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PowerPoint Presentation - Alzheimer's Association

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									                 Alzheimer’s Association
                Sponsorship Opportunities

                     Partner with us and
                     make a connection!
                We reach:
                • people 45 yrs and older who make healthcare
                decisions for themselves and their families.
                • households with a median income of $108,885.
                • adults who are college educated (62%).

                We offer:
                • high touch interactions
                • targeted reach
                • positive visibility

                This year, we will:
                • provide help and hope to more than 19,000
                  individuals with memory loss, their families and
                • provide education for more than 35,000 caregivers,
                professionals and community members.
                • host over 8,000 women, men and children at
                  our four county-wide Memory Walks

                                    Packaged Opportunities
A unique opportunity that allows sponsors the ability to enhance brand recognition across a variety of platforms.

  Packages include:
  A combination of the following:

  Large Community Education Events
       Year-round educational events throughout Orange County including “Know the 10 Signs,” Special Topics in Dementia
       Care and research presentations (audiences ranging from 30-150+).
  Consumer Events
       Includes Caregiver Picnic, Breakfast Club, Support Groups, Family Orientation and more
       (1,000+ impressions per month)
  Health Fairs
       The Alzheimer’s Association participates in approximately 1,500 community health fairs a year providing valuable
       resources to professionals and families.

  Levels of Participation
  Packages require three, six or twelve month commitments.

  Tier A - $1,000/month
       Premium logo placement on collateral materials and event or activity website with hyperlink. Verbal acknowledgement
       at event. Info table at one event per month and/or collateral material in guest packets or displayed on info table as
       applicable. Exhibitor booth at Cal State Fullerton Memory Walk. Memories in the Making 2011 calendar page.
  Tier B - $500/month
       Logo placement in secondary position on collateral materials and event or activity website with hyperlink. Collateral
       material in guest packets or displayed on info table as applicable. Shared exhibitor booth at Cal State Fullerton
       Memory Walk. Business card size ad in the Memories in the Making 2011 calendar.
  Tier C - $300/month
       Logo on collateral materials in tertiary position and event or activity website. Material in guest packets or displayed on
       info table as applicable.

                             A la Carte Opportunities
             Individual sponsorship opportunities targeted to accomplish specific marketing goals

Savvy Caregiver - $3,500/series
An evidence-based, 12-hour training provided over a six-week period, resulting in family caregivers who possess
greater confidence and understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia and practical skills to
improve and support care. Sponsor provides classroom suitable for up to 15, refreshments and respite services
each week and receives 5 minutes of speaking time and collateral materials at one class.

Elder Abuse Prevention Council - $750-$1,500
A multi-faceted education and research program designed to decrease elder abuse by training families to identify
risk factors and promoting communication with professional care providers. Members receive use of EAPC
member logo on website and print materials, logo and hyperlink included on the Alzheimer’s Association website,
recognition in press releases and on EAPC collateral materials and use of evidence-based training program,
including pre and post tests to assess efficacy.
- Large Partners (budgets > $1 million) - $1,500
- Small Partners (budgets < $1 million) - $750

Clergy Breakfast - $500-$1,000
An annual gathering where we recognize houses of worship who host religious services for individuals with
Alzheimer’s or offer faith-based support groups for family caregivers. Approximately 100 guests are expected to
attend our appreciation breakfast in early summer. Our Interfaith Outreach Program supports clergy and laity in
providing those with dementia opportunities to stay connected to their spiritual selves. Sponsors receive logo
acknowledgement in collateral materials, invitations, RSVP website and verbal mention at event.

                            A la Carte Opportunities
            Individual sponsorship opportunities targeted to accomplish specific marketing goals

Foundations of Dementia Care - $2,500/class
A training class geared towards professional caregivers. Sponsor pays for the training to be offered in a RCFE
facility at no charge to the RCFE (CEU’s additional) for up to 30 RCFE staff. Perfect for hospice, durable
medical products, etc. By offering this amazing benefit to an RCFE sponsor will make introductory remarks
before trainings and can select hosting RCFE. A packet of sponsor materials will be distributed to all guests.

Memories in the Making® - $2,500
Our signature art program allowing those with Alzheimer’s to explore their memories and emotions through
art. Memories in the Making® is provided year round in 20 facilities throughout Orange County and serves
nearly 600 individuals with Alzheimer’s or related memory loss disorders. Sponsors receive logo
acknowledgement in collateral materials, website and press releases. Recognition at annual Artist’s Tea, page
sponsorship and 500 Memories in the Making 2011 calendars.

CEO Research Update - $1,000 - $2,500
A 90-minute presentation at hosted by sponsoring RCFE including Q&A or a jointly offered program where the
Alzheimer’s Association invites major donors and guest to attend. Topics include the very latest in dementia
research. Presenting sponsor makes introductory remarks. A packet of all sponsors’ materials will be
distributed all guests and all sponsors may host a resource table at the entry to the room.

Caregiver Picnic - $500-$1,000
A unique event designed for 150+ caregivers, their loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia and the
entire family. It’s a day to relax and enjoy good company complete with massages, lunch, Memories in the
Making and a caricature artist! Slated every Spring, this is a favorite event for sponsors who receive logo
acknowledgement on event signage and promotional materials and a resource table at the event.

                             A la Carte Opportunities
             Individual sponsorship opportunities targeted to accomplish specific marketing goals

 Resource Packets - $2.00 each – minimum of 100
 A collection of Alzheimer’s Association resources provided to helpline callers, Family Orientation participants,
 health fair attendees and other events. Sponsors provide color insertion equivalent to a 8.5x11 page and
 receive logo acknowledgement on envelope.

 Latino Outreach - $15,000/year
 Underserved populations do not seek nor receive timely medical evaluations when they show signs of
 cognitive impairment. Additionally, cultural mores preclude family caregivers from connecting with
 appropriate health, mental health, legal and social service supports. The Alzheimer’s Association Multicultural
 Awareness and Support Services Project offers such a network, one that extends from pre-diagnosis to end-
 of-life care. Sponsors receive joint logo reading Alzheimer’s Association Latino Outreach in collaboration with
 (sponsor logo) on approximately 15,000 collateral pieces per year, co-branded give-away distributed at
 Mexican Consulate meetings and community education events (approximately 7,000 per year) and verbal
 mention on Spanish-speaking radio show (minimum of 1x/month).

 Tote Bags – $1,250
 Co-branding opportunity on 500 reusable tote bags distributed at community health fairs and educational
 events. Opportunity includes use of sponsor logo alongside Alzheimer’s Association logo.

 E-Newsletter - $350 (28,000+ distribution)
 Newsletter - $2,500 (40,000+ distribution)
 Website – logo placement and hyperlink - $350 (six month subscription)

                                                Memory Walk
 The nation’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research programs.

Cal State Fullerton – October 23, 2010
Join 4,000+ children and adults in helping us MOVE our cause forward at our largest walk. Team Challenge, Kidz Zone, Doggie
Dugout, live music and more.

Presenting - $20,000                    Gold - $10,000                           Bronze - $2,500
Platinum – $15,000                      Silver - $5,000                          Booth - $600
                                                                                 Shared Booth - $400
Huntington Beach – November 6, 2010
Join 1,800+ children and adults as we take Memory Walk to the HB boardwalk. Team Challenge, Kidz Zone, Doggie Costume
Contest, live music and more.

Presenting - $6,000                     Gold - $2,000                            Bronze $1,000
Platinum – $3,000                       Silver - $1,500                          Booth - $400
                                                                                 Shared Booth - $300
Doheny Beach , Dana Point – May 7, 2011
Join the crowd of over 1,500+ for this sunset stroll on the beach. A perfect way to spend Mother’s Day eve .

Presenting - $5,000                     Gold - $1,500                            Bronze $750
Platinum – $2,500                       Silver - $1,000                          Booth – $300
                                                                                 Shared Booth - $200
The District - Tustin – June 18, 2011
Join 1,000+ children and adults live entertainment and festival tables on the Promenade of this gorgeous outdoor shopping

Presenting - $5,000                     Gold - $1,500                            Bronze $750
Platinum – $2,500                       Silver - $1,000                          Booth – $300
                                                                                 Shared Booth - $200

                   Memory Walk Sponsorship Benefits
   Benefits commensurate with sponsorship level. Sponsors who qualify at the gold level and above receive
        additional benefits not listed here. Impressions apply to all four Memory Walks – equivalent to
     40% for Cal State Fullerton, 20% for Huntington Beach, 20% for Doheny Beach and 20% for Tustin
                                   Presenting Platinum     Gold         Silver     Bronze    Booth
                                     Logo w/    Logo w/      Logo w/      Logo w/
       Memory Walk Website          hyperlink  hyperlink    hyperlink    hyperlink    Logo
       Chapter newsletter
       (50,000+ distribution)          X           X            X
       Chapter e-newsletter
       (35,000+ distribution)      w/hyperlink     X            X           X          X
        Walker Update e-blast
       (18,000+ distribution)      w/hyperlink     X            X           X          X
       Memory Walk posters
       (6,000+)                      Logo        Logo        Logo         Name       Name
       Memory Walk table tents
       (2,500)                       Logo        Logo        Logo         Name       Name
       Memory Walk community
       banners (15)                  Logo        Logo        Logo         Logo       Logo

       Memory Walk registration
       brochures (62,000+)           Logo        Logo        Logo         Name       Name
       Memory Walk t-shirts        Logo back Logo back Logo back Logo back Logo back
       (6,500)                      at 75%    at 75%    at 50%    at 50%    at 30%
       Event signage                 Logo        Logo        Logo         Name       Name
       Banners displayed at
       venue                           6         5         4                3          2     1 in booth
                                    Premium   Premium   Premium
       Booth in Expo area          placement placement placement            X          X         X

       Verbal mention at event         X           X            X           X
       Membership in
       Alzheimer's Early
       Detection Alliance (AEDA)       X           X            X

                                       Special Events
 Special events provide critical funding to support our programs, services, education, advocacy and research
   efforts. As well, they offer a rewarding engagement opportunity for donors, volunteers and sponsors.

Visionary Women Luncheon              Broadway Memories                       An Affair to Remember Gala
September 2011                        October 2, 2010                         June 4, 2011
An elegant event is the perfect       A star-studded show featuring a line-   This festive evening at the Rancho
setting for 400 guests to celebrate
special members of our                up of Broadway’s finest performers.     Las Lomas is a perennial favorite,
community who have served as          Located at the OC Pavilion, all         attracting nearly 400 guests. Enjoy
models of commitment and caring.      sponsorship packages include pre-       sumptuous fare, live entertainment
                                      show, dinner and VIP after party.       and creative silent and live
Presenting - $25,000                                                          auctions.
Platinum – $10,000                    Presenting - $25,000
Gold – $5,000                         Platinum – $10,000                      Presenting - $25,000
Silver – $2,500                       Gold – $5,000                           Platinum – $10,000
Bronze – $1,000                       Silver – $2,500                         Gold – $5,000
                                                                              Silver – $2,500
                                                                              Bronze – $1,000

      Why Partner with the Alzheimer’s Association?
“Silverado has partnered with the                                      “The vital services provided by the
Alzheimer’s Association over the past 11                               Alzheimer’s Association help both the
years. It is both a philanthropic and                                  individuals in our community who are living
strategic initiative for Silverado.                                    with Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as
Sponsorship gives support and resources                                the families who are caring for a loved one
to those touched by the Alzheimer’s                                    with this insufferable disease. Our
disease as well as education to                                        company’s contributions of time and
ALL. Sponsorship is a win/win and it’s                                 money help to make it possible and we
about doing the right thing and making a                               have been a proud partner of the
difference in people’s lives.”                                         Alzheimer’s Association for the past 19
Michelle Egerer
Regional Vice President of Operations                                  Maria Kauten
Silverado Senior Living                                                Regional Director of Marketing and
                                                                       Good Neighbor Care, The Gardens
  “The Alzheimer’s Association offers a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities making the choice to support
  their efforts an easy one. Not only is it a sound marketing investment for a corporate sponsor, it’s simply the
  right thing to do. Truly, supporting the Alzheimer’s Association is a “win-win” – strong branding combined with
  supporting an extremely worthwhile cause at the same time.”

  Scott Smith
  Director of Communications and Public Affairs

         Let us customize a sponsorship package
         to help meet your marketing and
         philanthropic goals.

      For more information on partnering with the
      Alzheimer’s Association , please contact :

      Kelly Swartzbaugh, Corporate Relations Coordinator
      949.757.3717           kelly.swartzbaugh@alz.org


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