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									 ID      Functional                            Description                                 Example Scenario BUS-INC:                    Example Scenario CIT-INC:
        requirement                                                                 Assisted living scenario: keep people away Video and other services as you dream them…
1     Device &
1.1   accessdevices
      Cheap              Cheap devices, accessible for everyone                     Inexpensive terminals, large screens and keys Inexpensive mPDA

1.1   Easiness of        Easiness of Use and Configuration
      Use and
1.2   Ubiquitous         Mobile portable device connected anywhere anytime                                                      Mobile portable devices: mPDA that can be used
      connectivity                                                                                                              anywhere and anytime
1.3   Integrated         Device integrating various chips and functions             Form factor: small and handy                Integrated devices: camera, mic,GPS
      devices            allowing access and control from everywhere

1.4   Intelligent        "Smart" device allowing for automatic decision-making                                                  Devices are able to communicate among them
      decisions by       without user intervention (Example: the set top                                                        without the user's intervention (i.e., machine-to-
      device             box/DVR downloads automatically the favorite TV                                                        machine communications). His Set Top Box/DVR
      communicating      series when it is available, even in the middle of the                                                 downloads movies while its user sleeps.
      with each other    night, so that the user has it at his/her disposal
                         whenever (s)he likes)
1.5   Integrated         "Always on" device with integrated services, seamless always connected with access to services
      services into      and preconfigured.
      the device

1.6   Virtualization &   Trusted virtual applications using virtual machine and
      Trusted            trusted computing concepts on one platform
1.7   Devices taking     Privacy protection built-in into the device capabilities
      care about
      privacy of the
1.8   Device             Device "federation", devices may no longer be bound
      federation         to one individual, yet having profiles that are
                         automatically detected (based on context).
1.9   Navigation         Priority navigation for emergency services

1.10 Connectivity        Connectivity middleware, some sort of hardware /
     management          software appliance that plays the role of managing the
                         connectivity to the network for all connected devices

1.11 Storage             Storage capabilities will exceed our demand by far,
                         allowing to „synch“ the net on the devices

1.12 Extended        Extended interactivity with the device
     with the device
2    Context

                                                                                           - Incremental Table
2.1   Sensors           Context awareness, environment information               wired and wireless sensors, monitoring              Retrieving info on the user's environment
      collecting        monitoring                                               equipment

2.2   Content           Personalization of content according to context and                                                          Optimized content for a particular device using a
      selected          environment                                                                                                  particular access
      depending on
2.3   Interactions      Smart device automatically reacting to the context and
      with the          environment.

2.4   Personalization Personalization of content according to user                                                                   Users get personalized news
2.5   Situation       Identifying specific situations based on context
      modeling        information, also need semantics development
3     Notification
3.1   Services
      SOS Services    Emergency health services                                  Uncomfortable living alone, notification (altert)
                                                                                 of people when you fall or feel unwell

3.2   Context-aware     Context-aware reminder services                          Notification for taking ypur pills
3.3   Offline           Offline notification of health condition                 Send your blood test results to your doctor for
      transactions                                                               consultation even if s/he is not in practice
3.4   Early warnings    Early warning services

4     Service
4.1   Orchestration
      Service           Service aggregation for specific scenarios, such as      Service aggregation of elderly people
      aggregation       care for elderly people - the value is in the
                        configurable service aggregation and composition
4.2   Real-world        Mixed real and virtual world experience                                                                      Mixing virtual and real worlds
4.3   Service Trading Service trading, like trading goods today

4.4   Information trail Information trail, digital shadow, information about
                        everything we do is stored and kept for future usage

4.5   Integrated End- Integrated End-User service usage                                                                              An integrated experience using several services:
      User service                                                                                                                   chatting, playing games, sharing news…
5     Community
5.1   Helper          Helper platforms and services                              You have time and experience to help other
      platforms                                                                  (e.g., schoolwork)

5.2   Groups of         Groups of interest platforms and services                Connect to other people who are "like-minded"

                                                                                         - Incremental Table
5.3   Collaborative  Collaborative content development platforms, real-
      content        time editing of documents
      development in
5.4   Public opinion Technology allowing for innovative forms of opinion
                     generation and communication
6     Collaboration

6.1   Video            Video conferencing                                        Remote conferencing with healthcare
      conferencing                                                               specialists

6.2   Secure data      Secure data sharing with different security levels        Exchange of medical records with other
      sharing          based on the community and type of data exchanged         involved specialists, without the need to go to
                                                                                 a hospital
7     Content
7.1   Content          Content creation by consumers ("prosumer")
7.2   Composition      Content composition using technologies optimized for
                       near-real-time and intuitive scenarios

7.3   Adaptation       Content adaptation

7.4   Content          Content rights and copyright protection (incl. DRM)
7.5   Storage          Content storage facilities, storage optimized for
                       specific content

7.6   Healthcare       Healthcare records management

8     Trust
8.1   Protect          Personal information protection, privacy                  Provide personal services
8.2   Trust into       Trusted service providers, including mechanisms to        Service-providers are trusted
      service          build and to verify trust

8.3   Accountability   Service accountability, all services offered shall have
                       a clear concept for accountability, and technology
                       shall support this requirement.

8.4   trust based on Recommmendation-based trust model, improved and             Trust options based on communities and
      recommendatio further developed to overcome todays drawbacks.              opinions

                                                                                        - Incremental Table
8.5   SLAs             Service Level Agreements - an open, trusted                                                         Users trust the system to perform important
                       framework for establishing, measuring and comparing                                                 (maybe even mission critical) tasks: read
                       Quality of Service for networks, content, services etc.                                             imoprtant emails and access all the critical
                                                                                                                           applications of his company. The system needs to
                                                                                                                           be reliable.

8.6   Governance       Tools, methods and structures for establishing
      structures,      governance rules in a specific environment, such as a
      methods and      Service Platform.
8.7   Payment          Trusted payment mechanisms                                Payment services via Bartering services
      platforms and
9     Business
9.1   Content owners   Content owners business models

                                                                                        - Incremental Table
         Trust & Security:                       FISE Contribution:               Input from FISO on CIT-              RWI                            MANA
   ICT Infrastructure Scenario /                Everything connected                        INC                TeleHealth & EasyLife            Managing the Future

                                                                                                            Easy & remote management        Self-configuration

                                        Mobile handheld devices are the
                                        primary means for enjoying the internet
                                        Refrigerators, household machines and                               Also assembling reports of      Bundled services
                                        transport, connected to the internet,                               sensor devices, major
                                        accessible and controllable from                                    information gateway

                                        Integrated health services, automated                               Location, heath and other
                                        SOS calls, „real-time & targeted care-                              services
                                        giving“                                                             Integration of gaming and
                                                                                                            business / care technologies

Virtualization in combination with TC
allows separation of usages
allowing trusted virtual apps (CC)
Assuring privacy by default not
uncovering user information (CC)

community sharing by federating
(parts of) devices (CC)

                                                                                                            Priority navigation for
                                                                                                            emergency services
                                                                                                            Connectivity middleware

                                                                                                            Speech recogniton, synthetic
                                                                                                            voice technology integrated
                                                                                                            for usage with elderly people

                                                                                         - Incremental Table
                                         Health monitoring (pacemaker), pet                        Health data collection        Heart rate, location
                                         collars etc. to monitor the environment

                                         Local news on a jounrey

                                                                                                   Situation recognition

                                         Automated SOS cals by devices                             Synthesized text calls

                                                                                                   Health care case using
                                                                                                   sensor and health record

Composition and trading of services                                                                Health care helper
(SES)                                                                                              information is sold
All information is stored, acquired,
analyzed, aggregated allowing for
trails of everything including about
physical activities of real life. (IP)

                                                                                                   Health care helper services

                                                                                   - Incremental Table
                                            Posting content for community review
                                            and update
                                            Content creation becomes communal

                                            Opinion generation by prosumer action
                                            (swing photos)

                                                                                                                Also on mobile devices

                                            Retrieving content (videos etc.) to
                                            produce my own, new content (Best of

                                            Patient health records                  Personalized, predictive,   Early warning system based
                                                                                    integrative medecine. /     on sensor and health record
                                                                                    Holistic health record      information

Implement user-centric privacy
rights (e.g. right for removal etc.) (IP)
Prove trustworthiness of service
provider (comment SP: can that be
functionalized?) (ICT)
Transparency of services (SES)
Responsibility of actors can be
proven and used in court cases
Accountability of all services (incl.
sensors etc.) to legal persons (SES)

                                                                                             - Incremental Table
Businesses buying computing
power, database storage and
applications on service level at
enterprise class SLA‘s (availability,
integrity, confidentiality) (ICT)
Assurance of Services (SES)
Information stewardship - Data
controller principles (IP)

                                        Brokerless sharing and market for

                                                                            - Incremental Table
   Future Content Networks

Seamless connection

Interoperability of services and
Multifunctional devices (e.g.,
remote control with
communication capabilities)

Huge amounts of storage in
mobile devices
Wide-scale distributed storage of

                                    - Incremental Table
Interact with the environment
(e.g., read barcodes)
Intelligent camaras that focus on
what is needed at every moment

                                    - Incremental Table
New forms of content

Real.time automatic screen
composition when new services
demand screen space
In-line composition and rendering
of streams with personalized
Content Adaptation

Cross-border interoperable DRM

Massive databases

                                    - Incremental Table
Transparent charging mechanisms

Appealing business models for
content owners

                                  - Incremental Table
    ID        Functional                             Description                             Example Scenario BUS-VIS:              Example Scenario CIT-VIS:                 Trust & Security:
             requirement                                                                        „The Modalia Times“                 Me, Anywhere, Aboveware              ICT Infrastructure Scenario
1        Device and
         Access technology
1.1      Device            A very large number of different devices, most of them                                            Seamless and always on access to the
         independent       wireless and partly constantly on the move, are able to                                           Internet through various portable and
         internet access   access and be accessed through the Internet whatever                                              wareable mobile devices is available
                           and wherever they are, with a quality of service and a
                           reliability which is adapted to the device and/or the user.
                           Also access to profiles and information/service
                           preferences independent from the used device.

1.2      Access devices       Part of the device accessing the Internet are integrated                                       Most device is mobile and may be
         are integrated in    either in clothes, goods (e.g. containers, boxes, but also                                     embedded in clothes, glasses, or even in
         goods and bodies     fridge, glasses, etc.) or even in the human body (e.g.                                         the human body
                              health- or identification-related items, etc.)

1.3      Seamless          Connection is established automatically without any                                               Automatic dynamic adaptation of
         ubiquitous access configuration activity needed and switch of networks is                                           connectivity conditions
1.4      Helper device for Transmission and instant sharing of videos through the
         local events      Internet from and to various types of video enabled
                           devices (e.g. portable cameras, mobile phones, etc.);
                           possible immediate editing of such videos (e.g. in the
                           case of a live transmission)
1.5      Payment           NFC Payment using credit cards and other payment
                           credentials (aka a generalized „paypal“ like functionality)
                           also: virtual, anonymized money

1.6      Portals              Event-centric portals incl. access, additional material,
1.7      Extended             "Natural" interfaces for interacting both ways with Internet                                   Natural interfaces (voice, gesture) are
         interface usage      services e.g. voice, gesture, tactile, smell, emotions, etc.                                   common
                                                                                                                             3D is a standard way of communicating
                                                                                                                             and collaborating
                                                                                                                             Emotions are fully captured and
2        Network
2.1      Full seamless         A very large number of different device, most of them                                         Automatic and transparent handling of
         connectivity         wireless and partly constantly on the move, are able to                                        formats and networks (will there be
                              access and be accessed through the Internet whatever                                           networks or just a set of devices used to
                              and wherever they are, with a quality of service and a                                         form dynamic networks?) amongst the
                              reliability which is adapted to the device and/or the user -                                   various types of devices
                              Connection is established automatically without any
                              configuration activity needed and switch of networks is
                              seamless (identical to 1.1, but with focus on the
                              necessary network elements here)

2.2      Full ambient       Networks are adapted to various types of environments:
         available scalable home, VANs, PANs, etc. and allow for large scale
         networks           deployments whenever necessary
3        Context awareness

                                                                                                         - Visionary Table
3.1   Self-powered,        Sensors and actuators are used and embedded                       „Walking over piezo-pads or dynamic         Sensors and actuators have become
      networked sensors everywhere e.g. in buses or bus information systems to               redirection of pedestrian flows“            common place and are embedded
                           deliver instant schedule information, on the pavement to                                                      everywhere e.g. in buses or bus
                           detect pedestrian flows, on the road to redirect traffic,                                                     information systems to deliver instant
                           during sports events to monitor the game, etc.                                                                schedule information
3.1   Real-time location Real-time location of millions of sensors and device allow          „All vehicles, incl. passenger cars, are
      tracking of          for tracking all types of entities, therefore allowing multiple   location tracked real-time
      millions of entities services such as automatic redirection in case of traffic

3.2   Active monitoring      Sensors and other "tags" allow individual monitoring of                                                     Personal monitoring and sensing devices
      by personal            people and goods for the purpose of e.g. health (and                                                        may forward information to authorized
      sensors                leisure e.g. fitness), identification, access to services,                                                  individuals and doctors
                             schedule planning, etc.

3.3   Intelligent            Personal smart spaces, Body area networks

3.4   Navigation             Automatic driving of vehicles, including e.g. priority
                             navigation for emergency vehicles

3.5   Energy monitoring Energy management for mobile vehicles and device

4     Assistive
4.1   technology
      Active personal        Automatic personal assistance activated when required                                                       Assistance to individuals may be handled
      assistance based                                                                                                                   automatically e.g. depending on location
      on context                                                                                                                         and time schedule (see personalisation in
      information                                                                                                                        "trust and security")

4.2   (SP) Self-             Automatic adaptation of services offered based on context
      adaptation of          information (also part of service orchestration so some
      services               extent)

4.3   Energy saving          Contactless energy supply (not strictly an ICT requirement)

5     Semantic
5.1   Semantic               Automatic adaptation of services offered based on context „The Node provides you with the service you
      modeling of            information, modeling of services and their descriptions to are looking for“.
      personal services      be used in automated enriched service orchestrations

5.2   Semantic               Modeling of activities that are relevant for the                „Eco-bonus“, „Eco-management“               „Carbon footprint“ of people‘s activities
      modeling of            environment, such as e.g. "Carbon footprint" of people                                                      (travel, energy consumption)
      Environmental          and goods

                                                                                                                     - Visionary Table
5.3   Semantic           Modeling of activities that are relevant for health
      modeling of health
5.3   Learning &         Usage of behaviour and personal sources to optimize
      adaptation         automated decision making

6     Large-scale
6.1   Real-time route      Real-time route and capacity planning for millions of          Travel assistant for multi-modal
      and capacity         goods, people, services                                        recommendations (not new - exists already at
      planning for                                                                        logistics giants, „just“ a scalability issue)
      millions of goods,                                                                  Babysitter dispatching
      people, services.

6.2   Crisis-mode          Crisis-mode optimization of routing & capacity planning,       Snow storm: leave only those vehicles on the
      optimization of      integrated Business Continuity process enhancements            street that are really needed
      routing & capacity   with situational analysis and service adaptations              Salt machine & vehicle coordination
6.3   Trustworthy          User-enabled platform for information and services to be       „Anyone could develop services that would
      sharing of           able to integrate content and services developed by            optimise the traffic, or do other useful things“.
      computing            „everyone“, but at the same time assuring quality,
      systems including    trustworthiness and security like if there were one provider
      data                 only
6.4   Interaction on       Ad-hoc collaborative editing of internet-stored objects                                                            Interactions on Internet objects (e.g. a 3D
      internet objects                                                                                                                        document) can be made by all authorized
                                                                                                                                              connected individuals and seen by the
                                                                                                                                              other(s) instantaneously
                                                                                                                                              All collaborative environment including
                                                                                                                                              social interactions and gaming are
                                                                                                                                              instantly accessible and "shareable"
6.5   Data mining          Handling of massive amount of data issued from
                           numerous sources in numerous formats
7     Service
7.1   Ad-hoc integration   Different IT service applications today can only be coupled Redirecting citizens to Tele-Work and Tele-
      of systems           using manual adaptation work, even in SOA. This should      Teaching
      serving different    work ad-hoc, when certain emergency conditions are met. Discovering priorities and delimiting
      purposes                                                                         conditions from other contexts.
7.2   Service-On-          Service-On-Demand (coordination & registration of           Day-to-day diversification of Taxi driver              Virtual and real worlds are mixed and
      Demand               physical services) available on a large scale               business.                                              interconnected
      (coordination &
      registration of
      physical services)
7.3   Social interaction   Technology requirements for service development,                                                                   Social interactions (e.g. gaming) are
                           composition and retrieval coming from social effects of                                                            common ground and may lead to actual
                           using the platforms                                                                                                physical encounters

7.4   Rent-a-service       Share network or service resources on-demand, with little                                                                                                        Servers, Data, Data bases,
                           to no configuration time                                                                                                                                         applications, highly-complex
                                                                                                                                                                                            analytic computations etc. all
                                                                                                                                                                                            are rented „on demand“
                                                                                                                                                                                            (OpEx) (ICT)
7.5   Service trading      Individual service trading (ebay model): instead of trading
                           goods, trade services (buying, selling, etc.)
7.6   Added                Register and monitor business processes according to
      qualification of     specific attributes, e.g. energy consumption of business
      business process     processes
8     eGovernment

                                                                                                                   - Visionary Table
8.1   Active, multi-       Active, multi-modal complete citizen poll                   Get citizens consent in 12 hrs.
      modal complete
8.2   Policy &             Policy & Governance rules modeling and technical            „The Major of Modalia had figured out the
      Governance rules     implementation                                              rhigt governance conditions...“
      modeling and

9    Community
9.1  development
     Use communities       Usage of communities for taking advantage in real-ife                                                          Meet facebook friends in the same bar,
     for real-life                                                                                                                        LinkedIn contacts on a fair
     advantages &
9.2 Medecine social        Building a community for exchanging and discussing
     network               health-relevant information
9.3 Voting                 e-Voting: trusted online voting systems
10   Content creation
10.1 Prosumer              Consumers producing content and distributing it massively

10.2 Interviews       Multi-modal online interview technologies and scenarios
10.3 Enhanced content Enhanced 3D content creation, transmission and retrieval,
                      adaptation of formats and networks to content

11   Trust
11.1 Prevent identity      Prevention against identity impersonation, secure         As collaboration is instantaneous, it should be
     impersonation         authentication mechanisms, but also reactive technologies trustworthy: preventing identity impersonation
                           to trace impersonation attempts. Needs also legal backup. is critical

11.2 Spam- and             Protection against spamming and phishing                    As most exchanges will be virtual, protection
     phising-freedom                                                                   against spamming and phishing (and
                                                                                       whatever will be invented to pollute the virtual
                                                                                       worlds) will be critical
11.3 Overriding of         Prevention against problems related to personalized         Personalisation could be handled
     personalization       environment and services                                    automatically but could be manually
                                                                                       overridden if necessary (see "immersive and
                                                                                       assistive technology") -automatic prevention
                                                                                       of problems could be available as well
11.4 Ubiquitous            Prevention against unauthorized access and modification     Handling of Internet objects should be
     authorization         of Internet objects                                         restricted to authorized individuals (or groups)

11.5 Protection of       Privacy protection                                            Privacy protection and confidentiality when
     personal                                                                          accessing, sharing or sending personal
     information                                                                       and/or sensitive information is critical
11.6 Legal globalization Todays environment is governed by local laws impacting                                                                                                    Managing legal localization in
                         internet usage. There is a need for globalized legal                                                                                                      the „cloud“, addressing cross-
                         frameworks for improving trust and security in the future                                                                                                 border differences to the
                         internet                                                                                                                                                  benefit of the business, (ICT)
11.7 Trust management Trust management, tools, processes and methodologies                                                                                                         Negotiating and managing
                         for establishing, assessing and removing trust                                                                                                            trust relationships at every
                                                                                                                                                                                   layer (networks, services,
                                                                                                                                                                                   systems, organizations
                                                                                                                                                                                   seamlessly. (ICT)

                                                                                                               - Visionary Table
12   Mixed reality world

12.1 Interconnected 3D 3D context-sensitive environment                                                Virtual and real worlds are mixed and
     mixed reality                                                                                     interconnected, Interactions on Internet
     environments                                                                                      objects (e.g. a 3D document)

12.2 Collaboration         Personalised collaborative environments for social                          Social interactions (e.g. gaming) are
                           interaction, gaming and innovative business concepts.                       common ground and may lead to actual
                                                                                                       physical encounters

                                                                                   - Visionary Table
Input from FISE on CIT-VIS   Input from FISO on BUS-VIS                 RWI                                  RWI                                   RWI                                     MANA: Rockband
                                 CIT-VIS: no additions          Emmas Commute CIT-VIS           Telehealth monitoring CIT-VIS /   Internet of Energy CIT-VIS & BUS-VIS

                                                                                                                                  Digital information services over different
                                                                                                                                  heterogeneous networks is fully available
                                                                                                                                  allowing services to be personalized to
                                                                                                                                  match the individual's needs

                                                                                                                                                                                Personal video glasses with augmented
                                                                                                                                                                                reality technology

                                                                                                                                                                                At shows, use device as local screen,
                                                                                                                                                                                able to choose camera views

                                                          NFC Payment using credit cards

                                                                                                                                                                                Event-centric portals incl. access,
                                                                                                                                                                                additional material, communities
                                                                                                                                                                                smell, tactile, etc.
                                                                                                                                                                                Personal video glasses with augmented
                                                                                                                                                                                reality technology. Smell, tactile, etc.

                                                                                                                                  Context are transported across network        Automatic rerouting, self-healing
                                                                                                                                  services and connected to each other          capabilities using all available network

                                                                                                                                                                                VANs, PANs, etc.

                                                                                           - Visionary Table
                                                                                                            All collected in / reported to mobile

                                                                                                            Alternative location determination (fail-                                                  location of mobile users in a concert

RFID chips "tag" all living beings                             integrating information about real-world     Health sensors
as well as objects, allowing                                   activities into schedule planning
identification and access to                                   Fitness monitoring

                                     personal smart spaces     Update of schedule, adenda matching                                                      Home services goal-driven
                                                               Body area network                                                                        Personalized services based on context

                                                               Automatic drive will be available, thus      Priority navigation for ambulances (and
                                                               fighting road congestion and decreasing      others) incl. sign control and traffic
                                                               pressure on drivers                          analysis

                                                                                                                                                        Energy monitoring & analysis
                                                                                                                                                        Real-time e-metering
                                                                                                                                                        Turning on/off devices, goal-driven
                                                                                                                                                        scheduling of tasks (e.g. low energy
                                                                                                                                                        consumption) etc can be done
                                                                                                                                                        Electric cars are able to intelligently use
                                                                                                                                                        the electricity network and they are aware
                                                                                                                                                        of the user’s daily activities; as such they
                                                                                                                                                        can charge themselves accordingly

Geographical tracking could lead                                                                            Call-center walk-through using additional
to "carbon footprint" records                                                                               sensor information
helping automatic assistance to
provide appropriate advice

Physical environment "knowledge" context aware discovery and
would lead to a better adaptation proactivity
of services to be offered

                                                                                                                                                        Energy monitoring & analysis for alerting
                                                                                                                                                        upcoming energy issues (ex: fridge
                                                                                                                                                        consumes more than planned)

                                                               „Personal carbon footprint tax credits“                                                  Carbon footprints of goods

                                                                                                          - Visionary Table
                                                                                                                        Electronic health record & sensors
                                                                                                                        indicate early warnings, sensor data to be
                                                                                                                        stored online
                                     Usage of behaviour and personal Behaviour learning, pattern recognition in
                                     sources to optmize automated    human behaviour and habits combined
                                     decision making                 with digital content

                                     Road gritting, hom-help-services     Car pooling, integrating traffic and          Doctor routing depending on availability,    Intelligent routing and planning
                                     for the elderly based on whether     weather conditions / Coordinated,             skills, location and traffic conditions.     Dynamic, decentralized & market driven
                                     forecast (BUS-VIS)                   automatic drive, dynamic time tables                                                       energy distribution
                                                                          adjusted on conditions and demand

                                     ntegrated emergency handling

                                     „Modalia city centre“ as platform
                                     for citizens to not only consume,
                                     but also add their services to the
                                     Node (BUS-VIS)

                                                                          Coordinated, automatic drive

                                     Mass data crawling of different

3D Books are both object and         „Modal shop“ - demand driven         Automatic offers of interent services for                                                  Intelligent consumption of energy (electric
subject of interaction - how will    sales platform integrating           users depending on location and agenda                                                     cars); dynamic energy price depending
this impact on mental health?        offerings and price optimizations    Automated booking of showers after                                                         on free availability and consumption
                                     (covering travel) incl. alerting.    cycling
Could individuals' perception be
afftected? Could this lead to a
modification of the relationships
between the individual and society
or government?

                                                                                                                                                                     endividual energy trading (ebay model)

                                                                                                                                                                     Energy consumption of business

                                                                                                                      - Visionary Table
Competition between                  A fully open platform could lead                                      Data aggregation allowing for optimal
governments could lead to            to authorizing the creation of                                        market (de-)regulation
isolated islands of Internet         additional services by
access: who should rule the          governments but also local and
Internet to protect against          regional public bodies and even
protectionism and favor              individual citizens

                                     Community services added by                                                                                   Meeting with community members at
                                     communities to the „Node“, such                                                                               places like rock shows
                                     as SchoolBus, NightSafe

                                                                          Use of the networks for sensor
                                                                          information pattern analysis
                                                                                                                                                   Voting using local networks

                                                                                                                                                   Interactive online interview

Protection should be available
against devices are available to
fake emotions allowing inauthentic
communication and psychological

                                                                        - Visionary Table
3D Books are both object and
subject of interaction - how will
this impact on mental health?

                                    personal smart spaces                       Home services goal-driven, Personalized Interactive online interview
                                                                                services based on context information

                                                            - Visionary Table
    MANA: Autonomic internet,                   Future Content Networks
  4WARD (others no scneario, and                        Scenarios

                                             Wearable devices (e.g., glasses
                                             with screen monitors)

Support for different players in network

                                             Small scale holographic projections
                                             Emotion capturing and
                                             All senses are involved

Self-configuration, self-performance
and self-fault management for all
network technologies, bridging
„Network transparency“
„Terminal transparency“
Quality of Service needed for long-term
reliable usage
Large scale deployments

Home environment
Fight against the "death of the Internet":
invent a new Internet

                                                                                   - Visionary Table
Sports monitoring (olympics)

Emergency services, accessing the   Schedulling and (vehicule) routing
end-user equipment                  based on real-time data

                                    Energy efficient
                                    Contactless energy supply

                                                                         - Visionary Table
Dynamic instantiation of services and
related network functions

Bypassing a museum - content is
advertised on mobile devices
Ad-hoc Augmented Internet

Sharing of resources across operators

                                        - Visionary Table
Virtual communities, community service
covers transparently all underlying
services and infrastructure elements

Prosumer scenario - publishing films
real-time from a mobile capturing device

                                           Free viewpoint 3D technologies
                                           3D video and audio are accurately
                                           captured and regenerated
                                           Content is adapted to the most
                                           suitable presentation mode
                                           Content representation that scales
                                           from HD+ to small mobile devices

                                           Information from personal
                                           monitoring and sensing devices

                                                                                - Visionary Table
Virtual and real worlds are
seamlessly mixed and
Natural interfaces (e.g., gesture,
voice, touch)
Context sensitivity simplifies user
Virtual presence in meetings

                                      - Visionary Table

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