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									            Mobile WiFi hotspot for Camera – Share HD pictures on the go

As Smartphones take better and better photos some consumers have opted to leave their digital
cameras at home.
It’s true that Smartphones are great at sharing pictures from anywhere, but the cameras that
come with them vary widely in quality. The ability to upload better looking photos and video
without connecting the camera to a computer would be appealing to many shutterbugs. So, here
comes the problem: How to connect digital camera to internet on the go?

1. Digital Camera with WiFi receiver build-in (also called Wireless Digital Camera)
2. 3G Mobile WiFi Hotspot (3G Router)

What's a Wireless Digital Camera?

A Wireless Digital Camera is a Digital Camera with WiFi receiver build-in, it can receive WiFi signal
from wireless hotspot (wireless router) and connect to the internet. What does WiFi have to do
with digital cameras, you ask? Wireless digital cameras allow you to connect to a wireless
network without using any cables. This makes it possible to download photos, save photos
directly to a computer while you shoot, or print wirelessly. You can even connect to a cellular
network and share photos, just as you would with a camera phone.

Wireless technology is another way to transfer images from your digital camera to a computer,
printer, or even the Internet. It's an extension of what thousands of people are already doing
with their camera phones. The difference being, with a wireless digital camera, the emphasis is
on photo quality and camera features - not the phone. So you get some of the cool wireless
functionality of a camera phone, but in a "real" wireless digital camera the offers more control
and better photo quality.

3G Mobile WiFi Hotspot – 3G Router

The 3G Mobile Hotspot is a pocket-sized device about the size of several credit cards stacked on
top of one another. It creates and shares a personal Wi-Fi hotspot with a 3G SIM Card, so you
can connect to the Internet on-the-go in any places your cell phone signal has coverage.

The 3G Mobile Hotspot lets you connect your favorite Wi-Fi enabled devices such as your laptop,
netbook, iPod or iPad to Internet service from virtually anywhere you work and play. The 3G
Mobile Hotspot is powered by a rechargeable battery and supports industry standard Wi-Fi

The advantage of using a Mobile Hotspot is that whenever you travel or work outside you can use
just one 3G card to share the connection with all your mobile devices such as psp, ipad, digital
camera, laptop, etc. And no need complicated settings, just insert the SIM card, power on the 3G
Router, and enjoy surfing.

News about 3G Wireless-Equipped Digital Cameras

It’s said that Sony has been secretly developing a point and shoot camera with a built-in 3G
modem. The camera would operate much like a Cyber-shot model except that images could be
uploaded directly from the device using a 3G cellular network. Many cameras already come with
Wi-Fi built in, however 3G is typically thought of as technology used by Smartphones and Tablets.

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