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									                     PRESENTERS OF THE:

    FESTIVAL OF                             OF TRADITION,
                                          CULTURE & COMMUNITY

         ARTS & CULTURE
        SEPTEBER 10 - 11, 2011

Business Exhibitor Opportunities
          Arts = Culture = Community
    The 20th Annual Festival of Philippine
Arts & Culture (FPAC) is a celebration of the
        creative spirit of the Filipino American
 embracing diversity through vivid artistry and
cultural expression. It’s also about you, me,
       family, tribes, being together, growing
     together through 20 years and BEYOND.
     More than a celebration, it is a tradition.
 FPAC is a vibrant gathering of generations and
        cultures – colors interweaving to form the
          Filipino American community tapestry.

FPAC is produced by FilAm ARTS – the Association for
the Advancement of Filipino American Arts and Culture, a
non-profit community arts organization whose purpose is
to engage diverse publics in cultural arts as a synergistic
approach to community / individual self-determination
and empowerment.
Participate at the largest celebration of Filipino Arts and Culture –
A community arts program initiated by the City of Los Angeles’ Cultural Affairs Department,
     the 20th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture is the largest and longest-running
     festival of Filipino-American artistry and culture in the United States.


     As a community partner at the Festival, you can promote your information, product or
     services to over 25,000 people during the course of the weekend.

     There is a limit to the number of exhibitors for each product type, industry or service. The
     sooner you confirm your space the better! We can also specialize your booth requirements
     to ensure your success. Call us to talk about how your product can succeed at the Festival!

     FPAC is the largest Filipino arts & cultural gathering presenting over 1,000 artists and
     cultural bearers every year. The festival is completely community produced, depending on
     the hard work and determination of volunteers to make this annual gathering possible. By
     exhibiting at the Festival you can be both profitable and support an important community

     Advertise, promote, or volunteer. Advertising will reach a captive audience at the Festival,
     while making it easy for guests to learn about your organization. Tell others about the
     Festival, sell tickets, and organize a group to come to the Festival together. Call us and get

                                                  “     As the largest presentation of
                                                        Philippine arts and culture in the
                                                        region, FPAC showcases the
                                                        artistic uniqueness and diversity of
                                                        the Philippines to the residents of

                                                        Southern California.

                                                        - Don Knabe, Supervisor, Fourth
                                                        District, Los Angeles County
                                          Corporate Standard Booth, $1400:
                                          (The City of LA Dept of Recreation & Parks defines
Meet your profit potential and access
                                          Corporate Booths as commercial entities having the
both the retail public as well as
                                          purpose to display a franchise company logo, product, or
professionals for networking
                                          name. Commercial sales may or may not be conducted)
                                          *1 - 10' x 10' Canopy with 3 walls and overhead covering
                                          *1 Table
Personalize your festival experience to
                                          *2 Chairs
your needs.
                                          *5 Exhibitor Wrist Band & 10 single day tickets for guests
*Call us to design the space you want
*We can tailor to your goals – take
                                          Small Business Deluxe Booth, $950
advantage of Advertising Opportunities!
                                          (First Come, First Served Basis - Corner placement.
*You may outreach to the whole festival
                                          Includes extra space, tables and chairs.)
and use your booth as a home base.
                                          *2 - 10' x 10' spaces (total of a 20' x 10' space)
*Upgrade by purchasing print collateral
                                          *2 Tables
listings on all posters and postcards
                                          *4 Chairs
                                          *5 Exhibitor Wrist Bands & 8 single day tickets for guests

                                          Small Business Standard Booth, $650
                                          *1 - 10' x 10' Canopy with 3 walls and overhead covering
                                          *1 Table
*Traditional Clothing & Crafts
                                          *2 Chairs
*Real Estate
                                          *5 Exhibitor Wrist Bands & 4 single day tickets for guests
*Cellular Service
                                          Information/No Sales Booth $550
                                          *1 - 10' x 10' Canopy with 3 walls and overhead covering
                                          *1 Table
*Health Products
                                          *2 Chairs
*T-Shirt & Designer clothing
                                          *5 Exhibitor Wrist Bands & 4 single day tickets for guests
                                          Small Business Bring Your Own Canopy Sales
*International Telephone
                                          $500/ No Sales $450
                                          *1 - 10' x 10' space
*News and Magazines
                                          *1 Table
                                          *2 Chairs
                                          *5 Exhibitor Badges & 4 single day tickets for guests

                                          ° Extra booths, tables, chairs, and power are available.
Maximize your experience as an Exhibitor by accessing
the range of advertising opportunities available at this
year’s Festival.

Color Ads revolving run of schedule on our website which
receives 300,000 unique hits a month! Size: 300 x 150            Some of our current and past
pixels.                                                               partners include:
-Web Banner $500
- Festival E-Newsletter $200

Reach a targeted market through souvenir program book
ads. Program Size: 8-3/82 x 10-5/82 (No Bleeds).
- Full Page $500
- Half Page $350
- Quarter Page $200
- Front or Back Inside Cover** $1,000
- Center Spread** $2,500

Insert your brochure, postcard, flier, promotional items
and gifts to 1000 Artists, 500 Volunteers, Staff &
Vendors, 1000 General Audience.
-Co-Branded Gift Bag** $1,000
-Additional Gift Bag Insert $500

-2 Banners in Major Thoroughfares $1,000

-Posters, Postcards & Flyer Logo Placement $1,000
-Back of Tickets** $2,500

    It is invigorating to see FilAm
    ARTS as the gateway to
    bringing communities together
    in celebration and appreciation

    of Philippine Culture.

    -Ted W. Lieu, former Assembly                          FilAm ARTS has a reach of over 20,000 through
    Member, 53rd District                                  online social media sites and email lists.
                                                             4. ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES                              5. SUBTOTAL ORDER AMOUNT
1. YOUR ITEMS FOR SALE? (Please list your products                                                                     $_________
or services, attach sheets if needed)                        (OPTIONAL):
                                                             PRODUCT RECOGNITION ONSITE AT                             + $ 150.00       Required
_________________________________________                                                                              Compliance/                 Cleaning
_________________________________________                    THE FESTIVAL
                                                             ☐ Co-Branded Gift Bags** $1,000                           Fee
_________________________________________                                                                                                (to be refunded after
                                                             ☐ Additional Gift Bag Insert $500
                                                             ☐ 2 Additional Banners in Major                           the              festival)
2. CHOOSE YOUR BOOTH ORDER:                                                                                            6. TOTAL
☐ Corporate Booth $1400                                      Thoroughfare $1,000
☐ Small Business Deluxe Booth $950                                                                                     (If submitting application after Aug. 27,
☐ Small Business Standard Booth $650                         ONLINE EXPOSURE
                                                             ☐ Web Banner $500                                         Please add $200 late fee)
☐ Small Business Information Booth/ No Sales $550
☐ Small Business Bring Your Own Canopy Sales* $500
          ☐ Festival E-Newsletter $200
☐ Small Business Bring Your Own Canopy No Sales* $450                                                                  PAYMENT OPTIONS:
                                                             SOUVENIR PROGRAM BOOK
                                                             ☐ Full Page $500
                                         ☐ I am enclosing $____________
3. CHOOSE EXTRAS:                                                                                                      ☐ I would like to go on a customized
☐ Electricity (Flat Rate) $50                                ☐ Half Page $350

                                                                                                                       payment plan (convenience fee of 8% of
☐ Additional Booth #___@ $550                                ☐ Quarter Page $200

☐ Table Each #___@ $15                                       ☐ Front or Back Inside Cover** $1,000

                                                                                                                       ☐ I would like to pay with Credit Card
☐ Chair Each #___@ $3                                        ☐ Center Spread** $2,500
                                                                                                                       via PayPal (transaction fee of 3% of
                                                                                                                       total order)
                                                             PRINT EXPOSURE
                                                             ☐ Posters, Postcards & Flyer Logo
                                                                                                                       Please make checks payable to:
                                                             Placement $1,000
                                                                                                                       FilAm ARTS | 760 S. Westmoreland
                                                                                                                       Ave. #266 | Los Angeles, CA |90005


    __________________________________                                      __________________________________
    CONTACT NAME/TITLE                                                      ORGANIZATION/COMPANY NAME

    __________________________________                                      __________________________________
    ADDRESS                                                                 CITY, STATE, ZIP

    __________________________________                                      __________________________________
    PHONE/FAX                                                               EMAIL/WEBSITE

    By my signature, I am acknowledging that I have read the preceding information carefully and agree to exhibit at the 20th Annual Festival
    of Philippine Arts & Culture if approved. I am authorized to sign on behalf of my organization

    Signature                                                         Sign and return. A Letter will be Returned to you confirming acceptance of your exhibit space
                                                                      application . To secure a space, a signed application, contract and payment must be received by
                                                                      deadline. This application is made in accordance with the conditions, rules and regulations
                                                                      included in the vendor terms.
    Print Name and Date

      Please return form to: FilAm ARTS, 760 S. Westmoreland Ave. #266, Los Angeles, CA 90005. Ph: 213-380-FPAC, Fax: (213) 380-3724

                        For Further Inquiries Contact: Malou or Laarni | vendors@filamarts.org | (213) 380-FPAC (3722)

                                                                          FilAm ARTS’ public programs are:

      Association for the Advancement of                                         The Pilipino Artists Network
       Filipino American Arts & Culture

         Visit us at www.FilAmARTS.org
                                                                                                                                     Eskuwela Kultura
2011 BUSINESS EXHIBITOR CONTRACT                                                                    C. Each Exhibitor will receive (1) 15 minute loading pass for Vehicle Entry during Set Up and Break
                                                                                                    Down. Cars may be driven onto park grounds only between 6:30 and 9:30 a.m. and after 6:00pm for
1. EXHIBITOR ITEMS SOLD, OFFERED, DISTRIBUTED:                                                      drop off or pick up of booth materials. Drivers of the Exhibitor shall obey all traffic directions on festival
A. THE FESTIVAL HAS THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL WATER AND CARBONATED                                days, park vehicles in designated areas, and remove cars from festival grounds upon request. Failure to
DRINKS.                                                                                             adhere to these rules that results in damage to the site such as broken sprinkler heads shall be the sole
B. No booth may serve, sell or make available:                                                      financial responsibility of driver(s) of the Exhibitor.
1. Any items other than what is stated on contract and approved by Business Team.                   D. Booths shall not be extended or altered beyond the allotted space purchased. Booth
2. Any items promoting the sale or use of tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, illegal drugs or,        backwalls cannot be removed at any time as they serve a double purpose for perimeter fencing.
violence or items explicitly sexual in nature.                                                      Additional space can be obtained by purchasing a second booth.
C. The Business Team shall have the authority to accept or reject your proposed menu.               E. Exhibitors must adhere to booth space assignments and will not move to another location without
Prices are subject to Business Team approval, and may not be changed or modified.                   permission from Business Team AND Festival Logistics Staff.
D. No raffles shall be sold on the Festival grounds.                                                F. Exhibitors will provide their own equipment, decorations, etc. and are responsible for the setting-up of
E. No organization, business or individual is allowed to request donations for itself or for        the assigned space. Exhibitors shall provide all items, manpower, tools, etc. necessary for the sale of their
others without a 501(c) (3) on file with Festival.                                                  product.
F. We reserve the right to refuse the application of any Exhibitor or Participant whose             G. Any audio/video use is subject to written approval by both the FPAC Administrative Director and the
product, service, or proposed exhibit is contrary to or not in keeping with the character of the    FPAC Logistics Director. Adjustment of sound levels is up to the discretion of Festival staff in order to
Festival.                                                                                           avoid sound bleeds and disruption.
2. EXHIBITOR SPACE                                                                                  H. Food Exhibitors must provide soap for washing equipment.
A. Exhibitor Positions will be issued on first come first served basis according to the site        I. No display, fixture odor, bright/hazardous lights or amplified sound is allowed that will compete with
plan.                                                                                               stage presentation or hinder the flow of traffic in front of the booth area or to neighboring spaces, or
B. However, if the site plan changes, please be advised that it is up to the Business Team to       cause damage to the Park, site, or booth equipment
reassign your position with your consultation.                                                      J. Excessive use of power (over 20 Amps) is strictly prohibited. In case you anticipate needing more
3. EXHIBITOR CONFIRMATION PROCESS IS AS FOLLOWS:                                                    power, please make arrangements to supply your own generator.
A. Submit your completed application form with payment.                                             K. Exhibitors shall cooperate with FilAm ARTS staff, Festival Staff, LA City Fire Marshall, LA County
B. The Business Team will review your application, items for sale, and space requests. In           Health Department, LA City Police and Festival Security staff.
case there are questions regarding your application, you will be contacted before                   8. CLEANING AND COMPLIANCE
confirmation is sent. All issues must be resolved before confirmation can occur.                    A. Deposit: All Exhibitor applicants must provide a $150.00 refundable deposit for cleaning and
C. If your application is approved, you will be sent a confirmation letter verifying approval,      compliance with the conditions of participation with their initial payment. The deposit will be returned
items for sale and space requests. There will be information attached regarding Exhibitor           within 10 days after the Festival upon the Exhibitor's compliance with the cleaning and compliance
Meetings or other news and requirements that have arisen.                                           procedures below.
D. To be accepted as an Exhibitor, applicants must return completed and signed application,         B. Exhibitors shall provide for the sanitary operation of the booth
additional required forms, and deposit along with any late charges or additional fees               C. Remove all trash from your area to main receptacles at the end of the day.
incurred made payable to FilAm ARTS.                                                                D. No hot grease or oil is allowed in trash bins. Cool down hot grease in separate container before
4. EXHIBITOR MEETING                                                                                throwing away.
A. The Exhibitor meeting is mandatory and is an excellent opportunity to network with               E. No solid waste shall be dumped in sink.
other exhibitors, learn best practices, and understand your role in the success of the festival.    F. All food booth attendants must wear hairnets and pull hair away from face.
B. You will receive your Packet of Exhibitor Badges, Complimentary tickets and any                  G. Check out with Business Team Inspector or Area Logistics Captain before leaving area. Leaving before
additional information.                                                                             check out will result in forfeiture of deposit.
C. If you do not attend the Exhibitor meeting, your Packet of Badges and Tickets will be            H. Exhibitors are responsible for removing decorations and cleaning assigned space.
either held for you at Exhibitor Check-In Festival weekend or you can make arrangements             I. Exhibitors will be responsible for making sure that the booth area is left clean at the end of each day
for pick up or delivery at your own expense.                                                        from Saturday, September 10 & Sunday, September 11, 2011.
D. Exhibitor Meeting will be held on Thursday, August 25th, 2011 6:00 p.m. at the FilAm             9. MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS
ARTS offices at the First Baptist Church of LA, 760 S. Westmoreland Ave., Los Angeles, CA           A. All exhibitors are encouraged to roam the Festival grounds to outreach and speak to audience. It is
90005.                                                                                              not allowed for any exhibitor or artist to use bullhorns or other distracting strategies or behaviors that
5. EXHIBITOR ACCESS TO THE FESTIVAL                                                                 disrupts festival programming or guests’ enjoyment of the Festival.
In order to uphold the integrity of the goals & ensure the success of this Festival, absolutely     B. However, please note that pamphlets, fliers, or giveaways are strictly prohibited from being littered on
no one will be allowed into the Festival without an Exhibitor badge or complimentary ticket,        Festival grounds. Please be conscientious by distributing your materials to only interested parties.
no exceptions.                                                                                      C. If your materials are found to be excessively littering Festival grounds, you may be subject to loss of
A. Exhibitor Badges have access to the site from Friday, September 9, 2011 to Sunday,               your cleaning deposit.
September 11, 2011. Festival hours on each day are as follows: Friday 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.,            10. CANCELLATIONS:
Saturday & Sunday 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. No other exhibitors will be allowed on the site if         A. All cancellations must be made in writing on official letterhead.
there are no Festival Staff present.                                                                B. Cancellations before August 19th, 2011, the Festival will retain the deposit and refund booth fees
B. Complimentary tickets are for both Festival days and access can only occur during                within 10 days after the Festival's completion.
Festival hours of 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. These are special edition tickets that are only           C. Cancellations on or after August 20th, 2011, the Festival will retain the deposit and refund only 50% of
available for Sponsors, Exhibitors, Artists, Partners and Staff.                                    booth fees within 10 days after the Festival's completion.
C. All Exhibitors will be provided with the stated number of Exhibitor Badges for staff and         D. Refunds will be made via FilAm ARTS company check to the name listed on application.
complimentary tickets for guests. You will receive Exhibitor badges and complimentary               11. ANY ACCIDENT SHALL BE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE EXHIBITOR.
tickets at the Exhibitor Meeting, at the Festival Exhibitor Check-In or with prior                  12. FPAC AND FILAM ARTS ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE
arrangements for pickup or delivery at your own expense.                                            TO THE EXHIBITOR, ITS PROPERTY, AND OR ACTIONS OF THE EXHIBITOR AND/OR
D. You, the named responsible individual on the application form is responsible for                 ITS STAFF. NON-COMPLIANCE OF ANY OF THESE CONDITIONS WILL RESULT IN THE
distributing Badges and complimentary tickets to the authorized individuals, staff, and             FORFEIT OF $150 DEPOSIT, ANY RESULTING ADDITIONAL COSTS, OR EJECTION
guests.                                                                                             FROM THE FESTIVAL WITHOUT REFUND AT THE DISCRETION OF FILAM ARTS.
E. The Festival will not assume responsibility for lost or stolen badges and complimentary          13. INDEMNIFICATION:
tickets. No replacements shall be issued.                                                           Except for the active negligence or willful misconduct of the Festival of Philippine Arts
F. Badges and complimentary tickets must be presented to Festival staff/security upon               and Culture, FilAm Arts, sponsors and/or the City of Los Angeles, Exhibitor undertakes
request.                                                                                            and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Festival of Philippine Arts and
G. All Exhibitor Staff must go through Exhibitor Check In on each morning of the festival.          Culture sponsors and/or the City of Los Angeles, and any and all of City's Boards,
Holders of Exhibitor Badges and Complimentary Passes will enter through the designated              Officers, Agents, Employees, Assigns and Successors in interest from and against all suits and causes of
entry located by the service entrance.                                                              action, claims, losses, demands and expenses, including, but not limited to, attorney's fees and cost of
6. EXHIBITOR PARKING                                                                                litigation, damage or liability off any nature whatsoever, for death or injury to any person, including
A. Due to limited on-site parking only one space will be assigned to each Exhibitor at the          Exhibitor's employees and agents, or damage or destruction of any property of either party hereto or of
Exhibitor and Artists Lot across from Pt. Fermin Park.                                              third parties, arising in any manner by reason of, or incident to, the performance of this Agreement on
B. There are no other parking spaces available for reservation. Please make sure to arrive          the part of the Exhibitor or subcontractor of any tier. By my signature, I am acknowledging that I have
early for street parking or parking at the auxiliary lots we have secured for the general public.   read the preceding terms and conditions carefully and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this
Please be advised that FilAm ARTS assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, or theft          contract. I am authorized to sign on behalf of my organization and/or Exhibitor.
and you are parking at your own risk.
C. Each Exhibitor will be issued a parking pass that must be used in the Exhibitor and
Artists Lot. No other parking permit will be issued to you. You are allowed to transfer the
parking pass to anyone in your staff, but it is recommended that the parking pass serves your
storage vehicle.
D. Driving onto Pt. Fermin Park is possible only between the hours of 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on           PRINT NAME, TITLE
Saturday and Sunday and after the Festival officially closes after 6:30 p.m. and upon the
permission of the Fire Marshall.
E. Please stay close to your vehicle in case we have to contact you.
F. After 9 a.m., Exhibitors can only drop off at the loading zone for 20 minutes. You will          ________________________________________________________
have up to 30 minute's grace period to move and park your car. If your car is not moved             SIGN                               DATE
within the designated time, you will either be subject to a loss of your deposit and/or towing.
G. Because of heavy traffic congestion on Saturday morning, we highly suggest that you
make arrangements to set up and drop off as much as possible on Friday afternoon from 3 to
7 p.m. and arrive as early as possible on Saturday morning. The Festival officially opens at 10
A. Participants shall adhere to opening and closing times and shall keep their booths in
operation from 10:00a to 6:00p on both days.
B. Set up begins on Saturday at 6:30 a.m. & must be completed by 9:30 a.m. Friday
Afternoon Set Up between 3:00 to 7:00 pm is available if made by appointment by August
31st, 2008. Please note that limited security is available on Friday evenings and do not plan
to leave any inventory or valuable items at that time.

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