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					                  Power of WSI Brand - WSI
One of the many advantages of purchasing a franchise is that
you don’t have to spend the considerable amount of time or
money it takes to develop a new brand identity.

The company’s brand, which involves far more than just the
logo, is a critical component of the overall business strategy. As
with personal and professional relationships, first impressions
count for a lot, and prospects will quickly make a decision
whether or not to buy from a company based on how they
perceive                         its                        brand.

The positioning of the WSI brand globally leverages:

     Our mission - We Simplify the Internet
     Our objective to deliver the ABCs of Internet Marketing
     Our methodology of the Internet Solutions Lifecycle
     Our advanced solutions powered by WSI Modular
      Development Technology™
     Our global repository of products and services in the WSI
     Our customer service excellence achieved through global
      reach and local touch

In creating the WSI branding strategy, our Marketing
Department has performed extensive research with our target
market of SMBs to uncover what types of messages they
respond most favorably to. Everything from the colors used in
our brand style guide to how we position the products and
services we sell, reflects real-world research and feedback.

The WSI Brand Marketing System allows our Consultants to
efficiently manage their marketing efforts. Once an offer or
campaign has proven itself to be effective, the creative
components such as advertising artwork, scripts and much
more are made available to the entire network of WSI
Consultants to personalize and deploy. The system allows you
to professionally customize all of the graphics to suit your local
business needs, without needing any graphic software or
graphic artists. The WSI Brand Marketing System provides the
perfect centralized platform to conduct all of your marketing
initiatives, allowing you to better organize, strategically plan
and track your marketing campaigns for your WSI business. In
addition, this System also acts as a collaborative portal so that
you can combine your marketing efforts with other fellow
franchisees              in             your              region.

How do we Help WSI Consultants Leverage the Power of the

     WSI provides direct brand support to franchisees.
     We provide lead generation kits, competitive intelligence
      reports and research as it relates to the various markets
      around the world.
     Through strategic support, promotional ideas, design
      support and public relations, we help our Consultants in
      their participation at trade shows and seminars.
     Our marketing team also develops e-newsletters, which
      our Internet Consultants can use to maintain regular
      contact and marketing efforts with their clients and
     We also provide additional marketing support with high
      quality marketing materials and sales sheets that are all
      professionally produced in a cost effective manner
      through volume discounts.
     Each WSI Consultant is given their own WSI branded
      website and they can also be part of regional portal sites
      to further enhance the spread of their online marketing
      and sales efforts.

To learn more about our brand power and how you can
become a WSI Internet Consultant please complete the
Information Request form below or call us today!
973-17-789-321 - Kingdom of Bahrain
1-888-678-7588 - USA & Canada
08-08234 6105 - United Kingdom
1-905-678-7588 – International

Mail ID: aalkooheji@wsiestisharatech.com

Description: WSI Internet Franchise is the #1 rated Internet Business and Franchise for Sale Opportunity and is the most trusted and reliable brand in the field of online marketing and web solutions worldwide.