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     The City of Prague
 at the 13th Expo Real 2010

   Munich, 4 – 6 October 2010
  Exhibition Hall A2, Stand #310

                FOR THE EIGHTH TIME IN A ROW
The City of Prague puts on its 96-sqm display stand in A2 Hall as it considers Expo Real as an
opportunity to boost its reputation among European cities. The core of the City’s accompanying
programme is a reception “Meeting Prague”on Tuesday 5 October 5 at 2 pm under the auspices
of Lord Mayor Pavel Bém. This year, developers CENTRAL GROUP, HOCHTIEF Development
and Unibail-Rodamco have decided to mount their joint display at the Prague stand. The pleasant
atmosphere at the Prague stand will be traditionally further enhanced by Pivovary Staropramen

At the “Meeting Prague” event, the city will also exhibit its digital map, which was ranked among
the best projects of this year by ESRI, the largest global software provider specialising
in the development of management systems for digital maps and territorial information. The digital
map has received from ESRI an international prize. It is an achievement in a competition between
hundreds of projects contributed by national and local governments the world over. Also, Prague is
ready to present the new Georeport, designed to supplement the use of the digital map by
conveniently helping investors, developers and architects access various local rules and regulations.
“Prague has been devoting special, long-term attention to the digital map in order to foster
the development of the city. The map is of broad use as it is, for instance, an indispensable tool
for the production of the City development plan as well as any new projects and reconstruction of any
utility networks,” says Bořek Votava, Director of the City of Prague Development Authority, which is
involved in the collection of data and management of the map. “From this October, the new
application will conveniently help those interested to access information as to whether a particular
building or plot of land is or is not located in an area which is listed or contained in a natural protected
zone, whether there are any construction protections and restrictions on the use of the area and where
infrastructure and utility networks are situated. Users can access complete information with a single
application on a single map,” adds Bořek Votava. In addition to the news about the use
of the digital map, Prague will naturally provide the latest information
about the preparation of the City Development Plan: there are about 16,000 comments that
are now being dealt with.

Visitors to the Prague stand can also see projects conceived by the city’s co-exhibitors. CENTRAL
GROUP, one of the most successful developers of the Czech residential property market, is set
to present some of their projects, including Metropole in Prague-Zličín, Rezidence Prague Towers
in Prague-Stodůlky and Nová Kavalírka in Prague-Košíře. HOCHTIEF Development will provide
interested parties with information about their administrative project, Office Islands,
and the residential project, Park Kavčí Hory. In addition to its successful shopping centres Arkády
Pankrác and Centrum Chodov, Unibail-Rodamco is ready to present its conception of the renewal
and extension to Centrum Černý Most, which is scheduled to begin next year.
EXPO REAL, the International Commercial Property Exposition, means business networking
across the world in projects, investments and finance. Traditionally held in the New Munich Trade
Fair Centre in October, it is attended by cities and regions, as well as banks, investors, developers,
building companies, architects, designers and consultants. Last year saw 1,580 exhibitors from
34 countries, whose own display stands covered an exhibition area of 64, 000 m2. In total, the event
attracted over 35,000 attendees (exhibitors as well as visitors without stands) from 73 countries.
Roughly the same attendance is expected by the German organisers this year and the six halls will
cover a comparable area. Czech exhibitors, who ranked eighth among last year’s exhibitors, continue
to regard Expo Real as an effective forum for presentations, sharing experience and gathering
information about the latest trends of the global property market. Being located close to the Czech
Republic, it is a convenient location for exhibitors as well as prospective business partners. Aside
from Prague, the other two largest Czech cities, Brno and Ostrava, will also participate as will several


Prague is going to present at this year’s Expo Real its digital map, which was ranked among the best
projects of this year by ESRI, the largest global software provider specialising in the development
of management systems for digital maps and territorial information. The digital map has received from
ESRI an international prize this July. It is an achievement in a competition between hundreds
of projects contributed by national and local governments the world over. The map is of broad use
and, moreover, it is continuously upgraded. It is used by the Prague authorities for the city
management and crisis management, along with producing the city development plan, however, it is
particularly useful to designers, architects, geodesists and builders, helping them prepare development
and construction plans. With a scale of 1:500, it is the most detailed topographic map of the City
of Prague. The data are collected and the map is managed by the City Development Authority. The
map is available at The City of Prague began to use a digital
map at the turn of the 1980s/1990s, and several following editions have been produced ever since.
This October, the City of Prague is ready to launch the new Georeport, designed to help users access
details about various local rules and regulations governing pre-design and building preparation, along
with the other valuable information for purchasing properties. With this new internet application, it is
easy to look up information about various restrictions which must be taken into consideration
in the given area. Formerly, it was necessary to analyse many maps to get complete information
about the territory while all what is needed now is to enter the particular location to get the list of all
the restrictions and features. Aside from geodesists, architects and designers, the new device will be
certainly appreciated by investors, developers, construction companies, land owners, as well as
government and public authorities and the wide public. The new application will conveniently help
them access information as to whether a particular building or plot of land is or is not located
in an area which is listed or contained in a natural protected zone, whether there are any construction
protections and restrictions on the use of the area and where infrastructure and utility networks are
situated. Users can access complete information with a single application on a single place.

The City of Prague offers the wide public access to a great number of maps on the internet, at, Maps Section. The most interesting maps for investors are the price map of building
plots, the city development plan, along with a truly accurate orthophotomap and a technical map.
Of some interest is also the historical map from 1842.


Prague is also attending Expo Real to inform about the latest progress in the preparation of the new
City Development Plan. The city has filed 16,000 comments on the draft of the City Development
Plan, and these comments are being dealt with now. As a result, the so-called Instructions
on the Development of the Draft of the New City Development Plan will be issued and submitted
for the approval from the Municipal Council of the City of Prague. This methodology will give
instructions as to which of the objections and comments should be met and which of the draft forms
should be prioritised. Once the draft has been prepared in accordance with the approved Instructions, it
will be submitted for public hearing, which will provide public authorities as well as the wide public
with an opportunity to pass comment again.

The draft form of the new City Development Plan is available at

PRAGUE UPDATED                   ITS      TERRITORIAL             ANALYTICAL             REFERENCE

The City of Prague Development Authority updated Prague’s territorial analytical reference materials
at the end of August. It is the first update provided after two years and it contains the latest available
important and centralized information which, being used for further planning, are used
as a starting point for the preparation of the City’s strategic plan, guidelines on territorial
development as well as the City Development Plan. The topics are divided into 16 categories:
natural conditions, economy, population, urbanism, transport, infrastructure, the environment and so
on. The document contains the latest essential information about the restrictions as well as the values
of particular areas, describing or explaining reasons behind them or their characteristics. It also
includes an analysis based on the data provided by many government and public authorities as well as
the other authorities which can take actions to amend building territorial restrictions (prohibitions
of construction, natural reserves, public utilities protection zones). The updated territorial analytical
reference materials will be discussed with the city district authorities and it is envisaged that, probably
in December 2010, the document will be discussed by the City of Prague Municipal Council. Then the
data will be made available to professionals and the wide public alike.

The developer CENTRAL GROUP has been number one on the Czech market for new housing
for a long time now, with more than one-third of the market in Prague and its surroundings in its
current portfolio. The firm has been active on the market for 16 years, during which time it has
successfully completed more than 110 residential locations. CENTRAL GROUP is a Czech-Swiss
company with headquarters in Prague. The founder of the firm, Dušan Kunovský, owns more than
90% of the stock. The remaining 10% is owned by the Swiss investment company Global Property
Capital. In 2009 CENTRAL GROUP Holding had a gross profit of 718 million crowns.

CENTRAL GROUP offers the largest assortment of new flats, houses and lots in Prague and its
surroundings. The very encouraging signs of a revival in the housing market led the company
to earmark 10 new localities, with almost 500 new flats, homes and lots, for sale in March. Due
to the huge volume of interest, the company took the extraordinary step of expanding the offer in June
to include another three new phases of flats and lots, and will increase it by another 11 localities
in September.
All sale prices for properties are ALL INCLUSIVE. They include the property and value added tax,
plus a very high standard of construction, advanced security and broad insurance coverage. Parties
interested in new housing are required to put down only 10% of the price. The balance can be paid
within one year of taking over the property or by taking out a loan. CENTRAL GROUP offers all
interested parties free financial consultation and also arranges mortgages for them free of charge.


Prague 5 – Košíře, Nová Kavalírka Residential location
The latest project in the CENTRAL GROUP portfolio includes more than 140 luxury flats
in the attractive location of Prague Košíře. Five interconnected apartment high-rises with luxury flats
will go up on the west end of Kavalírka Park. The location has the advantage of combining green
surroundings with excellent means for reaching the city center. This latest locality in the developer’s
portfolio will be completed in December 2012.

Another advantage of the Nová Kavalírka Residential location is its proximity to the administrative
and commercial center in Smíchov. It will take only a couple of minutes by car or by tram using newly
reconstructed tracks to reach the Nový Smíchov shopping center, with the metro line B Anděl station.
In addition to a hypermarket and many other shops, the center includes restaurants, coffee shops,
a multiplex cinema and workout facility. Located near the residential area itself is a primary school,
high school and a sports facility for squash and tennis, with a solarium, fitness center and rental shop
for sporting needs.

Prague 5 – Stodůlky, Prague Towers Residential location
These unique high-rise buildings will offer most of the residents an extraordinary view of the entire
city. At present, both towers are the highest residential buildings ever undertaken in the CR and will
be completed in December 2011. These architecturally distinctive apartment buildings have more than
280 luxurious flats located on 21 floors and can be found not far from the protected wilderness area
of the Prokopské and Dalejské valleys. Interested parties can choose from an array of sizes – from
smaller 1+kk flats (one room plus kitchenette) for young people to incredibly luxurious 4+kk flats
(four rooms plus kitchenette) for more affluent clientele on the top floors.

The locality is only a five-minute walk from Lužiny station on metro line B. Another advantage is its
proximity to Avion Shopping Park, Butovice Mall and the Metropole Zličín shopping center with its
many stores, restaurants, service outlets and multiplex cinema. Also close by are supermarkets,
nursery and primary schools, a language school, health clinic, pharmacy, sports facilities, several
restaurants and a post office. A nearby central park with ponds, playgrounds and mini-golf course
offers rest and relaxation.

Prague 5 – Zličín, Metropole locality
The largest and biggest-selling project in the CENTRAL GROUP portfolio is the Metropole locality
next to Zličín station on metro line B. Exceptional for its size and architecture, the project will grow
to include a total of 1,400 flats. This modern apartment complex offers flats ready to be moved into
as well as those where the disposition of the layout can be arranged. Here clients can still choose
to have the interior laid out according to their expectations. Metropole offers its residents, free
of charge, the services of a central reception desk, which also serves as a nonstop point for security
matters. Arrangements can also be made at the reception desk to take a look at a showcase flat,
unoccupied flats or those under construction.
The apartment buildings stand not far from the large Metropole Zličín commercial and entertainment
center, offering a hypermarket, many shops, restaurants, service outlets and multiplex cinema.
In addition, major retail chains like Tesco, Globus, Ikea and others can be found in the vicinity. Also
not far away are a nursery and primary school, a health facility, pharmacy, post office and library.
Sport activities are available at several facilities, including a tennis school and fitness center.

HOCHTIEF Development Czech Republic (formerly HTP ČR) is part of HOCHTIEF
Projektentwicklung and has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1997. The company
specializes in the realization and marketing of high-grade office, commercial and residential properties
built to Western European standards.

HOCHTIEF Development Czech Republic commenced the development of its first office project
during the second year of its existence. In 2000, Hadovka Office Park in Prague 6 became
the company’s first completed project. Technopark Pekařská in Prague 5 and Kavčí Hory Office Park
in Prague 4 followed. The most recently completed project is the Trianon building on Budějovické
Square in Prague 4. In line with the company’s strategy, most projects have been sold to final
investors in the early stages of their realization or even before the start of construction. While the first
three office buildings were bought by Europolis, the investor of the Trianon building is Union
Investment (formerly DIFA).

HOCHTIEF Development Czech Republic is currently working on the development of several
ambitious commercial and residential projects. The Office Islands project is planned to be completed
within five years and to offer approximately 69,600 m2 of rentable office and retail space.
The upcoming Park Kavčí Hory residential project will provide 335 units. The beginning
of construction of both projects is planned to the first quarter of 2011.



The Office Islands project is one of the most ambitious projects carried out by HOCHTIEF
Development Czech Republic to date. The planned office park complex will consist of six
administrative buildings that will offer approximately 69,600 m2 of rentable space. The project also
includes approximately 1,500 parking places. The site is located directly at the metro station Letňany
with a good connection to city’s thoroughfares.

The overall design concept of the premises has been developed in order to ensure that individual units
and buildings can be variably connected or separated, thus offering users maximum flexibility.
The buildings are also focused providing a pleasant environment for future tenants and their
employees. A number of commercial spaces and restaurants are planned. A significant part
of the project will be the green rest and relaxation zone extending between individual buildings with
a water feature and an integrated central square. The project’s ambition is to create an office park that
will be easily accessible and will provide a maximum working comfort.

HOCHTIEF Development places great emphasis on technologies enabling energy savings when
buildings are in use. The entire Office Islands complex will benefit from above-standard insulation,
and heat pumps and heat recuperation will be used. Rainwater will be used to irrigate the plants in the
complex; energy-efficient lighting is planned. The complex has already received the Energy
Performance Certificate “A”. Further works on LEED certification are now being carried out.

The project will be divided into several phases; its first phase bringing approximately 21,700 m2
to the market is planned to be completed in 2012, final completion is expected in 2014.


The Park Kavčí Hory apartment complex is an ambitious project, a response of HOCHTIEF
Development Czech Republic to growing clients’ expectations. It is being prepared for everyone who
wants to combine life within easy reach of the city centre with a quiet atmosphere among greenery
outside it.

The apartment complex will be located in the dynamically growing Kavčí Hory district of Prague 4,
in a close proximity to Central Park, a mere five-minute walk from the Pankrác underground station.
The Arkády shopping centre is located only 300 metres from the site of the project. The surrounding
area also features a number of restaurants, sports grounds, schools and kindergartens.

The complex will comprise a total of four apartment buildings with an average of six floors, offering
more than 330 apartments ranging in size from 46 m2 to 119 m2. Maximum emphasis is placed
on the high standard of living of future residents. Each apartment unit will feature a terrace, balcony
or loggia, and spacious closets and pantries will be a matter of course. The well-considered layout
of the apartments and the shapes of the building will ensure maximum natural lighting
for the apartments. The upper floors will offer a unique panoramic view of the city.

Completion of the project’s first phase, which will bring to the market approximately 170 new above-
standard apartments, is planned for mid 2012.

Created in 1968, Unibail-Rodamco is Europe’s leading listed commercial property company
with a portfolio valued at EUR 23.3 billion on June 30, 2010. Present in 12 European Union countries,
the Group is the leading operator, developer and long term investor of large shopping centres
in Europe. Its 95 shopping centres, 47 of which receive more than 7 million visits per annum, are
generally located in major continental European cities with superior purchasing power and extensive
catchment areas. The Group continuously reinforces the attractiveness of its assets by upgrading
the layout, renewing the tenant mix and enhancing the shopping experience. The Group is also a key
player in the Paris region office market, where it focuses on modern, efficient buildings of more than
10,000 m2. Finally, in joint venture with the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Unibail-
Rodamco owns, operates and develops the major convention and exhibition centres of the Paris region.
Unibail-Rodamco is also the largest developer of commercial real estate in Europe. Its development
pipeline represents approximately 6 billion EUR of investment and 1.2 million m2. This portfolio
encompasses major projects designed by world famous architects who share Unibail-Rodamco
involvement in developing sustainable buildings. Everywhere it operates, Unibail-Rodamco is keen to
participate in the economic, social and urban development of the major cities and, for instance, is
involved with the City of Paris in the redesign of Les Halles historic centre and of Porte de Versailles
with its iconic project of Tour Triangle. Unibail-Rodamco’s 1,700 employees create value
for shareholders through an integrated approach which combines all aspects of property management,
investment and development. The Group’s commitment to environmental, economic and social
sustainability has been recognised with listings in the DJSI (World) and FTSE4Good indexes. Unibail-
Rodamco is listed on Euronext and is a member of the CAC 40, AEX and Dow Jones EURO STOXX
50 indexes.

In the Czech Republic, Unibail-Rodamco is owning Centrum Černý Most, Centrum Chodov,
and Arkády Pankrác shopping centres.



Launched in Prague 14 in 1997, Centrum Černý Most (CČM) was the very first shopping centre to be
opened in the Czech capital city. Phase I of the extension and renewal of the premises is scheduled for
launch in 2011. The new part will cover 44,000 m2 and, on completion, the total square area
of the extended CČM will cover 97,500 m2, including the entertainment centre, which has been a part
of the scheme since November 2000. It is hoped that more than 200 brands will be available there,
from retail to entertainment. The new extension of CČM is scheduled for opening in spring 2013.


Centrum Chodov, Prague 11, was opened in November 2005. With its 212 retail units spread over
a gross retail area of 57,700 m2, it is one of the most modern and largest shopping centres
in the Czech Republic. Aside from shops and services, the centre offers entertainment and a great
number of leisure time activities. It won great popularity soon after opening and boasts large


The Arkády Pankrác shopping centre is a joint project by Unibail-Rodamco (75%) and ECE (25%).
This modern centre was formally opened on 14 November 2008. It has a rentable area of 41,000 m2,
where 130 retail facilities offer their goods and services.

The City District of Prague 4, Pankrác ranks among the largest and most dynamically growing areas in
Prague. Numerous office building and hotels have been recently developed there, in addition
to the existing residential houses and hotels. The Arkády Pankrác shopping centre benefits from
extremely easy access: the C Metro station bearing the same name is located directly at the new
development and, moreover, there are several bus stops in the vicinity. The shopping centre is linked
to the nearby motorway via Na Pankráci and Na Strži streets. The latter offers quick access to a ring
road leading to the western parts of Prague.
City of Prague’s partner in presentation at the stand at Expo Real 2010:
Pivovary Staropramen a. s. Brewery and STAROPRAMEN Beer
The Staropramen brand is inseparable from the City of Prague and its social life. No wonder, it will
traditionally help to create a convivial atmosphere at Prague’s stand at Expo Real.

Founded in Prague’s Smíchov in 1869, Staropramen brewery brewed the first batch of beer in 1871.
The company currently has one of the largest portfolios of beers on the Czech market: Staropramen
Lager, Garnet, Blonde, Black, Non-Alcoholic and D-Beer. The newest is Staropramen 11º beer.

Pivovary Staropramen a. s. Brewery is also associated with the network of its own brand restaurants
known as “Staropramen Potrefená husa”, which have been run on a franchise basis since 1998. At
present, 29 restaurants are open in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The “Beer from Prague” is
enjoyed also abroad – Staropramen, the flagship product, is exported to 30 world countries.

The Expo Real attendees will have an opportunity to appreciate the natural flavour of Staropramen
Lager. Owing to its adequate fermentation, the beer features a full-bodied, pleasantly balanced taste,
with a gently bitter “epilogue”. It also has a rich head of foam and deep golden colour.
City of Prague
City Development Authority
Contact persons: Bořek Votava (Director), Karolina Kudynová (Spokesperson)
Vyšehradská 57 / 2077, 128 00 Praha 2
Phone: +420 236 004 710, fax: + 420 220 514 644
E-mail:,   ,

Contact persons: Eva Moniová, Michal Albrecht
Na Strži 65, 140 00 Praha 4
Phone: +420 226 221 086 (E. Moniová), 226 222 222 (M. Albrecht)
Fax: +420 226 221 070 (E. Moniová), 226 221 035 (M. Albrecht)

HOCHTIEF Development Czech Republic s.r.o.
Contact person: Petr Beneš
Anděl Park, Karla Engliše 3201 / 6, 150 00 Praha 5
Phone: +420 233 081 952, fax: +420 233 081 967

Unibail - RODAMCO
Contact person: Šárka Truhlářová
Škrétova 490 / 12, 120 00 Praha 2
Phone: +420 221 442 118, fax: +420 221 442 222

Information for media:
Crest Communications
Kamila Čadková
Jana Bakešová (mobile: +420 731 613 604)
Ostrovní 126/30, 110 00 Praha 1
Phone: +420 222 927 111
Fax: +420 234 648 666

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