$t BP }‚„$BI 0 L d $R

                          o0Ld;0 ) o0Ld ~0  o0Ld~0Ld ) p0  „o0Ld~0 3

7$8$js„jk I‚}j‚$Bt $t }‚„$BI 0 ‚%sjZs‚I s Y‚ A‚$tt$t BP }‚„$BI 0 $R

                             o0;0 ) o0 ~0  o0 ~0Ld ) o0 p0  „o0 ~03

WBb $t Y‚ Ztj$,‚jk ‚%‚t Ys tBY$t Zt‚-}‚{‚I Ys}}‚tR A‚b‚‚t }‚„$BIR 0 stI
0 L d Y‚t o0Ldp+ ) o0p+  PB„ sjj +  0 <‚t{‚ o0 ~0 ) o0Ld~0 stI o0;0 ) o0Ld;0 
]Bt%‚„R‚jk st Zt‚-}‚{‚I {Yst‚ $t Y‚ }„${‚ BP B$j B„ s t‚b I$R{B%‚„k {Yst‚R Y‚
j‚%‚j BP I‚}j‚$Bt $t }‚„$BI 0 sR PBjjBbRU

                o0Ld;0 ) o0Ld;0  o0 ;0 ) wp0  „o0Ld ~0D  wo0 p0  „o0 ~0D )
  d( GY‚t   > ) 0 L d Y‚ ‚„8 o> t0Ld I$Rs}}‚s„R P„B8 Y‚ „$Y R$I‚ BP wdxD
  dd q‚{YtBjB${sj }„B„‚RR stI {Yst‚R $t Y‚ $t‚„‚R „s‚ sjRB ‚t‚„s‚ {s}$sj s$tR qY‚ $8}j${s$BtR
BP ‚{YtBjB${sj }„B„‚RR stI {Yst‚R $t Y‚ $t‚„‚R „s‚ PB„ RZRs$tsA$j$k s„‚ I$R{ZRR‚I $t G‚$98st
wdD stI VRY‚$8 wdD

                              p0  o0 p0  „wo0Ld~0  o0~0 D3                          wdED

7$8$js„jk Y‚ $8}s{ BP st Zt‚-}‚{‚I }„${‚ {Yst‚ B„ t‚b I$R{B%‚„k Bt Y‚ <B‚jj$t
I‚}j‚$Bt PB„8Zjs $R

                oI ;0 ) oI ;0  o0 ;0 ) o0~0  o0Ld ~0Ld  o0 p0 L „o0 ~0 )

                            p0  o0p0  wd L „Dwo0Ld~0  o0 ~0 D3                      wdD

qY‚ {B„„‚R}BtI$t $8}s{ Bt pW_ $R

                       o0Ldt] h0 ) t]h0  o0t] h0 ) p0  o0 p0 ,                       wdMD

bY$j‚ Y‚ $8}s{ Bt WW_ $R

      o0Ld ] ] h0 ) o0Ld] ]h0  o0] ] h0 ) wt] h0  o0Ld;0 D  wo0 t] h0  o0 ;0D )

                   o0Ld t]h0      o0Ld ;0 ) „wo0Ld~0  o0~0 D ) „o0Ld t0,             wdD

bY‚„‚ o0Ldt0 $R Y‚ {s}$sj s$t $t }‚„$BI 0 sR I‚ht‚I $t wdnD eJZs$Bt wdD $R {BtR$R‚t
b$Y <${,R:R {Bt{‚} BP $t{B8‚ V {s}$sj s$t o0Ldt0  $R tB $t{B8‚ stI Y‚t{‚ RYBZjI
tB A‚ $t{jZI‚I I$„‚{jk $t WW_ qY‚ $t{„‚sR‚ $t %sjZ‚ IB‚R YBb‚%‚„ ‚t‚„s‚ st $t{B8‚
R„‚s8 „o0Ldt0 bY${Y $R $t{jZI‚I $t WW_ yt {Bt„sR Y‚ $8}s{ BP s }„${‚ {Yst‚ B„
t‚b I$R{B%‚„k Bt WW_ {B8}Z‚I ZR$t Y‚ <B‚jj$t I‚}j‚$Bt PB„8Zjs $R

       oI ] ] h0 ) oI ] ] h0  o0] ]h0 ) wt]h0  oI ;0 D  wo0t] h0  o0 ;0D )

              o0Ldt] h0      oI ;0 ) wd L „Dwo0Ld~0  o0~0 D ) wd L „Do0Ldt0 3        w1(D

      V {B8}s„$RBt BP wdD stI w1(D „‚%‚sjR Ys oI ] ]h0 $t{jZI‚R sjj {s}$sj s$tR $t
}‚„$BI 0 sR $t{B8‚ bY$j‚ o0Ld] ]h0 $t{jZI‚R Btjk Y‚ $t‚„‚R ‚s„t‚I Bt {s}$sj s$tR
sR $t{B8‚ qY‚ oI ] ] h0 PB„8Zjs:R „‚s8‚t BP {s}$sj s$tR $R stsjBBZR B „‚s$t
jB‚„k b$tt$tR sR $t{B8‚ VR <${,R BAR‚„%‚I Y$R s8BZtR B {BtPZR$t Y‚ {Bt{‚}R
BP $t{B8‚ stI {s}$sj
      GYs {st A‚ I‚IZ{‚I sABZ Y‚ „‚js$%‚ 8st$ZI‚R BP          o0Ld t]h0    o0Ld] ]h0
stI     oI ] ]h0 2 qB stRb‚„ Y$R JZ‚R$Bt b‚ 8ZR $8}BR‚ RB8‚ R„Z{Z„‚ Bt ‚-}‚{T
s$BtR BP PZZ„‚ „‚{‚$}R <‚„‚ $ $R sRRZ8‚I Ys ‚-}‚{s$BtR s„‚ I‚R{„$A‚I Ak Y‚

PBjjBb$t ‚JZs$BtU
                                     o0 p+ ) 
+ 0 o0 p0 +  03                             w1dD

VRRZ8$t Ys 
 j$‚R A‚b‚‚t 9‚„B stI Bt‚ ‚JZs$Bt w1dD $8}j$‚R Ys w„‚sjD „‚{‚$}R
s„‚ ‚-}‚{‚I B I‚{j$t‚ ‚B8‚„${sjjk B%‚„ $8‚ 3B„ 8BR tBt„‚t‚bsAj‚ „‚RBZ„{‚R b‚
bBZjI k}${sjjk ‚-}‚{ 
 B A‚ %‚„k Rj$Yjk j‚RR Yst Bt‚ yP ‚-}‚{‚I „‚{‚$}R PBjjBb s
‚B8‚„${ }sY $ PBjjBbR Ys

                       o0Ld p+  o0 p+ ) 
+ 0 wp0  o0 p0 D +  03

<‚t{‚ o0Ldt0 ) o0Ld ~0  o0~0 „‚IZ{‚R B s ‚B8‚„${ }„B„‚RR$Bt bY${Y {Bt%‚„‚R sR
jBt sR 
 c wd L „D
 + 0Ld
                                 w             W     w      W      w           W
                                     p0  o0 p0 3                    p0  o0p0
             o0Ld ~0  o0 ~0 )                                   )                           w11D
       + )0 d L „          dL„

WBb RZAR$Z$t w11D $tB wdED stI wdD „‚R}‚{$%‚jk $ PBjjBbR Ys
                                           w              W

                            o0Ld;0 )                 wp0  o0p0 D,                           w1nD

                                           w               W

                            oI ;0 )        wp0  o0 p0 D3                                   w1;D

      V {B8}s„$RBt BP w1nD b$Y w1;D „‚%‚sjR Ys bY‚t 
 $R j‚RR Yst Bt‚                o0Ld;0
stI     oI ;0 Ys%‚ B}}BR$‚ R$tR qY‚„‚PB„‚ $P p0 k o0p0 sR Bt‚ 8$Y ‚-}‚{ PB„
st B$j ‚-}B„$t {BZt„k bY‚t Y‚ }„${‚ BP B$j „$R‚R Y‚t I‚}j‚$Bt PsjjR s{{B„I$t B
oI ;0  AZ „$R‚R s{{B„I$t B o0Ld;0             oI ;0 c ( A‚{sZR‚ Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ RB{, BP B$j
YsR „$R‚t ]Bt%‚„R‚jk     o0Ld ;0 k ( A‚{sZR‚ Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ B$j A‚$t ‚-„s{‚I YsR
tBb $t{„‚sR‚I      o0Ld t]h0 ‚JZsjR Y‚ PZjj s8BZt BP Y‚ $t{„‚sR‚ $t „‚{‚$}R bY$j‚
 o0Ld] ] h0 ‚JZsjR Btjk Y‚ $t‚„‚R ‚s„t‚I Bt Y‚ $t{„‚sR‚I %sjZs$Bt BP Y‚ RB{,
qY‚ „$R‚ $t pW_ $R js„‚„ Yst Y‚ „$R‚ $t WW_ stI Y‚t{‚ Y‚ s} A‚b‚‚t pW_ stI
WW_ w$‚ I‚}j‚$BtD 8ZR Ys%‚ „$R‚t
      7ZAR$Z$t w11D $tB wdD stI w1(D ‚t‚„s‚R Y‚ PBjjBb$t PB„8Zjs‚ PB„ WW_U
                                               w              W
                          o0Ld ] ] h0 )                  wp0  o0 p0 D,                      w1xD

                                            w              W
                           oI ] ]h0 )                 wp0  o0p0D3                           w1ED

    V {B8}s„$RBt BP wdMD w1xD stI w1ED „‚%‚sjR Ys

             ( c 
 c d p / o0Ld] ] h0 / c / o0Ld t]h0 / c / oI ] ]h0 / ,                w1D

 ) d p / o0Ld] ] h0 / ) / o0Ld t]h0 / c / oI ] ]h0 / ,                  w1MD

           d c 
 c d L „ p / o0Ld t]h0 / c / o0Ld ]] h0/ c / oI ]] h0/ 3                w1D

    qY‚„‚PB„‚ PB„ sjj }‚„8$RR$Aj‚ %sjZ‚R BP 
 $ PBjjBbR P„B8 w1D w1MD stI w1D Ys
oI ] ] h0 $R 8B„‚ %Bjs$j‚ Yst ABY t] h0 stI o0Ld ]] h0 $t }‚„$BI 0 w$P 
 k d L „
Y‚t Y‚ ‚B8‚„${ }„B„‚RR$BtR IB tB {Bt%‚„‚D GY${Y $R 8B„‚ %Bjs$j‚ BP t]h0 stI
o0Ld] ]h0 I‚}‚tIR Bt Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP 
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Yst t] h0 bY$j‚ $P sR $t w1D d c 
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t‚bsAj‚ „‚RBZ„{‚R b‚ 8$Y ‚-}‚{ 
 B A‚ %‚„k Rj$Yjk j‚RR Yst Bt‚ R$t{‚ Y‚ RB{,
BP tBt„‚t‚bsAj‚ „‚RBZ„{‚R $R ht$‚ stI Y‚t{‚ Y‚ s8BZt ‚-„s{‚I 8ZR ‚%‚tZsjjk
I‚{j$t‚ VjRB „$R$t {BRR BP ‚-„s{$Bt sR Y‚ 8B„‚ }„BhsAj‚ I‚}BR$R s„‚ ‚-YsZR‚I
stI $t{„‚sR‚I $t‚„ts$Btsj {B8}‚$$Bt 8sk {sZR‚ „‚{‚$}R B I‚{j$t‚ q‚{YtBjB${sj
}„B„‚RR YBb‚%‚„ 8sk }„‚%‚t Y$R P„B8 Ys}}‚t$t ytI‚‚I Y‚ I‚{j$t$t jBt „Zt
„‚sj }„${‚ „‚tI BP }„s{${sjjk sjj tBt„‚t‚bsAj‚ „‚RBZ„{‚R wR‚‚ VI‚j8st d(D $R }„BAsT
Ajk s„$AZsAj‚ B s {B8A$ts$Bt BP ‚{YtBjB${sj }„B„‚RR stI $t{„‚sR‚I $t‚„ts$Btsj
{B8}‚$$Bt y $R j‚RR {j‚s„ bYs YsR Ys}}‚t‚I B „‚{‚$}R y„„‚R}‚{$%‚ BP Y‚ ‚-s{
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‚8}$„${sj RZI$‚R WW_ RYBZjI tB A‚ RkR‚8s${sjjk 8B„‚ %Bjs$j‚ Yst pW_

     x qY‚ *‚}j‚$Bt BP WB„Y 7‚s !$j stI $R y8}s{ Bt                 „$$RY WW_

    qY$R R‚{$Bt s}}j$‚R Y‚ Y‚B„‚${sj P„s8‚bB„, I‚%‚jB}‚I $t Y‚ }„‚%$BZR R‚{$BtR B
Y‚ I‚}j‚$Bt BP   „$$RY WB„Y 7‚s !$j h‚jIR A‚b‚‚t dE stI dx yt }s„${Zjs„ Y‚
R‚tR$$%$k BP 8‚sRZ„‚I I‚}j‚$Bt stI WW_ B Y‚ 8‚YBI BP 8‚sRZ„‚8‚t $R ‚-s8$t‚I
    qB {B8}Z‚ Y‚ ‚-}‚{‚I %sjZ‚ BP st sRR‚ $ $R ss$t t‚{‚RRs„k B $8}BR‚ RB8‚
R„Z{Z„‚ Bt Y‚ ‚-}‚{‚I R„‚s8 BP PZZ„‚ „‚{‚$}R e-}‚{‚I PZZ„‚ „‚{‚$}R s„‚ sRT
RZ8‚I Y‚„‚ B PBjjBb s ‚B8‚„${ }sY sR I‚R{„$A‚I $t ‚JZs$Bt w1dD yt sII$$Bt $

$R sRRZ8‚I Ys o0 p0 ) 
p0d qY‚„‚PB„‚

                                        o0 p+ ) 
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=tI‚„ Y$R sRRZ8}$Bt Y‚ PB„8Zjs‚ PB„ o0~0 stI o0Ld~0 „‚IZ{‚ B ‚B8‚„${ }„B„‚RT
R$BtR                            l                                    M
                                 3 w              W+ 0Ld                       w                W

                   o0~0 )                                      o0p+        )       p0d                              wn(D
                                 + )0    dL„                                 dL„

               w             W                   lw            W+ 0Ld               M       w              W
                d         3                            d                                     d
     o0Ld ~0 )     p0 L                                                    o0Ld p+       )       p0                  wndD
               dL„      + )0Ld                        dL„                                  dL„

B„‚ ‚t‚„sjjk
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                             lw          W+ 0Ld           M       w                Ww           W>0
                      3             d                              
           o > ~0 )                                   p+       L                                        p>d 3       wn1D
                      + )0         dL„                           dL„

<‚t{‚ Y‚ Y„‚‚ I‚}j‚$Bt PB„8Zjs‚ „‚IZ{‚ B Y‚ PBjjBb$tU
                                             w                    W         w                W          w        W

 o0Ld ;0 ) o0Ld ~0  o0Ld~0Ld )                        p0        p0 )       p0 ,


                                                      w                  W               w              W

          oI ;0 ) o0 ~0  o0Ld~0Ld               )       p0d        p0 )

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                                                   wp0d  p0 D,                                                     wn;D

                                 o> ;0 ) o> ~0  o> ~0Ld ) p0  „o> ~0 )
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                             lw          W+ 0Ld          M        w                Ww           W>0
                      3            d                               „
            p0  „                                 p+                                                  p>d 3       wnxD
                      + )0        dL„                            dL„
qY‚ WB„Y 7‚s !$j Iss s„‚ RYBbt $t qsAj‚ d qY‚ JZst$k BP {„ZI‚ B$j ‚-„s{‚I
 5                                                                    5
R0  $R 8‚sRZ„‚I $t 8$jj$BtR BP Btt‚R stI Y‚ Bsj B$j „‚%‚tZ‚ x p0  $t 8$jj$BtR BP
d( }BZtIR qY‚ }„${‚ $tI‚- €5  $R BAs$t‚I $8}j${$jk sR Y‚ „s$B BP Bsj „‚%‚tZ‚ B

JZst$k ‚-„s{‚I <‚t{‚ Y‚ }„${‚ $tI‚- I‚}${R Y‚ s%‚„s‚ }„${‚ BP s Btt‚ BP {„ZI‚
B$j $t d( }BZtIR qY‚ JZst$k BP tsZ„sj sR ‚-„s{‚I R0  $R 8‚sRZ„‚I $t A$jj$BtR BP

{ZA${ 8‚„‚R stI Bsj sR „‚%‚tZ‚ x p0  $t 8$jj$BtR BP d( }BZtIR qY‚ }„${‚ $tI‚-
€t  $R ss$t BAs$t‚I $8}j${$jk stI I‚}${R Y‚ s%‚„s‚ }„${‚ BP s YBZRstI {ZA${ 8‚„‚R

$t d( }BZtIR qY‚ Bsj „‚%‚tZ‚ x p0  $R Y‚ Bsj „‚%‚tZ‚ BAs$t‚I P„B8 B$j sR stI
BY‚„ RBZ„{‚R <‚t{‚ x p0 ‚-{‚‚IR Rj$Yjk Y‚ RZ8 BP x p0 stI x pt  qY‚ Bsj {BR

x g0 {BtR$RR BP B}‚„s$t {BRR PB„ ABY B$j stI sR qY‚ „‚{‚$} p0 $R Y‚ I$&‚„‚t{‚
A‚b‚‚t x p0 stI x g0  stI $R 8‚sRZ„‚I $t 8$jj$BtR BP d( }BZtIRd1 yt%‚R8‚t {0 
‚JZsjR Bsj ‚-}‚tI$Z„‚ Bt I‚%‚jB}8‚t stI ‚-}jB„s$Bt 3$tsjjk 0 $R Y‚ %sjZ‚ BP
Y‚ Bsj {s}$sj RB{, y $R {B8}Z‚I sRRZ8$t s h-‚I „s‚ BP I‚}„‚{$s$Bt & BP E0
}‚„ k‚s„dn qY‚„‚PB„‚ 0Ld ) wd  &D0 L {0

    ytR‚„ qsAj‚ d <‚„‚

    qsAj‚ 1 RYBbR ‚R$8s‚R BP I‚}„‚{$s$Bt I‚}j‚$Bt stI WW_ VR I$R{ZRR‚I sAB%‚
Y‚ „s‚ BP I‚}„‚{$s$Bt Bt Y‚ {s}$sj RB{, BP Y‚ B$j stI sR $tIZR„k $R sRRZ8‚I B
A‚ E0 <‚t{‚ I‚}„‚{$s$Bt $R $%‚t Ak &0 bY‚„‚ & ) (3(E qY„‚‚ I$&‚„‚t PB„8Zjs‚
  d1 Vjj   JZst$k „‚%‚tZ‚ stI {BR Iss b‚„‚ BAs$t‚I P„B8 %s„$BZR $RRZ‚R BP Y‚ *$‚R BP =t$‚I
€$tIB8 et‚„k 7s$R${R }ZAj$RY‚I Ak Y‚ *‚}s„8‚t BP q„sI‚ stI ytIZR„k 3B„ ‚-s8}j‚ $t Y‚
dE $RRZ‚ „‚%‚tZ‚ stI {BR Iss s„‚ $%‚t $t qsAj‚ nE Bt }s‚ M; bY$j‚ ‚-„s{$Bt Iss s„‚ $%‚t $t
qsAj‚ 1 }s‚ x *ss Bt „s‚R BP ‚-„s{$Bt A‚PB„‚ dE s„‚ sjRB s%s$jsAj‚ $t Y‚ *$‚R BP =t$‚I
€$tIB8 et‚„k 7s$R${R $t qsAj‚ nM BP Y‚ d $RRZ‚ VjYBZY B&RYB„‚ }„BIZ{$Bt BP {„ZI‚ B$j
Btjk Rs„‚I $t dx Y‚ ‚-„s{$Bt BP BtRYB„‚ {„ZI‚ B$j Rs„‚I $t Y‚ dE(R 3„B8 dx Btbs„IR
BtRYB„‚ ‚-„s{$Bt $R $tR$t$h{st {B8}s„‚I b$Y B&RYB„‚ ‚-„s{$Bt psR „‚%‚tZ‚ Iss PB„ dx s„‚
BAs$t‚I P„B8 FBYtRBt wdMD qsAj‚ n; }s‚ ( !$j „‚%‚tZ‚ PB„ dx $R BAs$t‚I Ak 8Zj$}jk$t Y‚
}„${‚ BP {„ZI‚ B$j Ak Y‚ JZst$k ‚-„s{‚I qY‚ dx }„${‚ Iss s„‚ s,‚t P„B8 VjjRB}} stI iYkR
wdMD qsAj‚ d1 }s‚ nM( 3$tsjjk Y‚ {BR Iss PB„ dx s„‚ s,‚t P„B8 FBYtRBt wdMD qsAj‚
xn }s‚ dx Vjj Y‚ „‚%‚tZ‚ {BR stI }„${‚ Iss b‚„‚ {Bt%‚„‚I $tB d( }BZtIR ZR$t Y‚ p*_
I‚4sB„ $t Y‚ =t$‚I €$tIB8 Ws$Btsj V{{BZtR wY‚         jZ‚   BB,D qsAj‚ dd Bt }s‚R 1; stI 1x BP
Y‚ d $RRZ‚ stI }s‚R d( stI dd BP Y‚ d( $RRZ‚
  dn qY$R $R Y‚ s}}„B-$8s‚ s%‚„s‚ „s‚ BP I‚}„‚{$s$Bt BP Y‚ {s}$sj RB{, $t Y‚ 8$t$t stI JZs„„k$t

{s‚B„k wbY${Y $t{jZI‚R B$j stI sRD $t Y‚ =t$‚I €$tIB8 Ws$Btsj V{{BZtR w jZ‚            BB, dD
}ZAj$RY‚I Ak Y‚ !^{‚ PB„ Ws$Btsj 7s$R${R ]s}$sj {BtRZ8}$Bt Ak $tIZR„k „BZ} $R $%‚t $t
qsAj‚ d;1 } dE1 bY$j‚ Y‚ „BRR {s}$sj RB{, Ak $tIZR„k „BZ} $R $%‚t $t qsAj‚ d;M } dE qY‚
„s$B BP {s}$sj {BtRZ8}$Bt B Y‚ „BRR {s}$sj RB{, $R {jBR‚ B ((E PB„ sjj Y‚ k‚s„R $t Y‚ sAj‚R

YBb‚%‚„ s„‚ ZR‚I B {B8}Z‚ I‚}j‚$Bt qY‚R‚ s„‚ <B‚jj$t:R PB„8Zjs I‚ht‚I $t wd(D
stI Y‚ I‚}j‚$Bt PB„8Zjs I‚ht‚I $t wddD PB„ Y‚ {sR‚R bY‚„‚ > ) 0 L d stI > ) dE
„‚R}‚{$%‚jk p$%‚t Y‚ sII$$Btsj sRRZ8}$Bt Ys PZZ„‚ „‚{‚$}R s„‚ ‚-}‚{‚I B PBjT
jBb s ‚B8‚„${ }sY Y‚R‚ Y„‚‚ I‚}j‚$Bt PB„8Zjs‚ „‚IZ{‚ B Y‚ ‚-}„‚RR$BtR Rs‚I $t
wnnD wn;D stI wnxD eR$8s‚R BP WW_ s„‚ Y‚t BAs$t‚I Ak I‚IZ{$t I‚}„‚{$s$Bt stI
I‚}j‚$Bt P„B8 pW_ 7$t{‚ b‚ b$RY B PB{ZR Bt Y‚ $8}s{ BP WB„Y 7‚s !$j Bt WW_ sjj
BY‚„ RBZ„{‚R BP I‚}„‚{$s$Bt stI I‚}j‚$Bt $t p„‚s „$s$t s„‚ $tB„‚I qY„‚‚ I$&‚„‚t
R‚R BP WW_ ‚R$8s‚R s„‚ I‚„$%‚I {B„„‚R}BtI$t B ‚s{Y BP Y‚ Y„‚‚ R‚R BP I‚}j‚$Bt ‚RT
$8s‚R qY‚ „‚RZjR $t qsAj‚ 1 s„‚ BAs$t‚I sRRZ8$t Ys „ ) (3(x stI 
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qsAj‚ n {B„„‚R}BtI$t ‚R$8s‚R s„‚ BAs$t‚I PB„ Y‚ {sR‚ bY‚„‚ „ ) (3(x stI 
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    ytR‚„ qsAj‚ 1 <‚„‚
    ytR‚„ qsAj‚ n <‚„‚

    y $R tB${‚sAj‚ Ys Y‚ h„R h%‚ BAR‚„%s$BtR BP odE;0 $t qsAj‚ 1 stI Y‚ h„R
PBZ„ $t qsAj‚ n s„‚ sjj t‚s$%‚ qY$R $R st ‚-s8}j‚ BP t‚s$%‚ I‚}j‚$Bt y s„$R‚R
A‚{sZR‚ „‚tR $t Y‚ 8$I d(R s„‚ 8Z{Y jBb‚„ Yst „‚tR $t Y‚ dM(R <‚t{‚ sR b‚
8B%‚ PB„bs„I $t $8‚ Y‚ Y$Y‚„ „‚tR $t Y‚ dM(R s„‚ I$R{BZt‚I j‚RR Y‚s%$jk YZR
{sZR$t Y‚ t‚ }„‚R‚t %sjZ‚ BP Y‚ RB{, BP B$j B „$R‚ ‚%‚t YBZY RB8‚ B$j YsR A‚‚t
‚-„s{‚I V R‚{BtI $t‚„‚R$t P‚sZ„‚ $t qsAj‚ 1 $R Ys Y‚ I‚}j‚$Bt ‚R$8s‚R PB„
o0Ld;0 $t qsAj‚ 1 sjj ‚JZsj 9‚„B qY$R $R A‚{sZR‚ bY‚t „‚tR s„‚ ‚-}‚{‚I B „‚8s$t
{BtRst w$‚ 
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‚%sjZs‚I s Y‚ Rs8‚ }B$t $t $8‚ 8ZR A‚ Y‚ Rs8‚
    qY‚ WW_ stI pW_ R‚„$‚R P„B8 qsAj‚R 1 stI n s„‚ „s}Y‚I „‚R}‚{$%‚jk $t 3$Z„‚R
d stI 1 VR I$R{ZRR‚I sAB%‚ bY‚t 
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o0Ld] ]h0 ) t]h  &0  qY‚ %Bjs$j$k BP oI ] ]h0  YBb‚%‚„ $R R„$,$t $t 3$Z„‚
d ]j‚s„jk $t Y$R {sR‚ oI ] ] h0 $R {B8}j‚‚jk ZR‚j‚RR PB„ }Bj${k }Z„}BR‚R yt 3$Z„‚
1 oI ] ] h0 $R j‚RR %Bjs$j‚ R$t{‚ 
 $R R8sjj‚„ yt Ps{ P„B8 wn;D $ {st A‚ R‚‚t Ys sR

 ‚tIR B 9‚„B oI ;0 IB‚R j$,‚b$R‚ stI Y‚t{‚ oI ]] h0 {Bt%‚„‚R Bt t] h0  &0 
qY$R YBb‚%‚„ $R `ZR s „‚RZj BP Y‚ Ps{ Ys bY‚t 
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sjRB ‚JZsj 9‚„B ]j‚s„jk Y‚ sRRZ8}$Bt BP ‚B8‚„${sjjk I‚{j$t$t „‚{‚$}R A‚{B8‚R
Zt‚tsAj‚ bY‚t 
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sj8BR {B8}j‚‚jk I‚}j‚‚I e%‚t $t 3$Z„‚ 1 oI ] ]h0 $R BB %Bjs$j‚ B A‚ BP 8Z{Y
ZR‚ PB„ }Bj${k }Z„}BR‚R

       ytR‚„ 3$Z„‚ d <‚„‚
       ytR‚„ 3$Z„‚ 1 <‚„‚

       qY‚ %Bjs$j$k BP oI ] ] h0 $R sjRB I‚}‚tI‚t Bt Y‚ $t‚„‚R „s‚ „ yt }s„${Zjs„ sR
„ PsjjR oI ] ] h0 A‚{B8‚R ‚%‚t 8B„‚ %Bjs$j‚ 3B„ ‚-s8}j‚ bY‚t „ ) (3(d stI 
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oI ] ] h0 s{Zsjjk A‚{B8‚R t‚s$%‚ $t dME sR s „‚RZj BP Y‚ {Bjjs}R‚ $t Y‚ }„${‚ BP
       qY‚ A‚R 8‚sRZ„‚ BP WW_ $t ABY 3$Z„‚R $R }„B%$I‚I Ak Y‚ odE ]] h0 R‚„$‚R
R$t{‚ $ 8s,‚R ZR‚ BP Y‚ 8BR $tPB„8s$Bt V{{B„I$t B Y‚ odE ]] h0 R‚„$‚R 8BR
BP Y‚ I‚}j‚$Bt BP WB„Y 7‚s !$j B{{Z„„‚I A‚b‚‚t dM( stI dMx qY$R $R A‚{sZR‚ Y$R
$R Y‚ }‚„$BI IZ„$t bY${Y B$j }„${‚R }‚s,‚I stI Y‚t{‚ „‚{‚$}R b‚„‚ Y$Y‚R
       y $R sjRB $t‚„‚R$t B {BtR$I‚„ Y‚ $8}s{ BP WB„Y 7‚s !$j Bt     „$s$t:R s%‚„s‚
„BbY „s‚ A‚b‚‚t dE stI dx qY‚ s%‚„s‚ sttZsj „BbY „s‚ BP pW_ B%‚„ Y$R
}‚„$BI /wt]h D ‚-}„‚RR‚I sR s }‚„{‚ts‚ $R {sj{Zjs‚I sR PBjjBbRU
                                            lw              Wdbd     M
                                                 t] hdx
                           /wt]h D ) d((                            d 3                 wnED
                                                 t] hdE
V%‚„s‚ „BbY „s‚R PB„ WW_ s„‚ {sj{Zjs‚I $t st stsjBBZR 8stt‚„ qY‚ „‚RZjR s„‚
RYBbt $t qsAj‚ ; V {B8}s„$RBt BP /wt] h0D stI /wodE ]] h0D „‚%‚sjR Ys s{{BZt$t
PB„ Y‚ I‚}j‚$Bt BP WB„Y 7‚s !$j „‚IZ{‚R Y‚ s%‚„s‚ sttZsj „‚sj „BbY „s‚ A‚b‚‚t
dE stI dx P„B8 1(0 B sABZ dn0 VjYBZY Y$R 8sk RBZtI R8sjj s $R }‚s,
$t dM; sttZsj I‚}j‚$Bt BP WB„Y 7‚s !$j ‚JZsjj‚I sABZ 1( A$jj$Bt d( }BZtIR qsAj‚
; sjRB RYBbR Y‚ $8}s{ BP Y‚ js„‚ Psjj $t Y‚ }„${‚ BP B$j $t dME Bt 8‚sRZ„‚I „BbY
$t dMx\E V{{B„I$t B Y‚ oI ] ]h0 PB„8Zjs „$s$t ‚-}‚„$‚t{‚I s YZ‚ Psjj $t WW_
yt {Bt„sR s{{B„I$t B Y‚ o0Ld] ]h0 stI odE] ]h0 PB„8Zjs‚ WW_ s{Zsjjk „BR‚
PsR‚„ IZ„$t Y$R }‚„$BI Yst pW_ qY$R $R A‚{sZR‚ Bt{‚ Y‚ }„${‚ BP B$j {Bjjs}R‚I

tB„Y R‚s B$j „‚%‚tZ‚ stI I‚}j‚$Bt I$I j$,‚b$R‚ qY‚„‚PB„‚ Y‚ s} A‚b‚‚t pW_ stI
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dn   nn    TEx     nn     1d         xx;dd      x;n1;d      x;;xdM xxd((
d;   nMx;    TM;x     ;;;d     n;         xMxxx      x1E;(      xnnn; xM(n;
dx   nME(    TE1E     ;;     ;;         E((1      xMx(;      xMx(; x;xdd

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                             „ ) (3(x „ ) (3(x „ ) (3(x „ ) (3(x
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          /wt] h0D                1(n          1(n       ;En      ;En
          /woI ] ] h0D            dx1          ddn     T;EdM    TdM;n
          /wo0Ld] ] h0 D          1(E          1(;d      ;E(       EE(1
          /woE] ]h0 D            d;x          d1x      M       M

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         dd   1;      dx1       TMx;            (1         En    xx;x
         d1   ;E       nn       TE;            E;(;         EEd    E(E
         dn xx         ;(       TEd(            dE(         nEn    Exn
         d; d1Md       n11M         ;E           d(x1;         1x(    1E
         dx d11;         TM       Td(           EM;;         E;d    End
         dE d1d         TdM        n           E         Mdd    MdxE
         d d;;E       Td11x       1d;            Ex         MEEM    MMM1
         dM dn;;       Tddd       d1n            M;x(         ;;;    xE
         d dnMd       Td1((       dEE            MEx            d(dEx
         dM( 1dEd       TdEnn       xx            xnE        d(1d;   dddE
         dMd 1x(x       Tdxx1      dn;           d(x(n        d((M   d1(xx
         dM1 dE       TddxM       (x           dddE        ddE1(   d1n1x
         dMn 1ddn       TdM1x      d(x           dd(d        ddMx   d1M;1
         dM; 1((       TdEx      d((n           ddxx        d1xd   dnx1(


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Tags: Capital, Gains
Description: Assets sold price is higher than the original purchase cost, the profit is called capital gains. Corresponding capital losses, referring to the assets sold price lower than the original purchase price. Capital gains on sale of assets only be achieved when - unrealized capital gains means that once there is profit potential sale of assets.