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OF THE SEA by qingyunliuliu


									                                                         feel the spirit
                                                           of the sea
                                                                         trolling & Jigging reels
                                                                                                     big game trolling &
                                                                                                     Jigging reels maxel
seawolf gold                                                                                         — exclusive italian
                                                                                                          distribution by
traina                                                                                                         trabucco.


                                                   seawolf gold     sealion
SeaWolf series is our fist adventure in game fishing reels ever     The New SeaLion series will give anglers more confidence and
since our humble beginnings. With year of our continuous focus      power during overhead jigging and live baiting. The SeaLion reels
and dedication to excellence, we are proudly to present serious     are constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum with ported cross bars
anglers big game trolling reels with a blend of tough design,       for weight reduction, and narrow spool for larger line capacity.
precision engineering and all corrosion resistant materials.        The upgraded carbon drag system is capable of outrageous drag
Strength has been built into every aspect of these reels, also      pressures, plus the improved pre-set knob and lever drag control
backed up by a strong and smooth drag system, the upgraded          mechanism, allowing the SeaLion reels more precise and consistent
SeaWolf reels in either Two speed or Single speed in sizes from     drag setting. Also with fulcrum clicker design, it stops drag lever
20Lb to 50Lb will tame even the most powerful of the offshore       backing off while jigging. The New SeaLion series features 2 sizes
species.                                                            8Lb e 10Lb available in both Single speed and Two speed.

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