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									Voluntary Work: Medschools Online
Medschools Online is a free website for potential applicants to
medical school. The website includes a growing section for students
considering a gap year or volunteer work overseas. To advertise in
this section (free of charge) please complete the details below and
return this form to enquiries@medschoolsonline.co.uk.

Contact Details

Name of organisation:

Web address:

Key contact for enquiries:

Email for enquiries:

Telephone for enquiries:

Postal address:

Volunteering details

Which country (or countries)
can people volunteer in?

What type of work is
involved? Please give as
much detail as possible.

What can volunteers expect
from their experience?

Do volunteers require any
previous training or

What is the minimum /
maximum duration of the
Costs involved

How much does it cost?

What is included in the cost?

Does the money go to a
charity or is it simply to
cover the costs of the trip?

Are there any additional

Are there any other

Additional information:
   If you have any testimonials from past volunteers, please send
   them to us and we will include them on you page.
   If you have a logo that you would like us to use please send it to
   us and we will incorporate it into the advert.
   If you have any documents (e.g. brochure etc), please send
   them to us and we will upload them onto your page.
   If you have any photos you would like us to use, please send
   them to us. Please note, all photos MUST be free from
   copyright. We cannot use copyrighted photographs.

Please save this form and return it to us at
enquiries@medschoolsonline.co.uk. All adverts are free of charge.

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