The Rajasthan Tours: adventure discovered

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					The Rajasthan Tours: adventure discovered

The most colourful land with a number of hues visible in the various walks of life from the
traditional dresses, jewelleries, antiques and even the city walls can be none other than the
beautiful land of Rajasthan.

Besides being a state of culture and Heritage Rajasthan is also a destination for adventure
tourism. Rajasthan is an ideal for an adventurous holiday with myriad wildlife sanctuaries
and national parks with the wide expanse of the Thar Desert.

A number of safaris are available for the tourists here like the camel, elephant, jeep and
horse safari. The camel will take you to the remotest part of Rajasthan as it is the only
means of transport for the village people. Camel safari can be extended and shortened
according to the traveller’s preference. It is the perfect means to experience the life of a
desert gaining the knowledge of the folk culture.

The royal experience of a safari comes from the elephant safari .The elephant is decorated
and Equipped with a howdah for comfortable seating arrangements and is covered by a
beautifully coloured umbrella .One can picture himself/herself as the king or queen going on
a lavish ride in the streets of Rajasthan around a fort which you can imagine to be your own
for the instance. The elephant safari brings great view and comfort while visiting a wildlife

Horses were the most essential asset the nobles or mansabdars had to maintain during the
Mughal era. Great care was taken in choosing the horse according to its breed and
efficiency. The greater the number of horses were maintained by the nobles the greater
service he could provide to the emperor. Even today the tourist of Rajasthan can enjoy the
privilege of riding on a horse. A journey through various forts and towns on a horse’s back
sounds to be adventurous to many people.

The Rajasthan tours gives you an opportunity to head towards an adventure tour after
dipping yourself in the cultural life of this land. Rajasthan is home to some of the finest
national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of India including the world-famous Ranthambore
National Park, Sariska National Park, Keoladeo Ghana National Park and the Desert
National Park. The Ranthambore national park is listed amongst the UNESCO World
heritage sites. The Desert National park is known for the endangered Great Indian Bustard.
There are a number of different bird species that are found here. The Keoladeo National
Park in Bharatpur is also popularly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. It is the only man
made wildlife sanctuary in India. A number of migratory birds attract tourists and
ornithologists to this sanctuary. The Sariska National park situated in Sariska is rich in vivid
fauna and flora. Besides the wildlife found here there are ancient ruins of temples and
monuments spread in its boundary.
One can enjoy jeep and an elephant safari to experience the freshness of nature .Rajasthan
tours helps you to make your cultural vacation also an adventurous one.

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