Minutes of the Florida District of Circle K International

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					                  Minutes of the Florida District of Circle K International
                                  District Board Meeting
                                  Saturday, July 30, 2005
                                  Summer Board Retreat
                                    Kissimmee, Florida

Voting Board Members Present: District Governor Vickie Jones, District Secretary Stacy
Peterson, District Treasurer Brad Leonhardt (by phone), District Editor Lauren Woeber,
Panhandle Lt. Governor Rachel Smiley, Suwannee Lt. Governor Jennilyn Thiboult
Non-Voting Board Members Present: Awards Chair Jill Gabel, Public Relations Chair Jessilyn
Guests Present: District Administrator Wade Shrack, Citrus Division Administrator Dr. Garth
Jenkins, Alumni President Andy Hall, Alumni Vice President Tim Balasko, Key Club Governor
Lauren Furman

I.     Call to Order
       The meeting was called to order at 3:52pm by Vickie Jones.

II.    Pledge/Invocation
       The pledge was led by Vickie.
       The invocation was led by Dr. Jenkins.

III.   Welcome/Introductions
       Vickie introduced several guests present at the meeting.

IV.    Approval of Agenda
       Rachel Smiley motioned to approve the agenda for the meeting.
       Lauren Woeber seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

V.     Officer Reports
       A. Secretary
          Stacy reported that she has sent out two District Mailings so far, and plans to send
          another at the end of August or beginning of September. Service hours for Florida
          CKI total 2,458 as of March. She has also been in contact with club secretaries,
          emailing resources to them, and putting together an outline for an LTC workshop.
       B. Treasurer
          Brad said that everything is going well and he regrets not being able to attend.
       C. Editor
          Lauren said she has made connections with John Sullivan and Valerie Longo to help
          with Kapers. She plans to have the newsletter out by Kiwanis Convention. One of
          the focuses of the next issue will be Key Club to CKI. The deadline for articles is
          September 5th, and Kapers will be released by IDEAS Conference. The focus of this
          issue is growing clubs, new projects, and attracting members. Lauren also would like
          to collect a list of editors at or prior to LTC.
       D. Citrus
          Erin was absent from the meeting.
      E. Evergold
         Wisler was absent from the meeting.
      F. Panhandle
         Rachel reported that she has contacted all Key to College contacts, Key Club
         Lieutenant Governors, and Kiwanis Lieutenant Governors. She reported that there
         has not been much happening with FAMU, and there has been a lack of response
         from UWF. Interest has been shown from Jessica to start a club at TCC. Rachel also
         did a presentation at the Division 3 Kiwanis Officer Training. She has been attending
         Kiwanis meetings almost every week and is very active with her home club in service
         and recruitment. Rachel put together two newsletters for the division. She has sent
         weekly emails to FSU and FAMU. Furthermore, Rachel gave recently graduating
         seniors information about CKI Alumni and Kiwanis in that area.
      G. Sunbelt
         Lindsey was absent from the meeting.
      H. Suncoast
         There is no Lieutenant Governor for this division, and no report.
      I. Suwannee
         Jennilyn said she will work on setting up an online meeting with the potential new
         UNF officers. She will contact the three Key Club contacts for Flagler and work with
         Andy to start a club at St. Johns River Community College. Jennilyn would also like
         to help UF recruit 200 members this year.

VI.   Committee Remarks
      Awards Chair Jill handed out the “How to” guide for the Florida CKI awards manual
      prior to the meeting, and she would like the board to report back to her with suggestions.
      It will be ready for clubs by LTC. Awards manual revisions will be available by the
      winter board meeting. There will also be a “How to” manual for this. In addition, Jill
      will be working on coming up with a more concrete judging process.

      MD&E Chair Jennilyn has been working on the “More from your Meetings” manual for
      club officers. She would like to set up meetings for members who don’t come to LTC.

      Projects Chair Stacy is working on getting the word out about the new Governor’s Project
      involving literacy by sending out emails with resources. These resources include a flyer,
      a list of 25 service project ideas, a list of organizations to work with, and literacy tips.
      Awards have been set up to recognize those clubs and individuals who participate with
      the initiative. She also is putting together a 15-minute workshop for LTC. Stacy will be
      designing the ICON service fair display board, and planning a book drive for IDEAS.

      PR Chair Jessilyn reported working on the PR manual. It will be finished by ICON and
      passed out at LTC. She would like any ideas and icons to be emailed to her.
      Additionally, she is working on obtaining contacts of PR chairs in CKI clubs.

      Legal Chair Brad said that in the last District Mailing, he wrote about the ICON
      amendments. He explained that anyone may contact him with questions, and he also
      mentioned that there would be a meeting at ICON to go through these amendments.
VII.   Appointment of Committee Chair Dan Nguyen as Con/Con Co-Chair
       There was a motion by Rachel Smiley to appoint Dan as Con-Con Co-Chair. The motion
       was seconded by Jennilyn Thiboult. Dan would join Ryan Donnovan as the co-chair.

       The motion passed.

VIII. Administrator Remarks
      Wade remarked that using a house for the retreat was a success, and it is likely that the
      same thing will be done for the winter retreat. He said that Kiwanis is very willing to
      help with anything. He encouraged us to think about who will run for office next year.

IX.    Guest Remarks
       Lauren thanked everyone for inviting her and making her feel so welcome.

       Andy said that the Alumni newsletter was sent out recently. He is looking forward to
       ICON and IDEAS Conference.

X.     Adjournment
       Vickie thanked everyone for coming. The meeting was adjourned at 4:19pm.

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