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             The mission of Southern Outreach is to support the
            professional growth of Southeastern Ohio educators.

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  OACHE Conference              Register online asap!                                   2

  Congratulations South Region Teachers!                                                3

  2009-2010 Mentor Training                    Register on STARS                        4

  SCOCA Opportunities              Technology training at its best!                     5

  South Central Ohio ESC Professional Development Programs                              6

  I'm a Child of Appalachia Writing Contest                 Due Oct. 9th!             7-8

  Five-Star Liberty Social Studies Grant                  For Grade 3-8 Teachers     9-12

                                          You Can Still Find Us At:
                                    Please feel free to contact us if we can help you
                                   with any questions concerning the offerings listed
                                            in this newsletter….740-533-4550
                                       Email allenr@ohio.edu or lutzk@ohio.edu

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/                                            October 2009

                                 October 2009
      Mon                  Tue                 Wed                   Thu                Fri                Sat
                                                             1                   2                  3

5                   6                   7                    8                   9                  10

12                  13                  14                   15                  16                 17
                                        Collins Writing      OACHE               OACHE
                                        Follow Up            Conference          Conference

                                        Mentor Training -    Mentor Training -
                                        Nelsonville          Nelsonville
19                  20                  21                   22                  23                   24
Mentor Training –   Mentor Training –                                            SCOESC
Rio Grande          Rio Grande                                                   Facilitator Training

26                  27                  28                   29                  30                 31
                                        Mentor Training –    Mentor Training –
                                        OU Chillicothe       OU Chillicothe

                                            Mark your calendar! The OACHE
                                         Conference will be held October 15-16 at
                                              Ohio University Chillicothe.

                                            To register, go to http://www.oache.org

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/            October 2009

    To these outstanding teachers in our region for being
            honored for their work in the classroom!
     Jodi Dunham – Valley High School         Jodi has been recognized
      by the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics (OCTM) as the High
      School Teacher of the Year! She will receive the Buck Martin award
      during the OCTM Fall Conference. This award is given annually to
      one Ohio grade 7-12 teacher. We are proud of Jodi!

     Angie Hickenbottom – Portsmouth West Elementary       Angie has
      been recognized as the Ohio Southeast District Elementary Math
      Teacher of the Year. She will also be recognized by OCTM during the
      Fall Conference. Congrats, Angie!

     Mary Callicoat – Virtual Community School of Ohio   Mary received
      the Student Services Award at the 2009 VCS Ohio Opening Day
      ceremony. She teaches special education for grades 7-12. Way to
      go, Mary!

     Brian Bays – Scioto County Special Education Teacher         Brian is
      now a published author. His work of fiction ―Righteous Intent‖ is
      available at most major online bookstores and by special order at local
      bookstores. Wow! Great job, Brian!

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/             October 2009

      Mentor Training
The Ohio Entry Year Program is changing. As outlined in House Bill 1 and
directed by ODE, a new resident educator license will begin to be issued in
January 2011.

Between now and then, teachers will participate in a Transition Resident
Educator Program. During this period, teachers who hold a two-year license
may advance to a five-year license without completing a residency. But the 2-
year licensed teacher must be under a mentor for 120 days and teaching in
the licensed content area.

A cadre of teachers were selected, have been trained, and are now being
assessed to be credentialed as State Licensed Mentor Trainers. Trainers for
our regions (Region 15 & 16) are Rena Allen, OU Southern & Lawrence Co.
ESC, Vicky Hayslip, Ross Pike ESC, and Idelle Sagan, Perry Hocking ESC.

The Transition Resident Educator Program consists of a required 2-day
training. Below is the schedule for sessions in our region. There is a required
$50 charge which covers the mentor training materials and required forms the
mentors will be using. Mentors may attend training at the most convenient

Registration to attend is done through ODE STARS website.

      City                          Location
                                                           8:30 – 3:30 each day
Nelsonville        Tri-County Career Center               October 14-15
Rio Grande         University of Rio Grande               October 19-20
Chillicothe        Ohio University Chillicothe            October 28-29
Nelsonville        Tri-County Career Center               November 2-3
Marietta           Washington County CTC                  November 9-10

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/                                           October 2009

South Central Ohio Computer Association

NEW!!! Blackboard Users Group (BUG)

This year we are piloting a weekly online meeting for Blackboard
users who are interested in learning more about Blackboard in small
chunks. The meetings are held (online via SCOCA’s DimDim Web
Meeting Site) in the afternoon at 3:00 and only last half an hour.
Each week, we hope teachers will learn a new tip or trick and add at
least one new resource to their repertoire. It will also be a place to
share ideas with other teachers who are using Blackboard.

                                  October Video Conferences
Mon Oct 5 – 1 pm          Careers in Cosmetology from SOITA
Cost: $75
For MS & HS Students
Thur Oct 8 – 1pm          Careers in Psychology from SOITA
Cost: $75
For MS & HS Students
Tues Oct 20 – 1-2 pm      Careers in the Performing Arts - The New Mel Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein
For MS & HS students      from WVIZ
                          A wickedly inspired re-imagining of the Frankenstein legend based on Mel Brooks’ classic
                          comedy masterpiece, the story follows bright young Dr. Frankenstein (that’s Fronkensteen)
                          as he attempts to complete his grandfather’s masterwork and bring a corpse to life.
                          Together with his oddly shaped and endearing helper Igor (that’s Eye-gor), his curvaceous
                          lab assistant Inga, and in spite of his incredibly self-involved madcap fiancé Elizabeth,
                          Frankenstein succeeds in creating a monster – but not without scary and quite often
                          hilarious complications.

                          Panel: Stage management team member and members of the technical production staff.
                          The panel members will discuss their respective career backgrounds and responsibilities
                          with the touring production of Young Frankenstein
Wed. Oct 21 – 10-11 am    BioMed Tech: Engineering for Your Health - “How to Make a Super Hero‖
Cost: Free
For MS & HS Students      Movies make the super heroes of your imagination; science, engineering, and your
                          imagination make the super heroes real. Dr. Dustin Tyler will discuss his work (FES) in
                          biomedical engineering that stimulates muscles in paralyzed patients allowing them to
                          regain functions.
Arranged Date & Time      BOO-tiful Pumpkins from MVESC
Cost: $75                 Students will examine various math concepts in this ―fall themed‖ videoconference lesson.
For Grades 2-3             Using a pumpkin, the presenter will facilitate an interactive student lesson on
                          circumference and estimation. Student groups will work collaboratively to explore
                           mathematical concepts and to explain their methods. Appropriate literature is used to
                          solidify the topics explored.
Arranged Date & Time      Halloween Facts and Fun from MVESC
Cost: $75                 Students explore Halloween fun, facts, and safety. Halloween is much more than just
For Grades 1-3            pumpkins and witches! Students will examine the safer side of this celebration.

For complete details, contact Peggy Whyte at SCOCA, pwhyte@scoca.org

To keep up with all the wonderful content available via Interactive Video Conference, check
out (and subscribe to) Peggy’s Blog at http://www.scoca-k12.org/curric/

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/           October 2009

              South Central Ohio ESC
      2009-2010 Professional Development
The South Central Ohio ESC has scheduled a full slate of
professional development during the upcoming school year.
Programs are limited to 25 so register early!

    October 23 – Facilitator Training
    November 12 & 13 – I Read It, But I Don’t Get It
    December 14 & 15 – Differentiation of Instruction
    January 12 – How the Brain Learns
    February 23 – Never Work Harder Than Your Students

All programs will be held at the South Central Ohio ESC in Portsmouth and
will begin at 8:00 a.m. with registration and continental breakfast. Program
presentation begins promptly at 8:30 and concludes by 3:00 pm. Lunch is
provided. Graduate credit will be available from Ohio University upon
completion of two-day programs.

Programs are of no charge to teachers and administrators within the SCOESC
service area. For those participants outside the SCOESC service area, a
registration fee of $100 per person is required.

To register or for
additional information
contact Jan Thomas at
740-354-0253 or

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/                                         October 2009

                                                              Return Application – postmarked by
                                                              October 9, 2009 to
                                                              The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio
                                                              ATTN: Essay Contest
                                                              P.O. Box 456, 36 Public Square
                                                              Nelsonville, OH 45764

Sharpen your pencils and put on your thinking caps! The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio has launched the 4th
Annual I’m a Child of Appalachia® Essay Contest, open to all 4th through 9th grade students who live and attend
school throughout the 32 counties of Appalachian Ohio.

New opportunities are available for the 2009 Contest through the generous partnership of American Electric
Power, the Wal-Mart Foundation and Edward Jones offices throughout the region. As a result of AEP’s
support, the Foundation will host a poetry contest for regional 9th grade students in honor of Ora E. Anderson –
renowned banker, writer and naturalist, in addition to an increase in available awards.

                                        NEW 2009 PROMPT
At the Foundation, we believe one of the most critical things we can do is encourage our region’s young people to
believe in their ability to succeed; like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t,
you’re right.” Through the Child of Appalachia essay contest, FAO is working to prompt thoughts and
conversation in classrooms across the region with positive messages to instill the mindsets and confidence
necessary for success.

For the 2009 Prompt, please provide your thoughts and insight to the following:
                       Describe how living in Appalachian Ohio inspires you.

FAO will be expanding the awards component to include winners, both students and teachers, from each grade
level in every county (384 total).
     As a result of support from the Wal-Mart Foundation, each teacher of a winning contestant will be eligible
         to receive a $500 grant to spend in his or her classroom on activities and items that enrich curriculum (a
         total of 192 grants).
     As a result of support from Edward Jones, each winning student will be eligible to receive a $50.00
         student award.
Each winning classroom teacher will be asked to respond with feedback regarding opportunities and challenges of
teaching in Appalachian Ohio.

                               DEADLINE AND PROCESS
A completed Entry Form must accompany each essay and be postmarked by Friday, October 9, 2009. Faxes will
not be accepted. Neatness is an important consideration and all essays should be printed or typed, on the front
page only and double-spaced. Essay, open for grades 4-8; Grades 4-6 essays should contain no more than 200
words; grades 7 and 8 no more than 400 words. Poetry, open ONLY to grade 9, a minimum of 12 lines and a
maximum of 36 lines, including line spaces.

The Awards Committee, appointed by the Foundation, will review entries and notify winning students and
teachers. The Foundation looks forward to celebrating and recognizing the accomplishments of student and
teachers, particularly through a publication of top essays and poems.

For more information, please contact: Phyllis Moody, Foundation Services and Program Coordinator, (740)
753.1111 or visit www.appalachianohio.org.

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/                                                 October 2009

                   RetpliEntry Form

Essays, open for grades 4-8; for grades 4, 5, and 6 should be no more than 200 words; essays for grades 7
and 8 should be no more than 400 words. Poetry, for grade 9 ONLY, should be a minimum of 12 lines and a
maximum of 36 lines, including line spaces.

Essays must be neatly printed or typed, front page only and double-spaced. Please write/type and attach
your essay or poem to this form in response to the following prompt:

                      Describe how living in Appalachian Ohio inspires you.
Student Information

Student’s Name: _________________________________________________ Grade Level: ____________

Home Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: ___________________ Zip: _______________

Telephone Number: (_____)_________________ COUNTY: ___________________________________

Teacher Information

Teacher’s Name: ______________________________________Email: ___________________________

Principal’s Name: _____________________________________School Phone: (_____)_______________

School: _____________________________________________ COUNTY: _______________________

School Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: ___________________ Zip: ______________

Release to be signed by parent/legal guardian
As parent/legal guardian, I confirm this submitted essay is the original creation of my child, and give my
consent for him/her to enter the contest. I understand my child’s essay and copyright will be retained by and
become the property of the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio. I understand the Foundation may acknowledge
and use my child’s essay or excerpts from it for the purposes of publicizing this contest, or for publicizing the
region’s educational needs and activities, and/or the Foundation’s work in the region. Therefore, I give the
Foundation for Appalachian Ohio permission to use my child’s essay in part or entirety; and, the Foundation
may use my child’s first name, grade level, prize information if applicable, and/or essay statements in the
Foundation’s publications, website and press releases:

Name of Parent/Legal Guardian: __________________________________________________________

Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian: ____________________________________ Date: ______________

Parent/Guardian Work Phone: (_____) _________________ Home: (_____) _______________________
                   Return Application - postmarked by October 9, 2009 to:
                             The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio
          Attn: Essay Contest - P.O. Box 456, 36 Public Square - Nelsonville, Ohio 45764

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/                                October 2009

    Gallia-Vinton Educational Service Center & The American Institute for History Education

        High Quality Social Studies Professional
        Development for Teachers in Grades 3-8

The Gallia-Vinton ESC in partnership with the American Institute for History Education has been
awarded a federal Teaching American History Grant for $497,000 over a three year period by the
U.S. Department of Education. The target population is social studies teachers in grades 3-
8. The “Five Star Liberty Fellowship” is open to teachers in Gallia, Jackson, Vinton, Meigs, and
Lawrence Counties. A total of 40 teachers within the five county areas will be accepted to
participate each year.

The Fellowship will investigate traditional American history in a
systematic, chronological, and thematic fashion, as part of the
Binary Paideia approach to teaching history. Teachers will
receive instruction in the use of primary sources, the study of
historical events, issues, personalities, turning points, and
interpretations of events. The content will be structured as

  Year 1: The Empire vs. the Colonies
   (Ideological roots and precedents that formed colonial America)
  Year 2: From Unity to Division: the Agrarian South and the Industrial North
   (Events, personalities, and issues behind the great turning points in American history)
  Year 3: From Division to Unity: War, Reconstruction and World Power
   (Contrast between cultures of the South with that of the North—mending a brutal separation)

                                  Classes will be held on the University of Rio Grande campus
                                  with up to 5 hours of graduate credit ($100 per semester hour)
                                  available. Substitute teacher costs will be provided to participating
                                  districts. A national study tour will be included in each year of the
                                  program. The class schedule will be:
                                           • November 4 and 5
                                           • January 25 and 26
                                           • May 5 and 6
                                           • June 14-18 (national study tour)

Two evening sessions are planned in each respective county for research and review. Scheduling
will be at the convenience of the participating teachers.

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/                          October 2009

Teachers can expect the ―Five Star Liberty Fellowship‖ to be a high quality professional
development program. Highlights of the program include:
       • Instruction provided by national historians, scholars, and master teachers
       • Partnerships with nationally acclaimed institutes and destinations
       • Discussions with premier historians and scholars via videoconferencing
       • Opportunities to research in prominent archives
       • Free access to CICERO: History Beyond the Textbook™
       • Participation in IRIS Classroom Observation System
       • Master teacher in social studies to visit local classrooms
       • All program materials provided
       • Travel stipend of $200 for travel to Rio Grande if more than 15 miles from campus
       • Motor coach, lodging, and entrance fees for national study tour

The ―Five Star Liberty Fellowship‖ partners include:
        University of Rio Grande
        Villanova University
        Franklin’s Opus: the American Institute for Historians and History Educators
        National Council for the Social Studies
        Bill of Rights Institute
        The National Constitution Center
        The American Revolution Museum
        The Italian-American Heritage Commission

Questions concerning the program should be directed to:

                              Dr. Denise Shockley, Superintendent
                                   Five Star Liberty Fellowship
        Gallia-Vinton Educational Service Center, P.O. Box 178, Rio Grande, OH 45674
     Phone: (740) 245-0593 Fax: (740) 245-0596 (FAX) Email: 90_dshockley@seovec.org

            The application deadline is October 9, 2009.

   Registration application follows on
           the next two pages.

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/                                               October 2009

    Gallia-Vinton Educational Service Center
                     and the
    American Institute for History Education

                                                                                               2009-2010 Application
Home Address:

County:                                                    Phone:

School Name:
School Address:

County:                                  Phone:                                 Fax:


Subjects and grades you are teaching in the 2009-2010 school year:

List all post-secondary degrees (BA, MA, PhD), including subject area, that you have earned.

Teaching Licenses/Certificates:

Please list all the subjects you have professionally taught and the number of years teaching each:
                      Subject Taught                                             No. of Years

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/                                              October 2009

Please explain why you would like to be selected to participate in the Five Star Liberty Fellowship program.

             Please have your principal sign this application and send, fax, or email it by October 9, 2009.

                                       Dr. Denise A. Shockley, Project Director
                                             Five Star Liberty Fellowship
                                                  Gallia-Vinton ESC
                                                     P.O. Box 178
                                               Rio Grande, Ohio 45674
                                     Phone: (740) 245-0593 – Fax: (740) 245-0596

Your signature indicates your willingness to participate in all components of the program.

Applicant Signature                                                                       Date

Principal Signature                                                                       Date

     Open to Social Studies teachers (grades 3-8) in Gallia, Jackson, Vinton, Meigs & Lawrence Counties.

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http://www.southern.ohiou.edu/pages/southern-outreach/                              October 2009

  Transcript Information & Grade Reports
      Ohio University transcripts can be requested by visiting the Office of the Registrar’s
       website http://www.ohiou.edu/registrar and following the links to transcripts. The cost of an
       official transcript is $5.00.

      Paper grade reports are no longer mailed by Ohio University. You may call the
       Southern Outreach office for an unofficial computer printout that shows the courses and
       credits earned. Call 740-533-4550 for assistance.

                                                   The Southern Outreach newsletter is fully
                                                 supported by Ohio University Southern and is
                                                 offered to educators each month at no charge.

                  Southern Outreach, Office of Professional Development
           261 Riffe Center, Ohio University Southern, 1804 Liberty Ave, Ironton, OH 45638
                       Phone: 740-533-4550                    Fax: 740-533-4567
                    Rena Allen allenr@ohio.edu            Kelli Lutz lutzk@ohio.edu

                             Region 15 State Support Team (SST)
                           100 East 3 Street, POB 578, Piketon, OH 45661
                                    (740) 289-4171 or 800-282-4597
                                         Eric Humston, Director

                            175 Beaver Creek Road, Piketon, OH 45661
                   Peggy Whyte, Coordinator of Interactive Video Distance Learning

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