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This is the first time that the Kapuso Network is releasing an electronic version of their Magazine... thanks to Paulo Mariano for sharing this...

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                                                                                                 2  GMA Network wins
                                                                                                 Gold for Excellent Corporate

                                                                                                 3   Jessica Soho renews
                                                                                                 exclusive contract with GMA

GMA Finance VP Ronaldo Mastrili and Investor Relations VP Ari Chio
                                                                                                 3    Run for Integrity at the Fort

GMA Network wins Gold                                                                            4  GMA is uncontested

for excellent Corporate                                                                          NUTAM frontrunner from
                                                                                                 January to May 2011

Governance                                                                                       5   Jackie Rice dives for

       MA Network, INc. (GMA)                     GMA was among the 16 Gold                      treasure, love in “Sisid”
        clinched a Gold Award from            Awardee-PLcs who recorded an
        the Institute of corporate
        Directors (IcD) for inking
                                              average of 95 percent and beyond
                                              in five categories, namely, practices              6   Amaya: Philippine TV’s first
        a 96.8 percent average in             related to the rights of shareholders,             ‘epicserye’
the 2010 corporate Governance                 equitable treatment of shareholders,
Scorecard. the award was given at             role of stakeholders, disclosure
the IcD’s 8th Annual Dinner held
recently in Makati city.
                                              and transparency, and board
                                                                                                 8   When it rains, it’s four. Four
    As a publicly listed company                  the IcD is composed of                         new programs to watch out
(PLc), GMA advocates                          individual corporate directors and                 for
accountability, transparency,                 reputational agents committed
and integrity as embodied in its              to the professional practice of
corporate purpose and values.
    “the award is a testament to
                                              corporate directorship in the
                                              Philippines in accordance with
                                                                                                 11   IN PHOTO: GMA Annual
GMA’s strict adherence to the                 global principles of modern
                                                                                                 Stockholders’ Meeting
standards of corporate Governance.            corporate Governance.
As a media organization that believes             Now on its 6th year, the
in ‘Serbisyong Totoo’, the recognition        corporate Governance Scorecard
further strengthens our belief that           project is administered by IcD’s
day-to-day broadcast operations               partners, namely, the Securities and
should be bound by virtues of                 exchange commission (Sec), the
integrity and transparency,” said             Philippine Stock exchange (PSe),
GMA VP for Investor relations Ari             the Institute of Internal Auditors of
chio.                                         the Philippines (IIA-P), the Ateneo
    this is GMA’s second recognition          Law School and the center for
from the IcD after bagging a Silver           International Private enterprise
Award last year.                              (cIPe).
                                                                                                                                the cover
                                                                                                        Marian Rivera is back on primetime as the
The GMA Kapuso Magazine is the official monthly newsletter of GMA Network, Inc. produced by
                                                                                                       warrior and princess Amaya, whose story of
the Corporate Affairs Division with offices at 16th Floor, GMA Network Center, EDSA cor. Timog
                                                                                                        triumph becomes the first ever “epicserye” in
Avenue, Diliman Quezon City, Tel. No. (02) 928-27-20 or 982-7777 local 1104.
                                                                                                                the history of Philippine television.
                                                                                news briefs

                                         Run for Integrity
                                         at the Fort
                                               MA Network JoINeD SoMe oF the PhILIPPINeS’ toP coMPANIeS IN SuPPortING the “I
                                               run for Integrity,” a fun run organized by the european chamber of commerce, the
                                               Makati business club, the Management Association of the Philippines, the American
                                               chamber of commerce, the hills Program on Government and Siemens held on May 29
                                               at the Global city in taguig.

                                             Some 5,000 runners                                              ensuing the race.
                                         participated in the run,                                                In part, Atty. Gozon’s
                                         which was organized to                                              message read, “one of our
                                         promote the Integrity                                               company’s core values states,
                                         Initiative - a multi-sectoral                                       ‘we uphold Integrity and
                                         campaign towards the re-                                            transparency,’ and we are
                                         establishment of acceptable                                         proud to say that through the
                                         integrity standards among       GMA AVP for Corporate Affairs       years, we have consistently
                                         various sectors of society.     Teresa L. Pacis                     lived by this credo”.

Jessica Soho                             Led by the private sector,
                                         the initiative aims to help     program and awarding
                                                                                                                 “our collective effort
                                                                                                             towards doing business the

renews exclusive                         in diminishing, if not fully
                                         eradicating, the vicious
                                                                         ceremonies. representatives
                                                                         from GMA Network’s
                                                                                                             right way will ultimately play
                                                                                                             a big role in helping improve
contract with                            cycle of corruption in the
                                                                         security personnel likewise
                                                                         joined the fun run.
                                                                                                             our country and our economy.”
                                                                                                                 GMA Network, GMA
GMA network                                  Gracing the event were
                                         GMA News and Public
                                                                             GMA AVP for corporate
                                                                         Affairs Ma. teresa L. Pacis
                                                                                                             News tV, Super radyo DZbb
                                                                                                             and barangay LS 97.1 FM were

      eorGe FoSter PeAboDy               Affairs’ raffy tima, Mariz      delivered the message of            among the media partners of
        awardee and highly               umali and Ivan Mayrina,         chairman and ceo Felipe             the Integrity run.
        regarded broadcast               who also hosted the opening     Gozon during a program
        journalist Jessica
        Soho has renewed her
exclusive contract with GMA
     Soho, who is also the
Network’s Vice President for
News Programs, hosts the top-
rating and award-winning news
magazine program “Kapuso Mo,
Jessica Soho.” She also banners
GMA News tV’s primetime
newscast “State of the Nation”
and the public affairs program
“Brigada.”                               Runners from GMA included GMA News & Public Affairs’ Raffy Tima, Mariz Umali, and Ivan Mayrina and
                                         members of GMA’s security group including Senior Manager for Administrative Services Adlai Asturiano.

KAPUSO MAGAZINE         April-May 2011                                                                                                     3
                                        RATINGS UPDATE

                                   GMA is uncontested
                                   nutam frontrunner
                                   from January to May 2011

     or the FIrSt FIVe MoNthS oF 2011,        points, bigger than AbS-cbN’s share of       share points, followed by the newly
      GMA Network secured the                 28.2 points and tV5’s 17 points.             launched epicserye Amaya, starring GMA
      top spot in the national ratings           Including specials, there were 17 GMA     primetime queen Marian rivera, which
      chart, according to data from the       programs in the list of overall top 30       garnered 35.8 household share points.
      industry’s widely trusted ratings       programs in urban Luzon this May. the            other GMA programs which
service provider Nielsen tV Audience          Pacquiao-Mosley bout was number one          launched in May, namely, blusang Itim
Measurement.                                  with 62.3 household share points.            (starring kylie Padilla), Andres de
    based on household data recorded in          In Mega Manila, an area particularly      Saya (starring cesar Montano and Iza
National urban Philippines for the period     important to the market as it comprises      calzado), and Sisid (starring Jackie
January to May 31 (May 22 to 31 based on      the bulk of the country’s total television   rice), were all ratings winners relative to
overnight readings), GMA garnered a 33.1      household population at 58 percent, GMA      counterpart programs from AbS-cbN.
percent average, ahead of AbS-cbN’s 31.9      convincingly stood out among competitors         blusang Itim premiered with 41.3
and tV5’s 15.2.                                                                            share points, almost double Summer
    For May, GMA finished with 31                                                          Power’s 22.6; Andres de Saya scored
                                                                                           32.8 household share points, higher
household share points – a competitive
record driven by the Network’s strong         In May, GMA scored                           than wansapantaym’s 22.4; while Sisid
                                                                                           garnered 35.8 points, much higher than
performance in the afternoon block (12nn
to 6pm) with 37.8 percent of the country’s      35.6 share points,                         Frijolito’s 18.9 share points.
                                                                                               the Nielsen tV Audience
viewing population attuned to GMA
programs, against AbS-cbN’s 26.6 percent.      way ahead of ABS-                           Measurement is also used by 21
                                                                                           companies including two other local
    GMA likewise aired the highest
rated television special billed world            CBN’s 26.7 and                            networks. Among them are tV5, Solar
                                                                                           entertainment, Faulkner Media, cbN
welterweight championship: the
Pacquiao-Mosley boxing Special, which           TV5’s 17.9 points.                         Asia, 13 advertising agencies and three
                                                                                           regional clients. on the other hand, AbS-
landed on the top spot of the overall top
                                                                                           cbN is the only local major tV network
30 programs nationwide. the bout, which
                                                                                           reportedly subscribing to kantar Media,
aired last May 8, recorded 61.9 household
                                                                                           formerly known as tNS.
share points, and skyrocketed to 77.2 share   with 37.6 household share points from
                                                                                               In Mega Manila alone, the Nielsen
points during the actual fight.               January to May, higher by double digits
                                                                                           tV Audience Measurement has a sample
    the trend also covered another key        than AbS-cbN’s 25.4 and tV5’s 17.7 share
                                                                                           size of 880 homes as compared to kantar
area, total urban Luzon, which makes up       points.
                                                                                           Media’s 770 homes. Nationwide, Nielsen
77 percent of total television households         For May, GMA scored 35.6 share
                                                                                           has a total sample size of 2,005 homes
nationwide. For the period January to         points, way ahead of AbS-cbN’s 26.7 and
                                                                                           compared to the lower sample size of
May 31, GMA cornered 36.6 percent of the      tV5’s 17.9 points.
                                                                                           1,370 by kantar Media.
viewing household population in the said         In the list of overall top 30 programs
area, against AbS-cbN’s 27 points and         with specials in Mega Manila, 19 were
                                                                                           (Sources: GMA CorpCom, GMA Research)
tV5’s 16.9.                                   from GMA. the Pacquiao-Mosley bout
    In May, GMA garnered 34.6 share           was at number one with 62.8 household

      Jackie Rice dives
      for treasure, love in
         tArStruck SeASoN 3 uLtIMAte           heart. Just when they think their          for eden).
          Female Survivor Jackie rice          love story is perfect, Sigfried’s family       Dominic’s father, esteemed actor
          graces GMA’s afternoon block         gets in the way and risks taking           bembol rocco, is also part of the
          with Sisid - a compelling drama      eden’s one true love from her.             cast together with Angelu de Leon,
          about a young girl’s pursuit of a        to prepare for her character,          Daniel Fernando, Alicia Meyer,
   lost treasure that she believes would       Jackie underwent extreme diving            Maricar de Mesa and tata Mara.
   bring eternal love and great fortune.       lessons and acting workshops.                  Also starring are the country’s
       After starring in primetime                 Joining Jackie in Sisid are her        next generation of superstars:
   offerings such as Dyesebel, Panday          three leading men: Dominic roco (as        Starstruck survivor rich Asuncion,
   kids, Darna and Ilumina, Jackie marks       Sigfried), Survivor Season I winner        bela Padilla, ynna Asistio, Marc
   her first lead role in Sisid where          Jc tiuseco (as Ahmed, a childhood          Acueza and Marco Alcaraz.
   she plays eden, a young diver who           friend of eden who is secretly                 Sisid is directed by multi-
   searches for a lost pearl. In her search,   wishing for her love), and Starstruck      awarded actor and director ricky
   eden meets Sigfried, who becomes            alumni Ian batherson (as Dexter,           Davao. It airs after Nita Negrita on
   enchanted by her beauty and golden          Sigfried’s best friend who also falls      GMA-7.
KAPUSO MAGAZINE          April-May 2011                                                                                          5
    Amaya: Philippine TV’s
    first ‘epicserye’
     “Primetime Queen” Marian Rivera brings life
     to an epic story of a warrior and princess named

          MA Network LAuNcheS                    in all the other villages. Datu bugna’s village
          Philippine primetime TV’s first,       is the only one that is spared by rajah
          boldest, and most anticipated          Mangubat because the two leaders have
          “epicserye” that will not only take    long been friends and allies.
          viewing satisfaction to greater             what rajah Mangubat doesn’t know is
    heights, but will also leave audiences in    that the baby girl that he has been looking
    awe of its visually stunning production      for has already been born in Datu bugna’s
    values and well-researched story.            village. the newborn girl named Amaya
                                                 is Datu bugna’s daughter from Dal’lang, a
        the new series features the              slave woman.
    Network’s bankable stars in exceptional           to protect Amaya, Datu bugna hides
    roles top billed by Marian rivera as the     her in a secret chamber as a “binukot”
    warrior princess Amaya.                      and tells her that Dal’lang is already dead.
        Joining Marian in this spectacle are     Amaya’s twin snake is released to the forest
    two of the most desired leading men          and is told that it may only come back if
    in the industry: award-winning actor         Amaya is in dire need of help.
    Sid Lucero as bagani, Amaya’s dashing             Amaya escapes from her chamber to
    warrior lover; and model-turned-actor        see the outside world for the first time. She
    Mikael Daez as Lumad, Amaya’s good           sees Prince bagani and the two immediately
    friend and protector who falls in love       fall in love. through the years and despite
    with her.
        the epic is set in central Visayas
                                                 the distance, Amaya and bagani will never
                                                 forget their first meeting.
                                                                                                   Marian displays
    in the 1500s, during the reign of rajah
    Mangubat. known as a great and
                                                      Meanwhile, Datu bugna’s wife Lamitan
                                                 wants to get rid of Amaya. She betrays
                                                                                                   her versatility
    undefeated warrior, nobody stood
    a chance against rajah Mangubat
                                                 Datu bugna and tells rajah Mangubat of
                                                 her husband’s plan to revolt against him.         and acting caliber
    especially with his extraordinary battle
    skills and his magical amulet. however,
    his reign is threatened after a village
                                                 rajah Mangubat’s men take Amaya from
                                                 her chamber and use her capture to make           once more in
                                                 Datu bugna confess. he eventually admits
    priestess prophesizes that there will be a
    day that he will be defeated.
                                                 his plan and rajah Mangubat kills him in          GMA’s most
                                                 front of Amaya.
        Anxiety envelopes rajah Mangubat
    as the prophecy says that he will be
                                                      unaware that Amaya is the girl referred
                                                 to in the prophecy, rajah Mangubat takes
                                                                                                   expensive and
    defeated not by a man, but by a girl
    who has a snake for a twin. with this,
                                                 her to his village and makes her one of his
                                                 slaves. there, Amaya sees the treacherous
                                                                                                   most ambitious
               he orders the killing of all
                      pregnant women in his
                                                 Lamitan and becomes enraged with her
                                                 father’s double-crossing wife. She promises       television
                          own tribe as well as   that she will do anything to avenge her
                                                 father’s death.                                   production
                                                      Amaya is surprised to see her long lost
                                                 love, bagani, in the village but is devastated    to date.
                                               Pangilinan as Marikit, Amaya’s
                                               archrival for bagani; Irma Adlawan as
                                               Mantal, Dian Lamitan’s eldest sister;
                                               Ana capri as Agang, Dal’lang closest
                                               slave friend; roy Alvarez as Awi, Datu
                                               bugna’s eldest brother; Ayen Munji-
                                               Laurel as rahu Linangan, bagani’s
                                               mother; buboy Villar as banuk, bagani’s
                                               youngest brother; Sheena halili as
                                               Ahak, Amaya’s dependable slave friend;
                                               and, roxanne barcelo as kayang,
                                               Marikit’s slave.
                                                   Also part of the cast are Daniel
                                               Fernando, Mon Confiado, AJ Dee, and
                                               robert Sy as the courageous warriors of
                                               rajah Mangubat; Mia Pangyarihan and
                                               Anna Feleo play the role of priestesses.
                                                   Veteran actress Perla bautista,
                                               together with rustica carpio and Angie

                                               History experts
                                               from the                                   Ferro make special participations in the
                                                                                          epic series.
                                                                                              other cast members are Dan Alvaro,
                                               University of                              Dindo Arroyo, bituin escalante, bayang
                                                                                          barrios, Dion Ignacio, Jan Manual,

  to find out that he is Rajah Mangubat’s      the Philippines                            Pancho Magno, Leopoldo “wendell”
                                                                                          Salgado and edgar “egay” Manuel.
  son. bagani is shocked as well when he                                                      Amaya is an original concept of
  finds out that Amaya is now a slave. In
  spite of this, bagani remains in love with
                                               provided the                               Suzette Doctolero, while history experts
                                                                                          from the university of the Philippines
  her. Amaya, however, tries to get rid of
  her feelings for him, all for her father’s   needed guidance                            provided the needed guidance in
                                                                                          recreating extraordinary moments in the
  sake.                                                                                   country’s history.
      will she succeed in her battle
  against true love? will she be able to
                                               in recreating                                  the enthralling saga of a warrior and
                                                                                          princess now airs on GMA telebabad
  finally avenge her father’s death? Will
  the prophecy come true?                      extraordinary                              after captain barbell.

      Directed by Mac Alejandre, the
  series gets even grander with the cast
  composed of: Gina Alajar as Dian
                                               moments in
  Lamitan, Datu bugna’s scheming wife;
  Lani Mercado as Dal’Lang, Amaya’s            the country’s
  dutiful mother; Gardo Versoza as
  rajah Mangubat, the wicked datu
  who will become Amaya’s greatest
  nemesis; raymond bagatsing as Datu
  bugna, Amaya’s devoted father; Glaiza
  de castro as binayan, the youngest
  daughter of Datu bugna and Dian
         Lamitan; ryan eigenmann
             as Angaway, one of the
                  skilled warriors of rajah
                        Mangubat; rochelle

KAPUSO MAGAZINE         April-May 2011                                                                                                7

When it rains, it’s four!
We’ve coined four new phrases and added them to our kapuso
dictionary to help you remember four new exciting programs
you will definitely want to watch.

                                               Although she is not initially attracted to
                                               Andres, circumstances bring them together
                                               in a shotgun wedding.
                                                                                                   expect Andres de Saya episodes to be
                                                                                               lively, colorful and sometimes, even musical
    this means getting multi-awarded               one night, Matilde ends up in Andres’       as they are written by Manny Pavia and
actors cesar Montano and Iza calzado to        bed due to drunkenness and although             Ferdie Aguas under the creative supervision
team up for the first time in the television   nothing really happened between them,           of Joseph balboa and direction of cesar
adaptation of Carlo J. Caparas’s Andres        Matilde’s grandmother makes a big deal          cosme.
de Saya.                                       out of it. Lola corrine, played by Ms. Gloria       carlo J. caparas’s Andres de Saya airs
    Aside from it being the first Iza-Cesar    romero, insisted that the two get married       every Saturday after 24 oras weekend.
pairing, Andres de Saya is also their first    despite the fact that she does not approve
ever sitcom in the kapuso Network. yet it
should come as no surprise if they would
further immortalize the roles popularized
                                               of Andres for her granddaughter.
                                                   what happens to Andres and Matilde
                                               after their forced marriage? will Andres
                                                                                                            2      “SABADABADOG”
by Vic Vargas and Gloria Diaz in the 80s hit   be able to win the heart of his strong-             If you think this word has something
movie.                                         willed wife and the respect of his haughty      to do with Saturday and dogs, you’re
    cesar plays Andres “Andy” taguyod,         grandmother-in-law? or will he just be          right! your Saturday mornings will
the seemingly perfect peg of a tough, macho    contented being the second-in-command in        be more fun, colorful and educational
man. he works as a bouncer in a “gimik”        their house?                                    with GMA’s newest children’s show
bar and provides for his kin. he does not          Follow this classic story of a man who      “SABADABADOG!”.
aspire to be rich but his ultimate dream is    would do anything for love, or whom                  “SAbADAbADoG!” is a 30-minute
to marry a woman he really loves.              people would often label as “under de           educational program for pre-schoolers,
    when he meets Matilde “Mat” Golpe          saya,” and see how Andres turns from            3 to 6 years old. the program provides
de oro (Iza), Andres instantly knows that      being every-inch-a-man to a husband who         entertaining, age-appropriate, culturally-
he has found the woman of his dreams.          crumbles and only answers “yes, babe?” to       relevant songs, stories, dances, animation,
Matilde comes from a well-off family and       all of Matilde’s demands – be it doing the      mascot segments, learning segments, short
is a title holder of many beauty pageants.     laundry, washing the dishes or cleaning the

                                                                                              white Lady is not really a ghost but
                                                                                              is only a bewildered human being. he
                                                                                              then decides to help Snow look for her
                                                                                              family and go back to the world where
                                                                                              she belongs.
                                                                                                   unfortunately, the seven ghosts
                                                                                              (especially basya) would not let go of
                                                                                              Snow. basya thinks of a way to keep
                                                                                              Snow from returning to her normal life
                                                                                              as a human.
                                                                                                  how will Snow be reunited with
                                                                                              her family and have a happy ending
                                                                                              with Prince? will basya’s scheme
                                                                                              succeed? can she really turn Snow into
                                                                                              a white lady?
                                                                                                  the cast includes Lovely rivero,
                                                                                              richard Quan, Angeli Nicole Sanoy,
                                                                                              Ms. bella Flores, Diego, John Feir, Jan
                                                                                              Manual, enzo Pineda, and yogo Singh.
                                                                                                  And by the way, there’s one
features, music videos and other formats                                                      more word that we wish to add to
                                                things that get their children enthusiastic
that can help in the wholistic development                                                    our kapuso dictionary this quarter
                                                and all fired up.
of children. Led by veteran children’s                                                        -- “epicserye”. this means creating a
                                                   In cooperation with rebisco’s chubby
program host kuya tonipet Gaba,                                                               television series out of an epic story,
                                                candy, GMA airs My chubby world every
“SAbADAbADoG!” also features four                                                             like our newest primetime show
                                                Saturday at 8:15AM.
brand-new mascots – Don kahon, Mei-Mei,                                                       “Amaya,” which airs weeknights after
                                                                                              captain barbell.

bebe Garu and Sabadabadog (you guessed
it right, he’s a dog) — who will all join the
kids as they learn and have fun at the same
                                                           “HAUNTINGLY COMICAL”
time.                                               “Makitawa, ‘wag matakot.”
     SAbADAbADoG! is a production of                Far from being a political battle cry,
GMA’s Public Affairs Group airing every         this phrase means creating a spooky story,
Saturday at 8:45 am.                            introducing a comical twist into it and
                                                putting it into a tV program called Spooky

        3      “SATURDAY SCHOOL”                Nights.
                                                    this June, rhian ramos spooks and
                                                hooks viewers in Spooky Nights Presents:
     you’ve heard of “Sunday School”            Snow white Lady and the Seven Ghosts.
in church, but how about “Saturday                  the popular fairy tale Snow white and
School”? Probably not. this phrase means        the Seven Dwarfs transforms into a scary
showcasing children’s love for playing,         and comic series in GMA’s Spooky Nights
creating, performing, and discovering           Presents: Snow white Lady and the Seven
things about the world all in a Saturday        Ghosts, airing all Saturdays of June before
kiddie show, which does a countdown             kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho on GMA 7.
of things and activities that children are          rhian portrays the character of Snow, a
interested in.                                  young girl who was abducted by a vengeful
     being for and about kids, My Chubby        and haunted balete tree named rico J.
World lets children do the talking with         Puno. She grew up in the care of basya
its four bright and energetic hosts: renz       (Ms. celia rodriguez), one of seven ghosts
Valerio from the hit series bantatay; Zyrael    residing in the haunted tree.
Jestre, who presently stars in My Lover, My         while living inside the tree, she came
wife; Daniela Amable and Gianna cutler,         to accept her new identity as a ghost until
who were both last seen in beauty Queen.        a secret about her past is revealed to her
     Directed by Don Michael Perez, one of      by a spirit questor named Prince (Daniel
the directors of bantatay, the program helps    Matsunaga). She eventually falls for him
kids be updated on the latest and coolest       and saves him from danger.
stuff. It also helps parents understand             Later, Prince finds out that Snow

KAPUSO MAGAZINE           April-May 2011                                                                                                9
                                                                       in photo

                                                                    GMA ANNUAL

     GMA Network held its Annual Meeting of Stockholders on May 18 at the Network’s Studio 6.
     GMA Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon reported to the stockholders the Network’s
     P14.3 billion gross revenues and P2.821 billion net income in 2010, its winning in the NUTAM
     ratings during the first quarter of 2011, and its prospects for 2011.
GMA Chairman of the Board and CEO Felipe L. Gozon addresses the stockholders.

(From left) Board Director Joel G. Jimenez, President and COO Gilberto R.             (From right) GMA VP for Finance Ronaldo P. Mastrili, VP for Research
Duavit, Jr. and Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon.                               Sheila A. Tan, VP for Internal Audit Eduardo P. Santos, and Consultant
                                                                                      to the CEO for Corporate Communications Butch S. Raquel.

Members of the Board of Directors hear and address the questions and suggestions of several GMA stockholders.

KAPUSO MAGAZINE   April-May 2011   11

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