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					Federal Transit Administration
  Federal Agency Update
A Public Real Estate Symposium
 Mamie Smith-Fisher, SR/WA
  FTA Real Estate Manager

      Federal Transit Administration
             Federal Agency Update

 American Recovery and Reinvestment
 Act of 2009 – ARRA Update
 Livability and Sustainable Initiative
 FTA Real Estate Course II and Course I

 Proposed Compliance Review

                  FTA TPM ver3.1          2
         American Recovery & Reinvestment
               Act Of 2009 - Update

           Transit Funding in ARRA
Urban Formula              $5.97B } allocated thru
Non-Urban Formula          $760 M} Sec 5340
Fixed Guideway Mod         $742 M
New Starts/Small           $742 M
Tribal Grants              $ 17 M
Discretionary Energy       $100 M
Discretionary Multimodal $1.4985B (New)
Administration/Oversight $ 64 M

Total (Transit Only)                    $8.4 B

                       FTA TPM ver3.1                3
      American Recovery & Reinvestment
        Act of 2009 - Funds Obligated

 Funds Awarded 87% of the $8.4 B
  – 691 Grants and $7.2 B
  – 210 Grants pending review - $1.04 B
   or 12.48%
  Total 901 Grants Awarded or $8.2 B
  Approximately 1.15% remaining funds

                 FTA TPM ver3.1           4
      American Recovery & Reinvestment
            Act Of 2009 - Update

 ARRA Certifications
  – Certs required by 1201, 1511, and
  – webpage:
  – Contact your FTA Regional Office
    with your questions

                 FTA TPM ver3.1          5
                 FTA Regional Offices

Region One:     Cambridge, MA            (617)494-2055

Region Two:     New York, NY             (212)668-2136

Region Three:   Philadelphia, PA         (215) 656-7100

Region Four:    Atlanta, GA              (404)-865-5600

Region Five:    Chicago, IL              (312) 353-2789

Region Six:     Fort Worth, TX           (817) 978-0550

Region Seven:   Kansas City, MO          (816) 329-3920

Region Eight:   Denver, CO                (720-) 963-3300

Region Nine:    San Francisco, CA        (415) 744-2726

Region Ten:     Seattle, WA              (206) 220-7954
                        FTA TPM ver3.1                    6
             FTA Livability Initiative

 DOT- HUD-EPA Partnership
  – Six guiding ―livability principles‖
     Provide more transportation choices
     Promote equitable, affordable housing
      Enhance economic competitiveness
     Support existing communities
     Coordinate policies and leverage
      Value communities and neighborhoods
                  FTA TPM ver3.1             7
                   FTA Livable Initiative

 Implement of the Principles
  – Continue work to identify and propose solution
    to institutional and legal barriers
  – Look at areas that are already successfully
    applying the Partnership principles
    Develop programs of training and technical
    assistance to improve the institutional capacity
    of State/local officials to produce Sustainable

                        FTA TPM ver3.1                 8
                       FTA Livable Initiative

   New Starts and Small Starts Programs
    – Federal government’s primary financial resource for
      supporting locally planned, implemented, and operated transit
      capital project.
    FTA-HUD Working Group
      FTA is working with the Department of Housing and Urban
      Development (HUD) to better coordinate affordable housing
      and transit through joint planning, and demonstration projects,
      and research on best practices of TOD and affordable housing.

    Job Access and Reverse Commute
     Program (JARC)
      provides low-income workers and students with transportation
      services to jobs, employment centers and educational
                              FTA TPM ver3.1                       9
                FTA Livability Initiative

 Transit -Oriented Development and
 Joint Development - TOD

  – Multi—use, multi-density development
  – Pedestrian friendly
  – Reliable transit – frequent headways, on-
   time performance with jobs and housing
   within ½ mile of the station

                      FTA TPM ver3.1            10
               FTA Livability Initiative

 Joint Development
  – TOD is a specific form of ―joint
   development‖. Joint development may take
   place on, above or adjacent to transit agency
   property and involves the common use of
   property for transit and non-transit purposes.

  – Property is uses in which FTA has an
    interest for construction of a project
    undertaken jointly by an FTA grantee and
    another party.

                     FTA TPM ver3.1                 11
       Compliance Review Procedures

Proposed - Program Review and
Quality Enhancement - Standard
Operating Procedure (SOP)
Criteria for Selection
– Difficulty of real estate component
– Alleged inconsistencies
– Size of the real estate component
– Random Sample
– Rotate thru all Regions

                  FTA TPM ver3.1        12
             New Advance FTA Real Estate
                   Course- Status

   FTA Real Estate Requirement Course II
    –   Currently in development –Pilot
        Anticipated – September 2010
    – 2-day, 6 initial classes anticipated
    – Contents: title, deeds, leases, and
     encumbrances, business relocation video
     to help with problem solving contaminated
     properties, and developing appraisals
     scope of work.
                        FTA TPM ver3.1       13
           FTA Real Estate Requirement
                    Course I

 NTI Course Schedule for 2010
  – Denver, Co., February 10-11
  – Ft. Worth, TX, March 23-24
  – Portland, OR, April 7-8
  – San Juan, Puerto Rico- date TBD
  Changes in the course
   Adding the types of disposition methods
   Less of Transit Orient Development

                    FTA TPM ver3.1           14
       Thank You
Mamie Smith-Fisher, SR/WA
 FTA Real Estate Manager

          FTA TPM ver3.1    15
    American Recovery & Reinvestment
              Act Of 2009


              FTA TPM ver3.1           16
    American Recovery & Reinvestment
              Act Of 2009


              FTA TPM ver3.1           17