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									The Basics of Building a Million Dollar Financial Services Practice
To become a million dollar producer is a milestone less than 1% of all financial advisors
and insurance agents will ever accomplish. Amazingly, when you look at many million
dollar producers—they seem to be working less and less, while earning exponentially
more than the other 99% of the industry.

The number one problem of all advisors, agents and planners is almost always a
resounding commonality. They don‘t see enough quality appointments. There are a
myriad of reasons for this, but rather than focusing on the problems I will show you the
solutions to seeing more prospects. In fact, I will show you how to improve the quantity
and quality of your prospects with little or no manual labor involved.

Make sure you give the information in this packet some quality attention. I can assure
you I have, do, and always will buy everything and anything that may give me even the
slightest edge in the financial services industry. Most of what I‘ve purchased has been
junk. I know how it feels when you get slighted by a ‗smoke-in-mirrors‘ promise that
doesn‘t deliver. That‘s why I back all of my material with a hard number return on
investment guarantee. If you don‘t like what you‘ve got, just return it for a 100% refund.
I know if you implement, you will succeed. Everything you have I use in my own

When you start making your fortune, please let me know. I love to hear of the success
stories we‘re creating all across the country.

Best of Sales,

Jason R. Wenk (for your success stories!!)

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Project Earn What You‘re Worth™
If you want to earn a Million Dollars per year, you have to stop doing things that don‘t
pay as much as your highest paying activities. Let me walk you through what I‘ve
surmised is the ‗time-value per hour‘ of a million dollar producer:

52 weeks/year
-8 weeks vacation
-1 week holiday (no matter what anyone tells you, my experiences are that no one does
business the last week of the year)

43 working weeks each year
x 40 hours/week
1720 hours

/ 1720 hours
$581.40 per hour

The Most Important Key to Long Term Success:

  Condition yourself to stop All Activities that can be done for
                  LESS than $581 Per Hour

The only business activities we should be doing are:
    Marketing
    Selling
    Cashing Checks

To determine what your time is worth in your practice, just plug into the following

How much time does it take for you to get a new client?

How much revenue do you generate from each new client?

Example – 6 one hour appointment + 1 hour of planning / $7,500 revenue = $1,072 per

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Million Dollar Habit Number 1

In order to make the really big money in this business, you absolutely, positively need a
super-powerful automated marketing system.

You need to be generating high quality leads
Generating high quality referrals
Hosting Seminars (a must to effectively leverage your time)

This all probably sounds like a ton of work, but it‘s not with my automated Monster
Marketing System.

Before I get into how to use the tools that accompanied this package, let‘s get one thing
put to bed early.

Most Marketing of Financial Services Sucks!!!

If you don‘t believe me, just look in your local phone book. Or Money, The Wall Street
Journal, Kiplinger‘s, Etc...

The recurring theme is either how great the company is, or what products they offer.
What the idiots at the companies running such ads don‘t realize is that people like to buy
products, but they don‘t like to be sold them. And people don‘t really care about how
great your company is, they want to know what you can do for them.

So in order to market wisely, you always need to include the following scientific formula
that I‘ve shamelessly borrowed from one of the greatest copyrighters of all time, Claude

   1. Who Should Respond?
   2. Compelling, Non-threatening Offer
   3. How Should They Respond?

If you look at some of the pieces on the Monster Marketing Materials Disk, you‘ll notice
they all follow that simple scientific formula. On the next page is one of my lead
generating pieces as an example.

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Recently published free report reveals…
―Mutual Fund Secrets Your Money Manager
Doesn‘t Want Published‖
Chicago, IL – Thousands of mutual fund holders own mutual funds without ever learning
these seldom heard, mutual fund facts. If you‘re a mutual fund owner with over
$200,000 invested, you should not only request this report immediately, but you should
scour it with care the second it arrives in your mailbox. In this report you will learn:
     What you get for the management fees you pay your mutual fund company – even
        ‗no-load‘ funds have these fees that according to the Wall Street Journal average
        1.61% per year
     Why, according to John Bogle (founder of Vanguard) most managed mutual
        funds fail to beat the market averages
     The 2 Little-Know, hidden costs of many funds that can nearly triple the cost of
        owning them
     How many investors can use a simple, 3 step process, to fire their money manager
        and pocket all of those ridiculous fees for themselves. You don‘t need to be a
        Wall Street pro to do this, but your friends may think you are when they see your
This report is available by calling a Free Recorded Message Line. There will be no
salesperson on the other line, no one will ever call you trying to sell something, and the
request is 100% confidential GUARANTEED. The number is 1-888-888-8888, ext. 123.
All you need to do is leave your name and address at the tone and you will receive your
report within 5 business days. If you‘d like to get your report instantly, you can also
request it online by visiting

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As you can see, it follows the scientific example of:

Who Should Respond? Mutual Fund investors with over $200,000
Compelling, Non-threatening Offer. – Free Report; no sales person will ever bother them.
How Should they Respond? – Free recorded message or online.

This is what‘s called a ‗message to market match‘.

If you can describe you ideal client, you can easily develop a marketing campaign around
it. On the Marketing disc included with this folder you‘ll find a huge compilation of the
lead generation pieces along with the free reports that go along with them.

For a detailed explanation of how to use the reports,
along with how to automate the entire lead capturing
and follow up, refer to the ‗Auto-Pilot Marketing and
Lead Generation Audio‘ in the front of the binder.

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Vendors I use to Automate My Marketing

Toll Free Numbers:
     Freedom Voice Systems –

Lead Capturing Website and Autoresponders:
    Implix -- and

Contact Management and Auto-Report Generation:
    Goldmine Corporate Edition –

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The Magic Formula to Free Reports:

  1. Information on the topic advertised
  2. Outline the problem
  3. Agitate the Problem
  4. Offer Solution
       a. Appointment with you (not advised—isn‘t a
          non-threatening offer)
       b. Free Seminar to get the full solution in total

How to get 35-50% of your Free Reports to your
    3 Weeks Prior to Seminar -- Mail Seminar Letter
   W/ Seminar Flyer (consider bank bag or other
   unique delivery method)
    2 Weeks Prior to Seminar -- Jumbo Postcard
    1 Week Prior -- 3‖ x 5‖ Postcard Reminder
    1 Week Prior – Voice Broadcast (see Freedom
   Voice Systems for instructions)

Using these proprietary steps you will supplement your
seminar attendance with amazing qualified, AAA
prospects and easily tap into the 60%+ of seminar
prospects who will never respond to a traditional
seminar marketing approach.

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The Ultimate Traditional Seminar Marketing Ad
I use Presort Services to purchase lists, print my invitations, secure the lowest postage
costs available, and deliver my mail to the local post office. They are one of the largest
and most sophisticated mail houses in the country and drop over 1 million pieces of mail
on a daily basis.

You can get more information on their services by visiting
My contact is Theresa Peterlein and she would be glad to assist you in preparing your
mailings. I‘ve found their prices to be bar none the most competitive and their service to
be impeccable.

A winning invitation needs all of the same components as our lead generating pieces:
   1. Who Should Respond
   2. Non-threatening Offer
   3. How Should They Respond

However, it should also have the following:
  1. A grabber – Something that will spark your ideal prospects attention
  2. Premiums – A little something extra that will boost your response for peanuts

You‘ll notice my invitation has all 5.

It also is a tri-fold self mailer so its total cost per invitation is less than .30 each. My beta
testing across the country reveals an average response rate of .8%. Now before you laugh
that off, consider this:

8,000 piece mailing = $2,400
64 households = $37.50 cost per Household

There is no invitation in the country that can hold a candle to
that ratio on a National Level.

See insert for actual seminar invitation
It is also on c.d. to be modified per your compliance dept or general agent.

Important Note: My complete seminar systems has been
approved by dozens of broker/dealers – if yours has a problem,
you really should look for a new b/d.

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Time Tested Premiums That Work

I‘ve offered a ton of different premiums to help boost the response to my seminars. Here
are the three that work the best:

   1. 19‖ Color Flat Screen TV – These can now be purchased
      for around $100 and will always drop the jaws of your
      attendees when you hand one out at the conclusion of
      your seminar.
   2. Companion Airline Ticket – These are the real deal. You
      buy one airline ticket and get a second for free, with up to
      a $400.00 value. You can buy these for $12.50 each and I
      usually give them to the first 10-20 reservations that come
      to the seminar. Do a Google or Yahoo search for
      companion airline tickets to find vouchers for popular
      airlines in your area.
   3. Financial Book Collection – I will give away two popular
      books by well recognized financial authorities. You can
      pick up soft-cover copies for between $9-$15. I also give
      away the electronic copy of my book to everyone who
      comes in to my office for a ‗Map for Retirement‘. (Which
      can be purchased separately from this system copyright
      free for your use. Be a financial author overnight at the
      lowest cost on the planet. Contact Joshua Ford at our
      office if interested.)

You can add any one or all of these at your next seminar for less than $300. This is the
best money you will ever spend because our testing has shown that with these offers you
will always get 15-25% more response from your mailing, which translates into at least 5
additional appointments.

Remember, if you‘ve properly identified who should be coming in the first place, you
don‘t have to worry about dead-weight showing up at your seminars just for the freebies.

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Stop Asking for Referrals Right Now!

When it comes to asking for referrals, everything you‘ve heard is dead-wrong. The types
of prospects you want to meet are not the ones you get with the ‗I get paid in two
ways…‘ approach. Wealthy clients do not want to feel to blame if you blow up their
friend‘s retirement portfolios. Referrals should be obtained and worked slowly. There‘s
a saying from the south that says:

If you want to boil a frog, you must boil a frog slow.

Now, I don‘t know why you would ever want to boil a frog, but the adage basically states
that if you throw a frog into a boiling pot—it will immediately jump out. So when you
prospect for and get referrals, the same cliché should be applied. Follow this sequence
for getting a ton of referrals.

   1. 3 Months after you get a new client send them the new client referral letter on the
      marketing materials cd.
   2. In the monthly newsletter attached in the same cd, you‘ll notice the financial trivia
      contest referrals must come along with the entry for the raffle.
   3. Prior to each client review meeting, send the Review Meeting Letter in the
      enclosed cd. In addition to preparing your clients for their review meeting, it asks
      for people your current clients think should get your e-newsletter.

Each of these activities are slow moving, non-threatening offers. All of them assure that
all referrals will never be called and cost next to nothing to implement. They assure your
positioning is as the trusted advisor and will build your million-dollar mailing list in very
short order.

All of this is positioning. As soon as you give up positioning by begging for referrals you
instantly lose the respect of the people you‘re asking.

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Key Points of an Automated, High Powered, Mega Response
Marketing System

     Most financial marketing stinks with a capital ―S‖
     Lead generating to generate ideal prospects is an absolutely integral part to
      building a million dollar practice and diversifying your marketing approach
      for maximum response
     Most advisor either kill their leads early, or give up too soon
     Automated technology is the only way to make your marketing run on
     When marketing, the most fatal error is boring your material right into the
      trash bin
     You can almost never over-contact a client or prospect as long as the contact
      is values based (valuable to the client)
     Asking for referrals directly positions you as a financial sales person rather
      than a trusted advisor
     Remember to always ‗boil the frog slow‘
     Never initiate contact with a prospective client
     Image ads and websites are not effective from a marketing standpoint
     All marketing should be designed to capture information

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Hosting and Presenting the Number 1 Seminar System
Just so you know, I‘ve bought every financial seminar system there is. I‘ve used most of
them. Before you pigeon-hole this system as just another system, know that this seminar
system has far-and-away outperformed every seminar system I‘ve ever seen. Don‘t re-
invent the wheel. I‘ve already spent over $200,000 of my own cash perfecting this
system. Save yourself the cash and use what I know works.


When selecting the perfect location for your event realize that there isn‘t such thing as a
perfect location. You know your area better than I do, and every locale has places that
will work better than others. I rotate my seminars between two locations. One is a high-
end Hotel and Conference center owned and operated by the most expensive private
college in West Michigan, the other is the private Country Club I personally belong to.
Many so-called experts will say these venues are not ideal for seminars, but I will tell you
they are far better than any others in my area.

Other venues I‘ve tested with great success are upper-end restaurants that have private
dining rooms and have been around along time. I‘ve also used a botanical garden and
conference center that is rather high-end and everyone in town is familiar with. Basically
the key is to choose a location that will make people you don‘t want in your seminar feel
a little un-comfortable. Also, stay away from chain restaurants and chain hotels. These
places definitely don‘t pass my smell test and will ruin your positioning.

A great way to find an ideal venue is to visit the websites of the places I‘ve found to work
well. They are as follows:
    – boutique, local hotel
    – well-known, 30 year old private Country Club
    – well-known, upper-end restaurant with private banquet room
    – local attraction, high-end conference center

Stay away from:
    Chain hotels
    Chain restaurants
    Conference only centers
    Low-end restaurants/hotels

To Feed or Not to Feed

I always feed my attendees. I also refuse to argue whether or not to feed attendees. This
should be a no-brainer, but if your invitation is advertising a free dinner as one of the
main selling points and not pre-qualifying the attendees with an asset minimum, you will
get plate-lickers. My seminar will not do that. The meal is purely for positioning. When
it‘s only brought up is when your tickets are mailed out to respondents, it now serves as

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only a specific reason for your prospects to call in when they need to modify or cancel
their reservation.

Trust me; I‘ve tested this all over the country: Your seminar will be far more profitable
by spending an extra $15-20 on the folks who attend your seminar. As a side note, you
should be able to negotiate a no-charge room rental when you spend $1,000 or more on
food. In the hospitality business the event will be far more profitable for the venue and
their staff when you‘re feeding the guests and make sure they know you know that.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Dinner seminars are by far the most successful. Lunches are worst, and late breakfasts
are in the middle. Most of your prospects will find the ideal time to attend your event
will be at 4:30pm, with a dinner served at 6:00pm. This ensures folks who still work can
attend, and folks who don‘t like to drive at night will be home before the sun goes down.

Single Session or Multi-Session

Single Session seminars are the only way to go, period! It makes me cringe to think of
spending 6 hours in a week over the course of three days to host seminars. The end result
is always the same. Remember the $581 per hour? Well I can assure you that doing
multi-session seminars is a huge waste of time.

The only reason a seminar marketer will advocate multi-session seminars is because
they can‘t fill your room on one day.

As a side note, I can also tell you that you will definitely get more appointments when a
single room is bursting at the seams. The notion that a small room is more personable
and allows you to connect with prospects is a load of crap. Again, the advocates of this
approach simply can‘t fill a large room. If you want to have a schedule that is completely
full of appointments and ensure that you‘re time is always worth a bare minimum of
$581/hour, all you need to do is run this seminar system every 6 weeks. You will spend
only 25% of the time as other seminar systems and will be getting the ‗cream-at-the-top‘
of seminar prospects.

Tuesday is the Ideal Day for Seminars

Tuesday events allow for confirmation calls on Monday, and three days to get all of your
appointments scheduled before the weekend. Wednesday‘s are DEAD because a large
number of your ideal prospects will have mid-week religious services and Thursdays
should be avoided at all costs because it allows only one day to nail down your
appointments. Once the weekend has come and gone, so does the probability of getting
your appointments on the book.

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Trying to Schedule Appointments at the Event – The Kiss of Death!

I used to have my assistant book seminars right at the seminar. Many producers to this
very successfully as I did for about six months. However, here‘s what will happen to
every producer who does this…it‘s inevitable: You will close the event, everything will
be on cue, then the crowd doesn‘t gravitate to your appointment setter. Once this
happens you‘re dead in the water. It‘s likely that at least half of your room wants to, but
if the flow is slow all your prospects can think is ―what do these other people know that I
don‘t, maybe I shouldn‘t see this guy/gal after all.‖ And that‘s it; you‘ve just created a 6
week lapse in new business. It can literally derail just about any seminar and simply isn‘t
worth it.

At the end of the day, you shouldn‘t be scheduling your own appointments anyway; it‘s
not a $581 activity. If you‘re presentation is done by standing behind a podium, with no
personality at all, reading from a set script – word for word, you‘ll still get at least 40%
appointments and have a mega-successful seminar. Once you get good, 60-75% will be
routine. So why take the risk of getting less than 5%. It‘s not worth it, don‘t listen to
those who advocate it, they‘ll be eating their words sooner or later.

To see how to get appointments the right way, just watch the DVD of me. I‘m a twenty-
something, baby faced, average at best public speaker. If I can do it, anyone can. If
you‘re 35 years of age or older, this should be a drop in the bucket.

Educate vs. Motivate

Never educate your prospects. All it does is help their current advisors make more
money. There is a simple formula that should be followed in your presentation that is the
same as your report writing:

      Identify problem
      Agitate problem
      Offer solution

This is so easy my 5 year old could do it! As you look through the slides, speakers notes,
and watch the DVD – you‘ll notice this is all I do. The only time education takes place,
is during the agitation phase. After identifying the problem, you agitate it with the facts.
The solution will always be the same. The ideal outcome. You don‘t tell them how to
get the outcome; you simply explain to them that if you make a detailed suggestion
you‘re liable if they mess it up. Watch the DVD and you‘ll see how I do this. It works

Never Ask for an Appointment at Your Seminars

When you watch the DVD of my seminar you‘ll see exactly how I do this. I let people
know right away that I host these events as a public service, and that I‘d be lying if I
didn‘t think some folks might want to work with me as a result. However, nothing is for

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sale, no specific products are mentioned or offered, and when we‘re finished there are no
strings attached.

As we go through each topic, some folks may see how the topics apply to them. If they
want to get a detailed report that identifies each topic, as well as a number of other money
saving opportunities could benefit them, they will have an opportunity to at the
conclusion of the event. I let them know that the report, like the event they‘re at that day,
has no cost and no strings attached. It‘s hard to describe in writing, so watch the DVD,
you‘ll see exactly what I mean.

The key to using this process is the ‗switch‘ that‘s done at the end of the seminar. When
we hand out our evaluation forms I let people know that in order to process their report
my assistant will need to schedule a free meeting at my office so I can better understand
each person‘s individual needs. Just like a doctor would. Nothing is for sale at the
meeting and there is no obligation for them or for me.

This method works because it fits our ‗system‘. We‘re making a non-threatening offer,
attached with a premium (a copy of my book). As always, systems work. A seminar
presentation should be a system just like the marketing, and just like the sales process—
as you‘ll learn later in this packet.

To Summarize Seminar Content:

      Always address attendee expectations

      Anticipate objections and overcome

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It‘s Not What You Say but How You Say It

The verbiage used when presenting a message to a prospect could literally destroy the
impact all together. As soon as you lose your positioning by saying an industry term that
turns off a prospect, you may as well be cussing out their mother or relaying to them in
exquisite detail your venture to make-out hill with their little sister.

Refer to the following when relaying concepts to your potential clients and clients alike:

Avoid                         Instead Use

Annuity                       Tax Deferred Accumulation Account

Policy                        Contract or Agreement

Mutual Fund                   Managed Account

Immediate Annuity             Guaranteed Income Account

Irrevocable Life
Insurance Trust               Wealth Replacement Trust

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Million Dollar Habit Number 2

Appointment and Sales Presentation Strategies – Creating Trust and Closing the
Deal with Ease.

In order to reach the pinnacle of success in the financial services business, you need to
become a natural closer. What I mean by that is simple: You have to get clients to want
to do business with you without pushing them in the slightest. The moment you push, the
trusted advisor montage has been thrown out the window. All of the positioning you‘ve
worked so hard to create, quite literally, means absolutely nothing.

So here‘s a few easy fixes and starting points to maintain your positioning:

   1. Do your meetings in your office. This should almost go without saying,
      but people who still believe that all of the important decisions happen at the
      kitchen table should be shot-dead. NO OTHER TRUSTED ADVISORS GO TO
      THEIR CLIENTS HOME. It‘s almost embarrassing to me to have to be so
      adamant about this, but really, some folks just don‘t get this. What group would
      you rather be lumped with: sewage guy, plumber, carpet cleaner guy, lawn
      maintenance crew; or, CPA, Lawyer, Doctor, etc. If you‘re new to the business
      and can‘t afford an office, please make it a top priority. In many areas you can
      start out with an office suite with a shared secretary for a few hundred dollars a
      month. One new client a year will more than pay for that expense. Once you can
      afford or if you currently can afford an office but don‘t have one, consider the
      following layout. On the next page is the layout of my office. It‘s in a
      Professional building with a couple of Dentists, a Lawyer, a Chiropractor and is a
      storefront style building with just one floor (each suite has its own entrance from
   2. Charge Fees for Your Time. This is a tough pill to swallow for many advisors.
      But, the reality is, no other trusted advisors work for free. So if you want to
      maximize the value of your time make sure your only spending it with fee paying
      customers. If you are not licensed to charge fees you can still create good
      positioning with an engagement letter. An engagement letter is just a tool that
      commits a prospect to your process and will eliminate tire-kickers and those who
      will never work with you anyway. In a moment I‘ll walk you through my
      appointment processes and some key language you should always use in
      appointments, but for now, know this: You have to be perceived as someone
      whose time is valuable to be a trusted advisor. With the right marketing in place
      this is an absolute breeze because you will have one appointment after another
      and that demand for your time will force you into using fees to combat the ‗Time
      Vampires‘ out there suck the value out of your day one appointment at a time.

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Sample Engagement Letter – can be found on Marketing Material Disk

                             Investment Advisory Agreement
This agreement is made this _______ day of _____________, 200__, by and between
XYZ Wealth Management, LLC hereinafter referred to as the ―Company‖, a Michigan
LLC having its principal place of business located at 7610 Cottonwood Drive, Suite 109,
Jenison, MI 49428, and the client, whose name and address are listed below (hereinafter
referred to as the ―Client‖)

Client                  Name: ________________________________________

                        Address: ______________________________________


Client engages the company to provide current and/or ongoing financial advice. Client
agrees to the following fees for services performed:

         3 hours of consultation, plus additional preparation and research time for a flat fee
         of $395.
         Initial Deposit:       $0.00

Company shall not be compensated on the basis of a share of capital gains upon or capital
appreciation of the funds or any portion of the funds of the client.

Subsequent invoices for service rendered will be provided to Client by the Company. All
checks in payment of fee must be made payable to XYZ Wealth Management, LLC.

The Company makes the following guarantee to the Client:

60 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee – Client, at anytime during the first 60
days from the date of this agreement, may for any reason, cancel the service with a no
questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. Simply notify and return the materials
received to date to Company to refund all monies paid to date.

Client ____________________________

Client ____________________________

Date _____________________________

Your investment advisor representative of XYZ Wealth Management, LLC is Jason R.

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Sample Office Layout

         Kitchen                Admin. Location                      Reception Area

       Bath                                                                       Entrance

      Ass‘t office               My office                           Meeting room

Total space: 1,150 square feet office space, 100 square feet storage space (in basement)

I know this is crude, but you should get the idea. Prospects come in, wait in the reception
area, my assistant greets them and has them take a seat in the meeting room, makes sure
they‘ve brought everything I require, and I only go in if I know they are prepared. We
always have fresh lemonade, fresh coffee, and fresh baked cookies Tuesday – Thursday.

So just think of the office setup as sort of a show. You don‘t want anything out of place,
everything is rehearsed, everything is done the same and becomes routine.

This is called systematizing the flow through your office. If you can create a system for
everything you do or is being done for you, it will never fail. Don‘t change things
everyday. It makes it difficult for your staff to keep up, you‘re not as sharp and your
prospects may get confused.

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Guarantee Everything Your Compliance Department will allow!

Some advisors will never be able to do this, simply because their compliance officers are
maybe a little overprotective or unaware of how to effectively and appropriately use
guarantees. However, if permissible, or if you‘re a fixed-business only (non-securities
licensed) you should be using guarantees for everything!

Take the initial meeting itself for example. Remember we call this a The MAP for
Retirement Report, and really it‘s a verbal report outlining probable tax and investment
savings for your prospects. So if you really want to get more appointment and improve
your positioning, guarantee its value. You could use the following coupon as an

 The Map for Retirement
 Report Guarantee:
 If after receiving the one hour Map for Retirement Report, you honestly feel you‘ve
 not identified tax savings or financial benefit of at least $5,000 – We‘ll cheerfully pay
 you $100.00 for wasting your time.

                                With Regards,

                                Jason R. Wenk

You may also remember how I guarantee no one will bother the caller when they request
tickets or a free report. Or, how I guarantee there will never be a sales presentation – for
both the seminar and the free Map for Retirement Meeting.

If you can guarantee it, do it, it will only increase your response and improve your

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The 5 Step, Catch-all-the-Assets™ Appointment Process

As you may have already surmised, I have reduced my entire marketing and sales process
into a neatly packaged system. Over the past few years my testing has shown that a 5
appointment process will allow you to get maximum value from each new client and
maximum value for your time. Before you get concerned with doing so many
appointments for each new client keep in mind they only get two freebies. After a second
meeting they either need to be paying you a fee for your time or have signed an
engagement letter stating they are interested in becoming clients as long as you‘re able to
do for them what you‘ve proposed in the second meeting. An outline of each meeting is

   1. Meeting One: This may be the most important contact you make with a
      prospective client so make sure you‘re at your best. The objective of this meeting
      isn‘t to close the deal. The only objective is to see if you‘re willing to work with
      the prospect and set a second appointment. I always start each meeting with a
      new prospect something like this: ―Thank you for coming in. Before we get
      started I just want you to know that because everyone we meet is different, there
      is no set agenda or format for this meeting. Rather, we‘d just like to learn a little
      about you and answer any questions you may have for us. By the time you leave
      today I should be able to identify any areas of improvement or potential problems
      with your current financial situation. Fair enough?‖

       The key to that introduction is to help them get their guard down. There really is
       no sales pitch and I want them to know that right off the bat. I‘ll continue to ask
       them if they have any questions about my firm or me and answer those before we
       get into their finances. Often times it will take about 10-15 minutes before we
       ever get into their financial situation at all. Once their guard is down a little, I‘ll
       proceed to ask if they have any specific financial questions they want to make
       sure we cover at this meeting so I can write them down and make sure we get to
       them before their hour is up.

       Also, at this meeting they must have their Personal and Financial Profile
       (included on the marketing materials disc) filled out and I review it one page at a
       time to learn more about their expectations and goals. There is also a balance
       sheet and income statement so I can get a gauge if the prospect fits my ‗ideal
       client‘ profile. Assuming they do, I will then look over the prospects investment
       statements and tax return looking for areas that concern me. It is important that
       you don‘t tear apart their current portfolio at this time, but rather ask questions to
       get the prospect thinking about why they work with their current advisor
       altogether. For example, if they have a bunch of taxable bonds and mutual funds,
       ask them why they didn‘t use tax free or tax deferred investments. If they have an
       old Variable Annuity that hasn‘t made them any money, I might ask why they
       didn‘t choose a guaranteed annuity that cannot principal or gains. If they have a
       trust that isn‘t funded I ask why. If they need more income but have all growth
       investments I might ask why they‘ve chosen growth investments. If they have

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   distributions coming out of growth investments on a pro-rata distribution method
   I would explain how investments are a lot like building tools and how you can
   pound a screw into a wall with a hammer, but it‘s not the most efficient way to get
   the job done. Then ask why they are using growth investments to provide income
   when that‘s not what their designed for. If they own mutual funds that are all
   from the same company (or worse yet, proprietary) I might inquire why they
   aren‘t more diversified.

   This type of questioning will really get your prospects thinking and questioning
   why they or their advisor isn‘t doing these things. The list of questions could go
   on and on. There is an audio of my going over how to ask these types of
   questions enclosed, so make sure you listen to it to get the jest of how to ask them
   the right way.

   When I‘m finished questioning their current investments I finish the initial
   appointment in this way.

   ―If I ran some reports on your current investments and found they were
   significantly underperforming the averages, would you be open to doing
   something different?‖

   Or, if it‘s taxes that are their hot button.

   ―If I did a short tax analysis and found there were substantial tax savings
   available, and I mean large tax savings by the way, to you and your family –
   would you be open to doing something different with your tax planning?‖

   If they say no to both of those questions I might ask why that is, and maybe
   they‘d concede they would do something different, but for the most part those two
   questions seal the deal on the very first appointment. If they say no, I wish them
   the best of luck and give them my card if they change their mind and go on to my
   next appointment. If they say yes I‘ll proceed to say:

   ―What I‘d like to do is this: As an extension of this meeting I‘d like to offer one
   additional free meeting so I can accurately outline some of the significance of
   what we‘ve covered today. There won‘t be any sales pitch, however, when we‘re
   finished with that meeting you‘ll know exactly how I could help you and I‘ll let
   you know how much we would charge for our services. This way you can make
   an educated decision on whether or not you‘d like to engage in our services.‖

   This, for those in the know, if called the Closers Formula. It‘s simple and it‘s
   effective. Just fill in the blanks. If I ____________ Would you be open to doing
   something differently?

2. At the second appointment you should already know what it is that will make
   your prospective move their assets to you. During this meeting all you need to do

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is agitate and offer a solution. When offering a solution remember to motivate
rather than educate. If this all sounds familiar, it‘s because it is. The same
formula that drives motivated prospects to your seminars or to request a free
report, will close your prospects without you ever having to actually ask for the

Now, my senses have taught me when to stop agitating and perform a very
important switch. The switch is when your prospect starts talking about or asking
what they need to do next. This is when you let them finish their thoughts and let
them know what you‘d charge to fix or improve everything you‘ve identified for
them. Don‘t be afraid of a little silence. If you make a statement like: ―As you
can see, I‘ve identified a little over $5,000 in annual tax savings as well as 7
highly underperforming managed accounts and about $1,800 in annual fees that
aren‘t necessary. Now, if you‘d like me to show you exactly how to improve all
of these things it will take three additional appointments and my fee for those
meetings is $395.00. Does it seem reasonable to you to meet three times and
spend $395 to save $6,800 every year?‖

Then shut up. If your prospects have any sense at all, they absolutely must agree
with you. If they are hesitant, make sure they know that your work is 100%
guaranteed and they don‘t have to pay anything until after the third meeting.

The reality is if you have prospects saying no to the one I just mentioned, then
you have serious sales problems. In other words, you will need to work on your
presentation skills by reading some books from the masters. Probably the most
influential book on selling I‘ve read in my career is ―Story Selling for Financial
Advisors‖. If you read it, you‘ll notice a lot of the analogies and stories I tell to
help my clients understand difficult financial strategies come directly from that

The second appointment should be easy. Just remember, don‘t push—if people
need time give it to them. Don‘t ever mention products that you‘d recommend.
Focus only on what concerns your prospects and make sure they know you care.
Honestly, if you don‘t really care, it doesn‘t matter how polished your
presentation is, people will see right through you.

Before you finish this meeting, make sure all of your prospects know exactly what
happens next should they choose to engage in working with your firm. I will
usually finish my second appointments by saying this:

―Assuming you decide to work with my firm, I just want you to know what to
expect next. The first thing you will do is call Cindy to schedule another meeting.
At that meeting all we do is paperwork to transfer assets exactly as they are to my
firm. There aren‘t any specific recommendations made because the first thing we
need to do is take a real inventory of exactly how everything is put together. This
meeting will only take about 45 minutes and once we submit the new account

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   applications it will take between 3-6 weeks for your accounts to transfer. When
   they do Cindy will call to schedule another meeting for us to start making
   suggestions of exactly what can stay as it is, and what should really be changed.
   Assuming you like what you hear, we will make all of the necessary changes after
   that meeting and schedule another meeting 2-3 weeks later. At the final meeting
   we will have put together a client folder that is pre-tabbed for each of your
   accounts along with some other helpful tools and contacts. I will answer any
   questions you have and tie up any loose ends that may exist. From that point
   forward we meet every 6 months to review your progress and monitor results.
   Any questions on how our process works?‖

   Just so you know, I really do get that long winded, and I do it when I have only 5-
   10 minutes to answer their questions because everyone will have questions. Their
   questions will be the 1 or 2 things that otherwise would have kept them from
   becoming clients had you not done a 2 minute monologue. When done correctly
   this is very powerful.

3. The third meeting is just what I said it would be in the 2nd meeting. We transfer
   brokerage accounts, change representatives on annuities, life, and mutual fund
   accounts, etc. This is very important because it eliminates all of the other cooks
   from the kitchen and gives them absolutely no clue what you intend to do.

   If you‘ve ever lost a large annuity sale, the reason why is because you skipped
   this step. You see, when you‘re moving assets from…let‘s say Merrill Lynch to
   Allianz—the former broker sees‘ that and will call the client to tell him you‘re a
   commission hungry SOB fast enough to make your head spin. Remember, he
   who has the gold makes all the rules—well, the same is true when it comes to
   your prospects assets. Just take those suckers as they are so the current advisor
   cannot ruin the sale for you.

4. Normally when you make recommendations, you get a little resistance. With my
   approach I can‘t remember the last time a client didn‘t do exactly as I suggested.
   And why would they. The truth is by the time someone met with you four times,
   in your office, drank your coffee and eaten your cookies…they‘re committed. As
   long as you‘re doing what‘s right, whatever it is that you recommend should
   easily be taken care of at this meeting.

   The secondary objective at this meeting is the set-up to the ‗slack-adjuster‘
   strategies that have profound impacts on your new clients estate planning. A
   ‗slack-adjuster‘ is the really lucrative piece of a financial plan. It will not be
   something that you can do for all clients but will be applicable to around 20% of
   your new clients. It may be something like letting your clients know that by
   doing so many things right, that it may cause their assets to grow into the ‗estate
   tax zone‘, or the ‗IRA tax time-bomb‘ or other impact of growing their assets
   beyond the scope of what they will ever be able spend in their lifetimes. Almost
   always these will result in large life insurance cases with commission ranging

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        from an extra $5,000 to $150,000. Let them know that you will be working
        through all of their possible scenarios and solutions and will present those at your
        wrap-up 5th meeting.

   5. In the fifth meeting you will want to address any questions and present a new
      client folder for them to keep all of the correspondence and statements they will
      get by virtue of the planning you completed for them. This should only take 15-
      20 minutes and allow you to really get to business on your more affluent client
      ‗slack adjuster strategies‘. For more info on ‗slack adjusters‘ and how they can be
      used to benefit you and your clients refer to the ‗slack adjuster‘ disc in this

The most important thing to remember when you are meeting with potential clients and
clients alike is to show that you genuinely care about them. If you don‘t, you‘re dead in
the water. Also, remember that it‘s nearly impossible to adapt any sales strategy as
though it‘s your own. We all have different personalities and therefore need to adapt our
questions and presentations accordingly. Personality cannot be taught or learned.

If you do nothing other that follow the general layout and objective you will see your
sales improve.

   1.   Fact find
   2.   Agitate, show concern, offer solution
   3.   Gather assets
   4.   Present solutions
   5.   Wrap up the deal and get to the biggest items last

That, my friends is the sales formula of champions. Mess with it and don‘t come crying
to me. I know there are folks who are successful with shorter and longer sales cycles, but
in my testing and consulting with hundreds of agents and advisors all over the country
I‘ve found this formula to be the easiest for both advisors and clients alike, as well as to
be the exact process I use will all of my prospects with tons of success.

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How to get Mutual Fund Investors to Move their Money Under
Your Management with Ease.

When prospective clients come into my office for an initial meeting and I find they have
mutual funds, I will almost always get them as new clients. The reason for this is that
billions of dollars have been invested into mutual funds for all of the wrong reasons.
Most mutual funds suck with a giant   ―S‖
When you meet with these folks you should also be frothing at the mouth, because I‘m
about to show you exactly what you need to do to move this money with no problems,
even if your intent is to turn around and use mutual funds yourself. All you need to do is
show folks why there was no ‗system‘ for how their funds are put together, show what
the real costs of ownership are and why you can easily do much better for far lower cost.

So here are the costs:

      Management fee
      12b-1 fee
      Trading costs
      Tax costs

When you add these up even no-load funds are expensive in your clients eyes. Especially
if you ask them what the total cost is in your first meeting prior to revealing the real costs
in the second meeting. This is why very few mutual fund investors are truly happy with
how their money has grown over the past few years.

To calculate the costs you will need one of the following analysis software packages:

      Morningstar
      Thompson Financial (formerly Weisenberger)

There may be others that I haven‘t used that work as well, however I currently use
Morningstar Advisor Workstation—the king of financial analysis software.

What you will be looking for are the following:

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Management Fee + 12b1 = Expense Ratio of 1.91%

Trading Costs = 155% x 1.2 = 1.8%

Tax Cost = Last Distribution / Current NAV x Tax Bracket
(assume 20%) = .98%
Distribution               .73
NAV                        14.87

Total Cost: 1.91 + 1.81 + .98 = 4.7%

―If I could show you how to get better performance from your
mutual funds at half the cost, would that be of interest to you?‖

You bet it would.

This is where you can pick up some really nice accounts and be
the hero to your clients. This should also be a quick lesson in
one of the target markets all advisors should be going at hard:
Mutual fund owners with at least $100,000 invested.

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Million Dollar Habit Number 3

Proprietary Products and Strategies That Blow Your
Competition Away

By now you should see the value in naming all of the systems and processes you use in
your practice. There are multiple benefits, from the marketing all the through the sales
process and into client service.

The Trade Mark names of some of my proprietary processes can be used by all Advisor
Marketing Systems Members, and are guaranteed to be exclusive to your reserved
territories. If you don‘t like them or have a name you think makes sense in your area, by
all means use it. It‘s incredibly powerful to ask prospects if they‘ve ever had ―XXXX
Tax Reduction Analysis done in the past year by their broker‖ and to have the prospect
stare back at you with a “yeah, like he could do that” look on their face.

Financial Plan – Map for Retirement

Investment Analysis – Independent Portfolio Cost and Performance Report

Tax Analysis – 10 Year Tax Reduction Plan

Life Insurance Review – Estate Plan Tax Reduction and Legacy Plan

Here are some additional names for financial strategies you might suggest

Split Annuity – Lifetime Income Plan
Any Investment – Managed Account
Unit Investment Trusts – Einstein Portfolio System

As you can see, the opportunities are endless and you can get extremely creative so use
your imagination and branding your practice will make you stand out from the crowd in a
major way.

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Creating a Lifetime Income Plan

The lifetime income plan is like the split annuity on steroids. For those who aren‘t
familiar with the split annuity, the basic premise is to leverage a small amount of money
to create a guaranteed income stream for a period like five years, so the larger amount of
money grows to replace the total original amount. It may look like this:

               $20,000 5 year SPIA            $80,000 5 year fixed annuity

5 years later the SPIA is gone and the 5 year fixed has grown back to $100,000

For agents, this works great—for clients, not always.

So what I‘ve done is create an excel spreadsheet that allows me to calculate with some
degree of certainty precisely how much income will be needed from assets over the
clients entire lifetime. It helps them understand that I leave nothing to chance and fits
hand in glove with the idea of investing with a purpose.

Investing with purpose will really set you apart from your competition. The idea is to
determine what your clients will need to accomplish from their savings, then working
backwards into the appropriate product mix. It seems many advisors cannot get this right
so they just push the products into place and hope they work out. The end result is a
rather sloppy financial plan that doesn‘t seem destined to do anything in particular. It‘s

So use this formula instead:

Desired income
- less
fixed income sources
Income needed from assets

If you take a look at the income plan spreadsheet on the CD you‘ll see exactly what I‘m
talking about.

Then just break down the income like this:

Over the next 5 years you‘ll need a total of $47,874
Years 6-10 you‘ll need a total of $56,989
Years 11-15 you‘ll need a total of $64,787

Once you‘ve done this it‘s simple to plug in the appropriate investments. All you have to
do is let your prospects know that when you look at the next five years they will need to
have a short term investment, that‘s guaranteed, and earns at least 2.5%--then they‘re all

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set. So you find the product and voila. It‘s easy. This works particularly well for the 6-
10 year money using equity indexed annuities that allow for a five year payout after five
year deferral. The clients finally see that you‘ve identified their needs prior to the
products and services you sell. If you can get them to agree that the plan itself makes
sense (and it does) then the products become ancillary and you will get zero resistance.

This simple planning method allows me to sell a few million of annuities each year and I
work primarily on a fee basis. The only reason I sell them is they make perfect sense for
many clients who need income and I‘m not willing to risk that it won‘t be there when
they need it.

The secondary benefit to doing this type of planning is that once you‘ve taken care of the
first 10-15 years of retirement income, the balance of assets will likely not be touched.
This is huge for asset based fees and estate planning. If you manage assets for a fee like I
do, there is no way each clients annual value won‘t be triple what is today 15 years from
now. This makes your practice very saleable.

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Monster Planning Cases – Enrich your Clients and You‘re
Soon to Follow!
On the following pages you‘ll see some super simple, highly effective and highly
lucrative cases that you probably have sitting in your client base right now. They won‘t
work for everyone—but when they do, you‘ll know it and you‘ll make a minimum of
$20,000 each time they‘re implemented (which should be every time if you‘re following
my 5 step sales process).

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Using Dormant Home Equity to Create Free Money for Clients
age 70 Plus
Case Study

Client, age 75, $450,000 home owned free of mortgage

Objective: Use home equity to provide free money without using an equity eating
reverse mortgage.

   1. Apply for a medically underwritten lifetime income annuity for $360,000
   2. Apply for a life insurance policy for a $360,000 face amount
   3. Shop for a 30 year interest-only mortgage for $360,000

SPIA creates annual income of:                       $46,368
Life Policy annual premium:                          $15,750
Annual Loan Payment:                                 $21,600
Free Annual Income of:                               $9,018

The best part of this plan is that it allows client to get additional income without using a
reverse mortgage. They keep all of the equity in the house and virtually all of the income
is tax free return of principal with a mortgage interest tax deduction.

This plan works best with folks in their 70‘s who have valuable homes but aren‘t cash

The hypothetical case above would‘ve generated about $22,000 in commissions and a ton
of referrals because of its positively unique nature.

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Take Huge Bond and Municipal Bond Portfolios and Turn
them into Gold Mines for You and Your Clients!
Case Study

Client, Male age 70, $1,500,000 Muni Bond Portfolio averaging 4.75% yield

Objective: Create more guaranteed income and improve estate liquidity while
eliminating interest rate risk.

Current: $1,500,000 asset producing $71,250 of Income

   1. Apply for a medically underwritten lifetime income annuity for $1,500,000
   2. Apply for a life insurance policy for a $1,500,000 face amount

SPIA provides annual income of:                        $160,032
Life Policy annual premium of:                         $ 35,775
Extra Guaranteed Income:                               $53,007

This is like taking candy from a baby. If you run into large bond and muni bond
portfolios from folks in their late 60‘s and older you should always be able to improve the
situation dramatically.

As a side note, if the life policy is held by an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust it will also
have significant tax and liquidity advantages over any bonds. This will be an important
selling point when dealing with folks who have large estates.

The hypothetical case above would‘ve generated about $65,000 in commissions and a ton
of referrals because of its positively unique nature.

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Use Someone Else‘s Money to Make RMD‘s and Taxes a Thing
of the Past on IRA or other Retirement Accounts
Case Study

Client, age 75, $400,000 home owned free of mortgage, $500,000 IRA, Doesn‘t intend
on using IRA during lifetime.

Objective: Use home equity to pay taxes at ZERO net cost to Client, allowing for
total distribution of IRA.

   1.    Take $500,000 distribution from IRA causing $200,000 in taxes
   4.    Apply for a life insurance policy for a $200,000 face amount
   5.    Shop for a 30 year interest-only mortgage for $200,000
   6.    Invest $500,000 into lifetime income plan assuming 8% overall rate of return

Return on $500,000                                    $40,000
Life Policy annual premium:                           $21,085
Annual Loan Payment:                                  $12,000
Free Annual Income of:                                $6,915

The end result is all that really matters with this plan. Show it to your client on an excel
spreadsheet and they cannot argue that it makes total sense.

Client ends up with:
     No RMD
     Way Less in Income Taxes (income can be taken via a SPIA payout for tax
     Still has the $500,000 plus it‘s growth each year
     Can move the entire death benefit outside of the estate for estate tax benefits

Trust me, if you run this side-by-side with RMD tables assuming the same growth rates,
this plan will always win.

The hypothetical case above would‘ve generated about $26,000 in fees and commissions
along with a ton of referrals because of its positively unique nature.

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The Einstein Portfolio System™ – Knock the Sock of Mutual
Funds and Market Indices with a Stock Selection System a 4
Year Old Could Pull Off

With only a series 6 securities license you can participate in the most profitable portfolio
system I‘ve ever stumbled across. You can quite literally eliminate poor market timing
and allowing your clients to get duped into mutual fund shenanigans all too common in
today‘s marketplace.

By the way, here‘s the performance:

1 year –               20.77%
3 year –               12.85%
5 year –               10.18%
10 year –              21.49%
Since 1992 –           19.96%

As you may already be able to conjure, there is no mutual fund on planet Earth that can
hold a candle to this kind of shear performance.

Why do I advocate this type of investing? Well, you give a man a fish…he eats for a
day; teach men to fish…he never goes hungry.

I suppose someone will package this strategy some day and turn it into a managed
account or a mutual fund and make a ton of money. Until that day comes you can use
this precise mix to make your clients a ton of money with their growth investments and
get paid handsomely to do it.

Visit for complete details, but in a nutshell here‘s how you get

Up to 2.45% commission up front with up to 1.45% each year. If you set a client up with
The Lifetime Income Plan™ and know that the growth money won‘t be touched for at
least 10 years, here‘s what that means in dollars:

Start with $100,000, growing at 15% annually:

 Investment    Commission

 $100,000.00   $ 2,450.00

 $115,000.00   $ 1,667.50

 $132,250.00   $ 1,917.63

 $152,087.50   $ 2,205.27

                                          35 of 42
 $174,900.63   $ 2,536.06

 $201,135.72   $ 2,916.47

 $231,306.08   $ 3,353.94

 $266,001.99   $ 3,857.03

 $305,902.29   $ 4,435.58

 $351,787.63   $ 5,100.92

 $404,555.77   $ 5,866.06

 Comp:         $ 36,306.45

Try doing this well for both you and your client with any other approach. Give me a call
if you can find one, but don‘t worry—I won‘t hold my breath for fear of turning blue and
dying a slow death.

You can generate NASD approved proposals in PDF form directly from First Trust
Portfolios, LLP‘s website at I don‘t get any kick-back from them
if you use this approach and only use it because it is hands down the best deal for clients
and advisors I‘ve ever seen.

If you happen to be a Registered Investment Advisor, Investment Advisor
Representative, or use a custodian with Fee-Based Brokerage – you can get this
commission free and wrap your own asset based charge to either raise or lower your
compensation, which will also lower or raise how good your proposals look.

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Million Dollar Habit Number 4

You Absolutely Must Have a Millionaire Mentor to get Ideas
and Feedback to Take Your Business to the Next Level!!!!

Napoleon Hill wrote a phenomenal book year ago titled ―Think and Grow Rich‖ in which
he, among other things, advises at some length the value of surrounding yourself with a
support system of highly successful people to compliment your business.

I‘ve done this myself with contacts both inside and outside the financial services industry
with great success. Some of the folks I‘ve strategic aligned my own practice with

Mike Walters and Brent Enders of USA Financial, a leading insurance/annuity/broker-
dealer marketing organization

Michael Reese, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CSA of Mentor Laureate, a practicing million dollar
producer with fantastic technical knowledge and sales savvy

Michael Reinhart, the #1 life agent for one of the countries largest insurance companies
three years running

Todd Folkert, the owner of a rapidly growing office furniture manufacturer with a Dell
Computer like business model

Jeremy Hickman, JD, a nationally known business and estate planning attorney with
tremendous technical and ethical skills.

I‘m sure you get the idea.

Truth is, you can get access to some of these folks by contacting their companies directly
or indirectly. You may even know some of them yourself. One thing I can promise you:
They‘ve all helped make me a ton of money and shortened my learning curve by miles.

The following four pages contain consulting coupons and will allow you to use my
expertise as one of your Millionaire Mentors. If you get stumped, have an idea and want
my input or are simply struggling with some of the material contained in my system, just
fax in a consulting coupon and my assistant will schedule a half-hour phone consultation
with me (Jason Wenk) directly. No beating around the bush, just straight answers to your

                                         37 of 42
           30 Minute Consultation Coupon ($125.00 Value)
Name:___________________________________ Date:______________________

Years in Financial Services Business:_______________

Office Phone:______________________         Fax:___________________________

Mobile Phone:______________________

Securities Licensed:   Yes     No

Nature of Questions: Marketing       Vendors        Staff          Selling

Products      Compliance

Please describe your question or concerns below:

Have a Testimonial You‘d Like to Have Posted on Our Website? Write it here:

Fax to Cynthia Kovalak at 616-667-2218

Cynthia will call to schedule your 30 minute phone consultation at my earliest
convenience. Please be aware that it may take up to 5 business days to reach me directly.

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           30 Minute Consultation Coupon ($125.00 Value)
Name:___________________________________ Date:______________________

Years in Financial Services Business:_______________

Office Phone:______________________         Fax:___________________________

Mobile Phone:______________________

Securities Licensed:   Yes     No

Nature of Questions: Marketing       Vendors        Staff          Selling

Products      Compliance

Please describe your question or concerns below:

Have a Testimonial You‘d Like to Have Posted on Our Website? Write it here:

Fax to Cynthia Kovalak at 616-667-2218

Cynthia will call to schedule your 30 minute phone consultation at my earliest
convenience. Please be aware that it may take up to 5 business days to reach me directly.

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           30 Minute Consultation Coupon ($125.00 Value)
Name:___________________________________ Date:______________________

Years in Financial Services Business:_______________

Office Phone:______________________         Fax:___________________________

Mobile Phone:______________________

Securities Licensed:   Yes     No

Nature of Questions: Marketing       Vendors        Staff          Selling

Products      Compliance

Please describe your question or concerns below:

Have a Testimonial You‘d Like to Have Posted on Our Website? Write it here:

Fax to Cynthia Kovalak at 616-667-2218

Cynthia will call to schedule your 30 minute phone consultation at my earliest
convenience. Please be aware that it may take up to 5 business days to reach me directly.

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           30 Minute Consultation Coupon ($125.00 Value)
Name:___________________________________ Date:______________________

Years in Financial Services Business:_______________

Office Phone:______________________         Fax:___________________________

Mobile Phone:______________________

Securities Licensed:   Yes     No

Nature of Questions: Marketing       Vendors        Staff          Selling

Products      Compliance

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In Closing….
I‘ve found that there are two types of financial services professionals out there:

Income Makers, and
Business Builders

By investing in this system and investing in your business you are well on your way to
being a Business Builder. This is good, if you haven‘t figured that out. Business
Builders almost always make more money, take more time off and service their clients

There is a drawback though.

Early in my career another advisor who started the same year and with the same company
as myself got an offer to join a high producing partnership of multiple advisors. His
income immediately doubled and his job safety was virtually guaranteed. I spent weeks
wondering why something like that couldn‘t happen to me. All I really wanted was to
make $50-60k a year. I wanted safety, security and my idea of success was rather

Don‘t fall into that trap. There will always be another advisor who makes more money
than you do. Sometimes it will be difficult to spend a few thousand dollars a month
marketing your business. But it‘s worth it.

I still keep in touch with the advisor I once envied. He probably makes $70,000 a year.
His job is safe. His wife is happy. Life is predictable. I would be miserable.

Be a business builder. Do what isn‘t widely accepted. Sell the product that‘s best for
your client. Heck, even if two products are the exact same take the one with the lower
commission (just to see how it feels).

I sincerely hope everything I‘ve put together for you will make your business dreams a
reality. If for any reason you think you‘ve been duped, let me know, I‘ll make things
right. May you have the best of success and thank you for investing in the Monster
Production System™.

Best of Sales,

Jason R. Wenk
Advisor Marketing Systems, Ltd.

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