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									Heidelberg College

Partnership Provides
                                                                       January 25, 2008
                                                                     Volume 117 Issue 6
                                                              Informing The Campus Community Since 1894

                                                                        “A Greener Beeghly”: Library
                                                                                                                                                                                       Tiffin, Ohio

Opportunities Overseas                                                  Anticipates Savings on Electricity
Amanda Hanning                                                          Maurice Harris
Staff Writer                         trial period for a year and then,   Staff Writer
   Next semester Heidelberg if approved by the National Cre-                Here at Heidelberg Col-
will be offering classes in Liege, dentialing Agency (NCA), it will      lege, Beeghly Library is one
Belgium, for students work- expand into a four-year program             of the largest and most dis-
ing toward a business or sports where students can work toward          tinct-looking buildings on
management bachelor’s degree.       their bachelor’s degree. Wein-      campus.
   These classes are the result of inger believes that the program          Many students use the
a partnership between the Roy- could someday grow by adding             library for its wide variety of
al Racing Football Club Mon- more majors, summer programs               books and resources. Every
tagnee and Heidelberg. Accord- or even graduate programs.               now and then you might see
ing to the Heidelberg Web site,        This program is a great          a student doze off at one of
Royal Racing Football Club opportunity for Heidelberg stu-              the desks.
Montagnee (RRFCM) is an dents. It gives them the chance                     “Beeghly Library is just
organization                                           in the very      what you need when you’re
“that     offers      “As far as we know, there is      near future to   looking for a quiet place to
students the         no other program like this        study abroad     study,” said Heidelberg stu-
opportunity to       anywhere in the world.”           in Liege. The    dent Billy Jenkins.
develop pro-                                           cost of study-       Recently Beeghly Library
fessional-level      – Dr. David Weininger,            ing in Bel-      made what many students
soccer skills        Dean of the College               gium will be     and faculty consider to be a
in a Europe-                                           almost     the   smart – and environmentally         In addition to recycling efforts already in place, Beeghly recently installed more energy-
                                                                                                            efficient lightbulbs. This new lighting contributes to the relaxing environment for students
an setting.” The RRFCM has same as studying in Tiffin.                    friendly – move. The library        to do research and work on papers. (Photo by Ris Cashdollar)
a five-acre sports complex just The financial aid that a student          replaced its incandescent
outside of Liege.                   receives in Tiffin will transfer to   bulbs with more energy-effi-
   According to Vice President the programs in Belgium.                 cient fluorescent ones.                times as much as the previous                      Although the fluorescent
for Academic Affairs and Dean           One big perk to studying in          According to Director of          incandescent bulbs, but have six                bulbs cost four times as much,
of the College Dr. David Wein- Belgium is the location. Liege           Library Services Ed Krako-            times as long a life span.                      they last much longer and are
inger, many of the athletes that is close to the borders of Ger-        ra, this change should lead to            Incandescent bulbs have a                   predicted to save Heidelberg
are a part of this elite club were many and the Netherlands. This       a “very noticeable drop in the        life span of about 1500 hours,                  more than $1800 a year on the
scouted from the United States makes for some great opportu-            electric bill” for Beeghly.           whereas fluorescent bulbs have a                 electric bill as compared to the
and Canada by RRFCM.                nities to sightsee and experience       Krakora also noted that the       life span of 10,000 hours.                      incandescent bulbs.
   Although the RRFCM and other cultures.                               new fluorescent bulbs only use             Jeff Brickner, Heidelberg’s                     Overall, no one seems to
Heidelberg have started a part-        Although the main lan-           approximately 27 percent of           head electrician, initiated the                 object to the new lights and
nership, they are still two sepa- guages in Belgium are Flem-           the energy that the incandes-         idea of installing energy-effi-                   their noticeably brighter shine
rate entities, meaning not every- ish, French and German, most          cent bulbs used. Such energy          cient bulbs in the library.                     in the library. It seems as if stu-
one involved with RRFCM has people in Belgium use English               efficiency could lead to essen-             Brickner brought the propos-                dents and faculty alike support
to be enrolled in Heidelberg’s as a second means of communi-            tial savings of 70 percent on the     al to Morrison during the sum-                  the library’s move to become “A
program.                            cation. The classes offered there    electric bill. Krakora expects to     mer, and, after Morrison looked                 Greener Beeghly.”
   This program was started to will be taught in English.               see a decrease within a month         at the numbers, he came to the
give the athletes at RRFCM a           This new program is unique.      or two.                               conclusion that “it was an easy,                   For tips on increasing energy
chance to get both professional Weininger stated, “As far as we             Associate Vice President for      quick payback.” Brickner, along                 efficiency, visit the Office of the
level coaching and higher edu- know, there is no other pro-             Facilities and Engineering Rod        with Custodian Kelly Brooks,                    Ohio Consumers’ Council Web site
cation.                             gram like this anywhere in the      Morrison pointed out that the         installed the fluorescent bulbs                  at
   The new program will be in a world.”                                 fluorescent bulbs cost about four      over winter break.                              energy/energyefficiency.shtml
     News                           Opinion                             Campus                                Sports                                          Entertainment

     Courthouse Tours         2     Campus Voting                3      New Majors                   4        Men’s Basketball                      6         “Juno” Review                          8
     Heath Ledger             2     Drunk Driving                3      Financial Aid Renewal        4        Fantasy Baseball                      6         Nintendo Wii                           8
     Kilikilik Mailbox        2     Facebook                     3      Scholars Day                 5        LSU vs. OSU                           7         WGA Strike                             8
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Page 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Kilikilik
                                                                                                                                                                                                   January 25, 2008

 Seneca County
 Courthouse Tours
   The outpouring of inter-           guides, with training and assis-
est in seeing the historic Sene-      tance provided by Michigan
ca County Courthouse prompt-          Capitol Tour and Information
ed the county commissioners to        Services representatives.
agree to open the building on             All are welcome. Enter at the
two additional weekends.              East Market Street entrance to
   Guided      tours    occurred      the Courthouse. Written scripts
Jan. 19 and 20 and will be            of the tours and exhibits will
offered again on Saturday and          be available in the ground floor
Sunday Feb. 16 and 17 from 1-4        rotunda for visitors unable to
p.m.                                  take the stairs.
   The Seneca County Com-                 This is an opportunity to learn
missioners are offering the tours      about the historic significance of
in cooperation with the Tiffin          the building and its architecture,
Historic Trust in an effort to         to explore the potential of reha-
provide the county citizens an        bilitation, to see first-hand the
opportunity to see the building       condition of the building and to
prior to voting on a bond issue       form conclusions concerning its
that will appear on the March 4       service and future.                               Tours of the Seneca County Courthouse are being offered by the Seneca County Comissioners in cooperation with the Tiffin
ballot.                                   For more information, please                  Historic Trust. This will give county residents an opportunity to view the building inside and out before voting on the March 4
   Local citizens will serve as       call 419-447-4789.                                ballot issue. (Photo by Devon Walsh)

                     The Kilikilik Mailbox                                                                                        Heath Ledger’s Sudden
                                                                                                                                  Death Shocks Students
                                                                                                                                 Ris Cashdollar
                                                                                                                                 Editor in Chief

                                                                                                                                     Around 6 p.m. on Tuesday                     have expressed their shock and
                                                                                                                                 Jan. 22 there was one phrase                     sadness.
                                                                                                                                 that could be heard all across                      Some of his popular roles
                                                                                                                                 Heidelberg with varying degrees                  included performances in “10
                                                                                                                                 of sadness or disbelief.                         Things I Hate About You,” “The
                                                                                                                                     “Did you hear? Heath Ledger                  Patriot,” “Brokeback Mountain,”
                                      0 , 2 0 07                                                                                                                                  “The Brothers Grimm” and
                              D ec . 1                          i l ik
                                                                                                                                 is dead!”
                                                     e K i l ik                                                                      According to the Washington                  “A Knight’s Tale.” The fi lming
                                        E  ditor, Th
                              To the                                                                                             Post, 28-year-old actor Heath                    was already completed for his
                                                                                                                                 Ledger was found dead in his                     part in the new Batman movie,
                                                                  ha m            t,
                                   From liam T. Wick Managemen                                                                   apartment with prescription                      scheduled to be released July 18,
                                   Dr  . Wil rofessor of                                                                         sleeping pills scattered nearby.                 2008.
                                              us P
                                    Emerit erg Col lege                                          delberg                                                                             Based on the instantaneous
                                                                                          ed Hei                                 He was found by his housekeeper
                                           elb                                    of retir the group.                            at 3:30 p.m.                                     Internet reactions it is apparent
                                    Heid                                   group nks of
                                                                   d by a           a
                                                    nd    elegate col lective th                      his
                                                                                                                                     An autopsy planned for Jan.                  that this loss is felt by many fans
                                     Ih   ave bee egister the                                 er of P                            23 should reveal the cause of                    across the country.
                                               y to r                                 a numb severa l
                                      facult                                  one by mes of                                      death; results of the autopsy were                  Students on campus have had
                                                                     work d            o
                                                       s is for the aves at the h                                                not available prior to publication.              a wide range of reactions to news
                                        Th e thank rak ing the le                                                                Until more facts are known, his                  of the actor’s sudden death.
                                        and Ex acult y memb
                                                                      er s.                          in, but
                                                                                             cold ra                             publicist asks the public to hold                   Kilikilik        Entertainment
                                         ret i re df                                  aves in anner. We
                                                                                ing le tive m                                    off on speculation.                               Editor Ben King expressed his
                                                                       ere rak         uc              tit ude.
                                                    e  c a se s they w sitive, constr ciate their at                                 Ledger’s death leaves behind                 surprise at the news.
                                          In som sisted in a po and we appre                                                     not only his parents and family,                    Senior Deena Marlette
                                           t hey pe e their help,                                                                but his two-year-old daughter                    reacted with disbelief then
                                            appr  eciat                                                                          Matilda. Several news articles                   sadness at the loss of such a
                                                                  s,                                                             have preferred to focus instead                  young and attractive actor.
                                                        ly Your             ha m
                                             Sincere liam T. Wick y)                                                             on the incomplete movies left in                    A minority of students such
                                                        il              ult
                                              Dr. W retired fac                                                                  the wake of his death.                           as senior Andrew Sather found
                                               (For th                                                                               Many actors and directors                    themselves asking questions
                                                                                                                                 who have worked with Ledger                      such as “Who is Keith Ledger?”
                                                                                                                                                                               Page 3
                                                                                                                                                                           The Kilikilik
                                                                                                                                                                     January 25, 2008

Encouraging Voting On Campus                                                                                     Facebook: Not Just for
Mindy Lester
Staff Writer
                                     the same time if more people go      vote; it is about getting people       Stalking Anymore
   Whether college students are      to vote, it will make a big dif-     informed.                              Amanda Riley
                                                                                                                 Staff Writer                           lar candidate, Republican Ron
unaware, unconcerned or just         ference. It only takes one vote to       At Heidelberg there are some
occupied with other things, a lot    start everything off.                 people that are doing just that.          “My job is a decision-mak-         Paul, has 72,354 supporters.
of them do not vote.                    The one thing that I think        Keenan Jones, Student Senate           ing job, and as a result, I make          With numbers like these, it
   Some say they do not know         is worse than not voting is vot-     member and vice president of           a lot of decisions.” –George W.       would be foolish not to use this
about or like the people who are     ing for somebody just to vote.       fellowship for Alpha Phi Ome-          Bush, The Decider, Lancaster,         media outlet as a campaigning
running. Many are not regis-         There are a lot of young people      ga, said that Student Senate,          Pa., Oct. 3, 2007. As our cur-        tool. I am personally a supporter
tered, do not know when voting       who will vote for candidates just    Young Democrats and Young              rent president so coyly stated,       of Barack Obama. When I go to
happens or do not have a way to      because that is who their parents    Republicans are all teaming up         the job of president comes with       his Facebook page, not only does
get to a voting poll. Many oth-      support or that is the person that   to produce a pamphlet about the        the pressure of making decisions      he have videos of his speeches
ers think that their vote does not   the people around them prefer.       presidential candidates.               for billions.                         and his stances on certain issues,
count because there have been           If you vote for someone that          In addition, Alpha Phi Ome-           Being a college student, it is     but he also has his favorite mov-
accusations of cheating at dif-      you don’t know anything about,       ga helped students register to         easy to get caught up in the class-   ies, songs and interests listed. It
ferent voting sites in the past or   that is just as bad as not voting    vote by holding a rally on Thurs-      es, the drama of a social circle      is a much more personal feeling
because they are only one per-       at all. You could be giving your     day, Jan. 24 where students could      and future plans. But how con-        to know that I not only know
son.                                 vote to someone that might be        come and enjoy pizza while fill-        cerned are we about the future        where he stands on war, but that
     I think that it is true that    against what you believe. It’s       ing out forms for absentee bal-        of our country? I have to wonder      he likes to kick back and watch
one vote doesn’t count, but at       not just about getting people to     lots.                                  how the politicians of today can      “The Godfather” and “The God-
                                                                                                                 reach a generation that feels left    father: Part II.”
                                                                                                                 in the dust by the political cam-         In the past years presidential
                                                                                                                 paigns and candidates.                candidates have tried to make
Avoiding Alcohol-Related Accidents:                                                                                 “It’s not official unless it is on
                                                                                                                 Facebook.” If you haven’t heard
                                                                                                                                                       a connection with the younger
                                                                                                                                                       generation. I distinctly remem-
Is Following the Rules Enough?                                                                                   this phrase around Heidelberg’s
                                                                                                                 campus, you haven’t been listen-
                                                                                                                                                       ber former President Bill Clin-
                                                                                                                                                       ton appearing on MTV in hopes
Laurie Kaltenmeier
                                     be safe. Now, because of one             It has been said that because      ing. At Heidelberg alone there        of winning over the young. It
Staff Writer
                                     person’s bad decision, the per-      there have been more rules set         are 1,688 students using Face-        seemed as if that worked in his
    Imagine yourself driving
                                     son you spent most of your life      into place dealing with drunk          book and more than 60 mil-            benefit. This year all the can-
down the highway. Your best
                                     growing up with is gone.             driving, the number of accidents       lion users worldwide. As this         didates are making that extra
friend is in the passenger seat.
                                         Things like this do occur. The   has decreased.                         Web site continues to be one of       effort.
Both of you have your seat-
                                     Detroit News stated in “Wrong-           This may be true, but it does      the most popular on campuses              For instance, you can vis-
belts on and you are following
                                     way driver kills five in Tole-        not take away the severity of the      across the nation, it has become      it Barack Obama’s Web site on
the speed limit. Yes, the music
                                     do” that six minutes is all that     accidents that do still occur. It      a powerful communication and          MySpace. There are also links
is turned up exceptionally high,
                                     Michael Gagnon needed to kill        seems as if these existing rules       persuasion tool.                      on Obama’s Facebook page to
but you are completely aware
                                     five people in a fatal car accident   for drunk driving are useless.            Politicians are taking note        Youtube where videos of his
of your surroundings and you
                                     on Jan. 1 of this year.              Rules do not fi x people’s stupid-      of the power the younger gen-         speeches are available.
know where you are going.
                                         Driving while impaired,          ity.                                   eration has on the polls. ABC             As the months continue there
    You put on your turn signal
                                     Gagnon made his way down                 Driving safely is not enough       News has created an application       will be more and more speech-
as you turn onto the exit ramp.
                                     Interstate 280 and drove the         to prevent an accident. There          on Facebook called U.S. politics.     es and debates televised. Every
Suddenly, you see headlights
                                     wrong way onto an exit ramp.         will always be that one person         Once a student adds this to his       television station will be full of
coming your way. It is the last
                                     A family of eight in a van was       who makes a bad choice, some-          or her Facebook page, the user        advertisements supporting can-
thing you remember from that
                                     making its way down the same         one that leaves their common           can pick a politician to support.     didates. These may or may not
                                     ramp, not expecting a truck to       sense behind and drives under          On the politics home page there       catch our attention, but that is
    Awakening in a hospital bed,
                                     be coming toward them. The           the influence. Within moments           are a number of pages listed for      no reason to be uninformed this
you panic. What happened?
                                     F-350 that Gagnon was driv-          of driving, he or she could pos-       students to gather information.       year.
Where is your best friend? News
                                     ing collided with the van. The       sibly kill five people.                    The four categories include            With each candidate readily
has it that a drunk driver drove
                                     mother and four children were            Do not let that person be you.     politicians, election pulse,          willing to give you any informa-
onto the exit ramp from the
                                     killed, leaving only the father      It is about thinking before act-       debate groups and latest news.        tion you need or want to know,
opposite direction and hit the
                                     and two other children as the        ing. You may think that some-          Most of these are self-explan-        it is time to become interested. I
car you were in head-on.
                                     survivors.                           thing tragic may never happen          atory; the categories have facts      strongly believe that this year’s
    It only took a few more sec-
                                         Tragic accidents like this       to you, but life is full of surpris-   about the election process thus       election is the time for change.
onds for matters to get worse.
                                     happen all the time whether you      es.                                    far, information about the can-       It is the time for our generation
Your best friend was thrown out
                                     hear about them or not. Accord-          Do not let an alcohol-related      didates and polls.                    to be heard.
of the vehicle and did not sur-
                                     ing to the Greater Dallas Coun-      fatal accident be the kind of sur-        As of Jan. 13, there were              So as clichéd as it may seem,
vive the accident. Why did this
                                     cil on Alcohol and Drug Abuse,       prise life brings you. As a teach-     577,472 people who chose to           every vote counts. Please be
have to happen? You and your
                                     45 percent of all car accidents      er of mine once told me: make          support a specific candidate.          informed and use all the tools
best friend have always followed
                                     are alcohol-related.                 wise choices.                          Democratic candidate Barack           that are literally at your finger-
the rules and tried your best to
                                                                                                                 Obama has 237,014 supporters,         tips to make an educated vote
                                                                                                                 while the second most popu-           for your future.
                                                                                                                                                                          Page 4
                                                                                                                                                                      The Kilikilik
                                                                                                                                                                January 25, 2008

Two New Majors To Be Offered in 2008-09 Catalog                                                                                                            Campus
Kasi Turek
Staff Writer                       es some flexibility not present in      interests of students attracted to   and examines confl icts in vari-
   Heidelberg students will the old curriculum.” According               the biological and environmen-       ous areas of society and author-
have two new areas of study to to Dr. Berger, most tracks have           tal sciences.                        ity.                                      BEC Musician:
choose from next fall: Environ- the option to take one elective to           It will help to more effective-       Through the interdisciplin-            Beau Bristow
mental Science and Criminal complete the required hours.                 ly market Heidelberg’s Water         ary approach students will gain           Tuesday, Jan. 29
Justice. These two majors will be    The new major contains few-         Resources program to poten-          a broader knowledge of skills                 8 p.m.
included in the 2008-09 under- er required hours than the cur-           tial students and takes care of      that they will need to apply to         Campus Center Lobby
graduate catalog.                 rent major, as well as offering         the need for the curriculum to       the problems of social justice
   These new majors have                                                 conform with those commonly          and community safety.                     Faculty Research
been in development for “At least two years have been spent              found at other colleges and uni-         According to Heidelberg’s                Symposium
some time.According to on completing this development                    versities.                           Web site criminal justice majors          Thursday, Feb. 14
Dr. Amy Berger, associ- [for the Environmental Science                       This is also in response to      will also benefit from instruc-               3 - 5:20 p.m.
ate professor of geology, major].”                                       administrative requests that         tion by practitioners: people           Aigler and Brenneman
“At least two years have                                                 departments across campus            who have been out in the field,
been spent on complet- – Dr. Amy Berger, Associate                       explore possibilities for stream-    as well as those who have stud-          Student Research
ing this development [for Professor of Geology                           lining their course offerings and     ied criminal justice theory.                Conference
the Environmental Sci-                                                   organizational structures.               Criminal Justice majors at            Tuesday, Feb. 19
ence major].”                     students a choice between com-             The second new major that        Heidelberg will be required               10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
   The new Environmental Sci- pleting an internship and com-             will be offered at Heidelberg         to take part in an internship.         College Hall and Bareis
ence program replaces the cur- pleting an independent research           is Criminal Justice. This area       This internship may be com-              Keynote Speaker:
rent Water Resources and Envi- project.                                  of study is an interdisciplinary     pleted through the Washing-               Dr. Patty Kubow
ronmental Biology programs           It also gives general educa-        major.                               ton Semester program. This is
with a single major. Environ- tion students another lab option               According to the Heidelberg      an experience that allows for the     Women’s Professional
mental Science will offer four through the Environmental                  Web site, the major incorporates     study of law and justice issues in   Development Conference
tracks: biology, chemistry, geol- Science courses at the 100 level.      ideas and methods from a num-        Washington, D.C.                     “Healthy Choices for Life”
ogy and water resources; an          Dr. Berger mentioned that           ber of academic areas.                   These two options will offer           Friday, Feb. 29
Environmental Studies minor the           Environmental Science              The Criminal Justice major       great opportunities for students           2:30 - 7 p.m.
will also be available.           major was created to meet vari-        takes into account explanations      who want to pursue a career in           Campus Center
   Dr. Berger also stated that ous objectives. One was a desire          of human actions, studies the        the Criminal Justice or Envi-           Keynote Speaker:
“the new curriculum introduc- to meet the changing needs and             institutions of public authority     ronmental Science fields.                   Barbie Tootle

Free Application for Federal Student Aid Renewal Process Explained
    It is time to fi le your Renew-       Access your information:        cial arrangements before going       demic progress mandated by the       cost. Deadline for Fall 2008 is
al-Free Application for Federal      Once you have a PIN, you can        home for the summer.                 Federal government.                  Feb. 28. Limited financial aid is
Student Aid (FAFSA) for the          electronically access your infor-       Student employment hiring           To maintain SAP at Heidel-        available.
2008-09 academic year at www.        mation at You     cards required: We will con-         berg, full-time students must            If you have any questions or                        will only need to update infor-     tinue the current hiring process     pass 24 semester hours the pri-      concerns, stop by the Financial
    You can access your renewal      mation that has changed since       for student employees. All stu-      or year and maintain the min-        Aid Office in College Hall, call
information using your PIN on        last year. Processing is free and   dents will be required to have       imum required GPA based              ext. 2293 or e-mail at financial-
the Web. Please complete the         secure, and generally is com-       either work study eligibility or     upon the total hours attempted.
renewal by March 1.                  plete 7 to 14 days faster than if   a non-work study job approved        Please refer to the college cata-        College Goal Sunday: Col-
    We encourage you to sub-         you fi lled out and mailed a paper   through the Financial Aid            log for specific grade point aver-    lege Goal Sunday offers college
mit your 2008-09 renewal over        application.                        Office and listed on the Finan-        age requirements. Please review      students FREE, professional
the Internet. If you do not have         Financial aid awards in         cial Aid Award before they           your status, so you are aware of     help fi lling out the Free Appli-
a PIN, you will need to obtain       OASIS2 for 2008-09: Finan-          begin to work. All supervisors       your own progress.                   cation for Federal Student Aid
one before you begin.                cial aid awards will be avail-      will have a hiring card that will       Off-campus living: Students        (FAFSA). Pre-registration for
    Get a PIN: Your PIN num-         able online in OASIS2. We will      be signed by both the supervi-       wishing to live off campus must       this event is highly encouraged.
ber will serve as your electron-     notify you through your Heidel-     sor and student prior to employ-     apply for approval through the           On Feb. 10, beginning
ic signature. It will also be your   berg e-mail address when your       ment.                                Office of Residence Life before        promptly at 2 p.m., financial aid
password to access information       award is ready.                         Satisfactory Academic Pro-       their financial aid award can be      professionals will be available to
on Student Financial Aid Sys-            The Financial Aid Office will     gress: Before your financial aid      packaged to reflect this status.      walk students and their families
tems.                                begin releasing awards in March     will be official, we must review          Studying abroad: The Finan-       through the financial aid appli-
    To get a PIN number or           for returning students who have     grades and hours passed for Sat-     cial Aid Office requests students      cation. Feel free to attend the
request a duplicate, go to www.      complete FAFSA fi les and no         isfactory Academic Progress          to notify the office directly if       site most convenient for you. Your PIN will be         unsatisfactory academic issues.     (SAP). In order to be eligible       they will be participating in a          To view a list of the sites
mailed or e-mailed to you. Both      This earlier release is beneficial   to receive financial aid for the      study abroad program so finan-        in Ohio and to pre-register,
the student and one parent need      for the students and their fami-    2008-09 school year, students        cial aid awards can be pack-         visit www.ohiocollegegoalsun-
to have a PIN.                       lies to take care of their finan-    must maintain satisfactory aca-      aged according to the program’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Page 5
                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Kilikilik
                                                                                                                                                                                                     January 25, 2008

Heidelberg Scholars Day: Recruiting for Academic Excellence
Erica Fouty
Staff Writer                         Office is holding a recruitment requirements of a GPA mini-                                           staff help organize the events of            their parents, a faculty/student
   Heidelberg has many meth- event known as Scholars Day.               mum of 3.5, ACT minimum of                                      Scholars Day.                               research panel and an Honors
ods of recruiting future stu-          Scholars Day gives high 25, and an SAT score of 1780                                                 In addition, an estimated 50            Program panel.
dents. Whether it is sports or school students a chance to are invited to Heidelberg to par-                                            students, staff and faculty help                Students attending Scholars
academics, Heidelberg recruits compete for financial awards.             ticipate in the event.                                          run the event and sessions.                 Day have the chance to receive
hundreds of students                                                                   The first Scholars                                    Assistant Professor of Polit-           an award for academic excel-
every year, with numbers                                                           Day was held on Jan.                                 ical Science Dr. Marc O’Reilly              lence.
continuing to rise.
                                “Overall, there is a pretty high yield of stu- 19 with 31 students                                      was one of the faculty members                 The Heidelberg Award gives
   Heidelberg’s Admis-          dents that attend Scholars Day who end attending.                                                       in attendance. He noted, “The               two students a full-ride scholar-
sions Office holds a num-         up coming to Heidelberg.”                              There will be an                                 day serves as an opportunity for            ship of $18,500 annually.
ber of recruiting events,                                                          estimated 50 attend-                                 the College to showcase itself:                The Founders award gives
                                – David Dietrich, Associate Director of
such as President’s Day                                                            ing a second Scholars                                its academics, its student life –           four students $14,500 annually,
                                Admissions                                         Day on Feb. 2, with
Open House, a college                                                                                                                   in short, all that makes Heidel-            and the Trustees Award gives
fair and preview days for                                                          the Admissions Office                                  berg an exciting institution.”              six students $10,000 annually.
athletic training, business, edu-                                                  still receiving RSVPs.                                   During Scholars Day, the                   David Dietrich, Heidelberg’s
cation and science.                    The hope of Scholars Day is          Overall, an estimated 70 to                                 students attend a writing work-             associate director of admissions,
   The Office of Admissions not only to recruit students, but 80 high schools are represented                                             shop, an interview and other                said, “Overall, there is a pret-
also sponsors one-day and over- to recruit students with good on the two Scholars Day events,                                           sessions throughout their stay.             ty high yield of students that
night visits for future students.   academic standing.                  with numbers still rising.                                          Sessions include a combined             attend Scholars Day who end up
   This spring, the Admissions         Students who meet the                A committee of faculty and                                  informational for students and              coming to Heidelberg.”

 Student-Directed One-Act Plays                                                                                                          The Kilikilik Staff
                                                                                                                                         Heidelberg’s student newspaper, The Kilikilik, is located on the third floor
   Seven students will direct                          “The Philadelphia”                         “Not My Cup of Tea”                    of Founders Hall. Upcoming events, story ideas and letters to the editor are
 one-act plays in Gundlach                                                                            Casie Scott -                      always encouraged and may be submitted to the Editor in Chief. Submis-
 Theatre this weekend.                          Friday, Jan. 25, 7:30 p.m.                       “Blind Woman’s Bluff ”                   sions will be published in the next available issue. You can read The Kilikilik
                                                 Sunday, Jan. 27, 2 p.m.                                                                 online at
 Saturday, Jan. 26, 7:30 p.m.                 Brad Bowser - “Fancy Meeting                      Admission is $5 for Adults,
 Aaron Brill - “Mirror Mirror”                    You Here” and “Ships”                      $4 for Senior Citizens and                  Editors in Chief
  Nathan Garner - “Thirst”                     David Glover - “Time Flies”                   Students and free for Heidel-               Ris Cashdollar                   
      Ashley Philipot -                              Nikki Locker -                          berg Students with I.D.                     Devon Walsh                      

                                                                                                                                         Copy Editors
                                                                                                                                         Jaimie Figueroa                  
                                                                                                                                         Robyn Kunsman                    

                                                                                                                                         News Editor
                                                                                                                                         Sam Dailey                       

                                                                                                                                         Sports Editor
                                                                                                                                         Position Available

                                                                                                                                         Entertainment Editor
                                                                                                                                         Ben King                         

                                                                                                                                         Junior Editor
                                                                                                                                         Jessica Pavelka                  

                                                                                                                                         Distribution Manager
                                                                                                                                         Tabitha Grim                     

                                                                                                                                         Faculty Adviser
                                                                                                                                         Dr. Julie O’Reilly               
                                                                                                                                         The editing staff reserves the right to edit all submissions for potentially libel-
                                                                                                                                         ous statements and will print submissions based upon the staff’s discretion.
                                                                                                                                         Letters to the editor reflect the opinions of the individuals who wrote them.
                                                                                                                                         They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Kilikilik staff or of Heidelberg
                                                                                                                                         College’s faculty, staff and/or administration.
   Kristen Stahl, Zaia Thombre, Brent Holmes, Nathan Garner and Jeff Meyers Jr. pose during their rehearsal for “Thirst,” directed by
   Garner. (Photo by Ben King)
                                                                                                                                                                           Page 6
                                                                                                                                                                       The Kilikilik
                                                                                                                                                                 January 25, 2008

Heidelberg’s Fighting Student Princes on the Road to Nationals
David Wagner
Staff Writer
                                    125-pound class. Earlier in the         He will undergo “Tom-              great heavyweights that would        where they are right now and we
    The Heidelberg Wrestling        season, Joe Pflug, Rob Brubeck,       my John” surgery to repair his        be starting for any other team       keep getting better. As a team
Team is halfway through an          Nick Sanchez and Ryan Bowers         UCL (ulnar collateral liga-           if they had gone to a differ-         we are working toward winning
incredible season.                  were ranked in the top 10.           ment), where a ligament is taken      ent school. Either one of them       a national championship and we
    The Fighting Student Princ-        The team had an unlucky           out of his left wrist and placed in   will be able to step up and win      are working hard to do so. I’m
es are 8-1 in dual meet compe-      break as senior Rob Brubeck          his left elbow to repair the torn     matches for Heidelberg.”             surprised how well our seniors
tition and have come away with      is out for the rest of the season    UCL.                                     Heavyweight       competitors     have stepped up to lead the
some top finishes at invitational    with an injured elbow.                  Coach Miller said, “Rob was        are seniors Bowers and Tony          team, and also how the fresh-
tournaments.                           Brubeck wrestles in the           focused this season, probably         Carothers. Bowers is a return-       men have moved into wrestling
    As a team, the wrestlers are    heavyweight division and was         the most focused I have seen          ing national qualifier and has        at this level. It is sometimes hard
ranked sixth in the nation in       ranked third in the nation for       him since he came to Heidel-          competed very well for Heidel-       for freshmen to make that step,
Division III, but Coach Jason       the Fighting Student Princes up      berg. If it wasn’t for this injury    berg in Brubeck’s absence.           but they continue to improve
Miller feels that they should be    until his injury sidelined him.      he could have been wrestling for         “Brubeck was ranked third,        and work hard and make the
ranked between third and fifth.         Brubeck had problems with         a national championship. Hope-        but Bowers was ranked fifth at        team better.”
    As would be expected, there     his elbow last year, which caused    fully the surgery goes well, and      the beginning of the year. Our           Miller is a three-time Coach
are some high individual rank-      him to sit out part of the season,   he will be able to come back next     goal is to win a national title—     of the Year, holds the most wins
ings. Ryan Fogliano is at num-      but luckily he received a medi-      year and compete for the title.”      whether it’s Rob or Ryan, it         of any coach in Heidelberg his-
ber five in the 197-pound            cal red shirt that allows him to        Regarding his absence from         doesn’t change our goal,” said       tory. This is his sixth season
weight class while sophomore        return next year for his fifth sea-   competitions Brubeck said,            Miller.                              leading Heidelberg’s wrestling
Boomer Fechko is 10th in the        son.                                 “Luckily we have two other               Miller noted, “I’m pleased at     team.

 Seniors Lead the Way                                                    A Brief Look at Fantasy Baseball
 Josh Romanotto                                                          Chris Petree
 Staff Writer                                                             Staff Writer
                                    have been through their fair                                               fantasy owner.                       the complications, more people
     The Heidelberg College         share of highs and lows. There          Today, online fantasy leagues         It is important to note that      appear to be getting involved,
 Men’s Basketball Team has          is no question that the seniors      are becoming a popular pastime.       only active players are available    and the premise keeps peo-
 started this season on a high      are the leaders on this team,        Soccer, football, hockey, golf        for use.                             ple connected to the world of
 note. The team is 11-2, includ-    and I believe that with good         and basketball all have them.            In these sorts of games, gam-     sports.
 ing a 7-1 start, and have won      senior leadership you will be           One particularly interest-         bling often becomes involved.            The activity encourages par-
 five straight games, making         able to reach your full poten-       ing genre is fantasy baseball.        Most official fantasy leagues          ticipants to learn about the play-
 this one of the best starts in     tial.”                               The whole point of the game is        require an entry fee when the        ers they choose, as well as how
 the history of the program, the       Underclassmen on the team         to put the team owners (those         season starts and addition-          the baseball league works.
 best in fact since the 1983-84     have seen vast improvement           involved in the fantasy) into a       al charges are made within the           In order to keep track of how
 season. However the real sto-      since the seniors took over.         managerial position. Then they        season for various reasons (i.e.,    your fantasy players are doing,
 ry this season is the way the      “They are great leaders,” said       draft their teams and observe         adding new players).                 you have to keep up with the
 seniors lead this team.            sophomore Travis Kinn. “They         the sports season to see who has         The winner at the end of the      current baseball season, and fans
     The Berg’s men’s basket-       bring something different to          done a better job.                    season whose team has been           would need to continue watch-
 ball team is led by seniors        the table and each of them              As many people know, the           awarded the most points is           ing baseball games either at the
 Greg Tyson Jr., Brian Schmitt,     leads in a different way.”            average baseball card shows the       sometimes given this money as        stadium or on television.
 Shawn Shriver, Matt Eberle            Not only does the team            statistics of a particular player     a result, but usually the prize is       In a world of technology the
 and Andrew Lemmon, all of          want their games to go per-          during the season in which the        just bragging rights and satis-      simple pleasures of yesteryear,
 whom are team captains. All        fectly, but also their practic-      card was printed.                     faction regarding their skills as    such as major league baseball,
 five seniors have made a direct     es. “They get on us in prac-            Fantasy team owners can use        a baseball manager.                  often get lost in the culture of
 impact on the team since com-      tice if we are doing something       these stats to determine who             Even for enthusiastic base-       today. These fantasy leagues
 ing in as freshmen. They have      wrong. The coaches don’t even        they want on their team. If a         ball fans, this process seems a      are a good way to keep people
 appeared in at least 70 games      really need to say anything,”        baseball player does well in a        bit complicated and somewhat         involved in sports other than
 since arriving at the Berg,        said Kinn.                           game, points are awarded to his       expensive. However, despite          simply sitting in front of a TV.
 always with a winning atti-           The seniors have worked
 tude from the first step onto       hard to instill a positive atti-
 the court.                         tude in everyone not just for           Are you or is someone you know interested in newspaper editing
     “Those guys get along really   this year, but for after they           and Heidelberg athletics? The Kilikilik is looking for a new sports
 well; they have a tight chem-      move on. The traits of leader-
 istry,” said sophomore Jim         ship and a winning attitude
                                                                            editor. For more information, contact Ris Cashdollar at kcash-
 Smalley.                           are all things that the under-, Devon Walsh at or
     According to Head Coach        classmen can take with them             Julie O’Reilly at
 Duane Sheldon, “Our seniors        and continue to pass on.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Page 7
                                                                                                                                                                                       The Kilikilik
                                                                                                                                                                                 January 25, 2008

Have Winter Fun with Ice and Snow Sculpting Competitions
Karyn Anders
Staff Writer                          snow.htm. Members have won            not the only artists that take
    Winter is here and that means    many awards in these different         making snowmen to the ulti-
snowmen building, ice skating,       competitions.                         mate extreme.
sledding and many other activ-          The National Ice Carving              The creators of the Ice Hotel,
ities that include the surround-     Association (NICA) is anoth-          in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, sculpt a
ing snow and ice.                    er group that participates in         hotel made out of ice and snow
    Some pastimes take these         ice carving competitions. The         that began in 1990 as a specially
traditional winter activities to     NICA official Web site, www.            built igloo.
a new level. These activities, states that their goal is      This igloo started as a 60
include ice carving, snow sculp-     “to promote the art of ice sculp-     square meter building. Although
tures and other competitions.        ture through education, com-          this is not done for sport, it def-
    The Sculptures’ Association      petitions, standardized judg-         initely takes talent and motiva-
of Alberta (SSA) members com-        ing and exhibitions.” The NICA        tion. The hotel’s walls are one
pete in local, national and inter-   competes all over the United          foot thick; this acts as an insu-
national ice and snow sculpting      States.                               lator to keep the temperature at
competitions.                           There are ice carving and          28-23°F.
    “[Members of the SSA] have       snow sculpture contests in many          The Ice Hotel now covers
represented Edmonton, Alber-         different towns during winter          about 30,000 square feet and is
ta and Canada in China, Japan,       festivals. You can look up the        composed of 500 tons of ice and
Alaska, Quebec, Winnipeg,            events in nearby towns to watch       15,000 tons of snow.
Breckenridge, Colorado, Mon-         some of these types of contests.         Building does not begin until
                                                                                                                     Fresh snowfall is a source of inspiration to students. From writers to artists,
treal, Canmore, Lake Lou-               Elizabeth Colglazier, a soph-      the temperature drops three               athletes to scientists, snow is always able to spark some fun. (Photo by Ris
ise, Lac La Biche, Yellowknife,      omore, has seen ice sculpting         degrees below freezing. The               Cashdollar)
Whitehorse, Ottawa, Ice Hotel        contests on television: “It is an     hotel season usually runs from
(Quebec), Grande Prairie and         original art form and it is def-      early January until early April.      made of ice and snow which is                 to them.
Edmonton,” according to the          initely not something you see            People do stay in the Ice          covered with reindeer skin and                   The hotel season is starting
SSA official Web site, http://         every day.”                           Hotel for days at a time. While       thermal sleeping bags. In the                 soon, so call in your reserva-
w w /index_ice_and_            However, these sculptors are       guests stay they sleep on a bed       morning a hot drink is brought                tions.

LSU Beats OSU in Championship                                                                                      Upcoming Athletic Events
Karyn Anders
Staff Writer
                                     made some damaging mistakes     ana State competes, is thought
    On Jan. 7 in New Orleans,        and fell farther behind and its by some to be the toughest con-                                       Men’s Basketball
La., Ohio State University           tackling became sloppy.         ference in the nation. OSU has                                 Saturday, Jan. 26 at Wilmington
(OSU) fans were heartbroken as          However, the Buckeyes        witnessed this, as this was their
the Buckeyes lost their second       did not lie down and take this  ninth loss to an SEC team in a
consecutive National Champi-         defeat. Fans stayed hopeful as  bowl game.
onship game to Louisiana State       the scarlet and gray continued     According to Mark Schla-                                         Women’s Basketball
University (LSU).                    to battle.                      bach at ESPN, both LSU and                                     Saturday, Jan. 26 at Wilmington
    Early in the game, Ohio State       Shawn Alkenbrack, an OSU     OSU have a few things to work
seemed as though it was going        fan, was so disappointed in     on for next season. LSU needs
to take it all the way when                                              to run the ball better, tackle                                       Wrestling
Beanie Wells made a 65-yard          According to Mark Schlabach         better and keep pressure on
touchdown run. According                                                 the quarterback.
                                                                                                                                Friday, Jan. 25 at Pete Wilson Invite
                                     at ESPN, both LSU and OSU                                                                 Saturday, Jan. 26 at Pete Wilson Invite
to ESPN, this is the longest                                                OSU should watch the
                                     have a few things to work on
touchdown run in a BCS title                                             penalties, protect the quar-
game.                                for next season.                    terback and keep handing
    However, LSU took over                                               the ball to Beanie Wells.                                    Women’s Track & Field
when it scored 24 consecu-           his team at half-time that he      Next year, the Buckeyes will                             Friday, Jan. 25 at T. Wright Classic
tive points by halftime, which       stopped watching. Much to the continue to work hard to prove
pushed it in the lead by two         intense chagrin of Buckeye fans they can win a championship                                Saturday, Jan. 26 at T. Wright Classic
touchdowns.                          everywhere, OSU’s efforts were game while LSU will hope to
    Although OSU has the best        in vain, and in the end LSU win their third BCS National
defense in the nation according      reigned over OSU, 38-24.        Championship.                                                      Men’s Track & Field
to the National Collegiate Ath-         The Southeastern Confer-         For further information visit                           Friday, Jan. 25 at T. Wright Classic
letic Association (NCAA), OSU        ence (SEC), in which Louisi-
                                                                                                                                Saturday, Jan. 26 at T. Wright Classic
                                                                                                                                                                              Page 8
                                                                                                                                                                          The Kilikilik
                                                                                                                                                                    January 25, 2008

 Juno: A Story About The Bumpy Ride of a Teenage Pregnancy
Becky Rowland
Staff Writer                           laughing, crying or a mixture of      her that her test results “ain’t no   fer Garner). It’s not until later    percent approval rating from
   “Juno,” a hilarious comedy         the two.                              etch-a-sketch. This is one doo-       in the movie that Juno realizes      viewers at,
with a serious twist, has been           The fi lm, written by Diab-         dle that can’t be un-did, home-       that things aren’t always what       a site notorious for harsh criti-
nominated for three Golden            lo Cody and directed by Jason         skillet.”                             they seem. The fi lm follows Juno     cism.
Globes, won 19 awards and is up       Reitman, takes on a new kind             Juno contemplates abortion,        through her pregnancy and ends           I would have to say that this
for another 13 nominations. To        of funny. Juno, played by Ellen       but decides to give her baby up       in a way that leaves many view-      is one of the best movies I have
say the least, “Juno” is sweeping     Page in her first major role, is       for adoption after seeing her fel-    ers in tears.                        seen in a long time. On a five-
the nation one laugh at a time.       the main character—a 16-year-         low classmate picketing for “all          Critics are raving about the     star scale, I rate it 4.75. I think
   With such lines as, “Oh, and       old girl that has a one-time fling     babies getting borned” at the         acting skills of 20-year-old Page.   the plot appeals to a large audi-
she [Juno’s mother] inexpli-          brought on by boredom with her        clinic. After searching in the        At 5’1, Page told USA Weekend        ence and the humor is bound
cably mails me a cactus every         best friend and loyal band mem-       Penny Saver for adoptive parents      that she hopes she can use her       to make everyone laugh at one
Valentine’s Day. And I’m like,        ber, Paulie Bleeker (Michael          with her best friend Leah (Oliv-      “shrimpy” body to play young-        point or another. If you haven’t
‘Thanks a heap coyote ugly. This      Cera, also seen in “Superbad”).       ia Thirlby), Juno finally settles      er roles in the future because she   seen “Juno,” get to the theater so
cactus-gram stings even worse         After Juno takes three pregnan-       on what appears to be the per-        plans on staying in the acting       you can see a girl take “a garbage
than your abandonment,’” it           cy tests in a convenience store       fect married duo of Mark (Jason       arena. This is probably a good       dump of a situation” and turn it
is hard not to leave the theater      restroom, the sales clerk informs     Bateman) and Vanessa (Jenni-          thing, as “Juno” received a 97       into a funny must-see fi lm!

Have You Played A Wii?                                                      Effects of WGA Strike on the Media
Michelle Weekly                                                             Brandon Zeller
Staff Writer                                                                 Staff Writer
                                      “It’s just one of those really fun                                          dios can simply show reruns.         vision shows recently, but has
    It is no longer necessary to      machines. . . It’s really innova-         The Writers Guild of Amer-            According to the WGA Web         also affected the actors on those
drive 15 minutes to the local         tive.”                                ica (WGA) has been in talks           site contract of 2007, it is pre-    shows and how they feel about
bowling alley, tennis court or            The Wii is not your typi-         since July 2007 with the Alli-        dicted by media industries that      their current jobs.
baseball field to play a game.         cal gaming system. Most Wii           ance of Motion Picture and            most televisions will be con-            According to http://www.
You can invite a group of friends     games allow for up to four play-      Television Producers (AMPTP)          nected to the Internet in the, Allison Mack
over and have bowling competi-        ers at a time and allow players       over writers’ wages. Writers feel     near future. The predicted rev-      from the CW show “Smallville”
tions in the comfort of your own      to be active rather than just sit-    that they have been forced into       enue that companies will take        has stated on her personal blog,
home.                                 ting down pushing buttons on a        this position by pay cuts that        in for the next three years is an    “I’m actually able to see the end
    It’s the new craze that has       controller.                           the writers believe go against        estimated $1 billion.                of the rope as far as ‘Smallville’
hit families and stores around            Along with the hot com-           all positive steps made since the         This possible future favors      is concerned.”
the United States: the Ninten-        modity of the Wii sports games,       1960s.                                writers because they seek an             This approach is different
do Wii. This gaming system            Guitar Hero, originally released          The AMPTP is made up              agreement that will allow them       from most television actors who
has attracted so much atten-          for the Playstation 2 system, is      of several companies that hold        to be paid for each rerun down-      have been seen supporting writ-
tion that it is hard to find in        now available for the Wii. Gui-       interest in the entertainment         loaded.                              ers verbally or by protesting at
stores. CNET Reviews stated           tar Hero uses a guitar-shaped         industry, including G.E., Dis-            As their frequently asked        the picket lines.
that “since its November 2006         controller that gamers actual-        ney, Viacom, News Corp. and           questions site explains, “Writers        NBC’s late night talk show
release, the Wii has become a         ly play. On-screen, different-         Time Warner.                          are asking for Guild coverage of     hosts Jay Leno and Conan
runaway hit, so popular that          colored notes scroll by in time           These     companies     grew      writing for the Internet, basic      O’Brien have supported their
it remains difficult to find it in       to the music, indicating which        through mergers during the            residuals for Internet content       writing staff throughout the
stock. It’s strange, it’s different,   button to push and when. The          1990s, allowing these compa-          reuse and the tools to enforce       strike and paid them to work
and its primary mission: it’s fun     package offers a variety of music      nies to control 75 percent of the     this agreement. These residuals      again so they can be able to sup-
to play.”                             to “play,” including songs by         fi lm and television industry.         are not a bonus for writers; they    port their families.
    The system offers a package        the Rolling Stones, Smashing              According to the WGA Web          are a critical part of compensa-         The 2008 Golden Globes
called Wii Sports which con-          Pumpkins and Pearl Jam.               site, the yearly income for writ-     tion.”                               were viewed as possibly being the
tains such games as golf, bowl-           Is the Wii a trend that will      ers is approximately $62,000.             Writers are however losing       worst in history, with an unusu-
ing, tennis, baseball and boxing.     die out or will it remain a top       Nearly 46 percent of writers did      the battle while media compa-        ally small amount of celebrities
The Wii is played with a small        gift on Christmas lists for the       not work last year.                   nies are refusing to grant the       attending, because of picketing
remote control-like device,           next few years? From the sounds           Last year, major studios          WGA jurisdiction over scripts        writers. The upcoming Emmys
allowing players to swing as          of reviews, it doesn’t look like      made $95 million in revenues,         for television shows that are        are predicted to share the same
if they are hitting a baseball        the Wii is going anywhere any-        which are expected to increase.       shown on the Internet.               fate, with few celebrities and
or bowl as if they are in a real      time soon. Many parents enjoy         Because of the Internet and               According to the WGA Web         audience members.
bowling alley. The Wii is fun for     playing it as much as their chil-     forms of digital broadcasting,        site, CEOs for these media com-          There is no current end to
all age levels, from 4-year-olds      dren do. So when you see Wii          studios can save money by sell-       panies do not feel that there is a   the strike in sight, but writ-
to senior citizens.                   in stores, your best bet is to grab   ing their product through these       possibility that these downloads     ers are slowly returning to their
    When asked about his reac-        one for yourself, because who         means and spending nearly             will be profitable.                   jobs. However, the end for most
tion to playing the Wii, fresh-       knows when you’ll be able to get      nothing. This leaves writers with         The strike has not only          shows this season looks the
man Bryan Crabtree stated,            your hands on one next.               few or no jobs because the stu-       affected the production of tele-      same: unfinished.

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