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Submit An Article Search Engines Love

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					Submit An Article Search Engines Love

When you submit an article online in hopes of driving traffic to your
website and/or blog you want to make it as seo friendly as possible! The
reason for this is simple, although people will likely view what you
wrote at the article directories you also want to position yourself to
attract search engine traffic as well. Simply stated if you do not
optimize the content of your articles they will remain 'invisible' to
search engines and you will not show up in any search results.

Here are 3 quick down and dirty tips you can use to make anything you
compose for online distribution more seo friendly!

Keyword Research

It all starts with selecting those keywords that have a very
'connectable' relevance to your content, this is where it all begins. By
finding the right words that best describe what can be found in your
content you are completing the first step in making your article seo
friendly! These words will be what people will use when searching online
to find information like what your article will contain.

Keyword Placement

After accumulating a list of words applicable to the subject you are
writing about you then designate the one word or phrase that best
describes your article subject. This will be your primary keyword which
you will place in both the title and first and last paragraphs of your
article. Secondary keywords can then be sprinkled about your content
placing them where they fit the most naturally within your content. Now
these words will help people locate your articles sending you targeted
search engine traffic which is the best you can get!

Keyword Density

The 'density' of the keywords you use should not be less then 1 percent
nor exceed 5 percent as a rule of thumb. Using too few keywords will not
give much relevancy to your article while using too many will get you
penalized for keyword stuffing. Search engines view this as an attempt to
deliberately draw more attention to what you wrote in an attempt to
increase the search engine traffic you receive. Above all else when using
keywords always be sure to use them in the most natural way since to do
otherwise will make your article read strangely.

When you submit an article you of course want it to get noticed and read
since this is the only way it will succeed in driving traffic to your
site. Of equal and probably greater importance however is you also want
to make what you wrote seo friendly to attract as much free search engine
traffic as you can!Plainly stated if your composition is not properly
optimized with keywords as discussed above the search engines will not be
able to find you. This will result in your articles NOT showing up in any
search results whatsoever. Ouch! As you can see from the discussion above
the steps needed to be taken to better position your articles for
attracting search engine traffic are relatively simple. When you consider
the volume and quality of the traffic you will attract, to not take these
simple steps would be an act of lunacy, or something close to it!