Unit 4 - Bremen High School District 228 by zhangyun


									                                                                   UNIT COVER PAGE
                                                                        Unit 4

School District:                    BHSD 228                Department:         Social Studies      Course:      Geography

Unit Title: Europe and Russia                                                        Grade Levels:               9

Topic Areas: Introduction to Europe and Russia
Time Frame:                     4 weeks              Date Created:                              Date Modified:
Unit Designer(s):                    Gary Andruch, Chris Hennessy, Pete Luby, Chris Vitt

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Summary of Unit

How the economic (EU), environmental (trans-boundary pollution), political (nation states) and
population characteristics affect Europe and Russia.


Geography Alive – Chapter 14,15,16,17,18
World Geography – Chapter 16-20
Geography Alive interactive notebook

Key Words

      -      Centrifugal force                                 -   Total fertility rate (TFR)      -    Nation-state
      -      Centripetal force                                -    Acid Rain                       -    State
      -      Common market                                    -    Nuclear radiation               -    Erosion
      -      Supranational cooperation                        -    River system                     -   Physical Processes
      -      Demography                                       -    Trans-boundary pollution        -    Tectonic Movement
      -      Dependency ratio                                  -   Ethnic group                     -   Volcanic Activity
      -      Life expectancy                                  -    Nation                          -     Glaciation
      -      Replacement rate                                 -    Nationalism


Enduring Understandings

Students will understand that

             1.)    Separate countries can work together towards a common goal.
             2.)    A countries future is determined by its population.
             3.)    Pollution is a global problem, not an isolated problem.
             4.)    With the break up of the Soviet Union, new nation states were formed.
             5.)    Russia has a large variety of landscapes.

Essential Questions

             1.)    What forces work for and against super-national cooperation?
             2.)    How do population trends affect a countries future?
             3.)    How can one country’s pollution become another countries problem?
             4.)    What factors contribute to the success or failure of new nation states?
             5.)    How do physical processes shape Earth’s landscape?

Knowledge and Skills

Students will know

             1.)    The European Union was formed for cooperation.
             2.)    Analyze population pyramids to analyze population trends in a country.
             3.)    Pollution has no borders.
             4.)    New nation states will depend on economic and political factors.

Students will be able to

             1.)    Analyze once barriers were removed. European nations have seen success.
             2.)    Determine cause/effect of negative, rapid economic growth.
             3.)    Analyze trans-boundary pollution across Europe.
             4.)    Identify that makes a new nation state succeed or fail.

Students will be familiar with

      -      Economic, political cultural, cooperation in the European Union.
      -      Geographic setting and countries that make up the European Union.
      -      Population change in Europe
      -      Chernobyl accident in Europe
      -      Acid rain and river contamination
      -      Major ethnic groups in former Soviet Union and their affect on the success of new nation

                                           What evidence will show that students understand?

Required Assessments (brief description)

      -      Geography Alive workbook/processing 17 p.128

Other Assessments (brief description)

      -      Processing 16 p. 121
      -      Processing 14 p. 109
      -      Case study on nation states Ch. 18
      -      Interactive notebook
      -      Processing 15 p. 115 - Int. notebook

            What sequence of teaching and learning experiences will equip students
                   to develop and demonstrate the desired understandings?
Learning Activities

      How will you ensure that all students know where they are headed in the unit, why they are
W     headed there, and how they will be evaluated?
         - Overview of unit.
         - Intro to performance assessment
         - Chapter test
         - Increase political, social and environmental awareness of Europe.

      How will you hook students at the beginning of the unit?
H       - How does countries cooperation ensure safety throughout the world?

      What events will help students experience and explore the big idea and questions in the unit?
E     How will you equip them with needed skills and knowledge?
        - Internet
        - Book research
        - Performance assessment
        - PowerPoint
        - Presentation

      How will you cause students to reflect and rethink? How will you guide them in rehearsing,
R     revising, and refining their work?
      - Journal reflections

      How will you help students to exhibit and self-evaluate their growing skills, knowledge, and
E     understanding throughout the unit?
      - What things can you do to help the environment and ensure stability in your community?

      How will you tailor and otherwise personalize the learning plan to optimize the engagement
T     and effectiveness of ALL students, without compromising the goals of the unit?
         - Design lessons to multiple learning styles.
         - Give students options in designing assessments.

      How will you organize and sequence the learning activities to optimize the engagement and
O     achievement of ALL students?
         - Explain how fragile government’s population and environments are.
         - Changes that occurs in former Soviet Union.
         - Environmental contamination and nuclear threats.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c7e47a59-f0fb-4bac-8a0c-daaf4a00b35f.doc                                    47
                        Required Performance Assessment
Goal: Examine the physical effects of physical process in your community.

Role: You are part of a field trip planned by your teacher.

Audience: Students

Situation: Examining the effects of two unique physical processes that took place near your

Product: A mock field trip agenda with accompanying maps (see pg. 129)

Standards for successful Completion: Teacher designed rubric.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c7e47a59-f0fb-4bac-8a0c-daaf4a00b35f.doc                               48
D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c7e47a59-f0fb-4bac-8a0c-daaf4a00b35f.doc   49
D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c7e47a59-f0fb-4bac-8a0c-daaf4a00b35f.doc   50
D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c7e47a59-f0fb-4bac-8a0c-daaf4a00b35f.doc   51

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