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    Reflections on Being a Dad
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4                                                    M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   5
     e d ito r ’s note

                                           Firsts and Lasts

       S   ince my son started kindergarten six years ago,    We no longer need to supervise their every move,
       June has always felt like a wonderful new begin-       but we still need to stay involved and do our part
       ning for us. We so look forward to the lazy days       to keep them safe. My husband and I don’t hold
       of summer, we’ve never before focused on the fact      our son’s hand – or even remind him to look both
       that the school year was coming to an end. Until       ways – when he crosses the street anymore, but we
       now. Because this year, it’s not only a school year    do need to remind him to ride his bike safely in the
       that’s ending, it’s an era.                            street and, eventually, we’ll need to teach him how
            My son is graduating from elementary school       to be a safe driver. We no longer need to stay with
       this month, starting middle school in the fall. And    him while he plays outside with the neighbors, but
       even though I’ve never been one to lament the          we do need to keep the lines of communication
       passing of each childhood phase – I couldn’t wait      open and help him learn to recognize and avoid the
       for the first few colicky months to be over and        risky behaviors he’ll be tempted with so often as a
       have never missed changing diapers or wiping a         ‘tween, teen and young adult.
       snotty nose – this particular passage is hitting me         As our children get older, there’s a fine line
       hard. In the past, for some reason, the endings        between being supportive and involved and being
       have always felt more like beginnings. The last        overprotective and stifling. And the truth is, if we
       diaper meant the first pair of “big boy” underwear.    do our job as parents well, our children will end up
       The last night in a crib wasn’t nearly as monu-        not needing us at all. Hopefully they’ll still enjoy
       mental as the first night in a real bed. Even the      our company. They’ll still love us. They might even
       last day of preschool paled in comparison to the       still come to us for advice and counsel. But they
       first day of kindergarten.                             won’t need us. They’ll be safe without us.
            So why is this “last” so significant for me?           At that point, I guess the only thing we can do
       Maybe it’s because I’ve suddenly realized that the     is keep focusing on and celebrating the firsts – their
       balance has shifted. Before, there always seemed       first job, their first car, their first apartment – and
       to be so many firsts ahead of us. The first tooth.     try to revel in the bittersweet success of a job well
       The first step. The first word. The first sleepover.   done.
       Now, at least it seems as we approach the last day
       of elementary school, there may be fewer mile-
       stone firsts ahead of us and more milestone lasts.
            The unrelenting passage of time and my son’s
       increasing independence loomed large as I edited
       this month’s Ages & Stages article on safety
       (beginning on page 18). When our kids are small,         Emily Puro, Managing Editor
       we spend the majority of our waking hours keep-             emily@metro-parent.com                 PHOTO BY STuDIO ESS
       ing them safe. As they grow, the balance shifts.

6   M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
pa r ent p o s tin g s

                       Where’s the best place              branches. Register for the pro-                  is co-authored by Pam Abrams,
                          to be a mom?                     gram, which features a variety                   with photography by Portlander
                                                           of drawings for readers 18 and                   Bruce Wolf and sells for $14.99.
                        Save the Children, an orga-
                                                           older, at any member library or                  You can read more about Rudy at
                    nization working to improve
                                                           online at wccls.org/ASRP.                        mousehouses.blogspot.com.
                    the lives of children around the
                                                               Multnomah County Library
                    world, released their annual
                                                           kicks off “Read4Life” – their adult
                    Mothers Index last month, rat-
                    ing the best and worst places in
                                                           summer program where partici-                      Kindness earns Portland
                    the world to be a mom. The sur-
                                                           pants read books to be eligible to                    teacher big honors
                                                           win an e-book reader or a pair                             Congrats to Marcy Wells,
                    vey takes into consideration the
                                                           of season tickets to Portland Arts                    founder and director of Funny
                    average risk of maternal death,
                                                           & Lectures – on June 17. Learn                        Farm Early Learning Center in
                    female life expectancy, ex-
                                                           more at multcolib.org/events/                         southwest Portland, who was
                    pected number of years of formal
                                                           read4life.html.                                       recently named 2011 National
                    schooling for females, maternity
                                                               Check your local library to                       Kind Teacher of the Year by the
                    leave benefits, the percent of
                                                           find out about other adult sum-                       Humane Society of the United
                    women using modern contracep-
                                                           mer reading programs.                                 States. The award recognizes
                    tion, the ratio of female to male
                    earned income and participation                                                                    an outstanding teacher who
                    of women in nation-                                                                                consistently incorporates
                    al government as                                                                                    humane education into her
                    well as children’s                                                                                  curriculum and motivates
                    mortality rates                                                                                     students to get involved in
                    (under 5 years old)                                                                                  community service.
                    and pre-primary                                                                                          Wells earned the honor
                    and secondary                                                                                         for the humane-themed
                    school enrollment                                                                                     preschool lessons she
                    statistics.                                                                                            developed to teach her
                        Norway ranked                                                                                      students respect for a
                    number 1 among                                                                                          wide variety of animals
                    “Tier 1” countries,                                                                                     – from pets to wildlife to
                    which include 43                                                                                        farm animals – and to
                    of the most devel-                                                                                      introduce topics such as
                    oped countries in                                                                                        pet adoption and issues
                    the world. The U.S.                                                                                      faced by endangered
                    ranked 31 in the same                                                                                    species. Learn more
                    tier, with relatively                                                                                     about Funny Farm Early
                    high maternal and                                                                                 RuDY    Learning Center at fun-
                                                                                                         SY OF MAGGIE
                                                                                            IMAGE COuRTE                     nyfarmelc.com.
                    child mortality rates
                    and low scores for ma-                All ages will enjoy The House That Mouse Built,
                    ternity leave benefits (no            a sweet new children’s book by Portland artist
                    surprise!). To see complete rank-     Maggie Rudy (with Pam Abrams and Bruce
                                                                                                              Camp out – in your own
                    ings, including statistics for each                                                             backyard!
                    country, visit savethechildren.                                                             During National Wildlife Fed-
                                                              A magical mouse house
                                                                                                            eration’s (NWF) Great American
                                                               Speaking of books, Mom, Dad                  Backyard Campout on June 25,
                                                           and the kids will all enjoy The                  your family can enjoy a night of
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                        Don’t let the kids have all
                                                           creations of Portland artist Mag-                “family fun with a purpose: help-
                    the summer reading fun! Some
                                                           gie Rudy. The book tells the story               ing American kids benefit from
                    area library systems are offering
                                                           of how Mouse and Musetta met –                   outdoor time.” Lack of outdoor
                    prizes, events and drawings for
                                                           chronicled with pleasing rhymes                  time has been shown to put kids
                    adults, too. Washington County
                                                           – against a backdrop of intricate                at higher risk for obesity, bone
                    Cooperative Library Services
                                                           scenes crafted by Rudy from felt                 problems, poor vision, attention
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                                                           and scavenged materials (she’s                   problems, anxiety, depression
                    tinations” from June 1 through
                                                           been working on her “mouse-                      and more. Help your kids develop
                    Aug. 31 at all member library
                                                           world” for 20 years). The book
                                                                                                              Parent Postings continues on page 10

8                  M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   9
 pa r ent p o s tin g s

a healthy appreciation for the                                           Park Lane, families can have their                  in the Portland metro area and        specific strategies for fostering
great outdoors – and show them                                           children’s car seats inspected free                 at least one in Vancouver, Wash.      a positive relationship between
nature is everywhere – by tak-                                           of charge; replacement car seats                    The program offers kids two free      children. Free. June 2, 6:30 to
ing them on a family campout in                                          may be available to some fami-                      games of bowling every day all        8:30 pm. Providence Willamette
your own backyard!                                                       lies. Childseatsafety.org/calendar.                 summer. (Check website for age        Falls Community Center, 519 15th
    Get more information or reg-                                         html.                                               limits, which vary by location.) To   St., Oregon City. 503-574-6595.
ister for the event at nwf.org/                                                                                              get in on the deal, you’ll need to    providence.org/Oregon/Classes/.
Get-Outside.aspx. (By register-                                                                                              register online. Vouchers will be
ing, you’ll gain access to creative   IMAGE COuRTESY OF KIDS BOWL FREE                                                       emailed to you each Sunday for
                                                                                                                                                                       Free Developmental Screen-
camping activities, recipes and                                                                                              the upcoming week.
                                                                                                                                                                   ings at IKEA. As part of their
crafts as well as your own online                                                                                                Most Kids Bowl Free programs
                                                                                                                                                                   ongoing series on Positive Parent-
“Participant Page” where you can                                                                                             have already started and end in
                                                                                                                                                                   ing, IKEA is hosting free develop-
post details about your campout                                                                                              late August or September. For
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and opt-in to raise funds for                                                                                                more information, to register and
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NWF.)                                                                                                                        to find participating locations,
                                                                         Register your kids at kidsbowlfree.com to receive                                         12:30 pm. No appointment neces-
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                                                                         two free games of bowling every day all summer.                                           sary. IKEA, 10280 NE Cascades
                                                                                                                                                                   Pkwy. 503-282-IKEA (4532).
        Car Seat Safety
                                                                           Bowling for ZERO dollars                                Parent Education                IKEA-USA.com/Portland.
    Kohl’s, ACTS Oregon and
OHSU Doernbecher continue their                                              Now in its fourth year, Kids-                       Building Strong Sibling Rela-
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with a free car seat safety inspec-                                      lion children in all 50 states and                  between your preschoolers and         calendar at metro-parent.com/
tion event on Saturday, June 25.                                         Canada. More than 850 bowling                       younger siblings. Discuss specific    calendars/?parents_calendar.
From 10 am to 1 pm at Kohl’s                                             centers are participating from                      strategies for coping with com-
Wood Village Store, 22557 NE                                             coast to coast, including several                   mon sibling challenges as well as

10                                                                       M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
                                                                                        Has Taught Me
                                                                                        Reflections on
                                                                                        Being a Dad
                                                                                         O    ur favorite local juggler, the extraordinarily tal-
                                                                                         ented Rhys Thomas, was asked once to sum up fa-
                                                     “ [T]he fact is he
                                                       has taught me                     therhood in one sentence – both the good and the
                                                       as much as I’ve                   bad. He responded, “What did I do to deserve this?”
                                                       taught him …                        On a more serious note, he added, “Parenting has
                                                       And then there                    taught me how selfish I am and how to overcome
                                                       is the simple                     that selfishness for at least short periods of time.”
                                                       fact that my life                   In honor of Father’s Day we asked a few other
                                                       would be poorer                   prominent local dads to reflect on the lessons
                                                       if I had never                    they’ve learned from fatherhood. Here’s what they
                                                       known the joy                     had to say:
                                                       of hearing
                                                                                          John Kitzhaber, governor of Oregon and dad to son Logan, age 13
                                                       someone call
                                                       me ‘Dad.’”                          Becoming a father has been a wonderful and extraordinary experi-
                                                             — Gov. John Kitzhaber     ence. I thought I would be teaching my son as he grew up, and while
                                                                                       that is true, the fact is he has taught me as much as I’ve taught him
                                                                                       – from showing me how to use my iPhone for more than just a phone
                                                                                       call to the far more important things I’ve picked up as I’ve watched
                                                 him grow and experience things for the first time. And then there is the simple fact that my life would be
                                                 poorer if I had never known the joy of hearing someone call me “Dad.”
                                                    Being a father also has made me more grateful for my own father who shared with me his great love of
                                                 the outdoors – a love I now share with my son. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the camp-
                                                 ing trips our family took during summer vacations. Led by my father we would set out, armed only with an
                                                 ancient Coleman stove (which my son and I still use) and an enormous canvas umbrella tent. We camped
                                                 on the shores of Bear Lake, Utah, in the Snowy Range of Wyoming, and in Yellowstone National Park. As I
                                                 grew older my father and I left our tent behind and took our stove to the banks of the great rivers of West-
                                                 ern Oregon – rivers with magic names like Santiam, Umpqua and Rogue. And last summer I took my own
                                                 son down the Rogue River for the very first time.
                                                    Between passing down what I’ve learned from my father to my own son and learning so much from him
                                                 as he grows up, what I’ve really learned is how humbling, life changing and gratifying it is to be a father.
                                                                                                               What Fatherhood Has Taught Me continues on page 14

12                                               M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   13
                         What Fatherhood Has Taught Me continued from page 12

                                   Jonah Edelman, co-founder and CEO of Stand for Children
                                              and dad to twins Levi and Elijah, 5

                                If there’s something more wonderful than being the father of al-
                            most 6-year-old fraternal twin boys, I can’t imagine what it is. Since
                            Charese and I were blessed by Elijah and Levi’s arrival, I’ve worked
                            hard to be a better parent. To be present and patient. To pick my
                            battles and request what I’d like them to do rather than focus on what
                            not to do (attending a positive discipline workshop was very helpful
                            on this point). To model and insist on respectful behavior and com-
                            munication at all times.
                                I’ve also learned some basic lessons.
                                The first lesson is that because Levi and Elijah are totally different

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PHOTO COuRTESY OF THE FODEN-VENCIL FAMILY
                            human beings with different personalities, strengths, learning styles,
                            needs and motivation, we can’t parent them the same way. Of course,
                            Charese and I have certain non-negotiable bottom lines – respectful
                            behavior and communication among them – but, just as any good
                            teacher does, we take different approaches to teaching, encourage dif-
                            ferent roles and activities, and validate certain behaviors knowing,
                            more or less, what comes more naturally and what is more challeng-
                            ing for each one.                                                                          OPB’s Kristian Foden-Vencil with wife, Jeanne, and daughters (from left) Noelle, Adelaide and Charlotte.

                                                                                                                                    Kristian Foden-Vencil, journalist-producer with
                                                                                                                               Oregon Public Broadcasting and dad to daughters Noelle, 14,
                                                                                                                                              Charlotte, 12 and Adelaide, 8.

                                                                                                                               What I’ve learned from being a parent:
                                                                                                                         • Humility and awe in the face of a mother giving birth!
                                                                                                                         • That I have a short memory.
                                                                                                                         • How to function without sleep.
                                                                                                                         • How to wipe a bottom.
                                                                                                                         • How to dress as a pink rainbow unicorn fairy.

                                                                                                                         • How to extract a pea from a nostril.
                                                                                                                         • How to lose a social life.

                         Stand for Children’s Jonah Edelman with sons, Levi (left) and Elijah.
                                                                                                                         • How to not care about losing a social life.
                                                                                                                         • How to live in the moment.
                                The second lesson is that there is literally no way to overstate the
                            importance of the first five years and how much children can develop                         • How to love the character traits you see in your child but used to
                            if properly nurtured. Elijah and Levi’s level of cognitive, linguistic,                        question in yourself.
                            social and emotional development, their vocabulary, their facility and                       • How to lose at Snap – five times in a row.
                            confidence as learners, analysts and problem solvers are priceless
                            building blocks for the future. What a gift for them and their elemen-                       • How to squeeze five people into one hotel room. (Hint: blow-up
                            tary school teachers, and what a travesty that as a society we don’t                           mattress.)
                            invest more in early childhood development.                                                  • How baby Benadryl can double as knock-out drops during a long
                                The final lesson is that a key part of our job as parents is to speak                      journey.
                            up for our children when necessary. The buck stops with us. When we                          • How to interview presidential candidates with dried puke on your
                            observe or know in our heart that our children aren’t getting what they                        shoulder.
                            need at school, preschool or an after-school program, or from a doc-
                            tor, nurse or anyone else in their life, it’s up to us to step in and ad-                    • How to wish you were in prison for the solitary confinement, the
                            dress it. No matter what. Because if we don’t stand up for our children                        sleep and three square meals a day – maybe just for a couple of
                            and ensure they get the best possible education and care, who will?                            months.

                         14                                                     M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
                           • How the joy of someone you love is better than your own joy.
                           • How to watch “The Jungle Book” until you know the script
                           • How to say, “Ask your mother.”
                           • How to cook when there’s nothing but milk and an onion in the
                           • How to keep driving an old beater so you can afford braces.
                              And finally, I’ve learned that the control you used to think you
                           had over life is really just an illusion.


                                                                                                                                        Providing Peace of

                                                                                                                                        Mind & Healthful
                       Chris Funk (far left) – pictured with his band, The Decemberists – started the local children’s rock variety
                       show “You Who” with his wife, Seann McKeel, after their daughter, Scout, was born.

                            Chris Funk, a member of the band The Decemberists, co-creator
                                of the monthly children’s rock variety show “You Who”
                                           and dad to daughter Scout, age 4

                              When you are pregnant, (and by that I mean the “royal we” of my
                           wife and I), you are told by your friends and family how wonderful                                          •	 Local Mom-Owned                     Treat Yourself
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                           me about what became the most obvious part of parenting after the
                           parties had ended, we had left the hospital for home and the in-laws                                                                               Off Any Service
                                                                                                                                        www.ecomaids.com /portland            Valid for New Clients and
                                                           What Fatherhood Has Taught Me continues on page 16                           503.908.0950                          Gift Cards $100 and up

                                                                                                                               M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011                               15
     What Fatherhood Has Taught Me continued from page 15

      had left our house for good – that your former
      life was now changed forever and you would be-
      gin to sacrifice.
          I hope, dear reader, the word “sacrifice” does
      not scare you and my moment with you has not
      taken a dark turn. For me, “sacrifice” in terms
      of my daughter means and meant learning that
      I wasn’t just living on this planet to go to work
      any longer, and that my free time would no lon-
      ger go idle or be taken for granted. It means that
      now, every day, I shall wake up and be present
      for my daughter and try to make every day bet-
      ter for her than the last.
          Further, and
      putting it bluntly,
      it meant one of us         “ What we give
      had to quit their            up when we
      job for a few years.

                                                                                                                         PHOTO COuRTESY OF THE WHEELER FAMILY
      It meant we really           become parents
      didn’t go out to bars        is mundane
      or clubs anymore.
      It meant we had to           in light of our
      actually plan and            children. …
      schedule a “date
      night” – heck, even          My daughter                  State Treasurer Ted Wheeler with daughter Quinnlan
      going out to a res-          is a living, tan-                    Ted Wheeler, Oregon State Treasurer
      taurant with our                                                  and dad to daughter Quinnlan, age 4
      daughter seemed a            gible happiness
      challenge at first           I never knew                     I love being a dad more than anything else. The
      glance. It meant
                                   I could feel, a              most important thing I’ve learned is that there are
      neither of us would
                                                                kinds of humility and selflessness I didn’t know ex-
      sleep (in our case)          pride I could                isted before. My 4-year-old’s love is unconditional,
      for about two and
                                   never have                   but in return her love must be validated and sup-
      a half years, and I
                                                                ported. That means her needs come first.
      now wake up at               earned.”                         I was never a morning person, but now I am
      7 am every day.                           — Chris Funk,
                                             The Decemberists   hitting the gym before first light so that I can be
      (Mind you, I’m a
                                                                home in time to have breakfast with her. Being a
      musician, or that
                                                                bit tired and cranky later in the day is worth it. It
      was my excuse!)
                                                                means I get to experience more of the best thing
           The list of changes goes on and on. They are
                                                                that’s ever happened to me.
      dull and you, reading parent, have been there,
                                                                    I’ve learned that kids grow up fast, too fast, and
      which is exactly my point – that the life changes
                                                                I will never forgive myself if I miss any of it.
      you make are not that important. They are com-
      mon. What we give up when we become parents
      is mundane in light of our children. What may
      be on occasion “missed” is in comparison to our
      children an afterthought. My daughter is a living,
      tangible happiness I never knew I could feel, a
      pride I could never have earned.

16   M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
 a g e s & s ta g e s
                                                                                                                           By Teresa Carson

 Safety First                                                                      Hot Topics in Safety
                                                                                   for Every Age & Stage
                                                       At Children of the Sea Swim School, babies
                                                       as young as 4 months old get comfortable in
      hen our children are born, we hold               the water and begin learning water safety
                                                       through entertaining parent-child activities.
our tiny, perfect miracles in our arms
and vow to keep them safe from harm.
Unfortunately, the reality is that over
nine million children visit U.S. emer-
gency rooms every year due to accidents,
according to the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention.

                                                                                                                                                 PHOTO COuRTESY OF CHILDREN OF THE SEA SWIM SCHOOL
   “Keeping kids safe is a huge chal-
lenge,” says Dr. Megan Neuman, medical
director of Legacy Pediatric Clinics and
Legacy Newborn Nurseries.
   As parents, we can baby proof, learn
how to install car seats properly and
                                                                            The Early Years (Ages 2 and under)
nag our kids to wear their bike helmets,
but danger seems to lurk around every                                                      Water Safety
corner. Luckily, the Portland metro re-                   “What do we do on Tuesday?” Dawn Haqq asks her daughter Ella, nearly 4.
gion is rich with resources to assist us in               “Swimming!” Ella squeals delightedly.
                                                          Haqq started Ella “swimming” at Children of the Sea
keeping our children healthy and safe.                Swim School near Washington Square when Ella was              “ We teach the
Schools cover safety topics starting as               about 8 months old, hoping to get her accustomed to the
                                                      water before a family vacation in Hawaii.
early as kindergarten. Free car seat clin-                “After she got used to it, she really liked it,” Hagg       of swimming
ics are held regularly around the area.               says, “and, she wasn’t screaming like the other kids in         and water
                                                      the pool in Maui. We decided to continue the lessons.”
The Legacy Safety Store offers a wide                 At first the lessons were only for fun, Hagg says, “but I
                                                                                                                      safety and
range of safety-related supplies and                  quickly realized the safety benefits.”                          we do it in an
classes. The Internet is filled with safety               Haqq is one of many parents who want to help their          entertaining
                                                      kids become water safe early, and many area pools offer
tips for parents – and the list goes on               classes to accommodate them.                                              — A.J. Chase,
                                                          “We teach the beginnings of swimming and water                   Children of the Sea
and on.                                               safety and we do it in an entertaining way,” says A.J.                     Swim School

   This month, we’d like to help you add              Chase, an instructor at Children of the Sea. The school’s
                                                      parent-baby and parent-tot programs train infants to de-
to your library of resources by exploring             velop breath control using visual and verbal cues, as well as prompts like a puff of
some important safety topics to keep in               breath on their faces. Slowly, other potentially life-saving moves are added, such as
                                                      reaching out and grabbing the pool wall. Eventually, toddlers learn to roll over and
mind as your children grow.                           float on their backs.

18                         M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
  Many area Parks and Recreation departments, swim schools and other
  organizations offer aquatic classes for infants and young children. Here’s
  a sampling of what’s available:
  Children of the Sea: Weekday parent-child water adjustment classes are
  available beginning at 4 months old. 10170 SW Nimbus Ave. 503-620-
  5970. childrenofthesea.com.
  Clark County YMCA: Offers parent-child classes for kids as young as 6
  months. 11324 NE 51st Circle, Vancouver. 360-885-9622. ymca-calrkcounty.
  Portland Parks and Recreation: Classes for children as young as 6 months,
  with a grown-up, at all 13 pools. 503-823-5130. portlandonline.com/parks.
  Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation: Parent-tot classes for kids starting
  at 6 months at both Firstenburg Pool, 700 NE 136th Ave., 360-487-7001,
  and Marshall Pool, 1009 E McLoughlin Blvd. 360-487-7100. cityofvancou-

    The classes are taught with songs and games, but the lessons are
a serious way to get kids to both “love and respect the water,” Chase
says. When children turn 3, they begin water safety classes without
a caregiver in the water. As they get older, they can begin true
swimming lessons, which are key to water safety.
    Many other area swim schools and organizations offer classes for
infants and toddlers as well, including Portland Parks and Recreation
(PP&R), which invites infants as young as 6 months old to get in
the pool with a caregiver in classes that focus solely on getting kids
used to the water.
    Drowning is a big concern with kids, especially in this age
range. A 2004 study on childhood drowning by the National Safe
Kids Campaign found 60 percent of children who drown are 4 or
younger. It’s the second leading cause of injury-related death for
children between 1 and 14 years old, according to 2007 statistics
from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
    “For every child who dies from drowning, another four received
emergency department care for non-fatal submersion injuries,” ac-
cording to the CDC’s website. These non-fatal accidents can cause
serious brain damage.
    And water safety isn’t just about swimming pools. According to
the CDC, drowning accidents involving children under 1 occur most
often in bathtubs, buckets or toilets. (With kids between 1 and 4,
these types of accidents occur most often in residential swimming
pools.) In light of that, true water safety should begin at home. Par-
ents need to be vigilant about baby proofing the toilet and never
leaving a child unattended in the tub. Little ones should never be left
alone around buckets, ice chests, wading pools or any other “bodies”
of water, no matter how small.
    “The most important thing for kids and pool safety is to have a
fence up, with a gate that children cannot get through,” says Nancy
Roth, PP&R aquatic program supervisor. All toys should be removed
from backyard pools after play, Roth adds, “so it will not be enticing
to a child.”
    An adult watching a toddler or preschooler in a pool should keep
his hands on the child at all times, Roth continues, and kids should
never use water toys such as noodles or inner-tubes in place of U.S.
Coast Guard approved life jackets.
    As long as parents keep these important safety guidelines in
mind, getting kids into the water early – accompanied by a responsi-
ble adult – can be a great way to help them begin developing water
safety skills, and a love of the water, that will last a lifetime.
                                            Safety First continues on page 20

                                                                               M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   19
 a g e s & s ta g e s
Safety First continued from page 19

                                                      The Preschool Period (Ages 3 to 5)

                                                     Emergency Preparedness
         Aaron “A.J.” Hayes, only 3 years old, rushed to the
     phone in his Keizer home and dialed 911 when his fa-
     ther was injured and bleeding badly from a woodwork-
     ing accident. A.J. told the 911 operator, “Hurry! Daddy
     needs help.” In March, the tiny hero won an award
     from the Keizer fire department, the youngest person
     ever to earn the honor.
         Like A.J., all kids can and should be taught what to
     do in various emergency situations.
         “It is important in this age group that kids memo-
     rize their phone number and address,” says Kate Fager-
     holm, community programs specialist for the Oregon

                                                                                                                                                               PHOTO COuRTESY OF THE AMERICAN RED CROSS
     Red Cross. “It’s also helpful to put those numbers on
     the phones, in case they have to call 911.”
         It can be difficult for children this young to deter-
     mine what constitutes an emergency and when they                     Kids as young as 3 should begin learning basic
     should call 911. “We tell them, ‘If there’s fire or smoke,           emergency procedures, including how and
     call 911. If your adult is not responding when you                   when to call 911 and what their role is in the
                                                                          family’s emergency and escape plans.
     touch or shake them, call 911. If you are alone and the
     house is shaking, drop, cover and hold onto something,
     then call 911,” Fagerholm says.
                                                                                            All these safety rules should be
         “It’s important to teach the child not to hang up if they call
     911,” adds Kim Kapp, public information coordinator for the Van-
                                                                                       practiced in a serious but not alarm-     “We tell them,
                                                                                       ing way. (What kid wouldn’t enjoy
     couver Police Department. “Tell them that the lady or man who                     practicing how to climb out his bed-
                                                                                                                                  ‘If there’s fire or
     answers the 911 call will talk to you and will tell you when it is OK             room window?) Remember, if there           smoke, call 911.
                                      to hang up.” Also, emphasize that 911 is an emergency, you and your chil-
                                      is not a joke and should not be called                                                      If your adult is
             Learn More                                                                dren will be frightened and upset
                                      unless there is really an emergency.             and practice will help you remember        not respond-
     Historic Belmont Firehouse:          Families should create plans for
     Learn about a variety of
                                                                                       what to do and do it quickly, Fager-       ing when you
                                      various types of emergencies, and                holm says.
     safety topics at this old fire-
                                      make sure everyone in the family un-                                                        touch or shake
     house filled with antique                                                              Check with your child’s day care
     and modern fire and safety       derstands his or her role in the plan.           or preschool about their disaster          them, call 911.
     equipment. The website also      It’s critical to practice your escape            plans, too, then discuss with your         If you are alone
     has safety tips on numer-        plan for fires and other emergencies,            child what will happen if they’re at
     ous issues from fireworks to     too, and to decide on a “safe spot” to                                                      and the house is
                                                                                       school and there’s an emergency,
     preventing choking, suffoca-     meet away from the house – but not               such as an earthquake.                     shaking, drop,
     tion and strangulation. Open     too far away. (Fagerholm suggests the
     every second Saturday from                                                             As your child gets older, his         cover and hold
                                      mailbox or a neighbor’s driveway as
     10 am to 3 pm, or by ap-                                                          school will help teach basic emer-         onto something,
     pointment. 900 SE 35th Ave.      possibilities.)
                                                                                       gency preparedness as well. The
     503-823-3615 jeffmorrisfoun-         “Teach (children) not to leave the           Oregon Department of Education’s           then call 911.’”
     dation.org.                      safe spot,” Fagerholm says. It’s a               health education standards call for
                                                                                                                                           — Kate Fagerholm,
                                                                                                                                            Oregon Red Cross
     911forkids.com: Great in-        good idea to let neighbors know of               teachers in kindergarten through
     formation for kids about         your plan so they can watch out for              third grade to demonstrate how
     handling emergencies. The        the kids if parents aren’t immediately           to call 911, discuss the family safe
     site features a hip hop song     available.
     about when to call 911.                                                           meeting place and go over what to do in an earthquake. Oregon
                                          Talk to kids about what to do in             teachers must drill students twice a year on the “drop, cover and
     Safe Kids Oregon: A group        case of fire, especially if their clothes        hold” routine for earthquakes, too. Washington state standards also
     that works toward prevent-       catch on fire. “It’s still ‘Stop, drop
     ing injuries in children with
                                                                                       cover basic emergency preparedness for this age group, including
                                      and roll’,” Fagerholm says. Teach                demonstrating how to call 911, describing the difference between
     public awareness campaigns,
     safety devices and more.
                                      them never to hide during a fire or              an emergency and a non-emergency situation, describing how to
     safekidsoregon.org.              other emergency.                                 find appropriate phone numbers in an emergency and more.

20                                       M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
                                                  Creating a Family Emergency Kit

In case of emergency, every family should have a disaster kit prepared and     “It’s nice if the kit
accessible. Experts recommend keeping enough supplies to last at least         has some comfort
three days in a home kit, including:                                           items,” Fager-
• Water, one gallon per person per day. Also consider bleach to treat          holm adds, “and
  water not from your kit                                                      the food should
                                                                               be things your
• Non-perishable food and a manual can opener. Don’t forget baby and
                                                                               family would
  pet food if your family needs them.
                                                                               want to eat.
• A battery-powered or hand-cranked radio and flashlights                      Peanut butter
• First aid kit and whistle to signal for help                                 is a good high-
• Prescription medications                                                     calorie, protein
• Dust mask, plastic sheeting and duct tape                                    food for an                        POSTER BY CAELYN PAR
                                                                                                                                       KER, AGE 10, SuNNYS
                                                                               emergency kit,                                                              IDE ELEMENTARY
• Moist towelettes, soap, garbage bags and plastic ties for sanitation                                                                             COuRTESY OF OREGON SCHOOL;
                                                                               but if nobody                                                                            RED CROSS
• Diapers                                                                      likes it, then it is not a good choice.”
• Tool to turn off utilities                                                   Don’t forget instant coffee or tea.
• Local map                                                                    It’s also wise to make a smaller emergency kit for the trunk of your car
• Cell phone with non-electric charger                                         with some of the same items listed here as well as flares. You might also
• Copies of important documents and some cash                                  want to check in at your child’s school and at your workplace to see what
                                                                               they have stashed away in case of emergency. A backpack with supplies
Also helpful is bedding, changes of clothing, walking shoes, feminine
                                                                               can fit under your desk, if your workplace is lacking.
supplies and matches in a water proof container.
                                                                               The Red Cross and others sell different types of pre-assembled disaster kits
The kit should be in a container stored away from the home – in a garage       or components such as emergency food rations. And once you have your
or yard, for example – in case the home is damaged or burned, says Kate        disaster kit in place, remember to “refresh” it yearly (even “non-perish-
Fagerholm, community programs specialist at the Oregon Red Cross. A            able” food has an expiration date), including the first aid kit.
galvanized garbage can is a good choice, and wheels can be handy. “Then
you can roll the can along with you” if you have to change location,           For more tips and ideas, visit ready.gov/america/getakit/, oregonredcross.
Fagerholm says.                                                                org, or web.multco.us/em/emergency-preparedness-documents.
                                                                                                                                        Safety First continues on page 22

                                                                        M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011                                                                21
 a g e s & s ta g e s
Safety First continued from page 21

                                                                         Elementary Concerns (Ages 6 to 10)

                                                                                            First Aid
     Kids’ First Aid Classes                 Elementary school children
When I’m in Charge is offered            are ready and able to learn the
at Oregon Red Cross offices for 8- to    basics of first aid, says Dave
11-year-olds and can be scheduled        Brooke, safety and services
for Boy or Girls Scout troops, church    director for the Oregon Red
groups or even birthday parties.         Cross, which teaches classes
They also offer a class for 11- to 15
                                         for kids that cover first aid
year-olds focused on babysitting
which includes some first aid train-     basics.
ing. Visit oregonredcross.org for            Their “When I’m in Charge”
more information.                        class for ages 8 to 11 is de-
Visit swwredcross.org or call 360-       signed for children who are
693-5821 for information about           alone after school, but the les-
Red Cross classes in southwest           sons are valuable for all kids.
Washington, where you’ll find a          The first aid part of the class
Safe on My Own class for
                                         teaches what to do in case of a
8- to -11-year-olds.
                                         minor injury.
                                             “We teach them what to do

                                                                                                                                                                     PHOTO COuRTESY OF THE AMERICAN RED CROSS
                                         for a nosebleed, to sit quietly
                                         and pinch their nose,” Brooke          School-age children – such as these girls in a
                                         says. “We teach them how to            Red Cross “When I’m In Charge” class – can
                                                                                begin learning basic first aid techniques,
                                         wash and bandage minor cuts            which includes knowing when to administer
                                                     or scrapes and to use      first aid for minor injuries and when to call

                                                                                for help.
                                                      cold running wa-
                 Y HEALTH

                                                     ter for minor burns.
                                                     This age group tends
           OF LEGAC

                                                    to panic. Having this                                      A recent Norwegian study concluded that 4 and

                                                   knowledge helps keep them calm.”                        5 year olds are fully capable of learning and ap-
                                                                                                           plying first aid. This
      PHOTO CO

                                                       The class also gives guidelines for han-
                                                  dling more serious situations, such as find-             study covered more
                                                 ing a neighbor or calling 911. Talk with your serious injuries than                   “ This age group
                                                                                                           scrapes and bruises
                                                 children about which neighbors are likely                                               tends to panic.
     Legacy’s Safety Store               to be available and ask those neighbors if they’re                and taught the chil-
      & Resource Center                                                                                    dren the “five figure         Having this
                                         willing to assist your kids in an emergency.
This cute little yellow house sells          Try to help your children learn to distinguish                rule”: (1) look at the        knowledge
                                                                                                           person; (2) talk to
safety products and teaches kids         between a real emergency and a minor mishap,                                                    helps keep them
and their parents about child            something that can be difficult even for adults. For them; (3) try to wake                      calm.”
safety. Legacy also offers classes for   example, if baby brother loses a loose tooth, it’s                them up; (4) call
                                                                                                                                                    — Dave Brooke,
parents on keeping little ones safe.     not an emergency. If someone falls off a swing and emergency services;                                   Oregon Red Cross
Legacy Emanuel Medical Center            gets a tooth knocked out, on the other hand, that is and (5) stay and give
Atrium, 501 N Graham St.;                an emergency and the child needs to find an adult                 comfort. The children
503-413-4600; legacyhealth.org           or call 911.                                                      were taught to check an injured person’s airway
(search for “Safety Store”)                                                                                and put them into “recovery position,” which tilts
                                             Public school teachers in Oregon and Washing-
                                                                                                           the head down to prevent choking on fluids.
                                         ton are not required to give instruction in first aid
                                         until fourth grade. At that point, Oregon curricu-                    Not surprisingly, the study found children “were
                                         lum guidelines instruct teachers to “(d)emonstrate                proud to have learned first aid and to be able to
                                         appropriate responses and basic first aid in emer-                save lives,” but it found unexpected benefits for
                                         gency simulations.” Washington state standards                    first aid training for school age children as well.
                                         require them to explain “how to follow universal                  The report concluded that teaching first aid “also
                                         first aid precautions,” and describe “basic first aid             led to more active helping behavior and increased
                                         for cuts, scrapes, and nosebleeds.”                               empathy in the children.”

                                                                                                                                 Safety First continues on page 24

22                                       M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   23
 a g e s & s ta g e s
Safety First continued from page 22

                                           The Middle Ages (Ages 11 to 14 and beyond)

                                              Drug and Alcohol Prevention
      Watching your ‘tween dashing down the soccer field or giggling            To help kids stay away from drugs, alcohol and other risky behaviors, parents need to
  with a friend, it’s difficult to imagine him experimenting with drugs         stay involved in their lives, stay informed about new drug trends, and keep the lines of
                                                                                communication open as children move into the ‘tween and teen years.
  or alcohol. But many children do – and it’s never too early to begin to
  inoculate them against this scourge.
      “As hard as it is to believe, parent involvement does actually work
  to combat kids’ drug and alcohol abuse,” says Dr. Megan Neuman,
  medical director of Legacy Pediatric Clinics and Legacy Newborn
      Clearly, the stakes are high. About 35 percent of twelfth graders

                                                                                                                                                                           PHOTO COuRTESY OF OREGON PARTNERSHIP
  reported they had smoked marijuana in the last year, according to a
  2010 study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). About
  17 percent of eighth graders have smoked pot and 36 percent have
  consumed alcohol.
                                              The issue isn’t simply sub-
  The 411 on Getting High                 stance abuse either. Kids who use
                                          alcohol and drugs are five times
  According to a 2010 Drugfree.org                                             preach about – the reasons kids shouldn’t use alcohol and drugs and
                                          more likely to drop out of school
  survey of 2,544 teens in grades 9                                            how they can destroy a young person’s life.
  through 12 and 831 parents:             or believe good grades are not
                                          important, according to NIDA.            You might also start a conversation by talking about a celebrity.
  • 39 percent reported using mari-                                            “You can say, ‘I saw Miley Cyrus, did something stupid,’ and ask your
    juana. Cocaine/crack use is at        Numerous studies have linked
                                          teen drug and alcohol use to in-     8-year-old what he thinks about it,” Neuman says, adding, “The car is
    9 percent, Ecstasy at 10 percent.
                                          creased rates of sexual activity     a good place to have a conversation. They are a captive audience.”
  • The average age of first alcohol
    use was 14.                           and auto and other accidents,            Schools are trying to help, too. Both Oregon and Washington
                                          too.                                 health education standards include discussing drugs, alcohol and to-
  • 45 percent of teens do not see
                                              Most drug prevention tactics     bacco in age-appropriate ways as early as kindergarten or first grade.
    a “great risk” in heavy daily
    drinking.                             start when kids are young and            Peer pressure plays a huge part in kids getting into drugs or alco-
  • Of the two million American teens     fall under the general “Parenting    hol. It sounds corny, but practice with them ways to say, “No thanks!”
    needing substance abuse treat-        101” umbrella. “Establish clear      These refusal skills can be practiced for cigarettes, writing on the bath-
    ment, 90 percent were not getting     boundaries and have clear con-       room stall, shoplifting, all sorts of things, Moser says, then applied to
    the help they needed.                 sequences,” Neuman says. “Keep       drugs and drinking.
  What can parents do? A lot. Here are    kids busy. Structured activities         Compounding the issue is the dizzying array of new drugs that
  a few websites to get you started:      means less opportunity” for them     frequently hit the market, including synthetic pot, known as “buzz,”
  Oregon Partnership: This nonprofit      to get into trouble with drugs and   “spice” or “K2,” and synthetic stimulants, known as “bath salts,” both
  offers drug prevention programs,        alcohol, she advises.                of which were banned only recently in Oregon and at press time were
  24-hour crisis lines and much more.                                          banned only by “emergency” order in Washington. There’s also sal-
                                              Know where your children
                                          are, what they’re doing and with     via divinorum, famously smoked by Miley Cyrus, inhalants and other
  Healthy Children: Information on                                             lesser-known, often readily available intoxicants. Kids have been
                                          whom. “Try to keep kids out of
  drug and alcohol prevention.                                                 sickened by alcoholic energy drinks, too, which they often concoct
  healthychildren.org/english/            situations where they might be
  ages-stages/teen/substance-abuse.       tempted,” says Emily Moser, di-      themselves.
                                          rector of parenting programs at          “We are seeing a resurgence of heroin in kids as young as 15 or
  national Institute on Drug Abuse:
  This site is designed for teens with a  Oregon Partnership, a local drug     16,” says Kim Kapp, public information coordinator for the Vancouver
  science focus. teens.drugabuse.gov      education group. For example, a      Police Department. “Prescription drug abuse is becoming a problem,
  Drugfree.org: Lots of tips for parents  party without parental supervi-      and those drugs are very accessible to kids from their parents’, grand-
  on how to talk to your kids about       sion is trouble waiting to happen.   parents’ or friends’ medicine cabinets,” she adds.
  drugs. drugfree.org                         Talk about avoiding drugs            Moser says there is no magic formula for keeping kids away from
  Power of Parents: This Mother’s         and alcohol early and often. “Ask    alcohol and drugs, but it’s important to stay involved; keep up with
  Against Drunk Driving site offers       about their peers, if anyone they    new drug trends; talk to your kids, their friends and their friends’ par-
  numerous resources for parents.         know is trying anything,” Neu-       ents often; and always keep the lines of communication open.
                                          man says. “It can be an easier            “People ask for the Answer, with a capital A,” Moser says. “There
                                          entry into the conversation,” she    isn’t one. As a parent, with this, like other things, it’s a marathon, not
  just Think Twice: A Drug Enforce-       adds, than asking about your kids    a sprint.”
  ment Administration website for
  teens. justthinktwice.com
                                          directly. Listen when your child
                                          responds and discuss – but don’t     Teresa Carson is a Portland writer and mom.

24                                    M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
                      Summer Camps

M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   25
     Summer Camps

26         M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
                       Summer Camps

M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   27
     v ie w p oint
                                                                                                                       By Baldr Odinson, Ceasefire Oregon

 L         ike most parents,         About                                              ask how they are stored. Are they kept locked and unloaded? Are

 my wife and I try to prevent                                                           they out of reach in a safe or lockbox with ammunition stored
 catastrophe in our home by                                                             separately? Do they have a gun lock attached? If you’re unhappy
 keeping knives and medi-                                                               about the presence of firearms where your children play, or about

 cine out of reach of our two                                                           how they’re stored, it doesn’t have to become a divisive issue. You
 small children, childproof-                                                            can invite your child’s friend to your home instead or suggest
 ing cabinets and drawers,                                                              holding the play date in a park.
 and keeping poisonous
 chemicals locked away. We
 also talk to our children            Your                                                  We like to think our friends and relatives are as concerned as
                                                                                        we are about protecting our children from guns, but in much of
                                                                                        the United States they are not required to do so. Though the City
 about safety and avoiding
 dangerous situations. So
 far so good. They are alive          Child                                             of Portland recently passed a Child Access Prevention ordinance,
                                                                                        holding adults responsible if their gun gets into the hands of a
                                                                                        child, Oregon has no statutes at the state level requiring firearm
 and healthy, ready to ex-
 haust us another day with
 their boundless energy and
                                     Plays                                              owners to prevent children from gaining access to firearms. Child
                                                                                        Access Prevention laws have been shown to significantly reduce
                                                                                        gun deaths, both accidental and by suicide, and at least 27 states
                                                                                        now have such laws. Oregon is not yet among them, even though
      But we can hardly control the homes of others. To ensure our kids’           40 percent of Oregon homes contain at least one firearm, according to
 safety when they visit friends’ homes, there are certain questions we             the Oregon Department of Human Services.
 ask the parents before we leave our children. It may seem a little in-                Remember, every gun in the hands of a child first went through the
 trusive, but this moment of personal inquiry must be weighed against              hands of an adult.
 the health and safety of our children. It should be normal and expected               A study published in the American Journal of Public Health (Vol.
 for parents to ask these critical questions.                                      90, 2000) found that more than 40 percent of gun-owning households
                                   In addition to giving the parents our           with children store their guns unlocked. An article in the American
                                     cell phone numbers and our schedule,          Journal of Preventative Medicine (Vol. 27, 2004) found that 25 percent
                                         we ask if anyone else will be pres-       of gun-owning homes with children under 18 have weapons that are
 June 21 is                                 ent while our children are there,      kept loaded, and between 6 and 14 percent of those are kept unlocked.
 National ASK Day                             how their medicines or cleaning      These numbers should give parents pause before they allow their child
 If you’d like help starting a                 solvents are kept, and whether      to visit someone else’s home.
 conversation about guns where                  there are any firearms in the          It takes so little to ask, and the safety of your children depends
 your child plays, or if you’d like             home.                              on it.
 to help spread the word about
                                                    It’s that last question that
 the ASK Program, visit
                                                parents often neglect to ask.
 call 503-220-1669 or email                    Why? Perhaps we’re too used         Baldr Odinson is
 info@ceasefireoregon.org.                   to firearms in our culture or we      a volunteer for
                                            lack a full understanding of the       Ceasefire Oregon
                                        danger. Or maybe the idea of self-         Education Foun-
                                    protection seems too personal. Whatever        dation, a Port-
                             the cause, overcoming this lapse is the focus         land-based non
 of ASK – Asking Saves Kids – a national program to protect our chil-              profit that seeks
 dren from the dangers of firearms.                                                to reduce gun
      If you have trouble beginning the conversation, you might start              violence, and the
 with, “We all know how curious kids can be...”, “Do you remember                  author of a blog
 that tragic story about the kids who found a gun...”, or, “I hope you             for the organiza-
 don’t mind me asking a few questions about the kids’ safety....” If gun           tion called “New
 violence has touched your own family, you might begin instead by                  Trajectory”
 sharing your own story.                                                           (newtrajectory.
      If the parents respond that they don’t own a gun, that’s one less            blogspot.com). A lifelong supporter of stricter gun
 thing to worry about. If they say they do own firearms, you should                controls, he was a survivor of a fatal shooting in his teen years.

28                                      M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   29
 out & a b out
                                                                                                                                                                By Sarah Pagliasotti

                            Families can
                              ride several
                                                                                                                                                              If You Go:
                             scale model                                                                                                            Location: Pacific Northwest Live
                        trains that wind
                            through the                                                                                                             Steamers Molalla Train Park,
                         bucolic Molalla                                                                                                            31803 S Shady Dell Rd., Molalla;
                               Train Park.                                                                                                          503-829-6866; pnls.org.
                                                                                                                                                    Hours: Open Sundays, May
                                                                                                                                                    through October, 11:30 am to 5

                                                                                                                                                    pm. Trains start running at noon.
                                                                                                                                                    Cost: Free admission; donations
            hat kid doesn’t go                                                                                                                      are encouraged.
     through a train phase?
                                                                                                                                                    Insider info: Bring your own
          One of the area’s sweetest                                                                                                                picnic or get food at the snack
     spots to ride the rails is the                                                                                                                 bar. Pets and alcohol are not
     Molalla Train Park, the public                                                                                                                 allowed.
     face of the Pacific Northwest
     Live Steamers (PNLS) railroad
                                                                                                                            of the park’s many dedicated
     club. Members run 7.5-inch-
                                                                                                                            volunteers – sitting in a small
     gauge model trains around
                                                                                                                            control tower and operating the
     the four-acre park. (“Gauge”
                                                                                                                            track switches to keep every-
     size indicates the distance
                                                                                                                            thing running smoothly.
     between the inside edges of
     the track’s rails.) The trains –                                                                                           After our second ride, we
     some steam, some gas, some                                                                                             head to the snack bar where
     electric – pull open boxcars                                                                                           we’re pleasantly surprised to
                                                                                                                            find some gluten-free options.

                                                                                                                       PHOTO BY SARAH PAGLIASOTTI
     with seats. Children and most
     adults fit comfortably.                                                                                                The snacks are reasonably

                                                        All Aboard
                                                                                                                            priced, if not super healthful,
          We had a ball here when
                                                                                                                            and the snack bar helps fund
     our daughters were 3 and
                                                                                                                            the park.

                                                          For Fun
     4 years old and deep in a
     Thomas the Tank Engine phase.                                                                                              Families are scattered about
     Two years later, our train table at                                                                                    the picnic area in camping
     home hardly gets used anymore so                                                                                       chairs and at the park’s many
     we’re curious if the park will still                                                                                   picnic tables. Some larger
     enchant them.                                                                                                          groups have balloons, coolers

                                                       Riding the Rails at
                                                                                                                            and cakes for casual birthday
          When we arrive on opening
                                                                                                                            parties. (You also can reserve
     day (the first Sunday in May),
                                                                                                                            the park, with private engi-

                                                       Molalla Train Park
     the small, shady park – a good
                                                                                                                            neers, on select Saturdays for
     40-minute drive from Portland –
                                                                                                                            birthdays, reunions or other
     is lively, but not packed. As we
                                                                                                                            events.) The mood is relaxed
     park, the girls spy passing trains
                                                                                                                            and peaceful as visitors stroll
     loaded with families and can
                                                                                     around exploring the park or just sit in the sun and chat while their
     hardly contain themselves long enough for our minivan doors to
                                                                                     kids frolic on the lawns and wave at passing trains.
     slide open. We head straight for the depot and into a quickly mov-
     ing line.                                                                           For the curious, there’s plenty of lore and expertise to be found
                                                                                     just by talking with one of the friendly PNLS members who run the
          Three trains are lined up, each holding about 20 people. Volun-
                                                                                     park or come here to tinker on their engines. We learn about the
     teer engineers load us in and, after a quick review of the rules, we’re
                                                                                     park’s history and its founder, Harry Harvey, who was a watchmaker
     off – surprisingly quickly! We’re moving fast enough, in fact, to cre-
                                                                                     and machinist. Harvey opened the park on one acre in 1954 to give
     ate a breeze that blows our hair and makes me wish I’d brought my
                                                                                     local families a place to relax and learn about trains.
                                                                                         Some say that Scooter – the park kitty who just showed up one
          Our first train, a black steam engine, makes three loops around
                                                                                     day and has been here ever since – is Harvey reincarnated, back
     the park. Each pass follows a different track so the scenery shifts,
                                                                                     to watch over his park. (If you’re lucky, Scooter will jump on your
     as does the light as we pass from fir and hemlock canopies to open
                                                                                     train and take a ride with you.) Judging by the way he lollygags on
     fields. There’s no shortage of interesting things to look at and peo-
                                                                                     a bench in the sun, he’s clearly satisfied by what he sees.
     ple to wave to as we pass, and small delights like miniature railroad
     trestles, bridges and water towers add to the excitement. The girls             Sarah Pagliasotti is a Portland freelance writer and mom – and
     are fascinated by a boy who appears to be about 11 or 12 – one                  Metro Parent’s Family Fun Editor.

30                                           M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011

                             Some say Scooter, the train riding cat who showed up at the park one day and has lived there ever
                             since, is founder Harry Harvey reincarnated.

                                                   More Family Railway Fun
                                Other Family Train Rides:
                                Mt. Hood Railroad: Train excursions and special events (like Thomas
                                the Tank Engine on June 18, 19, 25 and 26; see page 38 for details).
                                Hood River. 541-386-3556. mthoodrr.com.
                                Oregon Zoo Train: A one-mile zoo loop runs most of the year; a
                                four-mile loop around Washington Park runs late spring through
                                summer. (Hop off at the Washington Park play area and ride the
                                train back to the zoo later in the day!) 503-226-1561. oregonzoo.
                                Oaks Park Train: A short loop around the historic southeast Portland
                                amusement park during park hours. 503-233-5777. oakspark.com.
                                Chelatchie Prairie Railroad: Runs select weekends May through
                                December in Yacolt, Wash. 360-686-3559. bycx.com.

                                Cool Trains to Watch
                                Rose City Garden Railway Society Annual Garden Tour: Tour model
                                railroads in members’ homes throughout Portland. This year’s event
                                is set for June 18 from 10 am to 5 pm. rcgrs.com.                                                                              DIAPER SERVICE & Infant Furniture
                                Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club: The club opens their expan-
                                                                                                                                                                          Bring in this ad for
                                sive indoor track to the public during an annual show every Novem-
                                                                                                                                                                    1 FREE WEEK DIAPER SERVICE
                                ber. 503-288-7246. cgmrc.com.
                                                                                                                                                                         with 4 prepaid weeks

                                                                                                                                                                    One Coupon per customer, please

                                                                                                                                                                         Vancouver (360) 694-9456
                                                                                                                                                                           Salem (800) 540-4547
                                                                                                                                                                          Portland (503) 777-3856

                                                                                                                          M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011                                31
                                                              Family Fare                                                                 By Emily Puro

         his is the second year for
                                                                                                                          and guest tap options. You’ll

                                             Lucky Labrador
     Metro Parent’s Family Fare col-
     umn and the second Father’s Day                                                                                      also find wine, Lucky Lab hard
     we’ve featured a local brew pub.                                                                                     cider, soft drinks, lemonade,

                                            Brewing Company
     It’s not that we think all dads                                                                                      house-made root beer, coffee,
     drink beer. It’s just that when we                                                                                   tea, hot chocolate and milk.
     think of a fun family-friendly                                                                                    What’s Cool for Kids: The
     place to take Dad for Father’s
     Day, we typically think low key,         Neighborhood         Pubs for the Whole                     Family       wide open spaces and infor-
                                                                                                                       mal vibe invite kids to relax
     low stress, casual and inviting
                                                                                                                       and enjoy themselves. Board
     – with great food and, we admit
                                                                                                            games are available for some rousing
     it, great beer. (In our defense, our husbands
                                                                                                            family fun and you’ll find books (most
                                                                                                            seemed to be about dogs) to peruse while
         Lucky for us we live in the Portland
                                                                                                            you’re dining.
     metro area, where the family-friendly brew
     pub was born. This month we’re featuring                                                                  Ringing It up: Prices vary slightly by
     the Lucky Lab, an unassuming but hugely                                                                   location, but typically sandwiches run
     popular local pub – now with four locations,                                                              from about $4 for a simple grilled cheese
     one in each quadrant of Portland proper! –                                                                or PB&J to about $7 fully loaded. Pizzas
     offering fabulous house-brewed and “guest”                                                                start at $16.95 (16-inch, eight generous
     beers along with simple but satisfying kid-                                                               slices), with slices available for $2.50
     and adult-friendly fare. You order at the                                                                 (cheese), $2.95 (pepperoni) or $3.50 (spe-
     counter in these spacious, informal pubs,                                                                 cial). Salads run about $5.95 and bento
     but with large farm-style tables as well as                                                               (at the Hawthorne location only) is $5.95.
     cozy booths, it’s a great place for any size
     family gathering.                                                                                         Keep In Mind: The party doesn’t have
                                                                                                               to end when you leave – they’ll fill a
     What’s Cooking: The menus vary slightly                                                                   22-ounce bottle (or your own container)
                                                                                  With four family-friendly
     by location. Pizza is a big draw at all Lucky                              locations around Portland,     with any beer or cider on tap. Private
     Lab locations except the Lucky Lab Brew                                  your local Lucky Lab is a true
                                                                                       neighborhood pub.       party rooms are available at all four
     Pub on SE Hawthorne Blvd., where you’ll
                                                                                                               locations (check website for details), and
     find chicken, veggie and tempeh bento op-
                                                                                                               a Lucky Lab t-shirt would make a great
     tions instead. Deli sandwiches are available
                                                                                                               Father’s Day gift for any dad who loves
     at all Lucky Labs except the Lucky Lab
                                                                                                               beer, Labradors, or both.
     Public House on SW Capitol Hwy. Salads
     are on the menu at all four locations, and                                                       Where and When: Lucky Labrador
     you’ll find a variety of soups and sides as                                                      Brew Pub, 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-
     well. (Check the website for complete menus                                                      236-3555; Lucky Labrador Public House,
     by location.) All the food is fresh, tasty and                                                   7675 SW Capitol Hwy., 503-244-2537;
     served with a smile.                                                                             Lucky Labrador Beer Hall, 1945 NW
     Liquid Refreshment: Beer is the star attraction – with an as-              Quimby St., 503-517-4352; Lucky Labrador Tap Room, 1700 N
     sortment of Lucky Lab ales on tap plus cask pump, nitro tap                Killingsworth, 503-505-9511. Check website for hours by loca-
                                                                                tion. luckylab.com.

                                                       More Family-Friendly Brew Pubs
      The Portland metro area is famous for its fabulous brew pubs, many of      The Raccoon Lodge & Brew Pub, 7424 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy.;
      them remarkably family friendly. Here are a few of our favorites:          503-296-0110; raclodge.com
      Hopworks urban Brewery, 2944 SE Powell Blvd.; 503-232-4677; hop-           Rogue Distillery and Public House, 1339 NW Flanders St. (also in
      worksbeer.com                                                              Newport, Astoria, and Eugene); 503-222-5910; rogue.com
      Laurelwood Brewing Company, 5115 NE Sandy Blvd.; 503-282-0622;             Deschutes Brewery, 210 NW 11th Ave. (also in Bend); 503-296-4906;
      1401 SE Rasmussen Blvd., Battle Ground; 360-723-0937; PDX Airport,         deschutesbrewery.com
      Concourse A and E; laurelwoodbrewpub.com                                   Ram Restaurant & Brewery, 11860 SE 82nd Ave., #3050, Happy Valley
      Max’s Fanno Creek Brew Pub, 12562 SW Main St., Tigard; 503-624-            (also in Salem, plus Washington locations); 503-659-1282; theram.com
      9400; maxsfannocreek.com                                                   McMenamins. Various locations throughout Oregon and Washington;

32                                     M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   33
     g oin g p l a c e s w ith r a mon a

                                                                                                                                            By Melissa

      haven’t taken a formal poll of my friends to find                                                                              walk on the rink,
out what excited them about having kids, but if I did, I                                                                            or even push a
bet at least a few would cop to cherishing the things I                                                                             stroller. Suited up
was secretly looking forward to most: the opportunity                                                                               in size-10 skates
to hang out with one of these Fascinatingly Original                                                                               and flailing, I saw
Small People I had noticed milling about the world,                                                                                moms and dads
and the opportunity to do Kid Things and be the de-                                                                                variously moon
livery device for great Kid Things for a brand new                                                                                 walking backward,
kid. Despite the many challenges recorded in this                                                                                 hanging out on the
column, I’d like to devote this one to how it’s getting                                                                           floor in Converse
really good. Here is yesterday’s exchange with my                                                                                All-Stars and gen-
very own fascinatingly original person:                                                                                          tly gliding along
                                                                                                                                 with their new skat-
    Ramona: “Mommy, in Fairyland I have a job. I
                                                                                                                                 ers. Some parents
clean the poop out of a chicken coop every day.”
                                                                                                                                 were falling down.
    Me: “Oh, yeah? Who do you do that for?”                                                                                     It felt good.
    Ramona: “My boss. He’s a penguin who likes                                                                                       I watched Ra-
to climb trees, and he’s funny. His name is Chick-                                                                              mona take strides in
enbutt.” Words failed me. Ramona continued: “In                                                                                 her little kid skates.
Fairyland, I have a sister, and we’re pirates. A bad                                                                           I watched her fall. I
boy pirate poked her in the eye and her eye fell                                                                               watched her stand up
out and he had to go to jail for sixty-eleven days!”                                                                           again per Miss Amy’s
    I said that sounded like a long time,
to which my almost-5-year-old replied,
                                                   Skating in                                                                 instructions – raise
                                                                                                                              one knee, put your

rolling her eyes, “Oh, yeah – real life,                                                                                      hands on it and push
Mommy!”                                                                                                       up. There       was my fascinating
    Apparently, a lot happens in Fairyland.                                                                   girl, standing. And falling down,
In my own fantastic imaginings, I revisit                                                                     again and again. If I was watching,
my distant youth and think about how                                                                          she would cry. If I appeared not to be
                                                                                                              watching, she just picked herself up

                                               (a.k.a. Oaks Park)
to give Ro My Childhood 2.0 – a better,
brighter version. When this works well, I                                                                     and skated on, looking for Jascha.
get to come along and be a kid again.                                                                         They would hold hands, and some-
    Our most recent adventuring was in-                                                                       times holding hands would keep one
spired by Ro’s best friend, Jascha, and his mom, Jill. One day, after                                         of them from falling, and sometimes
a kid swap, Jill told me she had taken the kids roller skating at Oaks       holding hands would bring them both down. But they always got up
Park.                                                                        again.
    “No way!” I replied. “Ro skated??”                                           After the lesson, during which Miss Amy taught the kids (and me,
                                                                             to be fair) how to slow down by squatting and extending our arms,
    Forgive my disbelief. My own memories of skating featured me
                                                                             the snack bar opened for free milk and animal crackers.
falling down in elementary school, and barely not falling down while
                                                                                 “Mommy,” Ro said, “in Fairyland I am a great skater. I can go
sporting Very Curious Hair in middle school. I had, to be fair, done
                                                                             sixty-one hundred fast.” I nodded, impressed.
one skating session as an adult – an ironic skating party with hipster
friends for my pal Virginia’s birthday when I was about 25 – and I had           When snack time was over, I joined Jill in skating around the rink
admired Oaks Park for its ancient Wurlitzer organ and period feel, but I     while our kids labored in the middle and I remembered what I loved
had still felt outclassed by my peers. Middle school revisited.              about skating when I was young – the feeling of flight. (It was like
                                                                             being a fairy!) Only now, I could stay up on the skates and my main
    Jill told me Preschool Play & Skate welcomed kids 6 and under
                                                                             concern was Ro. There she was, skating along with Queen playing in
and their parents to skate, take a skating lesson from the accommodat-
                                                                             the background, having her own experience. For that moment, I was
ing Miss Amy, stop for milk and cookies, and meet Chipper the giant
                                                                             enjoying her happy childhood – and she didn’t need me at all.
squirrel. I was sold.
    I love Oaks Park. Built almost a hundred years ago, the amusement         If You Roll
park and the skating rink evoke gentler times, and they are SO Port-           Preschool Play & Skate: 10 to 11:30 am Tuesdays and Wednesdays
land, in that “Keep Portland Weird” sort of way. Long before parenting,        through June 15 (starts again in October). $5.50/child. Ages 6 and un-
I rode the rollercoaster and Ferris wheel and looked forward to bring-         der, with a grown-up.
ing a kid there.                                                               Kids Ride Mornings: From June 21 to September 18, kids 6 and under
    At Preschool Play & Skate, rink staff tighten the wheels on the            (accompanied by an adult) can enjoy unlimited kiddy rides, snack and
                                                                               story time for $6.50 every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30 to 11:30
skates so our little ones don’t spin out of control. Instead, they skate       am. (Parents ride free!)
along as though they were stepping. Parents are welcome to skate or
                                                                               Oaks Park, 7805 SE Oaks Park Way, 503-233-5777, oakspark.com.

34                                   M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   35
 a n g e l s a mon g us

                                                Financial Beginnings
                                                      Promoting Good ¢ents

 D      id you know that four
 out of 10 families in the United
                                                                                                                                   education, Financial Begin-
                                                                                                                                   nings’ programs help students
                                                                                                                                   gain a sense of empowerment
 States don’t have at least one                                                                                                    and responsibility.
 month’s savings put away and                                                                                                          Our programs have a mea-
 that 43 percent of Americans                                                                                                      surable impact on students.
 spend more each month than                                                                                                        We administer questionnaires
 they make, resulting in a com-                                                                                                    before and after each session.
 bined $2 trillion dollars in con-                                                                                                 The average score before the
 sumer debt?*                                                                                                                      program begins is 39 per-
     Financial Beginnings is                                                                                                       cent while the average post-
 working hard to change these                                                                                                      test score is 81 percent! Even
 statistics. We work to empower                                                                                                    more compelling, however, is
 students by providing free, un-                                                                                                   the feedback we receive from
 biased financial literacy educa-                                                                                                  students:
 tion. We provide students with                                                        A Financial Beginnings volunteer
                                                                                           teaches high school students
 the knowledge and skills they                                                         about banking, credit, insurance,
                                                                                                                                   “[Credit] is so complicated;
 need to manage their finances,                                                         investing and business finances.            it is no wonder so many
 giving them a better chance at                                                          PHOTOS COuRTESY OF FINANCIAL BEGINNINGS
                                                                                                                                    people have bad credit. The
 improving their economic well being                                                   In Financial Beginnings workshops,
                                                                                                                                    biggest question I had was
 and quality of life for themselves and their families.                              students practice calculating interest         ‘how is my credit score
     Basic finance education has increased in importance over the                         rates, brainstorm ways to reduce          even calculated?’ Finan-
                                                                                        expenses and learn how to open a
 past several years. These days, poor financial decisions can affect                                         bank account.
                                                                                                                                    cial Beginnings helped me
 a person’s ability to get hired, access insurance, secure housing                                                                  answer that question and
 and other essential elements of living a full, successful life. The                                                                because of them I feel more
 current economic crisis has added an extra urgency and Finan-                                                                      educated on making finan-
 cial Beginnings’ programs have become increasingly relevant.                                                                       cial decisions.”
 In the past year alone, Financial Beginnings has educated over                                                                    “I like that you showed
 10,000 of Oregon’s youth and young adults.                                                                                         us how to write checks. I
     Financial Beginnings’ Financial Foundations program is a 10-                                                                   had no clue how to do it
 hour course covering five topics: Banking Basics, Credit, Budget-                                                                  before.”
 ing & Investing, Insurance and Entrepreneurship. The program teaches
 students how to adeptly navigate banking, credit and insurance indus-          “After attending this session and seeing how a few simple steps
 tries; actively participate in these industries; and responsibly manage         can change our lives, you truly realize the value of a dollar.”
 their personal finances. An engaging program that relates financial in-         We rely on our generous volunteers and donors to enable us to
 formation to real-life goals and experiences, Financial Beginnings’ Fi-      provide our programs at no cost to participants. Here’s how you can
 nancial Foundations program is delivered to children and young adults        help:
 in school settings and in partnership with community groups through-         Volunteer! We have more than 600 volunteers who teach our curricu-
 out Oregon, with a majority of participants in the Portland metro area.      lum in the classroom and we are always looking for more. We provide
     “I’ve already started to use the information I received in Financial     all the training and materials to make volunteering with us easy and
 Beginnings’ class in my outside life,” says one participant. “Money          rewarding.
 management is something that most high school students don’t think
                                                                              Donate! It costs us about $15 to provide financial literacy educa-
 they need to learn, but actually it’s one of the most real lessons I’ve
                                                                              tion to one student. For about $400 you can help us educate an entire
 been taught through my high school experience.”
     The students we teach learn about:
                                                                              Become a Sponsor! Sponsorship is a great way to market your own
 • budgeting and planning for expenses;                                       business while supporting a great cause. You can sponsor a school, an
 • the role of banks, credit unions and other financial organizations;        event, a volunteer training session, student manuals or a variety of our
 • the time value of money and the advantages to saving;                      other programs. We provide generous sponsor benefits.
 • credit, credit scores and “the power of credit;” and                           Learn more about Financial Beginnings at FinancialBeginnings.org
 • business finances and entrepreneurship.                                    or by calling Executive Director Melody Thompson at 800-406-1876.
     Instead of reciting terms from a textbook, our volunteers rely on        * Source: 2009 report released by the National Foundation for Credit
 real issues students can relate to, such as buying a bike, saving for col-     Counseling (NFCC)
 lege and spending money on fast food. In addition to financial

36                                    M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
   Visit Metro-Parent.com a
           Enter to Win a
    Family Four-Pack of Tickets for a
       Day Out With Thomas™!
Thomas the Tank Engine (and friends!) will be at
 Mt. Hood Railroad June 18, 19, 25 and 26. Your
 family can win tickets to ride the real Thomas!

   Go to Metro-Parent.com today and enter to win!
    Contest ends June 15. One entry per household.

                                                     M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   37
   fa mi ly c a lend a r

                                     In the
Wings and Waves

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          PHOTO COuRTESY OF DAY OuT WITH THOMAS
                                                                     You can’t miss the building hous-                                                                                                                     All Aboard! Thomas the
Waterpark. Wheeee!                                                    ing the new 70,000 square foot                                                                                                                           Tank Engine returns
                                                                     Wings & Waves Waterpark – just                                                                                                                           to Mt. Hood Railroad
This cool new water-

                                                                                                                     PHOTO COuRTESY OF EVERGREEN WINGS & WAVES WATERPARK
                                                                    look for the Boeing 747. The new                                                                                                                            beginning June 18.
park features 10 water                                                             park opens June 6.
slides and a wave pool plus
an interactive children’s
water museum and an
arcade. Four slides start
inside a real 747 aircraft.
You can take a gently slop-
ing 550-foot slide ride or
a 350-foot steeply pitched
thrill dubbed “The Nose-
dive.” There’s a toddler
area with with bubblers,
fountains and two slides and there’s even a leisure pool with spa. The new park opens
June 6. Open daily 10 am-8 pm. $25 under 42 inches, $30 over 42 inches tall. Next to the
Evergreen Aviation Museum, 460 NE Captain MK Smith Way, McMinnville. 503-434-4180.
                                                                                                                                                                           Day Out with Thomas
The Allure of the
Automobile. In this                                                                                                                                                        the Tank engine.
exhibit, Portland Art                                                                                                                                                      He’s baaack! Ride the real Thomas, meet
Museum showcases                                                                                                                                                           Sir Topham Hatt, and enjoy storytelling, music,
16 luxurious, rare                                                                                                                                                         magician, arts & crafts and more. Multiple trips

                                                                                                                 PHOTO COuRTESY OF PORTLAND ART MuSEuM
and beautifully de-                                                                                                                                                        8 am-5:30 pm June 18, 19, 25, 26. $18, free ages
signed cars, created                                                                                                                                                       0-2 (plus service charge). Mt. Hood Railroad,
between 1930 and                                                                                                                                                           110 Railroad Ave., Hood River. 866-468-7630. tick-
                           The Portland Art Museum’s new
the mid 1960s. The         exhibit, The Allure of the Auto-                                                                                                                etweb.com/dowt. thomasandfriends.com/dowt.
exhibit traces the         mobile, features 16 of the world’s
                           most luxurious and rare vehicles,
evolution of the mo-       like the 1937 Hispano-Suiza

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       IMAGE COuRTESY OF WASHINGTON COuNTY COOPERATIVE LIBRARY SERVICES
torcar and includes        owned by French apéritif baron
                           André Dubonnet.
Steve McQueen’s
smooth 1957 Jaguar
XK-SS Roadster and Clark Gable’s 1933 Silver Arrow – and much more. Opens June 11.
Timed tickets (for the Allure exhibit only) are $15 adults, $12 students, free ages 0-17.
    On June 19, bring dad to a special pancake
breakfast and learn about a built-from scratch
                                                              A replica of the frozen waterfall from OMSI’s
2006 Cambellini (Tribute to the Cambellini).                    latest exhibit, The Chronicles of Narnia: The
Breakfast and admission to Cambellini tribute                 Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, mesmer-
                                                                 izes visitors. A nearby display describes the
and Allure exhibit: $10 members and children,                        impact of climate change on the earth.
$20 non-members. 9 am-noon.
    The museum is open 10 am-5 pm Tues, Wed
and Sat. 10 am-8 pm Thurs and Fri, noon-5 pm
Sun. 1219 SW Park Ave. 503-226-2811. pam.
                                                                                                                                                                           Washington, Clackamas and Clark county libraries have adopted
org.                                                                                                                                                                       One World, Many Stories as the theme for their summer reading
                                                                                                                                                                           programs. The fun begins June 1.
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Exhibition.
Can animals communicate with humans? How                                                                                                                                   Read All About It! During the summer break
does our human existence impact the Earth?                                                                                                                                 from school, area libraries lure kids into reading
Can we manipulate the climate? All this                                                                                                                                    with fun summer reading programs. They offer
and more is explored in OMSI’s new exhibit                                                                                                                                 reading prizes and cool programs for children ages
based on the movie and beloved books by CS                                                                                                                                 18 and under. Washington, Clackamas and Clark
Lewis. Movie props and costumes displayed.                                                                                                                                 county libraries are all using the theme One World,
                                                                                                                 PHOTO COuRTESY OF OMSI

Activities meld science, fantasy and fun. 9:30                                                                                                                             Many Stories. Their programs kick off June 1.
am-5:30 pm. Narnia tickets are $2 plus OMSI                                                                                                                                Multnomah County’s runs June 17-Aug. 31 and is
admission: $12 adults, $9 ages 3 to 13. Park-                                                                                                                              themed Get in Gear. Visit your local branch for the
ing $2. 1945 SE Water Ave. 503-797-4000.                                                                                                                                   particulars: multcolib.org. wccls.org. co.clackamas.
omsi.edu.                                                                                                                                                                  or.us/lib or lincc.org. fvrl.org.

38                                            M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   39
  fa mi ly c a lend a r
     Need more family fun ideas?

                                                                         June Family Cal
   You’ll find MAnY, MAnY more events in
   our online calendar at Metro-Parent.com.

                                                                                         Visit Metro-Parent.com for an expand

       Wednesday, June 1                 man Market, SE 29th/Salmon. 10
                                         am-2 pm June 19: King Market,
Storytime on the Farm. Story             7th/NE Wygant. 3-7 pm June 30:
and tour of the children’s garden.       Northwest Market, NW 19th Av/NW
Ages 3-8 w/grown-up. Bring a pic-        Everett. 503-241-0032. portland-
nic. 10-11 am June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29.     farmersmarket.org.
FREE. Luscher Farm, 125 Rosemont
Rd., West Linn. 503-675-25549.           Mo Phillips. Rockin’ fun. 10:30 am
oregonmetro.gov.                         June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. $3 donation.
                                         Milagros Boutique, 5433 NE 30th
Preschool Play & Skate. Skating,         Ave. 503-493-4141. mophillips.com.
songs, games and lesson. Ages 0-6.
10-11:30 am Tues/Wed through

                                                                                                                                                                   PHOTO COuRTESY OF WORLD BEAT FESTIVAL
June 15. $5.50 per child. Oaks Park,               Friday, June 3
7805 SE Oaks Park Way. 503-233-          Charlotte’s Web. Christian Youth
5777. oakspark.com.                      Theatre performs a musical story                                                                  A children’s parade
Story and Stroll. Naturalist led         of the beloved spider. Best ages 5+.                                                               is but one of many
                                                                                                                                          family-friendly, mul-
walk, story time. Ages 3-6 w/            7 pm June 3, 4. 3 pm June 4. 2, 6                                                                  ticultural treasures
grown-up. 1-2 pm June 1, 3, 8, 10,       pm June 5. $14 adult, $11 youth.                                                                 you’ll find at Salem’s
15, 17, 22, 24, 29. FREE, pre-regis-     Venetian Theatre, 253 E Main St,                                                                  World Beat Festival
                                                                                                                                            on June 25 and 26.
tration required. Tryon Creek State      Hillsboro. 360-750-8550. cytvan-
Park, 11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd.         port.org.
                                                                                NE Marine Dr., Fairview. 503-234-       Lion Heart. Celebrate the cour-
503-636-9886 xt. 225. tryonfriends.      Robin Hood. Robin and his merry        3000. oregonmetro.gov.                  age of children with heart defects
org.                                     men come to life in this Christian                                             and enjoy the Portland Children’s
                                         Youth Theatre production. Best ages    Ladybug nature Walks. Natural-
Honeybee Happenings. Nature                                                                                             Museum, face painting, more. 5:30-
                                         5+. 7 pm June 3, 4. 3 pm June 4.       ist-led walks for the littlest nature
storytime, crafts, walk. Ages 1-6,                                                                                      8:30 pm. $10, $20 family. 4015 SW
                                         2 pm June 5. $14 adult, $11 ages       buffs. Ages 2-5. 10-11 am. $3 per
with grown-up. 10-11 am June 1, 8,                                                                                      Canyon Rd. chdhelp@yahoo.com.
                                         2-18, at door. Washburn Performing     preschooler. June 3: Kenilworth
15, 22, 29. $2 per child. Leach Bo-                                                                                     chforegon.org/index.html
                                         Arts Center, 1201 39th St., Washou-    Park. June 4: Woodlawn Park.
tanical Garden, 6704 SE 122d Ave.
                                         gal. 360-750-8550. cytvanport.org.     June 10: Marshall Park (not stroller    Wilsonville Festival of the Arts.
503-823-1671. leachgarden.org.
                                                                                friendly). June 11: Washington          Entertainment, art shows, kids’ art
                                         Movie night at Café Sip-n-Play.        Park. June 17: Peninsula Park. June     pavilion, more. 10 am parade from
        Thursday, June 2                 Family-friendly movies. 5 pm June      18: Laurelhurst Park. June 24: Lents    30600 SW Parkway Av. to Festival.
                                         3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25. FREE.    Park. June 25: Hoyt Arboretum.          10 am-6 pm June 4, 10 am-5 pm
The Secret Garden. Lakewood              3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver.         Portland Parks & Rec. 503-823-          June 5. FREE. Town Center Park,
Theatre Company presents this mu-        360-896-4446. cafesipnplay.com.        3601. portlandonline.com/parks.         29600 SW Park Pl. 503-682-1446.
sical adaptation of the classic story.                                                                                  wilsonvillearts.org.
Ages 10+. 7:30 pm June 2, 3, 4, 9,       Target FRee First Friday at the        jam night. Kids rock out. 6 -7:30
10, 11. 2 pm June 5, 12. $32 adults,     Children’s Museum. Learn about         pm. $10. Pfeifer Music Werks Stu-       A Wrinkle in Time. Oregon Chil-
$20 student plus service charges.        food and nutrition for every kid.      dio, 4518 NE 28th Ave. 503-287-         dren’s Theatre presents play based
Lakewood Theatre Company, 368 S          FREE from 4 -8 pm. 4015 SW             5028. musicwerksstudio.com.             on the classic by Madeleine L’Engle.
State St., Lake Oswego. 503-635-         Canyon Road. 503-223-6500. port-                                               Ages 8+. 2 pm June 4, 5. $16-$24
                                         landcm.org                             The Secret Garden. See June 2.
3901. lakewood-center.org.                                                                                              adults, $13-$20 children, plus
                                         Metropolitan Youth Symphony.           Story and Stroll. See June 1.           service charges. Newmark Theatre,
Curious George Meet & Greet.                                                                                            1111 SW Broadway. 503-228-9571.
Say “hi” to our favorite monkey.         Talented kids perform. 7:30 pm.
                                         $12-$35, plus handling. Arlene                                                 octc.org.
5:30, 6:30 pm. Free w/admission:                                                        Saturday, June 4
$9 ages 1 and up. Portland Chil-         Schnitzer Concert Hall, 1037 SW                                                Curious George Goodbye
                                         Broadway. 503-239-4566. playmys.       Starlight Run. 3.1 mile run with        Party. Parting party for the popular
dren’s Museum, 4015 SW Canyon
                                         org.                                   more than 4,000 runners. Costumes       primate. Meet him 10, 11 am,
Road. 503-223-6500. portlandcm.
                                                                                encouraged. Costume judging 7 pm,       noon, 1, 2, 3 pm June 4, 5. Free
org                                      Plant explorations. Fun plant          race starts 7:45 pm. $15, $28 gets      w/admission: $9 ages 1 and up.
Bite Size Kids Cook. Drop-in             activities. Ages 3+, with grown-       a T shirt. Free ages 0-10. Starts and
                                         up. 1-5 pm June 3, 4, 5. FREE, $5                                              Portland Children’s Museum, 4015
classes on “groovy greens” during                                               finishes Lincoln High School, 1600      SW Canyon Road. 503-223-6500.
Farmer’s Market hours. Best ages         parking. Near water spray ground,      SW Salmon St. 360-574-3279.
                                         Blue Lake Regional Park, 20500                                                 portlandcm.org
7+. FREE. 3-7 pm June 2: Buck-                                                  starlightrun.com.

40                                       M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
                                                      Metro Parent believes all calen-
                                                         dar information to be correct

                                                         as of the date of publication;
                                                       however, you may want to call
                                                      to confirm events as scheduling
                                                        and other changes may occur.

ded calendar

   Catherine Creek Kids’ Hike.             Movie night at Café Sip-n-Play.
   Ramble 2 miles on the WA side of        See June 3.
   Gorge. Pre-registration required,
                                           Ladybug nature Walks. See
   times and location on registration.
                                           June 3.
   503-241-3762. gorgefriends.org.
                                           Plant explorations. See June 3.
   Oregon State Parks Day. Free
   park admission and free camping
   at state parks. Some parks have                   Sunday, June 5
   special activities, see website. 503-
   986-0707. oregonstateparks.org/         Kids nature Walk @Mt. Tal-
   events.php.                             bert. Stroll at Mt. Talbert Nature
                                           Park. Ages 4-12 w/grown-up. 10
   national Trails Day. Take a             am-noon. FREE, pre-registration
   hike! Check website for hikes and       required. 10695 SE Mather Rd.,
   restoration activities. Sponsored by    Clackamas. 503-496-0908. back-
   American Hiking Society. ameri-         yardbirdshop.com.
                                           Dynasty of the Dragon. Shadow
   1840’s Kitchen Demonstration.           puppet-making workshops, more
   Experience life at Ft. Vancouver. 10    dragon activities. 11 am-1 pm June
   am-3 pm. $5 family, $3 adults, free     5, 12, 19, 26. Free w/admission:
   ages 0-15. 1001 E 5th St., Vancou-      $8.50 adults, $6.50 students, free
   ver. 360-816-6230. nps.gov/fova/        ages 0-5. Lan Su Chinese Garden,
   planyourvisit/events.htm                239 NW Everett St. 503-228-8131.
   Lakeshore Learning Crafts. Fun          lansugarden.org.
   crafts. Ages 3+. 11 am-3 pm June        Tumford the Terrible. Meet the
   4, 11, 18, 25. FREE. 16901 SW 65th      author, drawing party. Ages 3-6.
   Ave., Lake Oswego. 503-620-9888.        1-2 pm. FREE. Powell’s Books, 3415
   lakeshorelearning.com.                  SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton
   Family Gardening. Tour organic          503-228-4651. powells.com.
   garden, learn about gardening,          Know Thy Food. Music, bal-
   make mason bee box. 11 am-noon.         loon artist, meet farmers, sample
   Ages 3+, w/grown-up. FREE, $5 to        food. Fundraiser. 2-6 pm. FREE
   park, pre-registration required. Blue   admission. The Warehouse, 3434
   Lake Regional Park, 20500 NE Ma-        SE Milwaukie Ave. 503-544-5196.
   rine Dr., Fairview. 503-234-3000.       thewarehousepdx.com.
   Guided nature Walk. Explore the         Open jam. Enjoy music at the Til-
   forest at Tryon Creek. All ages w/      lamook Forest Center. 1 pm. FREE.
   grown-up. 10-11:30 am June 4, 11,       45500 Wilson River Hwy. 866-930-
   18, 25. FREE. Tryon Creek State         4646. tillamookforestcenter.org.
   Park, 11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd.
   503-636-4398. tryonfriends.org.         OMSI $2 Day. Explore OMSI for
                                           $2 every first Sun. 9:30 am-5:30
   Special needs Storytime. Low-           pm. Parking $2. 1945 SE Water
   key, multi-sensory story time, craft.   Ave. 503-797-4000. omsi.edu.
   Preschool/primary grades. 10:30-11
   am. FREE, registration required.        The Secret Garden. See June 2.
   Beaverton City Library, 12375 SW        A Wrinkle in Time. See June 4.
   5th St. 503-350-3600. beavertonli-
   brary.org.                              Charlotte’s Web. See June 4.

   The Secret Garden. See June 2.          Robin Hood. See June 3.

   Charlotte’s Web. See June 4.            Wilsonville Festival of The Arts.
                                           See June 4.
   Robin Hood. See June 3.

                                                                                   M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   41
  fa mi ly c a lend a r

Plant explorations.                                                                                                                                                                 360-487-7111. cityofvancouver.us/
See June 3.                                                                                                                                                                         getoutdoorsday.
Curious George                                                                                                                                                                      Legacy Healthy Kids’ Fair. $5
Goodbye Party. See                                                                                                                                                                  bike helmets, fire safety house, per-
June 4.                                                                                                                                                                             form high tech surgery on a stuffed
                                                                                                                                                                                    duck, more. 10 am-2 pm. FREE; do-
                                                                                                                                                                                    nation of canned food encouraged.
     Monday, June 6                                                                                                                                                                 Salmon Creek Medical Center, 2211

                                                                                                                             PHOTO COuRTESY OF LEGACY SALMON CREEK MEDICAL CENTER
Momtopia. Father’s                                                                                                                                                                  NE 139th St., Vancouver. 3360-
Day gift making for                                                                                                                                                                 487-1000. legacyhealth.org.
kids 0-6 and treats                                                                                                                                                                 Grand Floral Walk. Walk along
for parents. 10-11 am                                                                                                                                                               the parade route before the parade.
first Mondays. FREE.                                                                                                                                                                Wear costumes, win prizes. 9:30
1st Level by Legacy                                                                              A participant performs                                                             am. $20 adults, $10 ages 0-12.
Funland, Lloyd Center                                                                             “surgery” on a stuffed
                                                                                                duck, just one of the fun                                                           Memorial Coliseum through down-
Mall, 2201 Lloyd                                                                                  activities offered each                                                           town. 503-227-2681. rosefestival.
Center. 503-282-2511.                                                                             year at Legacy Salmon                                                             org.
lloydcenter.com.                                                                                 Creek Medical Center’s
                                                                                                   Healthy Kids’ Fair. See                                                          Dragon Boat Races. Watch color-
Mondays on the                                                                                                   June 11.
                                                                                                                                                                                    ful boats and their rowers compete.
Mall. Fliptography,                                                                                                                                                                 8 am-4 pm June 11, 12. FREE.
make a book of your-                                                                                                                                                                Viewing both sides of Willamette
self, 11:30 am-1:30 pm, SW 5th/         scout troops, dance teams and                      Friday, June 10
                                        more. 1 pm. FREE. Starting at                                                                                                               River near Hawthorne Bridge. 503-
Oak. FREE. portlandmall.org.                                                    Henry and Ramona. STAGES                                                                            227-2681. rosefestival.org.
                                        Sandy and 52nd and moving down
Preschool Preview. Crafts, walk,        Sandy through Hollywood. 503-           Youth Academy performs. Ages 3+.                                                                    FRee Fishing Day. Kids can fish
stories, games and more. Ages 3-4.      227-2681. rosefestival.org/events/      7:30 pm June 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25.                                                                without a license at various loca-
1-3 pm June 6, $14, in district. Tu-    juniorparade.                           2 pm June 12, 19, 26. $10 adults,                                                                   tions around the state. See website
alatin Hills Nature Park Interpretive                                           $8 students. HART Theatre, 185 SE                                                                   for details. 503-986-0707. dfw.state.
Center, 15655 SW Millikan Way,          Fleet Week. Tours of big Navy           Washington, Hillsboro. 971-205-
                                        boats. 9:30 am-3:30 pm June 9,                                                                                                              or.us.
Beaverton. 503-629-6350. oregon-                                                2008. stagesyouth.org.
metro.gov.                              10, 11, 12. FREE. No bags, strollers,                                                                                                       Kids Cook. Portland Farmer’s Mar-
                                        wheelchairs. Tom McCall Water-          Ice Cream Social. Inflatables, craft                                                                ket teaches kids to cook. Ages 7-11.
                                        front Park, 750 SW Naito Pkwy.          activities. 6-8 pm. FREE. Peninsula                                                                 8:30-10 am June 11, 25. $5, pre-
          Tuesday, June 7               503-227-2681. rosefestival.org.         Park Community Center, 700 N                                                                        registration required. PSU Market,
                                                                                Rosa Parks Way. 503-823-3620.                                                                       Park Blocks SW Hall/SW Montgom-
Wearable Origami. Make Origami          Music with Mr. Hoo. Hoo tunes.
                                                                                portlandonline.com/parks.                                                                           ery. 503-241-0032. portlandfarmer-
jewelry, hats. Ages 12+. FREE.          Ages 0-5. 11 am June 8, 22. $3
                                        donation per walking human. Mila-       Water Wonders. H2O crafts and                                                                       smarket.org.
5:30-6:30 pm June 7: Northwest
Library, 2300 NW Thurman St.            gros Boutique, 5433 NE 30th Ave.        activities. Ages 3+ w/grown-up. 1-5                                                                 Cruisin’ Sherwood. 550+ groovy
503-988-5560. 2-4 pm June 30:           503-493-4141. milagrosboutique.         pm June 10, 11, 12. FREE, $5 park-                                                                  cars, Kids Zone with Radio Disney.
Gresham Library, 385 NW Miller          com.                                    ing. Blue Lake Regional Park, 20500                                                                 9 am-4 pm. FREE. SW Railroad
Ave. 503-988-5387. multcolib.org.                                               NE Marine Dr., Fairview. 503-234-                                                                   St., Old Town Sherwood. 503-625-
                                        Honeybee Happenings. See
                                                                                3000. oregonmetro.gov.                                                                              7800. cruisinsherwood.com.
Baby Hour. Docent-led 45-min-           June 1.
ute gallery tour, coffee hour after.                                            Story and Stroll. See June 1.                                                                       FRee Family Day. Crafts, activities
                                        Storytime on the Farm. See
For grown-ups with baby age 0-1.        June 1.                                 Fleet Week. See June 8.                                                                             with sunny summer themes. 10 am-
10-10:45 am tour, 10:45 coffee. $5                                                                                                                                                  2 pm. FREE. Washington County
members, $12 non-members, pre-          Preschool Play & Skate. See             The Secret Garden. See June 2.                                                                      Museum, 17677 NW Springville Rd.
registration encouraged. Portland       June 1.                                 Movie night at Café Sip-n-Play.                                                                     503-645-5353. washingtoncounty-
Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave.           Story and Stroll. See June 1.           See June 3.                                                                                         museum.org.
503-226-2811. pam.org.                                                                                                                                                              Learning to Look Together.
                                                                                Ladybug nature Walks. See
Storytime at Café Sip-n-Play.                                                   June 3.                                                                                             Guided gallery tour aimed at kids.
                                                  Thursday, June 9                                                                                                                  10 am ages 4-6 w/grown-up, 11
Listen to a story. Ages 1-5. 10 am
Tues. FREE. 3000 SE 164th Ave.,         Pedalpalooza. June 9-26 is loaded                                                                                                           am kids ages 7-11 w/grown up. $5
Vancouver. 360-896-4446. cafe-          with varied bike riding events, some              Saturday, June 11                                                                         members, $12 non-members, pre-
sipnplay.com.                           are family friendly, some decidedly     national Get Outdoors Day. Cel-                                                                     registration recommended. Portland
                                        not. Check calendar for listings.       ebrate with canoeing, archery, disc                                                                 Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave.
Preschool Play & Skate. See
                                        Most free. shift2bikes.org.             golf, wall climb plus animals, safety                                                               503-226-2811. pam.org.
June 1.
                                        Fleet Week. See June 8.                 tips and more. Have your photo                                                                      junior Gardener Club. Forest
                                                                                taken with Smokey Bear, Woodsy                                                                      science, all about trees. Ages 5-10
        Wednesday, June 8               The Secret Garden. See June 2.
                                                                                Owl or Ranger Rick. 10 am-3 pm.                                                                     w/adult. 10 am. $15 ages 5-7, $23
Rose Festival junior Parade. 30         Mo Phillips. See June 2.                FREE. Water Resources Education                                                                     ages 8-10 includes adult and gar-
elementary/middle school bands,                                                 Center, 4600 SE Columbia Way.                                                                       den admission. Oregon Garden, 879
                                                                                                                                                                                    W Main St., Silverton. 503-874-

42                                      M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
8100. oregongardenjuniorgardeners.   bike fun and more. 11 am-7 pm.        Mondays on the Mall. Video
blogspot.com.                        Kids’ fun zone 11 am-1:30 pm at       game truck 11:30 am-1:30 pm. SW
                                     714 N Fremont. Art bike parade 3      5th/Oak. Caricatures noon-2 pm.
Little Kids’ jamboree. Lorna
                                     pm N Mississippi/Fremont. FREE.       SW 5th/Taylor. FREE. portlandmall.
Miller’s interactive family music.
                                     503-459-4508. cyclingcircus.com.      org.
Best ages 0-7. 4-5 pm June 11, 25.
$5 per family. Mississippi Pizza,    Kids nature Walk. Stroll in Cook
3552 N Mississippi. 503-288-3231.    Park. Ages 4-12. 10 am-noon.                    Tuesday, June 14
littlekidsjamboree.com.              FREE, pre-registration required.
                                     17005 SW 92d Ave. 503-635-2044.       $4 Zoo Tuesday. Visit the Oregon
The Allure of the Automobile                                               Zoo for $4 per person. 9 am-6 pm.
Opening. See In the Spotlight.                                             4001 SW Canyon Road. 503-226-
                                     Fleet Week. See June 8.               1561. oregonzoo.org.
Fleet Week. See June 8.
                                     Dragon Boat Races. See June 11.       Storytime at Café Sip-n-Play. See
The Secret Garden. See June 2.
                                     Dynasty of the Dragon. See            June 7.
Movie night at Café Sip-n-Play.
                                     June 5.                               Preschool Play & Skate. See
See June 3.
                                     The Secret Garden. See June 2.        June 1.
Ladybug nature Walks. See
June 3.                              Henry and Ramona. See June 10.
                                                                                  Wednesday, June 15
Henry and Ramona. See June 10.       Water Wonders. See June 10.
                                                                           Wild About Cooper Mountain.
Water Wonders. See June 10.                                                Learn about ocean animals, take
Guided nature Walk. See June 4.                Monday, June 13             a walk, stories, activities. Ages
                                     Mr. Popper’s Penguins Party.          4-6. 1-3 pm June 15, 22, 29. $13,
Lakeshore Learning Crafts. See
                                     Crafts, games, penguin fun.           pre-registration required. Cooper
June 4.
                                     3:30-4:3- pm. FREE, registration      Mountain Nature Park, 18892 SW
                                     required. Beaverton City Library,     Kemmer Rd., Beaverton. 503-629-
          Sunday, June 12            12375 SW 5th St. 503-350-3600.        6350. oregonmetro.gov.
                                     beavertonlibrary.org.                 Dralion. Cirque du Soleil dazzles.
Cirque du Cycling. Entertainment,

                                                                    M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011   43
  fa mi ly c a lend a r
                                                                   The fun continues in June as Portland’s biggest party – the Rose Festival – kicks into high gear. On June 4 enjoy the
                                                                   Starlight Run. Families won’t want to miss the Junior Parade on June 8 (pictured here). Go to rosefestival.org for many,
                                                                   many more events.
7:30 pm June 15, 16, 17, 18. 3:30       Rock n Skate. See
pm June 17, 18. 1, 5 pm June 19.        June 3.
$32-$100, plus service charge. Rose
                                        Ladybug nature
Garden, 1 Center Ct. 503-797-9619.
                                        Walks. See
                                        June 3.
Honeybee Happenings. See
                                        Henry and Ramona.
June 1.
                                        See June 10.
Storytime on the Farm. See
June 1.                                 Strawberry Festival.
                                        See June 16.
Preschool Play & Skate. See
June 1.
                                          Saturday, June 18
Story and Stroll. See June 1.
                                        explorando el Colum-
                                        bia Slough. Bilingual
          Thursday, June 16

                                                                                                                                                                                              PHOTO COuRTESY OF ROSE FESTIVAL
                                        family environmental
Strawberry Festival. French             fest. 1-5 pm. FREE.
Prairie Gardens hosts hay rides,        Whitaker Ponds Natural
animals, pig barrel train rides, play   Area, 7040 NE 47th Ave.
area and more. $4 admission, extra      503-281-1132. oregon-
charge some activities and berries.     metro.gov.
9 am-6 pm June 16, 17. 9 am-5           Parents’ Survival
pm June 18. 10 am-5 pm June 19.
                                        night. Parents get                         Champoeg Rd. NE, St. Paul. 503-                         Henry and Ramona. See June 10.
17673 French Prairie Rd., St. Paul.
                                        some alone time and kids get to            678-1251 xt 221. champoeg.org.
503-633-8445. frenchprairiegar-                                                                                                            Strawberry Festival. See June 16.
dens.com.                               have a blast with fun, games and a
                                                                                   Star Parties. Celebrate summer
                                        snack. Ages 3-12. 6-9:30 pm. Call                                                                  Dynasty of the Dragon. See
Mo Phillips. See June 2.                                                           solstice looking at night sky. Dusk.
                                        for pricing, directions. The Little                                                                June 5.
                                                                                   $5 to park. Stub Stewart State
                                        Gym, Lake Oswego. 503-595-9702.                                                                    Animal Activities. See June 17.
                                                                                   Park, 30380 NW Hwy 47, Buxton.
           Friday, June 17              tlglakeoswegoor.com                        Rooster Rock take exit 25 off I-84.                     Kruger’s Berry jam. See June 18.
Zoo Father of the Year. Special         OHS Family Day. Race car craft,            503-797-4610 xt 2. omsi.edu/star-
                                        slot car demos, cars in the park           parties.                                                Bite Size Kids Cook. See June 2.
treat for an animal dad. 10:30 am.
Free w/admission: $10.50 adults,        blocks and more. 11 am-3 pm.               Day Out with Thomas. See Fam-
$7.50 kids 3-11, free 0-2. Oregon       2 kids free w/1 paid adult $11.            ily Favorites.                                                      Monday, June 20
Zoo, 4001 SW Canyon Road. 503-          Oregon Historical Society, 1200 SW
                                        Park Ave. 503-222-7141. ohs.org.           Movie night at Café Sip-n-Play.                         Harry and the Potters. Wizard
226-1561. oregonzoo.org.
                                                                                   See June 3.                                             rock. 3:30-4:30 pm. FREE. North
Animal Activities. Critter activi-      Kidical Mass Hoedown. Part of                                                                      Portland Library, 512 N Killing-
                                        Pedalpalooza, 3 mile ride with a           Ladybug nature Walks. See
ties. Ages 3+w/grown-up. 1-5 pm.                                                                                                           sworth St. 503-988-5394. multco-
                                        Professor Banjo square dance. 2:45-        June 3.
June 17, 18, 19. FREE, $5 to park.                                                                                                         lib.org.
Blue Lake Regional Park, 20500          5:15. FREE. Meet at 17th/Taylor at         Henry and Ramona. See June 10.
NE Marine Dr., Fairview. 503-234-                                                                                                          Beach BLanket Babies. Dance to
                                        Col. Summers City Park katie.proc-         Strawberry Festival. See June 16.
3000. oregonmetro.gov.                                                                                                                     beach tunes. Ages 0-6. 10:30-11:30
                                        tor@gmail.com. kidicalmasspdx.
                                                                                   Animal Activities. See June 17.                         am. FREE. Beaverton City Library,
The Alphabeticians Play the             org.
                                                                                                                                           12375 SW 5th St. 503-350-3600.
ABCs. “Kindie” rock. 3-4 pm. FREE.      Kruger’s Berry jam. Hayrides,              Guided nature Walk. See June 4.                         beavertonlibrary.org.
Belmont Library, 1038 SE 39th Ave.      kids’ jam making (noon, 2 pm),             Lakeshore Learning Crafts. See
503-988-5382. multcolib.org.            face painting and more. 11 am-4            June 4.                                                             Tuesday, June 21
exploring My 5 Senses. Fun sen-         pm June 18, 19. FREE admis-
sory activities. Ages 0-6 w/grown-      sion, charge for berries. 17100 NW                                                                 Summer Solstice Celebration.
                                        Sauvie Island Rd. 503-621-3489.                         Sunday, June 19                            Crafts, walk in the woods, hikes.
up. 10 am. FREE. Hillsboro Main
LIbrary, 2850 NE Brookwood Pkwy.        krugersfarm.com.                           Celebrate Your Dad. Dads and                            7-9 pm. FREE, pre-registration
503-15-6500. Hillsboro.plinkit.org.                                                grandpas free with paid child’s                         required. Tryon Creek State Natural
                                        junior Symphony of Vancouver.
                                                                                   admission. 10 am-2 pm. $9 ages                          Area, 11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd.
Comedy juggling Show. Charlie           7:30 pm. $10 adults, $8 students.                                                                  503-636-4398. tryonfriends.org.
                                        Vancouver First Church of God,             1 and up. Portland Children’s
Brown dazzles. 3-4 pm. FREE.
                                        3300 NE 78th St., Vancouver. 360-          Museum, 4015 SW Canyon Road.                            FRee Day at Ft. Vancouver. Enjoy
Gregory Heights Library, 7921 NE
                                                                                   503-223-6500. portlandcm.org.                           some history free. 9 am-5 pm. 1001
Sandy Blvd. 503-988-5386. multco-       696-4084. oregonchamberplayers.
lib.org.                                org.                                       Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast                          E 5th St., Vancouver. 360-816-
                                                                                   at Portland Art Museum. See In                          6230. nps.gov/fova.
Story and Stroll. See June 1.           Champoeg Bluebird Day. Cel-
                                                                                   the Spotlight.                                          Preschool Rides Mornings. Ride
Movie night at Café Sip-n-Play.         ebrate with activities, build/buy
                                        nest box, Junior Ranger programs.          Day Out with Thomas. See Fam-                           the kiddy rides, snack and story.
See June 3.                                                                                                                                Ages 0-6. 9:30-11:30 am Tues &
                                        1-4 pm. FREE, $5 park fee. 8239            ily Favorites.

44                                      M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011
Wed. $6.50 per child. Oaks Park,        Honeybee Happenings. See               vendors charge. 503-282-1288.           page. Riverfront City Park, Salem.
7805 SE Oaks Park Way. 503-233-         June 1.                                King School Park, 6th Ave/Humbolt       503-581-2004. worldbeatfestival.
5777. oakspark.com.                                                            St. 503-282-1288. goodintheneigh-       org.
                                        Storytime on the Farm. See
$1 Regal Movies. Regal movie                                                   borhood.org.                            Kids’ Dig. Intro to archaeology
                                        June 1.
theaters offer G and PG-rated mov-                                             Lake Oswego Festival of the             with mock dig. Ages 8-12. 11 am-1
ies at 10 am Tues/Wed starting June     Wild About Cooper Mountain.                                                    pm. Free w/admission of $3 adults,
                                                                               Arts. Entertainment, arts and art-
21 through the end of Aug. for $1.      See June 15.                           ists, Kids Day in George Rogers         $5 family, free ages 0-15. Ft. Van-
Call/ check website for titles. reg-    Mr. Lizard’s Mobile Zoo. See           Park 12-4 pm June 24. 10 am-9 pm        couver, 1001 E 5th St., Vancouver.
movies.com/summermovieexpress/          June 21.                               June 24, 25. 10 am-6 pm June 26.        360-816-6230. nps.gov/fova.
Mr. Lizard’s Mobile Zoo. Interac-                                              FREE, donation encouraged. Shuttle      Scandinavian Midsummer Festi-
                                        Preschool Ride Mornings. See           buses. Lakewood Center for the
tive reptile show. FREE. 10:30-         June 21.                                                                       val. Music, dancing, games, Viking
11:30 am June 21: Central Library,                                             Arts and George Rogers Park, 368 S      reenactments, Kids’ Zone, more.
801 SW 10th Ave. 503-988-5123.          Music Time with Van Oodles.            State St. 503-636-1060. lakewood-       11 am-6 pm. $6 adults, $3 ages
2:30-3:30 pm June 21: Capitol Hill      See June 1.                            cente.org.                              6-12, $15 family. Oaks Park, 7805
Library, 10723 SW Capitol Hwy.                                                 Festival of Balloons. Balloon           SE Oaks Park Wy. 503-977-0275.
                                        Music with Mr. Hoo. See June 8.
503-988-5385. 3-4 pm June 22:                                                  launches, entertainment, midway         scanheritage.org.
Holgate LIbrary, 7905 SE Holgate                                               rides, more. Festival 10 am-8 pm        Family Habitat Hike. Guided walk
Blvd. 503-988-5389. 2-3 pm June                   Thursday, June 23            June 24, 9 am-11 pm June 25,            at Cooper Mountain. 9:30-11:30
24: Troutdale Library, 2451 SW                                                 9 am-5 pm June 26. $7 3-day             am. $9, pre-registration required.
                                        Farm Tunes. Concerts at Kruger’s
Cherry Park Rd. 503-988-5355.                                                  pass, free ages 0-6. Carnival extra     18892 SW Kemmer Rd., Beaverton.
multcolib.org.                          Farm. 6:30-9:30 pm. June 23: The
                                                                               charge. Cook Park, 17005 SW 92d         503-629-6350. oregonmetro.gov.
                                        New Iberians. June 30: Lisa and        Ave., Tigard. 503-612-8213.
Tualatin Summer Reading Kick-           Her Kin. $10 car. 17100 NW Sauvie                                              Day Out with Thomas. See Fam-
off. Carnival on the Commons with       Island Rd. 503-621-3489. krugers-      Free Fourth. Enjoy the Portland         ily Favorites.
fun games. 7 pm. FREE. 8325 SW          farm.com.                              Art Museum FREE every fourth
Nyberg St. 503-691-3071. wccls.org.                                                                                    north American Organic Brew-
                                                                               Friday. 5-8 pm. 1219 SW Park Ave.
                                        nature journaling. Learn to            503-226-2811. pam.org.                  ers Festival. See June 24.
Professor Banjo. Old-timey music,
                                        keep a nature journal. Ages 5-12.                                              Festival of Balloons. See June 24.
games, stories. FREE. 1:30, 3 pm.                                              Corn Husk Figurines. Crafts.
                                        9-10:30 am. $12, pre-registration.
Woodstock Library, 6008 SE 49th                                                FREE, registration required. 3-5 pm     Movie night at Café Sip-n-Play.
Ave. 503-988-5399. 12-1 pm June         Luscher Farm, 125 Rosemont Rd.,                                                See June 3.
                                                                               June 24: Midland Library, 805 SE
24: Rockwood Library, 17917 SE          West Linn. 503-675-2549. oregon-       122d Ave. 503-988-5392. 6-7:30
                                        metro.gov.                                                                     Lake Oswego Festival of the
Stark St. 503-988-5396. multcolib.                                             pm June 29: St. Johns Library, 7510     Arts. See June 24.
org.                                    Build Your Own Terrarium. Make         N Charleston Ave. 503-988-5397.
                                                                               multcolib.org.                          Ladybug nature Walks. See
Storytime at Café Sip-n-Play. See       a miniature garden. 2-3 pm. FREE.
                                                                                                                       June 3.
June 7.                                 Belmont LIbrary, 1038 SE 39th Ave.     Movie night at Café Sip-n-Play.
                                        503-988-5382. multcolib.org.           See June 3.                             Henry and Ramona. See June 10.

      Wednesday, June 22                What’s In All Those Holes?             Ladybug nature Walks. See               Good In the neighborhood. See
                                        Science lesson, stories, craft. Ages   June 3.                                 June 24.
Ladybug Theater. Ladybug Sings
                                        4-7 w/grown-up. 10-11:30 am. $10       Henry and Ramona. See June 10.          Guided nature Walk. See June 4.
the Whole Thing. Ages 2 ½+. 10:30
am June 22, 29, 30. $3.50, babes in     child, pre-registration required.                                              Lakeshore Learning Crafts. See
                                        Tryon Creek State Park, 11321 SW       Professor Banjo. See June 21.
arms free, reservations please. Smile                                                                                  June 4.
Station. 8210 SE 13th. 503-232-         Terwilliger Blvd. 503-636-9886 xt.     Mr. Lizard’s Mobile Zoo. See
                                                                                                                       Kids Cook. See June 11.
2346. ladybugtheater.org.               225. tryonfriends.org.                 June 21.
                                                                                                                       Little Kids’ jamboree. See
Mary Poppins. Tony award-               Mo Phillips. See June 2.               Story and Stroll. See June 1.           June 11.
winning musical with classic songs.
See website for dates/times. $29.25                Friday, June 24                       Saturday, June 25
and up. Keller Auditorium, 222 SW                                                                                                 Sunday, June 26
Clay. 503-248-4335. pcpa.com.           north American Organic Brew-           Recycled Arts Festival. Live            Sunday Parkways. Bike, stroll
                                        ers Festival. Entertainment,           music, recycled art tent for kids,      and enjoy music and entertainment
Dragonflies and Flowers.
                                        children’s area. Noon-9 pm June        raptor show, more. Check website        along 8 mile route in NoPo along
Chinese painting. 2, 3 pm. FREE,
                                        24, 25. Noon-5 pm June 26. FREE,       for schedule. 9 am-6 pm June            Willamette Blvd, Ainsworth, Kilpat-
registration required. Shute Park
                                        food/drink charge. Overlook Park,      25. 10 am-4 pm June 26. FREE.           rick. 11 am-4 pm. FREE. 503-823-
Branch Library, 775 SE 10th Ave.,
                                        1301 N Fremont. info@naobf.org.        Esther Short Park, 301 W 8th St.,       7599. portlandsundayparkways.org.
Hillsboro. 503-615-6500. hillsboro.
                                                                               Vancouver. 360-397-2121 xt 4352.
plinkit.org.                            naobf.org.                                                                     Sundays for Families. Gallery
Bob eaton. Magic show. 12:30-           Good in the neighborhood.                                                      tour, art activities, and stories.
                                                                               World Beat Festival. Entertain-         Noon-3 pm. Free w/admission: $12
1:15 pm. FREE. Beaverton City           Multicultural music and food
                                                                               ment and activities from around         adults, kids ages 0-17 always free.
Library, 12375 SW 5th St. 503-350-      festival, KidsSpace and more. 6-9      the world. 10 am-11 pm June 25,         Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW
3600. beavertonlibrary.org/kids.        pm June 24, noon-9:30 pm June          10 am-6 pm June 26. $4 person           Park Ave. 503-226-2811. pam.org.
Story and Stroll. See June 1.           25, noon-7:30 pm June 26. FREE,        donation. Parking shuttles, see web

                                                                        M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011                                    45
  fa mi ly c a lend a r

Day Out with Thomas. See Fam-           Snail                                                                                   N Killingsworth St. 503-988-5394.
ily Favorites.                          People!                                                                                 multcolib.org.
Recycled Arts Festival. See             Kiddy music                                                                             Dark Horse. How a comic book
                                                                                                The talented and
June 25.                                duo. 11 am-                                             hilarious Rhys                  gets made. Ages 10+. 2 pm. FREE.
                                        noon. FREE.                                             Thomas provides                 Ledding Library, 10660 SE 21st
World Beat Festival. See June 25.                                                               entertainment that
                                        Garden Home                                             all ages enjoy. See             Ave., Milwaukie. 503-786-7580.
north American Organic Brew-            Community                                               June 27.                        milwaukie.lib.or.us.
ers Festival. See June 24.              Library, 7475
                                                                                                                                Wearable Origami. See June 7.
Festival of Balloons. See June 24.      SW Oleson Rd.
                                        503-245-9932.                                                                           Ladybug Theater. See June 22.
Lake Oswego Festival of the
                                        wccls.org.                                                                              Mo Phillips. See June 2.
Arts. See June 24.
                                        Peddlers and
Dynasty of the Dragon. See
June 5.
                                        Parade. Bring
                                                                                                                                Calendar Deadline Details. The
Henry and Ramona. See June 10.          your bike and                                                                           calendar submission deadline is
Good In the neighborhood. See           decorate it or                                                                          the 1st of the month preceding the
June 24.                                yourself. Pa-                                           PHOTO COuRTESY OF RHYS THOMAS   month of publication. All submis-
                                        rade through                                                                            sions must be made in writing and
                                        Holly Farm Park.                                                                        e-mail submissions are preferred:
          Monday, June 27                                                      Brementown Musicians. Il Teatro
                                        4-5 pm. FREE. Capitol Hill Library,
                                                                               Calamari puppets perform. 2 pm.
Piggy Banks. Decorate a bank. 4-5       10723 SW Capitol Hwy. 503-988-         FREE. Ledding Library, 10660 SE
pm. FREE. Beaverton City Library,       5385. multcolib.org.                   21st Ave., Milwaukie. 503-786-
12375 SW 5th St. 503-350-3600.                                                                                                               CLASSIFIEDS
                                        Russian, ukrainian and Cossack         7580. milwaukie.lib.or.us.
beavertonlibrary.org/kids.                                                                                                                    ACTIvITIES
                                        Folk Songs. Natalia Hougen per-        Mr. Shoehorn. Tap dancing and
juggleMania. Rhys Thomas per-           forms. 6:30-7:30 pm. FREE. Trout-                                                         American Sign Language
                                                                               music. 10:30, 11:30 am. FREE.                     Workshops, Playgroups & Story Times
forms. FREE. 12:30, June 27: Mur-       dale Library, 2451 SW Cherry Park      Hillsboro Main Library, 2850 NE                      With Local Children’s Author
ray Scholls Branch Library, 11200
                                        Rd. 503-988-5355. multcolib.org.       Brookwood Pkwy., Hillsboro. 503-                  Dawn Prochovnic, MA / 503.223.5622
SW Murray Scholls Pl. #102. 12:30,
                                                                               615-6500. hillsboro.plinkit.org.                    www.SmallTalkLearning.com
2 pm June 29: Beaverton City            Storytime at Café Sip-n-Play. See
Library, 12375 SW 5th St. 503-350-      June 7.                                Story and Stroll. See June 1.                        ~Teaching Children to Sign~
3600. beavertonlibrary.org/kids.                                                                                                           ~Since 1999~
                                        Preschool Ride Mornings. See           Honeybee Happenings. See
                                                                                                                                      BuSINESS OPPORTuNITY
Mondays on the Mall. Wii                June 21.                               June 1.
games. 10 am- 6 pm. SW 6th/Oak.                                                Storytime on the Farm. See
                                                                                                                                  Work from home on your
Allegro Elite Duo music noon-1 pm.      Bite Size Kids Cook. See June 2.                                                              own schedule.
                                                                               June 1.
SW 5th/Salmon. FREE. portland-                                                                                                   We specialize in helping busy moms earn
mall.org.                                     Wednesday, June 29               Wild About Cooper Mountain.                       reliable income from home. Impeccable
                                                                               See June 15.                                      record with BBB, top-notch comp plan,
                                        Beware of the Dragon. Paint and                                                            great team support and mentoring.
          Tuesday, June 28                                                     Scrap Heap Puppet Lab. See
                                        decorate a mythical beast. Ages                                                                  DreamToBeHome.com
                                                                               June 28.
Family nature Camp. Hike,               12+. 2-3:30 pm. FREE, registra-                                                                      PRESCHOOLS
campfire, Native American legends,      tion required. Woodstock Library,      Preschool Ride Mornings. See
                                                                               June 21.                                                 Co-op Preschools
make banana boats. 6:30-8:30 pm.        6008 SE 49th Ave. 503-988-5399.                                                               Call or email PCPO for the
$10 child, pre-registration required.   multcolib.org.                         Corn Husk Figurines. See June 24.                          parent participation
Tryon Creek State Park, 11321 SW                                                                                                         preschools near you.
Terwilliger Blvd. 503-636-9886 xt.      Reptile Man. Richard Richey            Ladybug Theater. See June 22.
                                        shows off his critters at this sum-                                                        (503) 293-6161, pcpo@pcpo.info
225. tryonfriends.org.                                                         juggleMania. See June 27.                             www.oregonpreschools.org
                                        mer reading kickoff. 10:30 am.
Scrap Heap Puppet Lab. Mudeye           FREE. Molalla Public Library, 201 E                                                                  SuRROGACY
Puppet Co. helps you make puppets                                                        Thursday, June 30
from castoffs. FREE, registration re-
                                        5th St. 503-829-2593. lincc.org.                                                                Creating Families
quired. 1:30-3 pm June 28: Wood-        The Travels of Basil the Book-         Wiggly Worms. Learn about                               through Surrogacy
                                                                               worms, make a worm hotel, more.                            www.ggscnw.com
stock Library, 6008 SE 49th Ave.        worm. Penny’s Puppets perform.
503-988-5399. 3-4:30 pm June            11 am-12 pm. FREE. Gresham             Ages 4-7, with grown-up. 10-11:30                              vACATION
29: Kenton Library, 8226 N Denver       Library, 385 NW Miller Ave. 503-       am. $10 child, pre-registration                      Plan a Family Getaway
Ave. 503-988-5370. multcolib.org.                                              required. Tryon Creek State Park,                          in Sunriver!
                                        988-5387. multcolib.org.
                                                                               11321 SW Terwilliger Blvd. 503-                     3 BR/2BA, Full Kitchen, Many Extras
Happy Birthday America! Sto-            Who’s In Hare’s House? Tears           636-9886 xt. 225. tryonfriends.org.
ries, crafts. Ages 5+. 2 pm. FREE.                                                                                               $125/Night + Tax/Hskg: 503.349.4970
                                        of Joy perform a Bantu folk-           Parlor of Wonders Magic Show.                      email: dawnp@smalltalklearning.com
Ledding Library, 10660 SE 21st
                                        tale. 4-4:45 pm. FREE. Midland         Tim Alexander amazes! 2-3 pm.                          http://web.me.com/dawn
Ave., Milwaukie. 503-786-7580.
milwaukie.lib.or.us.                    Library,805 SE 122d Ave. 503-988-      FREE. North Portland Library, 512                 prochovnic/Sunriver/Welcome.html
                                        5392. multcolib.org.

46                                      M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011

ABC Doula..........................9      Harmony Road Music .......25               OHSU Center for Spoken                    Sunriver Resort .................21
Academy Theater ..............16          Healthy Fun Choices ...........8           Language .........................29      Suzuki Portland &
Advantage Basketball                      Hidden Valley Camp..........25             OHSU Infant Study............35           Suzuki Lake Oswego ...........9
Camps ..............................27                                               OHSU Kohl’s Safety Seat ...10             Sweet Peas Kidzone....35, 47
                                          Hopworks Urban Brewery .33
Art4Life ............................26                                              OHSU Nurse Midwifery .....29              Thomas the Tank Engine ...31
                                          JLM Insurance...................13
Bands on the Run .............39                                                     Old McDonald’s Farm .......27             Thomas the Tank Engine
                                          John’s Incredible Pizza ......33                                                     Contest.............................37
Bob Eaton Magic ..............47                                                     OMSI ................................23
                                          Kid Institute of Technology 27                                                       Thorsen’s Surrogate
Bodhi Tree Center ...............5                                                   Once Upon A Horse ..........26
                                          Lakewood Center .............27                                                      Agency ...............................6
Broadway Rose Theater ...41                                                          Oregon Connections
                                          Larry Steele Basketball                    Academy ..........................23      Tidee Didee.......................31
CCLC @ OHSU .................37           Camp ...............................26
                                                                                     Oregon Hope Chinese                       Tillamook State Forestry ....43
Chic Video & Photography 13
                                          Laurelwood Brew Pub.......33               School ..............................35   The Vancouver Clinic ...........5
Childbloom® Guitar
Program ...........................35     Learning Palace ................41         Oregon Zoo ......................39       Vancouver Water
                                          Little Garden Preschool.......6            Parties by Inez ..................47      Resources .........................39
Children of The Sea...........19
                                          The Little Gym ..................25        Pediatric Associates                      Washington County
The Children’s Clinic............9                                                                                             Library ..............................35
                                          Little Smiles Pediatric                    of the NW.........................23
The Children’s Hospital                                                                                                        Willowbrook Outdoors
Legacy ..............................11   Dentistry .............................5   Pediatric Urgent Care........15
CLASS Academy..................7          Mad Science .....................26        Penney’s Puppets ..............47
                                                                                                                               Wings & Waves
Clever Cycles ......................9     Metro Mountain Climbing 47                 Portland Art Museum........13             Waterpark ........................48
Clogs -N- More Kids .........15           Micha-el School ..................6        Portland Center Stage.......26            World of Smiles ..................9
Dentistry for Kids ................2      Momtopia Mondays .........37               Portland Community Media                  WorldBeat Festival ............41
Dentistry for Teens ..............3                                                  Summer Camp..................27
                                          Montessori of Alameda                                                                Yes! Summer Camp ..........43
Doernbecher Children’s                    Program .............................6     Portland Rock Gym ..........25
                                                                                                                               Yu Miao Chinese Immersion
Hospital ............................17   Multisensory Learning                      Portland Youth Ballet ........29          Preschool..........................33
D’Onofrio & Associates .......9           Academy ..........................29       The Reading Toolkit ............6
Dynamic Learning Services..5              Music Together ...................5        Recycled Arts Festival ........43
EcoMaids..........................15      Musikgarten .....................37        Royal Ridges .....................26
EinsteinWise .....................27      Northwest Primary Care....19               Sam Stevens, LMFT ...........13
Fairy Garden Parties ..........47         Northwest Surrogacy Center8                Saturday Academy ............19
French American School ....29             NW Children’s Theater ......25             Scappoose Dance Camp ...25
French Prairie Gardens ........8          Oaks Park .........................47      The Secret Garden ..............6

                                                                                                                                                               M etro Parent • metro-parent.com • June 2011             47

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