Debtor s Duties Pursuant to Section by AOUSC


									                  UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT
                    MIDDLE DISTRICT OF GEORGIA

In the Matter of:

Administrative Order on Debtor’s
Duties Pursuant to Section 521
of the United States Bankruptcy Code


        WHEREAS 11 U.S.C. Section 521(a) prescribes certain
information that must be filed by the debtor in connection
with the commencement of a bankruptcy case and,
        WHEREAS a debtor’s failure to file the information
required by Section 521(a)(1) within forty-five (45) days of
the date of the filing of the petition will result in
automatic dismissal and,
        WHEREAS the efficient administration of a bankruptcy
case requires that the information required by Section 521
(a)(1) be filed sufficiently in advance of the meeting of
creditors required by Section 341(a),
        IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the debtor when possible
shall file the information upon the commencement of the
case.    If the information is not filed upon the commencement
of the case, the Clerk will notify the debtor and debtor’s
counsel that the missing information shall be filed within
fifteen (15) days.    The notice will provide that unless the
information or a request for hearing is filed within fifteen
(15) days of the date of the notice, the bankruptcy case may
be dismissed by the Court without further notice or hearing.
     IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that this procedure shall apply
to all cases commenced on or after October 17, 2005.
     SO ORDERED this 19th day of October 2005.

               FOR THE COURT

               /s/Robert F. Hershner, Jr.
               Robert F. Hershner, Jr.
               Chief Judge

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