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									When should you Monetize your
When you own a blog, there’s always a chance to monetize and take full
advantage of it, provided that you know what to do and when is the best time to
do so. Top bloggers worldwide have told the curious folks and budding bloggers
out there about the fact that they’ve waited at least 2 months to a year to monetize
their own blogs. There have always been clashes in opinions when it comes to the
right time of monetizing one’s blog. Some people will tell you to wait around for
awhile until you get a certain number of subscribers while others might advise you
to wait until you receive a certain amount of stable traffic before you monetize
your blog.

Nevertheless, making a lot of money through your blog is still achievable but
make sure that you do it at the right time. Successful and top-earning bloggers
regularly face challenges with trials and errors along the way. Getting a good
amount of traffic to your site is the key in monetizing your blog. Without any
audiences, you won’t be able to make money. Follow these simple and basic tips
before monetizing your blog:

      Create an email list at the start of your blogging

       This is one of the most sure-fire ways in utilizing your blog and
       monetizing it. Since most bloggers don’t realize how important it is in
       managing and building a list of emails, you should know by now that the
       money can be found in the list. If you keep on updating your readers/
       audiences regularly with unique and fun information or whatever it is that
       you need to announce, you’ll start to have a solid fan base and a good
       amount of followers who’ll listen to every word you say and this is the
       best time to entice them by monetizing your blog. Make sure that your
       blog caters to their personal needs and whims.

      Have at least 100 visitors/ audiences on a daily basis

       There’s no doubt that you’ll need a good amount of traffic in order to
       earn and make more money through your blog. For instance, if you only
       have a handful of visitors or less than a hundred audiences to your blog per
       day, it’ll be extremely challenging for you to make money through your
       blog with Google Adsense. If you are on WordPress, you can use the
       WordPress Stats plugin keep track of your blog’s traffic or you can also
       use those that is provided in your hosting control panel. Once you’ve
       managed to get lots of traffic, you should start monetizing your blog

      Wait at least 2-6 months or a year
       Depending on how well you’re able to get and increase your blog’s traffic,
       you should wait around for awhile before you start monetizing your blog.
       If you have an amazing amount of traffic to your blog, then wait at least 2-
       6 months before you start monetizing your blog but if you’re having a hard
       time in getting a sufficient amount of traffic to your blog, then it is better if
       you wait around for at least a year. Also, be patient and write good and
       original content on your blog consistently.

      Have at least 30 -50 blog posts

       The moment you start writing your blog posts, they’ll show up on Google,
       which equals to your generating exposure and organic traffic. You’ll
       generate more traffic the more your blog posts are indexed.

In a nutshell, when you are very serious and keen on monetizing your blog to
make greater money, make sure that you have unique, interesting, and informative
blog posts or content on your blog that no other blog is offering to make it easier
for you in getting more traffic. For the case of increasing your traffic, do your own
research and compare your blogs with your competitors in the industry that you’re
targeting in (e.g. finance, web hosting, art and design, etc). Find out what makes
them tick and figure out how you can improve your own blog and beat out your
competitors so that your targeted audiences would flock to your blog instead of

Before you monetize your own blog, you’ll need an adequate amount of traffic to
your blog first. Remember, more traffic to your blog equals to a bigger chance of
successfully monetizing your blog. Once you’re sure that you already have a solid
fan base or readers, you can then start monetizing your blog. Advertisers are
generally into popular, well-known and well-read blogs with big audiences!

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