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					                                                           Asbestos Policy

1.          Statement of Intent

1.1         In order to prevent any harmful exposure of asbestos within property under its
            control, Teesside University will comply with all legislation and Health and
            Safety Executive (HSE) guidance when dealing with asbestos.

            Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral, which can be amphibole asbestos
            which includes crocidolite (blue) and amosite (brown) asbestos, or serpentine
            asbestos which is chrysotile (white) asbestos, which is present in a number of
            material forms.

2.          Responsibility of Estates Staff

2.1         The Estates Division within Campus Facilities has the sole responsibility to
            manage the removal or the treatment of asbestos in situ, and to record the
            locations of all known asbestos in the Asbestos Register. The appropriate
            processes to carry out all such work involving asbestos are detailed in the
            Division's Asbestos Management Plan.

3.          Responsibility of Staff Planning any Work on the Structure or Fabric of

3.1         Prior to the start of any work being undertaken on the fabric or structure of a
            University building, a 'Permission to undertake Minor Development Work or the
            issue of a Permit to Work Form' must be completed and submitted to the
            Estates Division, enabling the Estates Division to confirm whether there is any
            asbestos in the location. As asbestos could be present at the proposed site of
            work which may require removal or treatment by a Licensed Asbestos
            Contractor and involvement of the Health and Safety Executive, in order to
            avoid incurring any delay if the work is time critical it is recommended that this
            form is submitted at least 28 days before work is to be undertaken.

3.2         Where asbestos is found to be present, either an alternative work plan must be
            sought that will not cause harmful exposure to asbestos, or where no
            alternative means are available, then any work involving asbestos must be
            undertaken by a Licensed Asbestos Company appointed by the Estates

4.          Accidental Disturbance of Asbestos

4.1         In the event of work being undertaken which results in the unplanned
            disturbance of asbestos, all work in the area of the disturbance must stop and
            the area be secured, following which the Estates Division and the Health and

            Safety Office must be informed and an Asbestos Incident Report Form
            (available from the Estates Division) completed.

5.          Asbestos Procedures

5.1         The implementation of the Asbestos Policy is undertaken in accordance with
            the Asbestos Management Plan of the Estates Division of the Department of
            Campus Facilities. Copies are available from the Estates Office.