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                        Complete Loan Modification Plan Now Offered to Homeowners

       Dated: Jan 07, 2010, premier loan modification attorney firm announces the launch of a complete home loan
       modification package designed specifically for homeowners in need of mortgage help.

       Homeowners looking to take advantage of the government's Home Affordable loan modification program
       can now turn to, a premier loss mitigation company specializing in mortgage assistance
       and foreclosure prevention. The California-based firm now offers a complete home loan modification
       service designed specifically for homeowners in need of mortgage help. offers a step-by-step guide to home loan
       modification, starting with a free consultation where experts assess the borrower's situation and determine
       his or her financial needs. The first step is usually determining whether or not a mortgage loan modification
       is really the best choice, as some homeowners are better off with short sales or other forms of loss

        In compliance with recent anti-scam regulations, the company does not charge upfront fees and does not
       force clients into any agreements during the initial consultation. A free consultation form is available on the
       company website, where interested parties can simply fill in their details and quickly get a response from
       one of the representatives. Payments are made only upon completion of the loan modification deal.

        Once the client is found eligible for home loan modification, he or she is given a list of documents to
       provide for the application kit. The team then prepares a loan modification package to be sent to the
       homeowner's bank along with the required paperwork. These vary from one lender to another, but usually
       include a hardship letter, proof of income, and financial documents such as bank statements, bills, and tax

        The main part of the service is the negotiation, wherein representatives talk to the lender
       on the homeowner's behalf and convince them that a mortgage loan modification is the homeowner's best
       resort. The team, made up of expert lawyers, real estate specialists, and loss mitigation professionals, uses
       in-depth data and market knowledge to give clients the leverage they need to get a good deal.

        Once the home loan modification is granted, the final documents are sent to the client for approval. The
       home loan modification takes effect as soon as both parties agree to the terms and the final documents are
       signed. The government-backed loan modification usually starts with a trial period, and becomes permanent
       after three months provided the homeowner supplies all the documents and does not fall back into default.

        Homeowners who do not qualify for home loan modification or do not want to stay in their homes can also
       look into other options, such as short can refer them to short sale specialists who
       can assist them with the sale, from contacting their lending to marketing their home and closing the deal.
       The team also provides advice on choosing alternatives to home loan modification.

        Loss Mitigation has become a big business since the start of the housing crisis a few years ago. As more
       and more homeowners fell into default and faced foreclosure, demand for loss mitigation assistance went
       up and the Obama administration launched several programs to keep homeowners in their homes. Making
       Home Affordable is so far the most successful, having helped over 500,000 homeowners since its launch
       this year.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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