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					                                                   Introduction                                      Course Objectives
                                                   The ICAO Instructors Certification is             The course objectives are as follows:
      Aviation Security Company Limited
                                                   designed to identify personnel with               a) Subject Matter Expertise will be verified
An ICAO Aviation Security Training Center (ASTC)
                                                   established AVSEC experience coupled with           through the administration of an AVSEC
              ICAO                                 instructional skills. Upon completion of this       written test based on ICAO Annex17 and
 Instructor Certification Course                   training, qualified instructors will be able to     the Security Manual for Safeguarding Civil
                                                   present specialized ICAO aviation security          Aviation Against Acts of Unlawful
 22 - 30 June 2010 Hong Kong, China                training courses and ICAO Coordinated               Interference (Doc 8973 Restricted)
                                                   Assistance and Development workshops to
                                                                                                      (the test is scheduled on the first day of the
                                                   selected personnel as direct representatives
                                                                                                       course and there is no pre-test study time
                                                   of the ICAO Coordinated Assistance and
                                                                                                       for students)
                                                   Development Section.
                                                                                                     b)The principles of course development and
                                                                                                       instruction techniques will be reviewed
                                                   Course Purpose
                                                                                                     c)Students will become familiar with Aviation
                                                   This course will train aviation security            Security Training Centre requirements
                                                   personnel at managerial level to plan,
                                                                                                     d)Students will become familiar with pre- and
                                                   coordinate and implement the application of
                                                                                                       post-training administrative requirements
                                                   airport security preventive measures in
                                                                                                       and in particular the instructor’s roles and
                                                   accordance with approved programmes.
                                                                                                     e)Students instructional skill will be verified
                                                   Who Should Attend                                   during student presentations
                                                   a) have already been established as a
                                                     Subject Matter Expert by their
                                                     organization; and
                                                   b) are ICAO AVSEC Certified Instructors; and
                                                   c) are currently or have been previously
                                                                                                       Please complete the nomination form
                                                     assigned with instructional duties; and
                                                                                                       and fax back to (852) 2215-3703 or
                                                   d) are experienced in aviation operational
                                                                                                       email to:
Schedule/Location of the Training                   Payment of Course Fees                               Hotel Reservations, Arrival and
The opening session of the training course will     The basic course fee per participant (to cover       Departure
be held at 0900 hours on Tuesday (22 June,          the administrative costs) is US$850. If paying       The Training Centre has secured a special rate
2010) at Regal Airport Hotel.                       on the day of course registration, the ASTC can      for the course participants at the Regal Airport
                                                    accept either a bank draft as outlined below or      Hotel.
The Regal Airport Hotel is located at 9 Cheong      cash (in US dollars or Hong Kong dollars only).      Tel: (852) 2286-8888; Fax (852) 2286-8662
Tat Road, Hong Kong International Airport,                                                               Website:
Lantau, Hong Kong.                                  By Bank Draft:
                                                    Drafts are to be issued in US Dollar currency        Participants may contact the Course
The workshop will be conducted in English and                                                            C o o r d i n a t o r, M s . A l i c e Ta n g f o r h o t e l
all participants should be fluent in that                                                                reservation.
                                                    Our Bank will only accept a bank draft in the
language.                                                                                                Please provide your travel plan and type of
                                                    name of: Aviation Security Company Limited
                                                                                                         room preferred.
The Course Coordinator is Ms. Alice Tang and
her contact numbers are as follows:                 For Overseas Participants
                                                                                                         Room Rate & Conditions
Tel: (852) 29498226; Fax: (852) 22153703;           Passport
                                                                                                         HK$850 per single room per night and HK$950
E-mail:                       All foreign nationals entering Hong Kong must        per twin room per night. The rates are inclusive
                                                    possess valid passports or other valid               of 10% service charge and 3% government tax.
                                                    documents for travel, valid for six months           The rates also include daily buffet breakfast.
Registration of Participants and Any
                                                    beyond the expected time of departure from           It is important that your travel itinerary is
Special Dietary Requirements
                                                    Hong Kong.                                           provided to the Course Coordinator, Ms. Alice
Participants are requested to register at the       Visas                                                Tang as our staff will meet you at the arrival
Registration Desk between 0845 and 0900             Participants from most countries are not             gate.
hours on the opening day of the training.           required to obtain visas for a temporary visit not
Participants are also requested to wear the         exceeding 30 days; however, participants may         Currency, Credit Cards and Banking
identification badge, which will be issued to       wish to obtain information on entry                  Services
them when attending the training and other          requirements by accessing the web page
                                                                                                         The unit of currency in Hong Kong is the Hong
official functions. The dress code for the course                                                        Kong dollar.
is smart attire.                                                                                         International credit cards such as American
                                                    Customs and Excise                                   Express, Visa, MasterCard are accepted at
If you have any special dietary requirements,
                                                    Participants are encouraged to visit the web site    major hotels, department stores and
i.e., require a vegetarian lunch, please inform                                                          restaurants.
                                                    of Hong Kong Customs and Excise
the Course Coordinator Ms. Alice Tang prior to
                                           for information regarding         All commercial banks exchange major foreign
your attendance on the course.                                                                           currencies and are normally open from 0900 to
                                                    to what you may bring and what is prohibited.
                                                                                                         1700 hours, Monday through Friday and from
                                                                                                         0900 to 1300 on Saturday.
                            International Civil Aviation Organization
                                        Nomination Form

Training activity title:ICAO Instructor Certification                 Dates: June 22 - 30, 2010___ ___

Training activity location: _ASTC, Aviation Security Company (AVSECO), Hong Kong, China__

                                            PART 1 (PLEASE PRINT)

                       (Surname)           (First name)           (Middle name)

Mailing address: ___________________________________ Phone # with country code: ___________________

__________________________________________________ E-mail address: _____________________________

___________________________________________                   Fax # with country code: _____________________

Aviation background (check correct one):
    CAA (State or Regulatory)        Airport            Airline            Ground services
    Catering company                 Cargo              Mail               Aviation Security consultant

Law enforcement or security background (check correct one): :
    Private security        Military       Police       Other: _____________________________________

AVSEC background:         No. of years operational experience: _________

Duties: ______________________________________________________________________________________

1. Current Job Title: _________________________________________________               No. of years:___________

Supervisor’s name and email address: _____________________________________________________________

Brief description of daily duties and

No. of staff supervised as part of your duties: ___________
2.   AVSEC training courses completed: (local, regional or international)
                                          Title of course                                                      Year

                                                 Nominee Statement

I (name)    ____________________________________________________________ undertake to:

      1.    conduct myself at all times in a professional manner in keeping with my status as a participant in this
         training activity;
      2. refrain from engaging in political, commercial or other activity detrimental to the host country or
         ICAO; and
      3. participate fully in the training activity, including group discussions, exercises and homework assignments.

I hereby acknowledge that:
      1. I am capable of writing and speaking in the language in which the training activity will be conducted; and
      2. all information I have provided is true and correct.

_________________________________________________                                    _____________________
(Nominee’s Signature)                                               (Date)

                                     PART 2 (PLEASE PRINT)
Organization:_________________________________________________________________________ nominates:

_________________________________________________________________ to attend the above mentioned
(Surname)                                  (First name)                              ( Middle name)

ICAO sponsored training activity and in doing so, certifies that:

      1. all information provided in this application is verifiable upon request;
      2.    it will be responsible for costs associated with transport to and from the training activity, lodging, any
         meals not provided by the Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC), and other incidental costs;
      3. the nominee is medically fit and in possession of medical insurance coverage for any sickness or medical
         emergency that may arise during the above training activity;
      4. the nominee meets any prerequisite for this training activity and/or is part of the “target” population sought
         by ICAO, as outlined in the invitation letter;
      5.    the nominee is currently, or will be within the next 90 days, assigned to a position that reflects the
         objectives of the training activity; and
      6. the nominee will arrive for the beginning of the training activity and will be available for the entire event.

_____________________________________                  ___________________________________
(Signature of authorizing authority)                        (Printed name of authorizing authority)

(Title of authorizing authority)

_____________________________________                        AFFIX SEAL OR STAMP

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