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									     Search Strategies
     Perfecting Your Google Fu

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Google Search

  Stuff Nobody Ever Tells You…
      Basic Searching
   Choosing the right search terms is the key to
    finding the information you need.
   Start with the obvious – if you're looking for
    general information on Hawaii, try Hawaii.
   But it's often advisable to use multiple search
    terms; if you're planning a Hawaiian vacation,
    you'll do better with vacation Hawaii than with
    either vacation or Hawaii by themselves. And
    vacation Hawaii golf may produce even better
      Basic Searching…
   You might also ask yourself if your search
    terms are sufficiently specific. It's better to
    search on luxury hotels Maui than on
    tropical island hotels.
   But choose your search terms carefully;
    Google looks for the search terms you
    chose, so luxury hotels Maui will probably
    deliver better results than really nice
    places to spend the night in Maui.
      Google’s default search is AND
   Searching for rocks minerals tectonics will
    return only pages that have all 3 of those
   If you want to search for Any of your terms,
    use OR (in caps)
   Thus, rocks minerals OR tectonics would
    return pages on rocks and either minerals or
Keyword Order
        The order of your keywords
        A search for geologic time
         weathering turns up the same
         number of hits as weathering
         time geologic …but the order of
         those hits – especially the first
         10, is noticeably different
   Sometimes you'll only want results that
    include an exact phrase. In this case, simply
    put quotation marks around your search
   Phrase searches are particularly effective if
    you're searching for proper names ("George
    Washington"), lyrics ("the long and winding
    road"), or other famous phrases ("This was
    their finest hour").
      Negative Terms
   If your search term has more than one
    meaning (bass, for example, could refer to
    fishing or music) you can focus your search
    by putting a minus sign ("-") in front of
    words related to the meaning you want to
   For example, here's how you'd find pages
    about bass-heavy lakes, but not bass-heavy
    music: Bass -music
   Google lets you insert wildcards into your
   Wildcards are denoted by an asterisk *
   So if you search for it’s +a * world, Google
    returns all results that have “it’s a small
    world” and “it’s a nano world” and “It’s a
    wonderful world”
Beyond plusses, minuses, and’s…

   Advanced Search Operators
        Advanced Operators
   Query modifiers      Other information
       filetype:         needs
       site:                stocks:
       synonyms             define:
                             Google Calculator
                             weather
                             movies:
   Google allows you to filter your search terms by
   Example: do a search for algebra
   Now do a search for algebra filetype:ppt
   Common filetypes are:
       PowerPoint (ppt)
       Excel (xls)
       Adobe Acrobat (pdf)
       Shockwave Flash (swf)
       Microsoft Word (doc)
   You can restrict your search
    to a specific site as well.
   For example, let’s say you
    wanted to look for volcano
    resources on PBS only.
   You could type
    site:www.pbs.org volcano
   You don’t really
    need a dictionary.
    Just define: your
   Example:
       Define:sardonic
       Define:mitosis
        Google Calculator
   Simply key in what you want to calculate.
   Google calculator can handle conversions,
    formulas, constants, etc.
   Examples:
       5+2*2
       2^20
       sqrt(-4)
       half a cup in teaspoons
       160 pounds * 4000 feet in Calories
   Using the word
    weather gives you a
    three to four day
    weather forecast for
    a particular US city.
   Examples:
       Weather 30458
       Weather brooklet, GA
   Using Movie: gives you information on
    movies in an area
   Example:
       movie: hoodwinked
       movie: 30458
       movie: red pill blue pill (this searches plots too)
      Google Book Search
   Simply enter the title of a book, and you can
    then click on the Books link just above the
    search results
   Works pretty well, even with obscure books
      Google Book Search
   Going directly to
    com turns up even
    more biblio-
   You can even add
    books you find to
    your Google Library
      Dude… Where’s My Package?
   You can track packages by
    typing the tracking number
    for your UPS, Fedex or
    USPS package directly into
    the search box!
   Google returns results that
    include quick links to easily
    track the status of your
Behind the Google Homepage
        Have you noticed?
   To the right of the
    main search box are
    three links that many
    people never use
       Advanced search
       Preferences
       Language Tools
        Advanced Search vs. Preferences
   Advanced Search
       Many of the options here
        are just some of the
        search string operators
        in menu form.
       This is a one-shot deal
        too. You aren’t making
        any permanent changes
        to your Google search.
   Preferences
       These are permanent
        changes to your
   Google lets you change
    the search interface to
    support various
   Try changing your
    language preference to
    something else, like
   Only the search              To change it back, click
    interface is changed,         on the Google.com in
    not the results.              English link at the
                                  bottom of the screen
   Search Language:
       You can permanently set Google to search
        pages written in other languages.
       This is useful for foreign language classes.
   Safe Search Filter
       You can also set Google’s threshold for explicit
       Google’s default only filters out images – to
        filter both images and text, choose STRICT.
Wait, There’s More!
      Language Tools
   Language tools let you translate text or perform
    one-time language searches (without permanently
    changing your settings).
   Translation
    services allow you
    to translate keyed
    (or pasted) text,
    or even translate
    whole web pages.
Google Image Search

        Using Google Image Search
   Search engine math works here as well.
   Check out Advanced Image Search [to the right of
    the search box] for special size, filetype, and
    coloration options.
   Beware of copyright!
       Google cannot grant you any rights to use the images
        you find for any purpose other than viewing them on
        the web.
       To reuse the images, contact the site owner and obtain
        the requisite permissions.
Google News

Customize Your Homepage

Even “More >>” Google
Great                    y Moogley!
    A Cornucopia of Googley Goodness

  Grab a copy of this PowerPoint show at:
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