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South India Tour: Discover your Taste and Trance


The south India tour provides you an opportunity to peek into the cultural and folk life of the people living there. Each state has different language and customs unique in its own way.

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									South India Tour: Discover your Taste and Trance

The south India tour provides you an opportunity to peek into the cultural and
folk life of the people living there. Each state has different language and
customs unique in its own way.

Goa a paradise for tourists enchants them with the beautiful beaches and
nightlife. There are a total of 27 folk art forms here. Godhi Modhni is a
spectacular dance form of Goa performed in north Goa. The movements of war
horses are mimicked by dancers having swords in there hands. The dance
depicts the victory of Maratha warriors over the Portuguese. Rombat is a dance
where the men dance to the beats of drums carrying banners and umbrellas in
procession. You cannot miss out the delicious sea food prepared here.
Kingfisher is the most common item, but there are others like pomfret, doumer,
shark, tuna and mackerel. Number of shellfishes is also available like crabs,
prawns and lobster. Feni is the double distilled and potent drink of Goa.

Karnataka music and dance is traditional in nature. Carnatic music is the most
popular classical music of India. It was patronised by the Woodeyar kings.
Bharatnatyam, Kucchipudi and Kathakali are other popular dance forms of
Karnataka. Some of the famous Folk trances are Kunitha, Devara Thatte
Kunitha, Yellammana Kunitha, Suggi Kunitha etc. The tourist can gather an
interesting folk experience by participating in the Bhootha Ardhana. It is dance
form where devils are worshipped and a procession is taken out where idols
depicting ( bhooth) devils are carried out and placed on a plinth. The cuisines
here are made especially by the use of spices, coconuts and fruits. The Udupi
region of Karnataka serves a variety of mouth watering dosas. The coastal
regions of Karnataka serve sea food. The pork curry and Bemble curry of
Kodagu region are famous among tourists.

The Tamil Nadu region is famous for the Bharatnatyam dance while there are
various other dance forms here. Kummi is one of the most ancient village
dances performed by women. Mayil Attam is another dance form done by girls
dressed as peacock. Oyil Kummi, Kavadi Attam and Poikkal Kudirai are some
of the other dance forms which can be enjoyed to make your holidays
delightful. The food here is both non vegetarian and vegetarian .Idly (steamed
rice cakes),vada (deep fried lintel doughnuts),dosa(pancakes made of lintels)
and Pongal(a msh of rice and lintels are the famous dishes prepared here eaten
with coconut chutney and sambhar (seasoned lintel broth).Non vegetarian food
contains curries or dishes cooked with mutton, chicken or fish. Coffee is a
famous drink here.

Kathakali is the famous dance of Kerala .It is generally displayed as a ballet or
dance drama. It is performed by a male artist based on the mythical stories of
Ramayana and Mahabharata. These dancers paint their faces according to the
negative and positive characters they are supposed to play with vibrant dresses.
Mohiniyattam and Chakyar Koothu are other famous classical dance forms of
Kerala. In Kerala food is served on Banana leaf. Rice, Rassam, Sambhar,
Kaleen and Pachadi are some of the dishes eaten on a regular basis. Puttu and
Idli appam are famous breakfast dishes.

With such a lot of variety in the dance forms, food and drinks South India is an
exciting destination where you can discover your favourite taste and dance

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