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                      With Operations in nearly 100 countries and           diverse cultures, languages and religious beliefs;
                      territories, we are truly global corporate citizens   it is a core value that we seek to respect the
                      and take our responsibilities to local                cultures of our guests and the rights of our
                      communities seriously. We endeavour to create         staff. We encourage diversity. Discrimination in
                      long-term value for our shareholders by               any shape or form is not tolerated in our
                      building a sustainable business that takes full       workplaces and we strive to motivate and offer
                      account of the environmental and social               career development to all members of our
                      context in which we operate.                          multicultural workforce. High levels of training
                                                                            are on offer to our staff to help us deliver our
We’ve achieved        We regularly monitor our handling of ethical,         promise of excellent service. Training is
                      environmental and social issues. We seek              underpinned by regular communication with
many of our targets   external objective assessment of our                  employees through a variety of channels.
                      performance to identify shortfalls and take           Among the initiatives we actively support are
for 2002, but we’ll   corrective action to improve where necessary.         the ‘Parents at Work Scheme’ and Business in
                      Among the benchmarks we use are the Dow               the Community’s ‘Opportunity Now’ project to
be working even       Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) and               improve opportunities for women. We are also a
                      FTSE4Good, both of which have again included          member of the Employers’ Forum on Disability.
harder in 2003        Six Continents in their indices for 2003. The
                      DJSI World Index positions Six Continents as the      We are proud of our environmental record, but
                      global leader in sustainability for the Restaurant    recognise that there is always more we can do
                      and Lodging Sector. For the fourth consecutive        to improve performance. Our hotels continue to
                      time, Six Continents Retail also gained re-           pioneer a range of innovative schemes to
                      accreditation to Investors in People in 2002.         conserve water and energy and to improve
                                                                            waste management control. Our restaurants,
                      Corporate and social responsibility underpins         pubs and bars businesses are equally focused on
                      our business operations at every level, under         conservation and are taking part in projects to
                      the direction of the Board. Our core values           protect green spaces and to conserve wildlife.
                      include a commitment to behave with integrity,
                      to value and trust the people who work for Six        All parts of our business are active in their local
                      Continents and to respect the communities in          communities and support a wide range of
                      which we operate.                                     charities and causes. Last year we contributed
                                                                            £2.1 million to charities around the world. This
                      These values are enshrined in a Code of               includes a three-year commitment to
                      Business Conduct based on our belief that we          contribute £100,000 a year to UNICEF and
                      cannot succeed in our goal of delivering              £50,000 a year, over the same period, to the UK
                      increasing returns to our shareholders unless we      charity, Victim Support. In the wake of the
                      behave properly at all times. The Code acts as a      terrorist attacks on New York and Washington,
                      guide to members of the Board and all                 we pledged a total of US$1 million to the
                      Company employees and expressly requires              American Red Cross and the September 11
                      that they act with honesty and impartiality in        fund. Our charitable donations take the form of
                      their dealings with all of our stakeholders.          direct funding and in-kind contributions and are
                                                                            calculated using Business in the Community’s
                      We operate in many different countries with           Per Cent Club guidelines.

                      INTRODUCTION BY
                      CHIEF EXECUTIVE TIM CLARKE

                                                 ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY
                                                 Six Continents believes that Corporate and          apply the guidelines of the Association of
                                                 Social Responsibility and sustainable               British Insurers published in autumn 2001. Our
                                                 development issues are important to long-term       Environmental and Social reports are not
                                                 business success, not least because they are        independently verified, but the Company
                                                 vital to the maintenance of productive long-        actively and responsively engages with key
                                                 term relationships with stakeholders. The           stakeholders, and in particular employees,
                                                 Company therefore believes that these issues        shareholders, customers, business partners,
                                                 should form an important part of the Board’s        government and non-government agencies on
                                                 governance of the company and its                   these issues. For example, information on
                                                 relationships with employees, customers and         environment and social responsibility issues is
                                                 other stakeholders.                                 published quarterly in the publication Our
                                                                                                     Planet; stakeholder feedback and debate on
                                                 In reporting on environmental and social            these issues is encouraged, and is taken into
                                                 responsibility issues, Six Continents seeks to      account in shaping future policies.

                                                 OBJECTIVES FOR 2003
Richard North                                    Six Continents Retail                               reduction in CO2 emissions over its 2000/2001
Chief Executive Officer, Six Continents Hotels
                                                 Six Continents Retail will continue its strategy    base level by the end of 2003.
                                                 of focusing on areas where it can achieve a
                                                 significant impact relatively quickly, including:   Six Continents Hotels
                                                 •   building on the successful Valpak scheme        Six Continents Hotels will continue its detailed
                                                     recycling glass bottles. 1,500 houses will      evaluation of A
                                                     operate the scheme by the end of 2003           comprehensive trial across all company
                                                 •   developing its energy management                managed and owned hotels throughout EMEA
                                                     programme and building on the advantages        is planned for early 2003. If appropriate, the
                                                     gained from having a single electricity and     benchmark process will then be rolled out to
                                                     gas supplier. In 2003 this will include         other regions. It is envisaged that hotels with
                                                     installing 30-minute electricity meters into    particularly strong benchmarking expertise will
                                                     the 1,800 pubs and restaurants which            lead the way and develop the process further.
                                                     consume the most electricity. These meters
                                                     will provide real-time consumption data for     Britvic
                                                     electricity management programmes               Britvic’s targets for 2003 are as follows:
                                                     targeted to deliver a 2% reduction in 2004.     •   a 1% reduction in energy consumption
                                                                                                     •   a 2% reduction in water and effluent
                                                 Following feedback from the Business in the         •   a 3% reduction in solid waste.
                                                 Environment Index the company has examined
                                                 ways to minimise the environmental impact of        Britvic is also developing a vertical integration
                                                 producing the food sold in its restaurants. It      process with its plastic (PET) bottle manufacturer.
                                                 has targeted UK, Spanish and Dutch produce          Britvic remains on target to improve energy
                                                 growers to achieve the Eurep Gap standard           efficiency ratios by 2% and water efficiency
                                                 EN 4501 by October 2004.                            ratios by 1% over two years, meeting its pledge
                                                                                                     to 'Make A Corporate Commitment' under the
                                                 Six Continents Retail has also targeted a 5%        UK Government's MACC2 campaign.

                                                 ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY/
                                                 OBJECTIVES FOR 2003

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requires      in the form of improved efficiency, enhanced
the voluntary commitment by business to             reputation, community improvement or
manage its activities in a responsible way. It      employee benefits and review our actions.
includes an organisation’s responsiveness and
adaptability to the changing needs and the          The Board of the Company is responsible for all
expectations of corporate, social, environmental    aspects of CSR through the executive
and ethical behaviour of investors and other        committees of the Group, Hotels, Retail and
stakeholders on whom the organisation               Britvic. In addition, the Group Risk Management
depends. CSR involves compliance with the law       Committee (which reports to the Board), the
and public policies and meeting social needs.       Environmental Working Group and the Charities
                                                    Committee all play a part in fulfilling
To maintain and build our reputation in this        management’s responsibilities to build the
regard, we strive to review any significant risks   company’s reputation, to seek to improve
to which we may be exposed, and the policies        performance in these areas, to embed the
we adopt to address them. This means we             company’s core values throughout its
constantly re-evaluate our environmental and        businesses and to ensure the gathering of
social initiatives, assess whether the impact of    quality information on actions so that accurate
our programmes delivers performance benefits        results are transparently reported.                 Richard Winter
                                                                                                        Group Company Secretary and General Counsel

Six Continents is proud to be a founder             Continents Hotels is planning to extend this to
member of the International Hotels                  a more comprehensive trial in 2003 across all
Environment Initiative (IHEI). The IHEI is a        company-managed and owned properties in
programme under the Prince of Wales                 Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
International Business Leaders' Forum, and
celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2002. One of    Hotels can use to monitor
the exciting projects that has been pioneered       their energy management, fresh water
by the IHEI is an Internet-based environmental      consumption, waste management, waste water
benchmarking tool,          quality, purchasing programmes, community
This site is helping hotels around the world to     relations and bio-diversity improvements. Hotel
make substantial cost savings, while improving      managers can compare their environmental
their environmental performance. It has been        performance with that of hotels of similar scale
developed by the IHEI and WWF-UK with               and equipped with similar facilities in three
funding from Biffaward, a multi-million pound       major climate zones, and design a programme
environment fund which uses landfill tax credits    to reduce their costs and environmental impact.
donated by Biffa Waste Services.                    Six Continents is supporting the IHEI's work to
                                                    explore the further development of the
IHEI-member hotel groups, including Six             benchmarking tool to cover also community
Continents Hotels, were closely involved in         investment programmes, which has the
                                                                                                        The IHEI celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2002 with a
providing data and testing. Following a pre-pilot   potential to expand it to additional applications   reception at Saint James's Palace with HRH The Prince of
study in 2002, which has been useful in             that would encompass the wider societal             Wales. Pictured at the IHEI reception with HRH The Prince
                                                                                                        of Wales is Philip Purslow of the Six Continents
identifying and adjusting the programme, Six        impacts of Corporate and Social Responsibility.     Environmental Working Group


     In the reporting period between 1st October         non-UK operations). For the same reporting
     2001 and 30th September 2002 there were no          period, there were no reported unplanned
     reported prosecutions arising under UK              environmental incidents.
     environmental legislation (or their equivalent in

     Six Continents again participated in the            companies Six Continents was placed 39th, as
     Business in the Environment (BiE) annual survey     opposed to 43rd the previous year. Our average
     of environmental performance by Britain's top       'score' for the whole survey improved by 3% to
     350 organisations. Amongst its peer group of        an impressive 77%.
     surveyed companies, Six Continents was placed
     14th out of 52 and out of all FTSE 100

     Six Continents has been invited to pilot the CBI    •   integration with KPI evaluation systems
     Contour's new EHS (environmental, health and        •   external EHS and sustainability reporting
     safety) and sustainability monitoring and               and data collection
     internal reporting methodology. This major          •   delivering and reporting continual
     development project is assessing the feasibility        improvement
     of using the Contour for a variety of new           •   EHS supply chain management.
     applications such as:

     Six Continents continues to be included in the      The main selection criteria cover three areas:
     FTSE4Good Index, designed by FTSE to provide        •   working towards environmental
     a series of benchmark and tradable indices              sustainability
     facilitating investment in companies with good      •   developing positive relationships with
     records of Corporate Social Responsibility. More        stakeholders
     information about the Index can be found by         •   upholding and supporting universal human
     visiting                      rights.

     In confirming Six Continents as a member of         sustainability dimensions.’ These dimensions are
     the DJSI World and DJSI STOXX indices for           the economic, the environmental and the
     2003, the analysis report produced for DJSI by      social. More information about the Dow Jones
     SAM Research comments that ‘Six Continents          Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and the full sector
     has an overall sustainability performance that      leader report on Six Continents for the
     positions it among the leaders of its industry.     Restaurant and Lodging Sector can be found by
     This is supported by Six Continents' high level     visiting
     of engagement across all three corporate


British Airways’ Tourism for                             tourism. We shall seek to benefit from our
Tomorrow Awards                                          participation by raising staff and guest
Six Continents Hotels was proud to co-sponsor            awareness and in particular by working with
this year’s British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow         award winners to promote local partnerships
Awards – the travel and tourism industry’s               with our hotels to help enhance local supply
‘Oscars’ for sustainable tourism. Award winners          chain management in the countries where the
this year were Tribes Travel, an independent             award winners operate.
Suffolk-based travel company, The Oak
Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre in Ontario             Environmental action
Canada, Greaves Travel Ltd in association with           Environmental initiatives undertaken by the
Jaisalmeer in Jeopardy Club Sun N’Sand in                Good Earthkeeping Committee at the
Mombasa Kenya and the Bouma National                     InterContinental Yokohama Grand include:
Heritage Park on Taveuni Island in Fiji. To mark
the tenth anniversary of the awards, a special           •   drying the hotel's biodegradable garbage for
                                                                                                            Ruth Keesling (centre) receives her Special Lifetime
lifetime achievement award was presented to                  use as compost, thus cutting the volume of     Achievement Award from David Bellamy

the American conservationist Ruth Keesling to                garbage produced by the hotel by 80%
recognise her lifelong commitment to the                 •   selling day-old baked goods to staff, with
Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund in Rwanda.                the proceeds going to charity
                                                         •   recycling candles used in restaurants and
On the same theme of primate conservation, in                other venues by donating them to schools
2003 Six Continents is supporting GRASP, a                   for the mentally handicapped
campaign sponsored by the United Nations                 •   installing grease traps and bio-devices to
Environment Programme (UNEP) to protect the                  reduce sludge from the kitchens
world’s endangered great apes, with a particular         •   donating used guestroom soap bars –
focus on Orang Utans in Indonesia and                        220,000 a year – to kindergartens and
Malaysia.                                                    homes for the elderly
                                                         •   purchasing toilet paper made from recycled
Six Continents Hotels looks forward to working               milk cartons
in association with British Airways to help build        •   using paper napkins made from pulp
on the success of the Tourism for Tomorrow                   created by straining sugar cane
Awards and carry forward their development in            •   cleaning the local Yokohama harbour and
2003, with a view to promoting sustainable                   the area around the hotel.

CO2 emissions
G.E. Leasing is assisting in monitoring C02 emissions from all Six Continents’ UK-based vehicles.           The Six Continents Hotels Europe, Middle East and Africa
                                                                                                            (EMEA) division is the founding partner of the non-profit
                                                                                                            association and European office of Give Kids the World,
Tax Year               Fleet Size            Total CO2 Emissions             Reduction (Kilos)              which, since its inception in 1998, has already fulfilled
                                                                                                            wishes for more than 100 children from within the region.
2000-2001                  981                      8,193,426                                               EMEA hotels collected more than four tons of coins and
                                                                                                            notes through the collection box and in-room envelopes
2001-2002                  999                      7,619,638                  573,738 (-7%)
                                                                                                            programme, ‘Change for Children’, resulting in nearly
MAT to 1/10/02            1031                      7,579,033                 40,605 (-0.5%)                120,000 euro (around 100,000 dollars)


                                                            SIX CONTINENTS HOTELS
                                                            Energy conservation                                  be able to offset its carbon emissions through
                                                            As part of a continuing focus on energy              the development of forest farms and coastal
                                                            conservation, Six Continents Hotels has              habitation provided by Seawater Forests. If
                                                            identified a number of strategies for its            successful, the concept can be extended to
                                                            company-owned new-build properties and               other Six Continents Hotels properties.
                                                            renovations. All new developments and
                                                            refurbishments are automatically equipped with       The goal of the Seawater Forests Initiative is to
                                                            energy-efficient lightbulbs.                         reforest the desert coast of Eritrea and other
                                                                                                                 countries with similarly denuded coastline. The
                                                            On a typical 400-room property, the initial          trees involved are mangroves, the only trees in
                                                            costs for lightbulbs have escalated from             the world that can be irrigated with 100% salt
                                                            approximately $1,050 to $20,000 but this cost        water, and Eritrea has given up most of its
With the support of the InterContinental Asmara, women
foresters in Massawa, Eritrea replant the tidal mangroves
                                                            is offset by longer burn life, lower energy          mangroves to over-grazing by camels and goats
in areas where animals and mankind have denuded the         consumption, and cooler burning, thus reducing       and by harvesting for charcoal, which is the
forests and played havoc with the habitats and the
seashore                                                    the amount of room cooling required. In              preferred fuel for cooking.
                                                            addition, new hotel designs feature building
                                                            enclosures which maximise efficiency                 Sustainable tourism
                                                            performance, and mechanical systems which            The 290-room InterContinental Cyprus forms
                                                            greatly improve energy conservation.                 part of an integrated resort which also includes
                                                                                                                 a championship golf course, a health spa, a
                                                            Such systems require a greater initial capital       tennis centre, and commercial, retail and
                                                            outlay to achieve energy conservation targets,       residential units. The design reflects the spirit of
                                                            but result in long-term operational savings and      a Cypriot hill village with a central hub of public
                                                            reduced energy consumption. Energy                   areas and half the guestrooms, with the
                                                            management systems are used to control               remaining guestrooms built as smaller, separate
                                                            pre-set temperatures and turn off lights in          cluster blocks. Energy usage can thus be
                                                            unoccupied spaces and guestrooms.                    restricted to occupied areas only.

                                                            New-build projects also incorporate the use of       The nature of the development is such that the
                                                            heat generated by the hotel’s mechanical             landscaping within and around the hotel site
                                                            equipment in the cooling process to pre-heat         was pivotal in ensuring the quality of the final
                                                            water for domestic and heating hot water. This       development. Great care was taken with
                                                            enables the water which needs heating to be          materials selection, specifying low-maintenance
                                                            heated without incurring an additional cost.         planting, non-irrigated areas, recycled materials
                                                            Eco-sensitive refrigerants and newer equipment       and several varieties of mulch.
                                                            which burns cleaner are routinely installed to
                                                            minimise pollution.                                  Existing vegetation and tree locations were
                                                                                                                 respected wherever possible, while some items
                                                            Reforestation                                        were removed and stored for future replanting.
                                                            The InterContinental Asmara is working with          Areas of the site were developed for nature, and
                                                            the Seawater Forests Initiative to help develop      cycle trails with landscaped nodes were
                                                            sustainable mangrove forests on the Red Sea          included in the residential areas. Measures to
                                                            coast of Eritrea. As more and more of the            reduce and limit water consumption were
A typical room at the new InterContinental Cyprus, a
model of environmentally friendly development               saltwater-loving trees are planted, the hotel will   incorporated into the hotel design.

                                                            SUCCESS STORIES

The InterContinental Warsaw, which is                were CFC free, high levels of insulation were       All mechanical equipment will be monitored
scheduled to open in late 2003 and comprises a       specified to pipework and ductwork to reduce        and controlled by a comprehensive building
45-storey tower with a 15-storey slot carved         system losses, and non-toxic paints and finishes    management system to gain maximum
from the middle, is a landmark construction in       were used throughout.                               efficiency from the hotel’s systems. Water and
the heart of the city’s central business district.                                                       electrical supplies to main departments will be
The property was built to the latest                 All engineering installations were carried out to   sub-metered to enable actual consumption to
environmental standards and was designed to          meet the energy conservation measures               be measured and necessary targets for
minimise wastage and maximise the use of             specified in the InterContinental standards         reduction to be set. The environment in vacant
environmentally friendly materials.                  manuals. For example, the building uses district    rooms and public areas around the building can
                                                     heating from the immediate neighbourhood,           be separately controlled to deliver heating
The hotel’s façade features glass, stone and         environmentally responsible refrigerants were       and/or cooling as required.
aluminium with mineral wool insulation,              specified and comprehensive heat recovery
enabling it to meet stringent Polish thermal         systems have been included on all major             The InterContinental Warsaw will also benefit
insulation code requirements. The windows are        installations. Water consumption is reduced         from effective commissioning of the mechanical
all double glazed with efficient solar protective    through the use of such items as limited-flush      systems, an important requirement for
coating, and south- and east-facing elevations       wc cisterns, and heat recovery using thermal        achieving energy efficiency in large and
are also equipped with passive solar protection      wheels is fitted to the air handling units. Air-    complex buildings. This in turn will balance the
via various louvre systems, thus reducing over-      cooled condensers have replaced cooling             various installations and should result in the
heating and preventing unnecessary use of the        towers, while boilers, distribution pumps and       effective delivery of specified capacities and, as
air-conditioning system.                             the principle main plant are designed to work       a result, deliver optimised energy use.
                                                     with low output fuels and energy-saving
All materials deployed during the construction       features to reduce electrical consumption.


     Environmental standards                             Energy management
     Produce growers are being targeted by Six           Over 100 of the Company’s houses are now
     Continents Retail (SCR) to achieve the Eurep        able to produce half-hourly usage information
     Gap Standard EN 4501, a general farming             on electricity consumption. This number is set
     standard which includes:                            to increase over the next few months as half-
     1. a conservation plan to be established either     hour meters are installed in high-usage sites.
        individually or regionally                       This data enables the company to analyse and
     2. a documented wildlife conservation               amend wastage areas, including high night
        statement                                        usage, and to benchmark its sites.
     3. a waste and pollution action plan.
                                                         Training in good housekeeping techniques to
     SCR is sending a self-assessment questionnaire      lower their usage/wastage will be provided and
     to all food suppliers which will be used to rate    various hardware changes, such as low-energy
     their environmental performance. The                lighting, may be implemented. A benchmarking
     company’s Food Purchasing Managers,                 exercise has already been carried out in Goose
     meanwhile, have allocated one of their              outlets, with the best and worst sites returning
     bonusable objectives to environmental issues        potential savings of between £2,000 and
     and will be targeted to achieve improvements.       £4,000 per annum.

     To date, 110 out of 120 growers in Holland          A project to reduce water usage/spend without
     supplying through the Greenery consortium           compromising hygiene and comfort is
     have achieved the standard, and all Spanish         underway in Toby and O'Neill’s outlets. The
     suppliers have been targeted to achieve Eurep       initial plan is to benchmark each site to identify
     Gap by October 2004. There are also plans to        good and bad, high and low users, followed by
     extend this strategy to other purchasing areas.     site surveys to identify problem areas within
                                                         each high-user outlet, raise awareness, cover
     Wildlife protection                                 good housekeeping issues, detect leaks and
     Building on over 12 months’ support of the          recommend hardware changes. Once the
     RSPB, Vintage Inns implemented a scheme for         benefits have been proven, the project/objective
     each of its outlets to erect a nesting box in its   will be rolled out across the remaining estate.
     grounds ahead of the new mating season.             Wastage of gas is less of a priority as
                                                         consumption represents only around 18% of
     Commenting on the timing of the initiative,         the company’s energy spend.
     Vintage Inns Brand Manager Simon Isaac said:
     ‘The RSPB asked us to put nesting boxes up this     Asbestos
     early because it gives birds the maximum            The Company has already achieved industry-
     possible time to familiarise themselves with the    leading management of asbestos, and is in the
     location and reassure themselves that the           process of preparing for the new Control of
     surroundings are safe. Apparently people often      Asbestos at Work Regulations. SCR’s systems
     put them up when the season comes around,           and reporting methods have been tracking the
     but by that stage the birds are wary of them        developments and are able to accommodate
     because they are so new. Hopefully some of our      the new requirements quickly and efficiently.
     customers will see the new boxes when they          The Company launched an Internet-based
     are here for a meal and follow our example.’        database in November, which enables clients


and their contractors to access their asbestos    BRITVIC
information easily and to see the results in a    Waste management                                   The new layer pads are corrugated but they
way which complies with the requirements of       The Britvic Soft Drinks factory in Norwich         have no sides, which has cut the amount of
the new regulations.                              produces the Robinsons range. As one of the        material used by 45%, enabling the factory to
                                                  largest-selling brands in the Company's            save money and reduce its waste. In addition,
Recycling                                         portfolio, the sheer volume of product going       the trays are now being re-used by the
Six Continents Retail’s participation in the      through the site means that it creates a           cardboard supplier and the labels supplier to
Valpak bottle recycling scheme has increased      significant amount of packaging waste. As part     protect the labels.
significantly in the last 12 months from 790 to   of an ongoing environmental drive across the
over 1,000 premises.                              business, a project team in Norwich has been       The site also recycles waste by re-using
                                                  working with suppliers over the last year to       shrinkwrap and stretchwrap, which come
More than 30,000 tons of glass have been          maximise the amount of packaging materials         wrapped around a cardboard core.
recycled to date. A problem with bins being       which can be recycled.
contaminated is being resolved and it is
anticipated that around 70% of the SCR estate     The factory now uses layer pads – large pieces
will be able to operate the Valpak bins. In       of cardboard which are used to separate layers
addition, Valpak have used a photograph of the    of one litre plastic bottles on pallets – rather
Hawes Inn in their promotional literature         than the more customary inverted corrugated
promoting it as an example of best practice.      cardboard trays.


The partnership between Six Continents PLC         break this cycle and gain opportunities for their   end up cultivating and selling vegetables like
and UNICEF, the largest children’s organisation    futures.                                            most people they know. Now, Adonis dreams of
in the world looking after the welfare of                                                              becoming an engineer, and Brenda of becoming
children in over 160 countries, is now entering    Multi-grade schools address this perennial          a teacher. ‘I am delighted,’ says Hugh Yexley,
its second successful year. The support of         problem of a lack of regular public elementary      Head of National Fundraising at UNICEF UK,
education by Six Continents through an annual      education, which is costly and inefficient and      ‘that thanks to Six Continents and the multi-
donation of £100,000 reflects the Company’s        scarce in the mountainous areas and scattered       grade school, these children now have hope for
worldwide commitment to education, one of          islands of the Philippines. In a multi-grade        a better future.’
UNICEF’s key priority areas.                       school, teachers must be skilled in teaching
                                                   different grades all in the one class – while one   Priority education area project
Multi-grade education in the                       part of the class works on its lessons the          in Romania
Philippines                                        teacher is free to work on another part of the      Six Continents’ second-year donation will go to
In the first year of the partnership, Six          class. Six Continents has provided 300 teachers     a Priority Education Area Project in Romania,
Continents supported a multi-grade education       with multi-grade training as well as new            where poor communities face very difficult
project in the Philippines, where over 300,000     curriculum materials to work with. Because the      access to education. The aim is to set up a
children have never had the opportunity to         schools are in poor rural areas, Six Continents     child-friendly, multicultural school in Giurgiu,
start primary school. Over 6,000 villages do not   has also supplied them with water, toilet           just outside Bucharest. This will include a
have public elementary education. These            facilities, and educational materials such as       complete upgrade of the current school, supply
children from rural areas are denied access to     library and science equipment.                      of teaching and classroom materials and
education, which perpetuates cycles of poverty,                                                        development of the school curriculum and
poor health and malnutrition. The children work    Adonis and Brenda are pupils of the Poyopoy         school management.
from an early age to support their families and    Multigrade school in Tuba, Benguet province. At
are never educated in a safe, clean environment.   first their dreams were simply to finish            Children belonging to ethnic groups in areas
If they had access to an education they could      elementary education so that they would not         such as Giurgiu face exclusion and social and


‘When I was in grades 1-4, I thought I would
not be able to finish elementary because
there were no grades five and six. When I
learned that [the school in] Poyopoy started
offering five and six I decided to continue
my studies even if I had to walk two to four
hours to school a day.’

Adonis Corisay, 13

cultural marginalisation due to discrimination       looking at this school as a working example of
against their minority communities, such as the      how to improve the current education situation
Roma communities. Children suffer from this          for minority communities.
discrimination through a denied quality of
education as their local education initiatives are   Paul Papan is 13 years old and is currently a
local and isolated, with inadequate learning         student at the school in Giurgiu that will be
materials and inappropriate conditions.              improved thanks to Six Continents’ funding. He
                                                     attends school every day despite the conditions
In comparison, schools nearby where the              and lack of materials, but knows many of his
majority of children are not from ethnic groups      friends have dropped out. He lives in a small
have vastly superior resources in both the           house with his unemployed father. He is looking
educational facilities and the teaching. The poor    forward to the day when his school has
treatment of Roma children in education leads        computers for him to work on and more than

to a loss of identity through exclusion and          one set of toilets for 400 children.
poverty, giving them little or no opportunity for
breaking the discrimination cycle and improving      100% campaign
their futures.                                       Alongside these projects, staff within Six
                                                     Continents Hotels are being encouraged to
The school that Six Continents will fund this        become involved in the 100% fundraising
year will offer the opportunity to Roma children     campaign. The money raised from this
to be integrated into mainstream education in        independent fundraising for UNICEF will be
a school built for this purpose. The school will     invested in education projects across the world
involve their families in the education process,     in the 161 countries in which UNICEF works.
and already the Romanian government is


                                                             SIX CONTINENTS HOTELS
                                                             Cultural awareness                                   Donahue Peebles, a black Washington, DC-
                                                             In April 2002, the aptly named Gagudju               based developer, jumped at the chance.
                                                             Crocodile Holiday Inn hosted ‘Senses of Kakadu
                                                             – An Outback Feast’, an official 2002 Year of        He found himself battling with what he says
                                                             the Outback event showcasing the art, craft,         were entrenched attitudes on the beach. ‘I
                                                             food, storytelling and indigenous music of the       remember the mayor reminding us that we
                                                             Outback. The idea of Geoff Naumann, Director         were doing something historic, but he said,
                                                             of Marketing Northern Territory, ‘Senses of          "We’re building a hotel that will be owned by
                                                             Kakadu’ won the top award in the Significant         African-Americans, but not for African-
                                                             Festivals and Events category of the Northern        Americans." I was a little taken aback,’ he
                                                             Territory Tourism Awards. The festival is now a      comments. In fact, the original building which
                                                             finalist in the Australian Tourism Awards to be      was sold to Peebles as a hotel was in such bad
                                                             announced in February 2003. Following the            condition it had to be completely demolished.
                                                             festival, a new song commissioned for the event      And because it was in a historic district, the city
                                                             and written by indigenous artist Shellie Morris      demanded that Peebles construct an exact
                                                             was released, and the song’s video is playing        replica of the old hotel, which now stands as a
                                                             aboard Qantas flights arriving in Darwin. As         reminder of the struggle to bring the project to
                                                             Geoff Naumann confirms, the event will live          fruition. The hotel is managed by Crowne Plaza,
Face-painting in Gagudju
                                                             long in the memories of those involved. ‘I am so     and Peebles acknowledges a special
                                                             proud of this award,’ he said. ‘The festival was     responsibility as a black developer. ‘My
                                                             an amazing experience as all the artists,            grandfather worked in the hotel industry for
                                                             performers, and bush tucker experts were from        over 40 years,’ he recalls. ‘He had some college
                                                             Kakadu families. For some, this was their first      education, and he worked as a doorman for
                                                             tourism experience.’                                 many years. And I’ve committed myself to
                                                                                                                  creating limitless opportunities so that anyone
                                                             Ethnicity                                            who distinguishes themselves can grow. There’s
                                                             The Royal Palm Crowne Plaza Hotel in the             no glass ceiling here.’
                                                             fashionable South Beach area of Miami Beach
                                                             has made history by becoming the first luxury        Youth Career Initiative (YCI)
                                                             resort in the country to be developed and            The YCI now boasts 23 participating hotels,
                                                             owned by African-Americans. The hotel’s façade       including Six Continents Hotels properties in
                                                             replicates the art deco hotel which once stood       Bangkok and Manila with 150 trainees. The
                                                             on the site, but it is behind the scenes that the    programme is recognised as a means of making
                                                             hotel’s story is to be found. In 1990, local black   a difference in developing countries by
                                                             leaders organised a tourism boycott of Miami         mobilising the resources and sharing expertise
                                                             after local politicians snubbed Nelson Mandela       with children through education, as well as
                                                             during a visit to the city that year. Mandela had    enhancing the industry’s reputation for
                                                             thanked Cuban leader Fidel Castro for opposing       corporate citizenship. All services are donated,
                                                             apartheid, which outraged the powerful anti-         and the hotel industry’s contribution is to
                                                             Castro Cuban exile community. The boycott            provide the education opportunity in countries
                                                             lasted three years and cost the area an              where such education is only available to those
                                                             estimated $50 million in lost revenue. Keen to       who could pay. To date, 550 trainees have
Six Continents sponsored a Christmas Carols concert at the
                                                             end the boycott, Miami politicians agreed to         graduated, 60% of whom are still employed in
Palais Des Beaux Arts in Brussels in December 2002 in
support of fundraising for UNICEF                            find a black developer for the property, and R.      the hospitality industry.

                                                             DIVISIONAL HIGHLIGHTS &
                                                             LARGE DONATIONS

Charitable giving                                  Community action
Britvic Soft Drinks and its employees continue     To underline its belief that competition in sport
to make a positive contribution to the local and   is an important factor in increasing children's
wider community through corporate giving and       self-esteem and ability to act as individuals and
by supporting employees who sacrifice their        as part of a team, Robinsons maintained its
own time and energy to help others.                strong links with tennis in 2002.

The Britvic Charity Challenge provides support     Robinsons is dedicated to supporting tennis at
for                                                grass roots level and, by making tennis simpler
employees’                                         and more accessible to everyone, has actively
good causes,                                       encouraged children to pick up a racket and
matching                                           give the game a try.
funds raised
on a pound-                                        Initiatives include Target Tennis, which gives kids
for-pound                                          a chance to see how easy and ‘cool’ tennis can
basis, a                                           be, in particular by helping them to develop the
scheme which                                       essentials of the game without the normal
raised over                                        constraints of a net and court. Robinsons also
£18,000 for                                        sponsored the Lawn Tennis Association's JNR
charitable and community groups during             Tennis programme, which aims to make tennis
2001/02.                                           fun but with a slight competitive edge. Finally,
                                                   the Robinsons Racket Amnesty, which spanned
Employees choose to raise funds in a number        the Wimbledon Championships in 2002,
of ways, from site fun days to sponsored           encouraged the public to hand in their old
‘bikeathons’, and a group of employees even        tennis rackets, which were then given to British
took part in a trek to Nepal!                      kids who would otherwise not have had the
                                                   opportunity to try their hand at tennis.
Britvic has also supported The Children's
Society by adopting the youth charity as its
Charity of the Year. The relationship has
proved a great success and, in just two years,
Britvic has raised over £100,000 through
employee fundraising, sponsorship and              SIX CONTINENTS RETAIL
numerous gifts in kind.                            Passive smoking
                                                   All SCR outlets now display the required passive
                                                   smoking signage, compared to 50% of all public        A major five-a-side football tournament organised by Six
                                                                                                         Continents Retail raised more than £9,000 for Victim
                                                   houses across the industry.                           Support in June. The event took place at Loughborough
                                                                                                         University and attracted a total of 80 teams from within
                                                                                                         the Company and from its suppliers. The Premium Cup
                                                   Working conditions                                    event was won by David Ford Mechanical Electrical who
                                                                                                         beat Carlsberg-Tetley in the final. In the Plate competition
                                                   The Six Continents Retail Kitchen Cleaning            the winners were F J Hunt who overcame Flares in their
                                                   Project is being extended to include Vintage          final. The event was sponsored by Honda main dealers
                                                                                                         Brindley Honda, IBM and Britvic, and all profits from
                                                   Inns in all Midlands areas, and Johnson Lever         pitchside hoardings were donated to Victim Support. The
                                                                                                         Holiday Inn, Mayfair provided the star prize in the raffle –
                                                   will attempt to quantify the environmental
                                                                                                         a weekend’s accommodation for two at the hotel – with
                                                   benefits based on the trial data.                     all proceeds also going to the charity


                                                                TAKE A BOW!
                                                                Britvic Quality Awards                               The Americas category was won by Daniel
                                                                Now in their sixth year, Britvic’s Factory Quality   Blachut, General Manager of the Crowne Plaza-
                                                                Awards 2002 form the centrepiece of a wide-          Toronto Centre for their Right Garbage in Right
                                                                ranging Britvic awards programme. The awards         Bin campaign. The hotel placed recycling bins in
                                                                scheme recognises the crucial role that quality      all the guestrooms, donated food items, old
                                                                plays in protecting the integrity of Britvic’s       drapery, linens, clothing, furniture and toiletry
                                                                brands and celebrates the achievements of its        items to local shelters, and organised a
                                                                factories in improving quality standards.            Fundraiser Week Extravaganza for UNICEF.

Britvic’s Quality Award winners with their trophies
                                                                The overall Quality Award was presented to the       Prahasto Soebroto, General Manager of the
                                                                Norwich factory, and two special awards were         Holiday Inn, Bandung, Indonesia was the winner
                                                                also presented. The Environmental Award went         in the Asia Pacific region. The hotel donated
                                                                to the Rugby factory for an outstanding              disposable colour-coded baskets to primary
                                                                performance in energy conservation and the           schools to help teach children the importance
                                                                Leeds plant received the Health and Safety           of recycling, and 50 members of staff joined
                                                                Award in recognition of its equally outstanding      with locals to assist in building public toilets. A
                                                                performance in the reduction of accidents.           car wash at the hotel also raised funds for
                                                                Britvic’s operations in Widford and Hartlepool
                                                                were the joint winners of the Best Practice          The third regional winner was Malcolm Rann,
                                                                Award – Widford for its excellent work in            General Manager of the InterContinental
                                                                reducing wastage and Hartlepool for its              Asmara in Eritrea. Employees planted 500 tree
Six Continents Hotels’ Conserving our Planet contest            outstanding improvements in all areas of             saplings in Eritrea’s National Park and planted
encouraged hotels to raise awareness of environmental
issues among local youngsters                                   quality as a result of its plant improvement         trees along the Red Sea coast in the port city of
                                                                programme. Beckton, Norwich and Leeds                Massawa. To help raise funds for UNICEF, the
                                                                received gold awards in the Good                     hotel placed collection boxes in various
                                                                Manufacturing Practice category, while all other     strategic locations in the hotel, including the
                                                                factories achieved the silver standard.              front office and staff cafeteria.

                                                                Conserving Our Planet                                Catering Establishments Awards
                                                                The second Six Continents Hotels Conserving          The kitchen of the Avenue Restaurant and Bar
                                                                our Planet contest attracted a record entry          at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong won
                                                                from among its 3,200 hotels across the               the Bronze Award in the ‘Catering
                                                                Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, the Middle        Establishments Awards’, and Ms Lam Fong Luen
                                                                East and Africa. The competition required            from the kitchen staff was presented with the
                                                                General Managers to demonstrate that they            ‘Safe Worker’s Award’ for individual employees.
                                                                had succeeded in four main categories and            The awards formed part of the Hong Kong
The Toby Carvery in Borehamwood, Herts was the only             made a measurable impact on their local              Catering Industry Safety Award Scheme
restaurant in the area to receive top marks for its service
to disabled customers in 2002. Following covert assessment      community and hotel. The four categories were:       2002/2003, which is organised by the Hong
by disabled people from nearby John Grooms' residential
homes, the restaurant was awarded the John Grooms'
                                                                to create an environmental event, to complete        Kong Labour Department and the Health &
Secret Shopper Award in recognition of its accessibility        an environmental hotel self-audit, to participate    Occupational Health & Safety Council.
from the street, the ease with which diners could
manoeuvre inside the building and the helpfulness and           in the Conserving for Tomorrow programme and
attentiveness of the staff. Guy Birch (right), Manager of the   to raise funds for UNICEF’s Water and
Toby Carvery Borehamwood, received the award from Keith
Malcolm, John Grooms’ Corporate Events Manager                  Environmental Sanitation programme.


One of the key goals of Six Continents is to be     the performance of our people and help them
a preferred place to work and one where             to reach their full potential. We will employ first
employees can develop their careers. This goal      class people who work together to make a
will be achieved by building on a foundation of     successful business.
respect and trust.

We will continue to develop the culture,
processes and programmes that will optimise

                                                                                                          Jim Larson
Six Continents recognises the challenge of          job creation and economic development                 Group Human Resources Director
being a socially responsible global business, and   opportunities – that transcend and can help to
the need to integrate human rights issues into      heal political divisions and misunderstandings.
company operations. With a presence in almost       Wherever we operate we seek to maintain a
100 countries, we remain constantly aware of        strictly apolitical stance and as a company we
the importance of the rights of our employees       do not fund or support any political party in
and our responsibilities for good citizenship and   any country. First and foremost our
high ethical conduct in all of the different        responsibilities are to our guests, our staff, our
communities in which we operate.                    shareholders and all of the stakeholders in the
                                                    communities in which we operate.
Six Continents respects and supports the basic
principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration   We are also aware of our corporate
of Human Rights (UNDHR) and our Group               responsibility to raise awareness about human
Company Secretary is responsible for human          rights issues. For example, in respect of diversity
rights issues across the Group.                     issues in Africa, the InterContinental Nairobi is
                                                    working with a newly constructed Safe House
Six Continents complies with the labour laws of     run by the women’s charity V-Day in Narok by
all countries in which we operate. We also          donating linens, towels and furniture to help
respect and support the principles enshrined in     save 60 young girls from physical abuse.
the core conventions of the International
Labour Organisation. We value a diverse             The Narok House has 40 beds and is intended
workforce and respect the individual. In all        specifically as a haven for young girls seeking
standards we aim to reflect the expectations of     refuge from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
our guests and their differing cultural needs.      and early childhood marriage, and is the result
                                                    of two and a half years of hard work by noted
We are conscious of the business contribution       Kenyan activist Agnes Pareyio. The Safe House
and independent leadership that the travel and      in Narok is the first to open, with a second
tourism sector can bring to post-conflict           planned for Native Sioux Land to serve Native
reconstruction. Peace can bring investment,         American women. Further information about V-
stability and prosperous markets. Tourism can       Day is available at
contribute towards building stability through                                                             Celebrating the opening of the V-Day Safe House in Narok


                                                            INVESTORS IN PEOPLE
                                                            Six Continents PLC                                   company recognised for its all-round excellence
                                                            Six Continents is a keen supporter of Investors      throughout the industry.’ Congratulating all
                                                            in People (IIP). We have one of the few              employees involved on the award, Baroness
                                                            headquarters that has successfully passed the        Harris praised Six Continents Retail as ‘an
                                                            assessment, not just once but twice.                 example to everyone in the industry.’

                                                            Six Continents Hotels                                The IIP assessors, meanwhile, concluded that
                                                            The Hotels Operating Company has trained one         ‘Six Continents Retail continues to demonstrate
                                                            person per region to be an IIP advisor. The          that they are an exemplary organisation. They
                                                            InterContinental Hotels in London recently won       have been able to show over a number of years
                                                            an IIP award and we are proud that their             that they are not content to rest on their
                                                            development of people has been singled out as        laurels, but are consistently striving to improve
                                                            exceptional. As well as the accreditation in the     on the previous best. That they have achieved
                                                            UK, IIP has also been achieved by some of our        this is evident from the performance of the
                                                            hotels located in nine Continental European          organisation and the high quality of its
                                                            countries, including re-accreditation this year of   employees.’
                                                            the Holiday Inn – Airport, Brussels.
                                                                                                                 These results demonstrate that Six Continents
                                                            Britvic                                              is committed to developing our people and
                                                            Britvic has three sites that are IIP accredited,     ensuring that they understand the Company’s
                                                            two of which are due to renew their status for a     goals. They have been achieved because of our
                                                            second time in March. The third is due for           drive continually to improve our performance
                                                            renewal for a second time in 2005.                   and the quality of our employees.

                                                            Six Continents Retail
                                                            Six Continents Retail is the fourth largest
                                                            employer in the UK to have achieved
                                                            accreditation to the prestigious standard of
                                                            Investors in People (IIP) (for the fourth time –
                                                            and this time it covers all the company’s UK

                                                            At a ceremony in August to celebrate this
                                                            achievement, Baroness Harris of Richmond
                                                            congratulated employees from all Six
To celebrate Holiday Inn’s 50th anniversary in September
2002, Six Continents Hotels pledged $1.5 million to         Continents Retail brands for once again
support the prestigious Kemmons Wilson School of
Hospitality and Resort Management at the University of
                                                            attaining the most visible sign of the
Memphis. The endowment has been used to create a            Company’s commitment to achieving
scholarship fund for women and minority students and to
establish a Six Continents Hotels Chair of Excellence for   excellence throughout the organisation, and for
the Wilson School. The school boasts a fully functioning
                                                            its customers. ‘The Investors in People Standard
82-suite Holiday Inn hotel on site and is one of only a
small number of hospitality schools in the USA to offer     gives you the framework to enable you to get
students such valuable hands-on experience. Pictured at
the school’s opening ceremony are (from left to right):     the best out of yourselves – and each other,’
Steve Porter, Tim Clarke, Spence Wilson, Bob Wilson,                                                             Baroness Harris of Richmond (left) presents a
                                                            she commented. ‘It is the Golden Thread of
Kemmons Wilson, Jr., Betty (Wilson) Moore, Carole                                                                commemorative plaque to Debbie Carey of SCR, who
(Wilson) West, Sir Ian Prosser and Vicki Gordon             Quality that binds you all together in a             worked closely with IIP to co-ordinate the accreditation


Employment of a diverse workforce is an              Awards’. This award is the first of its kind in
integral part of the Company’s business              Australia and is sponsored by the Far North
strategy. By employing and valuing a diverse         Queensland Area Consultative Committee (FNQ
workforce, the Company is better able to             ACC) and the Job Network. The FNQ ACC
understand the product and service                   hopes to facilitate change in employer and
requirements of its customers, which are as          community attitudes towards, and to promote
varied as the backgrounds and cultures they          the employment of, mature-aged people.
come from. It supports our goal to be a
preferred employer and helps build and add           The Holiday Inn Cairns nominated four team
value to our relationships with shareholders,        members: Gordon Taylor, Electrician; Joy Spray,
employees, guests, customers, suppliers and the      Food and Beverage Attendant; Nola McLeish,
communities within which we operate.                 Housekeeping Supervisor and Arthur Gordon,
                                                     Purchasing Officer. The awards attracted over
                                                                                                          Joy Spray, who is consistently recognised as a high
Each of our operating Companies has forward          60 nominations, and the hotel was very pleased       performer by both her colleagues and guests for her
                                                                                                          professional application
action plans in place and reports against these      to receive the news that Joy Spray was
regularly to their management committees and         successful in making it into the top 10 finalists.
annually to the Six Continents Strategic             Although just pipped at the post for the
Business Committee.                                  winning position, it is a credit to Joy to be
                                                     recognised in the finals. Joy has been an
These plans provide for various activities to take   exemplary team member of the Holiday Inn
place at our locations across the globe. For         Cairns for nearly four years and transferred
example, in the United States, Six Continents        recently to Food and Beverage operations.
Hotels – Americas recently hosted its first
annual Cultural Awareness Event in support of        She is currently studying to obtain a Certificate
its diversity education and training objectives.     Four in Hospitality Management while looking
                                                     after her family. She participates in hotel
After conducting classroom training for over         committees, training and projects, and is a role
1,200 employees through a Diversity at Work          model for exemplary commitment and
workshop, the learning was reinforced through        enthusiasm towards a professional career in
other activities in more informal and fun            hospitality. The Holiday Inn Cairns is proud to
settings. They showed cultural artefacts from        have been involved in these awards and believes
Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, Africa       ability, not age, is the key to good job
and South America, most of them donated by           performance.
Six Continents employees. Other employee
volunteers collaborated to create beautiful art      In Britvic, a delegate on their ‘Developing to       Within our Retail Operating Company, our Chef Jason
                                                                                                          Griffiths at the Black Horse Ember Inn in Wembley rescued
murals, which were then entered into a contest.      Lead’ (DTL) programme advised that he had            a baby from a fire in May 2002, and as a result had to have
                                                                                                          his right arm amputated. After a period of recovery he has
A student ensemble presented a multicultural         dyslexia, which would affect his progress. They      returned to work on a part-time basis. He is using various
dance programme, featuring traditional and           discussed with him what adjustments could be         gadgets which have been purchased to enable him to do
                                                                                                          his job without risks to himself or anyone else. This is
modern choreography. Everyone sampled foods          made and as a result he was provided with a          working very well for both parties, as Jason confirms. ‘After
                                                                                                          the lengthy rehabilitation process, I decided to start again
from various continents and played games             tape recorder so that he could play back his         and I returned to work in the kitchens as a Chef,’ he says.
highlighting aspects of various cultures.            lectures and arrangements were made for him          ‘For my own personal goals I wanted to be able to continue
                                                                                                          in my job. I have a lot of support from the other members
                                                     to video some sessions. He has now                   of staff and also the whole Ember team to carry on as
In Australia, the Holiday Inn Cairns participated    successfully completed the first year of the         normal. Now I have been promoted to Assistant Manager
                                                                                                          and I have been able to prove to myself that I can still
in the ‘Mature Age Employee of the Year              programme and started the second year.               achieve my goals’


                                                             ICONS TRAINING
                                                             Over 40,000 members of InterContinental
                                                             Hotels & Resorts staff joined together across
                                                             the globe in September to form what is
                                                             believed to be the world’s biggest simultaneous
                                                             training session. The training event was the
                                                             culmination of more than six months of
                                                             intensive training for InterContinental
                                                             employees around the world and focused on a
                                                             host of new global service initiatives.

Launch of the Global Communications Campaign for the         During a 40-hour period, 40,000 staff in 140                 Thomas R. Oliver, Chairman of Six Continents Hotels, and
InterContinental ICONs project at the InterContinental Abu   hotels across 65 countries around the world                  the InterContinental team at the ICONs launch in London,
Dhabi in September 2002                                                                                                   September 2002
                                                             attended a one-hour training event to recognise
                                                             and celebrate staff commitment to the project
                                                             and prepare InterContinental employees to take              through our comprehensive training,
                                                             on the challenge of the organisation’s unique               performance management and recognition
                                                             customer service pledges.                                   strategies which motivate and inspire our
                                                                                                                         people to exceed the expectations of our
                                                             The employee training programme                             guests.
                                                             complements and supports InterContinental’s
                                                             new global services and facilities, including               ‘Wherever you are in the world, you can expect
                                                             instant check-in and check-out and 24-hour                  the same high standards of efficient and
                                                             services for room service, gyms, valet and                  personal service from an InterContinental
                                                             business centres. Employees’ skills were further            hotel,’ she continued. ‘What we aim to offer
                                                             enhanced to offer those extra touches that                  today’s discerning travellers is the opportunity
                                                             make the difference, resulting in world-class               to experience the distinctive culture of the
                                                             service which anticipates the needs of each                 location they visit.’
                                                             individual guest, combined with the unique
                                                             local flavour of each hotel’s

                                                             Commenting on the training
Jacqueline Moyse
Director, Global Brand Development
                                                             commitment, Jacqueline
                                                             Moyse, Director, Global Brand
                                                             Development, highlighted the
                                                             Company’s excellent track
                                                             record in staff development.
                                                             ‘At InterContinental we have
                                                             always been passionate
                                                             about developing our staff,’
                                                             she said. ‘Exemplary guest
                                                             service has always set us
                                                             ahead of our competitors,
The ICONs launch in Shenyang, September 2002                 and we have achieved this          An ICONs mural in the staff restaurant, InterContinental Asmara, September 2002


A strategic priority for Six Continents for its       in Nottingham in November 2002. The DMS is
financial year 2002/2003 is to ‘Develop Our           a well-respected postgraduate management
People’. The continued success of the Company         qualification which aims, through Britvic-based
depends on the performance of all of our              assignments, to provide course members with
employees and it is essential, therefore, that        the skills and knowledge to enable them to
they are assisted to reach their full potential. As   become more effective and productive
a first stage, work is being carried out currently    managers.
to produce our people development principles.
Also, one particular activity is the design of a      It is also looking at the development of a
Hotel General Manager assessment and                  ‘Centre of Learning’, which will sit within the     Congratulations to the Britvic graduates of the 2002
                                                                                                          Diploma in Management Studies
development programme.                                intranet. This will contain training modules,
                                                      including induction, for individual employees to
Training provision is aimed primarily at the          complete at a time that suits them. It will be
development of the individual, and training           supported by the learning resources library,
needs are identified during performance               providing employees with a facility to borrow
reviews. The training given is designed to have       training and development material and
relevance to the current job role and the             encouraging them to address their own
development of future potential. The range of         development needs.
training activities within the Group is broad,
therefore, from customer service to brand
standards and outlet management, through to
leadership programmes.

For example, at Britvic eight delegates of this
year’s Diploma in Management Studies (DMS)
programme graduated at the Royal Concert Hall

The nature of our business as a key player in         preferences assists us to attract the best people
the hospitality sector is to provide a high-          and to retain the mix of talent necessary to
quality service to our customers 24 hours a day,      continue to move the business forward in the
seven days a week. We have, therefore, for            future. It supports our aim to be an ‘employer
some time operated flexible methods of work           of choice’.
where appropriate, for example, part-time work,
home working, job share and so on. Not only           Britvic has made considerable inroads in this
do such practices benefit the business but they       area. For example, it has implemented an
also help employees achieve their desired             extended unpaid leave policy this year, which
balance between work and personal activities.         allows employees with three years’ service to
                                                      have up to six months off work for any reason.
Offering flexible work arrangements and giving        This has been well received and has already
consideration to individual employee                  been taken up by a number of employees.


                                                          EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATION
                                                          Six Continents places great importance on, and      Two examples of where we have invested
                                                          puts a lot of effort into, its employee             particular effort into extensive employee
                                                          communications processes and content. We            communication are the InterContinental ICONs
                                                          want our people to feel involved in the             project, the training for which is featured on
                                                          business; that they have an opportunity to          page 18 and the relocation of the Retail
                                                          contribute their views; and that their              Operating Company’s UK Headquarters to new
                                                          contribution is valued and recognised. We           premises in Birmingham, not far from the
                                                          believe that this will mean that our employees      current location.
                                                          gain greater job satisfaction and will be more
                                                          motivated, resulting in improved job, and           These new offices will provide a specially
Staff show their commitment to the ICONs project at the   ultimately business, performance.                   designed working environment and employees
InterContinental Abu Dhabi, September 2002
                                                                                                              have been kept informed about the move and
                                                          Senior management remain in touch with their        how it affects them throughout the
                                                          staff by conducting regular visits to hotels,       development. The communication has included
                                                          retail outlets and operations sites. Earlier this   departmental representatives’ meetings, briefing
                                                          year the Britvic executive met with 2,500           sessions, displays of furniture options, intranet
                                                          employees in groups of around 10 to listen to       bulletins, photographs, site visits and feedback
                                                          and understand their issues. This was well          processes.
                                                          received by the employees and provided
                                                          valuable feedback to the executive.                 The Company well understands the importance
                                                                                                              of two-way communication and uses various
                                                          Regular briefings with staff are common             means to seek the views of its employees,
                                                          practice. Our Operating Companies are making        including employee opinion surveys. One of
                                                          more use of the opportunities new technology        the furthest reaching is our Combined Attitude
                                                          provides and one such use is the display of         and Perspective Survey (CAPS), which is
                                                          internal job vacancies on their intranet sites.     completed by all Six Continents Hotels
                                                          Our Hotels Company also posts vacancies on          employees globally. It is an annual process that
                                                          the HCareers internet site and is working with      currently involves over 70,000 employees with
                                                          HCareers to increase the number of countries        28 languages in more than 45 countries.
                                                          covered by their website. The site can be
                                                          accessed via the Hotels Internet address:           CAPS asks for employee views on various
                                                                        critical topics, including leadership of the
                                                                                                              Company, job satisfaction, career development
                                                          Britvic’s intranet provides news and information    and fairness within the workplace. The goal of
                                                          from across the business through, and a      CAPS is continuously to improve the people
                                                          number of self-service administration systems       aspects of our business and to create a positive
                                                          have come online this year, through,         and productive work environment.
                                                          including access to personal data.
                                                                                                              Based on the CAPS results, managers formulate
                                                          This year’s Employee Satisfaction Survey            achievable action plans with their teams to
                                                          demonstrated that satisfaction with                 address the key performance improvement
                                                          communication has improved dramatically in          issues for their business unit, and then share
                                                          the past year from 49% to 56%, and overall          these with their teams to agree a way forward
An ICONS learning board in Abu Dhabi, September 2002      satisfaction has also seen a good increase.         to improve together.

The challenging macro-economic outlook for            Secondly, public confidence in business has
2003 dictates that our first environmental            been dented by the corporate governance
priority must be to focus on better operational       scandals and accounting failures that featured
efficiency. The total global energy bill (including   in the news in 2002. In 2003 we shall therefore
solid waste and water costs) for the Hotel            focus on our core values of integrity and trust,
Group in 2002 (including corporate offices) was       and endeavour to develop our corporate
more than US$ 61million – close to 3% of              reputation for excellence in these qualities. To
turnover.                                             this end, we shall continue to publish a
                                                      quarterly report Our Planet on our Group
Accordingly in 2003 we will work harder to            environmental and social initiatives around the
deliver savings to the bottom line through            world. We shall also seek openly to engage with
intelligent energy conservation measures and          all stakeholders interested in helping to shape
better environmental stewardship, whilst still        the debate on the key social and environmental
keeping full standards for guest comfort and          issues affecting our business.
service levels. 2003 will require compliance in
the UK with new packaging waste regulations.          Thirdly, we shall reinforce our efforts to respect
But we must seek to go beyond regulatory              the communities in which we operate, through
compliance in improving our water and energy          strong partnerships with like-minded
conservation efforts and our waste                    organisations with a view to demonstrating
management control systems. Even simple               that our business not only delivers superior
energy conservation can achieve significant           shareholder value, but also has important
productivity gains, reduce emissions from the         contributions to make with wider societal
buildings under our management and deliver            benefits. It is an integral part of our service
better Group environmental performance that           ethic that respect for our guests and their
can in turn enhance reputation. As part of this       cultures includes taking an active involvement
effort, a home page for the environment has           in local community activities.
been established on the intranet to encourage
the sharing of best practice across all operating

                                                                   Six Continents will be helping to support
                                                                   the European Year of People with
                                                                   Disabilities in 2003. The campaign was
                                                                   launched in London last December by
                                                                   European Commissioner Anna
                                                                   Diamantopoulou at a lunch organised by
                                                                   Europe 21 and sponsored by Six Continents
                                                                   PLC and Abbey National. Pictured at the
                                                                   event at the InterContinental May Fair
                                                                   London are (from left to right): Richard
                                                                   Winter, Group Company Secretary; Mark
                                                                   Rigby, Director Corporate Affairs;
                                                                   Commissioner Anna Diamantopoulou; Jim
                                                                   Larson, Group Human Resources Director;
                                                                   and The Lord Williamson of Horton, GCMG,
                                                                   CB President of Europe 21

                                                                                                                                                              UNICEF/HQ91-0241/ NICOLE TOUTOUNJI/YEMEN

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