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  1. Step 1

     Visit Facebook and click on "Register" to get started. Before you sign up, you can
     "Take the Tour" or look for friends (see Resources below).

  2. Step 2

     Fill in your name, email address and birthday. You will also be asked to select if
     you're in college, at a company, in high school or none of those. What you select
     will determine your main network.

  3. Step 3

     Check your email. A confirmation will arrive with a link to confirm your email. If
     you don't see it right away, check you spam or junk mail folder.

     Join a Network

  4. Step 1

     Log in to Facebook with your email address and password. On your first log in,
     you will land on a page with directions for joining a network.

  5. Step 2

     Join a regional network. Under "Join a Regional Network," type in your city and
     state. The box should auto-complete your entry. Facebook will let you know the
     network closest to you. Select the radio button next to the region you want to join.

  6. Step 3

     Connect with co-workers and classmates. You must enter a verifiable email
     address from an approved company or school to join the corresponding network
     (see Resources below).

  7. Step 4

     Set up your profile and look for friends. Once you have joined Facebook, you can
     start adding friends and coworkers. Fill in as much detail as possible on your
     profile so people can find you easily.


  1. Step 1
   Go to and log in to your account.

2. Step 2

   Click on the "photos" button on the right side of your screen under the
   "bookmarks" menu after logging in if you're using the new version of Facebook.
   If you're using the old version, click on the "photos" button on the left side of
   your page underneath the "applications" menu.

3. Step 3

   Create your own album button

   Go to a new screen that shows all of your albums as well as your friends' albums.
   On the right side of your page, there should be a gray box that says "Create a
   Photo Album." Click it.

4. Step 4

   Fields to fill in

   Click this button to go to a page where you can fill in some custom fields to
   describe your album to your friends. Name your album, add a location and
   description if you'd like. You can also control who sees your album under the
   "Who Can See This Album" tab at the bottom.

5. Step 5

   Go to the page where you can upload your photos from your computer. Choose
   the folder you want to upload your photos from. After you've chosen the folder,
   the photos in that folder should show up. Click the boxes next to the photos you
   want to add to your album.
   6. Step 6

       Click the "upload" button at the top right of the upload photo box once you've
       chosen all the photos you want in that album (limit of 60). This will take you to a
       page where you can edit the caption of the photo and tag your friends.

   7. Step 7

       Hit the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the screen. Once you've done this,
       your album will be added to your profile.

Facebook “Fan” Page

 Step 1

Here's the Advertise link

The first step is to login to your Facebook account like you normally do. Once there,
scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for Advertising. Click it.

 Step 2

Pages creation screen

On the screen that appears, click on the Pages link. Now click on the Create a Page
button. Note that there's a link below the button to manage pages you've already created.

 Step 3

Page setup

Now you decide what kind of establishment your page will represent:
*Brand, Product or Organization
*Artist, Band or Public Figure

Note that you'll get additional options once you choose one.
Once you decide which one to choose and what option, name your page in the space
provided. Insert your name as the electronic signature and click on the check box to
indicate that you're authorized to create this page. Finally click on Create Page.

 Step 4

Sample page

As of now your page has been created. It'll be a bit bare though. Use the provided links to
dress it up. Don't forget to become a fan of your page. That way your friends will be able
to see your page as they are browsing around Facebook.

 Step 5

Page administration screen

At this point, your page is not yet public. To make it public it has to be published. Click
on the Settings link on your page to do this. Right below the Create Page button on the
page that appears, click on the words "publish this Page". You’re done!

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