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					              How to Make and Schedule Posts in WordPress

Objective: to make and schedule posts on your WordPress blog

    STEP 1: Log In To Your Account

          o Add your user name and password. Click on the Login button.

    STEP 2: Write a Post

          o Select the Write tab on the blue Dashboard bars then the Write Post tab.

          o Write your title and the body of your content

                 Title – Click inside the box beneath the word Title and add the title
                  of your post.
               Content – The visual tab should already be highlighted and open.
                  Click in the area below to write your post content.
               Content Options – After your post is written, you may like to use
                  the one or more of the functions listed in the bar above your post.
                  The basic functions are bold, italics, strike through, unordered list,
                  numbered list, indent (block quote), text alignment, link, insert
                  picture, more tag, spell check, and help.
    STEP 3: Publish Your post
           o Click Publish to have your post published immediately.

Skip to Step 6 if you are finished.

If you want to schedule posts to be published at a later date, follow steps 4 & 5.

    STEP 4: Schedule a Post

           o Open the Post Timestamp tab to the right of your content. Check the Edit
             timestamp box. Insert the date and time you wish your post to be

                     This feature allows you to add many posts at one time. By
                      scheduling your posts, you can ensure that your blog is “pinged”
                      every few days. This method of posting is good for the writers,
                      subscribers, and search engines.

    STEP 5: Publish a Scheduled Post

           o Click Publish to have your post published at the time you specified in
             STEP 4.

    STEP 6: Log Off

           o Click Sign Out to log out of your blog. This link is found in the top right
             corner of any WordPress page.
   Remember to log off after you post to help keep your information
    and blog safe.

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