Tudor Warfare

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					   Tudor Warfare

By Kwabena, Robert, Lewis
1.   War of the Roses
2.   Formation of War
3.   Spanish Armada
4.   Peace between England and France
5.   Weapons
             War of the Roses
The War of the Roses
  first broke out in 1455
  it was between the
  represented by King
  Richard III and the
  yorkist represented
  by Henry Tudor. They
  fought for the throne.
         The Formation of War
•   Dismounted men-at-arm archers.
•   Archers would possibly be at the back.
•   Horsemen at front.
•   And foot soldiers behind horsemen.
•   Tudors were good at close combat there
    main task was to fire a rail of arrows at
    there enemy's.
The Spanish Armada
         The Spanish Armada
           King Phillip II of Spain
           became angry with
           Elizabeth I because
           she was encouraging
           her sea dogs to attack
           the Spanish ships she
           was also helping
           Dutch protester rebel
Peace between England and France
England and France often fought each other
 to decide who should rule different parts of
 France but in 1520 England and France
 made peace. Henry VIII invited Francis I to
 a banquet and tournament in northern
 France. This was said to be eighth wonder
 world. No money was given to even
 fountains and wine.
• They used rope to stop cannons firing.
• Swords were mostly used by foot-soldiers.
• Archers could use fire to stop the opponents
  from reaching them.

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