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					About the Castle Scholars Program                       Courses                                                     • Participation in at least one of the following
   The Castle Scholars Program offers students of          The core of the Castle Scholars Program is a              senior year opportunities for Castle Scholars:
exceptional ability a broader and more intensive        varied range of interdisciplinary courses taught by            • Senior Retreat: Senior Castle Scholars will
program of study than the usual college curriculum.     faculty from all branches of the college. All Castle             meet on two Saturdays during the spring
It provides motivated students in any major field       Scholars courses are seminar-style and involve                   semester, one in February and one in
with challenging, cross-disciplinary courses that       extensive participation by students. Courses are                 April. This retreat will emphasize hands-
encourage their academic and personal growth.           frequently team-taught by faculty from different                 on learning and personal reflection.
   Participation in the Castle Scholars Program         disciplines.                                                   • Teaching Assistantship: Castle Scholars
encourages intellectual exchange among students             Two levels of courses are offered each year:                 will participate in the College’s Freshman
and faculty and fosters independent initiative in       seminars (1000-level) specifically for freshmen,                 Seminar class, with mentorship by a faculty
academic and creative realms.                           and advanced seminars (3000-level) open to                       coordinator and the course instructor.
   Advised and mentored by the program director,        sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students are
Castle Scholars are well-prepared for success in        expected to maintain their GPA in these courses to       For Further Information
graduate and professional schools, as well as in the    continue in the program.                                   Please contact Gillian Greenhill Hannum,
professional world.                                                                                              Castle Scholars Program Director, or the Academic
   Castle Scholars build relationships with each        Social Events                                            Advising Office for applications and complete
other and with the college’s faculty in specially-                                                               descriptions of the Castle Scholars Program.
                                                           Castle Scholars meet regularly for dinner with
designed Honors Seminars and other unique
                                                        the college president, attend trips to cultural events
academic opportunities, as well as in a host                                                                     Visit us online at www.mville.edu/Academicsand
                                                        in the New York City area, and gather for informal
of social events throughout the year. Through                                                                    Research/UndergraduateStudies/HonorsProgram
                                                        meals hosted by the leaders of Honors Seminars.
their studies, research, and service, the Scholars
                                                        Scholars also contribute to the planning of events
contribute to the intellectual and social life of the                                                            Gillian Greenhill Hannum, Director
                                                        open to the college community and beyond, such
college. Studies are augmented by participation                                                                  914-323-5456
                                                        as panels of invited speakers and film series, that
in programs throughout the wider New York City                                                                   hannumg@mville.edu
                                                        complement the topics of Honors Seminars.
   The Castle Scholars Program complements a                                                                     Matthew Pauley, Secretary
                                                        Program Requirements
student’s chosen major and minor and is distinct                                                                 914-323-5195
from honors options within that major. Castle             The following list offers an overview of the           pauleym@mville.edu
Scholars are recognized annually at college-wide        components of the Castle Scholars Program. For a
awards receptions, and honors courses are noted on      complete program description, contact the Office of      Castle Scholars Committee 2011 – 2012
student academic transcripts. Successful completion     Academic Advising.
                                                                                                                 John Carney, Political Science and Legal Studies
of the program will be noted on the final transcript
                                                          • Three Honors Seminars: one taken during the          Gillian Hannum, Art History
as well as on printed graduation materials.
                                                            freshman year and two additional seminars,           Elizabeth Cherry, Sociology
                                                            taken in either the sophomore or junior              Matthew Pauley, Political Science and Legal Studies
Eligibility                                                                                                      Jennifer Talbot. Director of Academic Advising
                                                            years; transfer students take three 3000-level
   Admission to the Castle Scholars Program                                                                      Boramy Siek ’12
is achieved through application to the director.                                                                 Aneesha Edwards-Carter ’13
                                                          • One semester of independent work, which
Freshmen who receive a Chairman’s Scholarship or
                                                            may take the form of an independent study,
Board of Trustees Scholarship are eligible to apply,
                                                            collaborative research with students and/or
as are sophomores, juniors, and transfer students
with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4. Students
                                                            faculty, or an internship
                                                          • A service project in conjunction with an                             Interdisciplinary,
must be in good standing in their non-academic
activities in order to be considered for admission
                                                            Honors Seminar or another approved course
                                                          • Academic portfolio submitted for distinction                  academically challenging,
to the program.
                                                            (sophomore year) and honors review (senior
                                                            year)                                                                socially enriching
Spring 2011 Undergraduate Research and Creative
Achievement Fair organized by Castle Scholars Honor Program.
Photo by Aimee Wanner

     Our Mission: “To educate
     ethically and socially
     responsible leaders for
     the global community.”
        Manhattanville     College      is    an
     independent, co-educational liberal arts
     institution whose mission is “to educate
     ethically and socially reponisble leaders
     for the global commmunity.” The College
     serves more than 1,700 undergraduate
     students and 1,200 graduate students from
     53 countries and 36 states. Founded in 1841,
     Manhattanville College offers more than
     50 undergraduate areas of study in the arts                                     THE
     and sciences and has one of the largest
     teacher education programs in New York                     CASTLE SCHOLARS
                                                                     The Honors Program of
                                                               MANHATTANVILLE COLLEGE

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