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					CryptoHeaven brings a state of the art secure encryption technology to every Internet user.
CryptoHeaven is suitable for personal, political, and business use. If you are comfortable sending regular
email, you will be comfortable using CryptoHeaven to send secure email.

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Secure Email

Take advantage of CryptoHeaven Secure Email for all your email needs. CryptoHeaven allows you to
access, store and send your mail in a secure, private and encrypted environment. CryptoHeaven is
intended for use by individuals and small to medium size businesses.

We encourage you to try CryptoHeaven service for FREE. Download the software and start using it right
away, no registration or lengthy sign-up is required. Then come back and upgrade to a premium account
for additional features and more storage.

With CryptoHeaven your email is safe, backed up, encrypted, and secure.

Top Reasons to use CryptoHeaven Secure Email

High Level of Security

       256 bit AES encryption used for all CryptoHeaven messages.
       No third party keyholder. No key recovery or any other unauthorized access is possible. System
        is unbreachable by any snooping or government "authorities."
       Messages sent and received using CryptoHeaven servers do not route through mail servers on
        the public Internet like regular email. Both, the sender and the recipient exchange messages on
        CryptoHeaven secure servers. Messages composed by CryptoHeaven users are sent to the
        recipient's account without ever leaving CryptoHeaven Secure Data Center servers.
       CryptoHeaven is an excellent way to transmit sensitive information instead of using a fax. Fax is
        not a secure mode of communication.

Ease of Use

       It is very difficult for a small to midsize enterprise to effectively implement and manage an
        encrypted email system. CryptoHeaven solves this problem by managing the system for its
       Users familiar with email and a web browser can use CryptoHeaven immediately.
       CryptoHeaven front-end user interface is easy to use to anyone with basic computer skills.
Low Cost

       Access costs are as low as $2.42 a month for individual accounts. This is an extremely
        competitive price for a secure system.
       No hardware costs. CryptoHeaven manages the system for you. A server platform would cost you
        anywhere from $4,000 to $40,000 depending on the level of redundancy required.
       No personnel costs. Server administration personnel would cost you from $50,000 to $90,000 per
       No server license required. A server license would cost you anywhere from $600 to $4000 plus
        additional fees for each user.


       CryptoHeaven can support as many users as required.
       Each user account may be purchased individually; group and multiple accounts are available at
        discounted rates.
       Accounts are upgradable to several gigabytes.

Whether you are a business or an individual subscriber, CryptoHeaven offers you a peace of mind that
you deserve.

In addition to email security, you get the following additional services free of charge:

       secure instant messaging
       secure online storage and collaboration
       anonymous email capability

To find out more about other CryptoHeaven services, visit our main page here.

Use CryptoHeaven to communicate in total privacy. CryptoHeaven is by far the easiest to use secure and
encrypted communications service.

CryptoHeaven is a user-friendly, no-compromise information-heaven crypto system. In contrast to most
other security providers, all your email and files get encrypted on your computer, so that no one -
including the employees at CryptoHeaven Corp. - can access your private email and files.

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