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                 “How To Create Loyal Customers”

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Table of Contents

     Creating Loyal Customers                                 6

     How To Build A Solid Relationship With Your Customers    7

     How To Minimize Your Customer Service Issues            10

     Starting An Online Business On A Shoestring Budget      13

     How To Make Your Business Stand Out                     17

     How To Make Your Website Look More Appealing
     Without Spending A Dime                                 19

     How To Find Quality Content For Your Blog               22

     5 Ways To Boost Your Sales
     Without Increasing Marketing Expenses                   23

     How To Use Free Information To Increase Sales           25

     How To Make More Sales Using Surveys                     27

     Recommended Resources                                   29

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     Creating Loyal Customers

     Creating loyal customers will be the lifeblood of your business.
     Customers who buy from you again and again are essential to
     your success. But how do you create customers who are loyal
     to you? Here are some tips.

     Let Them Get to Know You

     People are loyal to those they know and have become
     "attached" to. They will attach themselves to you if they can
     relate to you and feel like they are a friend more than just a
     customer. Share some personal information with them and let
     them in on your thoughts, values and experiences. Share your
     stories with them.

     Are you trying to decide on what your next car should be? Let
     them walk through the process with you by keeping them
     informed of your thoughts. Are you about ready to become an
     empty nester? Share with them the joys and sorrows you are
     experiencing with the situation.

     Becoming a real person with real feelings goes a long way in
     building trust and customer loyalty.

     Have Quality Products

     No matter how much someone likes and relates to you, they will
     not continue to buy from you if you do not offer quality products.

     Make sure your product does exactly what you claim it will.
     Also, it's a good practice to over deliver. Let them be surprised
     at how generous you are, and they'll become loyal buyers.

     Offer Customer Only Discounts and Specials

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     Reward your customers by offering them discounts and special
     pricing from time to time. Make it worth their while to remain
     your customer.

     Hold special pricing sales for a limited amount of time. And let
     your customers know that the special pricing is only available to
     them because they are your customer.

     It's also a good gesture to offer them something free every so
     often. JC Penny's sends out a free $10 coupon to their past
     customers to use periodically. No other purchase is necessary
     - you can go into the store and spend $10 and not have to pay
     anything out of your pocket.

     Offering this free coupon does two things. It makes you glad
     you are a customer of Penny's and it gets you in the store
     where you will most likely buy other items too.

     Institute some of these practices and you will be creating long-
     term customer loyalty.

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     How To Build A Solid Relationship With Your

     Relationships are not built without communication.        Your
     communication should demonstrate genuine empathy for your
     customers' needs which will be the basis for building a solid
     relationship with them. Another aspect of building a solid
     relationship with your customers will be the mindset that you
     create in your thoughts about them and the attitude you display
     toward them.

     Encourage all staff members and customer                service
     representatives to be considerate in the following:

     1. Show appreciation. Everyone likes to be appreciated.
     Showing appreciation to your customers will create a bond with
     them when they feel that you really care about their feelings as
     well as their needs. Show appreciation by constantly telling
     your customers that you appreciate them. Hearing it from you
     over and over again will make them believe it. Also show your
     appreciation by offering them some customer only appreciation
     sales. They'll love having such exclusive offers and will feel

     2. Show concern. When customers feel that you do not care
     about their problems or issues, they'll look for someone else
     who does. A good policy is to make yourself accessible where
     they can have their concerns heard and get a caring response.
     Do not belittle any issue that a customer presents. Show
     concern for each customer's situation and you'll build a good,
     solid relationship with them. Continue to keep your sole focus
     on meeting the needs of your customers and making sure
     they're satisfied.

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     3. Show humility. Businesses make mistakes. When that
     happens, admit to your mistakes and do what you can to
     compensate your customers for their inconvenience.
     Customers respond warmly to humbleness and are repulsed by
     businesses who refuse to budge or admit wrong. At times, the
     customers are in error. When this may be the case, you may
     have to humbly apologize for their inconvenience and then
     direct them to the page where you state your policy or where
     specific details are shown regarding your products or services.
     Again, keeping a humble spirit and not a haughty spirit can help
     your customers respond better while dealing with such
     situations that arise.

     4. Show generosity. At times, refunds must be made. Don't
     make your customers beg for their money back. If a refund is
     due, do it in a timely manner that shows your customer that
     they can trust your business. Some businesses purposely try
     to make it difficult for their customers to get a refund.
     Customers do not forget such experiences and will not be so
     willing to spend more money with businesses like that in the
     future. There are many other creative ways to show generosity
     to your customers. Doing so will be just as rewarding to your
     business as it is to them.

     5. Show respect. Avoid thinking about your customers as just a
     “group” of people. Don't let dollar signs be your focus by
     viewing your customers only as people who spend money with
     your company. Keep a humble mentality toward your customers
     by realizing that your business thrives because of them. Use
     their name frequently when you communicate. Care genuinely
     about your customers' feelings and be courteous to them in all
     your business dealings.

     By displaying real human emotions of concern and humility and
     by showing appreciation, generosity and respect you'll build a
     good, solid relationship with your customers. When you build a

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     solid relationship, you'll also build a solid foundation for your
     business success.

     How To Minimize Your Customer Service

     Managing customer service issues can be very time
     consuming, yet it is an extremely important part of running your
     online business. Without responding to customers in a timely
     manner and meeting their needs, your online business will not
     thrive successfully. Just as word of mouth marketing can
     benefit in a positive manner from happy customers, people also
     speak their mind when they're unhappy with their experiences
     from a business.
     In fact, according to statistics, 68% of customers leave because
     they feel poorly treated. (Source: TARP)

     The best way to make sure that you offer great customer
     service to your customers and clients is to make a high priority
     when you do your business planning. Planning in advance how
     you will effectively meet and maintain issues will make a real
     difference in dealing with customer issues in a timely manner as
     well as assuring that your business continues thriving

     Here are some tips and ideas for managing your customer

     1. Automate as much as possible. It's important to automate
     everything that you possibly can as long as your quality of
     service will not be diminished. Autoresponders are most
     efficient in delivering information automatically.      A good
     shopping cart software can automate the total sales process of
     delivering digital products that were just purchased and sending
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     the customers receipts. There's also software that can help you
     maintain an online support desk where customers can create
     personal tickets to submit their issues, and is very handy for
     keeping track of all dialogue between customers and service
     representatives. You'll find a few open source software
     downloads available online for maintaining a help desk: and are just a couple among
     many that are available.

     2. Communicate effectively. Many customer complaints are
     caused by a simple misunderstanding of what they thought they
     would receive.       When you communicate effectively and
     represent your products and services clearly you can avoid
     many misunderstandings. Express exactly what they will
     receive in detail and be honest about what they will NOT
     receive if you've had other past issues of wrong assumptions.
     If there are many customers who feel shortchanged because
     other businesses have included a service that your company
     does not, consider pleasing your customers by implementing
     the additional service.

     3. Create an FAQ page. An FAQ (frequently asked questions)
     page is your friend indeed and can save you hours of
     personally responding to customers' questions. Many online
     users are accustomed to consulting with a business's FAQ
     page, relieving them the time of having to write an inquiry email.
     For this reason it benefits both parties. As you take note of
     common questions that you are receiving from customers, add
     them to your FAQ page to continue optimizing the benefits of
     your page.

     4. Hire a customer service representative. If your business has
     been growing quickly, you may soon need to hire someone who

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     can quickly respond to customers questions and complaints.
     The faster you deal with customer service issues, the happier
     your customers will be and will remain as loyal customers.
     Keep track of your response rate and the rate of which you are
     able to deal with issues so that you can easily evaluate when
     more workers are needed for hiring.

     5. Invite feedback. Listen carefully to complaints and deal with
     them quickly to cut down on future problems. Use customers'
     complaints for the benefit of evaluating your products and
     services. Customer feedback can help you improve any areas
     that need improvement and can supply you with new ideas of
     adding additional products and services. Caring about your
     customers' concerns is the backbone of keeping a business
     running successfully.

     As you seek to continually improve any weak areas of your
     business, your customer service issues will also be reduced
     and kept at a minimum. By keeping your customers a top
     priority and keeping a good attitude while dealing with them,
     they'll more than likely be more patient because they know that
     they can trust your business in taking care of their needs as
     quickly and efficiently as possible.

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     Starting An Online Business On A Shoestring

     Starting an online business is an extremely affordable option
     when you use the right resources. Doing thorough research
     before choosing a niche will save you from wasting your time
     and financial funds on unprofitable niches. You can use or even Google's free external keyword tool to
     perform some simple keyword searches.

     Your goal during research is to closely watch the statistic
     results to help you choose a niche with a fairly high demand but
     not overly competitive. You will also want to consider choosing
     a targeted audience that's willing to spend money. Many
     marketers think of it in simple terms as this: What are people's
     problems and how can you offer them a solution? Most are
     willing to pay for those solutions.

     What can I start selling online without a big investment?

     Selling information is an extremely low-budgeted way to start
     your online business. For those who are on an extremely tight
     budget or do not have time to develop their own products,
     affiliate marketing can be a very good option. Many marketers
     have started off promoting affiliate products and as they gain
     revenue, they reinvest their money back into their business by
     either developing their own product or outsourcing it to
     someone who has adequate skills.

     Another way to start your own online business with very little
     startup expense is to offer your own expertise. Many people
     are seeking coaches or mentors to help them succeed in
     financial budgeting, losing weight, learning computer skills,
     writing skills, developing their business plans, making money
     online, etc. You can quickly build your portfolio by offering to
     help a few people at no cost. Let them know you would like to
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     include their testimonial on your site. Offering testimonials on
     your site will be very effective in helping you kick-start your
     online business and gaining new customers.

     If you're not interested in selling information online, but would
     rather make money from a hobby or selling other tangible
     products, you have a world of resources at hand by using the
     internet to find thrifty resources for gathering items to sell or
     supplies you'll need for your projects, shipping and packaging
     equipment, etc.

     What are the main essentials for starting my online business?

     Your main expenses for starting your online business will be
     registering your domain name (select carefully using your
     keywords if possible) and signing up for a hosting company
     (look for Hostgator's coupon code online for your first month
     hosting) for your website.

     By installing Wordpress (most hosting companies have
     software that automatically installs Wordpress at no cost) you
     can save money on costly web design expenses. There are
     thousands of free Wordpress themes available to choose from.
     After your business starts earning revenue, you can easily
     update your site with a premium Wordpress theme without
     affecting any of the content already on your site.

     You'll also need a shopping cart. If you're selling digital
     products, you'll want one that will automatically deliver your
     digital files to your customers after their purchase. Again,
     Wordpress comes in handy because you'll easily find shopping
     cart plugins that can handle this job. (Don't worry, Wordpress
     plugins are easily installed. If you need help, search YouTube
     for a tutorial.) If you're not using Wordpress, you can consider
     using some budget resources such as or (no software installation required.)

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     One other recommended tool is an autoresponder. Although a
     little more costly, an autoresponder is a very handy tool that
     many marketers depend upon for their success.
     Autoresponders help you collect leads from your visitors and
     deliver a free report or information automatically, making it
     hands-free for daily maintaining your site. is one of
     the most respected resources by online marketers and currently
     for just one dollar you can get started with your first month.

     What are some ways to market my site on a budget?

     You can gain free traffic to your site by taking time to learn
     some simple SEO (search engine optimization) tactics. There
     are also many other options that can help you kick-start your
     marketing campaign at no cost: article marketing, forum
     marketing, social bookmarking and social networking (such as
     Facebook and Twitter) are a few basic ones that require very
     little skill to learn.

     You can also gain some cheap traffic to your site by using pay-
     per-click (PPC) advertising offered through many search
     engines such as Google or Yahoo! Search. However, you
     should proceed with caution and take time to learn the ins and
     outs of finding low-cost keywords to bid on. PPC advertising
     can quickly become quite costly if not managed and maintained

     To keep your business thriving on a shoestring budget, keep in
     mind other thrifty resources. Vistaprint allows you to get free
     business cards printed. is a helpful resource for
     outsourcing services for only five dollars. You can outsource
     simple services such as getting ecovers or logos made, articles
     written, videos created, etc.

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     One other option that's super thrifty is swapping services. For
     example, if you're good at writing, but do poorly at graphic
     creation, contact another marketer who is good working with
     graphics and offer to write some articles for his article marketing
     project in exchange for his services with graphics. If you simply
     can't swap services and you can't afford to outsource needed
     projects for your online business, consider using YouTube for
     learning some DIY projects. There's tons of computer and
     software tutorials available.

     As you can see, you don't need a wealth of resources or money
     to start an online business, but realize that your customers are
     the true source of wealth. It cost much more to gain new
     customers than keeping the ones you have already. So,
     although you may be starting off on a shoestring budget, with
     every customer you get, treat them like royalty and you'll gain
     their loyalty...and establish a successful online business.

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     How To Make Your Business Stand Out

     Every business needs something that will set you apart and
     differentiate you from your competitors. That is where a USP
     comes in.

     A USP refers to a unique selling point and every business
     needs one! Otherwise, you will be lost in the crowd of similar
     businesses. Think about what your business offers that others
     don't. That will be your USP.

     If you're stuck on what your unique selling point can be,
     consider the following.

     •      Excellent Customer Service - There may be many
     businesses offering what you do, but what is their customer
     service like? You can stand out by offering service that goes
     above and beyond the normal expectations.
     •      Free Shipping - Does your business offer free shipping
     while others in your niche charge to have the product
     delivered? Make it known!
     •      Quick Delivery - If you are shipping physical items, do you
     ship them the fastest way possible?
     •      Do you offer a product that your competitors do not? Or
     do you offer a product in a version that others don't? For
     example, if you are selling an ebook on Internet marketing, can
     you offer it as a video course instead? Or a home study course
     that is delivered right to someone's door? Be creative here and
     check out what your competition is offering. Offer yours in a
     different format.
     •      Do you offer coaching/consulting along with your

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     Those are just a few examples to help you get thinking. Let's
     go through a short process to help you create your USP.

     Know Your Market

     What is it that your market needs or wants? Do they need their
     merchandise fast? Are they a busy bunch who needs their
     product on audio so they can listen to it in the car? Get to know
     them and find out their needs. Then offer it to them and make it
     your unique selling point.


     Study your competition. Know what they have and how they
     offer it. Find a hole in what they have - something that is
     lacking and then offer it to your market. You will already be way
     ahead of the game because a lot of folks just start into business
     without ever checking out their competition.


     A USP is no good if you don't follow through on what you have
     said. Make sure you deliver what you stated you would. Don't
     say you can get their product there in one day if you can’t.

     Create your USP, make it known and deliver on it!

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     How To Make Your Website Look More
     Appealing Without Spending A Dime

     Running a successful online business requires having a site
     that is appealing and professional in appearance. Although
     some businesses pay hundreds of dollars to web designers to
     acquire a professional theme for their site, you can actually do
     quite a bit on your own to make your own site more appealing
     without spending extra money.

     First, consider what you “don't” need for your site. Many
     webmasters try to “have it all” leaving their site cluttered and
     unattractive. Choose a few simple topics to feature on your
     home page and keep your navigational buttons to a minimum.
     Don't have hundreds of categories on your home page.
     Organize your content under major categories leading to
     smaller categories if necessary. Too many choices can
     overwhelm your visitors and again make your site look

     Less can often mean more when constructing your site's layout.
     Keep some white space here and there to avoid the impression
     of being overcrowded. Put your most important information
     above the fold (the top part that your visitors sees before
     scrolling downward). Also try to keep outbound links and
     advertiser links to a minimum. Place them below the fold if
     possible in order give your visitors time to see what your site
     has to offer before clicking on a link that will lead them away
     from your site.

     To keep a professional appearance, take off any flashing
     graphics and keep graphics to a minimum. (Too many graphics
     will slow down the loading time of your site.) Keep your theme
     colors pleasing to the eye and the text dark. Avoid bright and
     blinding colors that make it hard to read and difficult to focus on
     the content of your site. Another consideration is making sure
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     that those who are color blind can view your site without
     difficulty. You can use to test out your
     site to see how a color-blinded user might view your site.

     Converting your site to Wordpress can give you a world of
     choices as far as free themes that are available (just Google
     “free Wordpress themes”). There are numerous themes that are
     professional in appearance at no cost whatsoever. You can
     hire someone to change your theme if time is not available, but
     overall, installing a theme requires very little skills. Check out for some quick tutorials on installing Wordpress

     For those who aren't necessarily using Wordpress, you can
     check out for some free website templates or do a
     further search on Google for “free website templates”. You'll be
     surprised at some of the nice, professional ones that you'll find
     with enough diligence of searching. Some Wordpress theme
     and template sites will also allow you to pay a very small fee (or
     simply ask for a small donation) to remove the author's link in
     the footer if this is distracting.

     As you can see, giving your site a more professional
     appearance without spending a dime is very possible. A quick

     1. Use a simple, clean layout design.
     2. Use pleasing colors that are easy on the eyes.
     3. Don't overcrowd your site.
     4. Keep your content organized.
     5. Use easy navigational and search features.
     6. Keep banners and graphics to a minimum.
     7. Look for an updated template for your site if necessary.

     Take time browsing other sites and take note of what looks
     appealing to you and what doesn't. Jot down any ideas that

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     you really like. Also take note of what seems annoying to you.
     Finally, don't depend solely on your own taste in design. Ask
     for feedback from others in your social network. Opinions may
     vary, but take note on what the majority likes or doesn't like. If
     you design your site to be pleasing to your visitors, they'll enter
     your site with a positive feeling, which can mean more leads
     and sales for your online business.

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     How To Find Quality Content For Your Blog

     You will most likely agree that having a blog can be very
     beneficial to your business. It can open up the lines of
     communication between you and your potential customers, and
     let them get to know you better. However, finding quality
     content for your blog can be an ongoing challenge.

     To keep your blog fresh and active, you must be writing new
     posts on a regular basis. That will bring readers back for more.
     So, how can you continue to add new quality content? Here
     are some ideas for you.

     Write a Series

     Come up with some topics that would be of interest to your
     market. Instead of writing just one post on each of the topics,
     make it into an entire series, either for a few weeks or a month.
     One word of caution: Don't let it drag on too long. If there are
     readers that don't happen to be interested in that particular
     topic, you don't want to lose them, so the series should not go
     on longer than a month.

     Make an outline of the topic, breaking it down into sub-topics.
     Then cover each sub-topic in a post.

     It may also be helpful to write several posts at one time,
     scheduling them to come out at a later date. That way, you
     don't break your train of thought, and the series will flow more

     Guest Bloggers

     By inviting others to write some guest blog posts, you are
     getting help with the content and offering your market new fresh

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     ideas and information. Your guest bloggers would gain some
     exposure and get a link back to their blog or website, your
     market would love the new content, and you wouldn't have to
     write every post. Everyone wins!


     PLR can be a lifesaver when you are stuck on what to write
     about. Grab some PLR topics that would interest your market,
     edit them somewhat and post them on your blog. You can pick
     up ten articles for a small amount of money, and you will have
     at least ten posts covered - even more if you expand on the

     Or grab a longer PLR report and use it to post a series on your

     Visit Other Blogs

     Visit other blogs in your niche and see what they're talking
     about. Don't copy them, but reading other posts can bring
     inspiration and get the wheels turning on other things to write

     You can find related blogs by doing a Google search or signing
     up for Google Alerts. With Google alerts, just enter in some
     keywords that relate to your niche and you will get email
     updates on blogs that post content related to those keywords.

     Don't let your blog just sit there collecting dust. Use some of
     these ways to get some fresh quality content and make your
     readers happy!

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     5 Ways To Boost Your Sales                            Without
     Increasing Marketing Expenses

     We all are looking for ways to increase our sales. That's a
     given. But we don't necessarily want to spend more marketing
     dollars to do it. Many times people will start additional
     businesses or switch over to a new niche because they weren't
     making enough in the niche they were in. However, that may
     not be necessary.

     Let's look at some ways you can boost your sales without
     increasing your marketing expenses.

     •     Upsells/Cross-Sells - Using upsells and cross-sells in
     your business can bring in a higher amount of money. When
     someone buys one of your products, offer them a higher-priced
     version of the same product or a related product. The higher
     priced version of the same product might include coaching. An
     example: someone buys an ebook from you on eating healthy.
     Before the final check out, offer them the same ebook plus
     coaching for a higher price. Or, offer them a related product,
     such as a cookbook of healthy recipes. Many times people will
     take you up on your upsell offer, and you have just increased
     your sale amount.
     •     Joint Ventures - Find some joint venture partners that will
     promote your product to their subscribers for either a share in
     the revenue earned, or for a reciprocal promotion of their
     product to your email list.
     •     Start an Affiliate Program - Recruit your own sales force
     in the form of affiliates. Set up an affiliate program where
     people who sign up will receive commissions on any sales of
     your products they promote. You have the potential to make a
     huge increase in sales when you're not doing all the work

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     •     Keep in Contact with Previous Customers - People who
     are already customers are much more likely to buy from you
     again. Keep in touch with them and let them know when you
     come out with any new products that relate to their previous
     •     Offer a Guarantee - People are much more apt to buy a
     product if they know they can get their money back if they are
     unhappy with it. How will this increase sales? Most likely, you
     will gain many more sales than the few refunds you have to
     make. People want assurance before they buy.

     If you notice, none of the above strategies cost you any more
     money, except for the basic cost setting up an affiliate program.
     Here's to more sales!

     How To Use Free Information To Increase

     Did you know that you can increase your sales by giving out
     free information? It's true! When you give something away for
     free, people's guards go down and they are open to seeing
     what you have to offer.

     Free information can be given in one of various ways:

     •    A report
     •    An audio
     •    A video
     •    An ebook
     •    A blog post
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     The great thing about sharing information in any of these ways
     for free is that you get to introduce yourself to people who might
     not otherwise pay to see if they like what you sell. They can get
     to know you in a non-pressured situation. They can also see
     how knowledgeable you are about your topic. That goes a long
     way in winning their trust.

     There are a lot of scenarios where offering free information can
     work to your advantage.

     •     As a bonus for signing up for your email list - offer a free
     report in exchange for their email address.
     •     As a viral report which shares information about a certain
     topic and promotes a paid product relating to that topic within
     the report.
     •     As a joint venture opportunity - your freebie can be
     included in a partner's promotion. That way, you are able to get
     your information in front of a new audience.
     •     As a paid product bonus - in the freebie, you can promote
     another one of your products - it's a great way to introduce
     other related products.

     People love free things, and when they are see that you are
     willing to share some information with them, it will help build
     their trust in you.

     The key to sharing free information is to not tell everything they
     need to know; otherwise, there will be no need to buy your
     products. The information should be valuable to them but
     incomplete in some way. That way, they will need to purchase
     your product if they want to find out more.

     Another important aspect to the success of giving away
     something for free is to include a clear call to action. If you are
     sharing a free report, make sure you tell them specifically what
     you want them to do - sign up for a list, buy a product, etc.

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     People are busy and like to know what their next step should

     Free information, if done right, can increase your sales and
     warm people up to what your business is all about.

     How To Make More Sales Using Surveys

     Many businesses make the mistake of assuming they know
     what their customers really want. After doing a survey they're
     often surprised that results were much different than what they
     had expected. Businesses who fail to pay attention to their
     customers' personal opinions are missing out on attracting
     more sales from their customers.

     Through the process of your newsletter or email marketing
     campaign, you can also engage your subscribers in sharing
     feedback about your products and services to help you improve
     them. Some email marketing managers already come with the
     utilities to create surveys; if yours doesn't, you will be able to
     find many resources online to help you easily create your
     survey       forms.    One      fairly  popular    resource     is Once you've created your survey, you can
     contact your subscribers and encourage them to fill out your
     quick survey form.

     When you create your survey, keep in mind that your
     customers' time is valuable. Try to ask questions that are more
     focused on one or two products or services and keep the
     number of questions to a minimum. You can send out separate
     surveys on a quarterly basis or at least spread them out so that
     your customers are not overwhelmed with meeting your
     demands of feedback. If you can offer some type of reward for
     their time, you'll find that more customers will participate.

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     Here are some good reasons to do surveys for your business:

     * Asking for feedback builds trust and loyalty from your
     customers. They feel that you have their best interest in mind.
     * You will be able to improve your products and services by
     asking for your customers' opinions on what you can do to
     make them better.
     * You may be able to eliminate products or services that are
     wasting time or money for your business. After receiving your
     survey results, you might discover that you can scale back on
     products or services that the customers feel are not really that
     * New ideas are often generated from the direct opinions that
     the customers share.
     * You can stay ahead of your competitors by offering frequent
     surveys. Most customers would prefer to stay with their current
     providers, but leave because competitors are offering
     something more up-to-date with trends or technology.
     * Surveys can help businesses make many detailed decisions
     such as pricing of products, colors, added features, etc.

     Gathering information from surveys will allow you to know what
     your customers want and be able to offer it to them. And that's
     really good for business!

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