What did Ancient Egyptians Eat

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					Where is Egypt?
           Ancient Egypt
Sphinx is a large
   human-headed lion
   that was carved from
   a mound of natural
The Sphinx is not a
It has been covered
   several times due to
   sand storms.
This is what the sphinx probably
 looked like 3,000 years ago.
Why were the pyramids built?
               Pyramids were built in
               Ancient Egypt as
               tombs, or burial places
               for Egyptian pharaohs
               or kings.
               Egyptians believed in
               the afterlife, so their
               bodies had to be
               protected. The insides
               of a pyramid were like
               mazes with secret
               doors and dead end
     In Ancient Egypt,
     there were no tools to
     build with or trucks to
     move things. The
     Egyptians had to use
     their hands to make
     big blocks out of
     different kind of sand,
     clay and stone.

The largest pyramid ever built was over 450 feet high. It is taller than the
Statue of Liberty.
                             Daily Life
Houses were made out
of mud. Rooms were
brightly painted,
sometimes with birds,
flowers or with the
figures of protective
gods. Cooking was often
done out side over a fire.
Inside the rooms are very   Women and men working outside of the
small                       home
      What did Ancient Egyptians Eat?
Poor people ate bread,
cheese, beans and
salad and drank water.
Adults ate their food
sitting on simple stools.
They also ate beef,
pork, antelope and
hyena meat as well as
goose, pigeon and fish
from the Nile. Wealthier
people had more varied
diets. Most farming
families ate fairly simple
    Women during this time
    usually got married very young.
    Women were not treated equal
    to men, but they did have some
    During this time women could
    own their own business.
This is the form of writing with pictures that
represent words. Egyptians used this form
of communicating to convey messages.
                                        The Egyptians worshipped
                                          many gods and
                                          goddesses. The
                                          Pharaohs had special
                                          buildings called temples
                                          for them. They used to
                                          bring them offerings,
                                          these were often food
                                          and drink.
“Anubis the Jackal”                     Many Ancient Egyptians
His job was to lead the dead souls to     kept a statue of a
                                          favorite god in their
the underworld.
The Egyptians believed in an afterlife.
 They believed that when you died, your
 spirit will travel down a great river to find
 the underworld.
When the pharaoh
 died the Egyptians
 would place him in a
 great tomb with
 gold, clothing, food
 and sometimes
 even their wives and
 children if they have
 died before him.
 When a Pharaoh dies, his body must be
           wrapped like a mummy.
• The dead body must first be cleaned.
• The organs must be removed.
• Oil and fragrance must be rubbed on
  the body.
• Salt must be poured onto the body.
•   The body must then be
    wrapped in a cloth.
•   This process takes about 70
•   The body of the pharaoh
    must be placed into a
    sarcophagus. (casket)
King Tut (Tutankhamen)
            King Tut
King Tut was famous not because of
what he did, but because of how old he
was when he became Pharaoh.
Researchers predict that King Tut was
approximately 7 or 8 years old when he
became king.
King Tut was about 5’6”
King Tut died when he was about
       17 or 18 years old
 Researchers have
 recently figured out
 the cause of his
 death. They believe
 that King Tut died
 from a blow to the
 back of the head.
This mask was found on
top of King Tut’s head in
his tomb.

This mask is made out of
pure gold.
Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter searched
for King Tut’s tomb for thirty-one years.
Inside King Tut’s Tomb
             Large Shrine over 16 feet long,
             10 feet wide, and 9 feet tall.
             Walls made of gilded wood and
             inlaid blue porcelain.
             Walls painted with funerary
King Tut’s coffin was made of
          pure gold.
This tomb had not been opened in 3,300 years.
When King Tut’s tomb
 was opened he had:
Tut’s Curse
   The jackal’s curse on anyone that enters.

   “They who enter this sacred tomb shall swiftly be
   visited by the wings of death.”

   Lord Carnarvon died from an insect bite shortly after
   opening the tomb.
Many believe that the curse is a myth.
They believe that those who entered the
tomb were affected by bacteria and
mole in the air and that is why they
became sick and died shortly after.