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                                       668 TRANS ACCESS NEEDS

This Union Notes:
1,       Its own Equal Opportunities Appendix.
2.       The Sex Discrimination Act 1976, that makes it unlawful to discriminate against gender,
         and the Sex Discrimination Regulations 1999, that makes it unlawful to discriminate
         against people intending or undergoing gender reassignment.
3.       Sex, biologically, is not a straightforward issue as many are born with and ambiguous sex
         and gender is not binary.
4.       That gender is self-defined, as recognised by Union institutions.
5.       That trans people can face discrimination, ignorance, harassment and sometimes
6.       Warwick has a hidden population of trans students, including those who are transexed
         and those who identify as genderqueer, and possibly also intersex students.
7.       Trans students at Warwick are currently forced to use gender specific facilities when some
         have an ambiguous appearance that invites discrimination, whilst others do not identify
         within the gender binary.
8.       That the NUS LGBT Liberation Campaign recently passed a motion to campaign for
         gender-neutral toilets in all educational institutions and students’ unions.

This Union Believes:
1.       Trans people should have the right to use the facilities they are most comfortable with,
         free of discrimination and harassment.
2.       Confining gender to a binary distinction discriminates against students unable to define as
         only either male or female.
3.       The availability of gender-appropriate facilities is an access issue, as trans students may
         be reluctant to make use of the Students’ Union buildings due to a lack of facilities that
         they would feel safe and comfortable using.
4.       Both those trans students who are transitioning in their social role from one apparent
         gender to another would benefit greatly from the existence of gender-neutral toilets.
5.       That gender-neutral toilets may potentially also be made use of by cisgender (non-trans)
6.       That moves towards making gender-neutral toilets available by student bodies in USE
         institutions and UK Universities such as Bradford and Sussex provide a positive precedent
         that deserves following.
7.       That the redevelopment of Union South provides an unparalleled opportunity for the
         provision of gender-neutral toilets in the Students’ Union, given the extortionate cost of
         creating them under normal circumstances.

This Union Resolves:
1.       To mandate the Environmental and Accessibility Project Group of the Union South
         redevelopment project to explore the possibility of providing gender-neutral toilet facilities
         as a priority as part of the Union South redevelopment.
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2.           To investigate the possibility of creating interim gender-neutral accessible toilet facilities.
3.           To publicise the existence of any provisions, their locations and the reasons for them at
             the beginning of every year.
4.           To make feminine hygiene services available in any such facilities in a similar manner to in
             the female toilets, for those trans students with particular needs associated with the
             female sex and the female students who choose to use them.
5.           To campaign for the provision of gender-neutral toilet facilities in the University.
6.           To support all trans students who wish to use the facilities appropriate to their self defined
             gender, whether these facilities are gender-neutral or gender-specific.
7.           To ensure that there are also always gender-specific facilities as well as disabled-only
             facilities in the Students’ Union.

Policy Review Date: Academic year 2008/09, Term 3, Week 3

Passed at Union Council Academic Year 2006/07, Term 3, Week 3

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