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									2011 COMMUNITY REPORT

                  “Thanks to Dr. Badhwar, now I can watch my grandchildren
                   grow and graduate from high school.”

                  – Sam McFarland, Jr.
                    Heart Valve Repair

                                                                          Above all else, we are committed to
                                                                    the care and improvement of human life.
                                                                         In recognition of this commitment,
                                                                            we strive to deliver high quality,
                                                                             cost effective healthcare in the
                                                                                        communities we serve.

                   Osceola Regional Medical Center
                                     O u r C o m m i t m e n t To E x c e l l e n c e
O u r      C o m m i t m e n t                          T o         E x c e l l e n c e

                       A Message From Our CEO:

                       It is my pleasure to provide this overview of Osceola Regional Medical
                       Center’s many accomplishments. As one of the newest members of
                       the team, I am truly impressed with the commitment, compassion and
                       focus on providing the highest quality care to this community, which is
                       embraced by our staff, volunteers and physicians, and lies at the heart
                       of the hospital’s ongoing growth and success. Our economic impact this
                       year grew to more than $164 million, with more than 122,090 patients
                       treated and 68,975 cared for in our Emergency Department.

  A ribbon cutting was held in early December to celebrate completion of a $10 million
  expansion of the Central Florida Cardiac & Vascular Institute. This project, which began
  in early 2010, included a new floor in the Patient Tower dedicated to cardiac and vascular
  patients. The expansion added 22 private rooms and other amenities to the cardiovascular
  program, bringing the bed total to 82.

  Another milestone for the Cardiac & Vascular Institute was the expansion of cardiovascular
  research through a formal affiliation with the nationally respected Sarah Cannon Research
  Institute. Osceola Regional is now a major cardiovascular clinical research strategic site,
  which allows physicians and patients to participate in clinical trials locally in several
  cardiovascular specialties including interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and
  cardiac and vascular surgery.

  The celebrations continued in December with an announcement of a major $50 million
  expansion to begin in the summer of 2011 with completion slated for early 2013. This
  ambitious undertaking adds 107,000 new square feet and will include an additional patient
  tower on the east side of the campus and a parking garage to support it. The new tower
  will house 64 additional private rooms, bringing the hospital’s bed total to 321 and create a
  projected 125 new jobs.

  Another exciting addition occurred in November with the first robotic surgical case using the
  da Vinci® system. This major technology investment allows surgeons to perform complex and
  delicate procedures through tiny incisions, with unmatched precision.

  As we look to the future, we announced plans are to start construction of a medical office
  building on the future hospital campus site in Poinciana. This is an exciting step forward and
  we will continue to keep the community updated on our progress.



                                            Kathryn J. Gillette, CEO
                                            Chief Executive Officer
       O s c e o l a                 R e g i o n a l                                          M e d i c a l                         C e n t e r

HCA Central Florida Facilities                                                                               Osceola Regional
of Osceola and Seminole Counties                                                                             Medical Center
     HOS P I TA L S                                                                                1
     CENTRAL FLORIDA                                                                                         Accreditations and Cer tifications:
     REGIONAL HOSPITAL                                                                       MONROE

     Sanford, Florida                   M T.                                                 H               A C C R E D I T E D H O S P I TA l ( J O I N T C O M M I S S I O N )
                                                                                                             A C C R E D I T E D C H E S T PA I N C E N T E R w I T H P C I
     MEDICAL CENTER                                                                LAKE                      (SCPC)
     Kissimmee, Florida                                                            MARY
                                                                              4         92                   C E R T I F I E D A D VA N C E D P R I M A R y S T R O K E C E N T E R
      S U R G E R Y C E N TERS                          A LT A M O N T E
                                                                                                             (JOINT COMMISSION)
     CENTRAL FLORIDA SURGI+ CENTER                        SPRINGS                  17
     Lakeland, Florida                                                        2                              Additional Services:

     FLORIDA SURGERY CENTER                                        441                                       24-HOUR EMERGENCy SERVICES
     Altamonte Springs, Florida              429                                  WINTER
                                                                                   PA R K        417         24-HOUR OB PHySICIAN CONCIERGE
     Kissimmee, Florida                                        O R L A N D O
                                                                                       408                   THE BABy SUITES

     MERRITT ISLAND SURGERY CENTER                                                 5
                                                                                                             BREAST CARE CENTER
     Merritt Island, Florida                            91
     SAME DAY SURGICENTER                                                                                    C A R D I O VA S C U l A R H y B R I D O R
 5   OF ORLANDO                                                                                        528
                                               W A LT                                                        CENTR Al FlORIDA C ARDIAC &
     Orlando, Florida                         DISNEY
                                                                                                        4    VA S C U l A R I N S T I T U T E

      IMAG I N G C E N T ER S                                                                                C O M PA N y C A R E O C C U PAT I O N A l H E A lT H
                                      429           4                              417
 1   LAD IMAGING                                                   92                                        KISSIMMEE PHySICAl THERAPy CENTER
     Deltona, Florida
                                                         192 K 3 I S S I M M E E                             A N D R E H A B I l I TAT I O N
 2   OSCEOLA IMAGING CENTER                                    2              91                             M I N I M A l ly I N VA S I V E VA lV E S U R G E R y
     Kissimmee, Florida                       1
                                                                                                             N E O N ATA l C A R E l E V E l I I

                                                                                                             ORTHOPEDIC & SPINE CARE CENTER
Osceola Regional Medical Center
                                                                                                             OSCEOlA IMAGING CENTER
                                                                                                             P E D I AT R I C E R “ O U C H l E S S ” P R O G R A M
Kathryn J. Gillette – Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                                             ROBOTIC SURGERy
Peter Mercer – Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                                             wOUND HEAlING CENTER
Brian Marger – Chief Operating Officer                                                                       & HyPERBARIC MEDICINE
Sarah Jane Forsythe – Chief Nursing Officer

“My recovery from aortic valve replacement surgery went
very smoothly because of excellent care from cardiac rehab
staff of Osceola Regional Medical Center. My husband and
I volunteer at the hospital and feel this is a way for us to say
‘Thank You’.”

                                             – Nell Robinson
                                            Cardiac Rehab Patient

                                                                                                                     2011 COMMUNITY REPORT                                            1
            O u r           C o m m i t m e n t                      T o     E x c e l l e n c e

                 2 0 1 0 C OM MUNIT Y IMPA CT SUMM A RY

               S tat i s t i c s

                        Number of Licensed Beds                                        257
                        Total Patients Treated                                      122,090
                        Annual Hospital Admissions                                   17,052
                        Annual Emergency Visits                                      68,975
                        Total Medicaid Patients Treated                              31,177
                          Medicaid Market Share                                    39.07%
                        Total Uninsured Patients Treated1                            16,719
                          Uninsured Market Share                                   41.40%

                        (1) excludes Medicaid patients treated

               O u r H o sp i ta l Fa m ily

                        Total Employees                                               1,609
                        Total Physicians                                               414
                        Total Volunteers                                               110

    Mended Hearts has been offering hope and
    encouragement to heart patients, families and
    caregivers for over 50 years. We’re hoping to
    keep that tradition alive right here in Osceola
    county with as much outreach and support as

2 Osceola Regional Medical Center                         Community Impact
  O s c e o l a            R e g i o n a l          M e d i c a l           C e n t e r

      E c on o m i c I m pa c t

            Total Salaries & Benefits                             $ 98,196,770
            Cost of Charity & Uncompensated Care                  $ 26,208,983
            Taxes Paid:
                  Federal Income Tax                                $ 1,135,976
                  State Income Tax                                    $ 159,663
                  Indigent Care Tax                                 $ 3,154,192
                  Property Tax                                      $ 1,560,541
                  Sales Tax                                         $ 1,288,082
                  Other Local Tax                                      $13,229
            Total Taxes                                            $ 7,311,683
            Capital Investment1                                    $ 6,596,741
            Total Local Vendor Support                            $ 21,457,242
                  Minority & Women Owned Business Support            $ 144,030
            Physician Specialty Coverage for Emergency Care        $ 4,314,218

            TOTAL Economic Impact                             $ 164,085,636
            (1) 5 year annual average
            FY 2010 statistics

                         Local Vendor Support Physician Specialty Coverage
          Capital Investment     13%              for Emergency Care
                    4%                                               3%
        Total Taxes

 Total Cost of Charity
& Uncompensated Care                                      Total Salaries
        16%                                                & Benefits

                                                                     2011 COMMUNITY REPORT   3
              O u r             C o m m i t m e n t                  T o         E x c e l l e n c e

 A partial list of the                GIVING BACK TO OUR COMMUNITY
 organizations benefitting
 from Osceola Regional Medical        C o m m u ni t y S u p p ort
 Center’s involvement:                Osceola Regional Medical Center and its employees provide both financial and volunteer
                                      support to countless civic organizations, schools, colleges, city projects and nonprofit and
 American Cancer Society              charitable organizations in their communities.

 American Diabetes Association        I nd i g e n t Pat ie n t E d u c at i on
                                      The hospital is committed to helping uninsured patients qualify for local and state
 American Heart Association           health benefit programs. Osceola Regional offers onsite benefit education and Medicaid
                                      enrollment assistance.

 Boy Scouts of America
                                      S t e p Up f or S t u d e n t s
                                      Since 2005, HCA has redirected $55,475,000 in corporate income tax to the Step Up
 Community Vision
                                      for Students program. Through this gift, 14,351 low income students received a K-12
                                      scholarship enabling them to receive a quality education tailored for their specific learning
 Downtown Economic                    needs. Through this program, children who qualify for the National School lunch Program
 Development Counsel
                                      can receive scholarships. Qualifying parents can use these grants to send their child to the
                                      public or private school that best meets their child’s needs.
 HCA Hope Fund

                                      G oin g G r e e n
 Hispanic Business Council            As an active member of the Practice Greenhealth, an industry leader in sustainable, eco-
                                      friendly practices, Osceola Regional Medical Center is involved with green initiatives
 Junior Achievement                   both at the facility level and in many cases in the greater community. It is part of our
                                      commitment to have a comprehensive environmental strategy in concert with our mission
 Kissimmee Main Street                of the care and improvement of human life.

 Kissimmee/Osceola County
 Chamber of Commerce

 March of Dimes

 Osceola County
 Housing Authority

 Park Place Behavioral Health


 United way

 Valencia Community College

4 Osceola Regional Medical Center                Giving Back To Our Community
O s c e o l a                 R e g i o n a l                     M e d i c a l                   C e n t e r

Awa r d s a nd R e c o g ni t i on
Our facility and management team continue to receive awards and recognition for the outstanding medical care
and services we provide as well as the leadership role we play in our community. Our hospital is proud to be Joint
Commission Accredited, an Accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI and a Certified Advanced Primary Stroke Center
by the Joint Commission. Additionally, Osceola Regional has earned the Blue Distinction Center for Cardiac Care®,
Blue Distinction for Spine Surgery®, Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement® and the UnitedHealth
Premium Designation for Cardiac•.

          Accredited                       Primary
          Chest Pain Center                Stroke Center
          w/PCI                            Certification

H u r r i c a ne P r e pa r e d ne s s
Osceola Regional offers one of the most comprehensive hurricane preparedness plans to ensure that our patients
and our staff who care for them are safe before, during and after a storm. Our Division has arrangements and
contracts in place with vendors from around the state and nation to provide support, from on-site security if
needed to medical supplies, additional generators, food, fuel, emergency transportation, building supplies and
construction crews who can be dispatched immediately following the storm to make needed repairs to keep our
hospitals operational. Emergency communications, several days worth of food and supplies all arrive at each
facility well in advance of a storm, to ensure the hospital is self-sustaining for several days. Transfer processes and
plans are in place with our network of hospitals from around the country, should patients need to be relocated.

V ol u n t e e r in g
Some 36,000 hours of volunteering were performed by members of Osceola Regional Medical Center last year.
From providing medical care on the mobile health van to serving on local leadership boards, our staff, volunteers
and physicians give back to our communities, both in and outside of our facility.

S o c i a l & M obil e M e d i a
we are actively engaged in social and mobile media through blogs and micro-blogs such as Facebook
and as part of our commitment to communicate with our patients and the community we serve. Visit us at
www.OsceolaRegional.com to learn more. Not only have we expanded on the internet, but we are offering
Mobile Health Tips which can be subscribed to by texting “Health” to 23000. Another community service we offer
is iTriage® which provides access to medical information from over 300 symptoms, 1,000 diseases and 250 medical
procedures. It is accessible through our website, www.iTriageHealth.com or download free on you iPhone.

C on s u lt- A - N u r se ®
Free Physician Referral and Health Information are available around the
clock by calling 1-877-4-HCA-DOCS (1-877-442-2362). Registered Nurses
are available for consultation through this bi-lingual community service,
which also registers people for the numerous community education classes
and programs sponsored by Osceola Regional Medical Center.

                                                                                        2011 COMMUNITY REPORT             5
             O u r            C o m m i t m e n t                           T o         E x c e l l e n c e

  “Putting Patients First” is the foundation of our culture and passion for quality health care. Many of the initiatives we implement
  serve as national models for the industry today. Osceola Regional Medical Center has achieved industry leading performance on
  public Clinical Measures, such as the CMS Core Measures for Congestive Heart Failure, Pneumonia, Acute Myocardial Infarction, and
  Surgical Care Improvement Project. Our hospital is thoroughly engaged in programs and initiatives which promote and optimize
  Patient Satisfaction, Clinical Efficiency programs and Quality outcomes.

  h C a r e E l e c t r oni c H e a lt h R e c or d ( E H R )
  Osceola Regional Medical Center continues to move forward with rolling out the EHR initiative, which allows for electronic access to
  patient health information. Our hospital has brought numerous clinical components for the EHR on-line through major investments
  in technology, including:

            n   hCare Hub – linking physician practices to our hospital database is accomplished through this interface. Real-
                time access to patient clinical data from the hospital can provide necessary information to physicians to make timely
                decisions and reduce duplicate testing and unnecessary hospitalizations

            n   Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) – The PACS system
                immediately digitizes images from radiology and cardiac studies so they can be stored and electronically viewed on
                screens remotely. This enables doctors and other health care professionals to access the images and when available to
                compare new images with previous images at the touch of a button.

            n   Voice Recognition – To improve report
                turnaround time and patient care, our hospitals and
                imaging centers use Voice Recognition, which allows
                physicians to update patient records and report
                their interpretation of a study by speaking instead
                of dictating or using a keyboard. The physician then
                reviews the report on screen, makes any adjustments,
                signs the report and it posts immediately for others
                to view. Report turnaround time has been greatly
                reduced to an average of just over 30 minutes.

            n   MUSE – Osceola Regional has installed this system
                which digitizes EKG tracings so physicians can review,
                diagnose and treat heart patients within seconds.

  E l e c t r oni c B a r C od in g M e d i c at i on S y s t e m ( B C M A )
  Osceola Regional Medical Center led a national effort to reduce medication errors by placing this system in all of our hospitals
  several years ago. Bar codes on medications are scanned at the patient’s bedside, providing our clinical staff with an effective tool
  to ensure that the right patient receives the right medication at the right time through the right route.

  E l e c t r oni c B a r C od in g Tr a n sf u si on S y s t e m ( B C TA )
  Bar coding was expanded at Osceola Regional this past year to include transfusion products. Prior to administering any blood
  product, the unit is scanned to ensure the patient is receiving the right transfusion product at the right time through the right route.

6 Osceola Regional Medical Center                       Quality & Patient Safety
       O s c e o l a                   R e g i o n a l                    M e d i c a l                   C e n t e r

Br oselow System for Acute Pediatric Administr ation
of Drugs in the ER
The hospital’s emergency department has installed the Broselow System
to ensure the proper dosing and administration of drugs to children.
Pediatric dosing can be difficult, especially in emergency situations, and
the Broselow System allows medical professionals to instantly access
proper dosing, improve the speed and accuracy in acute preparation and
administration of drugs, reduce medical errors and standardizes pediatric
dosing so that we can provide our young patients with high quality
emergency care, safely.

A ir s t r i p OB ™
This innovative patient monitoring solution has been installed at Osceola Regional Medical Center to allow obstetricians to remotely
access vital patient information such as fetal heart rate including maternal contraction patterns in virtual real-time directly from the
labor & delivery unit to a physician’s smart phone from anywhere a cell phone connection can be received.

                                                                   N at i on ’s F ir s t I nfa n t
                                                                   S c r e e nin g P r o g r a m
                                                                   HCA was the first US healthcare system to voluntarily perform
                                                                   a simple blood test to screen newborns for elevated levels of
                                                                   bilirubin that triggers jaundice. By identifying newborns at risk for
                                                                   Kernicterus, which causes permanent brain damage and physical
                                                                   impairment, we can treat them immediately and prevent this
                                                                   serious health threat.

V T E P r oto c ol
Oscela Regional Medical Center, in conjunction with sanofi-aventis®, implemented an aggressive venous thromboembolism (VTE)
Rule-Out initiative and has actively participated in DVT awareness efforts to help educate the public about these health risks. The
                                                                                Rule-Out protocol helps ensure that patients are
                                                                                screened and when appropriate receive preventive
                                                                                treatment for VTE which poses a significant health
                                                                                risk and consists of two potentially life–threatening
                                                                                conditions: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and
                                                                                Pulmonary embolism (PE).

                                                                                                 2011 COMMUNITY REPORT                     7
             O u r            C o m m i t m e n t                        T o        E x c e l l e n c e

                                                                    F l u S e a s on P r e pa r at i on
                                                                    The National Patient Safety Foundation has recognized all HCA
                                                                    employees for their efforts in supporting HCA’s flu immunization
                                                                    More than 97 percent of our employees have received the flu
                                                                    vaccine, an amazing accomplishment which helps protect our
                                                                    patients as well as our employees and their families. Additionally,
                                                                    many of our hospitals actively participate in community outreach
                                                                    efforts to educate the public about the importance of seasonal
                                                                    flu vaccine.

  M e t hic il l in - r e si s ta n t S ta ph y lo c o c c u s a u r e u s ( M R S A )
  HCA continues to be a leader in the fight to stop the spread of MRSA, and was invited to participate as a partner organization in
  the REDUCE MRSA Clinical Trial, with the CDC Prevention Epicenters, CDC Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion and the Agency
  for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ). HCA was selected due to its commitment to infection
  prevention, the HCA A, B, Cs (MRSA) program and our standardization of specific lab data. The goal
  of the study is to conduct a cluster randomized trial of hospitals to compare uniform versus
  target MRSA decolonization as a means to reduce healthcare-associated MRSA infection. Eight
  HCA west Florida Division hospitals are participating.
  locally, we continue to be very involved in educational outreach to prevent the spread of
  community acquired MRSA. The national Clean Hands Are Cool Hands campaign, featuring
  teen star Mitchel Musso (Hannah Montana show), was launched here. The goal is to educate
  children on the prevention of MRSA, through local presentations and a toolkit for parents and
  teachers available on our hospital websites.

  M e d i c a l R e se a r c h
  The Central Florida Cardiac & Vascular
  Institute at Osceola Regional Medical
  Center is now a major cardiovascular clinical
  research strategic site, as a result of a formal
  affiliation that was put in place this past year
  with the Sarah Cannon Research Institute
  (SCRI) of Nashville.

8 Osceola Regional Medical Center                    Quality & Patient Safety / Specialized Care
       O s c e o l a                  R e g i o n a l                    M e d i c a l                  C e n t e r


Emer genc y E xcellence
Our strong focus on enhancing emergency care
and improving processes continues to keep ER wait
times at Osceola Regional below national averages,
but more importantly we are exceeding national
guidelines in delivering care quickly, when it matters
most. STEMI time averages, along with wait time
averages, are now featured on our website home
page. Osceola Regional is the only full service cardiac hospital and accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI in Osceola County. The
hospital participates in lIFENET®STEMI Management Solutions in conjunction with local EMS, so EKGs can be transported to the
hospital in advance of the patient’s arrival and hospital staff can instantly administer appropriate treatment when the ambulance
arrives. Additionally, the hospital is the only Joint Commission certified Advanced Primary Stroke Center in Osceola County, ensuring
the highest level of stroke care is immediately available.
Highly skilled emergency physicians and nurses supported by surgical and medical experts combined with best practices and the
latest technology benefitted more than 68,985 patients who were treated in Osceola Regional’s ER last year. The hospital installed
the Broselow System to enhance medication safety for children in the ER, and provides protocol driven care that can begin in the
field through direct communications with local EMS teams as part of our commitment to improve quality in our busy emergency
For 2011, we will continue to integrate technology to improve processes and pilot innovative solutions such as Self Registration
Kiosk Pilot to improve the ER experience for our patients. For average ER wait times, visit our website at OsceolaRegional.com
or text “ER” to 23000.

N e u r o s c i e n c e s & S t r ok e C a r e
Osceola Regional Medical Center has earned Joint Commission certification as an Advanced Primary Stroke Centers, the gold
standard for ensuring the highest level of care is immediately available.
As the only Advanced Primary Stroke Center in Osceola County, Osceola Regional is especially proud to have earned the distinguished
Gold Plus Performance Achievement Award by the American Heart and Stroke Association for following and exceeding guidelines in
stroke key measures for 24 months. Treating more than 600 cases a year, the stroke team consists of emergency medicine physicians,
neurologists, radiologists, CT technologists, phlebotomists, neurology nurses and therapists and local emergency responders who
are dedicated to the rapid recognition, evaluation and treatment of stroke patients, using the latest guidelines and technology to
ensure optimal patient outcomes.

 “I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Badhwar and
  the wonderful staff at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center
  for always going the extra mile for me. As a result of your
  unconditional efforts, look at me now. I am able to do
  what I enjoy!”
                                        – Domingo Cepeda
                          Mitral Valve Repair and Stroke Survivor

                                                                                               2011 COMMUNITY REPORT                    9
              O u r            C o m m i t m e n t                            T o         E x c e l l e n c e

   H e a rt & Va s c u l a r N e t w or k
   The Central Florida Cardiac & Vascular Institute of Osceola Regional
   Medical Center provides the most comprehensive cardiovascular care in
   the region. The Institute is home to some of the most skilled cardiologists,
   electrophysiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, vascular surgeons and
   healthcare professionals dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention
   of cardiovascular disease.
   The Institute completed a major $10 million expansion this year, which included the addition of a new floor to the patient tower,
   with a dedicated unit for cardiac and vascular patients. The new unit includes a VIP Cardiovascular Room and 22 new beds, bringing
   the bed total to 82 dedicated to supporting cardiovascular services.
   Expansion of cardiovascular research continued with The Central Florida Cardiac & Vascular Institute formally affiliating with the
   Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI), one of the largest clinical research programs in the nation, to be a major cardiovascular
   clinical research strategic site. Physicians and patients are now able to participate in clinical trials locally in several cardiovascular
   specialties including interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and cardiac and vascular surgery.
                                                                     The latest surgical techniques for vascular, minimally invasive mitral
                                                                     valve and atrial fibrillation repair provide a safer alternative for
                                                                     patients suffering from these conditions, improving their quality
                                                                     of life and reducing their risk for other serious complications. Our
                                                                     Cardiac Cath and EP labs offer state-of-the-art technology and
                                                                     treatments to invasive and noninvasive cardiac procedures.
                                                                     In addition, the institute is proud to offer the only true Cardiovascular
                                                                     Hybrid Operating Room in the region where catherizations, and
                                                                     open heart surgery occurs in the same operating suite for complex
                                                                   The Central Florida Cardiac & Vascular Institute is supported by
                                                                   the only accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI in Osceola County.
                                                                   Osceola Regional Medical Center consistently beats the national
   STEMI benchmark of 90 minutes, dramatically improving the lives of patients experiencing a heart attack average. Average STEMI
   times are posted on the hospital’s website and the hospital participates in lIFENET® STEMI Management Solutions in conjunction
   with local EMS. Osceola Regional has earned both the Blue Distinction Center for Cardiac Care® and the United Premium Designation
   for Cardiac.

   S u r g i c a l S ol u t i on s
   Osceola Regional offers some of the most efficient and well equipped
   operating rooms in the area. Advanced systems from scheduling to pre-op
   and discharge planning ensure that patients receive the care they need.
   As part of our ongoing commitment to providing surgeons the tools
   they need to perform complex and delicate procedures, we added the
   da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System. This is one of the latest advancement
   in minimally invasive surgery, which allows the surgeon through the use
   of robotics to work through tiny incisions, with unmatched precision. For
   patients, this means less blood loss and scarring and a quicker recovery
   and return to normal daily activities.

10 Osceola Regional Medical Center                       Specialized Care
       O s c e o l a                 R e g i o n a l                    M e d i c a l                C e n t e r

Ort h op e d i c s & S p ine S u r g e r y
Osceola Regional provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of patients with total joint replacement
and spinal surgery. The hospital has been recognized as a Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement® and a Blue
Distinction Center for Spine Surgery®.
Our surgeons are committed to performing the latest innovations in their field with advanced orthopedic procedures including
minimally invasive partial and total knee and hip resurfacing. Medical teams affiliated with our spine programs include some of
the area’s most dedicated neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons. Complex spine surgery, including minimally invasive
endoscopic spine surgery, is available with outstanding outcomes. The center is designed for optimal comfort following surgery,
with surgeons supported by a professional team of specially trained nurses, physical therapists, pain management experts, case
managers and dieticians to focus on wellness and quick recovery. The hospital also offers special amenities and private rooms, to
encourage a quick return to everyday activities and immediate family involvement in the recovery process.

Cancer Care
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in this country, exceeded only by heart
disease. Osceola Regional is committed to quality care by striving to meet and exceed
the many standards required for the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on
Cancer (ACoS CoC) Accreditation.
Since most cancer patients require multiple types of treatment, good communication
between providers is essential. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through
tumor board reviews, where a variety of medical specialists including surgeons, medical
oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists and hospital clinical and
support staff meet regularly to proactively to review patient cases.
Advanced technology is another commitment with Osceola Regional providing patients
the latest in everything from digital mammography for early detection to the da Vinci®
robotic system, the next generation of minimally invasive surgical treatment. Robotic
technology is taking surgery beyond the limits of the human hand, introducing precise,
versatile instrument movement combined with three-dimensional visualization of the
operative site for surgeons.

                                                                    “I want to thank God, Dr. Campbell and my
                                                                     daughter who took care of me. I now have
                                                                     my health back!”

                                                                                                            – Thursia Harvey
                                                                                           Triple Bypass and lung Cancer Patient

                                                                                            2011 COMMUNITY REPORT                   11
             O u r            C o m m i t m e n t                         T o        E x c e l l e n c e

   I m a g i n g S e rv i c e s
   Osceola Regional Medical Center provides a comprehensive array of inpatient and outpatient imaging services. The Osceola Imaging
   Center features a full range of outpatient diagnostic imaging services and offers convenience by providing walk-in appointments,
   minimal wait times, free accessible parking, and a professional and bilingual healthcare staff to assist you with your healthcare
   needs. Osceola Imaging Center contains the brand new Breast Care Center, which offers women advanced screening and diagnostic
   technology in a convenient and comfortable setting. The Breast Care Center is also accredited by the American College of Radiology.
   Diagnostic services available at the hospital include:

           n CT Scan                          n Interventional Angiography
           n Digital Mammography              n MRA/MRI on a 1.5 Magnet
           n Echocardiogram                   n Nuclear Medicine
           n EKG                              n Ultrasound
           n Fluoroscopy                      n X-Ray

   Diagnostic services in Osceola Imaging Center include:

           n Breast MRI                       n 3T MRI Magnet
           n CT Scan                          n Ultrasound
           n DEXA/Bone Densitometry           n X-Ray
           n Digital Mammography

   W o m e n ’s S e rv i c e s
   Our commitment to women’s services, from childbirth to digital mammography
   to innovative surgical options using robotics, is unsurpassed.
                                                                                      IMAGING & BREAST CARE CENTER
   we welcomed 1,781 babies in our Baby Suites last year, where a comfortable
                                                                                        Osceola Regional Medical Center
   family atmosphere is combined with the latest technology and a warm, highly
   trained nursing staff to ensure a unique birth experience. Osceola Regional offers the only level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
                                                             (NICU) in Osceola County, so critically ill or premature newborns have
                                                             immediate access to specialized care with a neonatologist available,
                                                             around the clock. Our nursery is designed with the latest monitoring
                                                             technology and electronic security systems. The hospital also offers an
                                                             OB hospitalists program, designed to improve patient safety and quality
                                                             by ensuring that a board certified Obstetrics/Gynecologist is always
                                                             present to triage pregnant patients above 20 weeks who arrive at the
                                                             hospital. we also installed the AIRSTRIP OB™ monitoring system which
                                                             allows obstetricians to remotely view vital patient information on their
                                                             smart phone.
                                                             Our Breast Care Center offers a unique experience, dedicated to treating
                                                             women in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Our compassionate team of
                                                             specially trained physicians, certified female technicians and the Breast
                                                             Care Coordinator work with women to educate them on breast health
                                                             and provide one-on-one support when needed.

12 Osceola Regional Medical Center                      Specialized Care
       O s c e o l a                   R e g i o n a l                M e d i c a l                 C e n t e r

W o u nd C a r e
The wound Healing Center staff consists of a well trained,
multi-specialty team of dedicated physicians, nurses and
a physical therapist most of whom are board certified in
wound management and dedicated to healing chronic
wounds. The center sees a large variety of all types of
wounds with the most common being diabetic, venous
ulcers and local trauma. A total of 6,495 patient visits were
provided at the center last year with 586 new referrals
from 7 counties which clearly reflects the confidence of
the referring physicians in Central Florida.
we also offer special treatments, such as Hyperbaric
Oxygen Therapy, growth factor therapy, bio-engineered
skin grafts, total contact casting, ultrasound debridement
and a novel new antimicrobial therapy. Our benchmarked
healing rates are consistently higher than the national
comparative data.

C o m pa n y C a r e
Company Care delivers Central Florida’s most complete array of workforce health solutions. For over 20 years, Company Care has
provided comprehensive, integrated health and wellness services to businesses. Company Care delivers creative occupational
health and worker’s compensation programs specifically tailored to the needs of any business or government organization and
services include:

           n   Case management to service                             n   Pre-employment, executive and
               the worker’s Comp Network                                  D.O.T. physicals
           n   24-hour access to medical care                         n   Drug screening and physical exams
           n   Managed care services                                  n   Return-to-work programs
           n   Emergency care and follow-up for injured workers       n   Utilization review
           n   Injury prevention education                            n   Ergonomic site assessments
           n   Physical rehabilitation                                n   Nutritional counseling
           n   Diagnostic testing

Our Company Care office is conveniently located at 1508 Village Oak lane, Kissimmee, Florida. To learn more, call (407) 846-3047
or visit www.OsceolaRegional.com.

                                                                                           2011 COMMUNITY REPORT                   13
   TO G E T H E R , P E R F O R M I N G AT A H I G H E R S TA N D A R D

                                                                                      W CARROLL ST
                                                                                                                                                               RONA ORIDA’S T
                                                                                                                                                                  FL R
                                                                                                                                                                   ALD R T-PIKE
                                                                                                                                                                    L E -P

                                                                              W DONEGAN AVE                        E DONEGAN AVE
                                              N JOHN YOUNG PKWY


                                                                                                                                       MICHIGAN AVE


                                                                                      K I S S I         M M E E                                                                        91

                                                                                W VINE ST
                                                                                                                           E VINE ST                  192
                                                                                                       N MAIN ST

                                                                                 W OAK ST
                                              N JOHN YOUNG PKWY
                          N THACKER AVE

                                                                                      H                                                                                  ES
       S            P                                                        EMMETT ST
                          S THACKER AVE

                                                                  S JOHN YOUNG PKWY

                                             ST                                                                LAKE TOHOPEKALIGA                            E RD

  Osceola Regional Medical Center is centrally located on West Oak Street,
two blocks west of 441 Hwy in Kissimmee, Florida, just minutes from Orlando.

                                             w w w.OsceolaRegional.com
                      700 West Oak Street                                                                                                                                Kissimmee, Florida 34741
                                                                                                                                               (407) 846-2266

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