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					                       Las Vegas
                        By Armand Vargacz

Las Vegas is the most popular city in Nevada, the seat of Clark
County and there is the biggest resort for gambling and shopping.

The main street of Las Vegas is the famous Strip, the city's most
famous hotels line up here. All the hotels have their own style.
                                 Hotels, Casinos

The first famous hotel is the Circus Circus Hotel    After this there is the Treasure Island where people
where people can watch fantastic shows and lots of   can watch pirate shows. This is one of the most
festivals.                                           interesting ones.

Then there is the Excalibur hotel with medieval      The New York New York hotel comes next. In front of
mood with fearsome knights.                          the hotel there is a tiny statue of liberty.
The next hotel is the MGM Grand Hotel, the biggest
hotel in America. In front of the hotel there is a big
lion statue.

                                                         The first casino in Las Vegas was built in 1946. It is
                                                         called Flamingo Hilton.

The highest hotel in Las Vegas is the Stratosphere
Tower where people can eat some amazing food in
the top of the hotel.
                          Shopping Centers
In Las Vegas there are some famous shopping
centers such as the Showchase Mall. In front
of it there is a big coca-cola bottle.

                                               The biggest shopping center and
                                               entertainment center is the Fashion Show Mall
                                               where you can find everything.
In „the world's entertaining center” there are
some fantastic museums like Nevada State
Museum. This shows the history of Las Vegas
and Nevada county.

                                                         Then there is the Lied Discovery Children's Museum
                                                         which shows very exciting things for children.

There is a natural museum called The Las Vegas Natural
History Museum that shows an astonishing scientific
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