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									LDDC Press Releases 1981 -1998 - Index

Notes         (1) The areas given in the "Location" column are the areas defined for the LDDC's phased
              completion and dedesignation programme - see map. The "Isle of Dogs" included South
              Poplar, East India Dock and Leamouth.
              (2) Where an item refers to more than one area the name of the Borough is used or, if it
              refers to more than one Borough, the category "Docklandswide" is used.

Number        Title                                                     Date       Category
PR171281      Drive for new homes in Docklands                          12/17/1981 Housing
PR140182      Investment in Docklands Job Creation say Nigel             1/14/1982 Policy
PR250182      Cash Boost for Docklands                                    1/25/1982 Programme

PR150282      Rehousing Tenants from Downtown Estate -                    2/15/1982 Housing
PR240282      Cash Aid for Local Advice Centre                            2/24/1982 Community
PR260282      Private Housing Development Opens in Docklands              2/26/1982 Housing

PR080382      Head of Public Relations for LDDC                            3/8/1982 Staff

PR160382      LDDC Agrees 480 Homes in Southwark                          3/16/1982   Housing
PR020482      Enterprise Zone Sites on Offer                               4/2/1982   Enterprise Zone
PR220482      Chairman of LDDC Opens Cannon Workshops                     4/22/1982   Developments
PR260482      London's Enterprise Zone Designated                         4/26/1982   Enterprise Zone
PR100582      Docklands First Home Owners Move in                         5/10/1982   Housing
PR120582      LDDC Acts over Funding for Community Based                  5/12/1982   Community
PR180582      Sir Geoffrey Howe to Open London's Enterprise               5/18/1982 Enterprise Zone
PR210582      Chancellor of Exchequer Opens LEZ                           5/21/1982 Enterprise Zone
PR250582      Independent Newspaper for Docklands                         5/25/1982 Publicity

PR310582      First Bids for LEZ Sites                                    5/31/1982 Enterprise Zone
PR180682      Thames Trials for High Speed River Service                  6/18/1982 Transport

PR150782      LDDC to Fund Community Based Schemes in                     7/15/1982 Community
PR280782      LDDC Reports Progress                                       7/28/1982 Publicity

PR240882      Airport Feasibility Study indicates 4200-500 jobs for       8/24/1982 Transport
PR140982(a)   New £2m Road Scheme for Isle of Dogs                        9/14/1982 Transport
PR140982(b)   LDDC to Fund Community Based Schemes in                      9/1/1982 Community
              Tower Hamlets
PR210982      LDDC Support Re-Publication of Thames Mirror                8/21/1982 Publicity

PR230982      Tooley Hotel Planning Application Refused                   9/23/1982 Planning

PR041082      Majority of Newham Residents Favour Stolport                10/4/1982   Transport
PR071082      Rapid Rail System for Docklands Approved                    10/7/1982   Transport
PR251082      Rapid Rail System for Docklands                            10/25/1982   Transport
PR281082      Major Development in London's Enterprise Zone              10/28/1982   Enterprise Zone
PR011182      Limehouse Productions Start Up in Docklands                 11/1/1982   Developments
PR091182(a)   LDDC Backs Local Team in FA Cup Bid                11/9/1982   Publicity
PR091182(b)   New Housing Project for Beckton                    11/9/1982   Housing
PR171182      LDDC Report on Isle of Dogs Development           11/17/1982   Planning
PR221182      Isle of Dogs - Guide to Design and Development    11/22/1982   Planning
PR231182      Development Strategy for Limehouse on Show        11/23/1982 Planning
PR081282      Last LEZ Sites on the Market                       12/8/1982 Enterprise Zone
Number        Title                                          Date            Category
PR120183      Community Liaison Officer for the LDDC          1/12/1983      Staff
PR210283      "Future for Wapping" Exhibition Opens           2/21/1983      Planning
PR230383      LDDC Announces Architect/Developer Competition 3/23/1983       Developments
              for Elephant Lane, Rotherhithe
PR200483(a)   LDDC announces Plans for Controversial Surrey   4/20/1983      Developments
              Docks Site
PR200483(b)   Docklands Newsletter Launched                   4/20/1983      Transport
PR210483      Homes to Buy and Rent in Southwark              4/21/1983      Housing
PR260483      LDDC Announces Intentions for Greenland and     4/26/1983      Developments
              Surrey Docks Sites
PR280483      Docklands Stolport                              4/28/1983      Transport
PR040583      International Publishing Group to be based in    5/4/1983      Enterprise Zone
              London's Enterprise Zone
PR110583      International Publishing Group to be based in   5/11/1983      Developments
              London's Enterprise Zone
PR180583      Ten Year Task for a Regenerated Docklands       5/18/1983      Policy
PR270583      European Parliament Study Group Visits          5/27/1983      Visits
PR060683      New Proposals for Southwark Site                 6/4/1983      Developments
PR080683      First New High-Tech Development is 12 months     6/8/1983      Enterprise Zone
              ahead of schedule
PR090683      LDDC Plans for Rehabilitation of Housing Stock   6/9/1983      Policy

PR150683      New Industrial Complex in London's Enterprise      6/15/1983 Enterprise Zone
PR290683      LDDC Announces Winner of Architectural             6/29/1983 Developments
              Competition for Major River-Front Development
PR040783      Winners of Elephant Lane Competition Announced      7/4/1983 Developments

PR260783      LDDC Reports on second Year Achievements           7/26/1983 Publicity

PR080883      Note to editors re New PR Telephone Numbers         8/8/1983 Publicity

PR170883      LDDC to Announce Link up with Millwall Football    8/17/1983 Publicity
PR070983      Royal Visitor to Docklands                          9/7/1983 Visits
PR120983      Docklands Firms Builds £1m HQ in London's EZ to    9/12/1983 Enterprise Zone
              be close to the City
PR200983      Royal Visitor to Docklands                         9/20/1983 Visits
PR081183      Victoria Dock Deal with speed Progress             11/8/1983 Land
PR091183      GLC Statement "Nonsense" says Bob Mellish          11/9/1983 Misc

PR171183      Letter re GLC Statement                           11/17/1983 Misc

PR211183      LDDC Southwark Site Consultation                  11/21/1983 Developments
PR241183      Cherry Garden Pier Consultation                   11/24/1983 Developments
PR281183      Southwark Site Proposals                             11/28/1983 Developments
Number        Title                                                Date       Category
PR060484      Cherry Garden Pier Competition Results                11/6/1984 Developments

PR090484      Visit by Prime Minister - 13 April                     4/9/1984 Visits
PR110584      Almost Half London Marathon Route in Docklands        5/11/1984 Events

PR170584      Cherry Garden Pier Site to be developed by Lovell     5/17/1984 Developments
PR130684(a)   Right Setting for Rightset                            6/13/1984 Developments
PR130684(b)   Docklands Business Club will Aid Business             6/13/1984 Misc

PR130684(c)   Minister Visits John Lenanton and Son - the oldest    6/13/1984 Visits
              firm on the Isle of Dogs in London's Docklands

PR130684(d)   Minister Launches UK Local Enterprise Week from       6/13/1984 Events
              London's Docklands
PR140684(a)   First Sheltered Home for the Elderly opens in         6/14/1984 Developments
              London Docklands
PR140684(b)   Dutch Developers Start Work on Major Riverside        6/14/1984 Housing
PR190684      London Docklands First Housing Scheme for the         6/19/1984 Developments
PR200784      Regeneration of the Royal Docks Area                  7/20/1984 Land
PR260784      Prosperity is Returning to London Docklands           7/26/1984 Publicity

PR280784      First Ever Satellite Chess Match                      7/28/1984 Events

PR150884      Stolport Announcement                                 8/15/1984 Transport
PR220884      Riding into the Future                                8/22/1984 Transport
PR300884(a)   New Premises and Phone Numbers for the LDDC           8/30/1984 Publicity
              Press Office
PR300884(b)   London Docklands Architecture/RIBA Festival           8/30/1984 Events

PR040984      London Docklands Arena Open by 1986                    9/4/1984 Developments
PR250984      London Docklands - Information Technology             9/25/1984 Events
              Gateway to Europe
PR311084      London Docklands Directory Launched                  10/31/1984 Publicity

PR041184      Environment Secretary to Start Work on Docklands 11/4/1984        Transport
              Light Railway
PR051184      Southwark Site Contract Award Ceremony            11/5/1984       Developments
PR081184      Start of Major Infrastructure works for Surrey    11/8/1984       Infrastructure
PR201184      Leaflet about North Woolwich Station Museum      11/20/1984       Developments
Number        Title                                                Date         Category
PR080185      Rebirth of the Royals - Press Briefing 16/1/85         1/8/1985   Planning
PR160185      Rebirth of the Royals                                 1/16/1985   Planning
PR240185      Crystal Palace Link with London Docklands             1/24/1985   Publicity

PR040285      Commonwealth Chess Championships                       2/4/1985 Publicity
PR220285      Docklands School Kids Meet David Essex               2/22/1985 Publicity

PR250285      Statement on LDDC's Relations with Southwark         2/25/1985 Policy
              Council, its Decision on the Cherry Garden Pier
              Application and its Overall Housing Record
PR260285      Start made on Infrastructure Works in the Royal      2/26/1985 Infrastructure
PR150385      Press Statement re Millwall Football Club            3/15/1985 Publicity

PR290385      Tesco to Develop Shopping Centre in Docklands        3/29/1985 Developments
PR230485      John W Mackay to become Museum Ship                  4/23/1985 Developments
PR010585      Star Aviation - Chambers Wharf                        5/1/1985 Planning

PR150585      Early Success and Docklands Training Centre          5/15/1985 Education &
PR230585      LDDC Welcomes Government Go-ahead for Royal          5/23/1985 Transport
              Docks Stolport
PR280685      Major Leisure Development for London's               6/28/1985 Developments
PR090785      London Docklands sponsors Millwall in 2 year deal    7/10/1985 Publicity

PR220785      London's Docklands the "Great Water City of the      7/22/1985 Policy
              1990s" predicts LDDC's Chairman
PR100985(a)   Docklands Chess Festival                             9/10/1985 Publicity

PR100985(b)   Downtown Estates Issue Resolved                      9/10/1985 Housing
PR260985      New City Rail Link to Docklands Proposed             9/26/1985 Transport

PR171085      British Expo for the Royal Docks                    10/17/1985 Developments
PR181085      Corporation Board committed to achieving Canary     10/18/1985 Canary Wharf
              Wharf financial centre development
PR141185      Drama of the Royal Docks                            11/14/1985 Arts
PR171285      Cherry Garden Housing Site                          12/17/1985 Housing

PR191285(a)   Cherry Garden Housing Site                          12/19/1985 Housing

PR191285(b)   The Birds Take off at the Royal Docks               12/19/1985 Arts
Number        Title                                           Date       Category
PR140186      LDDC Acquires Land from Port of London Authority 1/14/1986 Land

PR310186      Major Contracts Awarded for Drainage of Royal        1/31/1986 Infrastructure
PR110286      LDDC Grants £17,500 for Union Banner                 2/11/1986 Community
              Restoration to the National Museum of Labour
PR120286      LDDC Presents £17,500 Cheque to the National         2/12/1986 Community
              Museum of Labour History for Union Banner
PR240286      London's Stolport Given Go-ahead                     2/24/1986 Transport
PR120386(a)   Major Media Centre Opens in Docklands                3/12/1986 Developments
PR120386(b)   Drainage Construction Opens Up New Jobs in the       3/12/1986 Infrastructure
PR170386      LDDC Planning Committee Meetings Open to the         3/17/1986 Planning
PR070486      New Road Links Docklands with Britain's               4/7/1986 Transport
PR140486      Flour Signs Docklands Lease                          4/15/1986 Enterprise Zone
PR150486(a)   Flour Signs Docklands Lease                          4/15/1986 Enterprise Zone
PR150486(b)   LDDC Welcomes Chesterton's Residential to            4/15/1986 Misc
PR160486(a)   City Support for Docklands                           4/16/1986 Visits

PR160486(b)   Ministers and Docklands Sign New Training Deal       4/16/1986 Education &
PR230586      Britain's Largest Man-Made Ecological Park opens     5/23/1986 Ecology
              in London Docklands
PR290586      Prince Charles Visits London Docklands and Lays      5/29/1986 Visits
              Foundation Stone of London City Airport
PR230686      Scandinavian Trade Centre to be built in London      6/23/1986 Enterprise Zone
PR300686      Vital New Roads for Docklands Get Go-ahead from      6/30/1986 Transport
              Corporation Board
PR010786      First Major Environmetal Scheme for the Royal         7/1/1986 Environmental
              Docks                                                          Schemes
PR080786      HRH Duke of Edinburgh Visit to Docklands              7/8/1986 Visits
              Tuesday 8th July 1986
PR170786(a)   £35m Office and Retail Development for London's      7/17/1986 Enterprise Zone
              Enterprise Zone
PR170786(b)   Preliminary Work to Start on Canary Wharf            7/17/1986 Enterprise Zone
PR290786      Docklands' Fifth Year - The Landmark of Change       7/29/1986 Publicity

PR310786      Further Royal Docks Drainage Contract Awarded        7/31/1986 Infrastructure

PR050886      LDDC Seeks Local Views on Royals Development          8/5/1986 Planning
PR030986      Docklands - The Next Five Years                       9/3/1986 Planning

PR131086      Merrill Lynch Joins the Move to Docklands           10/13/1986 Enterprise Zone
PR031186      West Ferry Circus Planning Application to be sent    11/3/1986 Canary Wharf
              to the Secretary of State
PR271186      Major Road Improvements for Surrey Docks in         11/27/1986 Transport
              London Docklands
PR011286      DLR Bill Signals Major Tourism Initiative in         12/1/1986 Transport
PR101286      Docklands - A New Tourism Opportunity               12/10/1986 Policy

Number        Title                                               Date       Category
PR060187      Docklands - Britain's Premier Watersports Venue       1/6/1987 Watersports

PR230187      Local Support for Royal Docks Schemes                1/23/1987 Planning
PR050387      Docklands to Host Major Urban Development             3/5/1987 Events
PR060387      Planning Approval for West Ferry Circus               3/6/1987 Canary Wharf
PR170387      Work Starts on Financial Times' Printing Centre      3/17/1987 Developments
PR260387      LDDC Board Joined by Local Councillor                3/26/1987 Misc

PR270387      Richard Eyre Takes to the Slopes to launch EYE in    3/27/1987 Visits
PR300387       Docklands Initiative Secures Rented Housing on     3/30/1987 Housing
              the Isle of Dogs
PR150487      Docklands Lends a Hand to Young New                 4/15/1987 Developments
PR170587      Docklands Youth Training Project Launched           5/17/1987 Education &
PR180587      Docklands Youth Training Project Launched           5/18/1987 Education &
PR290587      Royal Docks Schemes to be Advanced                  5/29/1987 Developments
PR010787      Major Planning Application for Royal Docks           7/1/1987 Planning
PR060787      HRH The Prince Margaret Visits Docklands             7/6/1987 Visits

PR140787      Major Funding for Isle of Dogs Recreation Ground    7/14/1987 Environmental
PR170787      LDDC Signs Canary Wharf Master Building             7/17/1987 Canary Wharf
PR190887      Crypt Conversion to Provide New Community           8/19/1987 Community
              Centre for Poplar
PR290887      LDDC and London Borough of Newham to                8/29/1987 Memorandum of
              Negotiate Memorandum of Agreement over Royal                  Agreement
              Docks Developments
PR040987(1)   1987 - The Year of Arrival                           9/4/1987 Publicity

PR040987(2)   Reg Ward Decides to Step Down in January 1998        9/4/1987 Staff
PR100987      Views Sought on Major Royal Docks Planning          9/10/1987 Planning
PR220987      LDDC Corporate Plan                                 9/22/1987 Planning

PR290987      Social and Community Benefits for Newham        9/29/1987     Memorandum of
              Docklands Residents                                           Agreement
PR051087      Approval Sought for Londondome Arena and Major   9/5/1987     Planning
              Mixed Scheme in the Royals
PR191087      Social Development Awards                      10/19/1987     Community

PR221087(a)   Splash into Greenland                              10/22/1987 Community
PR221087(b)   Deputy Chief Executive Joins the Private Sector    10/22/1987 Staff

PR231087      New Homes and Public facilities for Royal Docks    10/23/1987 Developments
PR031187      Major Development Proposal for Royal Victoria       11/3/1987 Developments
PR171187      New Chief Executive Appointed                      11/17/1987 Staff

Number        Title                                              Date       Category
PR290188      Chief Executive Resigns for Private Family          1/29/1988 Staff
PR110288      Isle of Dogs Community Grants Approved              2/11/1988 Community
PR180288      New London Arena Chief Executive Appointed          2/18/1988 Misc
PR220288      Docklands Business Centre at Entrepreneurs          2/22/1988 Events
PR150388      Teleshopping Goes Live in Docklands                 3/15/1988 Community
PR210388      Capital Gains for Isle of Dogs Groups               3/21/1988 Community
PR220388      LDDC and Tower Hamlets Agreement Secures            3/22/1988 Housing
PR280388      Major Contract Let for New Roads in the Royal        3/28/1988 Transport
PR290388      A First for Local People in Docklands                3/29/1988 Housing
PR300388      New Chief Executive Appointed                        3/30/1988 Staff

PR070488      New Stables for Connaught Horses                      4/7/1988 Developments
PR120488      Run Fun in Docklands                                 4/12/1988 Events

PR150488      Important New Development Brief Launched in          4/15/1988 Developments
              Surrey Docks
PR210488      LDDC Acquires Freehold in Royal Docks                4/21/1988 Land
PR090588      Royal Docks Scheme Adopted                            5/9/1988 Developments
PR190588      Marina Brief Heads-up New Development Ideas for      5/19/1988 Developments
              South Dock Harbour
PR230588      Housebound Trainees Issue Challenge to               5/23/1988 Education &
              Docklands Employers                                            Training
PR260588      Marina Brief Heads-up New Development Ideas for      5/26/1988 Developments
              South Dock Harbour, Surrey Docks, SE16
PR270588(a)   LDDC Set-up Highways Information Service             5/27/1988 Transport

PR270588(b)   LDDC Requests Revisions to City Harbour Hotel        5/27/1988 Planning
PR080688      Urban Design Briefs Issued for the Royal Docks        6/8/1988 Planning
PR090688      Good News Rolls In                                    8/9/1988 Community

PR10/6/88     Lower Lea Inquiry Scheduled                          6/10/1988 Transport
PR200688      Major Works Start on East Beckton Housing Site       6/20/1988 Housing

PR210688      Major Royal Docks Planning Application referred to   8/21/1988 Planning
              the Secretary of State
PR220688      Architectural Landmark for the Isle of Dogs          6/22/1988   Infrastructure
PR300688(a)   Accord Agreed by Tower Hamlets and Corporation       6/30/1988   Accord
PR300688(b)   LDDC Boosts Hospital Appeal or Baby Scanner          6/30/1988   Health
PR040788a     New Ventures Sought for £1m Docklands                 7/4/1988   Developments
              Enterprise Centre
PR040788b     Employment Minister opends Isle of Dogs Jobs &        7/4/1988 Education &
              Training Fair                                                  Training
PR040788c     Planning Approval for Limehouse Link Scheme           7/4/1988 Transport
PR060788      HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Returns to       7/6/1988 Visits
              see war-blitzed Rotherhithe regenerated
PR120788      Fire over England: Armada 400th Anniversary          7/12/1988 Events
PR130788      Press arrangements for the visit of HM Queen         7/13/1988 Visits
              Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Returns to Surrey
              Docks, Rotherhithe, Thursday 28th July
PR190788      Royal Docks Scheme referred to the Secretary of      7/19/1988 Planning
PR270788      Family Fun in Surrey Docks                           7/27/1988 Events
PR280788      New Directors Appointed                              7/27/1988 Staff

PR010888      Surrey Docks Cycle Race                               8/1/1988   Events
PR040888      Sax at Surreys                                        8/4/1988   Events
PR050888      Planning Approval for Royal Docks Scheme              8/5/1988   Planning
PR220888      Working for the Community                            8/22/1988   Publicity

PR000988      Leaflet about Isle of Dogs Road Improvements          9/1/1988 Transport
PR060988(a)   Poplar Link Highway Scheme referred to Secretary      9/6/1988 Planning
              of State
PR060988(b)   Limehouse Link Inquiry Scheduled                      9/6/1988 Transport
PR080988      Japanese Invest in Docklands Computer and             9/8/1988 Developments
              Telecommunications Centre
PR090988      London Docklands Housing Review                       9/9/1988 Policy

PR190988      Docklands Dash for Local Charities                   9/19/1988 Events
PR220988(a)   Self Build Sites on Offer in the Royals              9/22/1988 Housing
PR220988(b)   Development Team Selected for South Dock             9/22/1988 Developments
PR230988      Road Improvement Scheme Progresses                   9/23/1988 Transport
PR280988(a)   Improvements proposed for Enterprise Zone Roads      9/28/1988 Transport

PR280988(b)   Royal Victoria Dock Site to Go to Tender             9/28/1988 Developments
PR300988      Good News on the Shopping Front                      9/30/1988 Publicity

PR041088      Planning Approval for East India Dock Link           10/4/1988 Planning
PR121088      Partnership Approach to training in Tower Hamlets   10/12/1988 Education &
PR141088(a)   Secretary of State opens Jobs and Training Fair     10/14/1988 Education &
PR141088(b)   National Recognition for Greenland Dock             10/14/1988 Developments
PR151088      Radio One Star Bruno Brookes Opens Docklands        10/15/1988 Education &
              Jobs Fair                                                      Training
PR171088(a)   New Head of Urban Design                            10/17/1988 Staff

PR171088(b)   New Director Appointed                              10/17/1988 Staff

PR181088      Major Royal Docks Scheme receives Planning          10/18/1988 Planning
PR211088(a)   Local Developer chosen for Island Yard              10/21/1988 Developments
PR211088(b)   Limehouse Link Inquiry Opens                        10/21/1988 Transport
PR241088      £25,000 Boost for Surrey Docks Community            10/24/1988 Community
PR251088      New Shops and Jobs at Surrey Quays in London        10/25/1988 Developments
PR281088      Joint Housing Task Force Opens for Business         10/28/1988 Accord
PR311088      Architects Selected for New Neighbourhood Centre    10/31/1988 Developments

PR031188      Secretary of State opens Jobs and Training Fair 11/3/1988 Education &
PR231188      Chairman Speaks at Docklands Enterprise Awards 11/23/2000 Events

PR291188      Docklands Jobs and Training Success                 11/29/1988 Education &
PR121288      East End Businesses to Link Into Canary Wharf       12/12/1988 Developments
PR141288      Limehouse Link to Tender                            12/14/1988 Transport
PR201288      Sixth Self Build Scheme for Docklands               12/20/1988 Housing
Number        Title                                               Date       Category
PR180189      London Bridge City Planning Applications             1/18/1989 Planning
PR240189      Docklands will have the Best Transport System in     1/24/1989 Policy
              the UK
PR010289      Take the Train to Jobs and Training Arena             2/1/1989 Education &
PR100289(a)   Jacobs Island Company and Olympia and York         2/10/1989 Developments
              Chosen for Surrey Quays Phase II
PR100289(b)   Employment Growth in Docklands                     2/10/1989 Employment

PR270289      New training Facility for Newham Community         2/27/1989 Education &
              College                                                      Training
PR030389      Timber Wharves to be Acquired for Replacement       3/3/1989 Accord
PR060389      East London's Biggest Job Exhibition Opens on 14    3/6/1989 Education &
              March                                                        Training
PR140389      East London's Biggest Job Exhibition Opens Today   3/14/1989 Education &
PR310389      Landmark for Social Housing in Docklands           3/31/1989 Housing
PR030489      Flying Start for Docklands Youngster                4/3/1989 Education &
PR120489      New watersports Centre for the Isle of Dogs        4/12/1989 Watersports
PR140489      £360,000 Boost for Docklands Educational, Social   4/14/1989 Community
              and Community Projects
PR100589      Local Club Receives Special Sports Equipment       5/10/1989 Community
PR120589      First Tenants Move Under Accord Between Council    5/12/1989 Accord
              and the Corporation
PR180589      Agreement Secures Replacement Homes                5/18/1989 Accord
PR230589      City Children Discover the Secrets of Pond Life    5/23/1989 Education &
PR080689      Southwark's Oldest Resident Opens New Garden        6/8/1989 Community

PR090689      Photo Opportunity - New Garden                      6/9/1989 Community

PR130689(a)   £7m Refurbishment for Royals Lock                  6/13/1989 Infrastructure
PR130689(b)   Poplar Link Inquiry Scheduled                      6/13/1989 Transport
PR210689      Public Accounts Committee Report on Urban          6/21/1989 Policy
              Development Corporations
PR270689      Government Approval for Limehouse Link             6/27/1989 Transport
PR300689      Docklands Teachers Invited to Spend Two Weeks      6/30/1989 Education &
              in Industry                                                  Training
PR130789(a)   Lower Lea Crossing for Tender                      7/13/1989 Transport

PR130789(b)   Major Site Released in Leamouth                    7/13/1989 Developments
PR180789      DLR Beckton Extension Plans Unveiled               7/18/1989 Transport

PR250789      LDDC Report and Accounts 1988/89                   7/25/1989 Publicity

PR010889      New Trains Ordered for Docklands Light Railway      8/1/1989 Transport

PR020889      £5.5 Million Improvement Scheme Starts on           8/2/1989 Housing
              Housing Estate
PR030889      Contract Award for Docklands Road Scheme            8/3/1989 Transport
PR040889      £51M for Community Spend                            8/4/1989 Community

PR070889      New Plan for London's Royal Docks                   8/7/1989 Planning
PR160889      DLR Contractor Named                               8/16/1989 Transport

PR210889      Docklands Companies Put Best Foot Forward          8/21/1989 Events

PR240889      Two Islanders Pedal to Paris to Help Children      8/24/1989 Events
PR310889      Work Starts on Neighbourhood Centre                8/31/1989 Developments
PR050989      Art on Railings                                      9/5/1989 Arts
PR090989      Docklands Building wins National Architecture        9/9/1989 Developments
PR120989      Photo Opportunity - Sculpture at Stave Hill         9/12/1989 Arts
PR190989      Bus Shows Docklands Employers the Way to            9/19/1989 Education &
              Closer Link with Schools                                      Training
PR210989      Unveiling Ceremony for Docklands Sculpture          9/21/1989 Arts
PR220989      Young Artist Gets a Birdseye View of Docklands      9/22/1989 Arts
PR250989      London Docklands Tourism Team                       9/25/1989 Tourism

PR280989      Balfour Beatty and Fairclough win Limehouse Link    9/28/1989 Transport
PR290989      Docklands Linked to the National Motorway           9/29/1989 Transport
PR021089      New Guide to London Docklands                      10/21/1989 Publicity

PR031089(a)   Docklands Linked to the National Motorway           10/3/1989 Transport
PR031089(b)   Hotel Seminar to Attract New Hotels to Docklands    10/3/1989 Tourism

PR041089      Docklands Dash for Local Charities               10/4/1989 Events
PR091089      King Edward III's Rotherhithe Manor House Comes 10/9/1989 Arts
              Back to Life
PR111089      New Social Housing Strategy Unveiled            10/11/1989 Policy

PR171089      Transport in Docklands                             10/17/1989 Transport

PR061189      Childcare in Docklands - Making it Happen           11/6/1989 Policy

PR081189      London Docklands Welcomes Hotel Developers          11/8/1989 Events

PR151189      Government Announces £359 Million Extra Grant      11/15/1989 Policy
              for Docklands
PR201189      First Tenants move to Timber Wharves               11/20/1989 Accord
PR221189      LDDC Chief Executive to Open New Route to the      11/22/1989 Transport
PR281189      LDDC Corporate Plan Published                      11/28/1989 Planning

PR291189      Prime Minister Drives the First Pile of the £220   11/29/1989 Transport
              Limehouse Link
PR071289      The Weight for a Minute Challenge                   12/7/1989 Events
PR091289      Bridge Floats in for New Road Link                  12/9/1989 Transport
PR131289      RTPI Highly Commends London Docklands'             12/13/1989 Developments
              Greenland Dock
PR181289      Mowlem-Taylor Woodrow Joint Venture Wins           12/18/1989 Transport
              Contract for Beckton Extension
Number        Title                                            Date       Category
PR160190      Prime Waterside Site Released on the Isle of Dogs 1/16/1990 Developments

PR230190(a)   Great "Kick Off" for New College Centre             1/23/1990 Education &
PR230190(b)   Contract Award for Lower Lea Crossing               1/23/1990 Transport

PR240190      Ducking and Diving in Docklands                     1/24/1990 Watersports
PR300190      Construction Clean Up for the Isle of Dogs           1/30/1990 Misc
PR310190      LDDC Petitions for Jubilee Line Improvements         1/31/1990 Transport

PR010290      Great "Kick Off" for New College Centre               2/1/1990 Education &
PR190290      Surrey Quays Faculty of Building's Edwin Williams    2/19/1990 Developments
              Memorial Award
PR230290      Chris Patten Swings into Action in London            2/23/1990 Transport
PR270290      Exhibition Shows Success of £2.2m Computer           2/27/1990 Education &
              Boost for Docklands Schools                                    Training
PR050390      New Housing Opportunities in London Docklands         3/5/1990 Publicity
PR060390      London Docklands Welcomes Incoming Tour               3/6/1990 Tourism
PR070390      Exhibition Shows Success of £2.2m Computer            3/7/1990 Education &
              Boost for Docklands Schools                                    Training
PR090390(a)   Grants Secure 400 Rented Homes in Docklands           3/9/1990 Housing
PR090390(b)   Help on Hand for Local Firms                          3/9/1990 Misc

PR120390(a)   London Docklands Gets New Watersports Centre         3/12/1990 Watersports
PR120390(b)   LDDC Approves a Record Budget for 1990/91            3/12/1990 Misc
PR150390      Topping Out Ceremony - Isle of Dogs                  3/15/1990 Developments
              Neighbourhood Centre
PR160390      Architects Selected for New London Docklands         3/16/1990 Developments
PR210390      All Aboard for Telethon '90 in London Docklands      3/21/1990 Events
PR230390      Unveiling of Bust of James Walker, Civil Engineer,   3/23/1990 Arts
              designer of Greenland Dock
PR270390      New Housing Development Acquired for                 3/27/1990 Accord
              Limehouse Tenants
PR020490      Government Approval for Poplar Link                   4/2/1990 Transport
PR060490      550 Tonne Bascule Bridge Lifted into Position         4/6/1990 Transport
PR230490      First International Hotel Chain for London           4/23/1990 Developments
PR260490      Education Secretary Visits London Docklands          4/26/1990 Education &
PR300490(a)   LDDC Appoint Head of Media and PR                    4/30/1990 Staff

PR300490(b)   Education Secretary Visits London Docklands          4/30/1990 Education &
PR020590      London Docklands at the Moot '90                      5/2/1990 Tourism

PR100590      Development Opportunities at Royal Docks             5/10/1990 Developments
PR110590      Vital Survey for London Docklands                    5/11/1990 Misc

PR170590      Colin Moynihan Drives Foundation Piles for Lower     5/17/1990 Transport
              Lea Crossing
PR210590      Foundations Laid for Lower Lea Crossing              5/21/1990 Transport

PR220590      British Prime Minister Endorses London Docklands     5/22/1990 Policy

PR230590      Visit of Lee Kuam Yew, Prime Minister of             5/23/1990 Visits
PR050690      Road Closure as Limehouse Link Progresses             6/5/1990 Transport
PR140690      Docklands Experiment Success Continues               6/14/1990 Policy
PR150690      St Mary's Church Rotherhithe - Festival             6/15/1990 Events
PR180690      China City in London Docklands                      6/18/1990 Developments
PR270690      Regeneration in Newham Proceeds Apace               6/27/1990 Policy
PR120790      First Annual Isle of Dogs Considerate Contractor    7/12/1990 Misc
              Scheme Winners Announced
PR140790      Call for Applicants for LDDC Flying Scholarship     7/14/1990 Education &
PR190790      Royal Navy Minesweeper to Visit London              7/19/1990 Visits
PR200790      Employment Secretary Visits London Docklands        7/20/1990 Visits

PR230790(a)   Royal Navy Minesweeper to Visit London              7/23/1990 Visits
PR230790(b)   Employment Secretary's Visit to London Docklands    7/23/1990 Visits

PR140890      Teacher Resource Packs Launched by London           8/14/1990 Education &
              Docklands                                                     Training
PR160890      Exhibition to Open in Wapping Hydraulic Pumping     8/16/1990 Arts
PR230890      West India Dock Road Widening - £1.7m Contract      8/23/1990 Transport
PR240890      LDDC Report and Financial Statements Published      8/24/1990 Publicity

PR300890      New Art in the Old Machines at Wapping Pumping      8/30/1990 Arts
PR060990      Project Launched to Beat Heart Disease               9/6/1990 Health
PR120990(a)   Planning Restrictions on "Eyesore" Satellite TV     9/12/1990 Planning
PR120990(b)   Royal Marines Abseilers On Cue for New Bus Link     9/12/1990 Events

PR120990(c)   Project Launched to Beat Heart Disease              9/12/1990 Health

PR130990      London Docklands Launches TV Ad Campaign            9/13/1990 Publicity

PR190990      LDDC Launches Local Trade Directory for             9/19/1990 Publicity
              Construction Industry
PR200900      Laurels for Greenfingered Docklanders               9/20/1990 Environmental
PR250990      Ceremonial Blessing of Chinese Dragon Boats         9/25/1990 Watersports
PR260990      Investigations on Death of Fish Point to Natural    9/26/1990 Misc
PR270990      Putting London Docklands on the Tourist Map         9/27/1990 Tourism

PR051090      Women on the Run in London Docklands                10/5/1990 Events
PR111090      London Enterprise Zone to have First Short Stay    10/11/1990 Enterprise Zone
              Visitor Car Park
PR121090      Chief Executive - Announcement                     10/12/1990 Staff

PR241090      Wise up 0or Lose out Warning to Docklands          10/24/1990 Events
PR311090(a)   UK Jazz Premier Secured for London Docklands       10/31/1990 Arts

PR311090(b)   Basic Skills Boost Planned for London Docklands    10/31/1990 Education &
PR021190      London Docklands' First Tourism Forum - Path       11/2/1990 Tourism
              Ahead mapped out
PR081190(a)   LDDC Awards East India Dock Tunnel/Prestons        11/8/1990 Transport
              Road Flyover Contract
PR081190(b)   Europe's Tallest Building Topped Out Today         11/8/1990 Developments
PR121190      Dog Mess Remedy: New Bin Clears the Path          11/12/1990 Environmental
PR151190      LDDC Grant Secures Key Post at Docklands          11/15/1990 Arts
PR191190(a)   Ming Street Closed from Monday 19 November        11/19/1990 Transport
PR191190(a)   Britannia Hotels Acquires the Arrowhead Site on   11/19/1990 Developments
              the Isle of Dogs
PR201190      Major Transport Study for Docklands               11/20/1990 Transport
PR221190      Lewisham Extension "Excellent News" for London    11/22/1990 Transport
PR271190(a)   Michael Portillo Opens Access Centre              11/27/1990 Education &
PR271190(b)   World Travel Market Marks Year of Success for     11/27/1990 Tourism
              London Docklands
PR281190      Poster Campaign Highlights Attractions of London 11/28/1990 Publicity
PR031290      Ceremony Marks Official Completion of UK's          12/3/1990 Accord
              Largest Rehousing Programme
PR041290      UK's Largest Rehousing Programme Successfully       12/4/1990 Accord
              Completed in London Docklands
PR061290      Launch of Witch Two - "Garbage Gobbler"             12/6/1990 Misc
PR071290      Post-16 College - Official Transfer to Tower        12/7/1990 Education &
              Hamlets                                                       Training
PR111290      LDDC Appoints Bechtel for Transport Infrastructure 12/11/1990 Transport
PR121290      New Careers Resource for Teachers Launched by 12/12/1990 Education &
              London Docklands                                              Training
Number        Title                                            Date         Category
PR020191      Visit by Roger Freeman MP, Minister of State for   1/3/1991   Visits
PR040191      Visit by Roger Freeman MP, Minister of State for   1/4/1991   Visits
PR080191      Bishop of Southwark lays Foundation Stone for      1/8/1991   Education &
              Bacon's College                                               Training
PR110191      Run Fun in the Streets                            1/11/1991   Events
PR120191      Bishop of Southwark lays Foundation Stone for     1/12/1991   Education &
              Bacon's College                                               Training
PR170191      London Docklands: The Capital's Growing Tourist   1/17/1991   Tourism
PR240191      Isle of Dogs Considerate Contractor Scheme - New 1/21/1991    Misc
              Award for Innovation
PR280191(a)   Faith and Economic Focus on London Docklands      1/28/1991   Policy

PR280191(b)   New Look LDDC to Meet the Challenge of the         1/28/1991 Staff
PR050291      MP from Down Under Looks Up to London               2/5/1991 Visits
PR060291      Malcolm Rifkind at Docklands Big Lift               2/6/1991 Transport
PR080291(a)   LDDC Announces New Chief Executive                     2/8/1991 Staff

PR080291(b)   Housing Task Force Finishes the Job                    2/8/1991 Housing
PR120291      Michael Heseltine Greets LDDC's New Chief             2/12/1991 Visits
PR130291      Sir George Young Bt MP Commemorates                   2/13/1991 Housing
              Completion of Roche Estate Refurbishment
PR140291      Multi Million Pound Housing Refurbishment             2/14/1991 Housing
              Commemorated by Housing Minister
PR150291      Cash Boost for Basic Skills in Docklands              2/15/1991 Education &
PR180291      London Docklands wins Edwin Williams Memorial         2/18/1991 Developments
              Award for the Second Year
PR010391(a)   Back to the Future for Satellite Education             3/1/1991 Education &
PR010391(b)   Catering for Commuters - New Coach Service for         3/1/1991 Transport
              London Docklands
PR050391      Back to the Future for Satellite Education             3/5/1991 Education &
PR060391      Tooley Street Designated a Conservation Area           3/6/1991 Planning

PR140391(a)   Calling All Budding Gardeners in London               3/14/1991 Environmental
              Docklands                                                       Schemes
PR140391(b)   Work Starts on New Stableblock at Mudchute Farm       3/14/1991 Community

PR140391(c)   London Docklands Launches River Guide at Moot         3/14/1991 Tourism
PR150391(a)   Transport Transformation in London Docklands          3/15/1991 Transport

PR150391(b)   LDDC Staff on the Ropes Raise over £200 for           3/15/1991 Events
              Comic Relief
PR180391A     LDDC boasts miles of waterfront through new           3/18/1991 Tourism
              tourist film
PR180391B     Work Starts on Stable Block at Mudchute Farm          3/18/1991 Community
PR190391      Open Day for Homebuyers Proves a Success              3/19/1991 Housing
PR150491      London Docklands to be First Port of Call for Royal   4/15/1991 Visits
              Navy Submarine
PR170491(a)   London Docklands River Guide Launched at Moot         4/17/1991 Tourism
PR170491(b)   Making Waves at the Moot '91                          4/17/1991 Tourism

PR170491(c)   Crown Prince Philp of Belgium Visits London           4/17/1991 Events
PR180491(a)   Tourism Minister Visits London                        4/18/1991 Visits

PR180491(b)   DocklandsEconomic and Social Councils of the          4/18/1991 Visits
              Member States of the European Community visit
              London Docklands
PR240491      Jelly, Bunting and Balloons mark the Opening of       4/24/1991 Environmental
              Refurbished Park                                                Schemes
PR250491      Baltimore Clipper Sails into London Docks             4/25/1991 Visits
PR030591(a)   London Docklands Gets Snappy                           5/3/1991 Arts

PR030591(b)   Spring Issue of London Docklands Touriesm News         5/3/1991 Tourism
              Now Out
PR030591(c)   LDDC Annual Report and Accounts 1990/91              5/3/1991 Publicity

PR030591(d)   LDDC Hits Back at Criticism on Funding of Chrisp     5/3/1991 Accord
              Street Market
PR030591(e)   Minister Launches New Health Leaflet for London      5/3/1991 Health
PR080591(1)   New Survey Reveals Dramatic Growth in London         5/8/1991 Misc
PR080591(2)   London Docklands Launches Arts Action                5/8/1991 Arts
PR080591(3)   LDDC Grant Secures Social Housing in Beckton         5/8/1991 Housing
PR080591(4)   Hithe Point: First Phase of Social Housing Scheme    5/8/1991 Housing
              now Completed
PR130591      Hithe Point: First Phase of Social Housing Scheme   5/13/1991 Housing
              now Completed
PR140591      Local School Views Progress on Limehouse Link       5/14/1991 Visits

PR170591(a)   London Docklands Launches Basic Skills Support      5/17/1991 Education &
              Team                                                          Training
PR170591(b)   Warren Mitchell to Open New Community,              5/17/1991 Community
              Education and Arts Centre
PR220591      Rewards in Store for Docklands' Gardeners           5/22/1991 Environmental
PR240591      Warren Mitchell Opens New Community, Education      5/24/1991 Community
              and Arts Centre
PR280591      Seven Sculptors Take a Sideways Look at London      5/28/1991 Arts
PR290591      LDDC Head "Swings" in to Open New Isle of Dogs      5/29/1991 Community
PR300591      LDDC: The Driving Force Behind Building             5/30/1991 Planning
PR040691      New Bridge to be Erected as part of Lower Lea        6/4/1991 Transport
              Crossing Works
PR070691(a)   Pupils Call for Louder Voice in English Classroom    6/7/1991 Education &
PR070691(b)   London Docklands Sets out Standards on Building      6/7/1991 Planning
PR110691      Teleshopping in Newham Gets a £90,000 Boost         6/11/1991 Community
PR120691      Docklands Ahoy! A Fleet of Naval Visits Lines up    6/12/1991 Visits
              for the Summer
PR170691      Surrey Quays £2.5 Million for new Homes             6/17/1991 Housing
PR200691      Docklands Computer Aided Learning (DCAL)            6/20/1991 Education &
              Project                                                       Training
PR240691      Michael Portillo Sees Progress at the Limehouse     6/24/1991 Transport
              Link to Docklands
PR250691      London Docklands Honours a Decade of                6/25/1991 Events
PR260691      Arts Minister Tours Isle of Dogs Sculptures         6/26/1991 Arts
PR270691      Limehouse Link to Docklands - Taking Shape and      6/27/1991 Transport
              on Schedule
PR280691      Environment Minister Visits London Docklands        6/28/1991 Visits
PR020791(1)   London Docklands 1981-1991: A Decade of              7/2/1991 Publicity
PR020791(2)   London Docklands Honours a Decade of                 7/2/1991 Events
PR020791(3)   London Docklands Schools Online for the Future     7/2/1991 Education &
PR020791(4)   LDDC Annual Report and Financial Statements        7/2/1991 Publicity
PR090791(a)   £3m Bonus for SPLASH Estates                       7/9/1991 Accord
PR090791(b)   Second Annual Isle of Dogs Considerate             7/9/1991 Misc
              Contractor Scheme Winners Announced
PR090791(c)   New Docklands Education and Training Newsletter    7/9/1991 Education &
              Announced                                                   Training
PR150791      Environment Minister Buries Time Capsule at       7/15/1991 Education &
              Tower Hamlets College Extension                             Training
PR160791      BT "Taps" into Training in London Docklands       7/16/1991 Education &
PR170791      Proposed Helipad at Trinity Buoy Wharf            7/17/1991 Planning
PR180791      Environment Minister "Marks" Time at Tower        7/18/1991 Education &
              Hamlets College                                             Training
PR190791      Dr Salter's Daydream: unveiling                   7/19/1991 Arts

PR220791      "Tapping" into Training in London Docklands       7/22/1991 Education &
PR240791(a)   Charity Weekend for Families of Tragic Firemen    7/24/1991 Events

PR240791(a)   Dr Salter's Daydream Unveiled                     7/24/1991 Events

PR250791      LDDC Launches Report on Special Training Needs    7/25/1991 Education &
PR260791      Snappy Focus on Docklands Life                    7/26/1991 Arts

PR310791      Altering and Extending Your House in London       7/31/1991 Planning
PR020791      London Docklands welcomes the Fourth               8/2/1991 Arts
              International Festival of Street Music
PR070891      Modern Gallery Artists on show in London           8/7/1991 Arts
PR150891      International Street Music in London Docklands    8/15/1991 Arts

PR160891      Senator Graham to Drive First Pile for            8/16/1991 Environmental
              Environmental Windmill                                      Schemes
PR190891      Florida's Senator Bob Graham to Visit London      8/19/1991 Visits
PR220891      The Do's and Don’t's of Extending Your House      8/22/1991 Planning

PR280891a     Former Wetbike Champion Promotes Sports for       8/28/1991 Events
              Disabled People
PR280891b     Brand New Image for Island Shopping Precinct      8/28/1991 Environmental
PR020991      London Docklands Construction Disruption Claim     9/2/1991 Misc
PR040991      Art Exhibition at Tobacco Dock                     9/4/1991 Arts
PR060991      Docklands in Bloom Prizegiving                     9/6/1991 Environmental
PR080991      Oh to Swallow a Jellied Eel                        9/8/1991 Events
PR100991      Flower Power Alive in London Docklands            9/10/1981 Environmental
PR110991      Cash Boost for Ninety Docklands Community         9/11/1991 Community
PR180991      Newspaper Highlights Training Opportunities in          9/18/1991 Education &
              London Docklands                                                  Training
PR190991(a)   Norma Major Visits London Docklands Charity             9/19/1991 Visits
PR190991(b)   Major Gallery Artists on Show in London Docklands       9/19/1991 Events

PR190991(c)   LDDC New Chairman from March 1992                       9/19/1991 Staff

PR230991      London Docklands Enterprise Zone Still Offers           9/23/1991 Enterprise Zone
              Special Benefits for Investors
PR260991(a)   Michael Portillo to Open Docklands ITEC                 9/29/1991 Education &
PR260991(b)   "Olde Worlde", The Caraway Installation                 9/29/1991 Arts

PR270991(2)   Opening up the Waterfront in London Docklands           9/27/1991 Planning

PR270991(2)   London Docklands Jubilant Over Major Inquiry            9/27/1991 Transport
PR300991      Official Opening of Docklands ITEC                      9/30/1991 Education &
PR021091      Inner City Minister Opens Major Training Facility in    10/2/1991 Education &
              Docklands                                                         Training
PR031091      Inner City Minister Opens Major Training Facility in    10/3/1991 Education &
              Docklands                                                         Training
PR101091(a)   LDDC Welcomes Consultants for East Thames              10/10/1991 Planning
PR101091(a)   Channel Tunnel, Link via Stratford                     10/10/1991 Transport

PR111091      UK's Most Ambitious Schools Computer                   10/11/1991 Education &
              Networking Project Now Complete                                   Training
PR151091      Children's TV Presenter Hands Over Computer            10/15/1991 Education &
              Network System to Docklands Primary Schools                       Training
PR161091      Docklands Charities to Receive Grant Aid               10/16/1991 Community
              Presentation of Money Raised by Docklands
PR171091      Docklands Primary School Boot into the Future          10/17/1991 Education &
PR181091      London Docklands Water Quality Study and               10/18/1991 Environmental
              Computer Model                                                    Schemes
PR221091      ITV Telethon Gives Staggering £1.4m to Local           10/22/1991 Community
              Groups in Three Docklands Boroughs
PR281091      Brian Catling at the Lighthouse                        10/28/1991 Arts
PR201091      LDDC to Appeal                                         10/29/1991 Misc
PR111191      LDDC Welcomes Proposal for Change of Control           11/11/1991 Transport
              Over the DLR
PR141191(a)   Maintenance Work Required In Hermitage Basin           11/14/1991 Infrastructure
PR141191(b)   Public Invited to Visit NATO Ships in London           11/14/1991 Visits
PR151191      Mayor to Open Wapping Youth Club                       11/15/1991 Community
PR181191(a)   London's "World" Future at Stake                       11/18/1991 Planning

PR181191(b)   Media Briefing - New Docklands Employment           11/18/1991 Publicity
PR191191      Satro Bus to be Equipped for the International Year 11/19/1991 Education &
              of Space                                                       Training
PR201191      NATO Ships Cruise into London Docklands             11/20/1991 Visits
PR221191(a)   Strategy Points the Way Forward for Basic Skills   11/22/1991 Education &
              Training in Docklands                                         Training
PR221191(b)   SavaCentre at Beckton                              11/22/1991 Developments
PR221191(c)   New Sculpture ot be Unveiled at Cumberland         11/22/1991 Arts
              Whard, Rotherhithe
PR251191      London Docklands: More Jobs, More Training,        11/25/1991 Planning
              Unemployment Rate Falls
PR261191(a)   Japanese Ambassador to Visit London Docklands      11/26/1991 Visits

PR261191(b)   Roger Squire Appointed to Top LDDC Investment      11/26/1991
              and Development Post
PR281191      LDDC Chief Executive Eric Sorensen Invites You     11/28/1991 Staff
              to Meet Roger Squire
PR291191      Island Toddlers Set Off Construction Work on new   11/29/1991 Community
              One O'clock Club
PR061291(a)   Symposium Considers What London Must Do to          12/6/1991 Planning
              Ensure its Success
PR061291(b)   Closure of London Arena                             12/6/1991 Developments
PR101291(a)   Heseltine Opens Lower Lea Crossing Three           12/10/1991 Transport
              Months Early
PR101291(b)   Study Commissioned to Plan Ahead for Docklands     12/10/1991 Community
              Social Services
PR111291      Refurbishment Begins at Barleymow Veterans'        12/11/1991 Community
PR131291(a)   New Guides Explore Docklands Urban Landscapes      12/13/1991 Publicity

PR131291(b)   Freeman Opens Lower Lea Crossing                   12/13/1991 Events

Number        Title                                              Date       Category
PR030192      St Vincent's Site - Future                           1/3/1992 Housing
PR140192      Lord Mayor Goes East                                1/14/1992 Visits

PR170192      London's Lord Mayor Goes East                       1/17/1992 Visits

PR180192      Estates Security Contract                           1/18/1992 Misc

PR200192      Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre to Host    1/20/1992 Watersports
              Free Dragons Open Day
PR220192(a)   Winter Issue of Multi Lingual Docklands Training    1/22/1992 Education &
              Newspaper Now Out                                             Training
PR220192(b)   Bishop of London Opens Stepney Youth Drigs          1/22/1992 Health
PR230192      London Docklands - Through the Eyes of the          1/23/1992 Tourism
PR280192(a)   Watersports Courses in London Docklands             1/28/1992   Watersports
PR280192(b)   Barclays Opens New Extended Banking Hall            1/28/1992   Misc
PR030292      New Bus Link for Leamouth                            2/3/1992   Transport
PR040292(a)   The Surrey Docks Opportunity                         2/4/1992   Developments
PR040292(b)   Leading Advertising Man Appointed to LDDCBoard       2/4/1992   Staff

PR050292      Tourists Give Thumbs Up to London Docklands          2/5/1992 Tourism

PR060292      LDDC Restructures Limehouse Link Management          2/6/1992 Transport
PR120292      Singaporeans Back For Second Visit to London       2/12/1992 Visits
PR170292      Sir George Young to Open Docklands Social          2/17/1992 Housing
              Housing Scheme
PR190292(a)   Barry Shaw's Future Designs                        2/19/1992 Staff

PR190292(b)   Model Social Housing in London Docklands           2/19/1992 Housing
              (Winsor Park)
PR200292      Elizabeth Filkin to leave the LDDC                 2/20/1992 Staff

PR210292      London Docklands at Property Business Show         2/21/1992 Events

PR250292      London Docklands on Show to the World at Exp 92    2/25/1992 Events

PR260292(1)   LDDC Vision for the Royal Docks                    2/26/1992 Planning
PR260292(2)   Watersports Galore in the Heart of London's        2/26/1992 Watersports
              newest Business District
PR260292(2)   LDDC in Total Control of Model Demolition Site     2/26/1992 Misc
PR270292      Surrey Docks Opportunity                           2/27/1992 Publicity
PR050392(a)   New LDDC Chairman to Launch Local Business          3/5/1992 Publicity
PR050392(b)   £2m Impact on the Docklands Environment             3/5/1992 Environmental
PR090392      Removal of Overhead Power Lines in London           3/9/1992 Infrastructure
              Docklands - Unique Hearing Starts
PR010492(a)   A New London Destination Attracting Record          4/1/1992 Tourism
              Numbers of Visitors
PR010492(b)   Change of ownership for Docklands Light Railway     4/1/1992 Transport

PR010492(c)   London Docklands at EXPO 92                         4/1/1992 Events

PR010492(d)   LDDC Note on Heron Quays Planning Consent           4/1/1992 Planning
PR020492      A Shot in the Arm for Docklands Health              4/2/1992 Health

PR060492      LDDC Announces Limehouse Link Public Art            5/6/1992 Arts
PR080492      King Edward Memorial Park                           4/8/1992 Environmental
PR240492      Spring Issue of Docklands Training Newspaper       4/24/1992 Education &
              Now Out                                                      Training
PR290492(a)   TV Presenter Chris Packham Officially Open         4/29/1992 Environmental
              Canada Water Pump                                            Schemes
PR290492(b)   Holding Statement on Impairment of TV Reception    4/29/1992 Community
              Along the Lea Valley
PR060592      London Docklands Enterprise Zones Ends              5/6/1992 Enterprise Zone
PR080592      New Minister Counts Down to Tunnel Opening          5/8/1992 Visits
PR130592      Urban Butterfly Sanctuary is a UK First            5/13/1992 Environmental
PR180592(a)   "Medics" Star Opens Refurbished Wapping Health     5/18/1992 Health
PR180592(b)   New Bus and Cycle-Only Link is Opened              5/18/1992 Transport
PR280592      LDDC Statement of Olympia and York                 5/28/1992 Canary Wharf
PR010692      LDDC Positive about the Future of London            6/1/1992 Canary Wharf
              Docklands - Canary Wharf and Jubilee Line
PR050692(a)   World's First Floating Theatre Arrives in London    6/5/1992 Arts
PR050692(b)   Barley Mow Refurbishment Programme to be             6/5/1992 Housing
              Launched on 5th June
PR050692(c)   New Stable Block is Officially Opened at Mudchute    6/5/1992 Community
              and Farm
PR050692(d)   New Pub Guide Spotlights London Docklands            6/5/1992 Tourism
              Watering Holes
PR090692      New Stable Block is Officially Opened at Mudchute    6/9/1992 Community
              and Farm
PR190692      Eastenders' Star Takes to the Dance Floor at the    6/19/1992 Community
              Reopening of the Barley Mow Veterens' Club
PR240692      Limehouse Link Public Art Competition               6/24/1992 Arts
PR290692      Winners Announced for 1992 Isle of Dogs             6/29/1992 Misc
              Considerate Contractor Scheme
PR300692(a)   £11Million Infrastructure Contract Awarded in       6/30/1992 Infrastructure
              London Docklands
PR300692(b)   Cash Contribution Keeps Riverbus Afloat             6/30/1992 Transport

PR060792      These Fragments we have Shored against our           7/6/1992 Arts
PR070792      Winners Announced for 1992 Isle of Dogs              7/7/1992 Misc
              Considerate Contractor Scheme
PR080792(a)   Fun and Free Waterskiing at Royal Docks Waterski     7/8/1992 Watersports
PR080792(b)   "Carnival" of Animals to be Unveiled by Emmerdale    7/8/1992 Arts
              Farm TV Star
PR080792(c)   Jubilee Line Extension Briefing                      7/8/1992 Transport

PR090792      Riverbus Returns to Surrey Docks                     7/9/1992 Transport
PR100792      Drummers of Burundi Come to London Docklands        7/10/1992 Arts

PR150792(a)   Local Residents to View Progress of Limehouse       7/15/1992 Transport
              Link Tunnel
PR150792(b)   Limehouse Link Public Art Commission Finalists      7/15/1992 Transport
PR160792(a)   Difficult Year - But Major Progress in Docklands    7/16/1992 Publicity
              Continues - Annual Report and Accounts
PR160792(b)   Refurbished Veterans' Club is Opened by TV          7/16/1992 Community
              Personality Mike Reid
PR190792      Watersport Fun and Excitement                       7/19/1992 Watersports

PR200792      DMB&B to Promote London Docklands Success           7/20/1992 Publicity
PR290792      August Jazz Dates for London Docklands              7/29/1992 Arts

PR060892      Fifth International Festival of Street Music         8/6/1992 Arts
PR120892      Exhibition Extension - These Fragments we have      8/12/1992 Arts
              Shored against our Ruins
PR180892      LDDC to Determine Savacentre Application            8/18/1992 Planning
PR190892      Speakers Announced for European Finance             8/19/1992 Events
PR200892(a)   Docklands Celebrates First Ever European Oyster     8/20/1992 Events
              and Seafood Fair
PR200892(b)   World Music Hits the Streets in London Docklands    8/20/1992 Events

PR260892      East End Teenagers Take On the Thames in a          8/26/1992 Watersports
              Dragon Boat
PR070992      London Docklands Asks "Are You a Knocker or a           9/7/1992 Publicity
PR080992      London Docklands Oyster and Seafood Fair -              9/8/1992 Events
              Jellied Eel Eating Competition
PR110992      London Docklands Oyster and Seafood Fair -             9/11/1992 Events
              Paella Cook-in
PR130992      British Gas European Oyster Opening Challenge          9/13/1992 Events
PR140992(a)   LDDC Announce Allocation of over £1m for               9/14/1992 Community
              Community Groups
PR140992(b)   Summer Months see 90,000 sq ft let on the Isle of      9/14/1992 Developments
PR160992      London Docklands Seafood Fair Hooks a Bumper           9/16/1992 Events
PR180992      Brookside TV Star Spearheads Docklands Literacy        9/18/1992 Education &
              Ad Campaign                                                      Training
PR210992(a)   Successful Duo Poised to Develop Docklands             9/21/1992 Staff

PR210992(b)   Sixth Docklands Jazz Festival                          9/21/1992 Events
PR220992      Flowers Bloom at the North Pole                        9/22/1992 Environmental
PR280992      London Docklands to Exhibit at East Thames             9/28/1992 Publicity
PR290992      Chinese Detective Launches Community Initiatives       9/29/1992 Community

PR051092(a)   Top German Bankers Visit Docklands                     10/5/1992 Visits

PR051092(b)   London Schools get Shirty about Drugs                  10/5/1992 Health

PR061092      German Bankers Visit Docklands                         10/6/1992 Visits

PR121092(a)   LDDC Issues New Guide to London Docklands       10/12/1992 Publicity
              Facilities and Services
PR121092(a)   Eat Your Way Through London Docklands -         10/12/1992 Events
              Russell Grossman Presents Good Food Awards
PR151092      Black Convoy Travels Through the Limehouse Link 10/15/1992 Transport

PR201092      Secretary of State Holds Public Inquiry into Access   10/20/1992 Land
              for LDDC Beckton Triangle Site
PR211092      Trevor Brooking to Open Brand New One O'Clock         10/21/1992 Community
PR261092      Starry Kick-off for New One O'Clock Club              10/26/1992   Community
PR271092      Savacentre Signs up with LDDC                         10/27/1992   Developments
PR291092(a)   Launch of New London Docklands Visitor Centre         10/29/1992   Publicity
PR291092(b)   St Mark's War Memorial to be Re-erected               10/29/1992   Community
PR301092      Narrow Street Reopens on Schedule                     10/30/1992   Transport
PR021192      London Docklands to be Europe's Financial Centre       11/2/1992   Events

PR031192      Major Facelift Re-launches London Docklands            11/3/1992 Publicity
              Visitor Centre
PR041192      Lloyd Grossman Presents London Docklands Good          11/4/1992 Events
              Food Awards
PR091192(a)   London Docklands the pride of the Lord mayor's         11/9/1992 Events
PR091192(b)   East London Schools Stride out on the Catwalk for      11/9/1992 Health
              European Drugs Prevention Week
PR091192(c)   Health Secretary Steps out on the Catwalk with     11/9/1992 Health
              School Children for European Drugs Prevention
PR091192(d)   Chinese Construction Minister Visits Docklands     11/9/1992 Visits
PR111192      UK's First Indian Flying Restaurant among Winners 11/11/1992 Events
              of London Docklands Good Food Awards

PR121192(a)   LDDC Agrees New Land Deal - Fairview to Build     11/12/1992 Developments
              New Homes
PR121192(b)   Swedes View London Docklands Architecture         11/12/1992 Visits

PR161192      Winners of Drug Prevention T-Shirt Design         11/16/1992 Community
PR251192(a)   French Minehunters open to Public in London       11/25/1992 Visits
PR251192(b)   Shadow Education Spokesperson Opens East End      11/25/1992 Education &
              School                                                       Training
PR261192      Inner Cities Minister Tours New Homes in          11/26/1992 Housing
PR011292      £1.2 Million Training Centre Opens in Wapping,     12/1/1992 Education &
              London Docklands                                             Training
PR021292      Shadow Education Spokesperson Opens East End       12/2/1992 Education &
              School                                                       Training
PR031292      Inner Cities Minister Tours New Homes in           12/3/1992 Housing
PR091292      New Community Centre for Winsor Park               12/9/1992 Community
PR141292      New Guide to London Docklands Now Out             12/14/1992 Tourism

PR181292      London Docklands Appoints new Arts, Leisure and   12/18/1992 Staff
              Tourism Manager
PR2112192     LDDC Appoints Head of Safety                      12/21/1992 Staff

Number        Title                                           Date          Category
PR060193      London Docklands Issues Winter Edition of          1/6/1993   Tourism
              Tourism News
PR120193      Secure Deal made by London Docklands             1/12/1993    Developments
PR140193      New Group Tours Service Spotlights London       14//1/93      Tourism
PR180193      Docklands Access Centres Open with Spotlight on  1/18/1993    Education &
              Training Through the Ages                                     Training
PR190193      Study Reveals Way Ahead for Docklands Social     1/19/1993    Community
              Services Providers
PR200193      Docklands Access Centres Open with Spotlight on  1/20/1993    Education &
              Training                                                      Training
PR210193      Lord Mayor Visits London Docklands               1/21/1993    Visits

PR260193(a)   Savacentre Goes on Site Today                      1/26/1993 Developments
PR260193(b)   Sovereign View - Background Statement              1/26/1993 Developments
PR030293(a)   LDDC Board Strengthened                             1/3/1993 Staff

PR030293(b)   Newham Council Gets Keys to New Children's          1/3/1993 Community
PR040293      Tower Blocks Turned Host Art Exhibition             2/4/1993 Arts
PR050293(a)   Docklands Keeps Jobs in London                      2/5/1993 Reports
PR050293(b)   Market Facelift Begins                               2/5/1993 Environmental
PR050293(c)   1993 Docklands Business Directory Launched by        2/5/1993 Publicity
              LDDC Chairman
PR080293A     Bob is Top Jailbird in Docklands                     2/8/1993 Events
PR080293B     London Docklands Targets Europe                      2/8/1993 Publicity

PR150293      D4 Leamouth Shuttle Secures Further Funding         2/15/1993 Transport
PR160293      Royal Navy Visits London Docklands                  2/16/1993 Visits
PR230293      London Docklands - A New Conference Destination     2/23/1993 Publicity

PR020393      New Homes and Businesses Planned for                 3/2/1993 Planning
PR040393      New Homes for Limehouse Tenants                      3/4/1993 Housing
PR050393(a)   London Docklands Speaks Out on Regeneration          3/5/1993 Events

PR050393(b)   LDDC Launches New Investment Brochure                3/5/1993 Publicity

PR080393      New Life for Old Buildings in Tower hamlets          3/8/1993 Conservation
PR110393      More Places for Tower Hamlets Sixth Formers         3/11/1993 Education &
PR120393(a)   Donation for Docklands New Technology Centre        3/12/1993 Education &
PR120393(b)   Water, Water Everywhere (Design Guide)              3/12/1993 Planning

PR120393(c)   LDDC Launches New Investment Brochure               3/12/1993 Publicity

PR160393      Limehouse Link Sculptures Craned into Place         3/16/1993 Arts
PR170393      Limehouse Link Sculptures - Change of Date          3/17/1993 Arts
PR180393      Innovative Approaches to be Studied for Powering    3/18/1993 Misc
              the Royal Docks
PR190393(a)   London Docklands on the Silver Screen               3/19/1993 Publicity

PR190393(b)   Australian Dignitary Visits London Docklands        3/19/1993 Visits
PR190393(c)   Limehouse Link Sculptures Craned into Place         3/19/1993 Arts
PR230393      More Places for Tower Hamlets Sixth Formers         3/23/1993 Education &
PR240393      Strong Support for Action on East Thames Corridor   3/24/1993 Planning
              and Channel Tunnel Rail Link
PR300393(a)   London Docklands is the Place to Go                 3/30/1993 Tourism

PR300393(b)   Computers Across the Curriculum in Newham           3/30/1993 Education &
PR050493      Crown and County Courts Come to London               4/5/1993 Developments
PR220493      London's Largest Public Sculpture Now in Place in   4/22/1993 Arts
PR040593      Royal Victoria Dock Site Up for Grabs                5/4/1993 Land
PR050593      Limehouse Link Opens for Traffic on 17th May         5/5/1993 Transport
PR060593      Fun Packed Limehouse Link Community Day on           3/6/1993 Events
              Saturday May 15th
PR170593(a)   Prime Minister Opens Limehouse Link                 5/17/1993 Transport
PR170593(b)   New Student Hostel Welcomes First Residents to      5/17/1993 Housing
PR030693      Limehouse Causeway Link Road Completed               6/3/1993 Transport
PR040693      Fact Sheet - London's Hidden Treasure                  6/4/1993 Tourism

PR070693(a)   World's Largest Medical Ship Sails into London         6/7/1993 Visits
PR070693(b)   Civic VIPs from Down Under Visit London                6/7/1993 Visits
PR150693      Major Exhibition Venue to be Developed in the         6/15/1993 Developments
PR160693      Winners of 1993 London Docklands Training             6/16/1993 Education &
              Awards Announced                                                Training
PR180693(a)   Have Fun in London Docklands This Summer              6/18/1993 Tourism

PR180693(b)   London to be Represented at First World Property      6/18/1993 Events
PR230693      Lifestyle, Attractions and Homes - All in the New     6/23/1993 Publicity
              Issue of London Docklands Guide
PR280693      First Class Advice for West Silvertown Residents      6/28/1993 Community

PR010793      Eye of the Wind Charts Course for London               7/1/1993 Visits
PR060793      Considerate Contractors Recognised by London           7/6/1993 Misc
PR080793(a)   Get the Bird's Eye View of Agricultural Show in the    7/8/1993 Events
              heart of London Docklands
PR080793(b)   New Centre boosts Mental Healthcare in Tower           7/8/1993 Health
PR090793      Something Fishy Going on in Docklands                  7/9/1993 Events
PR120793      Motown Starr Performs in London Docklands             7/12/1993 Events
PR200793      Renewed Confidence in London Docklands                7/20/1993 Publicity

PR210793      Something Fishy Going on in Docklands                 7/21/1993 Events
PR280793(a)   Get on Your (Jet) Bike!!                              7/28/1993 Events
PR280793(b)   First Docklands Commercial Start in Limehouse         7/28/1993 Developments
PR020893      Its All Happening in London Docklands This             8/2/1993 Events
PR030893      Living Art Exhibition Comes to London Docklands        8/3/1993 Events
              This Summer
PR040893      The Bootleg Beatles Play Cabot Hall, London            8/4/1993 Events
PR090893      Catch the Best Sounds at London Docklands              8/9/1993 Events
              Seafood Fair
PR130893      LDDC Appoints Director of Technical Services          8/13/1993 Staff

PR160893      Rare Species Discovered in London Docklands           8/16/1993 Ecology
PR170893      Wanted! Students for University Access Course         8/17/1993 Education &
PR180893      Texaco Docklands Jazz Festival                        8/18/1993 Arts
PR200893(a)   "Living Art" Exhibition Comes to London Docklands     8/20/1993 Arts
              This Summer
PR200893(b)   City and Docklands Join Forces to Promote London      8/20/1993 Publicity

PR200893(c)   LDDC Statement - Riverbus Closure                     8/20/1993 Transport

PR250893      Countdown Begins to Biggest Docklands Seafood         8/25/1993 Events
PR260893      City and Docklands Join Forces to Promote London     8/26/1993 Publicity

PR270893(a)   Seafood Pizzas to Go                                 8/27/1993 Events
PR270893(b)   Island Health Centre - Award of Contract             8/27/1993 Health
PR270893(c)   Veteran Health Visitor Re-opens Refurbished Inner    8/27/1993 Health
              City Health Centre
PR130993(a)   Seafood fair a Spectacular Success in London         9/13/1993 Events
PR130993(b)   "Magic" Ticket Offer for Cabot Hall Concert          9/13/1993 Events
PR200993      Great River Race Gets Ministerial Approval           9/20/1993 Events

PR290993      Winner of Docklands In Bloom 1993 to be              9/29/1993 Environmental
              Announced                                                      Schemes
PR300993      Archbishop of Westminster Opens Inner City           9/30/1993 Education &
              School Extension                                               Training
PR041093(a)   Calling All Considerate Contractors in Southwark     10/4/1993 Misc

PR041093(b)   Royal Appointment for Touche Ross                    10/4/1993 Developments
PR121093      Commitments Selling Out Fast At Canary Wharf        10/12/1993 Arts
PR151093(a)   London Docklands The Capital's Newest Tourist       10/15/1993 Tourism
PR151093(b)   Environment Minister for Stratford Conference       10/15/1993 Events

PR181093(a)   A Celebration of Good Food in London Docklands      10/18/1993 Events

PR181093(b)   Poplar Youngsters Adopt their Very Own Pond         10/18/1993 Ecology

PR211093(a)   Limehouse Link Wins Construction Industry Top       10/21/1993 Transport
PR211093(b)   Nominees Announced for this year's London           10/21/1993 Events
              Docklands Good Food Awards
PR271093(a)   Docklands Oldest Building Restored to its Former    10/27/1993 Conservation
PR271093(b)   Star of Hit TV Series "One Foot in the Grave"       10/27/1993 Community
              Inspects London's Oldest Tombstones
PR011193(a)   Royal Docks Development Project Gets                 11/1/1993 Developments
              Government Backing (Urban Village)
PR011193(b)   Rocket Around the Dock - London's Most               11/1/1993 Events
              Spectacular Guy Fawkes Party
PR011193(c)   Secretary of State Confirms Go-ahead on Jubilee      11/1/1993 Transport
              Line Extension
PR041193      Terence Conran Scoops Two Awards at London           11/4/1993 Events
              Docklands Good Food Awards
PR151193      Postcards from the Edge                             11/15/1993 Tourism

PR241193(a)   Simply Next to the Best Thing                       11/24/1993 Arts
PR241193(b)   David Bellamy Opens the Soanes Centre               11/24/1993 Education and
PR081293      Jubilee Line - A Landmark for London Docklands       12/8/1993 Transport

PR141293      Man Made Nesting Rafts to Attract Water Birds to    12/14/1993 Ecology
              London Docklands
PR171293      Man Made Nesting Rafts will Encourage Water         12/17/1993 Ecology
              Birds to Breed in London Docklands
PR211293      Art Roundabouts - New Sculpture in London           12/21/1993 Arts
Number        Title                                               Date       Category
PR050194      London Docklands - An Unrivalled Meetings             1/5/1994 Publicity
PR060194      New Chairman for Docklands Light Railway              1/6/1994 Transport

PR120194      Development Proposals Exhibition in London           1/12/1994 Planning
PR140194      £1m Facelift for South Quay Station                   1/1/1994 Transport
PR240194(a)   New Pedestrian Bridge for Royal Docks                1/24/1994 Developments
PR240194(b)   Launch of Art on Roundabouts Exhibition (2           1/24/1994 Arts
PR250194      30 Tonne Steam Train Lifts of in London Docklands    1/25/1994 Events

PR260194      LDDC Announce 'Urban Village' Competition            1/26/1994 Developments
PR270194      New Study Shows that Key River Crossings are         1/27/1994 Planning
              Needed to Maintain Development Progress in
PR280194(a)   Steam Train Takes Off in London Docklands            1/28/1994 Events
PR280194(b)   Contemporary Art for Historic Docklands              1/28/1994 Arts
PR310194(a)   London Docklands Planning and Design Awards          1/31/1994 Events
              Top 60
PR310194(b)   Heads Turn in Docklands for Arts and Heritage        1/31/1994 Visits
PR090294      New Board Appointments for Docklands Light            2/9/1994 Transport
PR100294      Green Fingered Youngsters Support Docklands          2/10/1994 Ecology
              Ecological Project
PR140294      LDDC Starts Work on Strategic New DLR/Bus            2/14/1994 Transport
              Interchange in the Royal Docks
PR210294(a)   West Ferry Estate Welcomes Refurbishments            2/21/1994 Housing
PR210294(b)   Top Construction Man Joins LDDC Board                2/21/1994 Staff

PR220294(a)   London Docklands - An Unrivalled Meetings            2/22/1994 Publicity
PR220294(b)   New Docklands Venues Association Launched at         2/22/1994 Pubicity
              Confex 1994
PR220294(c)   New Exhibition Centre Proposed for London            2/22/1994 Developments
PR230294(a)   Consultation Starts on Possible Deletion of Cutty    2/23/1994 Transport
              Sark and Island Gardens Stations on New DLR
              Lewisham Extension
PR230294(a)   City and Docklands Join Forces to Promote London     2/23/1994 Publicity

PR280294(a)   Children Don Masks for Opera at Canary Wharf         2/28/1994 Arts
PR280294(b)   West Ferry Tenants Celebrate Refurbishments          2/28/1994 Housing
PR010394      Design Awards Presented to London Docklands           3/1/1994 Developments

PR030394      London Docklands Business Directory Launches          3/3/1994 Publicity
              10th Edition with Record Number of Entries
PR070394      London Docklands Business Directory Marks Tenth       3/7/1994 Publicity
              Edition with Record Number of Entries
PR080394(a)   LDDC and Texaco Join Forces to Attract More           3/8/1994 Ecology
              Birds to London Docklands
PR080394(b)   Soil Testing to be Carried out on Housing Site in      3/8/1994 Health
              East London
PR100394      Monthly Concerts at canary Wharf Kick Off with        3/10/1994 Arts
              Blues Band
PR110394      South Poplar to Benefit from £1.6m Refurbishment      3/11/1994 Environmental
              Package                                                         Schemes
PR140394      London Docklands Welcome New Residential              3/14/1994 Housing
PR160394      Lights, Camera, Action! London Docklands a            3/16/1994 Publicity
              Location Heaven
PR180394      Docklands Light Railway and London's First Urban      3/18/1994 Visits
              Village to be Launched
PR220394      £1.4 Million Care Centre Opens in East London         3/22/1994 Community
PR230394      £1.4 Million Care Centre Opens in East London         3/23/1994 Community
PR280394(a)   Wind Power Pumps Fresh Water into Docklands           3/28/1994 Ecology
              Ecology Park
PR280394(b)   £250,000 Boost for Arts in London Docklands           3/28/1994 Arts

PR280394(c)   New Urban Village Launched by John Gummer             3/28/1994 Developments
              MP, Secretaryof State for the Environment
PR290394      Docklands Attracted More than a Million Tourists in   3/29/1994   Tourism
PR080494(a)   Exhibition Centre for the Royal Docks                  4/8/1994   Developments
PR080494(b)   Searchers Star at Canary Wharf                         4/8/1994   Arts
PR120494(a)   Developers Unveil Housing Plans for West              4/12/1994   Developments
              Silvertown Urban Village
PR120494(b)   New Displays at Tower Hill Pageant                    4/12/1994 Tourism
PR120494(c)   New Survey Highlights Challenge of Modern             4/12/1994 Education and
              Language Teaching in Docklands                                  Training
PR130494(a)   London Docklands Targets Coach Operators              4/13/1994 Tourism

PR130494(b)   New Open Top Bus Puts Docklands on the Map            4/13/1994 Tourism

PR130494(c)   Green Light for London First Centre                   4/13/1994 Misc

PR130494(d)   Give the Kids a Break                                 4/13/1994 Tourism

PR130494(e)   Viscountess Cobham Opens New Display at Tower         4/13/1994 Tourism
              Hill Pageant
PR210494(a)   Mr Blobby Descends on Limehouse Nursery               4/21/1994 Community
PR210494(b)   Docklands Businesses celebrate 10 Years of            4/21/1994 Events
PR260494      Businesses Celebrate Success in Docklands             4/26/1994 Events
PR270494      Historic Docklands Cranes Return to Former            4/27/1994 Environmental
              Splendour                                                       Schemes
PR290494      Finalists Selected for West Silvertown Urban          4/29/1994 Developments
PR060594      Season Opens for Docklands in Bloom '94                5/6/1994 Environmental
PR090594      The Drifters at Canary Wharf                           5/9/1994 Arts
PR110594      School Takes to the Water to Learn about the          5/11/1994 Education &
              Victorians                                                      Training
PR120594      Working for Docklands - Docklands Employees           5/12/1994 Community
              Rise to the Challenge
PR160594      It's Back! The Train Now Landing in Docklands is      5/16/1994 Events
              a 30 tonne Refurbished Steam Loco
PR170594      Chief Scout Opens Docklands Boat House                5/17/1994 Community
PR190594(a)   Steam Train Returns to London Docklands               5/19/1994 Events
PR190594(b)   London's Biggest Canary Gets its First Nesting Box    5/19/1994 Ecology

PR230594      Pupils make Music with Giant Instruments              5/23/1994 Education &
PR240594     Picture Caption - First Nesting Box                    5/24/1994 Ecology
PR250594     Chief Scout Opens Docklands Boat House                 5/25/1994 Community
PR2605949(a) Pupils Exhibit Computer Aided Designs                  5/26/1994 Education and
PR2605949(b) Kit and the Widow at Canary Wharf                      5/26/1994 Events
PR310594     Poplar to Get New Health Centre                        5/31/1994 Health
PR060694     Pupils Exhibit Own Computer Automated Models            6/6/1994 Education and
PR080694      Pupils Build Bridge To Tomorrow's Classroom            6/8/1994 Education and
              Skills                                                          Training
PR130694      Get on Your Bike in London Docklands                  6/13/1994 Transport
PR140694      London Docklands Singers Play Regents Park            6/14/1994 Arts

PR160694      Fireworks and Music Mark Visit of Royal Yacht to      6/16/1994 Visits
              London Docklands
PR170694(a)   Winsor Park Soil Testing                              4/17/1994 Misc
PR170694(b)   Pupils Build Bridge to Tomorow's Classroom Skills     4/17/1994 Education and
PR200694      Docklands Workers Bike to Work                        6/20/1994 Events

PR210694(a)   Developers Shortlisted for Royals Exhibition Centre   6/21/1994 Developments

PR210694(b)   Emergency Parking in London Docklands                 6/21/1994 MIsc

PR230694      Summer Issue of Docklands Guide Now Out               6/23/1994 Publicity

PR240694      London Docklands Acknowledges Considerate             6/24/1994 Misc
PR280694      Emergency Parking in London Docklands                 6/28/1994 Misc

PR0794prog    LDDC Land Sales                                        7/1/1994 Misc

PR010794(a)   Annual Report and Accounts                             7/1/1994 Publicity

PR010794(b)   Chilean Tall Ship Esmeralda Visits London              7/1/1994 Visits
PR040794(a)   London Docklands Acknowledges Considerate              7/4/1994 Misc
PR040794(b)   Tomorrow's Stars Perform at Half Moon Opening          7/4/1994 Events
PR050794(a)   LDDC Funding Helps to Secure Job Opportunities         7/5/1994 Arts
              in Arts for Young East Enders
PR050794(b)   Emergency Parking in London Docklands                  7/5/1994 Misc

PR060794      Beormund Community Centre Celebrates 10th              7/6/1994 Community
PR070794      London Docklands Acknowledges Considerate              7/7/1994 Misc
PR080794(a)   London Docklands Rolls Royce and Classic car           7/8/1994 Events
PR080794(b)   Radio Docklands Lauanches on the Airwaves              7/8/1994 Community
PR110794(a)   New Jobs and New Lettings Double in Docklands          7/11/1994 Publicity
PR110794(b)   Beormund Community Centre Celebrates 10th              7/11/1994 Community
PR130794      Bones of Giant Praying Mantis Sculpture Rise           7/13/1994 Arts
              above London Docklands
PR140794      Companies Compete to Supply Combined Heat              7/14/1994 Infrastructure
              and Power to the Royal Docks
PR190794      Wimpey Wins in West Silvertown                         7/19/1994 Developments
PR200794      London Docklands Sport Kite Festival                   7/20/1994 Events
PR210794      Celebrity Opening for Flagship Education Project       7/21/1994 Education and
PR220794(a)   Guides Spring Clean for Newts on Docklands'            7/22/1994 Events
PR220794(b)   LDDC Bill Gets Royal Assent                            7/22/1994 Misc

PR270794      Student Artists Create Sculpture park in Royal         7/27/1994 Arts
PR280794      London Docklands Hosts International Guides'           7/28/1994 Events
PR290794      Docklands Home sales at Five Year High                 7/29/1994 Housing

PR030894      Student Artists Create Sculpture Park In the Royal      8/3/1994 Arts
PR040894      Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it's the Euro Stack    8/4/1994 Events
              Kite Spectacle
PR050894      New Park Transforms the Heart of Historic               8/5/1994 Environmental
              Limehouse                                                        Schemes
PR100894      Opening of Ropemakers Fields by Alan Titchmarch        8/10/1994 Environmental
PR110894(a)   Emergency Parking in London Docklands                  8/10/1994 Misc

PR110894(b)   London to Hong Kong in a Double Decker Bus             8/11/1994 Events
PR120894(a)   New Park Transforms the Heart of Historic              8/12/1994 Environmental
              Limehouse                                                        Schemes
PR120894(b)   Parachuting Teddies in London Docklands                8/12/1994 Events
PR160894      Tasty Weekend in London Docklands                      8/16/1994 Events
PR180894(a)   Four New Bridges for London Docklands                  8/18/1994 Infrastructure

PR180894(b)   Limehouse Festival                                     8/18/1994   Events
PR200894      Limehouse Celebrates New Life                          8/20/1994   Events
PR250894      Installation Artists Encamp in London Docklands        8/25/1994   Arts
PR260894      Upswing in Docklands Home Building                     8/26/1994   Housing

PR310894      Poplar Plays Host to Postman Pat                       8/31/1994 Community
PR020994(a)   Countdown Begins to Biggest Docklands Seafood           9/2/1994 Events
PR020994(b)   Docklands University College in Bid for                 9/2/1994 Education and
              Government Funding                                               Training
PR060994      New Annexe Secures Brighter Future for London           9/6/1994 Community
              Docklands Nursery
PR090994      Fun and Games Kick Off Beckton's Agoraspace             9/9/1994 Community
PR100994      Celebrating in Style - London Docklands Biggest        9/10/1994 Events
              Seafood Fair
PR120994      London Docklands Seafood Fair Extravaganza             9/12/1994 Events
PR130994      Artists Colonise London's Only Lighthouse              9/13/1994 Arts
PR1409949(a) Poplar Pub Pots First Prize in Docklands Bloom         9/14/1994 Environmental
             Competition                                                      Schemes
PR1409949(b) Artists Encamp at London's Only Lighthouse Pitch:      9/14/1994 Arts
             Trinity Buoy Wharf
PR150994     New Landmark Bridge for London Docklands               9/15/1994 Infrastructure
PR160994     Artists Colonise London's Only Lighthouse              9/16/1994 Arts
PR170994     Corporates Urged to Go East to London Docklands        9/17/1994 Publicity

PR210994      Newham Students Turn Camera on Tomorrow's             9/21/1994 Education and
              World Presenter                                                 Training
PR220994      College Success Celebrated at Newvic's Formal         9/22/1994 Education and
              Opening                                                         Training
PR260994      Rescue Mounted for Rare Plants in London              9/26/1994 Ecology
PR300994      Hong Kong Investors Look to London Docklands          9/30/1994 Publicity

PR031094      Bids in for Royal Docks Exhibition Centre             10/3/1994 Developments
PR041094      London Docklands and Southwark Council                10/4/1994 Misc
              Acknowledge Considerate Contractors
PR051094(a)   New Appointment to LDDC Board                         10/5/1994 Staff

PR051094(b)   Photo Opportunity - Minister Opens Prince Regent      10/5/1994 Transport
              Bus Interchange
PR071094(a)   LDDC Completes Remit in Bermondsey Riverside          10/7/1994 Completion

PR071094(b)   Minister Opens Important Bus/DLR Interchange in       10/7/1994 Transport
              the Royals
PR071094(c)   Comedy Club Comes ot London Docklands                 10/7/1994 Arts
PR101094(a)   Children's Work Sealed in Time Capsule at New        10/10/1994 Education and
              Docklands Primary School                                        Training
PR101094(b)   Comedy Club Comes to London Docklands                10/10/1994 Arts
PR121094      Young Persons Declaration on Drugs to be sent via    10/12/1994 Community
              Satellite to Aachen
PR141094      Style and Vision at Cabot Hall - Fashion First for   10/14/1994 Events
              London Docklands
PR171094      The World Travel Market is Your Oyster               10/17/1994 Events

PR191094      Striking Homes For Prime Riverside Site in London    10/19/1994 Housing
PR201094      Rocket Around the Dock Returns to London             10/20/1994 Events
PR261094(a)   Docklands Light Railway - Lewisham Extension -       10/26/1994 Transport
              Press Statement
PR261094(b)   LDDC Hands on to Southwark Council the               10/26/1994 Completion
              Regneration of Bermondsey Riverside
PR311094      Newham City Farm Gets New Visitors Centre            10/31/1994 Community
PR041194      Comedy Club Comes to London Docklands                 11/4/1994 Arts
PR071194      LDDC and Tower Hamlets Join Forces to Refurbish       11/7/1994 Housing
              East London Homes
PR081194(a)   More Money for the Arts in London Docklands           11/8/1994 Arts

PR081194(b)   Style and Vision at Cabot Hall - A Fashion First for 11/8/1994 Events
              London Docklands
PR091194      Press Statement - Patricia Hunter and Others v the 11/9/1994 Misc
PR101194      New Pontoon Bridge for Important Docklands Site 11/10/1994 Infrastructure
PR111194      A Piano Forte Performance in London Docklands      11/11/1994 Arts
PR151194      Take a Walk on the Waterside with the LDDC and     11/15/1994 Publicity
PR171194      Dutch Naval Visit                                  11/17/1994 Visits
PR211194(a)   Building Bridges                                   11/21/1994 Events

PR211194(b)   Local People Learn to Work on Water                11/21/1994 Education and
PR211194(c)   London Docklands Goes Green                        11/21/1994 Ecology
PR221194      On the Waterfront in London Docklands              11/22/1994 Infrastructure

PR231194      Children Uphold the Art of Tree Dressing for       11/23/1994 Education and
              National Tree Week                                            Training
PR241194      Environment Minister Visits Docklands Flagship     11/24/1994 Ecology
              Ecology Project
PR291194      Comedy Club Gets Last Laugh at London              11/29/1994 Arts
PR301194      Docklands Market Remains Buoyant - More            11/30/1994 Publicity
              Lettings and Jobs Attracted
PR011294(a)   Surveys Highlight Residents and Businesses Views    12/1/1994 Misc
              of London Docklands
PR011294(b)   Flying High in London Docklands                     12/1/1994 Events
PR021294      Comedy Club Gets Last Laugh at London               12/2/1994 Arts
PR061294      Statement - Royals University College and SRB       12/6/1994 Education and
              Funding                                                       Training
PR071294      LDDC Seeks Design Proposals for New Ecology         12/7/1994 Ecology
              Park Interpretative Centre
PR121294      On the Waterfront in London Docklands              12/12/1994 Infrastructure

PR131294(a)   Building Bridges                                   12/13/1994 Events

PR131294(b)   Shortlist Announced for Royal Victoria Dock        12/13/1994 Infrastructure
PR141294      London Docklands Responds to Norris Thames         12/14/1994 Planning
              Usage Report
PR201294      Plans for London's New International Exhibition    12/20/1994 Developments
              Centre Advance
Number        Title                                              Date       Category
PR090195      Royal Navy Warships Open to Public in London         1/9/1995 Visits
PR130195      Docklands Waterfront Venues in the Spotlight at     1/13/1995 Events
              Confex 95
PR190195      Cleaning Up the Tidal Thames                        1/19/1995 Ecology

PR260195      Lord mayor Backs Horses' Appeal in the East End     1/26/1995 Community

PR270195(a)   Lord mayor Backs Horses' Appeal in the East End     1/27/1995 Community

PR270195(b)   Design Chosen for Landmark Building for London      1/27/1995 Ecology
              Docklands Flagship Ecology Park
PR020295      Take a Walk on the Waterside                         2/2/1995 Publicity

PR080295      Comedy Club Carries On in London Docklands           2/8/1995 Arts
PR100295      Accord Funds New Youth Facilities on Isle of Dogs   2/10/1995 Community

PR150295      DLR Announces Shortlist of Bidders to Build         2/15/1995 Transport
              Lewisham Extension
PR210295      Youngsters Pioneer Farm Sensory Trail               2/21/1995 Community
PR220295      London Docklands Wins Top Award                     2/22/1995 Publicity

PR270295      A Mirthful March in London Docklands                2/27/1995 Arts
PR010395      Design Competition for the Capital's Largest New     3/1/1995 Environmental
              Riverside Park this Century                                   Schemes
PR060395      Record Number of Exhibitors Expected at              3/6/1995 Events
              Docklands Business Club 1995 Exhibition
PR070395      Watch Out for London Marathon in Docklands           3/7/1995 Events

PR090395      Developer Selected for Docklands Retail Scheme       3/9/1995 Developments
PR140395      Kids Will Just Love Docklands This Summer           3/14/1995 Tourism

PR160395      Boats Converge on Limehouse for Summer              3/16/1995 Events
PR200395      Training Initiative Puts Docklands Residents into   3/20/1995 Education and
              Jobs                                                          Training
PR220395(a)   Survey Reveals Tourism Boost in London              3/22/1995 Tourism
PR220395(b)   London Docklands - Unparalleled Interest for        3/22/1995 Tourism
PR230395      Cheaper, Environmentally Friendly Energy for the    3/23/1995 Infrastructure
              Royal Docks
PR240395(a)   Strides Ahead in 1995 - A Step by Step View of      3/24/1995 Publicity
              London Docklands Today
PR240395(b)   Docklands Businesses Take to the Streets in the     3/24/1995 Publicity
              1995 London Marathon
PR270395      Docklands Directory List 300 New Businesses         3/27/1995 Publicity

PR280395      April Fooling and May madness in London             3/28/1995 Arts
PR300395(a)   Weekend Services on the Docklands Light Railway     3/30/1995 Transport

PR300395(b)   Work Starts on New Docklands Footbridge             3/30/1995 Infrastructure

PR300395(c)   Map Throws New Light n East London                  3/30/1995 Tourism

PR070495      London Docklands - Perfect Arena for Good Food       4/7/1995 Events
PR110495      Shortlist Selected for Thames Barrier Park          4/11/1995 Environmental
PR180495      Casualty Star to Open Island Health                 4/18/1995 Health
PR200495      Another Taste of Victory for Terence Conran at      4/20/1995 Events
              London Docklands Good Food Awards
PR260495      There's May Madness in London Docklands             4/26/1995 Arts
PR280495      "New Wave" Health Centre Boosts Services on the     4/28/1995 Health
              Isle of Dogs
PR290495      Equine Exodus in East London                        4/29/1995 Community
PR010595      125 Year Old Ten Tonne Lock Opening Machinery        5/1/1995 Events
              Craned Out of London Docklands
PR020595      Equine Exodus in East London                         5/2/1995 Community
PR050595      Portillo Pulls Pint with Whitbread Staff in          5/5/1995 Education and
              Successful Docklands Training Scheme                          Training
PR100595      "New Wave" Health Centre Boosts Services on the      5/10/1995 Health
              Isle of Dogs
PR110595      Docklands Continues to Attract Far East Interest     5/11/1995 Publicity
PR120595      Docklands on Television                              5/12/1995 Ecology
PR150595(a)   Crustacea to Land in London Docklands - There's      5/15/1995 Events
              Something Fishy Going On!
PR150595(b)   1995 Docklands in Bloom Competition will be          5/15/1995 Environmental
              Biggest and Brightest Ever                                     Schemes
PR160595      Listed Docklands Chapel Removed from "Buildings      5/16/1995 Conservation
              At Risk" Register
PR180595(a)   Britain's Highest Kestrel Nesting Box Erected 750    5/18/1995 Ecology
              feet Above London
PR180595(b)   Major Renovation Programme Safeguards                5/18/1995 Conservation
              Docklands Heritage
PR190595      Campaigners Celebrate Removal of Listed              5/19/1995 Conservation
              Docklands Chapel from "Buildings At Risk"
PR230595      Royals Campus Will Boost East London                 5/23/1995 Education and
              Regeneration                                                   Training
PR240595(a)   LDDC Wins British Urban Regeneration                 5/24/1995 Planning
              Association Best Practice Award for Wapping
PR240595(b)   Horse Riding in the Heart of London Docklands        5/24/1995   Community
PR240595(c)   A Royal Regatta In London Docklands                  5/24/1995   Events
PR010695      Brits are Wimps When it Comes to Seafood              6/1/1995   Events
PR070695      Lowe Bell Wins Docklands Marketing Contract           6/7/1995   Publicity

PR080695(a)   Sparks Will Fly in London Docklands for the Surrey    6/8/1995 Events
              Docks Farm Blacksmithing Festival
PR080695(b)   Summer Fun in London Dockland - Comedy Club           6/8/1995 Events
              at Canary Wharf
PR120695(a)   Local Community Welcomes Opening of New              6/12/1995 Community
              Sports Facilities
PR120695(b)   Classic Cars at Canary Wharf                         6/12/1995 Events
PR120695(c)   Limehouse Basin Festival. Summer Fun                 6/12/1995 Events
PR160695(a)   On the Right Track in London Docklands               6/16/1995 Transport

PR160695(b)   Docklands Takes Pride in Hop-on Hop-off              6/16/1995 Tourism
              Sightseeing Bus Tour
PR190695      Youth Regatta in London Docklands                    6/19/1995 Events
PR200695      Richard Ellis's James Birkett Seconded to LDDC       6/20/1995 Staff
              as Head of Land Development
PR260695      National Audit Office - Limehouse Link               6/26/1995 Transport
PR270695(a)   London Celebration to Mark Hydrographer's            6/27/1995 Visits
PR270695(b)   The Oxford Canerata at St Anne's Limehouse           6/27/1995 Events
PR280695      Akabusi Opens Innovative Recreation Park in          6/28/1995 Community
              London Docklands
PR290695      "Freedom Afloat" Opens up Watersports for            6/29/1995 Watersports
              Disabled in London Docklands
PR030795      Annual Report and Accounts - Press Briefing           7/3/1995 Publicity

PR040795      Student Artists Create Sculpture Park in Royal        7/4/1995 Arts
PR050795      Generations Meet at Island's "Magic" Garden           7/5/1995 Community
PR060795      Considerate Contractors Recognised by LDDC            7/6/1995 Misc
PR070795(a)   Canary Wharf Classic cars                             7/7/1995 Events
PR070795(b)   Eat Drink and be Merry this Summer in London           7/7/1995 Events
PR070795(c)   Ahoy There! A Weekend of Fun in Historic               7/7/1995 Events
              Limehouse Basin
PR120795      Docklands Campus Drawings Unveiled as Private         7/12/1995 Education and
              Sector Gives Backing                                            Training
PR130795      Emergency Parking in London Docklands                 7/13/1995 Misc

PR140795(a)   1994/95 Annual Report and Accounts Published          7/14/1995 Publicity

PR140795(b)   Bulletin - Docklands bouyant as Docklands             7/14/1995 Publicity
              workforce increases by 8000 Jobs and virtually all
              housing stock sold
PR170795      Emergency Parking in London Docklands                 7/17/1995 Misc

PR180795      Sculpture at Tidal Basin Two - 13 July to 21 August   7/18/1995 Arts
PR200795(a)   It's the Summer of the Dragon in London               7/20/1995 Watersports
PR200795(b)   Children Get Wise to Water with Docklands Youth       7/20/1995 Watersports
PR210795      Emergency Parking in London Docklands                 7/21/1995 Misc

PR240795      Public Can See Rare Terns Nesting in London           7/24/1995 Ecology
PR270795(a)   Winning Team Selected for New Thames Barrier          7/27/1995 Environmental
              Park                                                            Schemes
PR270795(b)   Wimpey Signs for West Silvertown Urban Village        7/27/1995 Developments

PR010895      London's New Exhibition Centre to Create More          8/1/1995 Developments
              than 14,000 New Jobs
PR040895(a)   Sky Dancing in London Docklands                        8/4/1995 Events
PR040895(b)   Centre will become the Heart of Beckton                8/4/1995 Community
PR070895      Kids Will Just Love Docklands This Summer              8/7/1995 Tourism

PR080895      The Royals - A Bridge to the Future                    8/8/1995 Infrastructure
PR090895      The London Docklands Seafood Fair - There's            8/9/1995 Events
              Something Fishy Going On!
PR180895      London Docklands Festival of Good Food and            8/18/1995 Events
              Music Presents "Cities and Water" Exhibition
PR220895      Come and Have Fun in London Docklands at the          8/22/1995 Events
              Island Water Festival
PR250895      Fun for the Family at the London Docklands            8/25/1995 Events
              Festival of Good Food and Music
PR300895      Local Traffic News from the LDDC - Rotherhithe        8/30/1995 Transport
              Tunnel Closure Update
PR040995      London Docklands Provides New Perspective for          9/4/1995 Arts
              Listed Warehouses
PR060995(a)   Poplar Pub Pots First Prize in Docklands Bloom         9/6/1995 Environmental
              Competition for the Second Year Running                         Schemes
PR060995(b)   Photographs on the DLR                                 9/6/1995 Arts

PR070995      New £11million Pumping Station for London              9/7/1995 Infrastructure
PR080995      The Search is on for London's Top Eel and Oyster       9/8/1995 Events
              Eaters at the London Docklands Seafood Fair
PR090995      Fun for the Family at the London Docklands             9/9/1995 Events
              Festival of Good Food and Music
PR120995(a)   London Docklands Indoor Kite Festival                 9/12/1995 Events
PR120995(b)   The all American Dream comes to London                9/12/1995 Events
PR150995      Cockney Comedy King Tops the Bill at London           9/15/1995 Events
              Docklands Island Day
PR180995      Works on Paper - Sue Arrowsmith                       9/18/1995 Arts
PR190995      LDDC and Newham Council Sign Agreement on             9/19/1995 Completion
PR021095      A Day Out in London Docklands                         10/2/1995 Tourism

PR031095      LDDC Welcomes Canary Wharf Sale Agreement             10/3/1995 Developments
PR041095      Random Dance Company Performs "Urgent"                10/4/1995 Arts
PR061095(a)   Dragon Boats Come to London Docklands for             10/6/1995 Watersports
              Spectacular National Final
PR061095(b)   Autumn Antics at London Docklands - The Comedy        10/6/1995 Events
              Club at Cabot Hall
PR091095      Surrey Quays Town Centre Takes Shape                  10/9/1995 Developments
PR121095      Press Statement - Patricia Hunter and Others v the   10/12/1995 Misc
PR241095      East London Aims for "Tourism Town of the Year"      10/24/1995 Tourism
PR251095(a)   LDDC Select Lifschutz Davidson Design for the        10/25/1995 Infrastructure
              Royal Dock Footbridge
PR251095(b)   Developer Selected for Prominent Riverside Site in   10/25/1995 Developments
PR271095      Laughter Alert                                       10/27/1995 Arts
PR301095      LDDC Welcomes City Airport's New Owner               10/30/1995 Transport
PR021195(a)   Docklands Gets the Stamp of Approval from             11/2/1995 Arts
              Flamenco Maestro
PR021195(b)   Room in Docklands to London "Hotel Crisis"            11/2/1995 Tourism

PR081195(a)   London Docklands Goes to World Travel Market          11/8/1995 Tourism
              with Record Visitor Numbers
PR081195(b)   LDDC Award Contract for New Landmark                  11/8/1995 Infrastructure
              Footbridge in London Docklands
PR131195      Drink in Docklands' Waterside Scene                  11/13/1995 Tourism

PR271195      O Come All Ye Faithful to London Docklands this      11/27/1995 Events
PR291195      LDDC Awards Contract for New Floating                11/29/1995 Infrastructure
              Pedestrian Bridge in London Docklands
PR011295      Festive Fun for London Docklands This Christmas       12/1/1995 Events
PR061295      Docklands Celebrates with Pioneering Light Show       12/6/1995 Events
PR071295      LDDC Completes Regeneration Remit in Beckton          12/7/1995 Completion
PR121295      Government to Fund Technology Centre - Royals        12/12/1995 Education and
              University College One Step Nearer                              Training
PR131295      A Light in Docklands Preview                         12/13/1995 Events
PR181295      Docklands Celebrates with Pioneering Light Show      12/18/1995 Events
PR271295      LDDC Welcomes Canary Wharf Sale as Docklands         12/27/1995 Developments
              Lettings Top 1 Million Sq Feet
Number        Title                                                Date       Category
PR050196(a)   Melt the Ice this January with a Laugh in London       1/5/1996 Arts
PR050196(b)   Seven Days Left to Catch the Docklands Light          1/5/1996 Events
PR050196(c)   Children Praised as Light Show Draws to a Close       1/5/1996 Events

PR090196      Mowlem Facilities Management Wins Docklands           1/9/1996 Misc
              Estates Maintenance management Contract
PR100196      Listed Building Consent for Thames Tunnel            1/10/1996 Conservation
PR180196      Tour London Docklands by DLR                         1/18/1996 Transport

PR230196      Water, Water Everywhere…Just Drop into               1/23/1996 Tourism
              Docklands for a Drink!
PR250196      Introducing the Greenwich and Docklands              1/25/1996 Arts
              International Festival
PR010296      New Life Pumps Back into Wapping Landmark             2/1/1996 Arts
PR050296      Sir Terence Conran Puts Trainees Through their        2/5/1996 Education and
              Paces at London's Newest Chef School                           Training
PR090296      February Fun in London Docklands                      6/9/1996 Arts
PR120296      New Chef School Set to Become Capital's Centre       2/12/1996 Education and
              of Cookery Excellence                                          Training
PR200296      HRH The Princess Royal Opens Docklands               2/20/1996 Community
              Equestrian Centre
PR260296A     Chinese New Year in London Docklands                 2/26/1996 Events
PR260296B     Appeal Fund Launched for Docklands Community         2/26/1969 Community
              Bomb Victims
PR270296(a)   Docklands' Message to Confex - We're Back to         2/27/1996 Events
PR270296(b)   Visitors See London Docklands in Record Numbers      2/27/1996 Tourism

PR270296(c)   Environment Secretary Unveils "Exotic Cargo" in      2/27/1996 Arts
              London Docklands
PR180396      Footbridge Opening Marks Completion of               3/18/1996 Infrastructure
              Docklands' Thames Path
PR200396      Water, Water Everywhere…Just Drop into               3/20/1996 Tourism
              Docklands for a Drink!
PR270396(a)   Optimism for Docklands Tourism                       3/27/1996 Tourism

PR270396(b)   Lord and Author Celebrate Opening of New Island      3/27/1996 Education and
              School                                                         Training
PR280396      Lord and Author Celebrate Opening of New Island      3/28/1996 Education and
              School                                                         Training
PR020496(a)   New Social Housing Secured in West Silvertown         4/2/1996 Housing
              Urban Village
PR020496(b)   Health Secretary to open new Docklands Health         4/2/1996 Health
PR150496      Greenwich and Docklands International Festival       4/15/1996 Arts
              Theatre 1996
PR160496      Marathon Runners Tread New Ground in                 4/16/1996 Events
              Docklands (Aftermath of Docklands Bomb)
PR170496      Business Directory Reflects Confidence in London     4/17/1996 Publicity
PR190496(a)   Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs, E14, Re-opens to Traffic   4/19/1996 Misc
              from Monday 22nd April 1996
PR190496(b)   Marathon Runners Tread New Ground in                 4/19/1996 Events
PR230496      Expanded Arts Festival Promises Lively Docklands     4/23/1996 Arts
PR290496      Tickle Your Taste Buds at London's First Ever       4/29/1996 Events
              Taste Fest
PR010596(a)   American Impro Comes to Canary Wharf - via           5/1/1996 Events
PR010596(b)   Time Travel for Tourists with the DLR                5/1/1996 Tourism

PR170596(a)   Traditional Chinese Blessing - "Dragon's Gate - a   5/17/1996 Arts
              New Public Art Work
PR170596(b)   Health Minister Updates Businesses on Disablity     5/17/1996 Health
PR200596(a)   Chinese Dragons Take Off in London Docklands        5/20/1996 Arts
PR200596(b)   Marsh Wall and DLR Re-open                          5/20/1996 Misc
PR230596      Health Minister Celebrates Redevelopment of         5/23/1996 Health
              Docklands Health Centre
PR280596(a)   East London's Hidden Side Revealed in Days Out      5/28/1996 Tourism
PR280596(b)   East London Guide Yields Shopping Surprises         5/28/1996 Tourism

PR290596      Third Time Lucky for Terence Conran at London       5/29/1996 Events
              Docklands Good Food Awards
PR310596      Transport Minister "On His Bike" in Docklands for   5/31/1996 Events
              National Bike to Work Day
PR040696      What a Party (Docklands Learning Acceleration        6/4/1996 Education and
              Project)                                                      Training
PR060696      Young People's Resource Centre Opens in              6/6/1996 Community
PR110696(a)   Docklands Literacy Pupils Reach for Sky High        6/11/1996 Education and
              Standards                                                     Training
PR110696(b)   Rally Round to London Docklands for a Classic Car   6/11/1996 Events
PR120696      There's an Isle of Adventure for Kids in London     6/12/1996 Tourism
PR130696      Lamarr is Back for a Laugh in London Docklands      6/13/1996 Arts
PR140696      The World's Your Oyster in London Docklands         6/14/1996 Events
PR270696(a)   Free Have-a-Go Sessions Launch New Youth Club       6/27/1996 Community

PR270696(b)   Rally Round to London Docklands for a Classic Car   6/27/1996 Events
PR280696      Contemporary Light Works Illuminate Docklands       6/28/1996 Arts
PR040796      Kids Climb to Dizzy Heights to Launch New            7/4/1996 Community
              Limehouse Youth Club
PR080796(a)   Press Briefing - LDDC 1995/96 Annual Report and      7/8/1996 Publicity
PR080796(b)   Don't Chill Out in the Docks this Summer             7/8/1996 Community

PR100796      Considerate Contractors Recognised by LDDC          7/10/1996 Misc

PR110696      Disappointment at Hermitage Riverside Decision      6/11/1996 Planning
PR140796      Rally Round to London Docklands for a Classic Car   7/14/1996 Events
PR150796      1995/96 Annual Report and Accounts Published        7/15/1996 Publicity

PR180796      River Plants Rescued Prior to Refurbishment Work    7/18/1996 Conservation

PR270796      Winning Team Selected for New Thames Barrier        7/27/1996 Environmental
              Winning Team Selected for Thames Barrier Park                 Schemes
PR300796      Walk London Docklands - By Train!                     7/30/1996 Tourism

PR020896      Major Pharmaceutical Company Choose London's           8/2/1996 Developments
              Royal Docks for London Headquarters
PR080896      DLR Prize Boosts Community Arts                        8/8/1996 Arts

PR210896      Children Get Wise to Water with Docklands Youth       8/21/1996 Watersports
PR220896      Deeply Dippy About the London Docklands               8/22/1996 Events
              Seafood Fair
PR300896      Sir Anthony Caro Unveils Salome Gates in London       8/30/1996 Arts
PR020996      Perrier Award Winner Dylan Moran Brings                9/2/1996 Arts
              Sparkling Wit to London Docklands
PR030996(a)   London's Only Lighthouse Proposed As Arts Venue        9/3/1996 Arts

PR030996(b)   Salome Gates Unveiled in London Docklands              9/3/1996 Arts
PR040996      The Search is on for London's Top Eel and Oyster       9/4/1996 Events
              Eaters at the London Docklands Seafood Fair

PR050996      LDDC Welcomes Revised Proposals for Hermitage          9/5/1996 Planning
PR270996(a)   Deputy Prime Minister to Start Work on DLR            9/27/1996 Transport
              Lewisham Extension
PR270996(b)   Michael Heseltine Opens the Capital's Newest                    Infrastructure
              Bridge in London Docklands
PR300996(a)   New Floating Bridge Links Canary Wharf with West      9/30/1996 Infrastructure
              India Quay in London Docklands
PR300996(b)   Discover New London                                   9/30/1996 Tourism

PR300996(c)   Explore Hidden London in the Steps of Dickens         9/30/1996 Tourism

PR041096      London Docklands Brings a Smile to Your Face          10/4/1996 Arts
PR101096      30 Dragons in Docklands Contest                      10/10/1996 Watersports
PR181086      Ian McKellan Marks Return to London Stage with       10/18/1996 Arts
              Solo Show at New Docklands Venue
PR211096      Press Statement - Patricia Hunter and Others v the   10/21/1996 Misc
PR291096      Hermitage Scheme a Significant Opportunity for       10/29/1996 Planning
PR311096      Come to a "Korking" Night Out in London              10/31/1996 Arts
PR011196      Environment Secretary Marks Progress at Urban         11/1/1996 Developments
PR061196(a)   Environment Secretary Marks Start of Work on          11/6/1996 Developments
              New Homes at Urban Village
PR061196(b)   Check Out the Cool Destination for Hit Travellers     11/6/1996 Tourism

PR061196(c)   Balcony Blooms Win Docklands Businessman First        11/6/1996 Environmental
              Prize                                                           Schemes
PR061196(d)   Considerate Contractors Recognised by LDDC            11/6/1996 MIsc

PR081196      Record Residential Sales for London Docklands         11/8/1996 Housing

PR111196      Whale Spotted Heading for London Docklands           11/11/1996 Visits
PR151196      Docklands Dining Pleasures Revealed by              11/15/1996 Tourism
              Revealed by New Guide
PR211196      The Space Launches its Christmas Season 1996        11/21/1996 Arts
PR291196      DLR Presents Light Show Award to Community          11/29/1996 Arts
PR03296       Apha Grove Computer Courses Help in Search for       12/3/1996 Education and
              Jobs                                                           Training
PR041296      Lottery and LDDC Fund International Rowing           12/4/1996 Watersports
              Course in East London
PR061296      Docklands Learning Acceleration Project -            12/6/1996 Education and
              Evaluation                                                     Training
PR171296      LDDC Completes Regeneration Remit in Surrey         12/17/1996 Completion
PR201296      LDDC and Southwark Sign Agreement on Surrey         12/20/1996 Completion
Number        Title                                            Date       Category
PR010197      Destination Docklands - The Other Side of London   1/1/1997 Tourism

PR020197      LDDC Chairman Recognised in New Year's                1/2/1997 Staff
              Honours List
PR080197      Highest Take-up in Nine Years in London               1/8/1997 Publicity
PR100197      Outline Planning Consent for Docklands University    4/29/2174 Education and
              Campus                                                         Training
PR170197      Lord Mayor of London PreviewsJoint International     1/17/1997 Publicity
              Marketing Initiative
PR270197      Make Merriment Your Food of Love with a Night        1/27/1997 Events
              Out in London Docklands
PR290197      LDDC Completes Regeneration Remit in Wapping         1/29/1997 Completion
              and Limehouse
PR310197(a)   LDDC and Tower Hamlets Sign Agreement on             1/31/1997 Completion
              Wapping and Limehouse
PR310197(b)   London Docklands Caught on Camera                    1/31/1997 Arts
PR030297(a)   Two New Directors Appointed to LDDC Board             2/3/1997 Staff

PR030297(b)   Sports Lottery Award for Royal Albert Dock            2/3/1997 Watersports
              International Rowing Course
PR040297      South Quay Update (Docklands Bomb)                    2/4/1997   Misc
PR130297      Missing Milligan Returns after 122 Years             2/13/1997   Arts
PR170297      LDDC Launch First Business Park for London           2/17/1997   Developments
PR240297      LDDC Appoints Joint Chief Executives                 2/24/1997   Staff

PR260297(a)   Visitor Survey Confirms Docklands' Youthful          2/26/1997 Tourism
              Tourism Profile
PR260297(b)   "Photo Docklands - Changing Perceptions"             2/26/1997 Arts
PR270297      Works Starts on New Footbridge and Park in the       2/27/1997 Infrastructure
              Royal Docks
PR130397(1)   Five New Hotels for London Docklands                 3/13/1997 Developments
PR130397(2)   West Silvertown Urban Village Phase II on the        2/13/1997 Developments
PR180397      Disappointment at Hermitage Riverside Decision       3/18/1997 Developments
PR200397      Comedy Club's Last Night of the Season               3/20/1997 Arts
PR240397      TourEast Launches First travel Guide                 3/24/1997 Tourism
PR260397      Docklands Labour Scheme Targets Jobs for Locals      3/26/1997 Job Creation

PR270397(a)   LDDC Appoints New Head of Land Development           3/27/1997 Staff

PR270397(b)   Environment Secretary to Review West India Quay      3/27/1997 Developments
PR030497      Norton Healthcare Move to Royals Business Park        4/3/1997 Developments
PR100497      Granada to Open Travelodge in London Docklands       4/10/1997 Developments
PR110497      "Photo Docklands - Changing Perceptions" Opens       4/11/1997 Arts
              London's Newest Gallery
PR150497      LDDC Planning Support for West India Quay            4/15/1997 Planning
PR210497      Business Directory Reflects Confidence in London     4/21/1997 Publicity
PR240497      Press Statement - Right to Sue in Private Nuisance   4/24/1997 Misc
              is Limited to Those with a Proprietary Interest in
              Land; TV Interference Not Actionable in Law

PR300497      Photo Docklands - Changing Perceptions Opens         4/30/1997 Arts
              Today in London's Newest Gallery
PR010597      South Quay Re-instatement Update (Docklands           5/1/1997 Misc
PR020597      Leisure, Retail and Residential Scheme for West       5/2/1997 Developments
              India Quay
PR120597(a)   Hermitage Riverside Sold to Developers               5/12/1997 Developments
PR120597(b)   Vote of Thanks for New Nursery from Cardinal         5/12/1997 Community
PR150597(a)   Cardinal Hume Gives Thanks for New Nursery           5/15/1997 Community
PR150597(b)   Tourism Boosts East London Economy                   5/15/1997 Tourism

PR150597(c)   Berkeley Homes to Provide Thamesside Memorial        5/15/1997 Developments
PR160597      New Footbridge Links South Quay and Canary           5/16/1997 Infrastructure
PR200597      New Footbridge Links South Quay and Canary           5/20/1997 Infrastructure
PR210597      HRH Duke of Edinburgh Visits East London Riding      5/21/1997 Visits
PR230597      Bishop of Barking Visits West Silvertown Urban       5/23/1997 Visits
PR300597      New Footbridge Links South Quay and Canary           5/30/1997 Infrastructure
              Wharf in London Docklands
PR050697      Work Starts at Travelodge's London Docklands          6/5/1997 Developments
PR130697      Go Surfing in London Docklands                       6/13/1997 Publicity

PR180697      Think Before You Sink                                6/18/1997 Watersports
PR190697      Fun Packed Events In One Weekend in London           6/19/1997 Events
              Docklands 28-30 June 1997
PR260697      Discover New London                                  6/26/1997 Tourism

PR070797      Considerate Contractors Recognised in London          7/7/1997 Misc
PR080797(a)   Bravery of Docklands War Hero Commemorated            7/8/1997 Events
PR080797(b)   Considerate Contractors Recognised in London          7/8/1997 Misc
PR090797(a)   Bravery of Docklands War Hero Commemorated            7/9/1997 Events
PR090797(b)   Think Before You Sink                                   7/9/1997 Community
PR110797      LDDC Funding Expands Festival In Docklands             7/11/1997 Arts

PR140797(1)   Go-ahead for Leisure, Retail and Residential           7/14/1997 Developments
              Scheme at West India Quay
PR140797(2)   London Docklands Publishes 1996/97 Annual              7/14/1997 Publicity
              Report and Accounts
PR170797      Urban Change - The Inside Stories Behind London        7/17/1997 Completion
PR210797(a)   LDDC to Complete Remit on Isle of Dogs on 10th         7/31/1997 Completion
              October 1997
PR210797(b)   Docklands Community Foundation to Receive £2m          7/31/1997 Completion

PR230797      Festival of Food in London Docklands                   7/23/1997 Events

PR310797      Opportunity for Residential Development at             7/31/1997 Developments
              Thames Barrier Park
PR260897      Installation of Archimedes Screw                       8/26/1997 Arts
PR290897      Archimedes Screw Starts Turning in London              8/29/1997 Arts
PR010997(a)   Sculpture Unveiling Postponed                           9/1/1997 Arts
PR010997(b)   Cancellation of Day One of Sea Food Fair                9/1/1997 Events
              (Princess Diana)
PR010997(c)   Sale of Major Residential Site Coincides with           9/1/1997 Developments
              Record Residentail Sales for London Docklands
PR030997      London Docklands to Provide 'Park and Ride' on          9/3/1997 Events
              Saturday 6th September
PR060997      Ahoy There! Feast Your Appetites at the London          9/6/1997 Events
              Docklands Seafood Fair
PR070997      Traditional East End Jellied Eel Eating Competition     9/7/1997 Events

PR230997      LDDC Hands Business Centre Back to Newham              9/23/1997 Completion
PR240997A     Mudchute Allotments Puts Down New Roots -              9/24/1997 Community
              LDDC Chairman Opens New Members Building
PR240997B     New William Pye Sculpture Floats on Water in           9/24/1997 Arts
              London Docklands
PR290997      Green Light for Docklands Museum                       9/29/1997 Developments
PR021097      Glenda Jackson Marks the Inauguration of New           10/2/1997 Infrastructure
PR031097      Commission for the New Towns in the Driving Seat       10/3/1997 Completion

PR071097      Glenda Jackson Marks the Inauguration of New           10/7/1997 Infrastructure
PR091097      LDDC Completes Remit on Isle of Dogs and South         10/9/1997 Completion
PR101097      LDDC Completes Remit on Isle of Dogs and South        10/10/1997 Completion
PR151097(a)   Considerate Contractors Recognised in London          10/15/1997 Misc
PR151097(b)   New Footbridge Craned into Position                   10/15/1997 Infrastructure
PR231097      London Docklands Good Food Awards, 21st               10/23/1997 Events
              October 1997
PR241097      £2.25 Million Secured Towards Community Needs         10/24/1997 Completion

PR061197      A Blooming Good Result for Mrs Brown                   11/6/1997 Environmental
PR071198      A Blooming Good Result for Mrs Brown                  11/7/1997 Environmental
PR101197A     Docklands Businesses Pledge £450,00 to Local         11/10/1997 Community
PR101197B     Multi-media takes London Docklands into the          11/10/1997 Education and
              Classroom                                                       Training
PR171197      New Guide Spotlights Historic Churches of            11/17/1997 Tourism
              Docklands and East London
PR201197(a)   New Guide Spotlights Historic Churches of            11/20/1997 Tourism
              Docklands and East London
PR201197(b)   Promoting Eastern Promise                            11/20/1997 Tourism

PR041297      New Footbridge Opens to the Public                    12/4/1997 Infrastructure
PR091297(a)   LDDC Announces Preferred Developer for                12/9/1997 Developments
              Residential Site at Thames Barrier Park
PR091297(b)   Weekend Road Closures in London Docklands             12/9/1997 Transport
PR171297(1)   London Docklands Bows Out With Records               12/17/1997 Publicity
PR171297(2)   Five New Hotels for Docklands to Meet Millenium      12/17/1997 Developments
Number        Title                                         Date       Category
PR050198      New Footbridge Opens to the Public              1/5/1998 Infrastructure
PR150198      London Docklands Launches CD-Rom for Schools   1/15/1998 Education and
PR200198(1)   London Docklands Launches CD-Rom for Schools   1/20/1998 Education and
PR200198(2)   Secretary of State Reviews Plans to Increase   1/20/1998 Transport
              Flights from London City Airport
PR210198      Lord Mayor Plants Thames Barrier Park's First  1/21/1998 Environmental
              Tree                                                     Schemes
PR220198      Go-Ahead for London's New International        1/22/1998 Developments
              Exhibition Centre
PR130298      LDDC Press Office Closes on 31 March 1998      2/13/1998 Completion

PR240298      LDDC Visitor Centre Closes this Week                  2/24/1998 Completion
PR060398      New Business Directory Launch Marks Docklands          3/6/1998 Publicity
PR110398      Innovative New Footbridge Opens to the Public         3/11/1998 Infrastructure
PR120398      New Business Directory Launch Marks Docklands         3/12/1998 Publicity
PR130398      Olympic Rower Seals Start of Work at International    3/13/1998 Watersports
              Rowing Course
PR190398      LDDC Winds Up - Successor Bodies take Forward         3/19/1998 Completion
PR200398(1)   Thumbs-up from Locals for LDDC                        3/20/1998 Publicity

PR200398(2)   End of an Era and New Beginnings for Docklands        3/20/1998 Completion
PR260398      An Era Ends with New Beginings in London              3/26/1998 Completion
Category2      Location
               Beckton         1
Job Creation   Docklandswide   2

               Docklandswide   3

               Surrey Docks    4

Grants         Southwark       5
               Beckton         6

PR             Docklandswide   7

               Southwark        8
               Isle of Dogs     9
               Isle of Dogs    10
               Isle of Dogs    11
               Beckton         12
Grants         Docklandswide   13

               Isle of Dogs    14

               Isle of Dogs    15
Newspapers     Docklandswide   16

               Isle of Dogs    17
Riverbus       Docklandswide   18

Grants         Newham          19

Reports        Docklandswide   20

Airport        Royal Docks     21

Roads          Isle of Dogs    22
Grants         Tower Hamlets   23

Newspapers     Docklandswide   24

               Bermondsey      25
Airport        Royal Docks     26
DLR            Royal Docks     27
DLR            Docklandswide   28
               Isle of Dogs    29
               Isle of Dogs    30
Sponsorship    Surrey Docks    31
               Beckton         32
Reports        Isle of Dogs    33
Reports        Isle of Dogs    34

Reports        Limehouse       35
               Isle of Dogs    36
Category2      Location        38
Community      Docklandswide   39
Reports        Wapping         40
               Bermondsey      41
Land           Surrey Docks    42

DLR            Tower Hamlets   43
Developments   Surrey Docks    44
               Surrey Docks    45

Airport        Royal Docks     46
Developments   Isle of Dogs    47

               Isle of Dogs    48

               Docklandswide   49
               Docklandswide   50

               Surrey Docks    51
Developments   Isle of Dogs    52

Housing        Docklandswide   53

Developments   Isle of Dogs    54

               Bermondsey      55
               Bermondsey      56
Reports        Docklandswide   57

               Docklandswide   58

Sponsorship    Southwark       59

               Isle of Dogs    60
               Isle of Dogs    61

               Isle of Dogs    62
               Royal Docks     63
               Docklandswide   64

               Docklandswide   65

               Surrey Docks    66
               Bermondsey      67
               Surrey Docks     68
Category2      Location         70
               Bermondsey       71
               Surrey Docks     72
               Docklandswide    73

               Bermondsey       74
               Isle of Dogs     75
               Docklandswide    76

               Isle of Dogs     77

               Docklandswide    78

               Bermondsey       79
               Isle of Dogs     80

               Bermondsey       81
               Royal Docks      82
Reports        Docklandswide    83

Sponsorship    Docklandswide    84

Airport        Royal Docks      85
DLR            Tower Hamlets    86
               Docklandswide    87

               Docklandswide    88

Enterprise Zone Isle of Dogs    89
                Docklandswide   90

               Docklandswide    91

DLR            Tower Hamlets    92

               Surrey Docks     93
               Surrey Docks     94

               Royal Docks      95
Category2      Location          97
Reports        Royal Docks       98
Reports        Royal Docks       99
Sponsorship    Docklandswide    100

Sponsorship    Docklandswide    101
Sponsorship   Docklandswide   102

              Southwark       103

              Royal Docks     104

Sponsorship   Docklandswide   105

              Surrey Docks    106
              Isle of Dogs    107
              Bermondsey      108
              Isle of Dogs    109

Airport       Royal Docks     110

Leisure       Isle of Dogs    111

Sponsorship   Docklandswide   112

              Docklandswide   113

Sponsorship   Docklandswide   114

              Surrey Docks    115
DLR           Docklandswide   116

              Royal Docks     117
              Isle of Dogs    118

              Royal Docks     119
              Bermondsey      120
              Bermondsey      121
              Royal Docks     122
Category2     Location        124
              Royal Docks     125

Drainage      Royal Docks     126

Grants        Docklandswide   127

Grants        Docklandswide   128

Airport       Royal Docks     129
              Isle of Dogs    130
              Royal Docks     131

Meetings      Docklandswide   132
Roads          Beckton         133

               Isle of Dogs    134
               Isle of Dogs    135
               Isle of Dogs    136

               Docklandswide   137

               Docklandswide   138

               Surrey Docks    139

Airport        Docklandswide   140

               Isle of Dogs    141

Roads          Isle of Dogs    142

               Royal Docks     143

               Docklandswide   144

               Isle of Dogs    145

               Isle of Dogs    146
Reports        Docklandswide   147

Drainage       Royal Docks     148

Consultation   Royal Docks     149

Reports        Docklandswide   150

               Isle of Dogs    151
               Isle of Dogs    152

Roads          Surrey Docks    153

DLR            Docklandswide   154

Tourism        Docklandswide   155

Category2      Location        157
               Docklandswide   158

Consultation   Royal Docks     159
               Docklandswide   160

               Isle of Dogs    161
               Isle of Dogs    162
               Docklandswide   163

Sports         Beckton         164
              Isle of Dogs    165

              Southwark       166

              Isle of Dogs    167

              Isle of Dogs    168

              Royal Docks     169
              Royal Docks     170
              Docklandswide   171

              Isle of Dogs    172

              Isle of Dogs    173

Grants        Isle of Dogs    174

              Royal Docks     175

Reports       Docklandswide   176

              Docklandswide   177
Application   Royal Docks     178

              Docklandswide   179

Community                     180

Application   Royal Docks     181

Grants        Docklandswide   182

Grants        Surrey Docks    183
              Docklandswide   184

              Royal Docks     185
              Royal Docks     186

              Docklandswide   187

Category2     Location        189
              Docklandswide   190

Grants        Isle of Dogs    191
              Isle of Dogs    192
              Docklandswide   193

              Isle of Dogs    194
Grants        Isle of Dogs    195
              Tower Hamlets   196
Roads         Royal Docks     197

              Surrey Docks    198
              Docklandswide   199

Planning      Beckton         200
              Docklandswide   201

              Surrey Docks    202

              Royal Docks     203
              Royal Docks     204
              Surrey Docks    205

              Docklandswide   206

              Surrey Docks    207

Roads         Docklandswide   208

              Isle of Dogs    209
Reports       Royal Docks     210
Grants        Bermondsey      211
Roads         Royal Docks     212
              Beckton         213

Application   Royal Docks     214

Drainage      Isle of Dogs    215
              Tower Hamlets   216
              Newham          217
              Southwark       218

              Isle of Dogs    219

Roads         Limehouse       220
              Surrey Docks    221

              Beckton         222
              Surrey Docks    223

Application   Royal Docks     224

              Surrey Docks    225
              Docklandswide   226

              Surrey Docks    227
              Surrey Docks    228
Application   Royal Docks     229
Reports       Docklandswide   230

Roads         Isle of Dogs    231
Roads         Isle of Dogs    232
Roads         Limehouse       233
              Isle of Dogs    234

Housing       Docklandswide   235

              Surrey Docks    236
Self Build    Royal Docks     237
              Surrey Docks    238

Roads         Isle of Dogs    239
Roads         Isle of Dogs    240

              Royal Docks     241
Shopping      Docklandswide   242

Application   Isle of Dogs    243
              Tower Hamlets   244

              Docklandswide   245

              Surrey Docks    246
              Docklandswide   247

              Docklandswide   248

              Docklandswide   249

              Docklandswide   250

              Isle of Dogs    251
Roads         Limehouse       252
Grants        Surrey Docks    253

              Surrey Docks    254

Housing       Tower Hamlets   255
              Isle of Dogs    256

              Docklandswide   257

              Docklandswide   258

              Surrey Docks    259

              Isle of Dogs    260
Roads         Tower Hamlets   261
Self Build    Isle of Dogs    262
Category2     Location        264
Application   Bermondsey      265
Transport     Docklandswide   266

              Docklandswide   267
                Surrey Docks    268

                Docklandswide   269

                Royal Docks     270

Housing         Tower Hamlets   271

                Docklandswide   272

                Docklandswide   273

                Surrey Docks    274
                Docklandswide   275

                Isle of Dogs    276
Grants          Southwark       277

Grants          Tower Hamlets   278
Housing         Tower Hamlets   279

Housing         Tower Hamlets   280
                Surrey Docks    281

Grants          Bermondsey      282
Grants          Bermondsey      283
                Royal Docks     284
Roads           Isle of Dogs    285
Reports         Docklandswide   286

Roads           Tower Hamlets   287
                Tower Hamlets   288

Roads           Docklandswide   289

                Isle of Dogs    290
DLR             Docklandswide   291

Reports         Docklandswide   292

DLR             Docklandswide   293

Refurbishment   Limehouse       294

Roads           Isle of Dogs    295
Grants          Docklandswide   296

Reports         Royal Docks     297
DLR             Docklandswide   298

                Docklandswide   299

                Isle of Dogs    300
                Isle of Dogs    301
            Isle of Dogs    302
            Isle of Dogs    303

            Surrey Docks    304
            Docklandswide   305

            Surrey Docks    306
            Docklandswide   307
Staff       Docklandswide   308

Roads       Tower Hamlets   309

Roads       Beckton         310

Guide       Docklandswide   311

Roads       Beckton         312

Events      Docklandswide   313

            Surrey Docks    314
Tourism     Bermondsey      315
Housing     Docklandswide   316

Publicity   Docklandswide   317

Reports     Docklandswide   318

            Docklandswide   319

Funding     Docklandswide   320

Housing     Tower Hamlets   321
Roads       Isle of Dogs    322

            Docklandswide   323

Roads       Tower Hamlets   324

            Southwark       325
Roads       Royal Docks     326
Awards      Surrey Docks    327

DLR         Docklandswide   328

Category2   Location        330
            Isle of Dogs    331

            Royal Docks     332

Roads       Docklandswide   333

            Docklandswide   334
               Isle of Dogs    335
Jubilee Line   Docklandswide   336

               Royal Docks     337

Awards         Surrey Docks    338

Roads          Royal Docks     339

               Docklandswide   340

Housing        Docklandswide   341
               Docklandswide   342

               Docklandswide   343

               Beckton         344
               Docklandswide   345

               Surrey Docks    346
               Docklandswide   347
               Isle of Dogs    348

               Isle of Dogs    349

               Isle of Dogs    350
               Surrey Docks    351

Housing        Limehouse       352

Roads          Isle of Dogs    353
Roads          Royal Docks     354
               Surrey Docks    355

               Docklandswide   356

               Docklandswide   357

               Docklandswide   358

               Docklandswide   359

               Royal Docks     360
               Docklandswide   361

Roads          Docklandswide   362

Roads          Docklandswide   363

Publicity      Docklandswide   364

               Docklandswide   365

Roads          Tower Hamlets   366
Reports        Docklandswide   367
             Bermondsey      368
             Isle of Dogs    369
Reports      Newham          370
             Isle of Dogs    371

             Docklandswide   372

             Isle of Dogs    373

             Isle of Dogs    374

             Isle of Dogs    375

             Isle of Dogs    376

             Docklandswide   377

             Wapping         378

Roads        Isle of Dogs    379

Reports      Docklandswide   380

             Wapping         381

             Tower Hamlets   382
             Docklandswide   383

Transport    Isle of Dogs    384

             Docklandswide   385

             Docklandswide   386

             Docklandswide   387

             Docklandswide   388

             Isle of Dogs    389
             Wapping         390

             Docklandswide   391

Sports       Surrey Docks    392
             Isle of Dogs    393

             Docklandswide   394

Employment   Docklandswide   395

Events       Docklandswide   396

Reports      Docklandswide   397
Events      Docklandswide   398

Roads       Tower Hamlets   399

            Isle of Dogs    400
            Docklandswide   401

            Docklandswide   402

Roads       Tower Hamlets   403
            Isle of Dogs    404

Reports     Tower Hamlets   405
DLR         Isle of Dogs    406

            Royal Docks     407

Events      Docklandswide   408

            Docklandswide   409

Housing     Tower Hamlets   410

Housing     Tower Hamlets   411

            Isle of Dogs    412
            Isle of Dogs    413

            Docklandswide   414

            Docklandswide   415

Category2   Location        417
Transport   Surrey Docks    418

Transport   Surrey Docks    419

Events      Surrey Docks    420

            Surrey Docks    421
Events      Surrey Docks    422

Events      Docklandswide   423

            Isle of Dogs    424

            Docklandswide   425

            Docklandswide   426

            Wapping         427

Roads       Docklandswide   428
          Docklandswide   429

          Limehouse       430
Staff     Docklandswide   431

Visits    Limehouse       432

Visits    Limehouse       433

Grants    Docklandswide   434

Awards    Isle of Dogs    435

          Docklandswide   436

          Docklandswide   437

          Docklandswide   438

          Bermondsey      439
          Docklandswide   440

          Isle of Dogs    441

Events    Docklandswide   442

Policy    Docklandswide   443

          Docklandswide   444

          Docklandswide   445

Grants    Isle of Dogs    446
Events    Surrey Docks    447
          Isle of Dogs    448

Events    Docklandswide   449

Events    Docklandswide   450

          Tower Hamlets   451

Tourism   Docklandswide   452

          Docklandswide   453

          Bermondsey      454
          Isle of Dogs    455
          Docklandswide   456

          Docklandswide   457
Reports        Docklandswide   458

               Tower Hamlets   459

               Docklandswide   460

               Docklandswide   461

               Docklandswide   462

               Beckton         463
               Surrey Docks    464

               Surrey Docks    465

Transport      Tower Hamlets   466

               Docklandswide   467

Events         Wapping         468

               Docklandswide   469

Events         Wapping         470

               Isle of Dogs    471

Facilities     Isle of Dogs    472

Conservation   Isle of Dogs    473

Roads          Docklandswide   474

               Tower Hamlets   475

               Docklandswide   476

Teleshopping   Newham          477
               Isle of Dogs    478

               Surrey Docks    479
               Docklandswide   480

Roads          Tower Hamlets   481

               Docklandswide   482

               Isle of Dogs    483
Roads          Tower Hamlets   484

               Isle of Dogs    485
               Docklandswide   486

Publicity      Docklandswide   487
              Docklandswide   488

              Docklandswide   489

Housing       Tower Hamlets   490
              Isle of Dogs    491

              Docklandswide   492

              Tower Hamlets   493

              Surrey Docks    494

              Isle of Dogs    495
              Isle of Dogs    496

              Bermondsey      497
              Surrey Docks    498

              Docklandswide   499

              Bermondsey      500
              Docklandswide   501

              Docklandswide   502

              Docklandswide   503

Events        Docklandswide   504

Events        Wapping         505

Events        Docklandswide   506

              Surrey Docks    507

              Docklandswide   508

Publicity     Docklandswide   509

Watersports   Royal Docks     510

              Isle of Dogs    511

              Docklandswide   512

Events        Wapping         513
Events        Docklandswide   514

              Isle of Dogs    515
Events        Isle of Dogs    516

Grants        Docklandswide   517
Publicity    Docklandswide   518

Arts         Wapping         519

Arts         Wapping         520

             Docklandswide   521

             Isle of Dogs    522

Events       Isle of Dogs    523

             Bermondsey      524
Tourism      Docklandswide   525

Airport      Royal Docks     526

Events       Isle of Dogs    527

Events       Isle of Dogs    528

Events       Isle of Dogs    529

             Docklandswide   530

             Docklandswide   531

             Docklandswide   532

             Docklandswide   533

Grants       Docklandswide   534

             Docklandswide   535

             Docklandswide   536

Grants       Docklandswide   537

Events       Isle of Dogs    538
             Limehouse       539
DLR          Docklandswide   540

             Wapping         541
             Docklandswide   542

Facilities   Wapping         543
Events       Docklandswide   544

             Docklandswide   545

             Docklandswide   546

             Isle of Dogs    547
Policy         Docklandswide    548

               Beckton          549
               Surrey Docks     550

Reports        Docklandswide    551

               Docklandswide    552

               Docklandswide    553

               Docklandswide    554

Facilities     Isle of Dogs     555

Events         Docklandswide    556

Enterprise Zone Isle of Dogs    557
Roads           Docklandswide   558

               Docklandswide    559

Facilities     Limehouse        560

               Docklandswide    561

Transport      Docklandswide    562

Category2      Location         564
               Limehouse        565
               Docklandswide    566

               Docklandswide    567

               Docklandswide    568

Events         Isle of Dogs     569

               Docklandswide    570

               Tower Hamlets    571

               Docklandswide    572

               Isle of Dogs     573
               Isle of Dogs     574
Buses          Isle of Dogs     575
               Surrey Docks     576
               Docklandswide    577

Reports        Docklandswide    578

Roads          Tower Hamlets    579
          Docklandswide   580

          Beckton         581

          Docklandswide   582

          Beckton         583

          Docklandswide   584

          Docklandswide   585

          Docklandswide   586

Reports   Royal Docks     587
          Isle of Dogs    588

          Limehouse       589
          Surrey Docks    590
          Docklandswide   591

          Docklandswide   592

          Beckton         593

          Docklandswide   594

DLR       Docklandswide   595

          Docklandswide   596

          Isle of Dogs    597
          Docklandswide   598

          Tower Hamlets   599

          Wapping         600

          Docklandswide   601

          Surrey Docks    602

          Tower Hamlets   603

          Isle of Dogs    604
Roads     Tower Hamlets   605
          Surrey Docks    606

          Wapping         607

          Royal Docks     608
          Isle of Dogs    609
          Isle of Dogs    610

          Isle of Dogs    611
               Limehouse       612

Facilities     Isle of Dogs    613

               Docklandswide   614

Community      Isle of Dogs    615

Facilities     Limehouse       616

Roads          Tower Hamlets   617
               Isle of Dogs    618

Sewerage       Isle of Dogs    619

Riverbus       Docklandswide   620

               Isle of Dogs    621

               Isle of Dogs    622

               Royal Docks     623

               Surrey Docks    624

Jubilee Line   Docklandswide   625

Riverbus       Surrey Docks    626
               Isle of Dogs    627

Roads          Tower Hamlets   628

Arts           Tower Hamlets   629

Reports        Docklandswide   630

               Limehouse       631

               Docklandswide   632

Advertising    Docklandswide   633

Jazz           Docklandswide   634

               Isle of Dogs    635
               Isle of Dogs    636

Application    Beckton         637
               Docklandswide   638

               Isle of Dogs    639

               Isle of Dogs    640

               Tower Hamlets   641
Advertising    Docklandswide   642

               Isle of Dogs    643

               Isle of Dogs    644

               Isle of Dogs    645
               Docklandswide   646

               Isle of Dogs    647

               Isle of Dogs    648

               Docklandswide   649

               Docklandswide   650

Arts           Isle of Dogs    651
Events         Docklandswide   652

Events         Docklandswide   653

               Tower Hamlets   654

               Docklandswide   655

               Docklandswide   656

               Docklandswide   657

               Docklandswide   658

               Docklandswide   659

Roads          Tower Hamlets   660

               Beckton         661

Events         Isle of Dogs    662

Events         Isle of Dogs    663
               Beckton         664
Developments   Isle of Dogs    665
               Royal Docks     666
Roads          Tower Hamlets   667
               Docklandswide   668

Developments   Isle of Dogs    669

               Docklandswide   670

Publicity      Docklandswide   671

               Docklandswide   672
             Docklandswide   673

             Isle of Dogs    674
             Docklandswide   675

Land         Isle of Dogs    676

             Bermondsey      677
             Docklandswide   678

             Isle of Dogs    679

             Beckton         680

Visits       Limehouse       681

             Wapping         682

             Beckton         683

Visits       Limehouse       684

Facilities   Beckton         685
Publicity    Docklandswide   686

             Docklandswide   687

             Docklandswide   688

Category2    Location        690
Publicity    Docklandswide   691

             Beckton         692
Publicity    Docklandswide   693

             Tower Hamlets   694

             Docklandswide   695

             Tower Hamlets   696

             Docklandswide   697

             Beckton         698
             Surrey Docks    699
             Docklandswide   700

             Royal Docks     701

             Isle of Dogs    702
Misc         Docklandswide   703
               Tower Hamlets   704

               Docklandswide   705

               Isle of Dogs    706
Events         Docklandswide   707

Buses          Isle of Dogs    708
               Isle of Dogs    709
Events         Docklandswide   710

Developments   Limehouse       711

               Limehouse       712
Policy         Docklandswide   713

               Docklandswide   714

Events         Tower Hamlets   715
               Tower Hamlets   716

               Isle of Dogs    717

               Docklandswide   718

               Docklandswide   719

Limehouse Link Tower Hamlets   720
Limehouse Link Tower Hamlets   721
               Royal Docks     722

               Docklandswide   723

               Southwark       724
               Tower Hamlets   725
               Tower Hamlets   726

Reports        Docklandswide   727

               Docklandswide   728

               Newham          729

               Isle of Dogs    730

Limehouse Link Tower Hamlets   731

               Royal Docks     732
Limehouse Link Tower Hamlets   733

Limehouse Link Tower Hamlets   734

Limehouse Link Tower Hamlets   735
               Southwark       736

Roads          Tower Hamlets   737
               Docklandswide   738

               Isle of Dogs    739

               Docklandswide   740

               Royal Docks     741

               Docklandswide   742

Events         Docklandswide   743

Publicity      Docklandswide   744

Guide          Docklandswide   745

Grants         Royal Docks     746

               Isle of Dogs    747

               Isle of Dogs    748

Conservation   Isle of Dogs    749

               Tower Hamlets   750

               Isle of Dogs    751
               Isle of Dogs    752
Reports        Docklandswide   753

               Isle of Dogs    754
Watersports    Royal Docks     755
               Limehouse       756

Watersports    Docklandswide   757

Arts           Isle of Dogs    758

Arts           Isle of Dogs    759

               Isle of Dogs    760

               Docklandswide   761

               Isle of Dogs    762
               Isle of Dogs    763

               Isle of Dogs    764
               Isle of Dogs    765

Publicity      Docklandswide   766

Riverbus       Docklandswide   767

               Isle of Dogs    768
Publicity      Docklandswide   769

               Isle of Dogs    770
               Isle of Dogs    771
               Bermondsey      772
               Isle of Dogs    773

Arts           Isle of Dogs    774
               Docklandswide   775

Events         Docklandswide   776

Events         Tower Hamlets   777

               Southwark       778

               Royal Docks     779
Events         Isle of Dogs    780
Events         Docklandswide   781

               Docklandswide   782

Publicity      Docklandswide   783

Education &    Tower Hamlets   784
Limehouse Link Tower Hamlets   785

Publicity      Docklandswide   786

               Isle of Dogs    787

Events         Isle of Dogs    788

               Royal Docks     789

               Isle of Dogs    790

Jubilee Line   Docklandswide   791

               Docklandswide   792

               Docklandswide   793

Events         Isle of Dogs    794
               Tower Hamlets   795

Jubilee Line   Docklandswide   796

               Docklandswide   797

               Docklandswide   798

               Docklandswide   799
Category2        Location        801
Events           Docklandswide   802

DLR              Docklandswide   803

Reports          Tower Hamlets   804

DLR              Isle of Dogs    805
Transport        Royal Docks     806
                 Docklandswide   807

                 Royal Docks     808

                 Royal Docks     809
Infrastructure   Docklandswide   810

                 Royal Docks     811
                 Royal Docks     812

                 Docklandswide   813

Arts             Docklandswide   814

DLR              Docklandswide   815

Education and    Beckton         816
                 Royal Docks     817

                 Isle of Dogs    818
                 Docklandswide   819

Events           Docklandswide   820

                 Docklandswide   821

                 Royal Docks     822

DLR              Docklandswide   823

                 Docklandswide   824

                 Isle of Dogs    825
                 Isle of Dogs    826
Awards           Docklandswide   827

                 Docklandswide   828

                 Docklandswide   829

                 Docklandswide   830
                Beckton         831

                Isle of Dogs    832

                Tower Hamlets   833

                Bermondsey      834
                Docklandswide   835

                Docklandswide   836

Social Accord   Wapping         837
Social Accord   Wapping         838
                Surrey Docks    839

                Docklandswide   840

                Royal Docks     841

                Docklandswide   842
                Royal Docks     843
Events          Isle of Dogs    844
                Royal Docks     845

                Tower Hamlets   846
                Docklandswide   847

                Docklandswide   848

                Docklandswide   849

                Docklandswide   850

                Docklandswide   851

                Tower Hamlets   852

                Limehouse       853

                Docklandswide   854

                Tower Hamlets   855
                Isle of Dogs    856

                Royal Docks     857

                Docklandswide   858

                Isle of Dogs    859
                Royal Docks     860

                Docklandswide   861

                Beckton         862
          Isle of Dogs    863
          Beckton         864
          Isle of Dogs    865

          Beckton         866

          Isle of Dogs    867
          Isle of Dogs    868
Events    Docklandswide   869

Arts      Isle of Dogs    870
          Isle of Dogs    871
Events    Docklandswide   872

Events    Docklandswide   873

Cycling   Tower Hamlets   874
Events    Docklandswide   875

          Isle of Dogs    876

          Beckton         877
          Isle of Dogs    878

Cycling   Docklandswide   879

          Royal Docks     880

          Docklandswide   881

Guide     Docklandswide   882

          Isle of Dogs    883

          Docklandswide   884

          Docklandswide   885

Reports   Docklandswide   886

          Isle of Dogs    887

          Isle of Dogs    888

Arts      Tower Hamlets   889
          Docklandswide   890

          Docklandswide   891

          Bermondsey      892
          Isle of Dogs    893

          Isle of Dogs    894

          Isle of Dogs    895
Reports   Docklandswide   896
          Bermondsey      897
          Royal Docks     898

          Royal Docks     899

          Royal Docks     900
          Beckton         901
          Wapping         902

          Isle of Dogs    903

          Docklandswide   904

          Royal Docks     905

          Isle of Dogs    906

          Docklandswide   907

          Royal Docks     908

          Beckton         909

          Limehouse       910

          Limehouse       911

          Docklandswide   912

          Isle of Dogs    913
          Limehouse       914

          Beckton         915
          Isle of Dogs    916
          Bermondsey      917
          Limehouse       918
          Limehouse       919
          Isle of Dogs    920
          Docklandswide   921

          Isle of Dogs    922
          Isle of Dogs    923

          Royal Docks     924

          Isle of Dogs    925

          Beckton         926
          Isle of Dogs    927

          Isle of Dogs    928
          Isle of Dogs    929
          Docklandswide   930

          Isle of Dogs    931

          Isle of Dogs    932
          Isle of Dogs    933
Events    Docklandswide   934

Events    Newham          935

Events    Newham          936

          Tower Hamlets   937

          Docklandswide   938

          Royal Docks     939
          Southwark       940

          Docklandswide   941

          Royal Docks     942

          Bermondsey      943
          Royal Docks     944

Events    Isle of Dogs    945
          Isle of Dogs    946

Events    Isle of Dogs    947
          Docklandswide   948

          Isle of Dogs    949

Tourism   Docklandswide   950

          Limehouse       951

          Royal Docks     952

DLR       Docklandswide   953

          Bermondsey      954
          Beckton         955
          Isle of Dogs    956
          Isle of Dogs    957

          Docklandswide   958

          Isle of Dogs    959

          Docklandswide   960

          Isle of Dogs    961
                Isle of Dogs    962
                Docklandswide   963

                Isle of Dogs    964
                Docklandswide   965

                Isle of Dogs    966

                Isle of Dogs    967
                Docklandswide   968

Events          Isle of Dogs    969

                Newham          970

                Isle of Dogs    971

                Docklandswide   972

Reports         Docklandswide   973

                Isle of Dogs    974
                Isle of Dogs    975

                Royal Docks     976

                Newham          977

                Docklandswide   978

                Docklandswide   979

                Royal Docks     980

Reports         Docklandswide   981

                Royal Docks     982

Category2       Location        984
                Isle of Dogs    985

Tourism         Docklandswide   986

                Docklandswide   987

                Beckton         988

                Beckton         989

Education and   Newham          990
Tourism         Docklandswide   991

                Isle of Dogs    992
Social Accord   Isle of Dogs    993

DLR             Docklandswide   994

                Surrey Docks    995
                Docklandswide   996

                Isle of Dogs    997
                Royal Docks     998

                Docklandswide   999

                Docklandswide   1000

                Surrey Docks    1001
                Docklandswide   1002

                Limehouse       1003

                Docklandswide   1004

Reports         Docklandswide   1005

                Docklandswide   1006

                Royal Docks     1007

Events          Docklandswide   1008

Events          Docklandswide   1009

                Docklandswide   1010

                Isle of Dogs    1011

DLR             Docklandswide   1012

                Bermondsey      1013
                Docklandswide   1014

                Docklandswide   1015
                Royal Docks     1016

                Isle of Dogs    1017
                Docklandswide   1018

                Isle of Dogs    1019
                Isle of Dogs    1020

                Beckton         1021
                Isle of Dogs    1022

                Beckton         1023
                Beckton         1024
                Isle of Dogs    1025

Events          Docklandswide   1026
Events          Isle of Dogs    1027
                Isle of Dogs    1028

                Docklandswide   1029

                Isle of Dogs    1030

                Isle of Dogs    1031

                Docklandswide   1032

                Isle of Dogs    1033

                Royal Docks     1034

Awards          Wapping         1035

                Isle of Dogs    1036
                Royal Docks     1037
                Isle of Dogs    1038
                Docklandswide   1039

                Surrey Docks    1040

                Isle of Dogs    1041

                Isle of Dogs    1042

                Isle of Dogs    1043
                Limehouse       1044
DLR             Docklandswide   1045

                Docklandswide   1046

Watersports     Royal Docks     1047
                Docklandswide   1048

Limehouse Link Tower Hamlets    1049
Events         Isle of Dogs     1050

                Limehouse       1051
Social Accord   Isle of Dogs    1052

                Isle of Dogs    1053

Reports         Docklandswide   1054

                Royal Docks     1055

                Isle of Dogs    1056
                Isle of Dogs    1057
                Isle of Dogs    1058
          Isle of Dogs    1059

          Limehouse       1060

          Royal Docks     1061

          Docklandswide   1062

Reports   Docklandswide   1063

Reports   Docklandswide   1064

          Docklandswide   1065

          Isle of Dogs    1066

Events    Royal Docks     1067

          Docklandswide   1068

          Docklandswide   1069

          Isle of Dogs    1070

          Royal Docks     1071

          Royal Docks     1072

          Royal Docks     1073

          Beckton         1074
          Beckton         1075
          Docklandswide   1076

          Royal Docks     1077
          Isle of Dogs    1078

          Isle of Dogs    1079

          Isle of Dogs    1080

          Isle of Dogs    1081

          Docklandswide   1082

Events    Isle of Dogs    1083

          Docklandswide   1084

          Docklandswide   1085

          Royal Docks     1086

          Isle of Dogs    1087
               Isle of Dogs    1088

               Isle of Dogs    1089
               Isle of Dogs    1090

               Isle of Dogs    1091

               Limehouse       1092
               Beckton         1093

               Docklandswide   1094

Canary Wharf   Isle of Dogs    1095
Events         Royal Docks     1096
Events         Isle of Dogs    1097

               Isle of Dogs    1098

               Surrey Docks    1099
               Docklandswide   1100

               Docklandswide   1101

               Royal Docks     1102

               Wapping         1103

               Isle of Dogs    1104
Airport        Airport         1105
               Isle of Dogs    1106

               Docklandswide   1107

Events         Docklandswide   1108

Transport      Isle of Dogs    1109

Events         Docklandswide   1110

               Isle of Dogs    1111

               Isle of Dogs    1112

               Isle of Dogs    1113
               Isle of Dogs    1114
               Beckton         1115
               Royal Docks     1116

               Isle of Dogs    1117
               Isle of Dogs    1118
Canary Wharf   Isle of Dogs    1119

Category2      Location        1121
               Isle of Dogs    1122
           Isle of Dogs    1123

           Isle of Dogs    1124

           Docklandswide   1125

Planning   Wapping         1126
DLR        Docklandswide   1127

           Docklandswide   1128

Events     Docklandswide   1129

           Wapping         1130
           Bermondsey      1131
           Isle of Dogs    1132
           Bermondsey      1133
           Beckton         1134

           Isle of Dogs    1135
           Isle of Dogs    1136

           Docklandswide   1137

           Docklandswide   1138

           Bermondsey      1139
           Limehouse       1140

           Docklandswide   1141

           Docklandswide   1142

           Isle of Dogs    1143

           Isle of Dogs    1144

           Royal Docks     1145

           Isle of Dogs    1146

Events     Docklandswide   1147

           Docklandswide   1148

           Docklandswide   1149

           Isle of Dogs    1150

           Docklandswide   1151

Events     Docklandswide   1152
               Docklandswide   1153

               Docklandswide   1154

               Docklandswide   1155

Events         Limehouse       1156

               Docklandswide   1157

Events         Limehouse       1158
               Isle of Dogs    1159
               Royal Docks     1160

               Docklandswide   1161

               Docklandswide   1162

               Docklandswide   1163

               Docklandswide   1164

Events         Docklandswide   1165

               Beckton         1166

               Docklandswide   1167

               Isle of Dogs    1168

               Docklandswide   1169

               Docklandswide   1170
               Isle of Dogs    1171
               Limehouse       1172

               Isle of Dogs    1173

               Isle of Dogs    1174
               Limehouse       1175

Reports        Docklandswide   1176

               Docklandswide   1177

               Docklandswide   1178

Developments   Wapping         1179
               Isle of Dogs    1180

Reports        Docklandswide   1181

               Royal Docks     1182

               Royal Docks     1183
DLR            Docklandswide   1184

               Royal Docks     1185

Community      Docklandswide   1186

               Docklandswide   1187

               Isle of Dogs    1188

Events         Isle of Dogs    1189

               Isle of Dogs    1190

               Isle of Dogs    1191

               Isle of Dogs    1192
               Isle of Dogs    1193

Developments   Wapping         1194

DLR            Docklandswide   1195

               Isle of Dogs    1196

               Isle of Dogs    1197

               Docklandswide   1198

               Docklandswide   1199

               Isle of Dogs    1200
Events         Isle of Dogs    1201
Events         Isle of Dogs    1202

               Docklandswide   1203

Developments   Wapping         1204

               Isle of Dogs    1205

Visits         Royal Docks     1206

Visits         Royal Docks     1207

Events         Docklandswide   1208

               Docklandswide   1209

               Docklandswide   1210

Publicity      Docklandswide   1211

Events         Isle of Dogs    1212
Publicity   Docklandswide   1213

            Isle of Dogs    1214
Community   Docklandswide   1215

            Isle of Dogs    1216

            Royal Docks     1217

            Docklandswide   1218

            Surrey Docks    1219

            Surrey Docks    1220

Category2   Location        1222
            Docklandswide   1223

            Docklandswide   1224

            Docklandswide   1225

Planning    Royal Docks     1226

            Docklandswide   1227

            Isle of Dogs    1228

            Tower Hamlets   1229

            Tower Hamlets   1230

Events      Isle of Dogs    1231
            Docklandswide   1232

            Royal Docks     1233

            Isle of Dogs    1234
            Isle of Dogs    1235
            Royal Docks     1236
            Docklandswide   1237

            Docklandswide   1238

            Docklandswide   1239
            Royal Docks     1240

            Tower Hamlets   1241
            Royal Docks     1242

            Wapping         1243
            Isle of Dogs    1244
            Docklandswide   1245
               Docklandswide   1246

               Docklandswide   1247

               Isle of Dogs    1248

               Royal Docks     1249
               Isle of Dogs    1250
               Isle of Dogs    1251

Developments   Isle of Dogs    1252

               Docklandswide   1253

               Docklandswide   1254

               Isle of Dogs    1255

               Isle of Dogs    1256

               Isle of Dogs    1257

               Wapping         1258
               Limehouse       1259

               Limehouse       1260
               Docklandswide   1261

Community      Wapping         1262

               Isle of Dogs    1263

               Isle of Dogs    1264

Community      Beckton         1265

Developments   Royal Docks     1266

               Isle of Dogs    1267

               Isle of Dogs    1268

               Docklandswide   1269

Visits         Royal Docks     1270
               Isle of Dogs    1271

               Docklandswide   1272

               Tower Hamlets   1273

               Isle of Dogs    1274
               Tower Hamlets   1275
               Isle of Dogs    1276
Watersports   Newham          1277
              Docklandswide   1278

              Isle of Dogs    1279

Reports       Docklandswide   1280

Publicity     Docklandswide   1281

              Isle of Dogs    1282

              Isle of Dogs    1283

              Docklandswide   1284

Housing       Royal Docks     1285

              Isle of Dogs    1286
              Isle of Dogs    1287

              Isle of Dogs    1288
              Isle of Dogs    1289

              Docklandswide   1290

              Docklandswide   1291

              Isle of Dogs    1292

              Isle of Dogs    1293

              Newham          1294
              Isle of Dogs    1295

              Isle of Dogs    1296

              Isle of Dogs    1297
Visits        Royal Docks     1298

Roads         Tower Hamlets   1299

Visits        Royal Docks     1300

              Isle of Dogs    1301

              Isle of Dogs    1302

              Southwark       1303

              Limehouse       1304
              Docklandswide   1305

Community     Isle of Dogs    1306

              Tower Hamlets   1307
             Tower Hamlets   1308

             Isle of Dogs    1309

             Docklandswide   1310

             Docklandswide   1311

             Docklandswide   1312

             Docklandswide   1313

             Limehouse       1314
             Royal Docks     1315

Roads        Isle of Dogs    1316
Completion   Docklandswide   1317

             Docklandswide   1318

Category2    Location        1320
             Limehouse       1321
             Docklandswide   1322

             Docklandswide   1323

Airport      Royal Docks     1324

             Royal Docks     1325

             Royal Docks     1326

             Docklandswide   1327

             Isle of Dogs    1328
             Docklandswide   1329

             Limehouse       1330
             Docklandswide   1331

             Royal Docks     1332

             Docklandswide   1333

Reports      Docklandswide   1334

             Royal Docks     1335
             Docklandswide   1336

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