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									Google Webmaster Tools

       I covered the process of verifying your site for Google Webmaster Tools. However, you
can do a lot more with the console than simply sitemap submission. For example, you can see
how Googlebot is crawling your site and investigate both your best rankings on Google and
which of those delivers the most clicks. You can also look at the anchor text used in your
inbound links. The service is enhanced on a regular basis and has become an invaluable tool
set for webmasters.

       Under “Diagnostics” you can:

              See when Google last crawled your site.
              See what crawl errors there have been.
              Check your robots.txt file.
              Request a different crawl rate.
              Sign up for the advanced image search function.

Set a www preference for all your URLs (see below). The last item requires a little further
explanation. Some sites mix their use of the URL construction and
http://www. Other sites use these two constructions for different sites. Google
has always struggled to tell the difference and passed Page Rank separately to each. This led
some search engine marketers to recommend using a 301 redirect to point all http:// pages to
http://www, a very inefficient process. Google has added the preference setting to Webmaster
Tools so that you no longer need a 301 redirect. You should set the preferred domain option to
www unless you have a good reason to do otherwise. Under “Statistics” you can see:

      The Page Rank distribution of all your pages in Google.
      Top search queries for your site.
      Top search query clicks.
      Most used text in links to your site.
      Most used text on your pages.

Under “Links” you can see exactly how many inbound links there are to each of your pages in
turn (from the full Google index, rather than just the sample you get from the link: operator). This
is a very valuable tool.

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