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									Google Analytics

       Google Analytics is a superb toolset and is simply a must-have for any webmaster. Its
functionality includes visitor tracking (new and repeat), traffic sources (search engine and
website referrer), visitor location, visitor behavior, visitor trends, and much, much more. The
information is gathered from a simple piece of JavaScript placed near the footer in the HTML of
each of your pages. I will discuss its most relevant functions here, but there is plenty more for
you to explore.

Installing Google Analytics

       Installing Google Analytics is very straightforward. First, visit
and register using your Google account (if you don’t yet have a Google account, see page 187).
Next, enter the URL of the first site you would like to track. Google provides you with a unique
JavaScript code snippet, which you need to place in the template file of your website software or
manually add to each page.

       As soon as the JavaScript is in place tracking begins, and the sheer depth of information
it provides leaves little to be desired. Unlike other free visitor trackers, which often force the use
of annoying and amateurish badges or buttons, Google Analytics simply runs quietly in the
background, gathering the necessary information without any visible signs of its presence.

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