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									#                                               G12              GIRLS SINGLES
##                                                               1RD CONSOLATION
Week of                     City, Country                        Category                                  Referee
#RIF!                          #RIF!                                #RIF!                                   #RIF!
          Chip amily Name   First name        Nationality         2nd Round          Semifinals    Final             Winner

 1           KOCHNEVA Yana                        RUS
                                                      Umpire a   KOCHNEVA
 2           Bye
                                                                       Umpire    b   GAREAU
 3           GAREAU         Marianne              CAN                                40 40
                                                      Umpire a   GAREAU
 4           Bye
                                                                                        Umpire     GAREAU
 5           HOTTER         Franziskza-Anna       AUT
                                                      Umpire a   HOTTER
 6           Bye
                                                                       Umpire    b   ZANDBERG
 7           STRASSER Olivia                      SWI                                40 41
                                                      Umpire b   ZANDBERG
 8           ZANDBERG Taliya                       ISR           w.o.
                                                                                                  Umpire             GAREAU
 9           Bye
                                                      Umpire b   STRASSER
 10          STRASSER Linda                       SWI
                                                                       Umpire    b   GOFMAN
 11          Bye                                                                     w.o.
                                                      Umpire b   GOFMAN
 12          GOFMAN         Alice                  ISR
                                                                                        Umpire     MELISS
 13          BAYRAMOVAJahan                       TKM
                                                      Umpire a   BAYRAMOVA
 14          HOTTER         Nina-Rebecca          AUT            40 40
                                                                       Umpire        MELISS
 15          Bye
                                                      Umpire b   MELISS
 16          MELISS         Verena                 ITA

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