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									Estate Planning Strategy For Small Business Succession

When you are in a small business partnership with others you must approach estate
planning differently than those who don't have assets tied up in a business. In most
cases, you can not simply bequeath your business share to your loved ones without
putting them, and your partners, in a difficult situation. For one thing, you may not have
anyone in the family who has the desire or the ability to take over your role in the
business. And even if you did have a family member who wanted to assume your role,
your partners may not be comfortable with them in that role.

If your family was to sell the business, your partners would suddenly be forced to work
with the buyer and this may not be to their liking either. Of course all these concerns
would apply to you as well if your partner or partners predeceased you.

The creation of a buy-sell agreement is one solution that is commonly implemented to
address many small business succession cases. There are two such agreements that are
most commonly utilized: the cross purchase plan and the entity plan. With the cross
purchase plan the partners in the business take out life insurance policies on one another.
Should one of them pass away, the combined insurance benefits are used to purchase the
share that was held by the deceased from his or her estate. The details of this purchase
are agreed upon by all parties when the agreement is originally drawn up.

The entity plan involves the business itself purchasing life insurance on all of the co-
owners. When one of them dies the proceeds from the policy are used to purchase that
individual's share from his or her family.

Buy-sell agreements are a tidy solution to a somewhat difficult situation. If you are a
partner in a small business who is interested in devising an estate plan, the wise course
of action would be to arrange for a consultation with an estate planning attorney who has
a background in succession planning.

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