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									Content/Essential Questions/Concept             Skills/Performance Objectives
Discovery of North America

Native American Cultures                        The Students will:
          1. Where did the Native
          Americans of the Arctic,
          Northwest, Plateau Southwest,         Locate and identify the Arctic, Northwest,
          Plains and Southeastern groups        Plateau, Southwest, and Southeastern regions
          settle?                               on a map of America

           2. Describe the climate in each of   Be able to describe the climate in each of these
           these regions.                       regions.
           3. In which region would each of
           the following tribes have been       Be able to identify each of the following as
           found? Inuit, Kwakiutl, Nez          belonging to one of the five regions: Inuit,
           Perce, Hopi, Pawnee and              Kwakiutl, Nez Perce, Hope, Pawnee and
           Seminole                             Seminole.
           4. What are some examples of
           food, clothing and the homes
           built by the Inuit, Kwakiutl, Nez
           Perce, Hopi, Pawnee and
           Seminole? How did the
           environment affect the way           Be able to explain how the climate in each
           these major Native American          region affected the way the identified tribe
           tribes obtained this food,           obtained food, clothing and shelter and
           clothing and shelter.                specifically what these were

                                                Knowledge: Culture, Climate,
                                                Interdependence, Tribe, Regions, Impact,
                                                Native American

                                                People: Inuit, Kwakiutl, Nez Perce, Hopi,
                                                Pawnee, Seminole

                                                Places: Arctic, Northwest, Plateau, Southwest,
                                                Plains, Southeastern

British Colonial America
          How can you compare and
          contrast life in the New England,
          Mid-Atlantic and Southern
          colonies?                         The students will:
          How would you describe how life
          in colonial America was
          experienced by large land owners,
          farmers, artisans, women,
          indentured servants, slaves and   Locate and identify each of the British colonies
          Native Americans                  and the three colonial areas on a map.
Don't forget the cultural, economic,        Compare and contrast life in each of the three
political, and social development of each   areas (New England Mid Atlantic, and
colonial region.                            Southern)

                                            Students compare and contrast the lives of
                                            large land owners, farmers, artisans, women,
                                            indentured servants, slaves and Native

                                            Knowledge: Colony, Colonist, Compare,
                                            Contrast, Environment, Natural Resources
                                            People: large landowners, farmers, artisans,
                                            women, indentured servants, slaves, Native

                                            Places: New England Colonies, Mid Atlantic
                                            Colonies, Southern Colonies

Struggle for North America

Revolutionary War                           The students will:

                                            The students will understand how key people
                                            helped shape a new nation by new beginnings,
Women in American Revolution                war, and laws.

                                           Students will be able to understand that men
                                           and women in history face obstacles but work
                                           through them by understanding the history set
         Who were the key people in the    before them or having the perseverance in
         Revolutionary War?                America accomplishing what was set out to do.
                                           Women played a significant, often silent role in
                                           the American Revolution. Students will be able
         How did the key people of the     to identify several women and their roles in the
         Revolutionary War affect the war? American Revolution.
         What role did women play in the
         American Revolution?              Knowledge: American Revolution time period,
                                                People: George Washington, King George III,
                                                Lord North, Cornwallis, John Adams, Samuel
                                                Adams, Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, Thomas
                                                Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Molly
                                                Pitcher, Crispus Attucks, LaFayette, Nancy Hart,
         What was _____’s role in the           Benedict Arnold, Phyllis Wheatley, Lydia
         American Revolution?                   Darragh, Abigail Adams, Patience Wright

The New Nation - Early Expansion

Judicial Review                                 The Students will:

                                                The benefits of a multi-party system can offer
Party System                                    more choices and more opinions.

         Students know how to interpret
         and evaluate primary and             The students should understand Judicial
         secondary sources of historical      Review, its application and effects on the
         information.                         United States
                                              Knowledge: Two Party System, Election of
         Students apply knowledge of the 1824, Panic of 1819, Marbury v. Madison,
         past to analyze present-day issues Worchester v. Georgia, Dredd Scott Decision,
         and events from multiple,            Plessey v. Ferguson, Brown v. Board of
         historically objective perspectives. Education of Topeka Kansas

         What does the Constitution say
         about the power of the Supreme         People: Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams,
         Court and Judicial Review?             Henry Clay, John Marshall

         How has Judicial Review been used
         in the history of the United States?
         How has Judicial Review
         changed/effected U.S. history?
Slavery and Emancipation

Emancipation Proclamation                       The Students will:

Civil War                                       Be able to know the rational for tariffs

                                                Explain how the workforce in the North differs
Harriet Tubman                                  from the South

            How did the slave trade impact the
            life of both the North and the     Analyze how the people have benefited from
            South?                             the war.

                                              The student will learn the political realities and
                                              constitutional doctrines which limited
            What were the social implications President Lincoln's regarding emancipation
            of being a slave in the South?    during the Civil War.

            Explain how the work force of the
            North and South differ and how it Why women became more politically involved
            affected the dynamics of each.    during the war.

            Why did Abraham Lincoln write
            the Emancipation Proclamation?      Was Harriet Tubman was a hero?
                                                Knowledge: border states, Emancipation
                                                Proclamation, prejudice, aggression,
                                                abolitionists, plantations, agriculture, spies,
                                                interchangeable rifles, industry, underground
            What was the effect on the war?     railroad
         Why is emancipation proclaimed      People: Abraham Lincoln, Northern Negros,
         as a "fit and necessary war         Southern Slave Negros, Negro Soldiers, Harriet
         measure"?                           Tubman, Harriet Stove, Mary Todd Lincoln

         Why does the proclamation only
         apply to slaves in certain states?
         Why is the geographical location
         significant?                        Places: mills, factories, safe house
         In what whys did women become
         more political in the North and
         What was the underground
         Who was Harriet Tubman and why
         was she important to the slaves
         before, during, and after the Civil

The Nation Grows - Expansion and Reform

Agriculture vs. Industrialization            The Students will:

                                             The North had a stronger economy with a
                                             bigger industrial capacity. The Southern
                                             economy was agrarian and operated differently
Factory vs. Plantation                       than the Northern economy.

                                             Analyze the differing effects that the Northern
Child Labor Laws                             and Southern economies had on the Civil War.
       Where were the industrial and       Make correlations between the progressive
       agricultural centers of the country cultures of the early 1900s to the political
       located?                            issues of today.
                                           Analyze the effects that American differences
       How was the outcome of the Civil in the North and the South had on foreign
       War influenced by railroad          relations and how other countries dealt with
       networks?                           both sides.

       How did the economic activity of
       the North differ from the economic Be able to know why there were no labor laws
       activity of the South?             as the age of going to work.

       What were the differences
       between the North and the South     Working conditions and the hours the children
       economically?                       had to work.
       How did trade within the U.S. and   The children accepted the fact that they had to
       outside the U.S. affect both the    go to work because of certain working
       North and the South                 conditions.
                                         Knowledge: Agrarian economy, Industrial
                                         economy, Capital Resource, Human Resource,
                                         Natural Resource, Sectionalism, cotton gin,
                                         popular sovereignty, Dred Scott Decision,
                                         factory system, cotton, tobacco, textile goods,
                                         living conditions, steam power, railroads,
                                         Manifest Destiny, Expansionism, States rights v.
                                         Federal government, tariffs, interchangeable
       What role did the U.S. government parts, industrial revolution, employment,
       play in the economies of both the unemployment, union, wages, tension,
       North and the South?              institutions
                                         People: Eli Whitney, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew
       What were the labor laws?         Jackson, Samuel Slater
       What were the wages being paid
       to the employees?
       How did the parents of these
       children react because they were
       so young?

The Modern Era
The Jungle                                The students will:

                                          The struggles and successes of the Labor
Impact of Legislation                     Movement and its leaders

                                          The exploitation of immigrant and native born
Imperialism                               factory workers.

                                          The corruptness of the “Beef Trust” and the
Muckrakers                                unsafe products they produced and sold.

                                          How writers like Upton Sinclair were influential
         Who was Upton Sinclair?          on the development of public policy.

         Who was Jane Addams and how      How people’s works (i.e. “The Jungle”) have
         did she help Sinclair?           unintended consequences

                                          Explain the series of events that led the United
         What was the goal of the         States to grow to its current number of fifty
         newspaper, “Appeal to Reason?”   states.
What were the “Meat Inspection,”
and “The Pure Food and Drug             Analyze the effect that American imperialism
Acts” of 1906.                          had on foreign relations.
How did American leaders justify
the American policy of overseas         Explain the underlying causes of United States
expansion?                              imperialism.

How were the opposing viewpoints
of expansionism and isolationism        how federal programs evolve and change as the
represented in the U.S.?                country
What were the goals of American
leaders who pushed for                  how economic growth impacts the United
imperialism?                            States
Are our policies in the best interest
of the U.S. or the people we            Analyze the effect muckrakers had on its
control? Explain                        readers.

What role did Manifest Destiny          Make correlations between the progressive
play throughout American                cultures of the early 1900s to the political
Expansionism?                           issues of today.
What is the Social Security Act?
How has it changed since it was         Weigh the positive effects of muckraking
first introduced?                       journalism against any negative effects.
How did Johnson’s Great Society
impact domestic affairs of the          Analyze how muckrakers played a role in the
country?                                progressive movement.

                                        Knowledge: disassembly lies, muckrakers, The
                                        Appeal to Reason Newspaper, Socialist
                                        movement, Imperialism, Manifest Destiny,
                                        Social Darwinism, McKinley Tariff, New Deal,
                                        Fair Deal, Great Society, Cold War, Medicare,
                                        Interstate Highway Act, Progressive Movement,
                                        public health, politics, immigration, housing,
What circumstances led to               children, minorities, women's issues, labor,
muckraking journalism?                  Pure Food and Drug Act, Meat Inspection Act

                                        People: Upton Sinclair, Jurgis Rudkus,
                                        Theodore Roosevelt, Eugene Debs, Jane
                                        Addams, Beef Barons, William Seward, Sanford
How did the Progressive                 Dole, Alford Mahan, Queen Liliuokalani,
movement help in alleviating the        William McKinley, Ida Tarbell, Jacob Riis, John
social ills of the early 1900s?         Spargo, SS McClure, Randolph Hearst
         What were the lasting effects of
         the muckrakers that we still       Places: Hull House Packingtown, Chicago
         witness today?                     Stockyards, Lithuania, Pearl Harbor, Levittown


Peaceful protests vs. violent struggles     The Students will:

                                            Although the Civil Right’s Movement was a
                                            national event, the impact was different in
                                            regions of the country. It is important that
                                            students realize this concept and understand
                                            that the Movement was treated differently by
civil rights movement                       citizens in these different national regions.

                                            Students should understand that for a
                                            democracy to be strong and sustaining, all of its
         Why was integration of the U.S.    citizens should have equal political, social, and
         Military and federal government    economic rights. Students should also
         crucial to the Civil Rights        understand the struggles and sacrifices made
         Movement?                          by others in order to gain equality.
                                              Knowledge: Segregation, Boycott, Peaceful
                                              protest, Civil Rights, Resolution Integration,
                                              Brown v. Board of Education, “I have a dream”
                                              speech, Letters from a Birmingham Jail, Civil
         How did Jackie Robinson affect the Rights Act 1964, Voting Rights Act 1965,
         social struggles of the Civil Rights Montgomery bus boycott Central High School,
         Movement?                            Sit-ins, March on Washington, Black Power
                                              People: Harry S. Truman
                                              Jackie Robinson
                                              Martin Luther King Jr.
                                              Rosa Parks
         How did the reactions to the         Malcolm X
         Brown v. Board of Education          Jesse Jackson
         decision push the limits of society Louis Farrakhan
         and law?                             George Wallace
                                              Places: Montgomery
         What was the significance of         Washington D.C.
         Martin Luther King Jr.’s writings? Little Rock
         What were the main causes and
         effects of the Civil Rights Act of
         1964 and the Voting Rights Act of
         What were the goals of the Civil
         Rights Movement?
         What strategies were employed by
         the people involved in the Civil
         Rights Movement?

         What were some of the significant
         legal victories of the Movement?
         Why did the Civil Rights Movement
         ultimately succeed?

ERA 10

Guns & Butter                                The Students will:

         How did the Cold War affect the     origins and implications of the containment
         lives of Americans?                 policy
What were the opportunity costs
involved?                           impact of communism

What were the social and
economic implications?                Vietnam War
                                      That the Cold war period was a turbulent time
How did the Truman Doctrine and for U.S. citizens, while two world powers
the Marshall Plan, the Berlin Airlift struggled for their own ideologies. Many
and the formation of NATO set a political decisions were made, conflicts were
precedent for U.S. and Western        fought, lives were lost, and a time of fear
European political policy?            existed for average citizens.

What were the two hot wars
during the cold war and what were analyze reasons why the US continues to
the results of U.S. involvement?  involve herself in foreign affairs

How did the Bay of Pigs invasion
and the Cuban Missile Crisis
change relations between the U.S., describe how someone can be American but
Cuba, and the Soviet Union?        also oppose war

What was the meaning of
Churchill’s “iron curtain” speech  discuss the correlation between the Vietnam
and why was the Berlin Wall built? War and Iraqi Freedom

                                    Knowledge: satellite nation, Cold War,
                                    iron curtain, Truman Doctrine, United Nations,
                                    Eastern bloc, Warsaw Pact, NATO, Marshall
                                    Plan, Cold War, The Iron Curtain,
                                    The Truman Doctrine, The Marshall Plan,
                                    The Berlin Airlift, NATO, Red China,
                                    McCarthyism, Hot Wars/Korea/Vietnam,
                                    Warsaw Pact, Bay of Pigs, Berlin Wall, Cuban
                                    Missile Crisis, SALT 1 Treaty, Tet Offensive,
                                    Geneva Accords, Tonkin Gulf Resolution,
                                    propaganda, youth movements,
How can a draft be made fair?       Vietnamization, War on terrorism
                                  People: Truman, Marshall,
                                  Eisenhower, Kennan, Churchill, HoChiMinh,
                                  President Truman, Joy McCarthy, President
                                  Eisenhower, The Rosenbergs, JFK, Stalin
                                  Khrushchev, President Nixon, Fidel Castro, Ho
                                  Chi Minh, Ngo Dinh Diem, Lyndon Johnson,
Should people who believe the war Richard Nixon, al-Queda, Saddam Hussein,
is wrong be forced to fight? Why? Osama bin Laden

Why did the U.S. send troops to     Places: Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Korea,
Iraq?                               Soviet Union, Cuba, Saigon, Cambodia, Iraq
Why does the United States get
involved in our countries business?
Assessments                                         Suggested Activities/Technology    Resources

Portfolio Assessment: Students will create a
map correctly identifying each of the six regions
and the major tribe of study located in each.     Launch Activity:                     Links:

Students will create a Journal of Travel showing                                  Interactive Map - North American
what they would see as they traveled from one                                     Indians (Map Activity) -
region to the next including the homes, clothing http://www.smb.spk-
and food that they observed.                     ames/fling/nativeamericans/

Students will compare the foods, homes and
clothing of the Inuit, Kwakiutl, Nez Perce, Hopi,                                      NMAH : Our Story in History : Try It
Pawnee and Seminole tribes and identify the                                            Online -
reasons for their differences, due to the climate                            
in the region in which each group lives                                                y/

Authentic Assessment: North American map                                               The Kwakiutl -
identifying the different regions and the major                              
tribe identified there                                                                 ural/northamerica/kwakiutl.html

Journal of Travel comparing homes, food and                                            The Inuit -
clothing observed and the uses of the                                        
environment to create each (graded by a rubric)                                        ninuit.htm
                                                                                       Northwest -
Graphic organizer Comparing the foods, homes                                           w/Northwest%20Cultures/northwest.
and clothing of each tribe                                                             htm
Self Assessment: Students will self-assess the                                         Settlements in North America -
journal and graphic organizer using the rubric                               
that will be used to grade each.                                                       history/settlements/index.shtml
                                                                                       Southwest Native Americans -

Portfolio Assessment: Students will create a                                           Regions -
map correctly identifying colonies in each of the                            
three colonial areas                              Launch Activity:                     ol/history/ch04/regions.html

                                                    Divide students into three groups
                                                    assign each to complete one of        Colonial House
Students will compare and contrast the three        these online activities (each lasting
different colonial areas and life in each           less than 10 minutes)                 se/history/voices/index.html
, the following in colonial America: large
landowners, women, farmers, artisans,                                              People of Williamsburg -
indentured, servants, slaves and Native                                  
Americans                                          A Colonial Family and Community eople.cfm

                                                   Colonial House - Myth conceptions
Authentic Assessment: North American map           -
identifying the different colonial regions and the
colonies included in each                          house/quiz_pop/myth.html
                                                   Colonial America -
Organizer comparing life in each of the three
colonial regions                                   b/index.php
                                                   Each group then shares the most
Rubric used to grade portfolio of different        exciting aspect of the online
colonists                                          adventure orally.
Self Assessment: Students will self-assess the
completed map and the completed portfolio of
different American colonists

Portfolio Assessment: The writing assignment
will be placed in their writing portfolio.         Launch Activity
Authentic Assessment: A writing rubric will be
used to grade the writing portion of the
assignment. A Power Point rubric will be used to
grade the Power Point portion of the
assignment. A social studies rubric will be used   Students traveled back in
to grade the history facts portion of the          time…the Colonial time…to have
assignment. A research rubric will be used to      hands-on experience of the food,
grade the research portion of the assignment.      school, music, games, and hats.     Destiny, AR books, trade books

                                                   Word Splash with several women’s
                                                   names from the time period
Students will complete a presentation of a         involved in the American
woman in the American Revolution of their          Revolution. Discuss how they
choice from a list provided by the teacher. Rubric could be involved. Students will
for project will be drawn up based upon grade      view a united streaming video
level and requirements. Presentations must         about Deborah Samson. Class         Resources and instructional tools:
include one or more of the following: Written      discussion over her role in the     textbook, internet sites of Women in
report, PowerPoint, foldable. Collage,             American Revolution will involve    the American Revolution, trade books,
backboard, model, pamphlet, brochure, board        the lengths women would go to in    videos, computers, United Streaming,
game, timeline, play, etc.                         order to aid their country.         Georgia Stories, LCD projector.
Portfolio Assessments: A short essay could be
written answering each of the three questions.
Also an essay could be written about one of the
events from the point of view of one of the three                                       (Including Video Sources, Text
main figures involved.                            Launch Activity:                      Resources, Research Strategy)

                                                 Warm-Up: List five modern              Constitution, class notes from
                                                 political figures on the board. Ask    lectures, Supreme Court Cases which
Students will keep a journal that will define    the students to identify the party     may be found on the WEB under
aspects of the Constitution and give examples of each person belongs to. Go over        "Supreme Court Cases" or may be
Judicial Review, Checks and Balance, Separation with students the basic platform        found by referring to Freedom of
of Power, etc.
Authentic Assessment: Rubric for Supreme         of each party.                         Speech, Right to Bear Arms, etc.
Court Mock Trial:
A(90-100)=Complete logical and well researched       The class should be divided into
cases by attorneys and justices;                     groups to argue both sides of
B(80-89)=Less logical but well researched cases      various Supreme Court decisions
by attorneys and justices;                           of the past. Those not arguing a
C(70-79)=Less logical and researched cases by        case will serve as the Supreme
attorneys and justices                               Court and judge the case based on
D(60-69)=Little logic and faulty research of cases   case will serve as the Supreme
by attorneys and justices;                           Court and judge the case based on
F(Below 59)=No logic or research                     Constitutional Law                Digital History website

Students can create a power point that answers
the questions and find corresponding documents
to support their information.
Self Assessment: Heterogeneous grouping of
students. Students will be divided into groups
using a deck of cards. Each person will choose a
person or event to research and become a group
expert and re-teach the concept back to the
Portfolio Assessments: Students will keep                                               Emancipation Proclamation
portfolios containing all of the activities that                                        [
have been completed during the unit to be                                               tured_documents/ emancipation
compared with other students.                        Launch Activity                    proclamation/]
Traditional Assessments: Use a 4 point rubric, 4
exceptional, 3 profecient,2 partially proficient,
Provide students will self-assessment rubric to
edit their 5 paragraph page
Peer-review with rubric to grade students 5
paragraph page (students will use 6 + 1Traits        Read information about the Civil
Rubric) Groups will write their own shot skit and    War. Have students make a map      Massachusetts Black Corporal to the
perform for class.                                   of how the social standards made   President, September 28, 1863
Teacher check for understanding with                 an impact on the people before     [
HOT(higher order thinking questions)questions        and during the war.                en/gooding.htm]
                                                The teacher will read the
                                                Emancipation Proclamation (the
                                                students will have a copy). As the
                                                teacher reads the Emancipation
                                                Proclamation, the students will
                                                highlight in yellow what he
Multiple choice quiz written in A,B,C,D choices considers political and a different
with questions worded much like those used on colored highlighter for the moral
standardized tests.                             issues.

Authentic Assessments: Have the students
debate the Emancipation Proclamation as a
Northern, the other side the Southern and         Read to students Harriet Tubman
African American (freed and slave) with a rubric. "The Conductor" by Carl A. Pierce
Group Assignment: each group will be given a
fold with questions about Harriet Tubman and
what makes up a "hero". Each person will be
given a job in the group. Time limit 15minutes.
1. Person to read questions. 2. Recorder. 3.
Timer (keep track of time spent on each
question). 4. Speaker (when students come back
as a whole group the speaker will present       Show quilts, lanterns, conductors
findings of group.)                             cap from engineer on railroad

Self Assessment: Student Self-Assessment
Students will be provided with self-assessment
rubric to edit their 5 paragraph page. Students
will also peer review each others paragraphs
Students will edit their paragraphs and then
complete a published copy for their bound book
for end of year

The student will be able to identify key points on
a Venn Diagram from the debate.
Portfolio Assessments: Students must generate
a document that answers the three essential                                 
questions above                               Launch Activity                         vilwar/AMERICA/Economics.html
                                                  Ask students what the difference
                                                  is between a capital resource, a
                                                  human resource, and a natural
                                                  resource. Write examples on the
                                                  board of each type of resource.
Students will create a time line with a partner   Next ask the students to respond
that illustrates the differences between the      to the following questions either
North and the South.                              verbally or in writing:             base/article_display.cfm?HHID=654
                                                  Q1: Would population be
                                                  considered capital, human, or
                                                  natural resources? [human] Q2:
                                                  Would railroad mileage be
                                                  considered capital, human, or
                                                  natural resources? [capital] Q3:
                                                  Would manufacturing plants be
                                                  considered capital, human, or
                                                  natural resources? [capital] Q4:
                                                  Would industrial workers be         Union and Confederate Resources
                                                  considered capital, human, or
Read with understanding, understand notes that natural resources? [human] Q5:         sResources/Social_Studies_Resources/
were taken and be able to choose the most         Would farm acreage be               SS_8_Documents/SS_8_Documents_0
important facts that were necessary for the Child considered capital, human, or       6.05/UnionResources-2005.jpg
Labor laws to take affect at the present time.    natural resources? [natural]        Resource Graph
                                                    Next review the three levels of
                                                    economics with the students:           The Year 1860: A Comparison
                                                    Level 1 Agricultural, Level II
                                                    Manufacturing, Level III Service       sResources/Social_Studies_Resources/
Traditional Assessments: Students must              and Technology. Discuss which          SS_8_Documents/SS_8_Documents_0
generate a document that answers the three          economic level would be more           6.04/CivilWar-2004.jpg Resource
essential questions above.                          modern and why.                        Graph 2 Railroads in 1860
                                                    Show pictures and maps of the
Multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank test. Include North and the South and have
a short-written response to the question, “What students compare and contrast              Internet, Textbook, Primary Sources,
were the economic causes of the Civil War?”         the features.                          Powerpoint

                                                    **Ask students to ponder the
                                                    reasons why the wealthy in the
                                                    South developed an economy that
                                                    depended upon slave labor while        Books, videos, journals, tapes, articles.
                                                    the wealthy in the North were          Video from youtube. Video from the
                                                    willing to pay for labor or were       third world on child labor in India
Discussions, Debates, quizzes                       more self-sufficient.                  which still exists today.

                                                    Read materials of this period in
Authentic Assessments: Group jigsaw activity        time. Bring in pictures of factories
where each group will have an expert on one of      and show how the children were
the issues that illustrates a difference in the     suppose to be able to go ahead
economies of the North and the South. The end       and accept the fact that it’s OK.
product will be a poster and presentation of        Video from youtube. Articles on
primary documents.                                  child labor in India.

Debates, power point, expository writings to
assess their knowledge.

Self Assessments: Students can generate a list of
what they understood about the resources and
where they had trouble.

Reflection paper, Portfolio on unit
Identify examples of the working conditions.
Cause and effect of child labor.
Portfolio Assessments: Students will create a
time line with a small group that illustrates                                           PowerPoint projector, pencil/paper,
different progressive movement goals and social                                         internet access, copies of “The
ills of the time period.                        Launch Activity                         Jungle.”
                                                  Teacher will read passages from
                                                  The Jungle describing the
                                                  disassembly lines in the Chicago
                                                  slaughterhouses. Students will also
                                                  hear passages about the hardships
                                                  facing displaced immigrants who
Traditional Assessments: Class participation,     worked in the “meat processing”
individual and group activities.                  plants.                             2009/04/15/the-jungle/

                                                  Students will discuss the hardships
                                                  facing immigrant workers in
                                                  Chicago’s packinghouses and learn
                                                  why the descriptions of the
Multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank test.       disassembly lines led to the Meat
Includes a short written response to “What is     Inspection and Pure Food and        The above link is a book review of
imperialism?”                                     Drug Acts in 1906.                  “The Jungle.”

                                                  Discussion Topic: Think about
                                                  something that you bought that
                                                  you initially believed to be a bad
                                                  purchase or to have cost too much
                                                  and that actually turned out to be
Informal questioning of students. Chapter Test    invaluable to you.                 Internet, Textbook, Primary Sources

                                                    Debate Topic: Should the United
Multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank test. Include States annex Iraq, Mexico or Cuba
a short-written response to various muckraking as the 51st state? What would be
issues.                                             the pros and cons?

                                                  Reading an excerpt from L.B.
                                                  Johnson Declares War on Poverty,
                                                  1964 speech and have students    Major Problems in American History
Authentic Assessment: Reading aloud, internet     discuss if what is said could be Since 1945, Robert Griffin and Paula
activities, book review.                          spoken by today’s president.     Baker, editors ABC- Clio

                                                  Read brief excerpt from Sinclair’s
                                                  The Jungle (the description of the
                                                  swine slaughter houses). Discuss
                                                  what our expectations are of the
                                                  food packing plants today. What
Students will write a persuasive essay expressing are some examples of modern
their opinion about American overseas             problems that have been recently
expansion. Pick a side: Imperialism or Anti-      exposed by journalists? (I.E. the
Imperialism.                                      peanut butter scare)
Analyze various programs initiated by FDR,
Truman, Eisenhower, and L.B.Johnson. Student
will determine which federal programs are still in
existence today and determine the significance
of each program. Students will: A-identify
president who introduced the program; B-
discuss how the program has changed or not
changed; C-discuss the significance of program;
and D- write a position paper explaining why
they are for or against the continuation of such

Read essays written by muckrakers, such as Ida
Tarbell and Upton Sinclair. Group discussion

Self Assessment: Standard Review, rubric on self
assessment and peer review.

Students Keep a portfolio, self reflection paper
over the unit

Peer review of rough draft of position paper

At the end of the lesson the student takes on the
persona of a muckraking journalist and produces
a persuasive newsletter. After picking one of the
many social ills of late 19th Century America.
Portfolio Assessments: Students will create a
scrapbook chronicling events of the Civil Rights
Movement using information gathered from the                               
internet and personal sources.                   Launch Activity                     ightstimeline1.html

                                                 Imagine not being able eat or
                                                 sleep in most restaurants or
                                                 hotels. How about not being able
                                                 to sit where you want in a public
                                                 building or on public
                                                 transportation. What if you were
                                                 forced to go to an inferior school
                                                 or only allowed access to certain
                                                 bathrooms or water faucets?
                                                 What if all these things happened
Traditional Assessments: Multiple choice test    to you just because of the color of Copies of legal documents from the
written in A,B,C,D choices                       your skin? What would you do?       Civil Rights Movement

                                                 Whole class discussion: make a list
                                                 of fears on the board, then go
                                                 though the list and name a
                                                 possible solution to the fear, save
                                                 death for last. After discussing
                                                 ways to avoid death read this
                                                 excerpt from Coming of Age in
                                                 Mississippi, by Anne Moody “I had
                                                 known fear of hunger, hell, and
                                                 the Devil. But now there was a
                                                 new fear known to me-- the fear
                                                 of being killed just because I was
                                                 black. This was the worst of my
                                                 fears. I knew once I got food, the
                                                 fear of starving to death would
                                                 leave. I also was told that if I were
                                                 a good girl, I wouldn’t have to fear
                                                 the Devil or hell. But I didn’t know
                                                 what one had to do or not do as a
                                                 Negro not to be killed. Probably
                                                 just being a Negro period was
Authentic Assessments: Place the events and      enough, I thought.” Ask the class if
important people involved in the Movement on     they have a solution for Anne’s
the timeline that has been placed around the     fear, steer discussion toward         Excerpts from MLK Jr “I have a dream”
room.                                            making a change in society.           and Letters from a Birmingham Jail
The students will choose a civil rights activists to
“write a letter” to thanking them for what the
have done. Or if a student knows someone who
was active during the Civil Rights Movement they
may interview them on their experience. Letters
and interviews will be shared with the class.                                            Internet

Self Assessment: “ What Would I Have Done
If…” graphic organizer                                                                   Textbook

                                                                                         Primary and secondary sources,
                                                                                         textbook ,video clip (“The Day the
                                                                                         Earth Stood Still”, 1956), video clip
Portfolio Assessments: daily journal entries,                                            (“Dr. Strangelove”), Internet access
notes and outlines, graphic organizers, maps           Launch Activity                   and PowerPoint, maps, speeches
Students will create a journal containing a map
showing countries of Europe and dividing the
map to show Communist Bloc nations and
Berlin’s division showing the Berlin Wall.
Students will include several graphic organizers
1. How are students connected to the cold war
period through 1. veterans, relatives, memorials,
T.V., books they have read, movies they have           Video clip from “The Day the Earth
viewed. 2. Analyze the Cold War into 7 parts.          Stood Still” (sci-fi movies about
Causes, the Spark, turning point, Korean War,          nuclear war). Shows concern for Guest Speaker, Music, Internet,
Vietnam War, Final Stage, and effects 3. Who,          fear of annihilation and need to   Textbook, Graphic Organizers, Rap
What, When, and How?                                   contain enemies.                   Sheets
Traditional Assessments: Formal exam over
terms and concepts with map questions to            Guest Speaker, Music, Internet,   Guest speakers from both wars,
complete; student responses to essential            Textbook, Graphic Organizers, Rap photographs, video clips, textbook and
questions (listed above)                            Sheet                             resource books

                                                    Guest speakers from both wars,
                                                    photographs, video clips, textbook
Multiple choice test written in A,B,C,D             and resource books

Authentic Assessments: Time Line of events,
cause and effect organizer, prediction response
(guns or butter?) table

Performance graded while using the internet and
graphic organizers.

Students will create a Venn Diagram showing the
similarities and differences between the Vietnam
War and Iraqi Freedom. Students will also create
a speech, poster, song, cartoon, or interview
that takes a stand – Pro war (Vietnam or Iraq) OR
antiwar (Vietnam or Iraq)

Self Assessments: Daily reflection log, teacher-
student interview, small group discussion

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