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					    Vienna office                           Gera office        Trondheim office

    Write the Future                                       3

    The Set-up                                             4

    Betting Services                                       6

       Life Cycle of Odds                                  6

       New - Live Betting / In-Running Solutions          10

    Content Solutions                                     14

       New - Statistics Centre                            14

       Live Centre Soccer                                 16

       New - Live Centre Formula 1                        19

       Live Scores                                        20

    New - Fantasy Manager                                 22

    Advertising Integration                               25

    Our Clients                                           26

    Contacts                                              27

2       Betradar --- 2011
                                                 Write the Future

The gaming and bookmaker world is flying high. Not even the global financial
crisis was capable of stopping this fast moving and prosperous industry.

To maintain the role as a key player in this challenging business environment
Sportradar is investing heavily into the best technical instruments, people, know-
how and arising business opportunities.

Client focus
To meet the customers need and satisfaction our resources have been allocated
accordingly with our staff growing from 100 to 300 in two years. With the number
of clients growing rapidly so does our focus on client service, production capacity,
research, innovation and development.

Product innovation
Providing the most competitive products and services for our market is another key
point in our strategy. With the launch of our new Live Betting solution, Statistics
Centre, Live Centre Soccer World Cup, Live Centre Formula 1 and the new Fantasy
Manager, Sportradar has truly become the one-stop-shop for compelling content

And there is much more to come: Content sensitive advertising, social community
platform, video tracking systems, 3D animation and live streaming to mention a
few highlights.

Financial investments
Our healthy financial situation gives Sportradar the power and freedom to invest
in know-how and new business opportunities that our industry has to offer. With
the integration of aitainment GmbH in the Sportradar Group we can offer a
unique Fantasy Manger gaming application with odds integration, 3D real-time
simulations based on artificial intelligence.

Soon our newest development – an international social community sports portal
– will be launched.

Sports data
With our integrity services we work side-by-side with the leading international
sport federations including FIFA, UEFA and the German DFB/DFL with a mutual
aim to find sustainable win-win solutions together with our partners for the legal
copyright issue in sports data.

We are here to stay, and together with you Sportradar is determined to write the
future for our industry.

Carsten Koerl
Sportradar AG

    The Set-up



                            Bremen                            The leading provider           The broadest coverage
       London                                                 of sports information          of sports integrated in
                                       Gera                   services to the betting        innovative multi-platform
                                                              industry                       solutions

       Paris              Munich                    Vienna

                                                                           Hong Kong

                                        Sportradar is the world’s leading supplier of sports and betting-related data by
                                        providing compelling solutions with its brand Betradar to the bookmaker world,
                                        and through its Scoreradar brand to the international media industry.

                                        More than 300 bookmaker clients – including 25+ state lotteries – in 50+
                                        countries across 5 continents rely on Sportradar’s unrivalled data depth and
                                        quality to create and operate the multibillion dollar enterprises for sports betting
                                        and sports information. Headquartered in Switzerland, Sportradar has offices or
                                        representations in Vienna, Linz, Stockholm, Zlin, Tallinn, Munich, Bremen, Gera,
                                        Paris, London and Hong Kong with over 300 experienced, dedicated and highly
                                        motivated staff.

                                        Sportradar operates with a world-wide gathering system which is based on its
                                        unique fully automated data extraction and supervision technology combined
                                        with a complex scouting and video signal monitoring system. This state-of-the-
                                        art technology is developed and run in-house providing full 24/7/365 support
                                        whilst guaranteeing the highest quality standards available on the market.
                                        Formed in 2001 and rapidly expanding and continuing to prosper, the
                                        international Sportradar Group is the clear leader in its field. The company is
                                        jointly owned by its senior management.


4     Betradar --- 2011
Group of companies

                                                     Sports Data AG
                                                     Switzerland                           Sportradar GmbH
                                                     Sportradar AS                         Gera, Germany
                                                                                           Sportradar GmbH
                                                                                           Vienna, Austria
                                                     Sportradar GmbH
     Sportradar AG                                                                         Sportradar GmbH
     Switzerland                                                                           Linz, Austria
                                                     Sportradar AB
                                                     Sweden                                Sportradar GmbH
                                                                                           Zlín, CZ Rep.
                                                     Sportradar OÜ

                                                     aitainment GmbH

Key sports
Soccer; Tennis; Ice Hockey; Motorsports; Basketball; Handball.

Other sports
Volleyball; Wintersports; Cycling; Rugby League; Rugby Union; Aussie Rules; Baseball; American Football; Beach Soccer;
Darts; Snooker; Floorball; Futsal; Bandy; Curling; Golf; Pesapallo; Waterpolo.

All our data is available via
o Internet:       XML, Flash, Ajax, HTML, JAVA and PHP solutions
o Mobile:         WAP / JAVA / SMS / iPhone / Android
o Print:          PDF, Excel, XML

o 35 sports
o 20.000+ matches daily
o 500.000+ odds daily
o 300+ bookmakers

                                                                                    During the season of 2008/2009
                                                                                    we monitored 20.699 red and
                                                                                    yelllow cards in soccer.

                                                                                                         The Set-up      5
    Betting Services
    Life Cycle of Odds
    Manage your sports book and risk management on your tailor-made
    interface on www.betradar.com or on your own bookmaker software
    with fully integrated XML feeds:

                                                          1. Event Creation (Fixtures)
                                                      Constantly verified and updated
                                                            fixtures from sport events
                                                                    around the world.


                                                                                                 LIFE C
                                                                                                  OF OD
                                                                            4. Resulting
                                                            Allows immediate payouts
                                                          thanks to rapid and accurate
                                                                   final results delivery.

6       Betradar --- 2011
            2. Odds Suggestions
            Comprehensive pre-match Odds
            Suggestions from our experienced
            team of bookmakers.


            3. Trading Tools (Monitoring)
            Automated monitoring of the
            complete market with alerts via
        3   e-mail, SMS and pop-ups.

                                               Life Cycle of Odds   7
             Event Creation                                                                    Odds Suggestions

                                                     1                          2

                                                         4                  3

    Product highlights                                         Product highlights
    o More than 20 sports                                      o Comprehensive pre-match odds from our highly
    o 200+ leagues in soccer                                       experienced bookmaker team
    o Schedules for the whole season and Odds Suggestions      o Starting odds and odds changes for all events delivered
        up to three weeks in advance                               with the Event Creation product
    o Integrated into your bookmaker software in an            o Constant updates avoid arbitrage (sure bets) situations
        automated way                                              and allow direct use for end customer business
    o No more manual work setting up markets                   o Direct integration via XML feed
    o All data created, verified and supervised in real-time
        24/7/365 by our dedicated team
                                                               Pre-Match Odds
    Valuable information                                       o 3-Way Match Bet
    o Sports                                                   o Handicap
    o Tournaments                                              o Over / Under (Total)
    o Fixtures and starting times                              o Correct Score
    o Round information                                        o First Team to score
    o Live TV coverage list                                    o Half-time 1-X-2
    o Distances in km between the different teams              o Goal / No Goal
    o Relevant info about the match, e.g. injuries,            o Half-time / Full-time
        suspensions                                            o Odd / Even Goal
                                                               o Double Chance
                                                               o Draw No Bet
                                                               o Goals Home Team
                                                               o Goals Away Team
                                                               o 2-Way Match Bet
                                                               o Set Bets
                                                               o Outright
                                                               o Asian Handicap
                                                                   – Asian Handicap
                                                                   – Asian Handicap First-half
                                                                   – Asian Over / Under (Total)
                                                                   – Asian Over / Under (Total) First-half
                                                               o and many more...
    The bookmaker solutions from Betradar help
    us to work more effectively and efficiently in
    our daily operations.

    Ludovico Calvi, Head of Betting, Lottomatica

8         Betradar --- 2011
                                                   1                      2

                                              4                             3
       Resulting                                                                                        Trading Tools

Product highlights                                         Product highlights
o Accurate and rapid final results provided for 20         o Comprehensive risk management and market
    different sports                                           monitoring for your odds offering in real-time
o Results delivered from 72 countries for                  o Follow 500.000+ odds and 20.000+ schedules of more
    over 1.000 competitions                                    than 35 sports offered by your competitors
o Immediate payouts possible                               o Benefit from the world’s biggest sports betting data-
o Direct integration via XML feed                              base
o We check your results and alert in case of differences   o Your odds and closing times will be compared to the
    with official sources                                      whole betting market to minimise errors
                                                           o Fully customizable interface for alerts, markets, sports
                                                               and other relevant parameters.
Valuable information                                       o Immediate alerts available via e-mail, SMS, pop-up or
o Full-time results                                            XML integration
o Half-time results
o Extra (over) time results
o Penalty results                                          Comprehensive alert system
o Single period results (thirds, quarters, sets)           o Detection of wrong results
o Winner – loser information                               o Odds differences exceeding defined limits
o Goal information (own goals, penalty)                    o Fixtures and starting times differences exceeding
o Time of goals                                               defined limits
o Goals sequence                                           o Possible errors e.g. typing mistakes or missing matches
o Goal scorers                                             o Own odds involved in arbitrage (sure bet) positions
o Card information                                         o Detection of open bets on matches already started
o Substitutions                                            o Removed offers from other bookmakers

                                                               Get a free test account now and experience the benefits
                                                                                        during a two week trial period:


                                                                                                  Life Cycle of Odds      9
     Live Betting / In-Running Solutions
     Betradar offers the most comprehensive Live Betting
     Services in the market.
     Our monthly coverage from the venues and TV
     o Soccer:               up to 1.800 matches
     o Tennis:               up to 450 matches
     o Ice Hockey:           up to 150 matches
     o Basketball:           up to 400 matches

     o Volleyball:
     o Beach Volleyball:     up to 200 matches in total
     o Handball:

     Live Scouting Services
     Our Live Scouting Service is your perfect visual information
     source to administrate your own live betting platform with
     the option of complete match management and Odds
     Suggestions for direct use.

     Product highlights
     o Easy launch or extension of live betting offers for sportsbooks
     o Live betting 24/7 thanks to coverage across different time zones
     o Complete match administration (bet stops, re-opening, etc.) and live Odds Suggestions
     o Delivered with live statistics and dangerous attack information
     o All information sent directly from the stadium and supervised by our quality team
     o World-wide, highly-trained and quality-controlled scout network
     o Information transmitted by our unique in-house developed mobile phone application
     o Extremely fast and accurate data transmission
     o Attractive, user-friendly interface with comprehensive information displays
     o Acoustic signals and different color schemes alert your traders to stop accepting bets
     o Data available via XML feed for direct integration via user-friendly Betradar scouting interface
     o Easy booking procedure on www.betradar.com with high flexibility (from packages to single match booking)

     Highest Security Standards
     Betradar provides the highest security standards available. Up to four people are involved in the administration and
     supervision of one match. An auto transmission check is standardized from the live scout in the stadium to the live soccer
     operator. The match supervisor is in constant communication with our scout, the odds administrator and the customers.

     Innovative Transmission Technology

        Start          Betradar scouts are present at the sports venue

                      Information is transmitted by an in-house developed
      0,8 sec
                                    mobile device application

                      Embedded integration of all information with direct
      0,9 sec
                            connection to the Betradar server

                              Immediate push of information to the
        1 sec
                                Betradar clients (interface, XML)

10       Betradar --- 2011
User-friendly interfaces for all events

    Soccer: Basic coverage - event ticker, yellow for dangerous attack.            Soccer: Deeper coverage - graphical view, red for bet stop.

   Tennis: Basic coverage.                           Basketball: Basic coverage.                        Beach-Volleyball: Basic coverage.

Comprehensive alert system for easy match trading
o Alerts for bet stop, dangerous situation and bet start
o Background color changes, pop-ups and acoustic signal
o Individual user settings

Blue interface: Bet start.                            Yellow interface: Dangerous attack.                   Red interface: Bet stop.

                                                                                                          Live Betting / In-Running Solutions    11
     Live Odds Services
     Our Live Odds service via XML feeds is your perfect automated and integrated trading and betting service tool for direct
     use in real-time. More than 2.000 events are offered each month.

     o    Package specifically designed for multi-platform use (shops, terminals and online sports books)
     o    Betradar administrates the complete match including Odds Suggestions, re-opening and “bet stops” in real-time
     o    Bookmaker sets their own odds key per bet type and according to the match-time
     o    No in-house trading required thanks to the comprehensive Betradar Odds Suggestions for 25 different betting types
     o    Soccer, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball and beach-volleyball: 2.000 events covered by TV and
          directly from the venue are offered per month
     o    Data available only via XML feed for direct integration

     Odds Suggestions
     o Betradar Odds Suggestions are delivered via XML and are designed for direct use
     o Over 25 different odds types
     o Betradar administrates the complete match (bet stop situations)
     o The bookmaker can set their own individual configuration
     o New odds are updated continuously during the match
     o Betradar delivers all results for immediate payout
     o Live betting events can be offered with very little resources

     Available betting types Live Odds

         o Which Team will Kick-off?                                   o   Next Goal (Penalty Shootout)
         o 3-Way Match Bet                                             o   Draw No Bet
         o Handicap                                                    o   Half-time – Who wins the Rest of the Match?
         o Total                                                       o   Half-time – Total
         o Next Team to score?                                         o   Half-time 3-Way
         o Who wins Rest of the Match?                                 o   Correct Score
         o Over / Under (Total)                                        o   Double Chance (1X - 12 - X2)
         o Who has Kick-off?                                           o   Goals Home Team
         o Who wins rest of the First-half?                            o   Goal / No Goal
         o Over / Under First-half                                     o   Odd / Even
         o Which Team will win the Penalty Shootout?                   o   Goals Away Team
         o Total (OT only)                                             o   Asian Total
         o Who wins the rest of the Match (OT only)?                   o   Asian Handicap
         o Next Goal                                                   o   Asian Total First-half
         o Next Goal (OT only)                                         o   Asian Handicap First-half

         Tennis                                                        Ice Hockey
         o Which Player will win the Match?                            o Who wins the Period?
         o Which Player will win the Set?                              o 3-Way Match Bet
         o Which Player will win Games X and Y of Set N?               o Handicap
         o Final Result (in Sets - best of 3)                          o Total
         o Final Result (in Sets - best of 5)                          o Total (OT only)
         o Number of Sets (best of 3)                                  o Next Goal
         o Number of Sets (best of 5)                                  o Next Goal (OT only)
                                                                       o Next Goal (Penalty Shootout)
                                                                       o Draw No Bet

         Basketball, volleyball, beach-volleyball and handball
         All relevant betting types are provided.

12        Betradar --- 2011
Client examples

                   With the Live Betting / In-running solution from
                   Betradar and having more and more matches on
                   offer, we get the same effect in sports betting that
                   was available before only in dog and horse races
                   - faster turnover, longer stays on the site, more
                   entertainment for the customer.

                                      Guenter Boyks, CEO digibet UK

                  Live Betting / In-Running Solutions                     13
     Content Solutions
     Statistics Centre
     With Betradar’s new Statistics Centre, your users and clients will have access to the most comprehensive statistics
     solution the market has to offer. This state-of-the art product is a further development of our existing statistics

     The solution is developed in single building blocks, so it can be customized perfectly to suit your own preferences in con-
     tent, layout, graphics and advertising integration. You can define individual landing pages and for every single piece of
     information you can easily create a deep-linking into your editorial pages or promotion of events.

     Key sports
     o Soccer
     o Motorsport
     o Ice Hockey
     o Wintersports
     o Tennis
     o Cycling
     o Rugby League
     o Rugby Union
     o Baseball
     o Basketball
     o Handball
     o Volleyball
     o American Football

     Product highlights                                                                   Coverage
     o Most comprehensive statistical          o    Advertising integration               o 21 sports
         service in the market                 o    Fully customizable layout accord-     o 72 countries
     o New and appealing design                     ing to your specifications and        o 30 languages
     o Improved user friendliness                   branding                              o 357 soccer leagues
     o Unlimited customization options                                                    o 700 events world-wide
         (building blocks)
     o More than 50 different views,
          – League tables
          – Team statistics
          – Player/individual statistics
          – Unique injury and
            suspension list
          – Fixtures
          – Cup rosters
          – Top scorers
          – Form tables
          – Results matrix
          – Division views
          – Rankings
     o Individual landing pages
     o New content elements
     o New and fancy H2H views
     o Historical data for up to 10 years

                                               Customize your own unique solution.

14       Betradar --- 2011
Team statistics
o Basic (Jerseys, manager, venue, team members,   o   Statistics (Division, over/under, scoring, top lists)
                                                  o   Fixtures
   position in squad)
o Tables/cup roster                               o   Archive
o Teams                                           o   Head-to-Head overview (Jerseys, last 5 encounters,
                                                      fixtures, top list, tables, over/under, history chart)

Player statistics - Soccer
o Basics
     – Home country
     – Date of birth
     – Height
     – Weight
     – Position
     – Shirt number
     – Team
     – City of birth
     – Preferred foot
     – Transfer history
o Performance per game
     – Date
     – Round
     – Against
     – Result
     – Starting XI
     – In/out
     – Minutes played
     – Goals
     – Assists
     – Yellow cards
     – Yellow/red cards
     – Red cards

                                                                                         Statistics Centre     15
     Live Centre Soccer
     The Live Centre Soccer serves your users with an entertaining and sticky designed match-commentary solution covering
     the top European soccer events. With its multi-match monitoring and infotaining features this solution will attract new
     visitors to your website as well as retaining them for longer sessions.

     We cover all major soccer leagues and events in Europe including the UEFA Champions and Europe League, the European
     and World Cup qualifications and final tournaments, the Copa Libertadores, the Confederations Cup and the Olympic

16       Betradar --- 2011
Product highlights
o Extended live scores experience optimized for soccer
o Several games can be followed simultaneously with
    alerts for goals, half-time and at the end of the game
o Fully branded, hosted solution with the latest flash
    design features
o Automated match commentary
o Possibility to integrate odds
o Fun facts that deliver betting relevant information
    about the match based on historical statistics
o Allows implementation of your own journalistic
    commentary if desired
o Multiple interactive line-up views
o Flash live tables
o User generated content (player voting, Facebook
    integration etc.)
o Live statistics and club comparison (goal attempts, free
    kicks, corner kicks, offsides, ball possession)
o Available in over 30 different languages
o Player statistics, facts and figures
o Integrated banner space for advertisers and sponsors
o Also available via XML for direct integration

                    Pre-configured to integrate with Facebook.

                                                                 In 2008/2009 we covered 26.597 handball events.

                                                                                               Live Centre Soccer   17
     Live Centre Soccer Major Events
     As an offspring to our highly popular Live Centre Soccer solution we developed a customized event powered version for
     World Cup 2010 and upcoming major soccer events. Squad and individual stats on players, referees and managers, tour-
     nament overviews, venue information and historical facts and records are added values to our special Live Centre Soccer
     for major events.

     Reference implementations of Live Centre World Cup 2010.

     Odds integration
     o Drive sport fans from media and news portals to your       o    Betradar offers you innovative marketing solutions to
        betting sites                                                  both gain and retain new and loyal customers
     o Combine interactive and motivational betting offers        o    Additional advertising with integrated display of banners
        with our sport content solutions                               and direct links to your offering
     o Motivate and stimulate your sport fans to place bets

     Customer Stimulation Tools for live matches
     o Drives traffic with interactive betting-relevant
         information in the live text commentary
     o Automatic display of integrated graphics visualizing
         important statistical facts
     o Live Odds Arena with odds for different betting types
     o Allows an integrated betting slip that lets customers
         select, simulate and place bets within the solution
     o Facts Corner that summarizes all important match
         facts in one simple overview

18        Betradar --- 2011
Live Centre Formula 1

Based on the same intelligent phrase-engine used in our Live Centre Soccer solu-
tions we launched the Live Centre Formula 1 prior to the start of the season in
2010. Although we replaced the pitch for track and line-ups for grid positions
the solution still provides the same comprehensive coverage and live commen-
tary, packaged in top gear graphics.

Product highlights                       Live updates
o Live Scores                            o Leaderboard
o Statistics                             o World standings – Driver
o Automated commentary                   o World standings – Team
o Interactive grid presentation          o Qualification
o Circuit information                    o Race
o Driver and team profiles
o Uniquely packaged with advertis-
    ing integration

  Race overview.                            Google integration of circuits.                Driver profiles.

                                                                                         During 2009 we covered 3.433
                                                                                         penalty goals in soccer
                                                                                         (not including penalty shootouts).

                                                                              Live Centre Soccer / Live Centre Formula 1      19
     Live Scores
     Product highlights
     o Broadest, fastest and most comprehensive live score   o   Fully customizable branding, content and layout
         service in the market                                   according to your specifications
     o White label flash solution or XML                     o   Possible to cross-link with all other Betradar content
     o Optimized solution also provided for betting-shops        solutions (Live Centre Solutions, Statistics Centre, etc)

     o 21 sports
     o 30 languages
     o 72 countries
     o 357 soccer leagues
     o 700 events world-wide

       In 2008 we had over 6.450 skiers/runners (men and
       women) in our database.

20       Betradar --- 2011
Customer Stimulation Tools
o Information ( I ) and Statistics ( S ) buttons as mouse over functions in your Live Scores solution or
    attachable directly to your markets on your website
    – I-Button: Displays three important match facts
    – S-Button: Shows key bet-relevant match statistics
o Pre-match and live odds integration possible with direct link bet slip or match overview
o Integrated betting slip that allows customers to select and simulate bets within the solution

I-button feature.                                               S-button feature.

Key sports
o Soccer
o Tennis
o Ice Hockey
o Basketball
o Handball
o Baseball
o Rugby League
o Rugby Union
o Bandy
o Floorball
o American Football
o Motorsports

                                                                  In total, we have covered 462.932 goals in soccer in
                                                                  our Live Scores.

                                                                                                           Live Scores   21
     Fantasy Manager

     Fantasy just became reality
     The soccer manager game from Betradar brings Fantasy Manager to a new level with its unique replication of real player
     performance and amazing graphic design.

     User friendly and places the client in the manager’s position   Unprecedented gamer activity through unique technology
     o Play the real fixtures from real leagues in advance           Expected gamer activity*
     o You select your team from national leagues                    o Hundreds of gamer sign ups per week
     o All real clubs and all their real players                     o Gamers stay on average 15 minutes per visit
     o Create your team from the real-time available players         o More than 40 page views per visit
     o Set the correct formation and tactics
     o Play your stars in the correct positions                      * Reference:
     o You take full control like the real manager                     Official Fantasy Manager of Deutsche Bundesliga (DFL)
     o Watch your team play through unique match
         simulation technology
     o Outperform the real manager and show who’s the boss

     Game modes

     Real League                                                     Ranking Game
     Your team plays against real match days’ opponents ahead        Challenge other managers for the ultimate superiority.
     of the scheduled match day.                                     Collect points for victories and compare with rankings of

22        Betradar --- 2011
Show me the TIX
o TIX is the virtual currency and rewards the gamer for being a frequent and successful user
o TIX can be exchanged for free bets, casino / poker chips, and other targeted offers

Converting gamers to punters
o Game currency - TIX - and betting accounts integrated in-game
o Banners, promotion boxes and in-game advertising integrated
o Betting on simulated matches offered
o Simulation of results can be intelligently linked to relevant betting offers of the real match and real life fun facts

                                                                   Fantasy Manager on bundesliga.de
                                                                   5.2m matches played by 175.000 gamers

                                                                   Fantasy Manager on topleague.de
                                                                   3.7m matches played by 40.000 gamers

                                                                                                       Fantasy Manager     23
     Business opportunity for affiliates                          The competitive edge
     o White label solution integrated on affiliate site          o Unbeaten authenticity through artificial intelligence
     o Beat competitors’ conversion rates due to high                 match simulation and 3D graphics
         authenticity of the match simulation and 3D              o Adaptable for all browsers
         visualization                                            o Combines ideally with Betradar’s product range:
     o Direct link to your actual odds                                – Live Scores
     o Connect to the Betradar Live Scores and Statistics             – Statistics Centre
         Centre                                                       – Live Centre Soccer
     o Available leagues: Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Primera       – Odds Comparison
         Divison and other major leagues on request               o Single hosting solution with existing Betradar products
                                                                  o Simple handling and controlling through administration
                                                                  o Highly scalable

24       Betradar --- 2011
                                                                               Advertising Integration

Scoreradar Display Advertising – be where the action is
Through exclusive partnerships with sports and news sites in Europe we can offer the perfect environment for your media
investments towards your audience consisting of only those interested in sports and betting.

Product highlights
o Greater possibilities for bookmakers to communicate
    their promotions in live sports context
o The Scoreradar solutions are sticky and retain the
    audience for an average of 10 minutes (Google
    Analytics, February 2010) per session creating a strong
o Contextual advertising when the target group is
    receptive for the bookmaker’s offer normally results in
    better conversion rate
o No traditional side-by-side banner placements together
    with competitors
o Campaign roll out in several countries via our media
    network, yet with one point of contact at Scoreradar
o We support all types of ad formats (rich media,                 Example showing our Display Advertising integration in
    animated gif’s, JavaScript ad tags etc)                       our Statistics solution.
o Scoreradar uses one of the most reliable ad server
    systems on the market – Helios IQ – provided by
    Adtech AG
o Campaigns can be monitored in real-time by the
    advertiser through a client log-in at HeliosIQ

    Example showing our Display Advertising                       Example showing Display Advertising integration
    integration in our Live Scores.                               in our Live Centre Soccer solution.

                                                                                        During the tournaments in
                                                                                        2008/2009 we monitored 31.926
                                                                                        sets and 314.525 games in tennis.

                                                                         Fantasy Manager / Advertising Integration          25
     Our Clients

     Here are some examples of
     Betradar’s 300+ clients:

                                 easy sports betting

26       Betradar --- 2011

Branch offices and representations
SPORTRADAR GMBH                                          SPORTRADAR AG
Tech Gate Vienna                                         Representative Office Hong Kong
Donau-City-Strasse 1                                     20/F
A-1220 Vienna                                            Central Tower
Austria                                                  28 Quenn´s Rd Central
    Office........................+43 1 279 37 37 30     Hong Kong
    Fax............................+43 1 279 37 37 39    Peoples Republic of China
                                                           Office.............................+ 852 9061 5273
Commerz Park West                                        SPORTRADAR A.S.
Wagram 1                                                 Postboks 1284, Sluppen
A-4061 Pasching                                          N-7462 Trondheim
Austria                                                  Norway
   Office........................+43 1 279 37 37 80
                                                         SPORTRADAR AB
SPORTRADAR O.S.                                          Bryggargatan 10, 4 tr
ul.2 kvetna c.2385                                       S-111 21 Stockholm
CZ-760 01 Zlín                                           Sweden
Czech Republic                                              Office...........................+46 8 55 80 30 90
    Office........................+42 0 576 51 98 84
                                                         SPORTRADAR AG
SPORTRADAR OÜ                                            Representative Office France
Mustamäe tee 16                                          52, Boulevard de Sébastopol
10617 Tallinn                                            F-75003 Paris
Estonia                                                  France
                                                            Office……..………….…+33 1 828 801 48
Fasaneninsel 1                                           AITAINMENT GMBH
D-07548 Gera                                             Konsul-Smidt-Strasse 8f
Germany                                                  D-28217 Bremen
    Office.........................+49 365 527 89 24     Germany
                                                            Office……..….……….+49 421 619 564 0
Kaulbachstrasse 4
D-80539 München                                          SCIENTIFIC DATA ANALYSIS LIMITED
Germany                                                  Shearwater House
   Office.......................+49 365 527 89 238       21, The Green
                                                         Richmond TW9 1PX
                                                         United Kingdom
                                                            Office.........................+44 20 331 847 27

P.O. Box 96                                              SALES                               CUSTOMER SUPPORT
CH-9524 Zuzwil                                           sales@betradar.com                  support@betradar.com
    Office...........................+41 71 544 46 56    INFORMATION                         MANAGEMENT
    Fax...............................+41 71 544 46 57   info@betradar.com                   management@betradar.com

                                                                                             Our Clients / Contacts    27

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