’S                            SECTOR - 47, GURGAON

Date:…………….......                                                                            Form No.: …………..

Applicant (Sole/First)                                            Second Applicant (if any)
Mr./Mrs./M/s______________________                                Mr./Mrs./M/s_______________________
S/W/D of _________________________                                S/W/D of _________________________
Address___________________________                                Address___________________________
_________________________________                                 __________________________________
_________________________________                                 __________________________________
Phone No_________________________                                 Phone No__________________________
Mobile No_________________________                                Mobile No_________________________
Fax_______________________________                                Fax ______________________________
E-mail____________________________                                E-mail____________________________
Residential Status___________________                             Residential Status___________________
PAN_____________________________                                  PAN_____________________________

To,                                                                       First                  Second
BESTECH India Private Limited
3rd Floor, Center Point, A Block
                                                                          Applicant’s            Applicant’s
Sushant Lok – I, Gurgaon                                                  Photo                  Photo
Haryana -122002

Dear Sirs,

I/We request for provisional allotment of an apartment in Park View Spa, Sector - 47, Gurgaon as per the following terms
and conditions:-

     (a) THAT I/We may be provisionally allotted 3 / 4 / 4(premium) bedroom apartment
         of size ______ sq. ft.approx. @ Rs. _____ per Sq. Ft. in the above project and for
         provisional booking thereof I/We are enclosing herewith a Cheque
         No.__________ dated ________ for Rs. ___________/- (Rupees______ lakh
         only) drawn on ______________________________________________ in favor
         of “M/s. Bestech India Private Limited RE A/c” payable at New Delhi/ Gurgaon.
     (b)     THAT the advance being paid by us along with this application would be adjusted against the booking amount
             payable by me/us as and when the final allotment of an apartment is made to us.

     (c)     I/We understand and accept that the first installment falls due 75 days from the date of the cheque/date of
             encashment of the cheque.

     (d)     I/We agree that the company has full and final right to forfeit the booking amount incase I/We am/are unable to
             pay the first installment within 75 days from the date of first installment falls due.

     (e)     I/We agree to pay External Development Charges / Additional Charges / Registration Charges which will be
             extra and over & above the agreed price of the apartment mentioned hereinabove.
        (f)   I/We agree to pay 22.5% of BSP (1st Installment) to the company before applying for a nomination change.

I/We have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:-

i)      The allotment shall be on first come first served basis.
ii)     The final allotment shall be entirely at the discretion of the Company, which has the right to reject any application
        without assigning any reason whatsoever.
iii)    In case of NRI Allottee(s) or foreign national of Indian origin Allottee(s), the provision of F.E.M.A / R.B.I. guidelines
        and any other law, as may be prevailing shall be applicable.
That it is made clear to The Applicant(s)/ Intending Allottee(s) the meaning of super area and its use for the calculation of
sale price and other charges in respect of the said apartment. Company has right to effect suitable and necessary
alterations in the layout plans, as and when required, which may involve all or any of the changes, such as change in the
position of the flat/ unit, increase/ decrease in size of the original area which includes super area, car parking area, etc.,
change in floor-plan layout, change in direction of the apartment, change in its number. In case, government imposes any
ban or changes its import policy on imported marble, then the same would be replaced by Indian marble of similar quality.
If there is any increase/ decrease in the areas, revised price will be applicable in the original rate at which the Applicant/
Intending Allottee(s) booked the flat(s)/ unit(s). The applicant(s) shall have ownership of undivided proportionate share of
the land beneath the said building only.
3. External Development Charges (EDC)
The External Development Charges (EDC) for the external services to be provided by the Haryana Government as per
the present rates are in addition to the sale price of the said Apartment and in case there is any increase or revision in the
same in future, the same shall be payable by the applicant(s)/ Intending Allottee(s} without any delay or demur as and
when demanded by the Company.
5. Preferential Location Charges (PLC)
The Applicant(s) agrees that the preferential location Charges for preferential location (PLC) as described by the company
shall be payable additionally in the manner and within the time as stated in the payment plan. However, the applicant
confirms that if due to any change in the layout /building plan, the said Apartment ceases to be in a preferential location,
the company shall be liable to refund only the amount of PLC paid by the applicant and such be adjusted in the last
installment as stated in the payment plan. The applicant further agrees that in the event, due to any change in the layout
/building plan if the Apartment becomes preferentially located, then the applicant shall be liable to pay additional
Preferential Location Charges as stated in the payment plan.
6. Car Parking
The Applicant(s) / Intending Allottee(s) shall separately pay for TWO reserved / dedicated car parking space allotted to
him/ her/ them for his/ her/ their exclusive use. It is made absolutely clear that reserved / dedicated car parking space
allotted to the Allottee(s) (s) shall not form part of the common area in the said building / complex for the purpose of the
declaration which may be filed by the company under Haryana Apartment Ownership Act 1983, as amended from time to
time. Since the reserved / dedicated car parking space is the integral amenity of the said apartment, the Applicant(s) /
Intending Allottee(s) undertake not to sell / transfer/ sell / deal with the same independent of the said Flat / Space.
I/We the undersigned (Sole/First and Second Applicant) do hereby declare that the above mentioned
particulars/information given by me/us is true and correct and nothing has been concealed there from.
                                                                                                      Yours Faithfully,

      Date: ______________                                                    (Second Applicant)                (First Applicant)
      Place: ______________
                                         BOOKING AGENCY
                                      (Booked through Agent / Direct)

______________ _______________________________________________________________________
Agent’s Seal and Signature

                                         FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
   Unit No. Allotted _________________
   1.   BSP______ per Sq. Ft.
   2.   EDC______ per Sq. Ft.
   3.   PLC ______ per Sq. Ft.
   4.   Car Parking ___ Covered / ___ Open : ____________________
   5.   Club Membership __________________
   6.   Interest Bearing Maintenance Security (IBMS):________________
                                                                        (AUTHORIZED SIGNATORY)

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